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  1. Oh that's a rather special way to start the Advent Calendar
  2. I still haven't figured out the best way of scratchbuilding this little part for my Chipmunk build! Good spot on that strange circular scoop aft of the NACA duct though - as it's well hidden, I haven't bothered to remove it....
  3. Yep. To get the scale ratio from one scale to another (i.e. FROM 1/24, TO 1/32) you do the following: FROM/TO (In this case, 24/32 = 0.75). Therefore, scale the CAD model by 0.75 to get it to 1/32. On the subject of scales... I'd love to see this in 1/48
  4. This is looking excellent! The mesh intake gaurd is a brilliant addition - I must do the same for my Mk 8.
  5. Hrm, has anyone considered the possibility of a 1/48 Mosquito XVI? They made one previously....
  6. That's exactly what I thought. To the best of my knowledge, HeliOps have been training specifically the German SAR crews - albeit their Sea King had (has?) an additional anti sub role. I don't know if it has the dipping sonar fitted. Regardless, I'm not convinced the HeliOps aircraft would have the sonar equipment fitted anyway - I believe that equipment is long unsupported.
  7. There quite simply isn't anything else to hand. The Sea King, despite being absolutely ancient, actually has a fairly good supply of spares - especially if only 3 need to be kept flying. If the UK wanted to send some armed rotary wing support, the only option would be Wildcat. The UKs Apaches were direct buy from the US military and can't be exported, without agreement from the US.
  8. https://www.helis.com/database/cn/4955/ XZ920 has already been spotted at Jasionka Rzeszów Airport.
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