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  1. Superb looking little aircraft and a fantastic colour scheme to go with it
  2. https://www.defensenews.com/global/asia-pacific/2020/12/16/south-korea-to-order-12-mh-60r-anti-submarine-helicopters/ Don't underestimate the influence of politics in defence procurement.
  3. The Mk 4 has a cargo hook bay, whereas the Mk 4a does not (due to the aforementioned 5th tank). This means there's literally a hole in the bottom of the aircraft, seen here. Other than that, I can't immediately think of any external differences.
  4. There was, quite often, a tendency to say the enemy has better weapons (particularly when the side saying it is losing) - not unexpected for people to say such things I suppose.
  5. That's incredibly good - especially as flying overwater inherently carries a lot more risks, I'd be very curious to know how many hours they've flown. 15.75 m folded for the EH/AW101 - not vastly bigger than the 13.6 m NH90. That said, it is quite a bit larger - it may be driven by a height dimension - I'd be curious to know.
  6. Seahawk crashed (rolled off the deck) because of a mechanical failure, with the loss of 5 crew - the helicopter sank taking the 5 crew with it... https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/military/story/2022-05-04/navy-helicopter-crash Admittedly there are few crashes (fortunately), however, I certainly wouldn't want to fly over water without flotation gear - hence why the Brits have flotation gear on their naval helis. Norway uses the 169 for police roles, I wonder if they would consider the AW189 for their coast guard (as the UK does)?
  7. Easily, Wildcat is a small heli, 13.5 m (nose to tail rotor blades) with the rotors folded, nh90 is 13.6 m folded. Seahawk is 12.5 m folded. Like I've said before however, the Seahawk has no flotation gear, if you end up in the water, your day is going to be a whole lot worse in a Seahawk than a Wildcat...
  8. https://www.facebook.com/100064683009175/posts/399572938875470/ Sad, but not unexpected. The Sea Vixen is a big complicated beast and didn't have a particularly good serviceability when operated by the FAA... However, the good news is the Seahawk will be returned to flight
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