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  1. Only that I was mad enough to build a MK6 from the T3 a few years ago, and there may be more similarly demented modellers out there. I used decals from an old issue of SAM.
  2. The MikroMir Victor B1 was a bit to much of project to start now with builds for CBK SIGs display underway so I zigged instead of zagging and threw this down from the loft when I was up there. I had always had this down to build as one of the prototypes. Initially intention was to do it OOB and get to the painting ASAP. Of course things have started to spiral rapidly. The intakes and exhausts are horrid see below and the kit is B1 ish and lacks the intake and fillet at the base of the tail that the prototypes had ( this differs from the chunkier version on the B2) and then once into the build I found that the nose needed to be 5mm shorter - I was still trying to talk myself out of it when I found a saw in my hand and a headless fuselage on the desk. I suspect foul play! First a quick overview: Well actually it's a Hendley Page Victor according to the small slim box that was standard for all Lincoln/Kader releases. Like the rest this is box scale. I reckon, assuming it has a B1 wing span, that it's about 1/149 scale, so won't look out of place next to my 1/144 Welsh Model kit. The most glaring issue is the intakes and very blunt wing roots. Extending these and reshaping them would make it even more apparently a prototype as the wing roots were pretty close to the crew door. The other gross simplification is the exhausts as there are none are such and drilling these out and adding some tube will enhance things greatly. The good new is that the parts fit together well. I trimmed of the sprue attachment marks and taped it all together. I got the fuselage together without issue and proceeded to fill a number of sink marks. The raised roundels and serials were removed, the silver plastic still clearly shows their position afterwards. The control surfaces were a bit lumpy and got flatten too. The plastic is hard but sands very nicely. The intakes have been cut out from the side rather than straight on! Someone was evidently not at their best that day. These were reshaped and elongated. The insides will be built up later with Milliput. The exhausts are no better being complete blanks, concave at that with no tail pipe. I start to ream them out when I realised that one set of was ~1.5mm thinner than the other! I've started to set about how to pad this one out the match. I saw mention elsewhere that the nose of the prototype is even shorter, ~5mm. It would have been easier and more accurate to cut the separate fuselage halves hence my need to add a shim of card after correcting my mistakes. All looks good now it's sanded back though. I've built the tail spine up with card laminations and some plastic tube for the intake. These and been secured in place with "gloop" and needs to be set aside for a couple of days to cure. I really know how to pick'em ... or do they pick me?
  3. "my mistake" Someone doesn't like Buffyisms!
  4. I suspect Lincoln Int. never did the Vulcan because it would not have fitting into their long thing pencil case boxes as all their kits were box scale to that size. The Vulcan would have ended up 1/300 scale to get the wings in there in one piece. BTW I've received just the B1 myself and put into the stash only to pull my Kader one with the intention of doing a minimum effort (ha-ha) prototype.
  5. I've just finished this kit as 'Jason'. Thankfully from a Frog original as the standing "Amy" figure is outstanding in detail; buckles on the parachute harness are clearly rendered.
  6. When you get white blotches in matt varnish it is often to do with the matting agent (fine particles) not been evenly distributed in the medium ie you might need to mix the varnish for longer. Of course it could be something else.
  7. Very nice work, though I can't help thinking that the Death Star was quite new The A-Wing is looking great I built the MPC one as kid, built a 3D model in my teens and now have the Bandai one in my stash.
  8. "Aren't you bit short for a Darth Vader?"
  9. The Lincoln International/Kader box scale Victor is also a B1/prototype though is far from an accurate model in many respects.
  10. I was avoiding to start talking about TTLs, but when VM wasn't updated and I checked the DNS record (linux command 'dig') the TTL was set to 7000 something so a couple of hours whereas the result from my work machine was (and still is) 14345 ~4hours Windows DNS caching can cause it's own problems and as I don't often reboot my home PC probably didn't help.
  11. Seems to have finally propagated to Virginmedia (at least for me)
  12. I might be missing something, but isn't that a painting of a K1? ... OK its a B(K)1A if it doesn't have the centre hose.
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