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  1. This was told on purpose !! But finally, this long aged neighbours dispute has been closed by a TV show done by both the RTBF and FR2 The fries are born in Eastern France, near the Luxemburg and German border ! So let's say French fries ! Thanks for the kind words Jean Hello Col, Yes, this is in fact the Grand Phoenix kit Under another boxing ! There are surely been some resin parts mish mash, the way it is with the Firefly Mk I Some resin parts are missing in one or the other !! In the 2 cases I've got the 2 kits, so, they both have a full resin complement. If one of you Guys are missing a resin parts on these kits Do not hesitate, if I can help ! Sincerely CC I must go right now, I'll answer longer at noon Sorry CC
  2. Hello Dears ! Let's start the Funnies, radiator glued in an half fuselage Aaaaaannnd Tatzaaaaammm ! Sanding ahead Cap'tain !! The thickness of the plastic is not the same on the 2 sides ! Oooookay, if it is just that, lets sand ! Yesterday, I almost finished the building and matt sanding on my next RFI Today, oïl painting and weathering phase 2 !! Also worked on my Corsairs ! Must finish a Corsair this year !! Sincerely. CC
  3. Hello Dears This is not really a WiP since both the 2 ladies has been started 2 years ago ! The Rhino has appeared in some other threads and she is about to enter the paint booth ! Now this kit has a story behind it ! A friend of mine offer that Phantom as a thanking gift ! I was on patrol with my van on a highway, I still was in the access and saw a motorcycle speeding away. A few yards further I saw a car stopped on the left lane (We are on the continent !!) Then I saw the biker a good 50 yards ahead of the car, lying on the ground but did'nt see the motorcycle ! Cursing a lot, I call on the Ambulance and Highway patrol, as we are trained for urgent help, I go to see if I can help the biker. Lord, His leg was in such a poor state, but he looked almost good. But with the integral helmet I did'nt recognize him, My van was placed in protection, I looked at the wound, reporting it to the ambulance by the cell phone The biker then wake up, or retake conscience, and call me by my name… That's a schock Believe me !! It was my friend, I refused to get the helmet out, not knowing if he have a wound to the head… And I stay beside him until he was transported in the ambulance. After his recovery, he asked casually about my next buy of kit and I received it ! The only weird thing is that he told me that, When he opened his eyes, feeling that someone was taking care of him, I looked to him like an angel !!! Me ??? An angel ?? With my face ?? Incredible and … Yes… Weird ! Don't you worry about Thierry, he was still Walking with crutch when he did buy another bike !! Oh and we found the bike a good 100 yards ahead of the crash point, jammed Under the barriers !! Now back to the model ! I included a complete Aires interior, it has been deemed impossible by a French model magazine, So... I did it, but it's not easy a task, Believe me ! But it look far better ! Be carefull ! Aires gave us 2 types of interior, one can do a B or J Phantom The Wheel well must be re-created And of course !! It will be a Jolly Rogers one ! I must confess that I have in my stash each and any aircraft flown by the 'Blackburn's irregulars" So this one will not be too surprising ??? Huh ??? Load of job and the doc are precious, especially for the Air intakes Who was talking about that plaster looking Tamiya white paint ??? Ok, I'll be back soon, I go to prepare the meal, pretty simple today !! some Cordon bleu with belgian fries ! HP saus for me !! Have a great modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  4. I started the PR XI from an old Otaki Mk VIII Hoping that Eduard will gave us a good PR XI !! It's in their plans for sure, may be they wait that I finish mine…. Murphy's law Always win ! Great project about Lossie !! I love this way of modelling with a story behind !! Sincerely. CC
  5. corsaircorp

    1/48 F4U-4 Corsairs Academy and Trumpeter

    Hello Dears ! 2018 is about to finish…. And no Corsairs in RFI yet …. So Run baby run !! Crack on CC A year whitout a F4U ?? it's as mad as So, my trumpy -4 is on its way of sanding, putty and sanding and …. Now the shape is quite right !! even from a profile viewing Some finishing for the surfaces… And then straight to the painting booth !! Now, there is this special one, I enthusiasticly sand the spine, since the shortening of the fuselage has make it far too steep ! It has obviously created a flat area on the spine !! that was impossible to avoid !! so, I Added some plastic from the interior No needs to be nicely done, it's just a way to compensate the plastic lost in the sanding battle ! Here's the way I do for having the cockpit coaming right at its place ! I used some resin, but for the spine, I would'nt dare since the amount of resin is far bigger ! When the resin cure, it turn hot and I risk to melt the plastic ! More to come soon ! Must finish a Corsair, I must finish a Corsair !!! Thank for popping in Dears ! Sincerely. CC
  6. Hello Dear Spad, That will be my first closed door Spitfire ! I just wanted to have one in the batch with a bit of intimity !! But be reassured, the 2 Seafire 17 will have their door open ! And the Mk IX too The PR XI has no door at all, so problem solved !! Thank you Tony ! I just feel the envy to try these camera insert ! It look pretty good, but my PR XI will have a more Baronial shaped interior ! Hello Col ! Make a Seafire !! I've done a Mk II and a .47 and have 2 .17 on the go !! Thank for the kind words ! Thank you all and have a great modelling time !! Sincerely. CC
  7. corsaircorp

    Mosquito XVIII

    Waf !! The Hellcat has not landed at CC castle yet !! I think that I will try the Oramask way, when I saw the result obtained by our Dear @TheBaron on his Iron Chicken, it's pretty tempting ! Surely not easy but tempting ! Sincerely. CC
  8. corsaircorp

    Westland Dragonfly HC.2 - 1/48 AMP via Mikromir

    Hello chally Now looking for a good painting scheme, HS silver or Yellow ? Did they have another suit in their service life ? I will restart my Fonderie HOS 3 when I get the AMP one. Have a good modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  9. corsaircorp

    Listening to the Solstice

    Hello dear baron ! Seemingly, I missed some pages ! I'll caught up and reading ! Really interested, I found load of thing in my docs but not that article and 2 other books that I need right now ! I must do my best for having my man attic soon ! Sincerely CC
  10. Hello Mr G ! Come on ! Jump in the pool ! Believe me or not I still think the same Almost each and every time I sat at the Bench !! My favourite sentence is " So I hope that I will not mess up too much today" Thanks for the kind words and welcome in our mad modeller asylum amazing forum !! You live in rugby ? we get up there last year, because near Rugby there is also a town named Cosford And the guy from booking put all the Cosford on the same page…. Some milles more ! Sincerely. CC
  11. corsaircorp

    Westland Dragonfly HC.2 - 1/48 AMP via Mikromir

    Thanks Julien, A must have one, but of course a FAA one ! CC
  12. corsaircorp

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Thanks cousin ! On the 29th, I go in Germany with Mem Sahib ! Will have a good Weiss Wein on your behalf ! and a piece of Schwarzewelder Kirschen cake ! Obviously ! sincerely. CC
  13. corsaircorp

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Hello Grey, Thanks for the kind words, finger crossed for the Doc in October. Even if I did'nt retrieve my impala way … If the pain get away that will be a great improvement ! Since that last month it's really a curse, pain Everyday ! When I bought the Shillelagh in the Aaran Island, I never figured out that it will be so helpfull. Let's say that here in Belgium, it's pretty unusual, so I like it ! thank you again ! Hum, You're clairvoyent ! That will be this JV125 ! Then an AS Mk6 Avenger…. Will be funny too !! Sincerely. CC
  14. corsaircorp

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Hello Dears ! One cannot be best served than the one who helped himself !! My 55th Birthday is now closing in !! The 29th I turned 55 ! And I must confess that I let myself loose a bit this year !! I received my bonus on my local Hobby shop, so that cut the price of this beast by 2 thirds…. And I'm serious ! Not a joke, I pay 19,10 € for a box full, really full of sprues !! See But knowing this brand, I scratch my head about adjustments, seeing this high level of details ! Then I smuggled this pack from MDC Now, I have TBM3 to buy…. and build As I can sometimes be a little Officially my birthday present is on its way to CC castle from Colindale Less funny, another disturbing birthday present is lurking at the end of October ! A brand new titanium Hip ( I suffer more and more from my hip, but still I'm at work with my Shillelagh, earning me again the nickname of Dr House) and a Pacemaker may be, but I'm not eager because that can bar me from my job so that's less funny Indeed ! Back at modelling, there's a Hellcat Mk I in my Colindale pack…. Any guess @Grey Beema ??? Sincerely. CC
  15. corsaircorp


    Hello ! Oh ! So you met my parents !! CC