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  1. Smashed it! Love the metallic panels, good job!
  2. Outstanding as usual, the mule in itself is worthy of a RFI on its own, you sir are a master of your art.
  3. you did that with a brush! one word ...... Genius!!!
  4. May be old but she’s a good looking model, and the weathering Immidiately tells you it’s a Vietnam veteran, good job!
  5. Great rendition of a great kit, if you build one model of a tomcat then you would be hard pushed to beat Tamiya!
  6. Sometimes a model is presented In RFI that simply takes your breath away, the level of brilliance in the construction, painting and weathering is of the highest order, stunning!!.
  7. What a whopper, do you live in a stately house? It’s certainly a class act, wonderful looking Tonka, good job!
  8. Now that is some serious decaling, super high vis, good job!
  9. The highest praise l can give you is to say it looks real, you could imagine it starting up and driving away, Good job!
  10. Proper modelling, well researched, well built and superb finish, good job!
  11. Lovely model, and impressive subtle weathering on a mono colour scheme, good job!
  12. If l was a judge, ( and l am not ) you would have got a diamond award for that superlative model, much better than a gold, fantastic!
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