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  1. Marcel

    Sunderland Mk.III, Italeri 1/72

    Hi guys, I am sorry but I have to give up. The reason is a group build of a 1/1 house - we have bought an older house and have to finish the reconstruction before the end of the year. So no modeling for some time :-(
  2. Nothing is better than Eduard’s little Spitfire when I need to restart my mojo. So here she is: a part of Mk. XVI Dual Combo with Extradecal decals. Machine of No. 340 RAF squadron AKA GC 4/2 "Ice de France", 145 Wing, 2nd TAF 1945. Resin upper cowling, exhausts, gun barrels and wheels, Gunze paints and varnishes. Thank you for looking.
  3. Marcel

    Mitchell Mk.III aerials - could you help please?

    Thanks Don. I have a photo of the particular plane - plus one of the nose. But the photos are of a quite poor quality and no aerials can be seen - I can’t even see the short masts under the fuselage (often seen on the US Mitchells). There are many photos of RAF Mitchell II’s (different fuselages of course) but no clear Mitchell III with aerial(s) visible. Hence my question.
  4. The title says it all: please could you help me to decide what aerials were used on the RAF Mitchell Mk.III’s? The more I look at photographs the more I’m confused. Thanks a lot.
  5. As I know the Dragon kit very well (started 6 years ago, still waiting somewhere) I must say great job mate!
  6. Marcel

    Sunderland Mk.III, Italeri 1/72

    After a break I am back. There will be more filling and sanding of course but the tailplanes were added, the fit is quite OK. And the engines were started. I have not one, not two or three but FOUR RADIAL engines :-)
  7. Marcel

    Sunderland Mk.III, Italeri 1/72

    And probably the last step before we leave for a holiday: the wings. The parts fit OK (-ish), the landing and ID lights will be added later.
  8. Marcel

    Sunderland Mk.III, Italeri 1/72

    Thanks Jean. Some smaller parts have been prepared. The aileron span is a bit short so I added a thin plasticard to the sides.
  9. Now this is a perfect Spitfire, congratulations!
  10. Marcel

    Sunderland Mk.III, Italeri 1/72

    Thanks Ced, I know - that is why we do it this way don’t we?
  11. Marcel

    Sunderland Mk.III, Italeri 1/72

    Right, I have just tried and except for the cockpit NOTHING is visible. And I paid sooo much attention to the anchor
  12. Marcel

    Sunderland Mk.III, Italeri 1/72

    Hi guys, I am really glad you like my model so far, thanks a lot. David, this is what I have used: - black Gunze surfacer as a basis - Alclad white aluminium in places that should be "silver" - Mig Ammo RAF interior green (thinned with Vallejo airbrush cleaner) airbrushed in irregular patterns so a kind of pre-shading stays visible - Eduard Zoom cockpit sides added, the pre-printed switches and gauges masked and the sides airbrushed with Tamiya NATO black - small Eduard details attached - gloss varnish - my favorite Aqua Gloss - Tamiya panel line accent (black and brown mixed) - Tamiya matt varnish - Citadel Dry Necron Compound drybrushed Sounds complicated and time consuming but as all the paints and varnishes are dry in a couple of minutes it can be done quite quickly - providing the wife and kids are not at home.
  13. Marcel

    Sunderland Mk.III, Italeri 1/72

    Thank you guys for your nice posts. So the interior is probably completed. Almost NOTHING will be visible when the fuselage halves are joined - believe me, I have tried that.