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  1. Some black surfacer and Gunze base white sprayed all over.
  2. A Hawker Fury found successfully in my stash. The decals aren’t usable anymore but I have some spare decals left.
  3. Hi guys, I should have a Fury somewhere in my stash. Would you mind if I join the party? And I think there is a Revell Walrus hidden somewhere plus an AMT Spitfire IX (if these count).
  4. Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition but the Battle could be expected. I feel fine
  5. I would also say Battle. The Airfix kit was injection moulded - and maybe the MPM model doesn’t count as it was a short run kit. A Breguet XIX was also made by HitKit as a short run mixed media kit - and less than 30 years ago. Never mind, it’s a good fun, isn’t it?
  6. Hey Gilles, I have tried twice - a Battle the 1st day and a Bloch 174 yesterday - and I will try today as well. And no, I wasn’t trying to investigate my close friend who is a Special Hobby employee - he would refuse to answer anyway
  7. I predicted Bloch 174 - kitted just once by Heller in 1960’s. Breguet XIX would be fine but I am afraid the fuselage surface would be almost impossible to create properly...
  8. Hi Mike, yes and both the ailerons are dropped a bit. The kit parts are designed in that way and until you don’t remove the aileron and flap tabs there is only one way how to attach them. Well I am not a photographer so maybe it is not visible from my images.
  9. That escalated quickly I am waiting for a pair of resin exhausts so my Emil is not finished yet but I made quite a progress.
  10. OK, a Curtiss H-75 then... Finally a good one please.
  11. The slats are separate and can be positioned open or closed quite easily.
  12. I would say the interior is OK, going to close the fuselage.
  13. Many (and I mean MANY) years ago I built a Tamiya Emil in 1/72. This time I started with the wings The Wings Well wrong link
  14. No, not a RAF captured Emil, but a 1941 Royal Yugoslav Air Force Messerschmitt. I bought the Special Hobby "Simple Set" boxing plus their masks and I am also going to use some Eduard PE parts. I have the Lift Here decals (somewhere) to build a Me 109 (yes, they used Me instead of Bf) coded L-52 from the short "April war" 1941.
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