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  1. Good save on that problem! I may have to try that gold paint myself in the future.
  2. Stuart; if you can use some detail parts from a 1/350 Titanic, let me know. I have many spares left from using two kits to build one...
  3. A Dauphine is always lovely to see, a favourite car of mine! Well done!
  4. I say definitely loose the tire decals. I can't recall ever seeing any hint of white tyre text on these cars.
  5. It's getting closer, good work. Many plus points for the lovely little Dauphine! I've been hoping for quite some time that Heller would give us a 1/24 version one day...
  6. Yes, something was mixed up, SpotModel has changed things around over the weekend since I got my messages from them friday night asking if I wanted to change my pre-order from painted to non-painted. And now they say 26th December for the non-painted, not 14th February as they did then. Oh well...
  7. Work continued with the front cradle. The parts for the basic structure were cleaned up. Quite a number of ejector pin marks, but mostly easy to sand off. In most cases not very necessary either, but I just have to. The structure was glued together without too much trouble, taking care to make it straight. With the two upper parts joined to their respective outer point I got a 0,75 mm gap at the center. I glued in some pieces of Evergreen strips to fill that. With all glue fully dried I sanded all joints smooth. Then mo
  8. Thanks a lot guys for your kind comments. The kit is worthwhile to put some extra work on.
  9. The hinge part in the kit is about 137 mm long. However, studying the real bonnet hinges a little closer it seems a piano type hinge at each side of the center chrome strip, which is just 3 mm wide, might not be very suitable. The construction is quite different, and the look from the outside completely smooth. Here are two photos linked: https://www.citroen-traction-avant.com/Uploads/_Grp/Motorkap-jambonneau/TA - MOTORKAP JAMBONNEAU 300.jpg https://www.artmajeur.com/medias/hd/d/o/dominique-goujard/artwork/10554904_dsc-5541.jpg Perhaps I can encl
  10. I'm sure you will overcome this too, just sit back and consider, then take it piece by piece.
  11. Another soft vinyl squid problem is the fuel line between the pump and carburetor. It's just not possible to route it well, it will just form the smoothest curve possible. I wanted to make a copper fuel line with short connecting hoses in each end. I found a suitable piece of wire inside a coaxial cable that I annealed with a miniature torch to make it as soft as possible. I cut the ends from the kit's vinyl line and drilled them out to thread them onto the wire. After some faffing around to find the shape and using some thin vinyl hoses and Baremetal foil strips I had
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