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  1. Hello Speedy, Congrats Man !! it's a very good job on here !! Sincerely. CC
  2. Eagle eyed Chris... I'm done... This the kind of info that did'nt stick in the grey blobby stuff in between my 2 ears... Thanks for the kind words. Stay safe Man !! CC
  3. Hello RD, Sometimes, one can think that some kits are cursed... I'll be carefull at that too... I'm considering on how to put all these bits in that tiny fuselage The wing is almost done I'll use a trick here, because I have a bad feeling... Sincerely. CC
  4. Hello Dears, As the sub assemblies grew up bigger... These days are not easy ones... Little time at the bench and tired to the bone... Nothing great happen... Sincerely... CC
  5. As would our Baron notice, this thread is a steam powered one... But nonetheless I wake it up from time to time... Finish at least one of the Lightning in '21 look like a good plan... It's an affair of sanding, engraving, putty and sanding again.. The boomerang is on its way too... Stay safe Gents !! Sincerely. CC
  6. Hello Dears ! Another bonus of multibuilds !! Using the Airfix air intake on the Italeri kit... And avoided this 2 parts thing.... Take care Gents... And enjoy Modelling !! Sincerely. CC
  7. Hello Dears, Here we are, I searched my stock in the attic for a good hour... And the box was on the bench.... And now the Sidewinder glitch is properly adressed... See you soon on BM !! Stay safe Gents !! Sincerely. CC
  8. Well colleague, When I see what the automotive industry is doing nowadays.... Diesel has always be simple, efficient and reliable... But with all this so called ecologic technologie, or green engine, or blue efficiency... It just give me a strong motivation to get retired ASAP.... Mind it... Burning amoniac make your Diesel cleaner... Sincerely. CC
  9. Hello Dear Baron, Now, it's a really nice Sea Vixen !! Thanks for sharing this way of futuristic modelling. Marly is the brand, There are exhaust cleaners in other brand of course... Avoid the one presented in 2 bottles that must be mixed right before going in the fuel tank... I'm about sure that nobody has explained the Pf regeneration.... If the regeneration is happening while you're driving, you'll surely not notice it... Unless you check your immediate fuel consumption... But, if one day, engine running on idle, you notice that rpm ar
  10. Hello Dears ! Yesterday, after 8 hours on the roadside, soaked by cold rain, I was'nt in the mood to cook a sophisticated meal.... So it was U.S Army Viet Nam meal nicknamed Beans & dick... Then dishwashing and at least, a bit of modelling... I worked on the Shar and on the Hurries... Another bit of an idea... I saw the horn on the rudder, why not add the actuator ?? Look good to me !! Then the lenses for the cameras !! One is done, next one tonight !! Hey Gents !! It's almost 20 days in 2021 and I did'nt start no new kits....
  11. Hello Dears, This thread has disappeared, I don't know why... Well, I managed to have it reinstalled... Funny comparison... More to come soon !! Sincerely. CC
  12. Me too !! You know, I like these comparisons, here's another one... The Boomerang has a longer wingspan and a wider lifting surface than the Shar ! Now, the shar is thousand folds more powerfull... Yesterday I surfaced some parts !! External loads will be the 2 Aden cannons, 2 'winders and 2 fuel tanks... As far as I can see, it's a typical load for BarCap mission in the Falkland war... And looking at the pics, the refuelling probe was not installed, it seem logical since there was no tanker available... I stand to be corrected by the Shar specialist
  13. Rich of experiences...(most of it were really unpleasant to use a clear understatement) And it's about all... But on the other hand, a 1/48 Avro bison ... Araldite ?? AÎ caramba, It's a very fine allergy trigger for me... Very nice Red baron Tony, Diesel or gasoline ?? If it's a diesel, take care of RGE valve... A trip of 50Km twice a month is a fine way to achieve it... Otherwise, I'll label it a good car ! A marly Exhaust cleaner every 35.000 Miles and that's it ! Your Vixen is a gem, Congrats !! Sincerely. CC
  14. Hello Brother Zack !! Giddy up !! Another fan of the TK !! Welcome aboard !! and an Il 2 to be sure !! I commited this one moons ago !! All my best wishes for 2021 !! Plenty of good thing for you and your family !! How the hell did you find all these rocket fuel in Sweden ??? So now, we are brother in beer !! I think that a certain alien... @Martian will change his mind for the landing of his Haunebu !! He will try Sweden, and that way our Dear @general melchett will be saved from crop circle on his skull !! Don't you worry Zack, here in BM there
  15. Hello Gents !! Why did I looked at these 2 TV documentaries about operation Corporate ??? Up we get with the shar !! The fins of the 9 lima are badly short shooted, So I check my attic and phew !! I have some better Hasegawa ones... Going to take it soon !! No modelling, I should have posted this in the morning but I lacked the time to do so... Sincerely. CC
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