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  1. Thanks Sammy, its really about getting a hood background and getting the angle correct. I use a mobile phone for my pictures so there is no trick, all you need to do is consider where your natural eye-line would be on a 1:1 version and snap away
  2. The pilot figure is from Aerobonus and can be picked up for a pretty good price, painted by yours truly
  3. To be honest, it was pretty easy to do on this kit due to the superb detail on the kit. I used Flory washes on most of the model but in some places I used an oils over a high gloss surface to get bits to 'pop'
  4. Thanks Pete, I think most of us have been bored stiff during lockdown and pushed us further into modelling. Damn! Thats a shame Howard, just remember the Revell version will soon be out
  5. Hello all, I picked this kit up a while back and only just got round to it.....thank you lockdown. This is the Special Hobby kit of the Hawker Tempest, soon to be released via Revell again so I'm told. Its not a bad kit but has a few fit issue so I'm not sure if Revell will be correcting these issues, but they aren't nothing major and can easily be fixed. As with all my builds, the paints I use are all Gunze Sanyo. On this build I tried to keep the weathering to a minimum and only really added some weathering to the wing rout walk way areas.
  6. Honestly, these decals were so thick it was going to look like a doorstep on the aircraft at one point. I had to gentlely sand them down a bit with 12000 grit micro-mesh between gloss layer to hide the edges....tough work but worth it in the end. The same camera I use in all my shoots....a mobile phone if you get the angle correct you can make things look pretty good... one of the toughtest modelling disciplines if you ask me (figures), I struggle with them but I'm working on them to get them looking more realistic. Thanks for all kind comments
  7. If you're considering it Dennis, I'd certainly go for the Bubble top version, its seems an easier build fit-wise.
  8. Hello all, I hope you all have been surviving lockdown by modelling-on.....this is the second Jug of lockdown. I set about Trumpeters P-47D Razorback version this time and found that the Razorback was a bit more of a drama than the Double top version, I think it maybe a different mould completely. Its a little tricky to get together and line up, but as long as you proceed slowly with the build, you should be fine. I added a few aftermarket pieces, these were the resin wheels by Brassin and the gun barrels set from Master (32115) and I get rid of the metal seatbelts and made my own from masking tape as I can never get the photo etch belts to 'sit' right. Paints were from Gunze Mr Colour range and as ever.....are brilliant. I added some magnets into the wing where the pylons attach, then added some magnets in the pylons so the lower wing is untouched for displaying without the pylons attached or kept clean. So here is aircraft 42-75242 which was flown by Capt Michael Quirk flying for 62nd FS/56th FG, Halesworth. I'll add a link to the Bubbletop..... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235076868-132-p-47d-miss-firerozzie-deth-ii/&tab=comments#comment-3758317 Thanks for looking
  9. I have been trying to make bay steps into the weather world of modelling, it seems to add that little extra to the feel of a real working aircraft, so thanks for the kind comments. Now the pilot...…..this is one area of modelling I cant get right, doing faces is crazy hard to do but practice makes perfect so they say. Thank you Andy, yes the base is done with static grass over a soil and tile grout base. Thanks Alan, depending on which P-47 variant you like, i'd highly recommend the bubble top version as that went together very well.....the Razorback (soon to be reviled) is a bit more of a pain in the #### Its certainly my weakness I must admit, but doing figures certainly is an area I want to improve and get right as it really frustrates me......but slowly im getting the hang of it
  10. Hello all, I hope you all have been surviving lockdown by modelling-on.....I have. I set about Trumpeters P-47D bubble top version and I was pretty pleased with the kit, I have but the Razorback version and that game me a lot of issues, so this was a surprise and a pleasure. I attempted for the first time a natural metal finish (NMF), so I tried using extreme metal paint by AK and I found them very fragile and had to have a change of plan. I opted for the Mr metal colour paints by Gunze and these were fantastic and very durable when applied. I added a few aftermarket pieces, these were the resin wheels by Brassin and the gun barrels set from Master (32115) and I get rid of the metal seatbelts and made my own from masking tape as I can never get the photo etch belts to 'sit' right. Anyway, here she is...…..I give you Miss Fire which was piloted by Piot-Frederick Christensen in England 1944 All comments welcome
  11. Thank you Joachim, I do feel that a model displayed on its own is missing something so im glad you liked the added 'atmosphere' Its a was a choice JR of losing the tread on the rubber wheels or getting the seam out, I decided the former was better as this added a bit more interest from a distance but I can agree with you. Yes that is a possibility, or maybe there was damage in that area at some point in the life cycle of the plane. Thank you all for your kind comments
  12. working now and it looks superb, well done.
  13. I'm in the 'no see' group lol
  14. Hello all, I hope everyone is keeping safe in these crazy times. While I have been off due to this enforced lockdown I started the Trumpeter ME262 A-1a heavy armament kit and wanted to do it in the colours of yellow 3 from KG(J)54. The kit decals seemed a big 'off' so I invested in Eagalcals #95-32 sheet and the colours seemed much better than the kit originals. I have been my best to get the scheme right, but even I will admit that its not quite right, but I think it looks pretty good, certainly a good learning session for sure. Painted with Gunze Sanyo (best paints EVER in my opinion) and weathered with oils. I'd like to add that the markings aren't symmetrical as that's the way they are on the original aircraft (very odd that). All comments welcome
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