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  1. Like old SAM issues the copious side profiles are what keep me going back to them again and again as a sure of inspiration. Quality really depends on the author - the Seafire book is one of the most tedious reads ever and it's not even very long. The In Detail sections are often not detailed enough and are you better at looking online walkarounds.
  2. Looks great, I like that you added carpet
  3. I’ve got the same kit and my transparencies are even more yellow.
  4. You obviously missed my build of the Victor last year
  5. The weathering really sells the model. The hand prints in the grime is a superb touch. As usual your paintwork is flawless.
  6. Can't find the thread where I chatted to you previously about the Hornet parts. Anyway I've started a to build the AZ kit along with the Special Hobby kit which will have it's far too short nacelles replaced with the AZ leftovers. FYI though the Aerocraft parts do fit the Special Hobby kit very nicely too:
  7. A rescue project from humble beginnings. For some reason I decided to go with the most difficult finish possible and it bit me. I'm glad it's all over now.
  8. OK so my 68" compromise was way off - I can't unsee it now thanks! I realised I had the Fundekals sheet for the Vulcan which does have the correctly sized roundels. I also checked my GWH/Pitroad Victor and Vulcan kits, the Victor had incorrect 72" ones and the Vulcan only the later ones without the white. Yes Mark 1+ do a 1/144 roundel set with the correct ones too (I actually have the low viz ones!), which I'll get to backfill the Fundekal sheet. After removing the wing decals with tape I took the opportunity to lightly overspray the clear coat with a Polished Aluminum just on the upper
  9. This I doubt it but I measured what looked actually right on the model's wings. Unfortunately the only ones had (and I've got lots) are a tad too small still.
  10. Decalling was fine, except that I still didn't have correct size roundels for the wings. These should be 72" which equates to 36" in 1/72 Xtradecal provide just two of these on their Type D sheet and I'd used all of them from the two sheets I own. Like with the Victor I've had to use some from and old Almark sheet of alleged 18" 24" and 36" roundel these are wildly inaccurate and the 24" are actual 34" and the 36" over 50"! I had to give it a clear coat as even with careful handing during decalling the leading edges had rubbed off. Alclad's own gloss clear coat is meant to not affect the
  11. Well it's taken a long time to get this far. I sanded and resprayed gloss black another three times since my last post and it's still far from perfect but I'm not willing to put any more effort in. The annoying thing is that all the handling has further marred the rest of the surface as is the finish is not what it should've been. I'm happy with the silver density though as its has had at least three coats of Polished Aluminium. In the main I had not problems spraying over the enamel gloss black as long as I sprayed lightly - a couple of time concentration lapsed and I went to heavy and the su
  12. Amazing transformation. Building the Airfix kit as a DB5 is a thankless task enough. Don’t let Airfix see this or we’ll ever get a new tool Aston.
  13. This is my build of the Whirlybirds (ex Maintrack) 1/72 Folland Midge which was built for a GB on UAMF. I'm posting here has as I followed the discussions on BM about what was Nordic Blue. The kits is mastered from the old Matchbox kit and initially look a simple build with few parts, however I found the shapes to be annoying off, mainly caused by the canopy which contained the radio equipment (?) bay with its little windows, but was too long causing the nose to be too short. The nose needing fattening, the tail narrowing and the shoulders recontouring. The canopy is still too wide
  14. So I finally felt that I'd left the black enamel to erm, cure for long enough and mustered up the energy to put the first of several coats of Alcad Polished Aluminium on. Now I knew my finish was not going to be anything spectacular but how the wing roots got past priming and glossing I don't know. Lumpy and bumpy, the photos don't show the half of it. Some of it may have been due to shrinkage with the gloop filler, some definitely wasn't. So time PSR again!
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