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  1. Merry Christmas Andy, believe it or not but the photos are just done with a mobile phone and a light box, the outdoor ones are.....done outdoors lol
  2. Yes, for some reason the trumpeter kit has the slot filled in, I did a little research and couldn't find out if there was a mechanism thats filled the hole when it was in the closed position or not. Thanks for your comment
  3. Imagine the amount of easy-outs you'd need on that bad boy eh?! Thanks Graeme
  4. hahahaha! allegedly next week we are in for the white stuff, so i might have a good opportunity to get some nicer pictures with a snowy background. Im not too sure on the placing of the extra armour, i wonder if its only of the starboard side as the pilots would tend to fly circuits in a counter clockwise pattern, so not having it on the portside gave them extra visibility..........well thats my theory lol
  5. Hello all, keep in safe I hope. Well this Ju-87 was started at the same time as my 109 (1/32 Bf109E White 13 'Another sortie done' - Ready for Inspection - Aircraft - Britmodeller.com) due to the hope that I would be getting some nice wintery weather as a back drop for the photos........but sadly like 2020 its self, it didnt work out! So, onto the plane, it went together very well without any fit issues at all and painted with Gunze paints. No after market pieces except some homemade seat belts and then weathered with oils. Ok, some might reckon its over d
  6. Thanks chaps, I have run through the whole Internet (well it seems like it) to find the answer, but I like you have now come to the conclusion that the slot needs to be filed out. Id love to see a picture of just the front cockpit canopy to confirm that there is a hole in it while its in flight to be 100% sure, but till I find one, I've come to the same conclusion as you....the slots gotta go.
  7. Hello all, I wonder if anyone has some information they would be willing to share about the Ju87 canopy. As you can see I'm building the trumpeter kit D version and found an issue. The forward canopy has a recess (which i believe will need to be filed out) for the mast, but it will leave a hole in the canopy when the forward canopy is in the closed position. So my question is, would there be a hole in the forward glass when its in the closed position or is there a rubber or mechanism that covers said hole when its in the closed position?
  8. Thanks Andy, I was pleased with it myself as it was my first real NMF, so thanks for your comment
  9. No Andy, thank you for you comments as modelling is very subjective and people see others work in different ways. Like i said, its my first real dive into weathering so its great to get some constructive criticism that i can take forward on to the next few projects.
  10. Hello all, this is my little attempt at another 109. I've been trying to expand my techniques with this one and a few of the experiments have worked pretty well.....i think?! For the first i have really gone down the post-shading route and add to that more oil paint weathering, i had always been disappointed with my oil weathering but i found the flaw in my technique....its wasnt done on a matt finish, so problem solved me thinks. Painted with Gunze Mr Colours paints and MRP matt varnish to finish, so let me know what you think on the weathering, did i get it to work better?
  11. I must agree, it maybe one of the expensive kits out there on the market, but you're paying for quality and fit here. Considering with all the internal parts and slide engine, it gave you that most satisfying 'click' fit. Thanks for you kind works.
  12. Thanks for your kind words, for the paint work on this I tried using MRP's range for the first time and I did have a few issues in the application. I do believe it was an issue with my application rather than the paint itself, I normally spray using Gunze paints without an issue, but with the MRP I seemed to get a variation in the colours across the aircraft.....very odd.
  13. I Just wondered if there is anyone that commission paints figures in 1/32, i have struggled to get to a good standard after many, many tries. I build aircraft and its a completely different discipline, so if someone was to paint one up for me, what would you say is the 'going rate' Thanks
  14. No Phil, those were from MasterCasters Soft FOD inserts and a great fit without any issues, i added a lump of foam on the back to keep them upright and easy to remove Just a couple more pictures
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