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  1. The Palva vacformed canopy is worth getting to show off your cockpit. The kit part appears too low (it matches plans) possible 'cos of the thickness.
  2. Kids toys are not cheap, unless you are buying cheap toys, and the series 1/2 and starter kits still represent good value for money for the time and enjoyment they provide. The amount of detail in larger kits are are a million miles away from the kits many of grew up with are require a large investment in time and can't be thrown together like old kits cold over a weekend. Staff and associated costs are probably far higher for a UK based firm than they are for companies in Eastern Europe many of whom are able to get tooling made in house or locally avoiding the extortionate costs of international shipping.
  3. I built one a few year ago and printed a number of the decals. The white FINA I actually cut from white decal. The black FINA on the sheet is for the airscoop. I can email you the files if you are able to print your own. Drop me a PM if interested. The kit itself is lovely but very delicate. I just had a nightmare with paint failure.
  4. I think this year reflects the longish lead times in this industry. I think we have to consider that when these releases were decided upon we at the start of or during the first COVID lockdown. Hornby offices would have closed like many others, staff furloughed, work slowed or stopped altogether. Their suppliers and partners similarly affected, plans would have been changed or scaled back, reusing previously gathered reference data during lockdown may be a reason for some of the choices. Other companies may have been better placed to ride out the storm. The hobby market didn't know it would do be a beneficiary of the pandemic but it's going to take time to see the results, if any considering the other economical pressures, to reach the shelves.
  5. I surprised to see it back as only a few years ago these were being flogged off for £15. Obviously demand has then increased as odd stock has dried up.
  6. I think the new aircraft tools are bang on target. Just not a big enough explosion.
  7. Presumably a lot of 1/76 scale modellers asked for it to be rereleased.
  8. I think "no downscalng" means they literally don't rescale the CAD. A 1/72 kits needs a completely new CAD model - yes it can use the same reference data - but it doesn't involve significant cost savings.
  9. @cmatthewbacon well at least it will look good next to all those Heller 1/43 kits you've built
  10. A bit more significant than the gun fairing is that the ventral strikes are far too far back (unless that’s another prototype layout). I moved them forwards a scale 4ft.
  11. I expect there is no pilot as they said that with the Typhoon that it was prohibitively expensive to design and tool given that most modellers who will build the kit will not use the pilot. Aftermarket will provide.
  12. Glad to see a new kit of this coming out as I always found it the most attractive mark/scheme. I have the Aeroclub kit from when it was re-released, though this may spur me to crack on with that.
  13. Very cool. Is this essentially an unassembled version of the Yamato "figure"?
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