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  1. Obviously, you've not been in France since quite some time... Say, two or three centuries ago?
  2. Thanks Julien, Was asking myself the other day if the book was worth buying it, and decided it wasn't. So that's confirmed!
  3. I'd ask on Halberd's FB page about the Cavalier Turbo Mustang... And the answer is:
  4. Indeed! I believe she's a goddess reincarnated, cross bred with a battery cell. Capable to jump on the spot as high as one meter ans half without runup! Here she is again, with her brother Tomcat. Sadly Tomcat is no longer with us, having left this world one month ago. I miss you Tomcat...
  5. Thanks Mike, What a fantastic aircraft for its time. He's done reasonably well despite the limited number of aircraft in service in a limited timeframe, even against FW 190. I've always wondered why it was not used as a night intruder. It would have certainly been a killer at night above Brittany and Normandy airfields. I just got to get myself one.
  6. Got a carbon copy here. When she was born, I was about to name her FS36118, but I changed my mind at the last second. Blue, she's a cream, and she just turned two.
  7. I believe those missiles are build by Nissan... Great review, makes myself want to get a second box!
  8. Hi, I'm not sure to understand your point, but there are a few bits proposed by L'arsenal in 1/72.
  9. Started today the first of two 500 pages volumes on French Vampire/Mistral! Well, see you in a year, or so!
  10. Thanks for those books Patrick. They're my first reference concerning the Spey Phantoms.
  11. And here's were I am today. Still have to correct the joint between the boom and the wing.
  12. Then comes the wings. You've to take care from here if you want the whole wings/stab assembly to look straight. I've worked one wing at a time, with sufficient time in between to let the glue dry completely. Both topside joints were nice, but I was left with a gap on the underside. Less than 1mm, but really obvious due to the very small size of th kit. Again, I corrected it with stretched sprue and extra thin glue.
  13. Hi there, First I wish you all a happy new year! This build was started around mid december, just for me to see if I could still tackle kits in 1/72 scale. Here we go! This is a nice little kit first released in 2014, but this repop is from 2018. The sprues looks fine and parts are nicely detailed. Wonder if this can still be called short run... No surprise, I've started with the pit, but didn't waisted too much time, as in the end there will be nearly nothing left to be seen. I'd painted it black (!), did a quick drybrush, crushed the decal panel, and tried some sort of micropainting... and quickly closed the fuselage! Believe me, you've missed nothing! The only touchy part was the joint between the half fuselages, and I took care of it with a lenght of stretched sprues instead of putty, achieving a more cleaner look. At least I think!
  14. Currently reading Mariano Sciaroni's second book. Highly interesting, to say the least!
  15. Looks like it's finished.... But it is not! While fitting the hood and the wire, I've found a leftover blob of Future on the back end. Can't leave it like that, so I'm bound to remove everything, cause it'll be difficult to correct it in place. So, remove the hood, remove the headrest, and polish, mask, paint, etc.... See you in 2021!!!
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