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  1. A Tractor! Now your talking! Lovely model, realistically built and finished, good job!
  2. Good looking Mustang, and l 100% agree with you about the fit issues with undercarriage and other attachments such as the drop tanks, very flimsy, still it proves what a good modeller you are, good job!
  3. For a 33 year old model you have done well to keep her looking so good, a good bench mark to see how much you have improved, and judging by your recent Tigercat I’d say you are now modelling at a very high standard, good job!
  4. Welcome Luca, that’s a great first post, beautifully built and excellent paint work, hopefully the first of many, good job!
  5. Wow, jaw droppingly good, up there with the best, good job!
  6. Oh she’s a beauty Gary, and you got that exhaust staining just right, long time in the making but well worth the wait, really good job
  7. Smart work, well built, superb paint job, what’s not to like, good job!
  8. Superb, what size brush did you use? 2”! and what paint did you use?
  9. I don’t know how l missed this first time round, just to echo all the accolades, that’s brilliant modelling, now when do we get to see that TIGERCAT?
  10. How on earth did you get the decals to conform and fit, l've built a big scale Revell chopper and it was a nightmare, so all credit to you. Good Job!
  11. Absolutely superb Gary, great imagination on the back story and the Cameron backdrop really sets it off, good job!
  12. Love a Lynx, that’s a smashing job you have done, the extras really lift it to a higher level, good job!
  13. As good as it gets, a joy to behold!
  14. That’s an absolute belter, like everything about it, good job!
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