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  1. Hi guys, after the great Matchbox GB which I enjoyed a lot I’m going to try another oldie - Revell’s P-38/F-4. I have had the kit for a long time and as you can see the bottom wing parts were cemented to the upper half. Some interior green has been sprayed but everything will be repainted. I would like to build something like this: The colors remain a mystery but we can discuss them later
  2. Hi guys, thanks a lot for your nice words, I’m glad you like my Marauder. Martin (Lightningboy), the clear prop is a part of the Hasegawa kit. As the front U/C leg is in scale I didn’t want to add any weight to the model nose. And yes I still remember the Frog Marauder thin legs - the model kept shaking like an expensive dog.
  3. Thank you gentlemen so please count me in!
  4. Many years ago - as a kid - I built a Frog Marauder: As I didn’t have the paints required I had to do the French version - but in fact it was the SAAF Marauder I preferred. So 45 years later here it is: I used the Hasegawa B-26C kit with Eduard PE interior set and resin wheels. The serial and "L" are Frog decals, the insignias are from an Xtradecal sheet. All paints are Gunze, weathered with Tamiya weathering sets, a Karisma color silver pencil and AK washes.
  5. Hi guys, do you think this fits within the "less than 25%" limits? It is the 1982 boxing of the 1978 kit and this GB could be a great opportunity to finish the beast.
  6. Thank you very much guys, I am glad you like my Nomad.
  7. Thank you very much guys. I can recommend the kit to anybody interested. It really is a short-run kit but a very good and easy one.
  8. Here we go: a completed SAAF Nomad: RFI is HERE
  9. A completely trouble-free build, nearly straight from the proverbial box. OK, I have added Eduard seat belts, some lead wires (engine ignition, brake pipes, Pitot tube and gun covers from a piece of brass tube. Peewit masks to keep my mental sanity and Gunze paints and varnishes.
  10. Now my Nomad received a coat of Gunze Sky, DG and DE, then some gloss varnish and decals.
  11. Maybe I’m strange but this is the stage I like best. The Pitot tube and gun covers were made of brass tubing, everything sprayed with black surfacer and then Gunze base white was used for the surface variations. And yes, Peewit = salvation of us, lazy guys.
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