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  1. Good information CT, thank you
  2. right, so is the two toners Have Glass? The three toners standard paints?
  3. Cheers Richard, I'm aware of the 5th generation of paints but wanted to know when the first Have Glass schemes come in. Many pictures I've seen of early block 50's look to have a 'standard' paint without the reflective Have Glass coating...but this could be a picture thing. So, its a question of when said Have Glass schemes come in, the 5th generation H/G is a lot darker than the early versions and came along a bit later.
  4. O/D is one of them very tricky subjects, but one you do have a good license on due to its various shading post weathering effects on the schemes. Thanks for the kind comment
  5. Hello all, I'm just about to start an F-16 block 50 and wondered about the paint schemes, my main issue he is when did the Have Glass coatings come into effect? I have the base colours but were the delivered with the HG coating or was this a further enhanced paint added later on? Thanks for the replies
  6. Thank you for the comment Toryu, there seems to be a bit of discussion on the banding and spinner colours. Whilst many do state the band and spinner are white there is also a few photos of them being 'yellowed' over time, sun bleaching and weathering...so I went by a photo I had of the aircraft with the bleached spinner and bands. Thank you everyone for your kind comments
  7. Hello all, i hope everyone is well This is titled as a belated birthday wish as it was the P-51's 82nd birthday on the 26th October. This is my 1/32 Tamiya P-51D done as 'Glengary Guy' and this kit is just dream to build and after the tornado build....it was a great mojo rebuilder. This aircraft was piloted by Capt. Glenn Martin Webb. Glenn Martin Webb flew P-51D Mustang with the MC-Z lettering and was named 'Glengary Guy' using his name (Glenn), Gary (son), and Guy (son). The right side cowling read Jackie (Wife) This is the info I have found so far as I thought maybe he was born in Gleengary or something haha! (This is the info i found, but not 100% and would be very interested if others have some info) Paints were Tamiya and i was very impressed with the new lacquer paints in their range, the LP-11 (Silver) is tough as old boots and was a great base for the main colour and the chipping, the standard Tamiya paints were durable but could easily be chipped over the tougher lacquer paint. Red Fox Studios cockpit set was also added to the kit. Anyway, over to you :-)
  8. That the best F-35 i've seen, well done Koralik! Very well done
  9. The issue with this kit is the swing wing bit, it is quite temperamental so if I did it again I'd certainly modify it. Thats the bonus being in Scotland...but you gotta be quick as the weather can change quickly...well, like every five minutes Thank you for the kind comments everyone
  10. CPU-123 Paveway II 1/32 - Eduard Store well, i can only go on the advise i have been given from Tornado weapons instructors
  11. The error in the write up was on me as they're CPU-123'S, these were a lovely detailed mould from Eduard...superb! I was reached out to by a weapons instructor who was involved in operation Telic on the original load out mistake, so I followed his lead on CPU-123's which are Paveway II which was the system in operation circa 2003.
  12. Thank you kindly, its a good kit in some respects if you like a bit of a challenge and can turn out well with patience...a lot of patience It certainly was! Many a time I had to walk off from it and count to a million, but im really glad it come out as well as it did. The only wish is that italeri didn't make the panel recess so big, but its the best kit in 1/32 of the Tornado.
  13. Hello all, i hope everyone is well. This is my Italeri Tornado paint up as 'Danger Mouse' (DM...which is my own initial's) which operated in Iraq circa 2003. I was greateful of some advice from ex Tornado pilots that when i initially added the GBU-12's which were supplied in the kit were actually incorrect ordinance circa 2003. So i had to invest in some Eduard bits to archive the correct load out, so one TILAD pod and two CPU-123'S were added to the kit to get in right. This is just a slight oversight from Italeri as the supplied ordinance was correct for the other decal versions supplied. The other extras for this kit are the Red Fox studios cockpit set and the Mastercasters wheels, but the kit overall is a bit of a tough one that you have to work through to get right, one thing id advise others to do when build this kit is be aware for the swing-wing mechanism as it isnt the securest and could fail after a while, but when it works...its work surprisingly well. Hope you all like it as it was a bit of a mission, but a rewarding one at that. Over to you...the judges
  14. Well....(drum roll).....£45, which turned out to be quite a bargain Decals are the ones straight out of the box, the worry from the get-go was the shark mouth....but it went on very easily
  15. No, that's more than fine as this is great information for me and others. Some of these bits of information go along way to help with builds and the history of aircraft, so keep at it. As for the uniform, it's just the figure that comes with the kit....so blame Tamiya for that one lol!
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