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  1. From the report issued by Headquarters, No 1 Group, Intelligence. "F/Lt Gillies - Red 1; F/O Smith Red 2; P/O Crooks Red 3. P/O Brown Yellow 1; Sgt Cameron Yellow 2; P/O King Yellow 3. P/O Brown force landed at Le Zoute and is returning from Dunkirk to England by boat today or tomorrow. P/O King - Yellow 3 in attempting to return to this country got lost, mistook Calais for Margate and landed there. He returned in his own aircraft the same evening. Red 1 fired 2663 rounds, Red 2 2500, Red 3 2667 and Yellow 2 1006. Both Red 2 and Yellow 3 suffered one bullet strike apiece. Cine guns were fitted but not used. The composite squadron spotted a formation of seven Ju 87's in line astern and engaged. One Ju 87 fired red parachute flares which was a signal for fighter assistance which appeared in the form of 30 Me 109's which attacked our fighters. The engagement developed into a series of individual combats. Red 1 engaged a Ju 87 from which tracer was observed from twin rear guns. This tracer ceased after some seconds fire after which the enemy went into a steep dive with smoke coming from it, and disappeared down to the ground. Our a/c next engaged a Me 109 and as the Spitfire ran out of ammunition the enemy went into a dive. The result was not reserved. Red 2 attacked a Ju 87 and observed tracer going into the enemy aircraft between the rear turret and the pilot. The enemy went down in a dive. Red 2 broke off his attack and attacked three other Ju 87's. He then sighted a Ju 88 which he attacked, the enemy turning steeply, only receiving two short deflection bursts. The top rear gunner of the Ju 88 was firing two guns with tracer. Red 3 engaged three Ju 87's, one of which was seen to crash in flames, and a second was last seen to crash in flames, and a second was last seen in a shallow dive with petrol vapour streaming behind. Report on Yellow 1 is not yet to hand, but P/O Kay confirms that he saw P/O Brown bring down a Ju 87 in flames. Yellow 2 engaged a Ju 87 at 1,000 feet, attacking from astern and after his fourth burst of fire the enemy aircraft crashed. He then attacked two more Ju 87's, firing short bursts, but no result was observed. Our aircraft received fire from twin guns using tracer from the top turret of the enemy aircraft. Yellow 3 got in a short burst on a Ju 87 with no apparent effect. He then developed deflection attack, still with no effect. Then he noticed his reflector sight was inclined to the left . He made one more burst before his ammunition was expended. He received no return fire from the enemy rear gunner who had fired during the first attack. From this he assumed the rear gunner had been out of action. He then followed the E/A inland and made repeated dives on it hoping to make it crash. He drove the enemy down to approximately 20 feet from the ground. At this time, having received Red 1's call to rendezvous over Rotterdam, he left the enemy aircraft and started looking for Rotterdam. Enemy casualties: 5 Ju 87's conclusive, 5 Ju 87's inconclusive, 2 Me 109's inconclusive."
  2. Paul, I've got quite a bit a few 141 Squadron photos covering their time on Blenheims, and later on Defiants, as I'm writing the history of the Defiant for Pen and Sword. As to the speed fairing, technically it could be in either position when parked, as it could be manually lowered via a lever in the turret. The system was operated by compressed air. As a matter of interest, I can check my photos to see if I have any of your father. Regards Andy
  3. Feel free to re post them Tony. My post was in good humour
  4. Not a problem, comment was very tongue in cheek
  5. Nice 85 Squadron Havoc photos Tony. Wonder where they came from
  6. I could always ask Jeram's son for you as I had some contact with him a couple of years ago.
  7. N3328 was being ferried to Walney Island to go on strength with 10 Air Gunnery School. I have a copy of the F1180 Accident Card for N3328 if you'd like a copy.
  8. I have the set of 264 Squadron images by Life for my Defiant book, and there are some Hurricanes lurking in the background, plus the set confirms it's an established airfield.
  9. May be part of the set by Life Magazine, supposedly taken at Martlesham Heath.
  10. I used to do all the photographic copy work for Dilip, and believe me, you'd be amazed at what has not been published yet...
  11. Dilip has the 19 Squadron tome coming out this year, and it features 300 photos, many via the families of ex 19 Squadron pilots.
  12. Hi Steve, Good to see you're back in the saddle ref the Defiant. I recently paid a visit to Parkstone Cemetery where your Uncle Harold is buried, and paid my respects. I had a go at tracing his widow, as they had a house not far from the golf club, but no joy. I have found the crash site of his Defiant near Marlow, and will be heading out there in the spring to take some photos. Also, I now have all the documentation from the casualty file which gives a bit more information regarding their loss; I'm in no doubt they were shot down by a target they were investigating. I will send you the file - not much in there but interesting nonetheless. Regards, Andy
  13. I'm currently writing the history of the Defiant for Pen and Sword and I'd like to have a chat with you ref your relation. I should have the Bromley casualty file if you're interested. You can drop me a line at Defiant1940@virginmedia.com Cheers, Andy
  14. Here's an example of the variance of aircraft code letters, covering 609 Squadron on 13th August 1940. A Flight, Red Section: PR-J, H and E. A Flight, Yellow Section: PR-K, G, and one Spitfire without a code letter. B Flight, Blue Section: PR-S, O, and M. B Flight, Green Section: PR-N, M* and L. * 609 had two Spitfires with the letter M, but the one in B Flight was known as ' Mitzi'. The spare Spitfire was PR-A. Also 253 Squadron stopped allocating the letter A to their Hurricanes as they suffered a run of losing aircraft carrying A, and decided it was an unlucky letter.
  15. L2012 was UP-V, confirmed by Chris Cooper-Slipper, son of Tom.
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