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  1. Yes, I know there are good engine kits for the Fujimi. It was more a light hearted way of saying that I'm disappointed with several exterior aspects that Meng show here, and that are also present on their 1/12 kit. It will no doubt build well though.
  2. Yes, using the engine in the good old Fujimi kit is what I come to think of...
  3. Great work with the foil, it looks very convincing, and the whole model turned out very well!
  4. Thanks a lot Heather, glad I managed some photos long last after the GB. Thanks a lot Stew, I'll admit I had to throw a view with big hand visible... Thanks a lot Tony, you are most kind. It was a fantastic and inspirational GB and it was a joy to do this impossible kit within it. Many thanks, glad you like it! Many thanks John. I sort of had that road trip to France in a very well restored car in mind when I built it, I'm very happy if that's convincing. Thanks a lot Keith, I'm usually well planted in 1/24, or even 1/4
  5. Very nice to see a plain everyday version, often overlooked. Well done!
  6. It obviously needed a bit of work but the result is really good. Always nice with Tour de Corse versions!
  7. That is seriously good! Fantastic work, I really like it. Very well done!
  8. Thanks a lot for your very kind praise! Thanks a lot Marco, glad you enjoy the details and weathering. Thank you very much Vesa. It was a rewarding model to add a little extra to. Thanks a lot Keith. The exhaust was one of those "Do I really dare doing this?", glad you like it. Many thanks John, I'm glad you say that; the sound of hot ticking metal cooling after a a hard drive is one of those lovely things that makes life enjoyable. Thanks a lot Matt. I think a bit of weathering adds to this era of cars, it's jus
  9. Thanks a lot Keith. The bit of colour on the nose really adds to the impression I think.
  10. Thanks a lot John, you are most kind. Race cars from this era responds very well to a little extra attention.
  11. Looking really good! Rally car interiors are fiddly but very rewarding.
  12. Some very delicate work going on here, it's looking very nice!
  13. Very nice project, and fantastic pictures from those books!
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