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  1. The plates should be the last step, I can't remember anything else right now, and I'm out of other parts to fit. Nice drive! It's the same over here, no need to retrofit things, although many fit side mirrors, indicators and such anyway for the practicality of it. But I think single rear lights is an issue, although not 100% sure, and I've not yet had to tackle that specific problem myself.
  2. It wouldn't be a problem to drive around without any side mirror for this year a car today, at least over here, even my restored Dauphines from 1962 or R4S 1963 were driven without side mirrors. But the single rear light would be more of a discussion... I have considered rear light options, but not done anything, at least not yet.
  3. Good work! CA is indeed the best I have ever used for materials and work like this. Love to see these coming to good use, I've lost track of how many years they've been laying around in my 1/43 tyre spare box...
  4. Now it's not quite finished yet... Today UPS got their fingers out and delivered the little package of plates. They look well printed, better than expected. Unfortunately the rear plate arrived cracked, and that is not the fault of UPS in any way. It should not be too difficult to repair though. I will give these a wash and spray a coat of thin 2K surfacer and see what comes out.
  5. @Heather Kay @JeroenS @rob Lyttle @fightersweep @TonyW @wimbledon99 Thanks you very much for all the kind comments and support, it's much appreciated. E-type indeed, and a '65 Corvette with fuel injection. It's good with some nice choice when entering the garage to pick the drive for the day... Thanks a lot Tony, glad you enjoy. Will get some better photos when it's finished. Dreadful weather here right now though, including some of that horrible snow. But I will sort something out, and call in an old friend later on who knows what he'
  6. Looking very nice indeed. When you see it alone with no comparison it looks to be quite a bit larger. I really like it, very well done!
  7. The wheels were fitted this morning with five small drops of epoxy each. The joints are very small so I let that cure for a couple of hours before I let the car down on its wheels for a while. Ride height and stance looks pretty good and the car supports its own weight through the suspension parts with all wheels sitting with good wheel alignment. The front end feels quite flimsy though, and I may solidify all ball joints with small amounts of CA later on. The rear end feels quite strong on the other hand. I'm not so sure it's healthy in the long run to ha
  8. Thanks a lot guys, I'm most grateful for your kind praise! The tyres do look better than I expected, I have always been suspicious of them when I have seen them in the box. I've been planning to add a Citroën DS21 to my 1/1 collection for some time now, but the more I've worked on this one and studied references I must admit that a 15 Six would squeeze in very well...
  9. Thanks a lot Heather. I didn't really think of it, but you're right, the pots are quite small under there... The thing has a good deal of presence, but I have gotten a bit used to it during the work.
  10. You have a wife with the most excellent taste! Their 1/16 DS will turn into a very nice model, given some treatment of closing the doors. Looking forward to see it getting built.
  11. Good save on the troublesome bodywork. It's coming along quite nicely!
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