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  1. Decals, really? Makes me remember Tamiya's zimmerit set for it's 1/35 Elefant. IIRC, it was more a thin sheet of plastic than a decal. Can we expect some kind of test-fit, just to see the look of it? It would be really nice of you.
  2. Very good selection of colour options. From the so-called Experten schwarm. That is, until Stahlschmidt saw them emptying their ammo drums into the sand dunes, just before coming back to their airfield to report a dozen abschuss between themselves!
  3. Antoine

    What have you purchased / been given

    It happened an horrible thing to me... I just turned fifty! Yes, that bad! So I really had to do something to cheer me up. I turned myself towarrd an expensive, but efficient method: Burn the credit card!! All straight from SH THE F.1!!!! An Indian Alizé Wars before the War! China & Spain. Republican Vildebeest William Labussière's Northrop Gamma & Vultee V-11. From Plaza Japan One of Tamiya's last beauties, Ki-61. I'm still thinking I don't have enough Tomcats!! And from some French shops Books, Conversion, & decals!
  4. Antoine

    What are you reading?

    Something in French. "Le pari de l'impossible", by Romain Bethoux. Mirage F1CT/CR driver, then PAF leader in 2014/2015. Interesting to see how life is in such a unit. Good read overall, but I'll bee happy to start a new book.
  5. Antoine

    Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    It's ok now, they've linked the true july leaflet.
  6. Antoine

    Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    Not for me. The address shows indeed 2018/07 but the title is still june, and the leaflet the same.
  7. Antoine

    Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    There must be something wrong, it's still the june one...
  8. But... But... Tony, it's a French kite!!! Did you take your pills? Or did you misread FFAF for FAA? (Bad) jokes appart, it seems you're on your way to another splendid build. There's so much to do with a Blenheim. Got both the I & IV from Airfix, together with some excellent Xtra decal sheet, and I just don't know which one I'll build. Certainly not RAF or FFAF, but it doesn't help much for the choice... Well, looking forward to your next WIP post.
  9. Antoine

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

  10. Antoine

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

  11. Antoine

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Hi John, This one maybe?
  12. Antoine

    Mirage F.1 EQ/ED - 1:72 Special Hobby

    I was in fact thinking precisely about those pods. Thanks Joffrey!
  13. Antoine

    Mirage F.1 EQ/ED - 1:72 Special Hobby

    Thanks, Julien. Certainly one of the best looking jets, ever. By the way, ED stands for Libya, Qatar owned EDA. Despite obvious efforts by SH, I'm still a bit disapointed by the range of weapons/pods/tanks offered, considering the F1 capacity. Lets hope we'll soon find more on the aftermarket. Also, EQ is a bit vague. Looks like its an EQ4?
  14. Antoine

    Tiger Model - 1/35 - VBL Milan

    Splendid, really! One (or two) small things, if you don't mind. There should be only one antenna, as there's only one PR4G radio in the vehicle. also, the antenna should really be vertical, as they're really rigid. Only the base could bend a little while the vehicle moves. Again, well done!
  15. Thanks Julien. I've just seen Zéphyr N°28 land at LFLO, but he didn't stay long enough for me to walkaround. I'm sure I'll be able to at the airshow in september.