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  1. Got the same kit and you've done a great job on it, cockpit looks v good
  2. All very nice, great work
  3. All great builds, but I do like the Crusader!
  4. That looks great! I keep looking at mine and thinking about making a start but I'm still working on the 1 48 Vulcan also from Alan.
  5. Great to see someone else making a start on their Buccaneer, mine is awaiting it's turn as I've just started on Alan's 148 scale Vulcan which is equally as epic imho
  6. I'm intending to build mine as a RN version if possible and following news on decals.
  7. Bought a Heller EC 121 from him back in the summer, great price and service
  8. Weapons are not a deal breaker for me as don't usually include them. As for KW possibly up scaling decals either 140 or 137 as ideally would like an RN version.
  9. Great news after a very average day at work!
  10. Hi Alan, I can only reiterate the comments of the other erudite gentlemen on here. They are probably more polite than me as my response to 'distinguished' modellers might be a bit more agricultural
  11. Hi Alan, again as others have said please look after yourself and get well soon. Great news that I'm in line for one of the next kits. As for decals I'd be more than happy to work with others to pool resources. For me a EDSG RN Bucc would be a firm favourite if achievable.
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