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  1. Great! An inspiration for my next (Airfix 1/72) project!
  2. Thank you guys. I will try to make more photos at the end of the week (the camera battery went flat and I had no time to look for the replacement). As far as I know this particular plane served with No. 2 "Thistle" squadron" - the oldest fighter unit in the Belgian Air Force. It was the second squadron in the first group of the second regiment so it was numbered "2/I/2 Aé". This Hurricane was destroyed during a German attack at Schaffen airfield (Diest) on May 10, 1940.
  3. Nice kit, easy to build. Correct resin wheels are made by CMK and a PE gunsight is by Eduard. Gunze paints on top, Tamiya TS 30 Silver Leaf on the bottom /decanted and applied using an airbrush/. Gunze varnish, some oils and Tamiya weathering sets. Thank for looking.
  4. Thank you guys. J-W, the 1st one was really photographed with the black and white bands (they are not invasion ones, just an identification of French planes fighting the Germans in France - see here: https://www.histavia21.net/Cravant/cravant2.htm The 2nd one I built didn’t have these bands.
  5. An Eduard Profipack Fw 190A-5 from the box but with Berna decals. As usual Gunze paints and varnishes were used as well as Tamiya weathering sets. This particular plane was completed in Cravant, France, at the end of 1944.
  6. Hi David, I was able to build her so everybody is The biggest problem I can remember is the fuselage wider than the canopy - I glued the clear part with Revell Contacta and used a strong clamp on the fuselage until the glue cured.
  7. Good afternoon, the last one from 2020 finished. I really like the SH Warhawks, only the Master guns were added plus Eduard seat belts - and the bomb is from Hasegawa’s Warhawk. Gunze paints and varnishes were used pus some oils and weathering powders. Highly recommended model kit by the way.
  8. Another model finished. Hasegawa with Quickboost wheel wells and Eduard details. Gunze paints and varnishes were used, the decals are Hasegawa, some of them RS and the "Cross of Lorraine" decals are from a very old ESCI sheet - VERY difficult to apply. At the end of the day I had to stick them using Johnson’s Klear
  9. Well if it ain’t Dutch... Another model I started several years ago. Now I would take Arma but at that time Hasegawa seemed to be the best. I didn’t use any aftermarket details but some Eduard seat belts and Marabu landing lights. The paints are Gunze and the decals are Flevo for the triangles and TallyHO! for the serial. I hope you like her.
  10. Thank you guys. Not very tricky in fact. The wing matting surface had to be sanded quite a lot to get a nice sharp trailing edge. Don’t expect Tamiya engineering but one of the easier short run kits I would say.
  11. Recently finished, just some PE seatbelts added. Paints are Gunze (green), Tamiya (black and white) and Alclad (white aluminium bottom). The photos could be better - next time maybe. Thank you for looking
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