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  1. That’s a very smart build and finish, weathering is excellent, good job!
  2. For some reason l have never been been into Russian aircraft, you may change my mind, that’s an inspiration, great build!
  3. Wow! Another class act, wonderful build and finish, good job!
  4. Just lifting my jaw off the floor! As good as it gets, wonderful model, really great job!
  5. Superb model, never tried rigging a model, looks way to complicated to me, but you obviously have the knack, pleasure to look at, good job!
  6. Nice one Shaun, metallic work is particularly impressive, nice to see how well she builds from the box, good job!
  7. That’s a beauty, very well built and finished, good job!
  8. You have done a smashing job, it shows what can be done with an older kit, matches the original perfectly, good job!
  9. For a model subject you didn’t like l congratulate on producing such a smashing result, really smart job!
  10. Very smart piece of modelling, like your weathering of the exhaust stains and underside, good job!
  11. OMG! Absolutely stunning, show stopping quality model, great work!
  12. Outstanding, deserves its place in the museum, the accessories are the icing on the cake, congratulations all round!
  13. Super threesome, harrier is my favourite, good end to the year!
  14. Absolutely stunning, another great Tamiya Tomcat, beautiful paint job!
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