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  1. Nope. Can't trust me with anything technology. I still don't see the extra space. I did get to the site though and didn't see this a/c Thanks for your patience with my stupidity
  2. Does anyone have any information or other photos of this plane. I have this decal sheet and I'm considering this for my next build. Thanks Ron
  3. I inadvertently transferred tube glue all over the upper starboard wing while gluing the landing gear. Too much work to fix. Time to find something else to butcher
  4. Thanks. I didn't go nuts on the weathering for that reason but it's a little heavier than shows here and looks much better in person. I'm not into heavy weathering unless it's really warranted. Personally I think the current fashion trend of accentuating every panel line is unrealistic. I use different methods of weathering. Thanks for your compliment and input. Ron
  5. Had a lot of distractions that stalled my simple palette cleanser build a few months ago. Yesterday and this morning I spent a little time on weathering and finding a concentric tail wheel. Feels good to be modeling again. I don't know why but the weathering gets lost in photos. It much more pronounced in person. Be well Ron
  6. Ha! H-K just announced a new mold 1/48 B-25J! I was being silly. I really like the Monogram kits. I will definitely build them. I have three AM Mitchell's that I will build as well. I have no experience with them so I can't comment whether I like them or not. I will wait for a new tool Mitchell before I build one in NM. I did a monogram in NM and the body work almost made me insane.
  7. Great then what would I do with a dozen old Monogram and Accurate Miniatures Mitchells??
  8. Today I did a little detail painting and weathering. Getting down to the nitty gritty. I got a pile of small parts and a plane on its belly. Soon to put on its feet.
  9. Wow! Looks great! I can't wait to dig into mine soon. I also got the Vector props and nose.
  10. This is what I wound up with Overall pretty happy with it. It's the 48th Hasegawa kit. Thanks all who contributed. Cheers Ron
  11. Beautiful models. I'm a Yank so I'm ok with the horrid Academy kit. Go ahead and throw stones. You'll never reach. Seriously though beautiful job on yours. Kudos! Ron Ps forgive the dust. It's been in the cabinet since the 90s
  12. Not a chance. My shop carpet has more lost photo etch in it than is safe to walk on.
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