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  1. What a pleasure to see one of these built up and finished to such a high standard, good job!
  2. Brilliant, great kit, and you have done it complete justice, good job!
  3. Buccaneer is a distinct possibility, would look pretty cool in gloss red!
  4. Loved building them, desperately trying to think what to do next!
  5. Superb, difficult to comprehend how small a model this is, and for it to photograph so well is a testament to your skills, good job!
  6. I think the pilot and backdrop really adds to what is already a great model, good job!
  7. Thanks @georgeusa trouble is my cattle seem more interested in the garden!
  8. Beautiful build, interesting colour variation in the different photos.
  9. Nice Harriers, heading towards a good collection by the look of things.
  10. Thanks Keeff Airfix excelled with these kits, some great engineering and detail in both.
  11. Thanks @keefr22 really enjoyed the builds, 3 tins of each colour if my memory serves me correctly!
  12. Thanks Andy, every day I realise how lucky I am to have that view from my back door 😀
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