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  1. Great looking Voodoo! The yellow sealant on the windshield looks really crisp, was it sprayed on or did you use another technique?
  2. Lovely Hornet! Man, I've just opened the box I have in my stash, it really looks like a joy to build. Thanks for the reminder
  3. Hello guys, After some time away from the workbench, I finally made some significant progress on the Sabre. The paint job was sealed with a coat of Alclad Aqua clear carnish The panel lines received a grey wash (aiming only at the lines, I wanted to avoid a full wash that would alter the metallic paint) The decals were laid. It took a few sessions to get them all down but I think the stencils really bring the model to life. Another coat of Alclad Aqua was applied to seal the decals in. This puts it rather close to the finish line. I was thinking about a coat of satin varnish to tone down the shininess but I'm not even sure it's necessary. Hopefully, the next update will point to the RFI section
  4. Hobbydecal makes the code and USAF markings of this as dry-transfer decals (not ideal, I know) the sheet # is TC72025 https://modelingmadness.com/scott/decals/hd/hdxx25.htm
  5. Wonderful build! Details are sharp and the weathering is spot-on IMO.
  6. I've had a blast using the lacquer based Mr surfacer 1500 (both grey and white). I've bought but not yet tried their Aqueous surfacer range. Which one are you going with?
  7. Brilliant work! I'm especially impressed by how your sorted that canopy issue.
  8. Fantastic work! The South African colors really look amazing on the Mirage.
  9. Looking good! I admire your patience in dealing with the fitting issues of the kit. I'd love to see Eduard work on a 1/72 line of Floggers. After all they were in Czechoslovakian service so it would probably work well with their local audience.
  10. Lovely job, mate. What's next for you on the bench?
  11. Thanks for you kind words, Smudge. In a nutshell, I tried my best to work towards a scratch-free surface. I primed with grey Mr. Surfacer 1500, sprayed a thin coat of H332 Semi-gloss RAF light grey (I think any grey would do, I assume black would give a more reflective shine) I then polished the model using a microfiber cloth and a bit of Tamiya 87069 fine polishing compound. This gave me a very glossy surface on which to spray the silver main coat. Mr Hobby Supermetallic 2 are very fine and went on beautifully with Tamiya lacquer thinner (about 40% well stirred pain to 60% thinner) The idea of not going for a straight gloss black undercoat was inspired by Ivan @Fanakit excellent work on his equally excellent French website of the same name. http://fanakit.free.fr/F86D_hasegawa/f86d_sabre_dog_hasegawa.html I also tried to reduce Tamiya's masking tape adherence by first sticking to the top of my hand. I didn't have any major paint lifting and what little I had was fixed rather easily.
  12. That's one good looking bird! That's an insane amount of stencils and film around them I see now that they are printed by Cartograph so they may not be your traditional thick Japanese decals?
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