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  1. Nice job Fubar !! Realy good painting job ! Sincerely. CC
  2. Well Thanks David ! The next one will be more conventional... I think it should be "Lucy Quipment" Thank you Sir ! I'm glad that you appreciated ! Hello Spad ! Thank you my friend, It look like the SH one is better than the AZ ! If you Don't have her on your stash yet !! I was dreamind about a 1/24 SEA Hurricane…. Just sayin' With operation pedestal markings ??? Fly Navy !! Sincerely. CC
  3. Hello John, Eye problem, it's my nightmare, and the main Reason for me to quit smoking !! I hope that it's not too serious and I send you my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery ! Paper Tiger !! Good Idea…. Don't tempt me too much, I also have the F-89.... Must finish some kits before ! My mushroom caretaker F-84F is a good example… I started her in 1987... Well Thank you Sir !! Sincerely. CC
  4. Me too !! Since I'm also an Alain !! The destructions are wrong too, one must better look twice before gluing Something ! one is a F-35B and what's the other one ? I've started a AH-1Z Viper. Sincerely. CC
  5. Hello Christer !! Sure that count !! It was just bantering Chap ! Knowing that we are 2 serial starters !! Loosing 10 Kgs ?? Don't work with me, otherwise, I will start my 3 Sea Furies tomorrow !! Hello John !! I'm also found of these machines I'll be glad to see your F-86, Which one ? Sabre Dogs ? Thanks Wez !! I agree about getting a bit less fat in my case ! The kit is the KH one and the decals came from Caracal models #CD48017 Otherwise, I just Added oxygen hoses and better looking seat belts And SAC undercarriage Oh and should I forget ?? A LOT of putty !! Hello Alan, Firing all together ended almost everytime with an engine flameout…. So they used "ripples" firing, Then, it degraded the saturation of fire And so on…. Ah the good ideas of the '50..... Do you hear about "Ding Dong" ?? The Genie rocket ??? Hello HC !! Thank you Sir ! But No !! Don't tempt me !!!! I need to finish some kits before !! Hello John ! They did in fact ! I bought one HB F-80.... and selled it on Evil bay untouched ! I'm back to my Monogram F-80 Thanks for the kind words ! I agree 100% But I'm afraid since I bought some other KH kits since I started this one... On the other hand !! Where would be the pleasure ?? quoting Dr Alan Grant !! I thank you a lot Gents !! Sincerely. CC
  6. Hello Denford ! Scale is 1/48 and there is no resin… Yet The cabin floor is from an Italeraccurate Avenger ! But Stay tuned !! There will be some resin !! In the Monogram one at least !! Well thank you for the add ! It's really helpfull !! Look Chris !! The magic of BM has worked again !! Sincerely. CC
  7. Hello Dears !! Und Foilà !! Dimensions are now right !! Now ! A bit of sanding and cleaning ! Sincerely. CC
  8. Hello Dears ! As my son resume modelling and as I'm really glad about it !! I restart my Tiger wheels !! To show some solidarity !! More to come soon ! CC
  9. thanks Pete The next Firefly will surely be a Mk V, that will sit aside a Certain Hawker Fighter No longer HMS Triumph but HMS Glory !! Thank you Sir ! Thanks Tony ! A 1/48 HMS Triumph Let's pondering... May be with the help of an famous Alien of this parrish !! After a load of rocket fuel and some plasticard in stock !! well Thank you Chris ! I'' look in my docs and publish what I've at hand for the Tarpon !! I told you so !! Here we used to say "When the sluths wake up ! Things are Moving !!" Thank you Sir ! Sincerely. CC
  10. Hello ! Thanks for the kind words, I've used ALC 101 Aluminium and ALC 106 White aluminium. Sincerely. CC
  11. But all in all, I'm a bit satisfied... My metallic rendering is not yet as good as I want it to be but !! A pic of the real thing, taken at Air to Air Rocketry competition '56 at Yuma AB !! See that the red is a bit worned out ! Now my friend @Biggles87 can see her finished … At least !! I was about to try this but... It was hard enough for me and my poor skills !! One day May be !! Now, I'm satisfied with my burned metal effect !! Well Thank you all, Hope that she is appreciated !! I'm open to comments ! No I did'nt put the awful thing that is trying to look like a wiper !! And as she was too Advanced when I signed up in BM, there is no WiP for her Sorry about that !! Thank for watching and have a great modelling time !! CC
  12. Hello Dears, It's me again… Putting a bit of pressure on my friend @Christer A 2 finished in 2 days…. Well almost !! Arctic cock yes but bathed in the sun of Nevada for instance !! I Always loved Arctic markings !! And I will have a NORAD serie, here's the first attendant !! Lockheed F-94C Starfire #13548 from the 29th Fighter interception Squadron based at Malmstrom ( Great falls) To say that the kit is a pig is an understatement !! When I first opened the box, I say Oooooh Shiny !! then at the second look, I've been a bit less enthusiast !! Painted here with Tamiya red and alclad ! Flory and oïl paint for the light weathering first thing to complain about is the orange skin plastic !! prepare yourself for A LOT OF sanding and micromeshing !! Then the adjustments are at least a complete nightmare !! The instruction booklet lead you into some mistakes…
  13. Thank Geoff !! So, stay tuned, there is more FAA bird down the pipe !! I will also thank @tonyot for his help and inspiring work !! Sincerely. CC
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