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  1. Bengalensis

    Renault Estafette 800 kg high roof

    Thanks for the attention guys. I´m still very happy each time I see the model in the cabinet, still very satisfied with it. I too hope that Heller will follow through with their versions sooner before later... I'm just putting the finishing touches to my build of Airtrax 1/24 Renault Fuego, which had been stalled for a while. It's one of Airtrax more recent resin kits and I'm happy to say it's been a pretty joyful experience all the way.
  2. Bengalensis

    Ups and Downs for February

    Many thanks for another month of interesting happenings, I'm impressed.
  3. Bengalensis

    Ups and Downs for January

    Many thanks for the month of January! I've had many good moments and thoughts reading the happenings of each date. I very much appreciate all the work you are putting into this thread.
  4. Bengalensis

    Tamiya Renault A442

    That would be good. The paint code for the Renault yellow used by Renault Sport in that era is "308".
  5. Bengalensis

    Routemaster RM1699 conversion

    I have one of the somewhat legendary Alps printers that I use for my decals, they print white (also silver and gold foil for example). Not sure if there are any other options to print white today, but I haven't followed development of home printed decals lately, so I may have missed something.
  6. Bengalensis

    Routemaster RM1699 conversion

    Thanks a lot, I'm glad you can find this thread of good use. I still have very fond memories of this build, one of the most rewarding I have done to date. I made all the artwork for pretty much all decals on this build and printed them myself using an Alps printer, and that decal was just one of them all. After my build was finished I gave all spare decals to a guy in UK, so sadly I don't have a spare anymore. I could possibly include that small one when I eventually print something else for myself, if I can only remember, but I'm afraid it will be a while before I start up that printer the next time.
  7. Bengalensis

    1/72 Saturn V

    I will check your WIP for sure. Making the fairings as thin sheets and wrapping them round might be an idea. I will probably not make much progress until winter is upon us once again over here, but then I will have to find a solution. And then there are more similar problems higher up...
  8. Bengalensis

    1/72 Saturn V

    I have exactly the same problems with the resin for the stage I thrust section, and also they are very warped. My plan has been to create new fairings in 3D CAD and print four of them, and scratch the the main section. These issues has given a good hit to my work inspiration...
  9. Bengalensis

    1/72 Saturn V

    ...and sadly several of the resin parts aren't very helpful either... That's one part of the reason the project is resting at the moment; I will have to scratch build some of the sections...
  10. What a fantastic project! Awesome work! Thanks for sharing this.
  11. Bengalensis

    Revell 1/24 Routemaster Conversion ALM 34B

    I think the lower floor section worked as it came out from the shortening cuts, I can't remember anything problematic there. If my memory is correct it was only on the upper floor the cut outs had to be adjusted.
  12. Bengalensis

    Revell 1/24 Routemaster Conversion ALM 34B

    Good work! Just be careful and plan well ahead when you attack the body sides, and just take your time during the work. Every bit of precision and extra care you put in here will very much reward you later on in the build.
  13. Bengalensis

    Revell 1/24 Routemaster Conversion ALM 34B

    Good progress! Just keep going, measure carefully and do your best to be as exact as you can when you cut and rejoin the parts, and I think it will work out well.
  14. Bengalensis

    Revell 1/24 Routemaster Conversion ALM 34B

    Great to see you're getting seriously started Steve! And thanks for the kind words, it's a joy to be able to help a little with projects like this, and it's great to know my build from back then has given you such inspiration. Makes it all worth writing it. I still remember it fondly as a very rewarding project, it was mostly a pleasure working on it, and I hope you will have the same experience. It will be a pleasure to follow your build. Don't hesitate to ask if there's something coming up. If I only remember what I did with mine I will be most happy to assist.
  15. Bengalensis

    Delorean - Non BTF version?

    There was indeed a resin transkit for the Aoshima BTF available in the late 90's. It was made by a guy in US trading as "AAM", All American Models. I'm not sure he's active today; I think it's been gone for some time now. It might very well be knock-offs of that kit that Stuart has seen recently? The transkit included a new bodyshell and all parts to correct the exterior and interior. The casting quality was actually quite good, if not perfect. To deal with the guy was somewhat more problematic, it wasn't easy to get him to atutally send the stuff once he was paid if I say it like that... but eventually, after much time and hazzle, I got my kit. It built up pretty nicely though. Here are two old pics from 15+ years ago of my build using the AAM transkit. I should perhaps take some new with today's camera. I built it in -98 or -99 using SNJ paint and polishing powder, with a tint to make it look stainless. That's what we had available to work with back then when it came to metal paint. It looks better IRL, still does actually. As I side note I do have the VF 1/43 white metal kit as well, still unbuilt. It's a bit clumsy looking and somewhat oversized I'm afraid.