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  1. can't say for sure. I think you're pretty darn close though. It's hard to tell without the canopy on there as well as that adds to the overall look you went to Ra Barras wearing a pink jumpsuit ? You are a very, very, very, VERY brave man s'all I can say
  2. I thought you didn't do teensy tiny small stuff Ced? Methinks you doth protest too much! Is there maybe a small addiction starting here?
  3. Giorgio - the pink is still infinitely preferable to that Red Bullshi oops... scheme On the face of it a seemingly strange decision, but each to their own they say It's a scientifically proven fact that things happen in threes y'know. With that in mind Tony, here's the latest in fashion apparel for the hygroscopically challenged modeler - Aaaaaand it matches your pink vixen theme! no need to thank me. s'all part of the service
  4. what a leap forward over these past few weeks Bill. - hard to believe it's the same plastic you started off with. It's all sleek an' svelte an' aerodynamic an' stuff
  5. I can't remember if it's the 1/72, or the 1/48, or both, but at least one of them has the tail rotor direction reversed does this ring any bells? (must have been winter time 82/83? as we have long sleeves!) (not my photo so will remove if anyone objects) I was there from 82 to 84.
  6. I would not consider myself a Wessex expert by any means, but as a modeler, I can say - do NOT trust any instructions. Wherever possible try to get photographic evidence. For example, back in my 1/48 build I did 3 green blades and one silver blade on the tail rotor as I was modeling Hotel at a particular time (82 - 84) and have photographic evidence of Hotel in this configuration. The original blade was replaced during servicing and used one they had lying around. I liked that it added a bit of character so copied that in my build. Instructions will never provide you with details like that.
  7. No, 71chally said the primary use was to give the doors clearance for the Red Top missile fins. He never said anything about what else they were used for. Expert wiggle removal though. Where are they going to crack the bottles open now? - which I'd never seen Pete. Absolutely superb - what timing and grace he had with that audience. I hate introducing thread drift like this in such an enthralling thread but this was too good to pass up. After Pete mentioned his favorite sketch, I had a look for one of mine where Victor did "famous endings" of various pieces. I couldn't find it but came across this... I think this is some of Victor at his finest. It's laugh after laugh after laugh from start to finish. How he can pack so much great humor into 10 minutes is just incredible. Regarding those wing folds. I think I'd be tempted to forego a three dimensional/multiple axes slicing operation and just do a simple vertical slice through the wing at the most appropriate geometry. I'd follow that up by using boolean operations to add and subtract from each wing half, top and bottom surfaces. Maybe not the most elegant solution but sometimes using an axe to take the top off the boiled egg works, and I think would be easier to make modifications later if required. I'mm sure you'll figure out a sublimely simple and elegant solution to achieve the requisite chop so I'll go sit at the back and play with my train
  8. That statement plus the top left image in your mood-board thingy just gave me a mental image of Victor Borges & H.R. Giger sitting behind a huge drawing board, giggling together and one of them saying to the other "just wait till they get a load of this..."
  9. Thanks Ian. My hope is that I can locate this somewhere where it can be viewed from all sides. Because the two sides are different, I'd like to be able to view them both independently. Raising the roof above the carriage is going to block off the view of one side of the interior no matter how its arranged (I think?) - that's why I ended up putting it front of, and below the car. I'll give your ideas some thought though - I'm not committed to anything just yet
  10. Paint should be here in a day or so. the more pressing issue is the decals transfers for the seats which I hope to have sorted out sometime next week. Thanks Ian. That's the great thing about having one of these printers - if you don't like the result, just make some changes and try it again. it's so darn cheap and I can be doing other things while it's churning away doing its thing. Heh heh. I think I can actually remember old Bob telling that one. At least it wasn't down a bit, ... left a bit, ... left a bit, ... down a bit, ... up a bit, ... right a bit... FIRE! thanks Noel. it's always good to try new things - that way if one thing doesn't quite work out, you have other options Les, I just used Model Master Brass enamel paint applied with a 0 sized brush. I had used the acrylic version of their brass before but it looked a bit weak. The enamel version comes up lovely - that's the same paint I used on the luggage racks Scale nicotine eh? Thanks Tony. Throwing some ideas around in my head regarding the display case. Just a few inches short of a meter in length. Or roughly 100 or so barleycorns for those that still work in old units. Approx. 375 mm tall and around 300 mm in depth My first draft of this had an arch topped display case, but I wasn't sure if that was going to introduce distortion into the picture, so opted to go with flat surfaces to e on the safe side. It's also quite difficult to gauge just how much distance/space you need between the case and the model. Too close and everything is just going to look cramped and uncomfortable, and too far, and you won't be able to see the detail inside Top'ish view. I haven't spent any time on the carriage mock up - its just to gauge the overall dimensions I'm going to need for the case. As I'd already modeled the roof for printing, I just used that model here. Side'ish view - showing how the separate roof will be in front of, and below the car itself. There will be a mirror (not modeled) underneath the roof so you can see up into the ceiling cavity I'll make up a frame to hold the mirror when I work out where the display case is going and what angle the mirror needs to be positioned at. Front'ish view. From this vantage point you will be able to see the entire shebang, kit, and caboodle. I did consider a small diorama but discarded that idea as I wanted the car to be the star of the show and thought I'll keep everything else basic so that the model itself stands out, and that's what will catch your attention Thoughts and suggestions gratefully received...
  11. Tony, you could always add a chamfer to the outer edges of the doors to give the appearance of thinner edges, though at 0.4mm, you don't have much room to play with. Cleanup on some of those parts will be interesting.
  12. Sorry, not trying to put you off. It's just that for a few of us, the Fly kit became something of a standing joke the kit was that bad. We're always glad to see another Wessex being built around here. Feel free to ask anything at any time. There's a lot of knowledgeable folks here always willing to help out. There's good reason you never see many of the Fly kits built and most of the threads tail off before they get completed. The kit is a disaster - there's loads of things wrong with it, shape wise and design wise. HL-10 did a fantastic job with his, especially in such a short time frame, but if you want an accurate Wessex from the Fly kit - be prepared for a fight. There's some thing which just can't be corrected - the entire front end is wrong for a start, as is the spine from the cockpit back over the cabin area. This was my two year effort. (there's also a 1/72 Wessex thrown in there for good measure) My favorite though, was the 1/48 Wessex from Italeri - I wasn't that enamored with it at the time but looking back it was a much more enjoyable build than the Fly offering. I'd even consider doing another one sometime. The WIP and the RFI (apologies for the thread hijack)
  13. excellent scratching on that rotor head. I do love me a good piece of intricate rotor machinery
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