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  1. Hello Dears, all the sub assemblies are done... Some sanding and painting is on... See you soon !! CC
  2. Hello Dears, Ballast added on the first academy boom... As usual... Still borderline... Have a great modelling sunday See you in 4 days... CC
  3. Hello Dears, These days, I've not been very active, I'm sick and tired but at work nonetheless... So I repaired a broken and lost hook in the Hellcat wheel well... Then I realized that Eduard missed the point one tailwheel well, since there's no well at all... I can't let it that way... So, drilling and filing... And here we go, a bit better that way... Still I must re-paint the exhaust stacks, and then, I'll put the beast aside until I get some Xtracrylics insignia red... Did'nt look too bad, What do you think Gents ?? However, I'll not be bored while I wait for the paint... I've got some kits on their way... Monday, Black paint on the Skyknight and white on the second cat... 4 Days of evening work... Have a great sunday Gents !! Sincerely. CC
  4. Hello Dears, Wzll, my sanding nightmare of a Douglas Skyknight is on the paint booth... So, back to the following sanding nightmare... Sometimes, I put some kits apart, and then... The Academy one is also in bad need of sanding... Well, still, I have to work on the internals... Just restartting the UPC in between my 2 ears, you know these... "What did I had in mind when I did it that way... The next 2 RFI are visible in the background... See you soon Gents... Sincerely. CC
  5. I deeply thank you Dear Baron ! I hope that Dennis did'nt disturb you and yours too much... One more tempest that we get through !! Sincerely. CC
  6. Thank you Giorgio, I'll do the same for the dash 5 Then HB give us 2 interiors with these Corsairs, So I have a Spare -4 cockpit, it will be usefull for the Academy ones !! Sincerely. CC
  7. Hello Dears, The only touch of color of the Skyknight is done I'll let it dry thoroughly and on with the painting... See you later !! Sincerely. CC
  8. Hello Dears, Now JV 125 it is !! A bit of correction to do, but ! But, the white paint on my other Hellcat is a complete mess I never had such a problem and it'is not my first use of Life color flat white... Well, I'll give it another try ! Sincerely. CC
  9. Hello Dears, Times are though here, but I manage to save a bit of time for modelling... So Corsairs are helping in this case... I'll be back soon !! Sincerely. CC
  10. corsaircorp

    The Weather,

    I remember once in 1995 if my memory did'nt fail too much, I spent 12 days around Cork and Galway... I came back home with sun burns.. I did'nt tan, I burn... When friends asked where I'm coming from, I say Ireland and nobody believed me... I really enjoyed the Burren Hope that everything went well for you Sincerely. CC
  11. corsaircorp

    The Weather,

    And that will be the only time in wich "moisture" would be a good new... Well, Dennis has spared my old roof... and finally has done far less mess than Ciara... Hello Wez, thanks that your house has not been hit ! are going to start sowing rice ? More seriously, I hope that it's not too much mess in your greenhouse. With Ciara, I got rain in my attic, wind was so strong that rain get up and dropped in between the tiles... It was such a pain to the A... to see my shelf receiving a shower... Luckily, my finished models are boxed and in an old wardrobe, so no mess on there. And the transfer sheets are not in the boxes... So !! Well friends ! I just hope that it's over for this winter... Sincerely. CC
  12. Yup !! I dared !! After all, the russian have an AI killer bot !! So, why would the FAA play the lame duck !! Don't know yet the detail of my cunning plan, but a great push it will be !! Sincerely. CC
  13. Hello Dears, Corsair's fashboard is decalled !! Look good to me !! more painting to come, See you later CC
  14. Hello Dears, let me introduce you to Manfred und Lothar... Paint is on too !! First coat, and then... Oil paints... Sincerely. CC
  15. Hello Dears, I'll need more blue in my cabinet BUT... The first one is not blue... Undoubtly, a brit one now !! Decalling is on !! More to come soon... Tuesday, I'll be home alone... More painting... Hope that Dennis did'nt cause too much problems to you !! Here it has been 2 hours of gale... CC castle is still standing... Sincerely. CC
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