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  1. Looking at the photos of the fins on the tanks, I've realised the trailing edges are actually very thick.
  2. When this STGB was first mooted I had a hankering to build a Crusader but when I was rummaging around the stash I came a cross this long-forgotten kit. A further bit of digging turned up the references and the decal sheets so I decided I'd go for it and build it... ...as an A7K. Although boxed as a TA-7C, the bits are there (well mostly), to make an A-7K (in fact the TA-7Cs prominent drag chute fairing is missing from the kit so strictly speaking you can't make a TA-7C from the kit either but that's easily sorted). The kit contains the AAR fairing which goes on the spine of the A-7K but unfortunately, it looks a bit anaemic to me, I'm undecided whether to do anything about it though. A resin replacement would be good, failing that a decent set of plans which could allow a replacement to be 3D printed, we'll have to see what it looks like when properly offered up to the kit. My current plan is to make a Puerto Rico ANG (PRANG) aircraft like this one, but I may change my mind later. Here's the kitbox... The contents... Some of the extra bits (Xtradecals for the markings and NeOmega Escapac seats)... And finally, the references... I've just ordered some replacement A-7D wheels to replace the naval type wheels and some stuff to tart up the cockpit (the kits provide decals but I don't like 'em) Off to make a start soon.
  3. Thanks for the clarification Enzo. @RidgeRunner that's good news, it means we only have to secure 25 to get into the STGB bunfight BUT I can't understand why this STGB wouldn't have far more entries than that?
  4. Nothing per se, it's a reasonable little kit and can certainly be turned into a great model of a Mustang but, the Arma P-51B/C/F-6C is a divine little kit, with far greater levels of finesse and detail (as you'd expect given the price for the version with etched and masks is about2-3 times that of the Airfix kit). It's set the bar very high and so when Arma announced a P/F-51D to follow the B/C based models it's got some people very excited. I think they're expecting the definitive P/F-51D in 1/72nd.
  5. I missed that earlier, thanks chaps. I've just noticed they're also giving both the early and late Republic seat configurations - WELL DONE SH! They truly seemed to have covered everything.
  6. I like what I see with one slight reservation but we'll come to that. The positives for me: Great surface detail Canopy options Two types of ejection seat - Republic and MB. Nuclear shape Rockets (very common NATO fit) Do I see a tall and short fin options? The negative: I only see the early, smaller parabrake housing, no option for the more commonly fitted large one (unless I've missed it)? On the whole though, colour me happy! One more question, when can I have mine? I want it now!!!! Thanks to @RidgeRunner for fettling the Airfix kit to produce a lovely model but in turn obviously prompting SH to bring us this modern kit.
  7. Well done mate, a cracking job as usual and well worth the effort. As the other Martin (Lightningboy2000) and Giorgio have said, thanks to you we have a new tool of this neglected subject with another on the way. If that's the result of your efforts can you crack on with that F4U-5 you've been asking about?
  8. Can't help you with your quest for dimensions but this video may be of interest/help?
  9. Does anyone do a resin A-A Refuelling Receptacle Fairing for the A-7K in 1/72nd? The one in the Hobby Boss TA-7C kit is a little undernourished in my opinion. Failing that can anyone point me to a decent set of plans?
  10. I've never really got to the bottom of the length of the Italeri Corsairs. I know Detail & Scale cast some doubts about the length but them some doubts were cast upon the doubts. Who's right? Whatever the length, the engine needs replacing and the panel lines are very deep. I'd love to see a new, decent, late series of Corsairs in 1/72nd.
  11. I always thought that they did Martin, it was always my understanding that the major changes to the wing came with the -5 when it finally got metal skinning.
  12. Dave, You've done a cracking job there, well done! I like that shark mouth on the NMF, it looks even more scary! Glad to have helped with the decals, they went to a good home.
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