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  1. There was once a MPM kit of the Cw-21b (with the inboard retracting LG). Dora wings say they will do the 1/72 CW-21A with the backward retracting LG. Both are more than welcome!
  2. Man, it looks so good that any "repair" or repaint is not necessary. I made several Romanian 109Es; some in 70, some in 71, some in AK paints, some in Hataka or Gunze (very different shades- a brand's RLM71 would sometimes look like another's 70). I figured as long as the paint is a dark green and not pink, I can live with it
  3. The color could actually be a different, export color. What Mr. Heli Schmidt said was that the RLM71 is the closest match, rather than 70. He and his team had access to many parts, some probably better preserved. I have no reason not to trust him, in any case I trust him more than I would trust a guy that wrote something else in a book, without even knowing that a wreck existed and could be analyzed. About the armament, from what I have read on the subject, Yugo ordered the 109Es without the cannons, that were ordered separately from the Swiss. Most of them were diverted to the locally built IK airplanes so many 109E ended up without cannons. When installed, they would had looked more like the Oerlikon (slim barrel, flared at the muzzle), not MGFF (thick barrel- conical muzzle). For my 1/72 , I use the turned brass barrels from Master - Japanese Mk99 AM-72-017 for any Oerlikon armed 109e (some Romanian, Bulgarian, Swiss, Yugo) and the 109 E/T set for all the MGFF armed ones (AM-72-009).
  4. A fantastic build ! What I am about to write may upset you, but it is not meant to. I know that in every book, especially the new ones like "The Yugoslav story", the overall color RLM-70 is given as a undeniable fact. The thing is, there is still an ex. Yugo Bf-109e in the original colors, an airframe that still has the original Yugo L-61 code and stencils (the "no walk" line on the wings is black not red as always proposed). Mr. Heli Schmidt @Hangar 10 (who has the L-61 wreck) has checked the colors and the overall green was assessed as RLM71 . Here is a walkaround of the machine : https://www.jagdgeschwader4.de/index.php/flugwerft-hauptraum/jaeger/messerschmitt-bf-109/e-3a-l-61 Probably the L-7 had the lip in the oil cooler (like all the other early exported Es), and I think the VDM triangle stencils (if any were present- I have only seen the bottom bar stencil without he triangle on the Yugo machines) should be reversed . The color of the compressor air intake is probably blue, like in most of the cases seen in color photos and films of the era.
  5. Your model building, painting and photographic skills are amazing!
  6. Very sharp looking bird! Love it! Congrats !
  7. Hi! I have finished a Tamiya A6M5, built almost OOB, with some small additions like Master gun barrels, easy line antenna wire, lead wire brake lines. Painting was done with Gunze C15 green and H61 grey. I kept the weathering to a minimum on this one, since they were kind of new by the time of the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot. This is the only picture i know of this machine.
  8. At least another "secret"would be the Romanian engined PZL11F
  9. As for the canopy, no need to paint the frame between them, they were just two overlapping panels : https://me109.info/display.php?from=site&lang=de&auth=e&name=version_display&fotonummer=17487 https://me109.info/display.php?from=site&lang=de&auth=e&name=version_display&fotonummer=11958 https://me109.info/display.php?from=site&lang=de&auth=e&name=version_display&fotonummer=3440
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