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  1. Thank you for your kind words, I have used Gunze H303 and H77 for green and black, and Mr.Paint AMT-7 for the undersides. The star decals are from the box, the yellow 44 is from the older Amodel Yak-1 Kit. I think our colleague Dragan made a decal sheet some years ago, that included Litvyak's Yak-1 :
  2. Hi! I have finished a little 1/72 Yak-1 from Brengun. Also a small figure of Lydia Litvyak, from a Zvezda set. Hope you like it :
  3. I have finished a Cheetah E, thanks to Scaleworx that provided a resin set for the AMK Kfir. The conversion went pretty smoothly, so here is the result :
  4. I usually paint it as a normal frame, then i apply a very generous hi gloss coat with a thin brush...in 1/72, it is passable.
  5. I took some pictures at the Belgrade Air force Museum, seems to be a single piece, with an internal bracket:
  6. One more T-72, a Modelcollect AV this time. Machine gun , smoke barrels and exhaust are from Zedval. Hafez stencil and Mercedes doormat are home printed decal.
  7. I have built two, here : http://www.cartula.ro/forum/topic/14667-garajul-lui-109/page__st__40 Modelcollect does indeed not have any details on the inner wheels, but you get so many spares that with two kits and a little work you can use the spare outer ones for the inner. The metal bottom is not that bad in my opinion, i just used gel superglue and had no problem whatsoever . I have also done a Revell with some leftover parts from Modelcollect (turret and era). I think the wheels look a bit too deep on the Modelcollect, but way to shallow on the Revell. Zvezda's T-90A has some annoying tooling marks (like tiny parallel scratches on it's surfaces), some are easy to remove, some not. The details on the hull are almost similar to the Modelcollect, richer that the Revell. The Turret seems a bit nicer on Zvezda than MC. Revell's turret looks a little squashed (not to mention their T-72M1 turret which is a joke... An example here: http://maxmodels72.ru/tovar/tg72022-т-72б-с-дз-конверсионный-набор-conversion-set/ For all I would recommend a metal barrel . Also interesting to know is that both Zvezda and Revell are a bit longer than the Modelcollect, by about 1,5mm. I noticed that when trying to adapt a resin URAL conversion (designed for Revell) to a Modelcollect and it did not fit. but it did fit the Zvezda T-90 hull.
  8. I would (and did) go for Modelcollect all the way. The earlier ones were quite big (1/70 perhaps) but are no longer available, i think. Much crisper than the Revell, also Zvezda has very fine details but it sits a little too tall for my taste (at least the side skirts look too tall) and the rims on it's wheels are much to thin (as if there was no rubber there).
  9. I will be watching your topic closely, I thought about building this tank the second I saw the film...
  10. Hello, I have finished two T-72Bs from Modelcollect, both in Syrian markings . First is a kind of a hybrid, with both Kontact 1 and 5 ERA armor, this particular machine was seen in several places in Syria in 2016 (Latakia, Palmyra, Aleppo - where it was hit by two tows in rapid succession without any apparent consequences ) The Second is a brand new B3, also seen around Palmyra at the beginning of 2017 :
  11. Great job, but please take care, the tail of the plane in the picture is a short one (not the tall tail of the G10)
  12. I doubt it. The roundel markings were (re) introduced during 1985. Before that, they wore soviet style stars. They would have been all grey when received by the Romanian Air force, in 1979-1980. During overhauls were gradually painted in camo, with different patterns. I have seen Grey ones with roundels, but never camo ones with stars... Some photos here :http://www.skybird-ev.de/tour/romania/f-romania-d.html
  13. Congratulations for the subject you chose , MB5 is an amazing fighter. Please follow on with the MB3 (a beautiful machine) and MB2 (ugly but still impressive) I would not be concerned with the sales of P-36 series, they cannot compare to the P-40 that probably did not sell quite as expected because of the plethora of cheap alternatives for it (I'm thinkin about hobby-boss ,academy and the older hasegawa and even sword that had released "two in the box - at the price of one") There is really no decent alternative for the p-36/h-75, except maybe for the old Monogram. Whatever you choose, please DO NOT rebox the Azur/Special Hobby kit, it is horribly inaccurate and hard to build .
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