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  1. Collin

    Rivet diagram for B-17G

    Thinking of riveting next to the raised panel lines of the classic 1/48 Monogram original B-17G and still stay within OOB rules (I’m not removing and rescribing the kit panel lines, just riveting next to them). Anyone know of a good pnline source of a rivetting diagram for a B-17G? Thanks Collin
  2. I added a few fishing weights to the nose...not a lot but didn't want to take any chances. She builds real nice. Cheers Collin
  3. Fond of the T-38, shared the pattern with them during my flying in Pax River (almost had a mid-air with one as well). This is the Wolfpack 1/48 kit OOB....well except for the dummy builder who broke the long pitot nose tube putting it on...that is a piece of metal tubing. Milliput white seat belts. Fun little kit and recommended. I'm still frustrated with my canopy work, a problem area for me. I messed up the front canopy a bit with the glue. When you stand next to one of these you could eat off of them...the contractor maintenance at TPS did a great job keeping these birds looking good. I decided not to weather this kit. Cheers Collin
  4. Oh...here it is. Out of the Box 1/48 Wolfpack T-38A with aftermarket Wolfpack-D USNTPS decals. Seatbelts made with Milliput fine white. Used Gia color 011 Flat White which went on like a champ thinned with some MLT. Decals went on very well, including the cockpit instruments. Still debating on light weathering. Having seen these birds up close over my growing years in Pax River...these were kept very clean. I might just make the major control surfaces stand out a tad but not much more. Kit goes together very well. Cheers Collin
  5. Collin

    Can't believe I've done it again!

    2nd the recommendation. Hold the wings up to a strong light source (don't melt them)...you should be able to see just enough to mark and drill the holes. Not that I would know :-/ Cheers Collin
  6. Darker Alclad shade for the NMF around the body...the actual "cans" are covered with the NMF paste by AK. I found most pictures online of this aircraft and the cans were pretty shinny and clean...different from the rest of the NMF area. Cheers Collin
  7. 1/48 AVF F-5F with Two Bobs markings. Great kit, very small pieces. I actually built this kit to about 85% 6 months ago then lost one of the horizontal stabs. Few weeks ago AVF sent me an entire tree with a replacement stab. So after my disaster with my Tamiya Tomcat...I pulled this back down and finished this today. OOB build but I made milliput seatbelts. Great kit....go buy one and build it if you can find/afford them. Cheers Collin
  8. Collin

    Tamiya Delta Tomcat

    BLUF....I tried something new, and now this build is dead. Attempted to use some masking fluid to cover panel lines then cover the area with Tamiya Smoke. Well after putting the fluid on, letting it dry...dabbing some more on the upper area, I then painted on some thin smoke. I kept going. They tried to tone everything down with a slight coat of very well thinned BUFF from Tamiya. First wing...very nice subtle tone down of the smoke. Mixed some more and turned the wing yellow...now I had a mismatched wing. Followed buy the next hour of repainting, mixing, repainting some more to make the upper colors match again. I was able to get everything back sorta like it was before. But then I tried taking the masking fluid off. It was stuck to the kit like cement. Completely ruined the horizontal stabs and then tried the upper surface of the aircraft. The kit was a MORT after that. I had to bin it. I believe I am a good modeler and just went to far instead of sticking with basics. I like the effects of the multi-tone pre-shading/base painting I have done on this kit (and others before it. I made the mistake of experimenting on this kit when I shouldn't have. I should have just stuck to the basics....gloss/decals/semi-gloss/panel line wash/some light oil weathering/heavier weathering around the engines...and semi/flat coat....done. I love this hobby, it just sometimes bites you and keeps you humble. Cheers Collin
  9. Collin

    Tamiya Delta Tomcat

    Wasn't completely happy with the MIG color grey's as the base colors. They were just too close to each other and washed each other out. I grabbed some Vallejo acrylic paint that was a slightly darker tint for both the 36320 and 35237. Did a respray (more a marble coat) of the new tints and I like the separation of the base colors much better. The lighting of my workbench isn't that great so the photos aren't be best, sorry about that. From the limited photos I have vX-23 repainted the vert stabs after they got rid of the dayglow orange tails. I painted them in a slightly cleaner paint. Cleaned up the bench and now it's time to move onto detail painting and then decals. Weathering is going to wait until post-decal. Cheers Collin
  10. OOB build, eventually will be Salty Dog 231 from VX-23. Cheers Collin
  11. Working on the Fisher Models kit. Planning on doing 105 and I’ve seen pics of her with the dual stacked RP system vice the single zero length rail per RP. I can get extra RP’s from Fisher, just wondering about the rack system. Cheers Collin
  12. Impulse buy and picked one up yesterday. Want to do one in the later grey scheme flown by the RAF. What specific changes (if any) would I have to make to the kit to bring it up to a 1980-90's FG1 RAF variant? Cheers Collin
  13. Collin

    Tornado GR1

    Too funny...I just purchased this kit on a bargin table at a contest to build in-flight like you...abit with two aftermarket Sea Eagle missiles under the belly. Great to see what you did here. Q: Are those the kit pilots or did you find aftermarket ones? Cheers Collin