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  1. Dear democratic Admiral of the Poole galactic fleet... I will give you the FB page of Mme Corsaircorp... It's almost a war to achieve an attendance a year every 2 years... I tried even to bring her with me... Oh and did I mention that Frau Corsaircorp is german ?? What is pretty amazing to me, is the fact that almost every country labelled democratic is just the contrary of that.... Exemple ? Democratic republic of Germany... We are on a Triebfluget thread after all ! I also burst in laugh in reading your post... Hello Crisp, I bought the Combat Kit Firebrand TF2, it's a 1/48 resin kit, but they have the whole range of Firebrand, the -4 and -5 With or without folding wings,it look like a good kit Now, there ill be an injected -4 next year About the Shark, the guy was surprised, I tell him that, next time, it will great to have a Blackburn Blackburn or a Shark When I mentionned the Shark, the guy was surprised and asked me how I know it.... And finally told me that the Shark is on her way... Now, I'm not a great fan of the Luft 46, but here, it's far too tempting for my low resistance... So I plunge in the Poole... Thanks for your sound advice Are we that crazy ?? Yes indeed we are... Usual suspects Gang I'm composing a good back story to go with these builds, Do not expect something serious... Curry or Chilli ?? The goat had bad memories fo the Chilli, so Curry is a good option... I'll ask the @general melchett to make his best to slow that brexit stuff a bit in order to get the heavy load of rocket fuel through the customs... Sincerely. CC
  2. Triebflugel ?? Do you already have a cunning plan bout the Twin Triebflugel ?? Mainly the gear box to synchronize the now six rotor blades ?? I told the Martian that your expertise was badly needed Excellent job Moa, trying to ave rules here in BM ?? With the ragged band of irregulars and other Blackburn's design enthusiast that attend here ??? I really love that canard planes... Keep up that great job !! Sincerely. CC
  3. Huh ?? Can't wait to see that... So Dear General, it is time now to start reenact the "Escape from Colditz" There was an action man boxing about it in the 70's I hope that Elaine will take her time until Telford 2021.... If not, The Great admiral of the Poole galactic fleet and you will not benefit of the anaestetic effect of the rocket fuel Just sayin' Sincerely CC
  4. Hello Andy, However it's a Shar 2, have a look here There are a load of internals and undercarriage that are common in painting scheme. Do not hesitate to use the Walkaround section for details, there's a Huuuge load of interesting pics ! Harrier FRS 1 are painted Extra Dark Sea Grey or EDSFG and or EDSG and white underside. If you want, I can share the Kinetic paint scheme. I mainly use the X tracrylic range from Hannants, it is fairly accurate IMHO Now if you prefer the enamels, have a look at the Colourcoat range from sovereign hobbies ! Just my penny ! Sincerely. CC
  5. Be blessed for that Dear Alien !! it has been announced today on Roy sutherland FB page !! One more rocket fuel on that !! CC
  6. Hello Andy ! Anymore Shar or Harrier is always welcome ! I'll send some pics too I'm making one too ! So, I'll take a place at the bar with my cousin !! cannot let a Corsair fan alone in a fist fight with guiness and Jameson !! if you don't mind it Andy ! Helping hand is on cousin !! Let the popcorn absorbing the beer Uncle Beer flovoured pop corn could be a good recipe.... Worth trying to sell it worldwide... Just sayin' CC
  7. Seem logical after all these Belgian beer... Making a buy one get 2... A trieflugel of the Papageistaffel of the JV 44 Red belly with white stripes... I did'nt tell of a yellow belly with black stripes dear Alien !! I bought the Blackburn Firebrand TF.2 in Telford... And next year, we will have a 1/48 injected Firebrand 5 It's Christmas !! And the guy of Combat kit is working on a resin 1/48 Blackburn Shark That's great !! For sure !! Sincerely CC
  8. Definitely No, it last since that wonderfull year of 1963... Even wonderfull for St Emilion's grape.... and ensuing beverage.... You know me too much dear tentacled one... I also have a great taste to put myself in weird straits !! I did'nt blame the martian at all, it could have been far worse than the twins triebflugel... A twin triebflugel ??? No ! no! forget that immediately !! A night fighter twin triebflugel with radar pods, rockets and fuel tanks.... Any candidate ?? Do not forget the synchronisation device for the rotors, We need the sound advice of an helicopter guru someone like @Ex-FAAWAFU... Just sayin' Enthusiast CC
  9. Nothing happened ?? Giorgio ?? Are you kidding ?? See here... They now know what Chouffe AND Mc Chouffe is !! CC
  10. Job done Crisp !! Job done !! I fueled the whole band of U.S citizens... Sad that I did'nt meet you, I'll send the parts for Roc, Skua folding wings. CC
  11. My idea !! But the general received words from his ancestor.... Erwin Von Melchetter was a Kriegsmarine officer, and he was involved in the navalized version of the Triebflugel... Wait for mine, brain is boiling.... Not Fritz X but Hs 298, reinforced undercarriage and so on.... But the idea of a Diables rouges Triebflugel is also very tempting... A belgian pilots from 609th Sqdn bring one back in Belgium.... And after a good paint (pint) job, used it on airshows... So, I'll buy 2 triebflugel for Telford 2021... It will surely take 2 years to complete this lunacy !! @Mike will avoid SMW in 2 years... For his own sanity... Did I mention that I dislike completely Luft waffel 1946 ?? But The martian got me in this idea, Oh !! Another detail !! As the Belgian Air Farce was poorely funded, Frank Van Westmaale received some funding from yhe monk of Chimay.... A belgian pilot instructed in UK, named Van Westmaale receiving funds from Chimay is a cunning plan however... The guys from IPMS Belgium did'nt appreciate my weirdness, after that they will put a bounty on my head... Sincerely. CC
  12. Hello Dears, Some changes needed after these Roc'y weeks !! Something a bit different !! Belly is now cut down for the lower turret of Sylvia ! Painting is on BUT I will add the oil coolers in the wings and open the cooling flaps... I think that I will also open the landing flaps on one of these beast... I was looking for a way to represent a faded away german winter camo... Flory was the way indeed... That's a start... Then my cuttie grand daughter is already clowning... Like Grand 'Pa like grand daughter.... Lovely pumpkin is'nt she ?? Now... To bring her in Telford 2021 will be a big game... Sincerely CC
  13. Hello John ! It was just a tasting session ! And a way to share some fun... And maybe headache for some guys of this parrish.. Great time anyway !! CC
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