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  1. yes indeed it does. things are really taking shape now Bill. Nice.
  2. hendie

    Listening to the Solstice

    That photo of the chairs, 5th one down... I paused.... I think I have behaved myself remarkably well. Sorry to hear (ops, no pun intended) learn of your impending aural degradation Tony. under normal circumstances that would receive a hushed "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NNOoooooooooo" from the audience However, in your case, I think that will be met with rapturous applause and a resounding chorus of from the communal hive as we look forward to your future endeavors
  3. talking of which.... anyone remember these ? well, at least there's no sausages around here. Bill, I can't do them any straighter in 1/48th! Even in 1/32 it's pushing my limits. to be had with a soda scone wi' roasted cheese (a good strong cheddar). The tanginess of the cheese and the sweetness of the bananananana really compliment each other
  4. Massimo, you might want to take a look at one of my ' threads. This was in 1/48 scale so closer to what you are working with now. (I did go a little bit overboard with it) Here's the RFI thread and more useful to you (hopefully), here's the WIP thread. A lot of folks made some great contributions to help me get things right. PS sorry for polluting your thread, let me know if you want me to remove this.
  5. Massimo, you are correct in that in a literal sense, a tattie is a potato. However, in Scotanese, to lose the tattie means to lose the place, lose your head, or to lose your temper (it all depends on the situation). Scottish is like Cantonese - a lot of words have different meanings, it just depends upon how you say it!
  6. Nice work Ced. You are beginning to make me wonder if I'll ever get around to building mine
  7. If ever there was proof needed that you had completely lost the tattie, then that was it! Seriously though, I take that as a huge compliment coming from one as skillful and adroit as yourself Massimo. Your work over these pages has been a wonder to behold.
  8. Personally I miss real Lucky Tatties - but they have to be the ones with nougat and a small toy inside. The kind of toy that kills small children these days (apparently) unless it's wrapped in dayglo and of a size that wouldn't fit in a kids mouth....with warning labels Oh, has to be hard chewy nougat, I can't be doing with that wishy-washy fondant stuff at all. oh oh... and Aztec bars, mega soor plooms (the type so sour that they make the cheeks of yer backside clinch), Club biscuits when they actually had a layer of chocolate on the outside, McCowans chocolate covered banana flavored toffee, Old Jamaica bars, Spanish Gold, and Kia Ora
  9. feel free to steal anything from my work Massimo though there's no guarantee anything is accurate. The version I am building was an AC (Army Cooperation) version so we just had plenty of room in the back for the Pongoes, Dog Company, and on occasion Mrs Thatcher 'n' hubby and Hot Gossip. We were just a glorified taxi cab, hence the 'Crab Cabs' nomenclature. I'm guessing the back of the HAS was all kitted out for X-Box's and Playstations and suchlike - there's plenty of knowledgeable folks kicking around who can provide more info
  10. glad it's working for you and you like it Rick The kit comes with some photo etch, but I think there are quite a few bits that should have been PE and (quite) a few bits are completely missing. So I'm making my own PE for those I think are important enough.
  11. so my guess of latrine shovels is incorrect then ?
  12. coming along nicely Ced. Your perseverance is definitely paying off.
  13. ouch! Sorry to hear/see that Bill. Everything was coming along so well. However we all know you and we all know that you will take a deep breath, maybe kick the dog a couple of times, rework what is necessary and move ahead, making it even better in the process
  14. Steve, IPA will work just as well for clean up - I just happen to have a gallon tin of acetone hanging around
  15. Very nice update Steve. and one of the nice things about solder is that it is so soft, that you can remove it very easily by slicing with a sharp blade, or a few swipes with a small file. Simples. I'm not sure how much you know about this soldering alchemy, but once you've finished soldering you should clean up the joint or it will tarnish and corrode pretty quickly. I keep a tub of acetone and an old toothbrush handy. A quick scrub and it's all done. Then I can put the wife's toothbrush back and she's none the wiser! oh, I think he's won that claim!