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  1. Rich1730

    B-52G - what grey?

    Gunship grey all the way, used plenty on my 1 72 H model...
  2. Rich1730

    Window decals

    No thank you for your response that was the advice I was looking for cheers
  3. Rich1730

    Window decals

    My first post here so go softly, Need some decals for Windows on a 172 constellation, any one got a quick fix
  4. Looks great,makes me want to get my kinetic kit out of the stash
  5. Rich1730

    Stoppel decals

    I give up, there are 2 websites and the decals I would like are on the one where you have to email your PayPal address and order, I have used the other website successfully before so I know it works.
  6. Rich1730

    Stoppel decals

    My issue is with the website that asks you to email your order, there are 2 sites for stoppel, have used the other successfully in the past. Thanks for the responses will persevere
  7. Rich1730

    Stoppel decals

    Hi, I have successfully ordered decals from stoppel decals in the past from the one website, one that lists all kits decals etc with the ability to place items in a basket prior to ordering but the decals I would like are on the other website where it asks for your PayPal address etc and I can't get a response, did speak to someone in the shop, not the owner and asked to place order but sadly nothing came of it, anyone offer any advice.?am after 1 32 Danish f 86 decals