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  1. Thanks Andy !! Great to share it with us !! Hope also that everything is good for you too !! We are waiting for "The Martian Return" Quietly !! I'm reassured that he get better !! Thanks again !! And have a blue Chimay on my behalf... CC
  2. And now ladies and gentlemen, A good old rebel yell !!! Yiiiihaaaaa !! Old decals from 1984 with cracks on it are saved with Microscale liquid decals film !! Aaaand I must cut ilt the nearer possible from the picture because the carrier film is dirty... But, it look good !! I'm really glad !! Sincerely. CC
  3. I told you Chris !! Mad as hell !! Well sure, modern kit are a bit less demanding... Sometimes and some of them of course !! But having a 1969 kit stepped up to today standard is very satisfying !! And moreover, you find these kits for nuts on the interweb !! Now, when you see the detail level, Monogram was a great brand too, save for the raised panel lines... Thank you all Chaps !! CC
  4. Not even me It happen that I take a kit in my stash, Open the box aaaand Hoops !! I already do that ?? Thanks Mr G
  5. Welcome aboard Zack !! Golden Carolus Mmmmh good one !! The Kasteel bier is a good one but it's a dirty traitor !! I oftenly use it for the one who know it all !! Sweet and lovely in the mouth !! take another one and if you don't be used to... Sincerely !! CC
  6. Hello Gents !! As I already told it in my Mustang's thread...It has been an evening for repairing my own goofs... And I'm able to do some... Ahem... See, taking notes that start by... Don't forget to.... And forgetting to read it.... Well, now, It's just a bit more difficult... The trim tab actuator is not the same on the -5... But I glued the rudder... Other than that, I did one of the switch panel... And it's now glued in due place.. And the huuuuge radar pod is on its place... Wing is engraved too... If you wonder about wh
  7. Hello again Spad !! Look it got an air of Déjà Vu... And Shhht, the 4th one is on its way... Take care Gents !! And happy modelling week end !! Sincerely. CC
  8. Of course there are !!! But don't tell... I see these 2 huge guys with white coat searching for me... Sooo, it has been a repair your own goof CC... I forget to glue the PE part figuring the radiator in the ventral scoop of the Eduard Mustang... Going to have it right in place when the Aircraft is closed up and wing fixed is... How can I tell it... But here we go, Tomorrow airbrushing of OD anti glare panels, On this one, And on the F-84F... The pleasure of Multi builds !! Oh and look !! The Pony lunacy.2 is on now... All that after
  9. Coooool !!! Great Thanks Mike !! My work is based mainly on 3 different books... And a lot of pics !! I will now see what I missed with these 2 threads... So far, I only used an Hobbycraft Corsair and some parts not used in other builds... 2 Tamiya Corsairs for the conversion... Hum Quite expensive... And No, I never found any conversion for these 2 rare birds in any scale... The paint scheme will be a VC-3 bird but not the one of Bordelon Sincerely. CC
  10. I told you Chris, I'm mad !! And our Dear Martian know it for sure... A quick check 8 Mustangs, 2 done 4 Airacobras, none done... 5 Sea Furies, none done And so on... 3 Canberras... But as I modify a lot... it take some times... Now, that will make our Dear @Biggles87 happy !! A bit of masking when the black has cured thoroughly... Aaaaand ??? The Korean Mustang is on to the RFI.... It look like I'm a bit obssessed by Korean war these months... Well... That's the way it is !!
  11. Hello Dears !! Well, the scratches have been fixed and repaired... On both sides... Then the right red has been applied... Next step is the OD anti glare panel... But I'll do the Yeager's Mustang in the same time... One more advantage of Multi builds !! More to come soon Gents !! And take care, better than I do... Which is not very difficult !! Sincerely. CC
  12. Hello Dears !! On we go One more part engraved !! I use to dip a bit of Tamiya green cap in the slith, it give a better finish and dissolve all the plastic dust... More engraving tomorrow... Maybe.. Sincerely. CC
  13. Well the 1/48 offering is a bit better... But not whithout issues... The belly of the HB -4 , the wings of the HB -5 Now, when you look at the modifications I did .... A Corsair a year is a good rythm... I tried to put the PW in the cowling With the the flap ring installed, and it get through easily... So I glued the flap ring on the cowling and then, I'll thin the flaps and detail it, because the ring is really fragile... Now, Look at that beast of a Corsair !! I think that I'll finish a Corsair this year... Then turn my attention on this old project of
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