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  1. The only reason this kit's not already in my stash... is because it'S sold out nearly everywhere! Thanks again for the review, Paul. A delight to read'
  2. Excellent review, Paul, as usual. Looks like its a fine kit, but they've missed something with the boxart Half a century ago, Matchbox's was much more accurate
  3. Hi guys, It's been some time since the last time I used the whole range of Tamiya's acrylics, and it seems that I've forgotten some basics. IIRC, XF-16 was a bit specific, and I would appreciate if anyone could share his experience with this paint. Thanks in advance.
  4. Well, most of you lot will think that there's absolutely no change between this picture and the last one... But I swear, I've highlighted the top, and distributed some shadows here and there at the bottom. In reality, I must admit that those shadows are a bit too light, so I'll try some smoke tomorrow, or heavily diluted black paint.
  5. Hi John, Sorry to learn about that. You'd say that language was an issue at some time, so do not hesitate to ask if you feel I can help.
  6. Then believe me: They're just beautiful! Sometime drag & drop just doesn't work... Should be ok now.
  7. The primer being dry, we now move on to the paint properly. Tamiya indicate the main colour to be an IJN gray from Kure arsenal, available when the kit was released as a spray, ref. TS-66. But today, we've also the acrylic version, XF-75. IIRC, there's also a lacquer in Mr colour range, as part of an IJN set. My choice was the acrylic. The plan was to cover all the rottbraun with gray, but after my first very thin and diluted airbrush passage, I noticed a nice surprising effect, and decided to leave it as it was. For the moment!
  8. Hi John, Nice to hear from you. Not so quick, as I started two weeks ago. Noticed that, yes, but... I've no answer so far.
  9. I've added the missing front light, after a quick mod to figure a broken glass. I'll try to add some wires later. It's primer time, and I choose a rottbraun acrylic-polyurethane from Vallejo. Perfect to make a difference with the light gray of the sprues, and the final colour of Kure arsenal gray (kind of German grey), as indicated by Tamiya. And beside, I've one bottle in my primer collection!
  10. All the sub-assemblies are put together, and I've added one front light. So far, so good. Only little drawback are the sprues attachments to the tracks, they're a bit difficult to clean-up Ready for the paint!
  11. The build is really straightforward, and take about a single day. I've decided for three sub-assembly, that is the hull, the dozer blade and the tracks. Here's the hull, nearly finished. I'll spare the seat for the end, to ease the paint job. I've got small mods to do with the front lights, too. But I won't go into extensive modifications or detailling, as I'm poor on documentation.
  12. Hi there! As a lot of us, I've started 2020 with a full bag of good resolutions, and among thoses, trying to finish one (or more) build. After a quick glance at more than a dozen false starts from the last decade, I've decided to go for a fresh kit. My choice? The unexpected Komatsu G40 from Tamiya, released a few years ago, a very very nice little 1/48 kit, perfect for a little vignette together with an aircraft. And this is exactly what I plan to do, but let's concentrate on the bull only for the moment. Let me take you on a quick visit inside the box. Starting with the sprues. There are two, if I'm not wrong. Instruction sheet. Only one camo option. The decals. All those stencils... A handfull of metalic dry transferts. And... that's all!!!
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