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  1. Uk tax year ends in March... Iranian New Year is sometime in March... I'm sure more can be looked for...
  2. Anyone know how much time Dragon give between kit announcement and it being on sale?
  3. I wanted to make a Chernomyrdinki joke about "Что бы мы ни делали, результат один: либо Королева Елизавета, либо месть." .
  4. I can't spot any errors but a Viktor Chernomyrdin quote always makes the day better.
  5. also HMS Naid is listed at 99USD retail (on sale/preorder for 80ish). I also thought the super structure was further back - more like a modern oil tanker. Can't wait to add one to the build list.
  6. It's confirmed Nelson/Rodney. Scale to be revealed tomorrow on Facebook
  7. Just have to hope it is 1/350 and not 1/200 or 1/700!
  8. Just incase people haven't seen in the Rumourmonger - Dragon are teasing a ship. It would be quite ironic if Trumpeter lose out on the Nelson Class after all these years. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/vLJNorYCNgAybAXW/
  9. And same artwork as in 2023 (i.e. the Dido class is confirmed the rest is theoretical)?
  10. Has anyone got the same but for ships?
  11. If you do decide to start, could you kindly let us know so we can buy stock in the makers of masking tape? Same should go to @S-boat 55 and his Gloire. Really looking forward to watching this progress.
  12. I didn't realise you were doing a fictional diorama of Strasbourg as the British had wanted to see find her at Mers-el-Kebir after 3rd July 1940 ... (Good progress and nice parts).
  13. Disappointing to see regression by Trumpeter on detail and progression of costs. At least in the camouflage it will be almost impossible to tell any detail if photos are anything to go by.
  14. Update. Primed in grey and then painted silver to make the white have a little more brightness with fewer coats. And half of the first light white coat applied to the wing:
  15. One man doing a group ship build in camouflage. Time for popcorn (good luck)
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