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  1. My thoughts entirely, what a superb peice of airmanship and flying.
  2. Fantastic! My first flight was in a Grob Tutor G115E G-BYUV from RAF Colerne on the 12th of March 2010. It left such a lasting impression that I can still remember the whole flight, including aerobatics! Since then I've gained a PPL a degree in engineering and, over ten years on, I'm traninig to be a Flight Test Engineer. I wonder how many people have been inspired by their time in the Air Training Corps..?
  3. Wings assembled, they still need a fair bit of work.
  4. @Blimpyboy the NH90 programme certainly hasn't been smooth! As I see it the only viable options are the Black Hawk and AW149.
  5. I thought about it, but I'm not too keen on the idea of releasing the 3d models in any format as I effectively lose control of them if they are made available online.
  6. Wings assembled, still need a fair bit of work. The fuselage needs a small amount of redesigning then it will be ready for print.
  7. Thanks all! 3D printed Fury and Hurricane II up next
  8. Hi all, Believe it or not, this is only the third Hurricane I have EVER built and the first I've made in over 10 years! This is the Airfix tropical Hurricane kit which comes with all the parts and most the decals for the Sea Hurricane. I chose to model a Pedestal Hurricane as I like the yellow tail - the kit was painted with Hataka Blue Line Acrylics and Halfords Inca Yellow spray for the tail. Overall a very enjoyable kit to build! And, as this is part of my Hawker collectio
  9. 60k-600k is remarkably not a lot of damage (at least at the lower end)!
  10. Hrm, I'm not convinced with Bell's pitch. "Bell touts ‘ideal' 525 for UK New Medium Helicopter requirement" https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/bell-touts-ideal-525-for-uk-new-medium-helicopter-requirement To the best of my knowledge, the 525 has been designed as a civilian aircraft.
  11. Hannants do a set https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48037?result-token=kbPr4 I bought them but found the set to be fairly limited. I gave up and used a circle cutter on white decal sheet.
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