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  1. Drop dead gorgeous, love everything you have done with this model, good job!
  2. What a pleasure to see a superbly built and finished model, nice to see a pristine model once in a while, love it! Good job!
  3. Cracker! It really is a nice kit, well ahead of its time, superb detail and beautifully finished, good job!
  4. I should think he was, that’s absolutely smashing, good job!
  5. Excuse the pun, but that is so cool! Looks brilliant.
  6. Well worth the wait, excellent model and beautifully finished, good job!
  7. They look crazy good John, knowing nothing about R/C what engines do you use on the jets? They must be very small and very powerful.
  8. Brilliant, building one of these nearly finished me, nightmare from start to finish but hugely satisfying to have tamed the beast, yours knocks mine into a cocked hat, great job!
  9. Great scale effect on the finish, l thought it was a typo when you said it was 1/72, looks like 1/48 or bigger, good job!
  10. As good as it gets, the pilot looks really good as well, did he come with the kit?
  11. That’s a real looker, superb build and such a realistic photo shoot, good job!
  12. Love your build of such an iconic aircraft, oh how we miss them, good job!
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