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  1. All the better, they're very compelling. Once into GBs though you'll find out that "you can check out but you can never leave"
  2. They were Hasegawa kits from the 1960's, not Frog kits. Frog re-boxed them and released them under their own label but first and foremost they were Hasegawa kits. Hasegawa didn't suddenly appear as the pinnacle of perfection, they took a while to get there!
  3. Nice one Pete! Sorry I missed your previous attempt to join us, I can only put it down to abject ineptitude on my behalf! Welcome and thanks for signing up. Anyone else interested in joining us?
  4. Dave, We may have a cunning plan on this. I'll get back to you later.
  5. I like that! Hopefully that will give us plenty of time for modelling fun amongst the cat wrangling A little bird tells me that you may know someone who is a dab hand with spreadsheets... ...any chance? There's plenty of room for more in this GB, I mean, we're not being greedy but we've only got 80 signed up.
  6. Glad to have helped in a small way to the outcome of this beauty, well done John, lovely job!
  7. Yesterday the postie bought me a 1/72nd Revell Ju-88A-1 and the Starfighter Decals resin detail set for the Heller Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver. Today he bought me the big boys book of the Mystère IVA from EM37... 558 pages! It includes technical details, unit and individual aircraft histories plus a section on Israeli and Indian use. OK it's in French for which I'd recommend Reverso or even Google Translate, but if you know anything about aircraft you can make out what you need from the pictures of which there are LOTS! Colour me happy!
  8. I'm interested in this too, just trying to deliberate whether to produce my stash refugee as a Harvard IIB or a Texan.
  9. Today I was delving into the stash to look for something and I came across a couple of Academy 1/72nd Texans. Upon opening the box I found the kit was reasonably advanced, I decided to take pity on it and rescue it from the stash. You can see, I'd got the big bits buttoned up, this definitely exceeds the 25% that would exclude it from being a GB entrant! It's a bit very hard to see, but I'd put some circular grips on the top of the control column, that and the extended exhaust tells me I was originally making this as a Harvard IIb but as I haven't made the fuselage alterations to the rear of the canopy my options are still open. I'd previously added some seatbelts, can't tell whether I scratched them or whether they're aftermarket, thinking about it they look too neat so they're probably aftermarket. Finally, I'd done some work on the propeller, the kit is based upon a T-6G so comes with a propeller boss typical of that version, the propeller beneath that is very plain, lacking any detail such as the pitch change counterbalance weights so hopefully, you can see I've added some detail. Again, this points to my original intention to make a Harvard but as I have spares my options are still open on that front, I could keep it and use it for a Harvard later if I decide to go down the route of a spinner equipped aircraft. Martin @RidgeRunner, the prop was altered in the method I'd described to you when you were asking about AT-6D, I'm actually quite pleased with this result. This will be a sloooow build, I've still got my studies to complete and that's after I've rebuilt my modelling desk which I had to clear the way for some electrical work to be done in the basement where the modelling lair is. I haven't decided whether I'm going down the Harvard IIb route (I have the CMR conversion), or whether to make a Texan, I've got plenty of options, the DC Caspar set for the Soccer War, a Blue Rider set for a Nicaraguan machine (thanks Martin), some other Latin American options on an Aztec sheet, the ArmyCast sheet for worldwide Texan/Harvard, Modeldecal and S&M decals for RAF options and finally, which probably come as no surprise to some, the Model Art and Berna decal options for French Texan's in North Africa... ...choices, choices, choices...
  10. Des, Thank you for sharing these images, they are a great reference for anyone building a Super Entendard (especially in the forthcoming Heller Classic GB and the proposed French Fancy 2 GB). Good examples of how in-service aircraft wear and weather, they look quite grubby. Excellent stuff!
  11. Thanks Pat, Your experience in this area will be very welcome, thank you for volunteering. Hopefully, with five of us it won't be too onerous. So that's it sorted, your genial hosts for this GB are me, Rabbit Leader, Heather Kay, JeroenS and now Jockney thanks to all for volunteering.
  12. So the consensus is it's a 33 Sqn aircraft, based in Lybia, the spinner is red, the codes are indeed black, the camouflage is reversed and the two outer cannons have been removed? Just goes to show that there's no such thing as a simple question when it comes to Hurricanes.
  13. All, Many thanks especially @Troy Smith, from what I'm reading, BP588 was with 33 Sqn, 33 Sqn and 30 Sqn used the same codes and aircraft (just to confuse the spies no doubt). It's in the desert scheme albeit with the colours inverted but the black codes are legitimate and a red spinner most likely. Given the red spinner and the full colour national markings, to my mind it's highly unlikely that the aircraft was based in Ceylon. Good spot on the two cannon rather than four. Remind me, these cannon were drum fed not belt fed so they wouldn't have got extra ammo put into the vacated gun bay?
  14. Enzo has a habit of showing the start of his GB submissions and then suddenly there's the finished product, with him he gets carried away and forgets to take photos, he's getting better though!
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