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  1. I saw this photo before I read any of your post and my first thought was... That is some long nipple hair! How very European... has anyone told him he has a hole in his t-shirt? glad you enjoyed your trip and it sounds like you had a great time.
  2. my vote is for black undersides though I admit to being completely uninformed about anything Anson, unless Daleks are involved. greenity green! I'm with Keefr22 (though not in the biblical sense!) ... maybe just a tad too green on the greenness? Throw in a hint of leek ?
  3. It gives a lovely finish too, but not very durable until you get a coat of clear something or other on top of it. My Edwardian but not quite steampunk hardware arrived yesterday. At first glance, things looked promising so as per my usual want I blundered straight into things. A coat of alclad grey primer brought out the detail as you might be able to see in this oh so cruel close up. I'm still blown away by the amount of detail that can be captured in the printing process. Even greater is the fact that all things considered, it really is an inexpensive addition to the arsenal when needed. I'm already planning some further printing excursions for small parts that would be a nightmare to try and manufacture by manual means, especially when you have multiples of the same thing. So what does it look like I hear you ask ? Well... here's a sneak peek. In the foreground we have the new grab handle and an original all brass affair at the rear. While the rear one doesn't look too bad, trying to get 8 of them looking identical was just too much for an old codger like me. The assemble process began by painting the printed parts gloss black, then adding the brass rod. Opposite handles were then cut from the bank and added to the other end of the rod. Very fiddly, and even although I thought I had printed plenty, I only just made 8 sets (after grubbing around on the floor for those escapees from the tweezer flinger) One other thing I did with the printed version which I couldn't really do with the all brass version was to include an offset. Original brass on left and new gizmo on right. Here you can see why I added the offset. The door frame is very narrow, and had the grab handles protruded perpendicular to the door frame, there would have been no room available to actually grab the darned thing as it would be almost flush with the side-frame. (btw I am using my spare test door for this, the real doors are a little bit better) I'm not cheating... honest... the 1:1 has these handles offset too, for the very same reason. The Broons got micro-meshed but unfortunately, I was a bit too aggressive with the pads and I had some primer creep through in a few places, so it's back for another brooning for most of the parts. While the broons were off to the But 'n Ben for a curing, I decided to proceed with more of the handles. On Pegasus there are a mixture of chrome handles and brass handles - depending upon which part of the carriage you are in. The dining area for example is all brass hardware, while in the bar area, it's all chromed. I mixed up some testors brass and gave it a squirt. This macro shot shows that even after primer and top coat, it's still possible to see the detail. Did I mention I was impressed? The brass is a bit light for my liking so I may investigate other brands - I wonder if alclad do a brass finish ? (yes they do...) But the proof of the pudding is in the eating dinette. Even though the brass finish is a little light it still looks pretty decent against the mahogany background. Then to finish off for today, here's a shot of a fully chromed grab handle in situ. Y'know... I think that's going to work Decals are still a hold up but I guess until I can get the brown all finished and gloss coated they're really not preventing me from moving forward. Well, more sideways really, but at least the build is not at a standstill.
  4. Grumble ? I was merely making an observation. When have you ever heard me grumble ? really! 'nuther nautical term ? was that accidental? I believe he is now that order has been restored to the nautical universe very nice update Steve. Do you find the standard modeling primer on brass sufficient ? I keep a can of automotive etch primer for metal stuff as I found the 'normal' primer did't have enough staying power for my cludgy handling techniques love that demarcation line! very neat
  5. So, just how long is a few weeks down under over there ?
  6. masterful. simply masterful. The coloring in bit should be really good too from everything I've seen so far. I hope you don't go outside the lines too much It's going to be interesting to see how you capture the daguerreotype of black spindly things on your trademark dark black background in the black dark, without much light Lovely as this turretfest may be my dear Baron, I think you are doing yourself, and by extension, us who frequent this thread, a disservice.... by not going the extra mile and showing your skills off to their true potential... just think... Ansons with Daleks instead of turrets - the Avro Exterminator! go on.. you know you want to!
  7. lovely job on the MRGB Bill. I'm just catching up after a few days away and it's always nice to see a perdu post or two awaiting
  8. 4rd. I told you it was 6 am. What more do you expect???
  9. sheesh. It's 6 am and you're pestering me already. Okay, okay, it's the best Carpathia scratch build I've ever seen! nice work though. It's interesting to see that the biggest one won 1st prize. Yours won 2nd. Then the smaller ones won 3rd & 4rd. So size really does matter then ? now, get back over there and tell us how you did it... the suspense is killing me
  10. As soon as you've done that can you pop over to your own threads too please? I haven't seen any Avroing or Carpathianing for weeks. What am I supposed to do with my Sunday mornings? Thanks guys, you are too kind. sometimes. I'm just popping in for a flying visit with the teensiest of updates. More to prove that things are still progressing even if at snail's pace. I'm off up north for another few days starting tomorrow, and would you believe American Airlines have only gone and stopped flying to Erie from Philly a week or two ago. I make that trip 7 or 8 times a year at least. Erie was my most favoritist airport in the world. It's tiny and unlike other airports isn't a complete PITA to get through. From arrival to check in to through security takes less than 5 minutes. Soddin' airlines. AA's alternative route involves tripling the cost, tripling the flight time, and adding a stopover by flying in the opposite direction for the first hour.. I could have flown to Buffalo but total traveling time is at least 6 hours on a good day. You can drive to Erie from where I am in about 7 or 8 hours and don't have to deal with airports or security. - So, I thought I was being smart and rented a car instead as I am traveling with someone and thought we could share driving duties... then realized on Friday morning that as my traveling buddy is a contractor, he won't be insured to drive the car. AAAArghhhhhhhhh Anyhoos, enough of my griping. Okay, I know this shot is boring but it's a milestone, albeit a very minor milestone. A milestone nonetheless. All the parts you see there have been (since you last saw them...) micro-meshed, painted, micro-meshed and painted again. They are now waiting on their very last final micro-meshing before clear coating - unless I micro-mesh through to the primer in which case they'll have to go through the same process again. again. While I am waiting on that lot to fully cure, well, let's be honest... I won't be touching them until next weekend at the earliest... I started another proof of concept for yet more hardware. For 'proof of concept' read 'can I actually make it?' In addition to two vertical grab rails and a horizontal grab rail mounted on the front (outside) of the doors, inside the doors is an "H" rail, which is visible through the oval window. I hummed and hawed between trying the H rail with two long vertical pieces and three shorter horizontal pieces to form the H, or one longer horizontal piece with four shorted vertical pieces. Either way, it ended up with essentially two soldered joints, but I opted for the longer horizontal piece with four verticals somehow convincing myself that it would have greater structural integrity, or at least have slightly less chance of falling apart in my cumbersome handling methods (i.e. using my fingers!) Once the soldered joints were cleaned up, I pinched the ends of each length in the vice to flatten them - supposed to represent the mounting flanges, then followed that up with a quick blast with Alclad chrome. The alclad was straight onto the brass - no primer I may need to tweak the horizontal dimensions slightly but I think that method should work To be honest, I think the alclad chrome is a bit too chintzy for my liking. It's too bright imo and looks very much looks chrome on plastic. On that shot above there's no clear coat on the alclad. I shall have to experiment with semi matt and mat finishes to see what can dull down the alclad to look more like 'real' chrome. I also revisited my earlier solid modeling, in particular, the end pieces for the grab handles. I had one of those 'doh! moments at work and realized I was making things unnecessarily difficult for myself with the current design. If I modeled only the end piece, that meant I had to cut the brass rod at the correct length on the angle - a lot more difficult than it sounds. If the angle isn't right, the whole thing will look wonky. If the length of the angled end isn't spot on, the whole rail will not sit properly on the frame. After the realization, I simply modeled the end of the grab dandle to include the angled section -now all I have to do is cut the brass rod to the correct length and everything should fall into place. and look something like this... I think that the tapers as it meets the center section are a bit oversize, but I had issues with the edges cracking on the first set, so I had to add some meat to the part to minimize the chances of that happening again. We'll see how these go. If I need to I can reduce that taper slightly and have them reprinted. Other than that, I am still waiting on transfers - my second transfer guy has gone a bit quiet, however I knew he was extremely busy before I approached him. Hopefully it won't turn out to be the same situation as my first attempt. Until next time amigo's.....
  11. I'm not the antichrist, I'm just a very, very naughty boy cantankerous old git! I love those shots of all the brass-work together. That's worth the price of admission alone. Gun bubbles and fluff bubbles all in one post. what more could one want! if only I'd known that 30 years ago hanging out in the clubs and bars of Auld Reekie
  12. shouldn't you return those Bill? they're all bent!
  13. cracking turret and door. we need to stop giving you hints and nudges... you're showing us all up with your impossibly intricate soldering/foiling/dapping/curving scratchery sorcery but damn, that does look fine. and oops forgot to mention... hope the op goes well
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