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  1. It might be... Knowing our Great Admiral of the Poole galactic fleet.... Errr Or Sand bags and barbed wires.... Or the Chimay emblem... Or this.... Since it was his fav one.... Just saying.... May be.... Perhaps ... Who knows.... Perplexity..... CC
  2. We just need showers and NBC units at the airport arrival.... Just in case.... At the opening of the bags, Baldrick will look like he smell quite rightly.... Cincerely. CC
  3. And the bottle from the paper bag can help too... And what about the now famous black bin bag from CC ??? Tremendously helpful.... Sincerely helping CC
  4. Hello Gents, can't access BM, so control F5 will do the trick??
  5. These curtains are tasteful my Dear general !! Baaaah, Like there are admiral barges... There's an executive cab for one of the founding fathers of the RAF.... What's going with our Tentacled admiral's Zerbe ?? Can't wait to see your progress Dear ETI.... Standard production ?? Really ?? Given the subject, standard is a joke.... Have a great modelling week !! Sincerely. CC
  6. Aaaah Chimay !! I usually drink the blue one, but since they issued the white one, which is also the triple one.... This is up to my mood of the day.... The voltage of the white is a bit higher... but not too much... Can't wait to see your Warthog in WiP !! Sincerely. CC
  7. Hello Massimo !! Glad to see you back on BM !! Yes it's one of the first issue of the Barracuda... Even the 1/72 ones was more detailled !! There are resin parts, the seats and the dual .50 aaaand that's it... I'm going to have a look.... Thanks again for the kind words... CC
  8. Now Gents !! The race is on... Who will make it first in the RFI ??? Bets can be placed in Small Heath, contact Thomas Shelby.... Enjoy your modelling Sunday !! Aaaand stay safe !! Oh look Mah !! a balloon high up in the sky.... Can change my mind about my Raptor... Sincerely. CC
  9. Rats !! rats.... The windscreen got loose in the bag... Old box indeed, but.... Polishing crystal parts... I hate it..... Now Gents, a race is on.... Who will make it first to the RFI ?? If one want to place a bet, please contact Tommy Shelby in Small Heath, brum..... But Shhhht !! Enjoy modelling friends !!and take care !! Sincerely. CC
  10. Thank you Master G !! Here we are... First half fuselage... Now finding a .30 in my paraphernalia..... Starting my evening work week today... I'll be less present next days.... Enjoy your sunday in modelling a lot !! Sincerely. CC
  11. Mmmh.... Well well Stalling kits are way on the top of the pile.... I'm not sure the fin is right perpendicular.... it look right but something is itching..... More to come soon on this front too.... Sincerely. CC
  12. Thank you Alistair !! I'll do my best.... Thanks Pete !! Beer?? Me ?? Do you place a bet on it ?? Thanks Pete ! I'll check this Hello Bill !! Overall gray scheme for that one !! See below.... Thank you all for the vote of confidence !! Here's the book resposible for the first dismantlement of the A-10 !! and let's say that I bought that decals sheet around 10 years ago.... And No !! I will not reproduce the battle damages..... Whatever !! that will be fun !! Sincerely. CC
  13. Hello Everybody, Hello !!! Still cleaning the waiting room, there are no doomed kit in CC's castle.... Here's a relevant proof !! Back in 1987, a young and dauntless CC started this.... Can't show the box art since the box did'nt exist any longer... I just hope that ther will not be too much parts missing.... The curse for that kit is that I bought the Verlinden book about it.... I then think that I cannot build it out of box.... Too much flaws.... I already was ambitious at the time being.... I then bought the Verlinden kit..... I never used any resin and PE parts.... Then IRL has been shaky, I moved 3 times, founded a family (for the 2nd time) When I restarted modelling, around 2003, I dismantled the A-10... Mumble about myself for buying the Verlinden kit which is good only for that.... And the poor A-10 returned to the waiting room.... I then found the subject I wanted to reproduce... Bought the Eduard PE set to replace some broken parts.... A friend of mine lend me his Trumpeter kit and I did that.... The gun... the turbofan are from Quickboost, inherited from another modeller friend.... Aaaaand back to the waiting room once again.... I gave some Verlinden parts to a friend of mine who did the Italeri one.... Last year, I finished the F-84F started at the same era.... It was in the last century after all.... And since that day, everytime I open my modelling cabinet, I hear the sobbing of my poor warthog !!! I'm not a monster.... His days are back.... I was not painting too badly at the time being..... Well, let's see what I can do with all this mess..... The kit has been THE testbed of some techniques.... There will be a lot of work to repair my own goofs.... Now, since I signed up for the BM family... I will have some support... Wish me good luck, I'll need it.... Sincerely. CC
  14. Hello Alistair !! Really well done with the PE !! Yup for the canopy PE I always use Crystal clear.... In fact it is glued more firmy , CA glue is not reliable... So most of my PE is glued with Crystal clear... Can't wait to see it painted now.... Don't you worry, doing some stupid thing is also one of my speciality... Even when it start like a cunning plan.... Or maybe anytime when it look like a great idea.... Sincerely. CC
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