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  1. wellsprop

    Balsa Plans

    Thanks both! I managed to find a website called OuterZone which has loads of fantastic balsa plans (many from Aeromodeller). Currently got a K8b glider on the go, just need to put the decals on really
  2. wellsprop

    Balsa Plans

    Hi all, I've had a bit of an epiphany (I suppose) regarding making models from scratch out of balsa - having started, and really enjoyed, my first balsa build*. I was just wondering if there is some sort of forum anyone is aware of that is great for balsa plans, I'd be keen to find some more. * yes, I realise I am probably showing my youth somewhat, as many of the more experienced members here will have started making models from balsa. How we are spoilt now with so many plastic kits! Cheers all, and I look forward to posting my first balsa in the RFI hopefully before long
  3. That's looking great to me, the extra effort is definitely showing it's worth
  4. Superb looking group of Meteors, I really like the 54 and 1 Sqn aircraft
  5. Thanks all Glad it's got some good comments, I was worried that I had made a bit of a mistake when I put the final spray varnish on too heavy and lost a bit of panel line crispness around the wing route! Cheers, Ben
  6. Hi All, So off the back of my 1/48 Airfix Spitfire Fr Mk. XIVe build I decided to have a go at another one of Airfix's 1/48 offerings, this time of a navalised variety a Seafire XVII. I chose the Seafire XVII as the majority of the XVII's were built where I work and this specific example, SX156, ended up operating from RNAS Yeovilton just down the road from where I live - so it has a close connection to where I live and work. The build was straight forward, simple and enjoyable - I particularly like the white tail! Seafire XVIII, SX156, of 767 NAS,Deck Landing Control Officer Training Unit, RNAS Yeovilton, 1950. I must admit, the Seafire XVII is now drawing with the Spitfire XIVe as my favourite Spitfire! Now wondering what to build next.... Either a Seafire Fr.47, a Westland Wyvern, or another Spitfire Fr XIV - which one should I build next?! Cheers, Ben
  7. Hi Pete, Is the 1/72 sea fury still available? I'm on the lookout for the nose section (basically just the engine cowl and forward fuselage) for a whif i have in mind! Cheers Ben
  8. Try uploading to flickr maybe? Looking forward to seeing this
  9. I love this! The blurred base really makes the Hunter look like it's shifting
  10. Hi All, As some of you may know, I used to be a regular and prolific builder of Spitfires here on BM, particularly Mk XIV's, but in 1/72 scale. Well, you can imagine how I felt when I stopped building models as much (due to university and other hobbies) and then Sword announced a new tool Spitfire XIV in 1/72 and Airfix, a new tool XIV in 1/48 scale. At last! A decent Spitfire XIV in 1/48 scale! So I have begun the switch to modelling (mostly) in 1/48 scale now (for piston fighters at least) as I'm not building as many models, so those I do build might as well be a bit bigger... Aside from the 1/48 Lynx I built myself, which proudly sits on my desk in the Westlands design office, this is the first 1/48 kit I've built in about 10 years! As much as I like the overall silver of the BAFO scheme, I couldnt help but model the 414 RCAF example of Squadron Leader James Bernard Prendergast, if only for the nose art, spinner and silver canopy! I had also made his previous mount NH648 Lazy Lady "IV" in 1/72 scale, five years ago when I'd just started university! No WiP for this one, I've just been enjoying building models recently, without the added hassle of WiP's. The kit was simple and straightforward to build, aside from the tank cover, forward of the canopy, and the wing roots (which has a step in them) - anyway, I'm happy with the final result, weathered subtly. Spitfire FR.XIV ‘P’/NH902 flown by Squadron Leader James Prendergast, 414 Squadron RCAF, May 1945. Lazy Lady "V" Thanks for looking Cheers, Ben
  11. All done! See the RFI for the Wessex Haven't got pics of all three together yet due to the rain....
  12. Hi all, so it’s only taken me just over a year to complete all three models in my Westland Trio, however here’s the final one – Italeri’s Westland Wessex HAS3. Straight out the box, no fancy extras, just a simple build and paint! I really fancied modelling Humphrey, as seen at Yeovilton Fleet Air Arm Museum, however I much preferred the yellow and blue/grey colours. Painted with Humbrol 79 blue grey and Halfords Rover Inca Yellow rattle can (which is actually a really good match to the RAF yellow as used on C1 decals to my eye – more on that in another RFI). I was also lucky enough to see the Wessex, flanked by two Wasps, open the display to this year’s Yeovilton airshow – the first time, in fact, that I have seen a Wessex flying, being young enough that by the time I went to air shows, no Wessex’s were left flying. I really fancy making a 1/48 Hu5 now to sit on my desk at work with my 1/48 scale Lynx I had hoped to get photos of all three models in the Trio together, however, the British summer has had other plans... Cheers! Ben
  13. Ah, the awkward moment when you post in the wrong forum....
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