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  1. Hello Dear ETI, Well, to say the truth, I won't dare to eat this one... I made my meal of some strange or weird things in Africa... But, I don't know when it has been killed, then all the abdomen was explosed.
  2. Yessssir !! Model alliance, wings and waves Pt 2 !! Do you know how to turn a seemingly quiet saturday into a back breaking work day ??? Lady CC was going to her friend's house and she noticed something big on the roadside... Sooo butcher CC has worked hard and the Doggos are more than happy... I don't dare to eat it but Sirius, Nokya and Angel will... Now, I receive this on FB.... Don't tell the @Martian please... Have a great modelling suday Gents !! Sincerely. CC
  3. Oho !! One turn his attention for a few minutes and Bingo, cockpit is finished !! Veriy cockpitery Dear General... First time I saw the P-38 was in 1994, it was California Cutie from TFC With the late hugh proudfoot at the helm... A great guy !! Then she hsa been repainted as Happy Jack go buggy... Until the crash at Duxford.... CC
  4. Hello Dears !! I will reassure my friend @Dunny !! Don't you worry Man... Sharmouth are on their way... Repairing the wing.... and engraving it by the way... Then, the fuselage is on its way too.... But the russian will probably be in RFI first... I was about to let the gun bay open, but..... Everything has to be done.... And then I need room for the ballast, so enter the usual .38 special... A bit of fun now !! Rule 1- Read the destructions, that could be fun sometimes... Study the drawings... From reference b
  5. Hello Dears, However I did'nt used enamels for years, I think that I did'nt mess it too much !! Now these Colourcoats paints are really good ones... Ame Iro applied !! I don't know why, it is my first ever Japanese kit... I mean a kit depicting a japanese aircraft... I wish you all an happy modelling week end !! Stay safe !! CC
  6. Hello Dears, Here's the paint scheme for Shagbat #2 With wings folded... Possibly a cool kit with a bit of tropical weathering But let's finish numma one first !! Happy modelling week end to you all !! Sincerely. CC
  7. Bravo Loren, given the base, it's a great job !! Nice Lily indeed !! CC
  8. Hey Loren, do you mean this one ?? With Oz mod rectified fuselages and internals ?? Me ?? Sarcastic ?? seriously ?? CC
  9. Hey Loren, Kamikaze attack is almost a win in this case... Lily flow down my radar... Great job on this AZ kits, I really enjoyed the interior detailling... I know AZ kits... Congrats !! Sincerely. CC
  10. Well Still, I'm working on ordnance... As I told it previously, it will be displayed in Long Range strike Configuration.... More to come soon !! Stay safe Gents !! CC
  11. Just a few words about my "Phantom curse" In 1987, I started a 1/48 Hasegawa F4-J, I spent a lot of time on the wing tip since I folded it... Okay, I was already a nutty modeller.... It was almost finished when it has been test flown accidentally.... From the second floor, crashing down, after having bounced from stair to stair.... I was paralysed.... I tried to see if it is possible to fix it but to no avail... Then I bought that same kit in a modeller convention.... And someone found it tasty.... Now you know why I no longer let a kit behind me... even
  12. Don't you worry Roger... I'm swallowing the broken wing, pondering the best way to fix it... Alas, the monogram will be the sharkmouthed one ... CC
  13. See, I smuggled a propeller blade and a .50.... 1/1 scale... It say it all !! CC
  14. Well !! Another big push ahead !! General Melchett striking twice... A least !! May I take a seat at the bar ?? I can promise that I'll behave.... But I think it's useless Rocket fuel at the ready, cheese cubes too !! Everything's all right, proceed at will, Sincerely. CC
  15. Really stunning !! Awesome painting and weathering !! Congrats Man !! I really enjoyed the trip !! That will arouse our alienship !! @Martian, have a look at this beauty !! @Terry1954 will be interested too !! Sincerely. CC
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