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  1. Hello Dears !! Well my cut out finger slowed me a bit... Note for our Dear @The Spadgent as I'm not as able as usual, I just took the 5 Mustang on the table... I'm rectifying the fuel tank for the Allisson Mustang It's surely a pre serie model since the apparent welding is really different Have a look at the pic of Mrs Virginia here above... I start rubbing Mrs virginia's legs... This on for @CedB I don't know yet for tomorrow... Ponies or Hurries even the Wurgers can pop up... The 112th Mustang will soon be primed... Have a great modelling Week End !! Time for me to go with Green clay on my forced rigid Oh you know what I mean !! Sincerely. CC who found a new way to loose some weight....
  2. Wait for the next one... Who can resist Red.... Thanks for the kind words my Dear Spad !! CC
  3. Ah !! Page one of double build of my distinguished colleague !! Pretty good idea Bill !! But forget the OOB thing... we are no longer able to simply build a kit... We both are infected and there is no known cure... May I take a seat at the bar please ? You seem to be one of the last to resist... And @giemme too... But in fact, you also have 2 kits on the table... Come on Spad, still 52 to start and join the fray !! Impressed CC
  4. Elementary my Dear Watson !! Or maybe Elephantary... CC
  5. Well !! a promise is a promise !! Wednesday, it was Restaurant, so modelling is reported... I must get in this place with the @Martian, nice meals indeed... Now bringing the Martian in Belgium is another matter !! Nicolas say Hello !! Brazilian Ice cream and Belgian beer !! That made it !! They even produce their own chocolates !! And as Deb said, Belgian can be trusted on for 3 things, Beers, Chocolates and firearm... What Deb say !!! Yesterday, I was preparing the meal and Dang !! I sharpened all the kitchen knives and I ensure you.... It's sharp now !! The tip of my finger was about to get in the soup.... But nonetheless, I manage to work on these beasties .... I cure my finger with green clay and Photyso... And now, I have an eye on the tip of my finger.... More to come soon !! Sincerely. CC
  6. Glad to see you back !! I was talking about the one that may have crossed your way after SMW Still nasty CC
  7. The Martian is back Hoooray !! No PC but he did'nt stay inactive !!! Waoow Great job my Dear ETI !!! Welcome back in Britmodeloonies !!! Sincerely. CC
  8. Well !! Where are the PC parts of our Martian ??? I'll let a bait on here... He'll be back sooner !! Look what a great place !! tempted Dear tentacled one ??? Sincerely. CC
  9. Hello John, I can give it a try but no... This mushroom is really great ! and tasty enough !! It help me for my allergies and guts disorders... Look like I will have pumpkins this year !! I really enjoy these curly botanic thingies !! Nature is stunning, it look like the old fashioned telephone wires... My tiny garden is under an invasion threat... I did'nt feel to be ashamed to make a garden since even rockstars did it... Sorry @The Spadgent I can't resist this one... A bit more to follow the thread of my friend @CedB I told you so... 1/72 is far too tiny for my big stubby mechanic's fingers... I add some wiring to the MG's Then I will add an electrical relay and plug these wires to the control column... .... in my dreams.... Some Hurricane desks in progress... The first one will be buttoned up soon... RATG one in fact... Followed closely by the BoB one... Now a question for our Hurricane expert... @Troy Smith If my memory is not too holed up.... When the step is lowered, the handle on the fuselage is open... But is this possible to have the canopy open and the step closed up ??? I think so, since the canopy can be opened when flying... Or in other words, is the canopy linked to the step under the fuselage and the handle ??? Today, no modelling since we get on the restaurant to celebrate the end of schoolyear for our kids !! They both made it good !! A pic of the restaurant... I must bring @Martian in this one... and some of you if you came up in our tiny bananian Kingdom.... More to come up tomorrow.... I'll try to avoid the Gardies when coming back home at night... And of course any flying couscous.... Have a great modelling time Gents !! Sincerely. CC
  10. Hello Ced Magnifiers are very usefull and this will became addictive !! Oh so you also tried something like the BBQ in a gale ?? Flying couscous ?? The whole bowl or all the grains ??? Bit by bits ? Blowed by the wind it can be pushed in some... Let's say disturbing places... I hate camping too... Winds, rain, snoring in the tent just 1 meter aside, and some other disturbing noises... The only times I practised camping was on airshow, behind the hangars and totally made off from foreign beverages testings Now you know why I do prefer making 1/48 kits... And even in that scale, I'm swearing a lot... Practising some foreign languages.... I('s more funny... And SWMBO did'nt understand.... Give it a try !! Sincerely. CC
  11. Hello Stuart, I've got a complete file about that beast, the plane, not the car... And I think that a flyable replica has been done or at least has been in progress... I can search for it if you need it... I think it was in an old "Fana de l'aviation" if my memory did'nt fail... Can't wait to see the finished diorama... Add some ladies.... And blowing wind.... Mind the garters.... Okay, I go back to my bar on Venus....
  12. Hello Dears, Modelling today Lots of bits done but nothing worth of a pic... I prepare the belly of the RATG Hurricane, I opened the air intake. For the one interested, SWMBO is now involved in creating this... No, it's not alcohol, it's fermented but it's good for your intestine... Kombuchja is the name !! Refreshing and delicious !! I tried it with cherries !! Oh My !! I loved it !! See you tomorrow !! Sincerely. CC
  13. Another temptation to get me in SMW 2020 ??? My bankers is a brunette but not an Osset one.... And she says NO !! Plum pie.... I plea Not guilty... It's atavic Mr President !! Where's the @Martian ?? Now that we need him... Damn... galactic coms... Ah these WOT.... Thirsty CC
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