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  1. Sometimes serials were seen on ammunition feed chutes. A few such chutes have over the years, been recovered by aviation archaeologists with serial numbers applied.
  2. Well I decided to chuck this together, the Hobbyboss Fw 190 V18 and finished in a fictional JG 1 late war scheme. The RLM 84 is 30 year old (or thereabouts Aeromaster acrylic), the RLM74 and 75 is Gunze. Decals are a mix of kit supplied and some spare Fw 190 D9 ones from an old Tamiya kit. I also used it as a bit of practice for my riveting tool, so I could get that right on my stalled Defiant. But it was fun, and that's the main thing.
  3. @iainpeden The Aussies have been years ahead of us, making such material available. It's only in recent years that our casualty packs have been slowly coming in to the National Archives, Kew from MoD Portsmouth. The detail in some of these files can be rather raw at times, and the MoD tend to sanitise them somewhat before being sent to Kew. Any photographic material which shows deceased airmen or images of exhumations will of course be removed, but some files contain photos of graves, crash sites, German burial cards, aircraft data plates, and ID tags. One in Kew still holds a wedding ring. There are 22,658 AIR81 casualty files at Kew and 724 hold photographic images. As to the return of personal belongings, some items even made their way back to Britain during wartime via the Red Cross. The files can hold a wealth of historical material from RAF records, German sources and even some eye witness accounts, but as mentioned the content can be somewhat disturbing - I have copied files for families but have had to warn them about the nature of the content. There has been a new batch of AIR81 files released at Kew (first of three releases this year) but your Halifax isn't in it yet, but it's worth keeping an eye out. The second batch will be available in August and the final one in October. I do have the combat claims by the Nachtjager force for that evening; - if you would like these then let me know. Regards Andy
  4. @iainpeden Luckily, the casualty file for John Raymond Everett and his enlistment documents have been digitised and will give you a wealth of material. Casualty file here : https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/ViewImage.aspx?B=1067820 Enlistment file here: https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/ViewImage.aspx?B=5542875 Hope this helps. Andy
  5. In simple terms: N3328 was DZ-Z with shark mouth. N3387 was DZ-E and no shark mouth.
  6. N3328 DZ-Z was flown by 'Joe' Bodien and several other pilots too. Several other 151 Squadron Defiants had nose art; one carried a large skull on the starboard side. One was 'Dopey' and like one from 255 Squadron there was a Defiant with a flying pig and another with a flying toilet, the latter because 25 Squadron who shared Wittering called them 'Flying Brick Sh*thouses'. Bodien's last kill with 151 on Defiants was in DZ-E N3387. The others were on 4/5 Feb and 9/10 April, serials were N3387 and N3328 respectively. Another successful 151 Squadron pilot that attained kills on N3328 was Pilot Officer Guy Edmiston - I have a copy of his log book and Joe Bodien's letters. HTH Andy
  7. At last! This has been lying nearly finished for seven years, and I wanted it done and out the way so I can get on with my Defiants. I've recently moved the bench into my office and it gives a much better set up for model making. So it's the Airfix 1/48 Mustang finished using a set of decals from Aeromaster, the Blue Diamond Mustangs Pt 4, 49-774. It's a proper 4 footer but I'm happy with it to a certain extent. And now a couple of photos... that'll do!
  8. Sydney Carlin was an extraordinary man, holding the DFC, and the MC and DCM. He was one of two ex RFC members that flew as air gunners on Defiants with 264 Squadron (the other was Mervyn Maggs). Sydney was also one of 151 Squadron's Gunnery Leaders. However the circumstances of his death have been varied - some have him running to his Defiant to get to the turret and being killed, one has him getting on a bike to get to the Defiant, and another has him actually being killed in his turret. Not to take anything away from the man but the circumstances were different. This is from a letter written after the event by Henry 'Joe' Bodien: “The night before last they bombed the drome a bit and last night I was just going out to take off with Gunner Flying Officer Carlin – he was a last war pilot and a brave old chap with an artificial leg. There were vapour trails all over the sky so we knew we would have a fight. Unfortunately, as we were walking up the hill a Hun dive bombed us and as he started screaming down. I went flat with my parachute over my head. The first bomb went 20 yards behind us, the next 5 yards in front, the one blew Carlin’s arm and side off and smashed the back of his head. He was slow in getting down – and all the sh*t and derision went over my head and just covered me with earth. The next bomb went right beside the kite we were going to take and put it on fire together with another kite a bit away. The other three went harmlessly across the drome. They were only small bombs thank Christ or maybe I wouldn’t be writing this to you now” As to a Defiant, he mainly flew with Squadron Leader Adams in Defiant N3482 coded DZ-A. Hope this helps.
  9. Ref the post to Churchill AVRE's - here's one in Normandy without track guards.
  10. I like it. It looks rather good in that scheme to be honest. And as it's a Defiant, it's a plus for me
  11. This may be of interest - I have a copy of the log book to Francis Soper DFM who was with No 1 Squadron during the Battle of France, and from June 1940 was an instructor at 6 OTU. Here are some of the Hurricanes he flew: L1897, N2346, P3671, N2469, N2467, N2354, L2091, P3035, L1555, P3528, P2560, P2357, L7020, L1741, L2064, N2365, 327, 319, 310, N2468, L1713, and P5189.
  12. Totally agree with the fin flash being inaccurate, but when you see images of 307 Squadron Defiants, there is much variation that certainly did not follow the 'rules' when it came to applying standard squadron codes.
  13. Nice little image of a 66 Squadron Spitfire getting rearmed at Gravesend. Note the cordite staining.
  14. Here's one of the profiles by Darren Prior that will go in the book. Naturally, I'm keeping the unknown ones under wraps
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