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  1. The red will certainly help the interior to stand out.
  2. Do your upper wing have raised ejector pin marks near the root front and back? I needed to remove these to get them to fit flush. I’ve found a number of fit issues with the kit which have marred my initially excitement.
  3. Absolute class David. Once again you prove you are a master of the metallic finish.
  4. It’s still a superb build and looked great in the flesh.
  5. I was just cataloguing one of these after been gifted it a few weeks ago. I like the idea of priming the whole sheet and using it as sanding guide. Market pen can’t bleed through paint and needs to r removed.
  6. Tattooist’s ink mixer cups good for working with very small amounts (25ml is a lot of paint for a modelling). EBay is usually the best place to find this kind of stuff.
  7. As you wish One of the clear resin doors has a flaw where the flash appears to have folded over onto the windscreen and fused -I'm happy that it can be sanded and polished out. Lots of flash but very few bubbles. Hot water will be needed to flatten may thin parts. The cockpit is very well detailed. The engine is crisp and looked better than the test shot on Freightdogs stand. As with any resin kit, I'll be looking to replace load bearing structs with brass if possible and may use the Airfix rotor hub/blades if suitable to avoid long term droop! Note no ordinance. I'm sure AMP will release one before I get anywhere near this. I do think it's a real issue with Air-Graphics that the website doesn't have images of what you are buying in a lot of cases and previously I've only bought their decals.
  8. I bought the last one from the show. I think the instructions are meant to be online as there were none in the box. Gary seemed to have issues getting them to appear on the website when I asked. Going to ask him to email them to me directly as they’ve still not appeared. Everything is there but the mouldings aren’t the cleanest I’ve seen. A few parts show tell-tell 3D printing artefacts. Note decals must be bought/sourced separately.
  9. It did a great job of showing what an excellent build this kit is straight out of the box.
  10. As it seems obvious they they tooled the 1/72 GB-Assc kit and this seems to suffer from the same crazy break down which seems to be mainly focused around creating full depth gun troughs. It should be easier to deal with in 1/48 but is still very disappointing!
  11. Depends on your criteria. I looked at this myself a few months ago after building the old Matchbox kit. For me the new Academy 1/72 kit was the best - good price, and not overly complicated. I also believe that other versions can be built from what is in the F-14A boxing. The GWH and Finescale 1/72 offerings are amazing kits with superior detail but that come with high parts count and complexity that I can not be bothered with.
  12. It was my first attempt and chose to follow the "replace a few at time method" rather than creating a fully spoking jig. It means the overlapping may be inconsistent but no one is going to notice. Build thread here: https://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=23420 Appreciate your first hand experience Steve! The tires are as they come, which was a matt rubber. I only sanded the tread to remove the mould line which can help impart some wear. The centre of the wheel rims I painted black, they should have a red pin stripe too but stuff that Thanks for the very kind comments from everyone, I really appreciate them
  13. Many thanks for all your kind comments. Yes I did spend a lot of time planning the build and broke the build into phases which I tried to complete before moving on the the next one. This way I didn't get overwhelmed with the keeping track of a lot of parts, but did mean more painting sessions. I didn't know if I have time to do the re-spoking before SMW so left the wheels untouched until everything else was complete.
  14. This is my most challenging build to date. The kit itself is easily Matchbox's greatest achievement in terms of detail and finesse, and from when the masters where probably carved in wood. It suffers though from the the near non-existent or vague attachment points everywhere. A more modern kit would solve these issues but even then the subject is just very demanding as a build due to it's complexity. There just isn't a easy way to handle the model while its being built and it was tempting to stick wings on it just so I could hold it. Finally the extensive chrome work was very challenging - I used Alcad as that's what I had but the finish is just too delicate, clear coating helps but you lose that sheen. I will explore newer alternatives such s the Molotow pen refills and Green Stuff World Chrome but I don't want to got near another metal finish for a quite a while! I re-spoked the wheels with florist's wire and insulation stripped from fine wire. The kit's seat position was lowered to the correct height. Like my other Matchbox builds this year it will be on show at SMW on the Classic British Kits SIG table.
  15. Well as I lucky owner of the Planet Models kit I’m annoyed that every Tom Dick and Harry will be able to get an SRA1
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