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  1. Brill! but why is the pitot tube moulded to the nose? Best to cut it off before I break it.
  2. ... also they said Westland don't want a massive license fee unlike Sikorsky
  3. For anyone who didn't get I was joking, the reason for recessed rivets is that they look more in scale and also they don't get removed if you need to sand the joins - I watched Moz's YT stream to the end where he asked Chris about them.
  4. Hopefully, someone will supply 10,000 3D printed domed rivets so an accurate model can be built 🤣
  5. It may be a reference to the civilian-ish (commercial training for military operators) scheme.
  6. 1/24 kits are on a 3-4 year cycle, so obviously an Avro Manchester everyone has been clamouring for but in the wrong scale
  7. They are lacquer based and generally not suitable for application with brush. . If you are not an airbrush user they are available in rattle cans. They are filling primers ( larger the number the finer the finish) and can use used to cover fine scratches or marks, Surfacer 500 is the best for this can be applied in small areas with a cheap brush , then sanded once cured
  8. run TaskManager and see what's eating CPU, memory or disk access.
  9. I am wanting to paint a Humber MkII in light mud and black and found this article after also checking Starmers guide for Humbrol mixes. I thought someone might find the following useful. Hu 187 was deleted last year and so having spent the most ever on a tin of paint it seems I needn’t have bothered as 187 Dark Stone is very similar to 72 Khaki Drill! The Khaki is a shade darker and browner but they could be twins! The Starmer mix is 187+34+31 ie White and Slate Grey in a 8:1:1 ratio. I did a quick test. The bottom row is neat 187 and 72 to then both used in the mix. The top row is a 4:1:1 ratio mix (and in the pallete). I think this ratio with the Khaki is very close to the Starmer mix. Khaki Drill is readily available and I can see why at least Dark Stone was dropped.
  10. To get back on topic I’ve just found out that 72 khaki drill is a very good match for the deleted 187 dark stone. Slightly darker and browner
  11. Flycatcher already mentioned, Bulldog by RS
  12. Well that's the last of Inpact kits surpassed.... ... only took 50 odd years!
  13. Superb effort Matt. Look forward to seeing it sometime soon.
  14. It could be worse. Did you see the CyberHobby 1/200 kit? I know some fool who has almost finished his 🙄
  15. I using it too, I think scale wise is can appear too dark and it's annoying that it's matt as it's one of the few AFV colours that was used in a gloss finish.
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