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  1. Hello cousin, You're luckier than me, My Tamiya focke needed some filler Not as much as the Skyknight but... Decals are on their way to your castle !! Sincerely. CC
  2. Don't know what has happened but the post was blocked ! I cheated with a bit of putty and plasticard ! So this Mk .24 is for my Korean serie, even if they finally did'nt have been directly involved !! Have a great modelling time !! Sincerely. CC
  3. Hello Dears, The .24 is corrected a bit !! These trapeze radiator are a bit rectified ! See ! and... Yes ! I admit that I cheated a bit too !!
  4. Hello Dears, Sooo Tailplane glued ! Oh and obviously, sanding in progress !! But, every little thing on this kit has to be sanded and puttied... now, the empty space under the rudder is totally normal... So, I will not have to putty this !! What a piece of luck !! More to come soon in the Douglas factory !! Skyknight and Skyraider on the go this week end !! Take care !! Sincerely. CC
  5. Hello Dears, Well !! she now look all a Skyraider !! engine cowling is momentarily fixed for painting I use to think that my F4-B would have been the first RFIed Viet Nam serie kit but I no longer think so !! Glad that my detailling on the engine is still visible ! Glad too for the cockpit improvements ! Then, I was searching for the bomb racks of my Korean Spad... Only to find this !! I'll now have to cut it all down... Such anemics bombs, the fuse extender is almost as thick as the Mk 82... Let's blow it once again !! In korea, they mainly used the WW II remaining stocks, Soooo So, Don't you worry CC, there still is fun to go !! Well thank for your support Gents !! Have a great modelling time !! Sincerely. CC
  6. Hello Ian I missed this build when it has started !! Great job on detailling this kit ! Sincerely CC
  7. Hello Thom ! Great idea, I'll follow if you don't mind since I have that same kit in my stash/attic Great detailling work on here !! Sincerely. CC
  8. Hello Hendie, sorry I totally missed your arm's problem ! Hope that it's fixed now ! Stunning metal parts done and then backwards with the Fly parts !! The best improvements are the one done by yourself... At this level of detailling of course !! I avoid all that vocal commands stuf, and I better did'nt tell about all the things I do when driving... It's all forbidden of course... Great and inspiring work Hendie !! The best meal I fancied in Scotland was that delicious smoked salmon sandwiches !! Scotch ?? Who said scotch ?? Sincerely. CC
  9. Hello Dears, I think that here come my next RFI But I'm now testing the cowling corrections for the Monogram Spad ! Also I have added the ignition harness of the Tamiya Spad ! Some more painting the it go in the cowling and that will be the start of the painting !! Thanks for watching !! Have a great modelling sunday ! Sincerely. CC
  10. Hello John ! Thanks for the kind words I have the 1/48 AZ offering and the fit is not better ! Believe me ! Started years ago and she's waiting her turn down the CC's "started kits cabinet" But I will reproduce the one of the Sgt Morlot, shot down at 22 Kms from my house ! Now, I'll try to finish the Skyknight in order to have an american aircraft in my Korean war serie.... For now on , there are only brits in this serie... And the Spit Mk.24 can overpass the F3D... But I think that here is my next RFI Splinter camo... But I don't care a lot since it will be winterized Sincerely. CC
  11. Great looking Saetta Wayne ! Congrats ! CC
  12. Hello Dears, Time to try with Tamiya silver Thank for watching ! Sincerely. CC
  13. Hello Dears, a kind of teasing for a future post in the interesting spots ! well yesterday has been really shaky and I did only a little on the bench !! However, it was Douglas evening... I start the making of a cantilever for this beastie ! As there is no plan or marked places, I did pegs for the wing pylons Then remembering the wise words of @Troy Smith Never trust a profile... Pictures are more helpfull ! And here are the spots !! I hope to finish the Drut this year ! More to come soon ! Sincerely. CC
  14. Hello Dears, Well, after the rear view mirrors the additional panel on the coaming... Almost all the Navy A-1H did get it ; Painting is nearing now... I get in Florennes and took this pic ! More to come soon in my interesting spots thread ! Have a great modelling time Here we are under rain pour !! Sincerely. CC
  15. Hello Dears ! Still white plastic game !! I think that I got the Martianite !! One rear view mirror and... Two rear view mirror, one painted.. I wonder ?? Should I write "Beware, objects in the rear view mirror can be Blaaah Blaaah ??? I did'nt pay attention to this when I was around the Skyraider !! Ok Dears !! More to come soon... I now go back ducking in my trench !! Sincerely. CC
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