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  1. corsaircorp

    1/48 F4U-4 Corsairs Academy and Trumpeter

    Hello Giorgio, I'll try it, good idea ! Thanks Hello Cousin, That's right ! I was not satisfied with the blue only, then I tried that dot filter technique since it work well on single color kit ! Then will come the weathering... These days, I'm worn to the bone, the clock in the chest is going astray and I'm waiting for the appointment for my hip replacement ! This Week end, I'm out, Driving Mrs CC in Holland for her schooling on dogs behaviour ( I Wonder … Did she study it for coping with me ??? ) So 3 days in an hotel room outside of any city without a car, I'll rest a lot and work on figures and may be my tiny O-1... I'll have the lap top, so I can come and see what you're doing !! Yesterday, I did a few thing but this , Mk I eyes plus spectacles plus magnifier…. Now my pirate flag is conform to the pics !! Have a great Week end and a happy modelling ! Sincerely. CC
  2. Hello Ced And now a Nimrod !! Good job !! Did you get in Telford ?? Was there niceties to see ?? Did you saw some friends ?? Any photos ?? Sincerely. CC
  3. Oooohhh ! thank you Julien ! I will have one and turn her into a '30 Admiral barge for U.S Navy…. No no, I'm not Healing at all !! Sincerely. CC
  4. corsaircorp

    1/48 F4U-4 Corsairs Academy and Trumpeter

    Hello Dears ! A bit of a Daredevil job !! But one must live dangerously Is'nt it ?? Let's try a dot filter on my -4.... At this "POINT" I must confess that I thinked of myself that I'm a nut…. Did I ruined an otherwise good paint ??? Stress (a lot of) and drum Rolling ! Not too bad at all, What do you Guys think about it, I just did the half of the Corsair And the blue is little bit more deep ! The markings look far less toyish IMHO. Let me know your advice !! Have a great modelling time And Take care !! Sincerely. CC
  5. Hello Dears, Fuselage buttoned up, I pay a look to the U/C now Aaaaand…. Main Wheel is just good… Let's say that the Hurricane has been the first to receive "Run Flat" Tyres But the Tailwheel need a fixing…. Usually, I enjoy the weighted wheels but this one is merely a flat one... The unused parts from the Eduard Spitfire will once again be a donor… I hope at least Now there is some plasticard… Putty And sanding ahead ... It's not a step but a stairway And sorry Mister Plant… This one did'nt go to Heaven !! Ok Gents, Thanks for the support and the kind words ! I will not do a lot next (big) Week end since I will be the driver and caddy for Mrs CC in Holland I'll take some modelling work with me… Happy modelling to all of you !! sincerely. CC
  6. Hello Dears, Yesterday, I did a load of little things around my future RFI but Nothing really Worth a pic ! Or may be just this one... Sorry the pic is blurred but I'm really worn these days !! I must say that Sunday, there was no modelling and I fell asleep at 2030... More to come soon. Sincerely. CC
  7. corsaircorp

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Wonderfull Dear Mar... Sorry Cap'tain Martian !! Congratulations !! Sincerely. CC
  8. corsaircorp

    F8F-1 Bearcat

    Hello Chris, Great job on your Bearcat ! What are the cowling modifications required ? Did you have a WiP for this kit ? I have an hobbycraft kit and a Testors one too. I think of starting it next year so every tip is valuable to me ! Really love this little brute of a Navy bird and you make her Justice !! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  9. corsaircorp

    Refurbished 1/48 Spitfires

    Great refurbishment !! I love that way to revive some old kits ! Congratulations !! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  10. Hello Moa, Who else could have dared to commit this build ??? great job as usual ! Toilet paper rool ?? Well, it remind the time where as a kid, I saved this empty TP rolls for making aircrafts with it Did'nt know that someone as did it in the flesh... Once again, Congratulations !! Sincerely. CC
  11. Hello Bill, I'm here on the roadside in my yellow service car... I would have been at SMW to enjoy your navy birds and offer you a bit of rocket fuel ! Have a great sunday, I hope that I can see you next year !! Sincerely. CC
  12. corsaircorp

    1/48 B-70A

    Hello LS, It's comfortable to know that some kind of masochism is not confined to CC castle ! Great build and corrections, and yes dedication seem to be THE word !! Congratulations ! And now a 1/48 Seamaster... Really amazing !! Sincerey. CC
  13. corsaircorp

    Help needed start over or fixable?

    Again, be carefull if you sprayed in a cold room, like garage or a thing like that, the temperature can also play some disturbances... CC
  14. corsaircorp

    Help needed start over or fixable?

    Sorry, I've make a typing mistake here
  15. Hello John ! Sorry I just see the thread right now ! Great job on your Seafire ! I was about to induce you into a Firefly MK I.... Just to put it next to the Seafire... But you did great on your Mk IX too !! Congratulations !! Sincerely. CC