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  1. @roginoz: Ok thanks, I removed the picture. And thanks for the compliments!
  2. @Moa: Thanks for your compliments! I developed some muscles for sure Vacuform a clear part... that’s a nice option! Thanks, if everything else should fail I could give that a try.
  3. Here a little update after a month. Ok, no gear this time. I want to continue with the flightdeck and nose section for a change. This photo I found on the Internet inspired me: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gettyimages.com%2Fdetail%2Fnews-photo%2Fpilot-waves-a-ukrainian-flag-from-the-cockpit-window-after-news-photo%2F531488262&psig=AOvVaw36SPUUFCx4hQmukS5aZpuO&ust=1606161885680000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCKiT0L_5lu0CFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD The FO waving an Ukrainian flag from the cockpit window
  4. Beautiful plane, and great build! I really like the ‘60’s Aeroflot scheme.
  5. I apologise that I continue this (maybe already very) boring story about the An-225 landing gear construction. But I can explain why, here some cold hard facts about this huge kit. It has a total of 975 parts, from which 642 parts () are only landing gear... Yes, 642 parts only landing gear. The 6 engines 'only' consists of 150 parts, and the flightdeck has a laughable 40 parts. The rest of the parts of the kit are the fuselage-wings-tail parts, photoetch, lights, vents etc. So, I'm sorry but I will keep boring you with the landing gear
  6. It’s almost a shame to apply paint on this work of art... it’s beautiful enough like this!
  7. Hi Hamiltonian, I made a better and detailed preview for you: As you see, you could make it with doors open but you would have to cut the door loose from the transparent side parts...
  8. Great job on this cute little vacform Moa! And that detail on the wings... wow. Perfect.
  9. My compliments for this little beauty! And a great livery. I just received my AVIS 1: 72 Optica kit from the Ukraine: (I used this kit for scale comparison with the wheel bay of my 1:72 antonov 225, hence the strange big construction on the right ) I always wanted a model of this unique plane. You did a great job with that resin kit!
  10. Very nice model! I fly it a lot in the new Microsoft Flight simulator 2020, a great slow flying plane for sightseeing. Nice work!
  11. Ok, on with the gear-project. Did I mentioned that there are still some tiny additional parts left to be attached to the gears? No? Ok, there are still some tiny additional parts left to be attached to the gears. I'm talking about these tiny parts (get your microscope ready): And this is where they need to be attached: I think these are little pistons that can raise and lower the bogies of the gear..? So I cutted out the parts very carefully, as they are very fragile. And now comes the tricky part. The bigge
  12. Thanks for your compliments Marklo! And thanks for the tips, I will try some of your ideas!
  13. Whipped... lol!! Nice café.. So when are you going to start your kit? It's fun, try it..
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