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  1. I believe Sharkey Wards usual mount was XZ451 006 - however they flew whatever was serviceable at the time.
  2. Unfortunately, 3D printed resin sets with UV. Hot water is not much use. I've had a similar issue with biplanes I've 3d printed.
  3. Looking forward to seeing this progress
  4. @lasermonkey are you on Facebook? I've managed to score some ridiculously good deals on various model kit selling pages, often buying kits at 1/2 to 2/3rd the going price - simply becuase someone had decided to thin their stash. Ebay is usually where I would choose to sell kits for a higher price as some careful planning and good timing can lead to good money. That said, I've had one or two bargains from ebay.
  5. Additionally, I'm unconvinced cost is much of a factor pushing new generations from modelling. The pull of a PS5 seems to be much more influential, and that's not cheap. Edit: I've had another thought as well, I sell about a quarter of my built models and I usually sell them at around £25 profit. Perhaps this could be an option for those who find the hobby is becoming less affordable.
  6. CATIA V5 for me too. It's by far the most powerful and comprehensive CAD package out there - but it is not user friendly whatsoever. Solidworks and Fusion 360 are quite nice and much more intuitive. @bootneck has shown how much impressive stuff can be made on F360!
  7. Hi all, Just stumbled across this, showing as "in progress", the topic is nearly 2 years old and I can't find any further updates - it looks rather stunning though! https://www.behance.net/gallery/93357379/148-Short-Sunderland-MkIII-model Ben
  8. Externally, the only same parts are the Main Rotor Blades, undercarriage (I think - although, maybe the wheels changed), windscreen and the cowl overhead the canopy. I would be surprised if Airfix did announce an AW159 in any scale, it's relatively new in service and is only just getting it's teeth (weapons wise). It's also not yet had the chance to serve in a conflict (unlike the Lynx and Merlin).
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