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  1. Does anyone know if a 1/72 decal is available of this 55 Squadron badge on Westland Wapiti K.1397 photographed at RAF Hinaidi Iraq?
  2. Dave C

    RAF WW2 Bomb racks

    Can anyone advise a source of 1:72 etch, resin or white metal WW2 RAF bomb racks & carriers? Mark 1 bomb rack Mark 2A light series bomb rack Universal bomb carrier Many thanks
  3. Dave C

    SAAF Junkers Ju86

    I'd like to build a 1:72 Junkers Ju-86 in South African service, searching the net for an Italeri Ju-86D or a Ju -86E to convert into a SAAF Ju-86K or Z, I came across the RS Models http://www.rsmodels.cz/ Ju-86R http://www.rsmodels.cz/?link=view&id=92078 and Ju-86P http://www.rsmodels.cz/?link=view&id=92077 Has any one had any experience of RS Models? The Italeri Junkers Ju-86 is not in the current catalogue but seems to be available via 2nd hand outlets The other site I discovered was LF & KORA models e-shop http://www.lfmodels.com/models-172-convers...=4&sort=20a, conversion & correction sets for Swedish, Austrian South American & SAAF Ju-86K http://www.lfmodels.com/junkers-ju-86k1-saaf-p-744.html Again, anyone one have any experience of LF/KORA? Dave
  4. One of the rarest Frog kits, No F240. This site, has an image of the box artwork and suggests that only 100 examples were actually produced. http://www.oldmodelkits.com/index.php?deta...&scale=1/72 Dave
  5. Dave C

    LRDG Waco's

    Thanks guys very useful information Dave
  6. Many thanks chaps for your responses, will heed your advice; by the way Martin what did you mean by `You've got PM' Dave
  7. Dave C

    LRDG Waco's

    This is a little known part of the air war in North Africa during WW11, The LRDG Air Force http://lrdg.hegewisch.net/lrdgaf.html Two Waco biplanes, a ZGC-7, RAF Serial No AX695 and a YKC,RAF Serial No. AX697 were used to transport mission critical information, supplies, and personnel from GHQ to forward base camps. They could also be used for a limited resupplies of forwardly deployed personnel and medical evacuation. The WACOs were sturdy aircraft with the typical short take off and landing associated with biplanes, which made them ideally suited for the clandestine work of the LRDG. They also bore a slight resemblance to the Fiat CR42 Falco (Falcon) one of the last Italian Fighter biplanes which may have helped them avoid contact with German and Italian aircraft. The only 1:72 Waco biplane I've found is the Vac-form Khee-Kha YKS http://www.coopersmodels.com/catalog/item/...990/5336725.htm Anyone one know of any other examples?
  8. Apologies if this topic has been raised before; was the Vickers Wellesley developed into a mark 2 version withe as continuous `green house' cockpit canopy as per this image. http://priskos.atw.hu/Alakulatok-Hadserege...llesley%20I.jpg or was this a local field modification during the 1940 - 1941 Middle East or East African/Ethiopian campaign. Would anyone know what the squadron, camouflage colours, serial No/squadron code was?
  9. Good afternoon, a first posting from a new member. I'm slowly getting back into the hobby aafter a number of years absence. I'd like to purchase the following Czech made 1:72 aircraft models. MPM Fairey Albacore MPM Northrop N-3PB Azur Vickers Wilderbeest All three appear to be unavailable from Hannants, either out of production or discontinued. I've got the Azur Wilderbeest on a Hannants back order, but the two MPM odels aren't bon the MPM web site either. Can anyone offer any alternative suggestions? I found a 2nd hand Northrop on FleeBay, but the vendor wanted silly money for postage
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