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  1. thanks Terry. Ta Roger Very impressed with Pheon so far Bill More Aizu in action in this weeks episode ta Ced I'm not sure if other decal sets provide the same amount of freebies - might be worth asking I really think wassisname should be shouting about this stuff on his website. Thanks G I've heard mixed reviews about Roden. The main one being that they are difficult to build. I think I have just reached that point in
  2. Thanks Steve. The floaty tank is looking good. Can't wait to see the tracks in place thanks Colin. More obstinance than determination thanks for those very kind words Bill shiny black plinth it is then Ced Thanks Giorgio ha! Great idea... but NO! Thanks Ian. A few quick jobs to finish off. The mirror got glued in place and a quick peek of the underside The t
  3. if you'd just done it as a waterline model you wouldn't have needed to worry about those tracks
  4. yeah, I was actually looking forward to painting the roundels. Another time I guess. thanks Roger ta Ced thanks Ian. You were right about the decals thanks Bill. I have the cutter here, but the laptop I had the software on died and I couldn't retrieve the licence - and the company has now gone out of business. I'm just too tight-fisted to invest $50 in another piece of software fr something I am going to use so rarely. When I painted the fuselage the other week I did not pay enough attention t
  5. Thanks guys, not long to go now Luck Bill, just sheer luck jinkies! I've been rumbled it could be but I can't lay my hands on any virgins around here. how's that floaty tanky thing coming along Steve? Got the tracks made yet? Yes? Good! and now apparently down through the kitchen floor and big stains on the basement ceiling. If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd.... thanks Colin a couple of small modifications
  6. Canopy work looks great Tony. Another brilliant installment. That head on front shot has me wondering though. I'm sure I've seen a photo on BM during discussions on the Sea Vixen canopy and the canopy was tilted more over to the port side whereas yours is almost vertical. I also seem to remember that the canopy itself was more "blown". i.e. narrower at the bottom edge before flaring out then coming back into the curve at top. I could well be and am most probably wrong but it might be worth checking before going any further I'm sure there's some more knowled
  7. I missed the last few episodes for whatever reason but it was nice to catch up on those this morning. Great work
  8. ah, the mojo is back. All hail the mojo! good to see you back at the bench and in the mood Ced (there! I cued one up for you too!)
  9. not sure what else then. Cure times? Layer thickness?
  10. what orientation are you printing the wing in? That will also have an effect on warp. Flat? from root to tip? on leading/trailing edge? or?
  11. belated congrats Ced. hendie's helpful tip for the day: Ced, start looking in the last place you'd look and that's where it is
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