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  1. Don't know if this helps regarding colour schemes, but 89 Squadron were originally based in North Africa, mainly Abu Sueir, with several detached flights based at other airfields such as Idku, and by the start of May 1942 they had claimed seven destroyed, two probable and two damaged. A detached flight, known as the Malta Flight, or 'C' Flight was raised and this is when 89 started to account for more enemy aircraft. This Malta Flight consisted of Shipard, Reeves, Fumerton, Mitchell, and Ross; they were posted to Malta on 22nd June 1942. Also, the squadron undertook a few shipping escorts in
  2. Well, I've certainly learnt something from this thread inasmuch as I've just wasted £11 on a MiG RAF paint set!
  3. They come from Armament Volume II Guns, Gunsights, Turrets, Ammunition and Pyrotechnics, issued by the Air Ministry, Air Historical Branch in 1954. One copy is held in the National Archives, Kew; file reference AIR4/82.
  4. I'm probably late to the party, but this might be of interest..
  5. Hurricane L2012 was UP-V. This comes from the log book of Sergeant Leslie Ralls who flew L2012 three times in June 1940.
  6. The only other option you might have ( when the National Archives are open again ) is to check the casualty file for T1884, which is AIR81/4348. The pilot of your Blenheim was killed on 9th August, flying a 487 (N.Z.) Squadron Ventura. By then he had reached the rank of Squadron Leader ; his full name being Edgar Alfred Costello-Bowen. He is buried in Marham Cemetery.
  7. Finally, I thought I'd add this one. Though it doesn't show a Beaufighter, it has L-R Nevil Reeves, Doug Oxby and Merv Shipard with the squadrons captured Kubelwagen.
  8. And here's another view of one of the 89 Squadron Beaufighters, with Nevile Reeves in the cockpit.
  9. Here's another image for you - Merv Shipard and Nevile Reeves stood on front of Slippery Ship II. I obtained copies from both Doug Oxby and the Reeves family when I was writing about the latter back in 2007.
  10. Early days yet, but Pietro Abbate of 3D Models Kits announced that they are working in a 1/32 Defiant in resin. Regards Andy
  11. Next year. Something called 2020 got in the way and due to a few issues I couldn't finish it. Trying to tie everything up by the end of the year.
  12. Just an update - Ian Donald was the pilot of L7009, and his family have been found. He was an exceptionally keen photographer ( as family members still are ) and they hold a lot of photographs taken by him, so we might just get to see an image of 'Cock of the North' after all. So, watch this space...
  13. Does this help - one from my collection showing the set up on an 85 Squadron Havoc.
  14. Nice to see the progress on the Defiant. Just in case you might not have seen this, here's the real thing. And here's a few items from the above..
  15. Just starting my trip into this GB, but still wondering which Defiant to depict, as I have four 264 Squadron options and three from 141 Squadron. Or the one Defiant that flew with 264 on 29th May 1940 when the squadron claimed 37 enemy aircraft and later served in the Battle of Britain with 141. Choices, eh? Base kit will be the 1/48 Airfix offering, to which I may add a Barracuda wheel set to. So, I'm off to clear the bench and build something for the first time in 28 months.
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