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  1. Looks very nice, I can see me picking one of these up sometime to go alongside my Porsche 928 (also a very nice kit)
  2. Yeah, the S5 took ages to come into stock at Hannants, so long I gave up and also got it from ebay, only for an in stock notice to arrive the same day as the kit.
  3. Actually I am going to attempt the NMF that WB215 wore early in its career
  4. More shenanigans in this vein with the Kader Valiant now available
  5. A bit of fettling of the ins and outs. The intakes have rather flat faces and don't line up with the inner engine trunking. Some work with files and I've moved them closer to the wing root and improved their shape. The intake is symmetrical when viewed from head on. Unfortunately the silver plastic creates plenty of optical illusions that make it hard to show clearly what has been done. I've, chiselled off the wide humps that were the wings fences as well as enlarging the exhaust fairings. The exhaust cans will cover these, but will improve th
  6. You would have thought I'd learned my lesson: ... but here we are again! A few months after I bought the Victor a friend "kindly" offered me this kit in need of a refurb, I think he might have picked it up somewhere and made a start but gave up. The kit as I got it had one wing attach IIRC, removed the other at the time and stashed it in the loft. As you can see it has a few issues The only things missing I believe are the pitot tubes and exhaust cans, which I would replace anyway. Firstly it did a couple of rounds in bag with some oven cleaner s
  7. I think the eyesight argument may be true to certain extent, in that it initially motivates people to try 1/48 but is also a misnomer. The smallest part in 1/72 cockpit will be the stick whereas a 1/48 cockpit will have two parts for the stick, trim wheels, rudder pedals etc, that is the physical parts are the same size regardless of the scale. In a crowded market where most things have been kitted in 1/72, 1/48 is a niche to carve some sort of profit from. - a committed 1/72 & 1/144 scale modeller
  8. Probably because they re-issued the 1/48 scale kit
  9. Very good thread. Just a note to those who host their own images. Recent versions of Chrome have stopped allowing what is referred to as “mixed content “. In practice this means if a website uses https then all the images it loads must also use https. Even if your link uses http Chrome will change it to https. Unless your image host has a valid SSL certificate (padlock icon) the image will fail to load. Most website hosting services should be able to provide an SSL certificate for free if they have not already done so.
  10. Well this will be easier on the pocket than the SBS kit. I’ll probably go for this as I’m less bothered about the fidelity for this particular aircraft. Still hoping for an S4 and the Gloster IV
  11. Dam it, I'm going to have to buy that now aren't I!
  12. I started this kit around 26 or years ago and though I got as far as brush painting a coat of olive drab on it I could see it was going to be nothing more than a boring green box. I started thinking about it again after watching Kallisti's excellent build and then recently found its hiding place. Only improvements to the kit are those that can't be seen; metal axle stubs and thicker metal studs for the gun carriage so it doesn't rattle about. Mostly painted with Humbrol enamels.
  13. Just seen this thread. Very useful as I also have this kit. Picked it up at a show a few years ago.
  14. The problem might be getting hold of one in the UK. Hannants have still to get the S.5 in stock.
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