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  1. Hi John, I was sure you'd be around in no time! Do not hesitate to give whatever kind of advices, you'll be welcome!
  2. I'll not go for Tamiya's options, so instead, I'd choose an old Bison decals sheet. And last, I'll also add an Ed PE sheet. Well, ready to go then. I'm currently on the turret, I should have more pics to show during next week.
  3. He who say British Armour, say first stop at Accurate Armour. Loads of resin for any Chally 2, but not so much for Chally 1. Let's get some corrected uparmoured stuff. a little rectangular box, two A4 size sheets, and some resin parts in a ziplock bag. But as always, the question is: Is it really needed? Let's have a quick comparison. So far, it does not seems that different. Then at the front, it became obvious!
  4. Poly caps, with screws and bolts for the gun and idler wheels. Vinyl tracks... In my opinion good enough for a modern tank with Vickers type running gear... and skirts to hide nearly everything! Instruction sheet. And decals. That's all for Tamiya, but I'll add a few things.
  5. Then four other sprues. The one with uparmoured skirts, for Ops Granby The second one with the skirts used previously. And two others with what's needed for the running gear.
  6. But first, a quick look at what's in the box. Hull and turret.
  7. Hi guys, It's been some months (Years?) I'm trying to come back to modelling. I've lost count of opened boxes left aside after a few days... But I'm still trying! As my lattest attempt is this very British Chally 1 from Tamiya (intended for a Desert Storm GB on Warpaints forum), I thought it might be nice to share the WIP with you all, benefits for me being to learn a thing or two about this tank, and get tips, advices and guidance toward online documentations. Here we go!
  8. Hey John, thanks but do not bother about me, I'm certainly lucky, because this crisis didn't change my life that much. Hope you're still fine in France with your family.
  9. Quality is not there, but can't resist to show you this one. Thanks Fran├žois!
  10. A small video of mine, shot a few weeks ago. Rafale flyby at LFLO to celebrate Aurelien last flight with the AdA. Hope you'll like it.
  11. And Tomcat, always keen to do something stupid, like destroying my shoelaces...
  12. Well, my last post on BM is quite some months away.... Time to come back! Let's start with some cats! Blue, my little goddess...
  13. The only reason this kit's not already in my stash... is because it'S sold out nearly everywhere! Thanks again for the review, Paul. A delight to read'
  14. Excellent review, Paul, as usual. Looks like its a fine kit, but they've missed something with the boxart Half a century ago, Matchbox's was much more accurate
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