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  1. As always, beautiful work, Sir. Thanks for letting me tag along. I will be watching closely on the Lanc as well as my young nephew has fallen in love with them and I might just surprise him. Cheers, Alistair
  2. The loss of a beloved pet can be devastating. Take good care of you and yours.
  3. Many Thanks for that. I will give it a try the next time
  4. Hi There, Innis decided that it would be a double build this time. The 1/72 Airfix Bf109 E-3 and FW190 A-8. One picked up from Aldi and the other bought with some of his Christmas money. I decide it would be a joint build and that he would help me. So he has been doing bits and pieces from de-sprueing, gluing, sanding, filling, painting and airbrushing. We had a few mishaps and so the FW has various bits of sanded toothpick on board. He has been brilliant helping when there was stuff he couldn't do and as such I am really chuffed with the results. Any errors and omissions and entirely mine. On with the pictures..... Thanks for looking and as usual any comments and suggestions gratefully received. If someone can tell me how to get the vertical aerial wire in position with rigging line I would be very chuffed. Cheers, Alistair P.S. Please excuse the state of the bunker.
  5. AliGauld

    Excellent service

    Hi there, Just a wee thank you for your service. Ordered 1 day arrived the next. Thank you so much. Cheers, Alistair
  6. AliGauld

    Superb Service from Creative Models

    Just a wee note to reiterate the superb service I have received from Creative, both on eBay and direct. Everything has arrived extremely quickly, mostly next day and been superbly packaged. Thanks Folks. Cheers, Alistair
  7. Glad that the wee one is all right. It's so scary when these things happen especially when you're attempting to do something about it in the first place. Watching your progress with the Hurricanes with great interest. Looking really good. Cheers, Alistair
  8. That looks absolutely splendid, sir. Cheers, Alistair
  9. AliGauld

    Revell 1/72 Sopwith Camel

    Thank you. I used Uschi van der Rosten fine to do it with a lot of magnification.
  10. AliGauld

    Revell 1/72 Sopwith Camel

    It was a struggle at times but taught me the art of gentle manipulation for those bits that had locator pins facing completely the wrong way such as the undercarriage whose pins were at 90 degrees to the actual holes and when to walk away and come back later. Thank-you for your kind comment. Alistair
  11. AliGauld

    Revell 1/72 Sopwith Camel

    Many Thanks for your kind comments
  12. That, Sir is absolutely gorgeous. Stunning work
  13. Hi There, For your perusal my second attempt at a kit. Innis decided that it was to be the Camel. I knew this would be "challenging" but this little kit fought me every inch of the way. I've learned a huge amount building her though. It had it's pitfall with fit and knocking off the tail skid whilst sanding didn't help. That went the way of the carpet monster but a wee drill, a piece if 0.2 Kanthal and some milliput put something approximating this back together. What lunacy made me want to rig it is unknown but as I picked it up to plan that out I dropped it. Repairs were completed and the rigging was done over two days. At the end I found a technique which seemed to work, not the tidiest but it all obeys the 3 foot rule. To be presented to my nephew tomorrow. Thanks for looking and any pointers welcomed. Cheers, Alistair
  14. Hi there, Tagging myself in, if you don't mind. I have received mine but it is waiting til I feel sufficiently capable of doing it justice. So, watching this to see how it should be done. Cheers, Alistair
  15. AliGauld

    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution - First impressions

    Hi there, No worries. I seem to remember reading about the notch thingie somewhere in the forums when researching the Evolution but I could be wrong. Happens quite a lot really. The new v2 needles may be completely different and I could be talking total rubbish, of course. That happens quite a lot too. Cheers, Alistair