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  1. I have a habit of doing that. My 'fix' is to use a round rat tail file rotating it in the hole - but also pushing the file more towards the side I need to open up (if that makes sense). That way you can get an off center hole back on center, and still round. somebody needs to make a tool for that
  2. I wouldn't worry - I'm sure Ced has a tool for that
  3. DIdn't @TheBaron just purchase a cement mixer? I'm sure if Ced asked nicely...
  4. see, now that wasn't hard was it ? and now everyone understands what you're talking about! *edit* Seriously though Crisp - that made my day - thanks!
  5. I think that's about the only term I understood in that entire post. 'oh, that and 'ladders'
  6. guilty as charged. I think I suggested it to Tony some time back. He got one, then the disease just started spreading of its own accord. yes indeed. I spotted that straight away.. typical legal tactic of misdirection to try and lead folks away then trap 'em.
  7. page 1 page 1 !!! see you all on page 3 at lunchtime!
  8. not again... Will Sir be dressing to the left, or dressing to the right? Ced - that is an absolutely stunning build. The paint finish looks exquisite, and your chosen scheme shows off the lines of the aircraft to perfection. I think this is definitely your best build to date. Congrats sir!
  9. Excellent Ced, really excellent. Take the rest of the week off. please... take the rest of the week off - we Cedfollowers need a break. It's exhausting keeping up with your work. Now... this really is something to behold! which begs the question: Are you going to hang it upside down ? 'cos all the interesting and cool stuff is on top
  10. Miniature walkie talkies now for goodness sake. Is there no limit to what this man can blast with his shrink ray ?
  11. quick folks - we've got time to catch our breath before the next installment
  12. Well folks it seems this is the week for stuff arriving - within two days I've had the transfers for my Pullman build, and this evening I got a small lump of plastic from shapeways. Be forewarned though. No actual construction will take place during this post and you're likely going to get bored by many shots of the same little part. I warned you! So what arrived then ? If you've been following this post you probably have a darned good idea. I present to thee, a plastic rotor head, in all it's glory. I spent about 20 minutes or so looking for the kit part this evening, getting into a bit of a panic because I could not find the bits anywhere and I wanted to show the kit parts next to this to give a direct comparison. Then I remembered... I have them at work as I was using them for reference when designing this part! 'doh! Panic over (I think...) I've messed about with color settings on these photo's to try and show the part more clearly. I do not profess to be knowledgeable in the ways of compooter imagery stuff and I just slide sliders and things about until I (think) I can see what I'm looking at - so forgive the weird photo show to follow. How's this then ? Palatable? This any better ? By now, I've had a fair few parts printed but I'm still always amazed at the detail that can be captured by this media. The bellows have come out nicely, as have the swivel links etc. I'll do a direct comparison when I get the other parts home as I think it could be valuable for others building this to see what Fly have left out. But what's it look like in-situ then ? Not bad at all. I think it will look a whole lot better than the basic kit parts, that's for sure. No primer as yet - I'm still part way through the cleaning process. Learning by my previous oopsie of trying to clean using IPA - this time I just used tap water with a drop or two of washing up liquid. This is about 15 minutes cleaning - believe it or not but the part is still in there. Somewhere. It appears there is a lot of gunk to clean off these parts, even after Shapeways 'clean' them up. Undersides after cleaning. Looks pretty good with not too much to clean up here. Top side after cleaning. You can see bits of white residue here and there - that's what I am trying to clean off. The cleaning process is a bit delicate. The ultrasonic bath warms up the part during the cleaning process, so the smaller sections of the part start to become pliable. I'm using the old toothbrush for cleaning so have to be extra careful not to 'catch' any of the small parts and break them off - but still need to be quite firm in order to remove that white gunk. I reckon another 20 minutes to half an hour and some fervent scrubbing with the toothbrush will see it about as clean as I can get it. Then I can put the toothbrush back and hope the wife hasn't noticed Then we can prime the beast and see what it really looks like
  13. as promised, I managed to spend some time down at the workbench. This time I dived right into the transfers - it was a learning experience - I've never worked with spot printed transfers before. (you can probably tell after looking at the pic below) The 4 samples are for choosing the colors. Based on these I think I am going with Sample A (yes, the one I damaged). I also managed to add a small twist to Sample C. I initially tried using MicroS1 and MicroS2 but they didn't seem to make any difference whatsoever, and I messed up a couple of the transfers - so then I followed the instructions (getting old you see). Basically, wet the transfer, slide off into place, then press down to remove all h2o stuck underneath. It's slightly more difficult than the type I'm used to but I'll get there. I have to! I'll give those a coat of clear next time I'm in the basement - just to check that my chosen clear coat won't mess them up. It's just as well these are samples, but I can see I am going to have to make sure I order enough spares to get me through - they can be quite fragile when subjected to Hend treatment. I also had a go at what promises to be one of the more difficult applications - those double lines will run the length of the car - about 600 mm or so. I also learned that I'll have to let each individual transfer dry thoroughly before trying to add another transfer adjacent to one already in place. Altogether a very valuable learning experience but I'm sure I have a long way to go yet before I'm proficient at this malarkey. It was worth the investment in getting this trial sheet before committing to the full shebang. I did get these two transfers in place before I packed in for the evening. Progress. I thought these were the first 'official' transfers on the build but apparently I added one to the undersides two or three years ago (yes, it's been that long!) Hend the still impressed signing off
  14. looking great Ced - the aircraft that is, though I'm sure you cut a fine figure also. This is looking to be one of your best builds so far. glad to hear Mols is still progressing towards good health too!
  15. Ian, it was Railtec who did this job for me. It's taken a while but Steve (Railtec) had to work through some issues with the file formats I had available. He was very easy to work with though he seems to have a lot of work going on - but he delivered when no-one else did! I'm not sure if he does anything other than trains but it's worth asking. If I can get some time this evening I may try a couple of samples on a test piece - can't wait to find out how they work - and if my planned top clear coat is going to work with them.
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