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  1. The Lincoln International/Kader box scale Victor is also a B1/prototype though is far from an accurate model in many respects.
  2. I was avoiding to start talking about TTLs, but when VM wasn't updated and I checked the DNS record (linux command 'dig') the TTL was set to 7000 something so a couple of hours whereas the result from my work machine was (and still is) 14345 ~4hours Windows DNS caching can cause it's own problems and as I don't often reboot my home PC probably didn't help.
  3. Seems to have finally propagated to Virginmedia (at least for me)
  4. I might be missing something, but isn't that a painting of a K1? ... OK its a B(K)1A if it doesn't have the centre hose.
  5. 1. Woodlouse 2. Crayfish (unless I'm ordering them in a fancy restaurant where they get called langoustine ) 3. raining while it's sunny 4. water/drinking fountain 5. Hairdresser (well a barber wouldn't know what to do with my locks) 6. Aunt (pronounced Arnt, so no) 7.Woolly hat 8. trainer 9. baguette I currently live in Yorkshire, grew up in N Wales but since my dad's from Kent (south of London) I have southern vowels and a non-regional accent otherwise
  6. Very nice rendition. This is my favourite scheme on the Sea Fury. I did '106' myself from the Special Hobby kit.
  7. Chrome is not the same as polished aluminium. I'd only use it for things that are chrome like car parts.
  8. I forgot to mention that is not "elastic" though it does have some give in it.
  9. I use Uni Caenis Thread, which is for fly fishing but I found recommended in a book on building 1/700 model warships
  10. Stick sand paper to a block of would that you know it square. Lay plastic piece on another flat block that has a square edge to which you align the edge you wish to sand. On a flat surface place the sanding block against this edge and gentle move back and forth while pushing the plastic with slight pressure against the the sanding block. Sorry just reread you post and you want to sand the flat surface not the edges. Stick the piece down to a flat surface and sand using a flat sanding block as above.
  11. JamesP

    Airfix 2020

    Dear Sir, I am a Nigerian Prince .... “Airfix YYYY” evidently click bait to some.
  12. My top 5 builds of the year... well all my builds from this year! Mark 1 1/144 Hunter T7 Matchbox 1/32 Surtees TS16A Matchbox 1/76 A34 Comet Airfix 54mm 95th Rifleman conversion "Major Sharpe" Airfix 1/76 Cromwell IV
  13. The Macross anime ran with this idea and did a version of their Valkyrie VE-1 Elint. The Valkyrie being heavily inspired by the Tomcat.
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