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  1. Thanks a lot Roger, you are most kind. A new thread is coming up soon as I will try to get a few more quattros finished. Thanks a lot Andy, glad you like the work. I'm quite happy with the wheels, better than I hoped actually. Thanks a lot Keith. Weathering race cars is a difficult call. It can look great when done right, but done wrong it's just a spoil. I'm always wary of doing it, but when I do it I usually like it. But soon you also have to make a small diorama base, for it to come together... Thanks a lot! I hold Michèle Mouton in very high regard, I so much wish that she would have claimed the 1982 world championship title she so well deserved. An amazing driver indeed, right at the very top! Now with Beemax releasing the Sport quattro soon, so they say, we might very well see a conversion set of decals and wheels for the 1985 Pikes Peak car. Let's hope for it. If not we might have to attend to it. Thanks a lot Steve, I'm very happy you enjoyed it.
  2. It's looking fantastic, very well done! I must say, building models as good as yours, with one of your hands not 100% functional makes them even more impressive. Way to go!
  3. Thanks a lot, it's pretty much finished now; 10 years later... Thanks a lot, glad you like the work. Thanks a lot, I'm continuing with the three older ones now, hoping to get them through as well. Time will tell. So there are only the wheels left to fit. Not much to dwell on. Alignment while the epoxy cures. After the glue had fully cured I put some weight into the tyres as usual, and this is what it looks like in the end. I thought about some weathering but nothing is decided yet, I will continue with the older quattros and see what I feel like later. No, I don't know why this had to wait 10 years... I will sort some more photos for the RFI-section a little later.
  4. Many thanks gentlemen. Body and chassis has been joined and the last details fitted; mudflaps, front under cover, tow hooks.
  5. Thanks a lot. I'm quite happy with how the tyres came out. I'm not sure they are the 100% correct pattern for this car at this year, but I looked at Pikes Peak car tyres, possibly Peugeots, of the same era when they were modelled. The windscreen was fitted. And the first side window. Soon followed by the rest. Almost at the last possible moment I realized that I should use the "quattro" rear window on this car instead of the plain one. It's very difficult to make out from the references I have access to. The rear wing and oil cooler fitted. It's time to make sure everything is clean inside and join body and chassis/interior.
  6. The wheels are ready to be installed I think. I'm also slowly fitting details to the body.
  7. Thank you gentlemen, you are most kind. Thanks. Yes, the most important detail. Five more of her quattros are coming, sooner or later...
  8. Looking lovely! I have painted quite a number of 1/24 GT40 seat pairs of grommets this way myself, and it's no easy task. You have done very well and it's worth the labor.
  9. Thank you very much, means a lot when you say so. The decals are on and I'm quite pleased with the result. There is the occasional compromise in placing and size, but nothing more than I can live with.
  10. Looking very nice. It seems like this is another of those ICM 1/35 kits that is mostly a joy to build up from all those many small parts.
  11. An amazing little jewel once again. It's looking especially nice in those pale photos with the low sun, just lovely.
  12. This is very impressive work, absolutely wonderful.
  13. There might well be some weathering, I haven't decided, we'll see where inspiration takes me. I'm quite happy with the panel lines, they would have been done the same, weathering or not. I actually find them a bit restrained. There is a good deal of taste and interpretation involved in things like this, it can also be difficult to appreciate panel lines on photos. Thanks a lot guys, glad you like it.
  14. Dangerous outdoor activities... but it could have been a lot worse outcome. I hope you are back to full strength again soon!
  15. That will be just the perfect setting! Wonderful!
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