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  1. Good progress Maddoxx and you seem to be gaining a pile of sub-assemblies! I do fancy having another go at a full interior kit despite the problems I've had with the Sherman .... your build log is doing a great job of steering me away from a Border or Dragon kit!! 🤣 Keep up the good work and sharing of info! 👍 Keith 😁
  2. Of high performance tortoises
  3. Tortoise racing at Silverstone
  4. Is that in Egypt? 🤔
  5. That makes him angry
  6. Nice work @Stef N. .... your usual standard prevails! 👌 Keith 😁
  7. That is awesome ..... loads of detail and the rigging and weathering are superb! 👌 It definitely needs pride of place! Keith 😁
  8. Hello 👋 and welcome from another 'returner' Lots of advice and great information to be had here .... hopefully you'll share some of your work soon.... Keith 😁
  9. Nice work on the engine Maddoxx. I'm thinking that this is a kit for the more experienced modeller due to all the fiddly adjustments and confusing instructions. You're providing a great reference for those that follow! 👌 Keith 😁
  10. Nice work on that interior. I used Mig Ammo satin white on my Sherman and it was ok .... I did mix it thoroughly and thinned with Tamiya thinners. I'll sit quietly and wait for the next update .... Keith 😁
  11. Wow! 30 days to produce that .... superb work, especially the weathering 👌 Keith 😁
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