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  1. Another cracking model, your attention to detail is outstanding, good job!
  2. Oh yes please! That looks wonderful, lovely build and finish, liking that a lot. Good job!
  3. Seeing this post l looked at the one l have in the stash, gave me a greater appreciation of what you have achieved, it is tiny and so basic! good job that man!
  4. She’s a beauty, great job you have done on her and you put on all those tiny decals, very impressive, well done, a pleasure to look at!
  5. On a roll! Another great effort, l suspect storage and display may be a problem at this rate, pleasure to see your build process, good job!
  6. Wow! Stunning effort after such a long lay off, you have missed your vocation because that is very impressive, good job!
  7. A lot of more unusual aircraft on here lately, and this is another cracker, good to see, well done!
  8. One of Airfix’s best back in the day, great job, she looks smashing!
  9. Your really getting the hang of building wingy things, lovely, good job!
  10. Wonderful job, really looks the business! Having just built Kinetic’s intruder l share your pain, rubbish fit and vague instructions, glad you stuck with it, good job!
  11. Credit to your skill set, because what you have done looks amazing.
  12. You have built a really great model of an iconic aircraft, beautiful, great pleasure to look at, good job!
  13. That’s an absolute beauty, great introduction to BM. Hope there is lots more to come, good job!
  14. Looks wonderful, lot of details added or is that OOB?
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