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David Mooney

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  1. David Mooney

    1/32 Bf-109 G-6

    Thanks for the kind comments, it your usual story with revell, a real pain but with a bit of effort it can turn out well.
  2. David Mooney

    1/32 Bf-109 G-6

    This is my reproduction of a Bf-109 G-6 Werknummer 160717, it was flown by Gruppenkommanduer of II/JG 51. Hptm Karl Rammelt. When his unit moved to Romania during the second half of 1943 the white fuselage band was painted over in a lighter version of RLM74. It was at Nisch in Romania when the wooden club was painted on to Hptm Karl Rammelt's aircraft by his ground crew. Not much I can really expand on the with the kit itself, but I built it straight out of the box expect for the seat harnesses. All comments welcome, oh and yes, the sun does come out in Scotland lololol
  3. David Mooney

    1/32 Ju-87D T6+AD

    I said exactly the same thing, but sometimes getting out of the comfort zone and trying something new.....is good for your skill development or the recycling bin depenant on how it turn out of course
  4. David Mooney

    1/32 Ju-87D T6+AD

    The base it is sitting on is 12"x12" and just sits on it, so it is quite big. Thanks for everyone's comments
  5. David Mooney

    1/32 Ju-87D T6+AD

    Good question, but id pretty much stuck with humbrol all my modelling life, I tried tamiya and a few other acrylic types but never seemed to get on with them too well. So, I heard about these new lacquer paints were better and a tougher finish.....and they was sooooo right. The finish is hard as nails and sits smooth as the kit part if you use the 400 thinners, they are highly recommended by me.
  6. David Mooney

    1/32 Ju-87D T6+AD

    My apologies, I missed adding the tag, it's from the trumpeter kit
  7. David Mooney

    1/32 Ju-87D T6+AD

    Hello all, Ive been working on this for a while between projects as it took a fair amount of time to get the 'snow-flage' right, I think I got there in the end. I have recently swapped paint to Mr Colour lacquer's, I must admit I was a little on edge using them, but they are fantastic to work with. Only added extras to the kit are the seat belt from eduard, as ever, its built to look right so please forgive in-accuracies' in my work or the kit. All comments are welcome.... P.S. I apologise about the white background, but I could find anything else to cover the background
  8. David Mooney

    1/32 Bf-109E-4

    I actually used RLM 76 from humbrol, but every manufacture's RLM 76 is a different to each others. Sticking to the same brand of colour will give you a uniform colour, but even in war time when supplies become low,, the colour varied quite a lot so its hard to get the colour wrong............unless its drastically wrong of course.
  9. Thanks for your kind comments Rod, the plane is made from the trumpeter bf-109 e-3 kit
  10. Thanks Steve, the attraction to the scheme was that it was really different and a challenge.
  11. Sorry Mitch, I just realised I missed the scale out of the title. Its 1/32 (updated now) and a pretty easy kit to build
  12. Hello all, I thought id try something a little ambitious on this 109 as I had three sets of decals for a Fliegerkompanie J-371 Bf-109 E-3, I guess I swung away from doing it before as the size of the decals was a little scary. So I painted it up ready for the decals knowing I had a degree of safety having three sets to get it right............hmmmmm! I gave up,and then broke out the masking tape for a masking marathon . In hindsight, it was the only way to get this scheme done and I am pretty happy with the overall result. All comments are welcome
  13. David Mooney

    1/32 IL-2 Surmovik

    I hope no one minds me bringing this back up as I have finally got round to completing the base, I'm quite impressed with the overall look I have archived
  14. David Mooney

    1/32 Spitfire Mk.II

    Thanks for your kind comments keith, we all know the revell kit has it's issue in regards to accuracy , but for £20.....who can complain.
  15. David Mooney

    1/32 Bf-109E-4

    Yes, but why on earth they used a knuckle joint and and then a male/female connection.....i have no idea what they was thinking. Why not just do a standard rod and hole (male/female) assembly, surely the knuckle could be moulded to help get the right alignment. Thanks for all the comments