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  1. That’s a lovely finish and not a scheme I’ve seen before! Brilliant work!!!
  2. It looked exactly like yours does and took a fair bit of sanding to get flush with the fuselage, even after the 2/3mm plasticard plug! I would have put my progress on here but the hotlinking confuses me too much! If you use Instagram I’m on there as modelsbymatthew if you want to see my build on there for any reference! So far you’re doing far better than me as I had a lot of sanding around the wing fuselage join but you seem to have got a much better result than I did!!! I also needed some work filling and sanding both the canopy and rear glazing joins to get them smooth to the fuselage!
  3. I’m so glad you posted this photo. It made me realise that I incorrectly built my Boston III with the supercharger covers on No idea how I got that wrong in the instructions and never picked up on it!! I’ve just managed to pop them off without too much effort (luckily I only completed it in January) so I can go back and hopefully fit the right covers and blend it all in without too much drama!! Thank you for doing this build and correctly so I realised!!!!
  4. Lovely finish on a kit you don’t see very often! Looks great in early RAF markings, great work
  5. I built the RAF Boston III boxing over the winter and had the same problems with the fuselage… I just filled the 2-3mm gap with plasticard and everything else then (more or less) fit around it. Hard work, but was ultimately well worth it as it ends up a lovely looking kit!
  6. That’s a wonderful finish, the weathering is absolutely perfect
  7. Brilliant finish Mark! It’s been very enjoyable and informative watching it coming along in WIP! She’s a stunner!
  8. Looking at the major gaps in the 1/72 WW2 market - the obvious ones as far as I can see are: B-24 (especially Ford nose H/L versions) P-38 (especially F/G/H) Hudson/Venture family Fairey Battle Westland Whirlwind Hampden Manchester I think we may eventually see a Stirling and Halifax but for now I’m more than happy with the Revell and Italeri boxing’s even if I have to use aftermarket on them. And let’s hope the Arma Hobby P-51B is the definitive one! I have to say it is ridiculous in 2021 we still have no real modern P-38 F/G/H or B-24H so let’s hope!!
  9. Looking really great Rob, glad to see the decals put to such a great use!
  10. I have those decals for the B-24 Rob I’ve sent you a DM
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