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  1. All that work and you couldn't have gone just one teensy weensy step further and hung the engine off the firewall could you? Oh no! You just had to leave us all gasping and drooling in anticipation (again!) Lovely work Giorgio.
  2. I've just caught up with the weeks proceedings Tony, and I'm almost lost for words. Those piccies on Tuesday of the assembled Vixen are just astounding. I have a new (greater) appreciation for your skills as I just started work on a 1/48 Westland Wapiti and the forms on that aircraft are way simpler than the flowing voluptuous curves of the Vixen, yet I am still having trouble with some of them. I am just a basic SolidWorks user though, and it's I've never had need for many of the more "exotic" features within.
  3. sorry to hear of your woes but you are doing a great job despite the difficulties. I too am having serious doubts about Alclad primers and specifically their quality control. I have a bottle of Alclad black primer which will end up in the bin. I've only used it on a couple of jobs, but each time, when demasking, the paint has come off in big chunks right down to the plastic. I also have a bottle of their grey primer - which I have used for years (not the same bottle, obviously) and never had any issues with peeling - but with this latest bottle, again I've had peeling on sever
  4. I hope you did what I do Johnny... use the wife's! It's not the time to let your personal hygiene standards drop. Lovely update - really looking forward to the next few layers
  5. that's a big difference with just a simple single color addition
  6. Ouch! This was a blast from the past. - you just reminded me that I still have to fit the landing lamp and the navigation lights. Are you going to do a WIP? We always love a Wessex around here, even if it's a Fly kit
  7. Immediately reminded me of this scene from that old classic.... Wonderful achievement Tony
  8. Looks like you be already got one Bill. Align the drill with one of those radial lines, drill hole, rotate hole around to next radial line the drill again and so on. That shaded disc you have is perfect for clocking
  9. Between Bill and his Fettling Spokes and you and your Floding Wings, we're going to have to start a virtual swear jar.
  10. Excellent result Tony. That there is as good a job as any injection molded kit from any of the mainstream manufacturers in terms of joints. In terms of refinement and quality of detail, you have far surpassed them. If you can just stop from dropping your parts (fnaar), you're onto a winner
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