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  1. They're five, born on the 9th, the first one at about 9:00 PM, with the rest following at the rate of one every 30mn. All are in good shape, I even witnessed a kick boxing session, two of them fighting for the same tit.
  2. Hi Larry, I've heard that there's also a lenght issue with the tanks. Can check if you like. About the paint, if you did check the link, you've seen that the Etendard did get at least two schemes in its early life, the one with EDSG being the first. So make your choice. This one is also cool. And as Sikkens is still in existence, you can even contact them about 59278, they might send you a sample! As usual with French paints, it's difficult to find the equivalent FS, and each modeller over here will make his own kitchen. You just have to do the same!
  3. As for the paint... Better check the camouflage section, down this link.
  4. So, everything seems to be already set? A few points, if you don't mind. There's no such thing as a middle pylon, as each wing has only two points. I'll try to find and check the instructions, as I suspect a mix-up from KH with the Super Etendard. - Inboard, to be set either with an Alkan 504 for heavy load (fuel tank), or Alkan 257 for lighter load (bombs up to 250kg/500lb) - Outboard use Alkan 257 only. For your choice, neither fuel tank nor LR Matra 150 for 18 SNEB 68mm rocket need an adapter to fit under the Alkans As you know, the refueling pod is a Douglas D-827-A, replaced in the early 80's by a Intertechnique D-827-B (under licence). Honnestly, I don't know the difference... All the IVP (and PM) can play tanker, but for the IVM, you start from n°51, plus n°5 as it was used for trials. Also, there's a need to have the IVM fitted with the "chassis engin" to carry the Douglas pod. "Chassis engin" is used with A/G missiles and contain all the wiring and switchology needed for AS20/30. In this case, and so for aerial refueling, the aircraft carry no guns, as they come with the "chassis canon", which is more common, and used for A/G work with bombs and rockets. Beside, the IV is a bit short-legged, so there's no room for AAM or bombs or rockets when the pod is present. Fuel tanks and that's all. Sidewinder WAS a common fit. Outboard pylon only, Alkan 257 with an Aero adapter.
  5. I've got the big Bible in two volume for the Etendard, and with this I'll be able to answer all of your questions (hopefully). But. Do you want to read about ALL the weapons cleared for use with both aircrafts? That will be a huge list. Or do you want to know about those found in the kit's boxes? If so, I'll try to find a picture of the sprues. Maybe you're interested by the aftermarket option? Please tell me, so that we can reduce the scope of our search. About the AIM-9, it's still an option to me, it's just that the aircraft never used it in combat.
  6. For sure, as the IVM was no longer in service when they were first delivered to the Aéronavale
  7. Thanks, and do not worry, as I don't give it too much importance, there are other things that really matter in real life. The only thing annoying to me is that I kind of let you down.
  8. Hi guys, Just a few words to let you know I'm out of this. I've to admit that I haven't glued a single part so far, and for this I've a truck load of bad excuses you don't want to hear about. Whatever, the fact is that I just can't build anything at the moment. I know the mojo will come back, the question is: When?
  9. Wasn't really able to connect lately...
  10. Well, a few precisions about the different chapter, maybe? Anyway, that book is on my shopping list since already a few months, as references from this side of the war are scarces, but also because I've only praise for the work of Doug Dildy, ex-F-15 pilot turned author.
  11. Antoine

    What are you reading?

    And even then, things might happen differently than those you don't planned, etc.... Well, I just received a new book, so "46 Driver" might wait a bit more. "Stories of the 11e Escadre de Chasse". Stories, not story. The book's build nearly as Grub Street's serie "The xxxx boys", the difference being the highest number of pages, with thus more stories, but of different sizes.. The 11 used F-100 and then Jaguar, and saw much action in Africa during the 70's/80's.
  12. Thanks Ozzy, no apologies needed, I just lost track of the chat, and didn't know if the front page listing was up to date, as its not part of the host's first post.
  13. Silly me! I did check the Trumpy D, but forgot about the G...
  14. Hi there, Hopefully, I'll have a go at this GB. I may have missed something, but what qualify, and what does not is quite unclear to me. can someone help with those listed above?
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