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  1. Antoine

    Heller GB for 2020 at 18 and growing

    Hi Guys, My stash is not exactly full of Heller kit, and I was wondering if by the way this one would fit the bill (I believe it's ex-Heller, right?)? It happen I'm just above the required age to tackle it. If it's ok, I would just have to find SCW decals. If no, no problem, I'll find somethingg else (DC-6, Canadair, Mirage 5, Fennec, Ouragan, Viggen, at least).
  2. Antoine

    What are you reading?

    Reading this at the moment. I'm about 80 pages into it, but not yet "hooked"
  3. Antoine

    What are you reading?

    I've read it a few years ago, excellent indeed! Funny, was on my bookshelves for years, but finished it only last month, Well, not EST best book in my opinion. Very detailled and well researched, but a bit boring in the end, perhaps because it's not really an action book. My preference goes to Reasons in writing.
  4. Antoine

    Heller GB for 2020 at 18 and growing

    Ok, count me in. I'll manage to find something, got a few 1/72 and 1/48 in the stash.
  5. Antoine

    2019 Groupbuild programme

    You mean.... Me?
  6. Antoine

    [Hobbyboss 1/48] MiG-17F Fresco C

    Update? Since I thrown it into the bin back in 2012, I can only hope that it's been recycled since in some better plastic kit....
  7. Even on a family level, I just don't know to which unit my Grandfather belong, only that he was part of a transmission outfit, so obviously not straight on the frontline. He survived the war, only to die a few years later from disease or by accident (even this is unclear). My father was to young to remember much more anyway. What was your great Grandfather's unit?
  8. My Grandfather was there as well. The Hanriot is a very nice looking aircraft, very colourfull whatever the owner.
  9. Decals, really? Makes me remember Tamiya's zimmerit set for it's 1/35 Elefant. IIRC, it was more a thin sheet of plastic than a decal. Can we expect some kind of test-fit, just to see the look of it? It would be really nice of you.
  10. Very good selection of colour options. From the so-called Experten schwarm. That is, until Stahlschmidt saw them emptying their ammo drums into the sand dunes, just before coming back to their airfield to report a dozen abschuss between themselves!
  11. Antoine

    What are you reading?

    Something in French. "Le pari de l'impossible", by Romain Bethoux. Mirage F1CT/CR driver, then PAF leader in 2014/2015. Interesting to see how life is in such a unit. Good read overall, but I'll bee happy to start a new book.
  12. Antoine

    Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    It's ok now, they've linked the true july leaflet.
  13. Antoine

    Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    Not for me. The address shows indeed 2018/07 but the title is still june, and the leaflet the same.