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  1. I think, that on aircraft delivered with the hard wing it was part of the gun bay panel, for those converted in service they remained separate and dangled on a wire rope. Duncan @Sabrejet will be able to confirm. It's really a case of going through Duncan's book and finding out when it was done.
  2. Not to my knowledge no, the example in the Cosford museum was a 93 Sqn jet in RAF service, during that time it had slatted wings. It was only after it was withdrawn from RAF service was the hard wing (which is how it remains today). In RAF service the cockpit was only ever black. Apparently some ex RAF aircraft in Italian service had their cockpits painted grey but that was only during a major overhaul (repainting a real aircrafts cockpit is bloody difficult involving a lot of disturbed systems functional checks). I suspect having surveyed the Norwegian aircraft which is an F model
  3. The Ruts. Looking for a suitable video to post I came across Henry Rollins talking about the Paul Fox benefit gig that he sang at. For those that don't know, Paul Fox, the Ruts guitarist was dying from cancer and the rest of the band and the promoter wanted to put on a gig for his benefit. Henry Rollins was asked to do the vocals in place of the original Ruts vocalist Malcolm Owen who died of a heroin overdose in 1980. You Tube has a very good series of Rollins talking about being asked to do the vocals, preparing for the gig and the gig itself. They are very funny and his fan-
  4. Mine arrived on Friday and I'm generally very pleased with it, the divots on the fin will have to be filled and I can confirm, the Indian roundels definitely look red not orange, good job I've got the Bright Spark decals to overcome that if I needed to however, mine is scheduled to receive some Model Art decals in the French Fancy 2 GB starting in July.
  5. I wouldn't get too hung up on the exact colour, the stuff we use can range from a pinky colour to a dark brown. I'm with you on PE, I've got some to use with my Texan but I'm unlikely to use most of it.
  6. Two weeks in and 15 build threads, plenty of room for more to join us. This is very good news, hopefully my chosen purveyor will have them soon and I can start my second build...
  7. Sounds like a good plan to me, gotta love a Mirage.
  8. This may be of use, I find the British WWII period cruisers very interesting...
  9. Naturally, I couldn't agree more. yes the French Fancy 2 starts on 14th July.
  10. That's a very fine selection of Mirages you have there! Trés bon! Hoping to see some of these in the French Fancy 2 GB starting on the 14th of July.
  11. Excellent stuff Brad, well done. First into the gallery too! Congratulations!
  12. Yep, Pat's correct, the Classics just have to cross the threshold to get into the calendar. Now my stash would be very happy if this and the Classic Japanese GB made it across the line too!
  13. Oh yes, they're eligible, French design, we'll allow that. Two great subjects Dennis. Anymore for this? If it's French made, it's welcome. Licensed built French designs are also welcome. If it's French used, it's in. If it's wearing French markings, it's eligible! Come and join us on the 14th of July.
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