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  1. he's new to modeling. I'm sure he'll pick it up as he goes along though
  2. lovely work Tony. Such a shame it's all black. Why didn't the RAF go for nice pastel shades inside the airframes eh? That would also have helped keep the aircrew calm under times of stress. Scientific fact it is.
  3. I think when they mention "paint internals" they don't mean on the paper Ced. you did wear a mask though, didn't you? Got to follow those instructions to the letter
  4. Thanks Johnny. Canopy? You mean the kit canopy that's a bit thick and the wrong shape? Or the yellowed Aeroclub vacform that I'm trying to UV back to clarity? Nope, neither of them just yet. I need to leave myself some fun for the end of the build don't i? thanks Roger Thanks Giorgio. Intakes are looking a lot better. I'm certain they're still not correct, but streets ahead of what the kit provided Hunter? yup, 28 flew them too so I have one of them coming up later, though Airfix have stifled my three attempts to buy o
  5. Brilliant result Crisp. I think many people misunderstand the intent of HGW rivets and that's why they get such a bad press. Personally, I much prefer the HGW system as it looks way more realistic when done properly.
  6. I put a Vickers MkII Light Saber on my Wapiti build. Does that count?
  7. But definitely more thrilling than working on a Classic Airframes kit
  8. all I can see from all that sanding and fitting is more dust Johnny thanks Roger, Giorgio the sausages would sure come in handy for replacing the tail booms ah... paint. In a land far, far away... thanks Crisp A colonoscopy is more fun than a CA kit thanks Wlad Thanks Steve. Exhausting as in I'm sick and tired of all this filling and sanding? In a strange turn of events, I got thoroughly sick o
  9. That there is a gallus piece of whittling by anyone's standard. Admit it. You're just out to depress us all again, aren't you?
  10. If there's one thing Ced knows about, it's wood!
  11. Nice bulges Mr. Friday P.S. I like the way you verbificationed Mr Surfacer.
  12. You must be feeling a bit lightheaded after all that work Steve. Need a lie down? Nice intro back into the world of plastic worrying, and up to the usual standards we've come to expect (and missed) from you
  13. a few moments silence there ^^ as I stepped back in awe and admiration whilst stumbling for words. Still stumbling I'm afraid. what a wonderful shot Tony. Intricate detail and an ecstasy of visual treats. I've always had good luck with diluted PVA for this type of thing. Even after several layers, good clarity can be achieved. For a piece that large I maybe tempted just to glue some clear runner on the front and sand it to shape (since you mentioned Occam's razor and all that)
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