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  1. Some Colourcoats Interior Green and Light Aircraft Grey were chucked about this morning. I'm working tonight so I'll attempt some detail painting and the seat belts tomorrow. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Alistair
  2. Coming along swimmingly, Now, why didn't I ever think of that simple and effective solution. I'm pinching that idea for sure. Cheers, Alistair
  3. Thanks Stew, Suffering this morning but I'm going to keep moving and get some paint on. Cheers, Alistair
  4. Thanks Mark, We'll see whether building it up was a good idea. There's a lot of little transfers and detail painting that will be tricky. As to paint. I just used Tamiya Neutral grey as the primer here. Easier to clean out on a small job. The main colours should be the ANA alternatives but as i don't have them will be using Colourcoats Interior Green, Extra Dark Sea Grey, Dark Slate Grey and Sky Type S. The bulkhead and undercarriage, not certain about them yet, some sort of Light Aircraft Grey possibly. Hope that helps, Cheers, Alistair
  5. At the risk of repeating myself. Oooooffffff. It just got better and better. Incredible brush work and such a subtly weathered finish. Looking forward to the Anson and the Lizzie. Cheers, Alistair
  6. Thanks Mark, I'm fairly chuffed with the finished article. Looks good in the cabinet. Cheers, Alistair
  7. Not much done today. Took my boy to the driving range. First time I've swung a club in about two years and I'm starting to hurt now. Anyway enough of the life stuff. Some bits were glued together. I didn't use the photo etch Instrument panel as i think there is absolutely no difference between the two. The plastic one is beautifully and finely moulded. After dinner I sprayed some primer.
  8. Thanks Craig, Ever expanding stashes are a major environmental problem that we must address. Build more, I say, build more. This post was sponsored by various model manufacturing companies. Cheers, Alistair
  9. No tape involved Mark. It fits together that well. I did it that way to ensure that the pins for the wheels were in the correct horizontal position. The undercarriage comes in 7 parts and includes a bend to the correct angle. That's why I've bottled it more often than Greg Norman on the final holes of a major. Cheers, Alistair
  10. Thanks Chris, Not my idea I'm afraid it was purloined from someone else on the forum. Can't remember who or I would give them the credit. Cheers, Alistair
  11. Thanks Stew, The number of times I've fondled the plastic and then looked at the instructions on this one. Saw the undercarriage bits and thought "Maybe Later". It was nowhere near as tricky as I thought, just had to take my time. Cheers, Alistair
  12. Thought that I'd better start cutting plastic and decided to get the tricky bit out of the way to dry overnight. Not glued to the bulkhead yet, just positioned to set. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Alistair
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