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  1. as it is when you extrude the cut using "offset to surface" option. The downside is that it doesn't always work if the surface is very complex so sometimes I have to use several discrete operations to complete the process. My home laptop wasn't built for CAD so I have to be conscious of file size. The Wapiti build was about the limits of what it could handle without frustrating me too much
  2. nice work on the blade roots Colin, not easy even in that scale. Did the H34 have BIMs too or was it just the Wessex varieties?
  3. I'll sign that petition too. Rotor head? Just fabulous. That is what modeling is all about.
  4. Mike, a simpler method would be: Once you have drawn the circle, add a centerline (either through the circle, or from one quadrant to the opposite quadrant. as long as the centerline passes through the center of the circle you're fine). Select REVOLVE and choose the centerline as your axis of revolution, and the circle as the body to be revolved, and the set the degrees of revolution to 180 degrees.
  5. Have another pint from Ian for those meshes Bill. And have a whisky to cure your dropsy
  6. Ben, have you considered projecting lines onto the surface, and using them as a thin feature with an extruded cut? (Offset from the surface ) I'm sure that would save a lot of work
  7. Have 2 pints on Ian! Fan-bloomin-tastic work on that rotor head. In 1/48 that would be sharp work, but in 1/72... Wow.
  8. I shall join the queue of admirers in my admiration of (as Pete so rightly stated) a proper helicopter in proper colors
  9. I have to agree with Giorgio on the rotor head. As much as the rest of the build is stunning, that rotor head is a work of art
  10. fwiw, I found that when and how you cure can also have an impact. Previously I had been leaving things for a day or so before I cured them. On the Scout rotor blades I found that they had already started to warp by that time. After that I cured them about half an hour after the wash - using the lightsaber you recommended. I noticed the parts warping as I lightsabered them, but by careful maneuvering/timing of the lightsaber I found I could to a large degree, control that warp. The part will warp towards the Saber so when I saw that start to happen, I just reversed the part and started curing the opposite surface until it was flat again. Maybe worth an experiment?
  11. Marvelous work Tony. Everything looks like it just belongs...
  12. And a damned fine one it is sir. That is a mighty impressive piece of modeling there. Glad to read that you are enjoying the challenges too Steve - that's all part of the fun. Who needs the Times crossword when you have a few splines to play with?
  13. Ced, our dear friend Ced. Wherefore art thou dear Ced? You are so sorely missed
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