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  1. It's certainly one I'd like to do in 1/72nd using the recent Airfix Vc
  2. Saw this lot at Southampton last night, they were great!
  3. Whatever you choose will be welcome (but I'd really love to see the Mirage)
  4. Nice choices John, looking forward to seeing these come to fruition
  5. Wez

    Asia GB

    Sign me up please!
  6. Eccellente! Some interesting stuff there for sure, welcome along.
  7. I'm toying with a Greek spitfire so Greece is getting plenty of love from this GB.
  8. The Portuguese Beaufighter would be an interesting addition to this GB as would the Matadors. As much as I love a grubby SLUF, don't forget there's also the Last of the Gunfighters' & 'Slufs' (Crusaders & Corsair IIs) stgb should you find you don't have the time to get it into this GB but still want to make it.
  9. This has to qualify as the quickest of qualifications for a GB slot ever! I don't understand it, plainly the subject is hugely popular, why hasn't it qualified before? Keep the pressure up Dennis, build a following and this has to go through 3rd time lucky!
  10. Jeff, It would be great to see a Shiny Sheff in the GB. I must say, I'd lack the courage to do such work. @Giorgio N many thanks for taking the time to answer the questions regarding the Italian Spitfires.
  11. Turkey does not count I'm afraid, it's still considered a part of the Middle East
  12. Great, it would be great to see something other than aircraft in this GB, I'm really looking forward to some eclectic choices. Either would be very welcome as we don't see enough Greek or Spanish choices. Talking of Spanish subjects, an excellent choice Martin!
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