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  1. Yes, they have included some larger resin tailplanes. I'm using the AMG parts to convert the Airfix Sea Fury and I'm going to build the AMG as SR661 in the early days. I thought about that, however, the cross sections are wrong. The single seater bubble has a trapezium cross section where it meets the windscreen. The 2 seater has a curved cross section. I'm CAD modelling and 3D printing a plug to use for vacforming the canopy. Regarding the tailwheel, did the T20 tail wheel assembly differ significantly from the single seater? Obviously it i
  2. I was thinking of the Navy Wings T20 VX281 - however, i realise you've already mentioned it as, in a previous life, it was "Nothin Special" The photos in this link clearly show the change to the flatter canopy, after 1984. http://www.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=79364 This is slightly annoying, as I am working on the AMG Sea Fury T20 which has the retractable tail wheel and flatter/less bulged rear canopy. I want to do mine as a production T20 - hence I may need to make some changes!
  3. @Work In Progress funny you should mention the rear canopies. The production T20 versions look much more bulged than the later restored versions!
  4. Mines from a few years ago, me flying steep turns in the Pa28 over the North Wessex Downs. Good times!
  5. I've been trying to figure this out myself. It seems the T20s were manufactured with fixed tailwheels. Many restored T20s have retractable tailwheels and some don't feature headrests. Unfortunately, I can't find a definitive answer. Fair point!
  6. Yep blue line is optimised for brush - I've stuck with the hairy stick!
  7. I built it with the mast, before finding this picture and realising my (Tamiya's) mistake! I use Hataka blue line acrylics almost exclusively now - they really are lovely.
  8. Looking very good! Glad my RFI has been of use Be aware, this aircraft didn't have the aerial mast - the Tamiya kit tells you to add the mast.
  9. Stunning Phantom, the cockpit and weapon detail is fantastic!
  10. @KevinK yes, very true. The aircraft are inseparable from peoples experience and visa versa. I must admit, I have always found Cosford a bit of an eclectic mix of aircraft, rather than a museum solely to tell the RAFs story. That said I could bang on about the cold War Hall and experimental hall forever! The Lightning hung nose pointing skywards, over the V bombers is just fantastic
  11. So true. What people experience is what becomes history. Take the people away and it becomes not much more than a list of stuff that happened with no relevance to anyone. The only way we can have a connection to, and understanding of, history is to include the human factor in events. Read Jeffery Quills memoirs, for example, explaining what he and others did when flight testing the Spitfire. That's a vastly better story than reading factual engineering reports (they are dull, believe me, I write them - or at least the modern equivalent).
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