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  1. AndyL

    Defiant Intruder?

    @gingerbob Here's Michael Young and Les Russell in front of N3377. Note Michael Young had a line of kill markings under his cockpit. Young survived the way, but Les Russell was later killed in action serving with 78 Squadron. The photo came to me via the Russell family.
  2. AndyL

    Defiant Intruder?

    Grey codes. Unsure of exact finish of the undersides though.
  3. AndyL

    Defiant Intruder?

    He 111P-4, 2976 of 1/KG55, shot down by Sergeant E Dye of 219 Squadron.
  4. AndyL

    Defiant Intruder?

    If you fancy doing a specific Defiant, then you could do N3377 of 264 Squadron, and coded PS-J. Flown by Flying Officer Michael Young with Sergeant Les Russell as air gunner. They claimed a Me 110 over Merville on 9th May 1941. This Defiant was fitted with the Bluenote exhaust system - the six ejector set up as opposed to the kidney exhaust style.
  5. AndyL

    Defiant Intruder?

    Here's one a bit later: Squadron Leader Ted Wolfe, with Pilot Officer Pearmain as air gunner in Defiant N1725 as recorded in the formers log book, dated 7th April 1941. " Operational intruder to Lille. Two chases. Did M attack on Dover Balloon!!. Saw Beau shoot Hun down at Worthing."
  6. AndyL

    Defiant Intruder?

    141 and 264 flew intruder sorties with the former flying their first in November 1940.
  7. Well, I'm in. Needless to say my entry will be a Defiant
  8. Front view of X4382 , LO-G showing the non standard leading edge paint scheme.
  9. I've rather enjoyed this build, with some nice work on display. If you're thinking of modifying a figure to show the Parasuit, here's a couple of reference images for you.
  10. Few more images for you, including another view of RA-H.
  11. I see the Defiant has re-appeared, but so far showing only the PS-H L7021 option. Anyone know what the second decal option is?
  12. Well, with all the Defiant goodness about lately, I thought I'd start 2020 with a double Defiant build, finishing the pair in day and night schemes. For the day schemes, I may pick from two 141 Squadron machines ( one of them being the personal Defiant flown by Squadron Leader William 'Dickie' Richardson, OC 141 during the Battle of Britain ) and two 264 examples, one seeing action over Dunkirk, the other being lost off Manston in August 1940. The night fighter scheme might be a 255 Squadron machine; one with a little nose art and fitted with Bluenote exhausts, or a 264 Squadron machine with a large Griffon emblem on the engine cowling. Choices, choices... One of the turrets will have a little extra detail added using my turret manual as reference, and I will utilising a few little extras from Quickboost spare decal sheets. Onwards and upwards eh? Thanks for looking...
  13. Mate, go for black wheel wells. My night fighter images show them that way, including the undercarriage legs and doors.
  14. Just thought I'd post this - it comes from the AIR81 file relating to the loss of Pilot Officer Richard Hulse of 501 Squadron on 8th June 1940. Later in the war the Air Ministry received this photo ( and a piece of fabric ) via French sources, claiming it was the remains of his Hurricane. Of note is the apparent red/white/blue spinner.
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