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  1. Finally got to throw PRU all over it care of Xtracrylic. This colour seems to behave better than over and and produced a lovely finish. Annoying it's shown all the flaws in the plastic and primer underneath. Note I found a good photo that clearly showed the tip of the tailplane bullet was light grey. I'm coming to the conclusion that only the final colour will show you the true state of your surface prep! I've also made some jet exhausts from 5mm Al tubing, I've thinned and polished the ends and painted the insides steel.
  2. There is a large carpark on Mulculture Road that is 5mins walk from the leisure centre, but doesn't appear on the map. I used this last year.
  3. Not had much time or to model over the last few weeks. What time I did have was spent fiddling making the window decals for the cockpit. Dwomby sent me a scan of the PE for the 1/72 Victor but when I scaled it down I realized it was designed to fit the shape of the Matchbox kit part and wasn't strickly accurate or at least didn't match the proportions on this kit. Secondly the prototype and a different arrangement of windows around the main 5 long vertical ones. A lot of fiddling got me here: I always print two sets for insurance though I decided to add a gradient to one set of windows to see how they would work. Of course this makes them translucent but the PRU Blue should be a good base colour.
  4. See my earlier posts re: Karaya and in particular their Sea Lion.
  5. The Gloster was only built to race. It’s just that the RAF operated to high speed flight aircraft. The Italian aircraft were similarly supported IIRC
  6. Links to my efforts so you can make your own mind up: Supermarine Sea Lion II, I know the tray in which the engine sits is not correct, but I was never able to determine from photos how it was supported on the struts. https://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=224&t=5317 Gloster IIIA https://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4272
  7. Just found this thread. I’ve a number of the 1/72 Schneider Cup racers that Karaya produced. I’ve built the Supermarine Sea Lion and Gloster III. Both were lovely kits, well moulded with locating pins and some amazing detail ( the sea lions Napier is a peach) both seemed reasonably accurate comparing them to what I could find on the internet. I’ve got this kit and the Shorts White Knight which they also did in 1/48 and the shapes and sizes differ wildly between the too scales.( there is a build of the latter still running on BM ) All I can guess it comes down to whoever created the masters each may have been left to their own devises and would depend on their interest in the actual aircraft how much time they put into the model. For some it may just have been a job others a passion. I just think you’ve been unlucky in your choice of a first Karaya kit. I’m forewarned and prepared. Thanks for your determination.
  8. For me a primer must be sandable which therefore rules out every polyurethane/water based rubbish out there, they made spray well but unless I can fixed errors in my joints and filling they are useless to me - I don't build a lot "Tamiya" grade modern kits I've used Halfords grey primer for years but it's not easy to on small fiddly models, I've therefore looked for airbrushable alternatively. I used Alclad Primer/Microfiller a lot but the surface can be quite gritty and requires knocking back with >1000grit, this make it unsuitable for surfaces with a lot of raised detail. AK Primer and microfiller is my current goes too, this goes on very easily and has a fine flat finish which requires little or no extra prep before adding colour.
  9. Working up the decals for the cockpit. Adam is right they are quite different from the production models. They also seem to vary between the prototypes, with 3 or 5 smaller windows either side of the 5 long thin ones. The oval window near the wing root seems to be in a different place in every photo. I'm going for WB755 in the PRU blue finish I'm sticking with this https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1678079. I've also noted the main doors are significantly different than shown in plans of the B.2 https://www.agefotostock.com/age/en/Stock-Images/Rights-Managed/MEV-11957127
  10. It's been a lot of priming, filling sanding over the last couple of weeks. I'm happy enough with the intakes. You'd need to a hell of lot of remoulding to get them accurate, I've gone for acceptable at a first glance A good coat of Alclad grey filler primer which always needs a good sanding back and so I've stopped using it on most builds, but due to the lack of surface detail I can use it up on builds such as this. I've just got to scribe the door in relation to the new intakes and cut some airbrake strakes before slapping PRU blue all over it.
  11. I'll take comfort in that when I don't add anything nearly as good in mine!
  12. Ha! thanks for the comments. Yes i do intend to repaint the glazing in the correct size and location ( a bit further forwards ) if only ‘cos I messed up gluing the part in place. Ready for a full coat of primer I’ve just dropped it while having a look on the way to bed and bent the nose probe aaarggghhhh! I’ve just about had enough of kits that require copious filler and fettling for now so my next build will be a modern shake and bake. This was meant to be a quick build of a simple kit! ...I’ve got the Kader Valiant too.
  13. I've always loved this big bottomed Porsche! Nice painted work.
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