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  1. Early 911, can't go wrong there... This is not an easy kit to build well with the problems it has, but you have mastered a very nice model from it. Well done!
  2. That is looking fantastic! Not an easy model to finish well with all that chrome trim, but you have done really excellent work. The blue paint also suits the car very well. Very nice!
  3. Fantastic work, as always! And in so little time... Impressive!
  4. That is a lovely finished model, very well done! That colour together with the chosen interior colour and the wheels suits the rubber bumper version perfectly. It reaally comes together like this. The only detail I would add is a little weight into the tyres, i.e. grinding flats, to give the car more contact to the ground. But don't that little tip take away any pride from your fine result.
  5. Very nice! The Fujimi 356 kits are not easy to finish well, I know from my own experience, but you have managed that. Your chosen colour combination also suits the open top 356 very well.
  6. Thanks a lot to everyone who followed the build, and thanks for all kind comments. There are now a couple of new photos in the RFI-thread over here, I hope you will enjoy:
  7. The Swedish police used a few Porsche 911T between 1970 and 1974 for the traffic groups (LTG), mainly for patrolling the motorways. I chose to build my model as a specific car of model year 1970, stationed at the LTG-group Jönköping (F-region) in Sweden 1970-74 with call sign F-263. The model is placed in the time frame of 1970-72 while still on the old type local license plates, F40660, that were replaced in 1972-73. The base kit is Fujimi's 1/24 -69 911S. The steel wheels with hub caps and tyres, as well as the seats, were sourced from a Fujimi Porche 356C. All the special interior equipment and some other parts were scratch built. The decals are my own artwork and printings. When researching this build I received some good help from the Swedish Police Museum with photos and knowledge, for which I'm very grateful; thanks a lot! Here are the final photos of the model. I hope you will enjoy them. The build thread can be found here.
  8. Thanks a lot guys, glad you like the work! With the front wheels dried and then posed as I decided for in the end (hence waiting with the gluing of the steering wheel - I did actually remember) I put some weight (sanding flats) into the tyres. Rear mud flaps added. I think the stance looks ok and it sits squarely and nice on a flat and level surface, quite happy with that. With the antenna and blue flashlight added we should be ready to patrol the motorways in style and with respect! All it needs now is a general check over for minor touch ups needed and some cleaning and some better photos for RFI. Thanks a lot for all kind praise and support during the work!
  9. After a good night drying the thing could be turned around and the front wheels glued and aligned. I'll let this sit over day to dry out completely before continuing to put some weight into the tyres.
  10. Looking mighty fine! Somtimes one just have to bite a compromise to make it work.
  11. The big mate is done permanently with glue, wing mirrors added and the rear wheels are glued, aligned and drying.
  12. Many thanks Jeoren. I think I may park it beside my Dodge A100 ambulance, even if they are a few years apart and not from the same district, but still the same era.
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