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  1. Wez

    it's CHRISTMAS!!!!!

    You're getting it all wrong, the double edition Radio Times has arrived, the annual bunfight over which programmes we want to record simultaneously as well as the films we do/don't want to watch can begin! Therefore...
  2. Yet another Ridge Runner thread I should have been following all along Mr Observant me I remember making the Hasegawa Voodoo back in the late 70's/early 80's when I was a yoof! I painted it with Humbrol Authentics and was quite pleased with the result. What I wasn't pleased with was that none of the NMF colour schemes were in the box, also, it was the first time I realised that not all Hasegawa kits were the state of the art kits I'd been led to believe they were (and to be fair, the previous Hasegawa kit I'd built was their 1/72nd Mitsubishi T-2 which is a beauty). I have a later edition in the stash so I'd be keen to compare it to the Valom kit. Keep up the good work Martin, now I've found this thread I'll be regularly tuning in!
  3. Well... ...yep, these are they. The captions to some of the profiles aren't correct but as all of the schemes are in the AIRfile book its no problem for me.
  4. Wez

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    In reverse order, my favourite Christmas songs... ...bah humbug! ITS CHRISTMASSSS!!! You scumbag, you maggot...
  5. How have I missed this thread? Pulling up a chair, I won't bother with the popcorn, can't bide the stuff!
  6. Good, 'cos I wanna do a Germany based F. 4 and I already have the decals for a bucket load of T. 7's.
  7. All great subjects and all very welcome, thanks for signing up Bjorn Steve, thank you too for signing up, I think I have all of those in my stash or certainly had them at time or another. Crazy fool! I'm with you Dave! So does anyone else want to join the Heller GB for 2020, we only need one more and then I can go cap in hand to Enzo asking for a slot.
  8. Wez

    Flying a council house from the upstairs loo

    By using anthracite instead of the usual nutty slack!
  9. Wez

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Buzzcocks "Boredem", "Sixteen" and "Somethings gone wrong again", perfectly summed up adolescent life growing up in a rural area during the late 70's, early 80's. I only got to see Buzzcocks once, it would have been 79 or 80, I went to a lot of gigs back then, for the life of me I can't even remember the venue but it would have been either Portsmouth or Southampton. Saw Pete Shelley doing his solo stuff a couple of times, the first was at the Damned's 10th anniversary gig in a big top at Finsbury Park, it coincided with the release of his Heaven and the Sea album, pretty sure they opened with "No moon" which was frankly awesome! I was so impressed I'd bought the album by the next weekend! Thanks Pete for being part of the soundtrack to my life, rest easy.
  10. Wez

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Pete Shelly RIP Another part of my youth gone...
  11. Wez

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    Thank you very much! I have just been chastised by Mrs Wez for laughing at a poor hamster's misfortune ('tis funny though)!
  12. Wez

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    During research at the Patents Office, various slips of paper allude to something like two versions of the so-called Ice Cream conveyance but nothing has come to light yet - I shall keep looking. There was some suggestion that "One Beer's" thickly accented, poor English was the cause of the accident with the steam roller, his caution to the night watchman to "sleep not" was misheard by the riggers as "slipknot".
  13. Wez

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    I think what you've stumbled across here is a latter day hipster restoration which has fundamentally misunderstood F-K's original musings for a battlefield helicopter. The registered patent shows that the Ice Cream conveyance is the wrong way around, it should be pointing the other way and joined to the so-called coffee bar! The umbrella was in fact the main rotor, the so-called Ice Cream container was the gunner's armoured copula, interestingly the prototype hedgehog powered Gatling gun failed during trials with horrendous consequences for the gunner, Lance Bombardier Norman (thereafter known as Spiny Norman). The basket just aft of the pilot's seat was intended to convey a team of free falling ferrets (from the crack but short-lived FFF Brigade), sadly the Brigade had to be disbanded when they disappeared up the trouser legs of the inspecting Generals and staff during the rather unfortunate events of the flight trials. What has been interpreted as a Barista Coffee Machine was in fact the automatic dispenser for the Lesser-Spotted Attack Woodpeckers (the plumper Greater-Spotted variety were found to get stuck in the dispensing chutes). Unfortunately, during the trials, two of the woodpeckers mistook Captain Eh' Habbz wooden leg for a trench prop thus leaving him severely lop-sided. The observer's seat has been installed the wrong way around, what has been interpreted as a mere rear wheel was in fact the counter torque rotor controlled by the observer. Again, the coffee themed interpretation has assumed that the grinding apparatus is a coffee grinder, it is in fact an industrial sized pepper mill, the original design concept was that whilst hovering over enemy troops, the observer would furiously grind pepper which would fall on the troops causing them to have sneezing fits and rendering them incapacitated. During the unfortunate trials it was found that dispensing the pepper whilst hovering in ground-effect caused the pepper to be recirculated around the entire contraption, the observer Major T Thwater sneezed so violently that his false teeth were propelled into the assembled General Staff much to the chagrin of an unnamed young Subaltern who, looking the opposite way and bent over tying his shoe laces, found he could now smile where the sun doesn't shine! Needless to say, the Generals discounted the idea of the battlefield helicopter describing it as "Damned un-British"! Featherstone-Kite was typically non-plussed and criticised the General Staff for their lack of vision and obstinate unwillingness to overlook what F-K considered "teething troubles". The current obsession with barista coffee and traditional gelato has certainly clouded the restorers vision of the machine's original intention.
  14. Thanks for signing up Moggy and welcome! I had mentioned SMER, it's easy to get lost with the Heller moulds as they seem to pop up all over the place. Totally agree about the importance of correctness of shape - BTW, how is the Heller Lansen for shape? Anyone else want to join?