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  1. Hello Stix !! Great job on the Hurri !! I still have 2 Hurricanes to finish.... But I bought a 3rd one, and ordered another one.... Glad to see you back on here... Sincerely. CC
  2. Good looking Huey Moondrome And I like the porco rosso too !! CC
  3. And took an overhaul since over Geeing create abnormal stresses... Checking all the rivets and ribs for wrinkles and structural damages.... Sorry to tell it my friend... Just my token of course.... CC
  4. Waow waow Waaooow !! @TheBaron and @hendie Spadawan is about to receive his 3D laser sword !! Really great Job man.... Congratulations !! Start thinking about 3D printing too now !! Damn.... CC
  5. Sooo, there is one solution... Start one.... The more Jolly Rogers, the better !! Finger crossed, 2021 will surely not see 2 Corsairs in RFI but surely 2 bearded pirates !! Stay safe Gents !! Sincerely. CC
  6. Hello Gang !! I feel some perturbations in the force coming from down under.... The force say "It's about a certain Sharkmouthed flying thing" Here it is @Dunny See, it has been buttoned up !! I'll add some bits and bobs as I'll start sanding.... It has no longer nothing to do with old monogram offering ... Then creating mock up radiator for the rear outlets And then Click Clack Boom.... Still can be finished this year !! Have a great modelling week... Evening work for me !! Sincerely. CC
  7. Thank you so much Dear Baron I'm now looking on the dark side of modelling... You know what I mean... 3D printing is really tempting.... Hello Dears, As ZZtop once sing.... She's got legs Be careful for that Pitot tube, it is incredibly fragile as are the retraction arms... Wednesday, I will work with Oil paints.... I love that !! Sincerely. Stay safe Gents !! CC
  8. Hello Dears No, no, I did'nt fell asleep on my Phantom, let's say that, stencilling is almost done.... So, as in this TV show... I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored.... And so on... Cannot reproduce it here.... Young ears are around... And then Flory !! That's what I'm waiting for !! More to come in a week on account of evening work... You know... as @TheBaron once said.... Take care Gents !! Sincerely.. CC
  9. CC's solution to this dillemma... Make 2 !! Easy as ... (choose your word to be placed here) CC
  10. Incredible work on your vixen Tony !! I stay in awe... Now I have 3 1/48 Sea Vixens.... I suppose that I will start it Soon.... Congratulations Dear Baron !! 5 more pages and You get back to Buckingham palace for another award... Just saying... Sincerely. CC
  11. Ahaaa Chris !! Serial builder virus strike again !! Can't wait to see Annie with decals !! Did you start your other serie build ?? Yes, I know, I'm nosy... CC
  12. Poor nav !! That's a hell of a bad joke... I Hope that he was'nt wounded ?? Hello Ron !! Serie build !! of F-111 !! By an expert with load of pics and advices !! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE !! Thanks man !! May I take a seat at the bar, peering over your shoulder... Sincerely. CC
  13. Thanks Chris, I'm now using the brushes a bit more When I see what you and @tonyot achieve with this tool... I'm far behind of course... well thank you sir ! thank you Mister G !! Flory has toned down a bit which is a great thing !! I'm now working on UC and Kabooms !! RFI is nearing !!! Wing on the right has been Floried, the other one, not yet... And I see a bit of damn black paint that made its way down on the engine cowling... More to come soon !! Sincerely. CC
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