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  1. I prefer the Dutch one but both are great. Perfect finish and details, congratulations!
  2. Well I wouldn’t call the R-31 obscure. Quite a lot of them were built, they were used during the (short) war against Germany and Henry de la Lindi was an interesting person! Wulfman you will be surprised how well the kit is engineered, a real joy to build. OK, you would have to reduce the wing thickness and maybe replace the windshields but it is a great kit I must say.
  3. Thank you guys for your kind words. Steben, I completely understand you. My stash of planned models is huge...
  4. Thank you very much gentlemen. To be honest the kit is very well manufactured and easy to put together, a real "new generation" short run kit.
  5. Just finished: More photos here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235093780-belgian-warrior-renard-r-31-azur-frrom-172/
  6. Finished today - almost straight from the box: I have just added position lights and U/C wires and replaced the gun barrels with Master brass. The windshields are far too thickened new ones were made from a foil. Tamiya paints, Gunze varnishes, some light weathering with Tamiya pastels. Good job, Azur, now where is the new Fairey Battle?
  7. Don’t worry Mark, the model is not that difficult to build. OK, the PE parts are small and fiddly but with some patience and luck all can be used.
  8. Some work on the fuselage and tailplanes during the weekend:
  9. Decals applied. There are not many of them so it was an easy job - and they were easy to settle down with some Mr. Setter (no Mr. Softer needed). And as you can see I didn’t forget to use the correct Sioux Rouge - well is this politically correct?
  10. The fuselage/tailplanes painted and varnished with Gunze super clear gloss. I am not that happy with the nose panels but I would probably leave them as they are...
  11. Would say the wing is finished: And the fuselage with silver dope applied:
  12. Thank you very much guys. Dave I would say the Airfix closed canopy is still a bit large, maybe too bulged - plus the optical distortion was something I was not able to eliminate. Anyway the Eduard part is a tad narrower but I can live with that.
  13. Quite a quick built, a GCII/7 "Nice" French Spitfire. What I liked: overal shape of the parts, dimensions, decals (well just the stencils were used). What I replaced: the prop (Quickboost), cannon barrels (Master), wheels (Eduard resin), the canopy - the windshield is Airfix, the rest is Eduard from their Mk.IX What I added: the rearview mirror (Tamiya Mk.Vb), seatbelts (Eduard). Paints and varnishes by Gunze, different decals I had at home.
  14. Small progress again, I have started to paint the fuselage & tailplanes khaki green. And checked the bottom/radiator
  15. Good job! Exactly how I like it - nothing exaggerated, nothing omitted.
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