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  1. That book looks rather interesting and I see AZ are bringing out a suitable version of the Bouchon... ...mmm
  2. Another weekend bump for this one, anything goes really, as long as it never really happened in real life...
  3. Wez

    What's your avatar?

    Mine is our last hound, a much beloved Jack Russel Terrorist (a cross between a Jack Russel and a Staffy, Jack Russel shape and colouring but built like a Staffy), called Bandit due to his two brown eye-patches (much faded due to his age in the photo), we lost him two years ago aged 15, he is still much missed. He was a rescue dog, we had him for 10 years and he was full of character. The photo was taken by the Wonderful Mrs Wez as we were travelling down to Brighton in the self-propelled home on wheels. My online name is a nickname I acquired in the RAF and the name most people
  4. Well, yes and no. Obviously, Thunderbirds is real... Having ummed and aahed about this, I think FAB1 is eligible as are the rest of the Thunderbirds, likewise things that turn up in stories and cartoons (such as Bab el-Ehr's DH Mosquito from the Tintin series as ably modelled by @John Masters), would be eligible too. Does this mean you're in and would anyone else like to join us?
  5. I have a French monograph on the Mirage IIIB/C, PM me your e-mail address and I'll scan the pages with the IIIC cockpit for you and send them across.
  6. Great result of an unusual subject, well done Adrian.
  7. Jeroen, Congratulations on finishing this one, reading through the thread I'm impressed by your masterclass in weathering, very well done mate!
  8. Steve, Thanks for signing up, seems you have plenty of candidates, très bien! Anyone else want to join us? If it's French made, it's welcome. If it's French used, it's in. If it's wearing French markings, it's eligible! Come and join us on the 14th of July.
  9. A USB Head Torch. I use one when I go running on these dark, dark, cold mornings, it has four settings, one bright enough to blind a badger at 2000 paces, the next will dazzle an oncoming cyclist whilst the next is good for highlighting puddles and dog poo at up to 25m, then there's a motion sensitive setting. I found that when using the brightest setting to look for dropped model parts, the carpet monster gives them up without a fight! To save me traipsing up from the basement to where the torch is normally kept I thought I'd buy one for the basement, hopefully that should reduc
  10. French Fancy 2 GB... ...just sayin' right!
  11. Thanks for signing up. Anyone else up for this, anything counter factual, something that might have been, if only? Fancy doing an aircraft featured in the Tin-Tin books? What if Dunkerque hadn't gone to Toulon and was scuttled and in fact joined up with the RN out in the Pacific? Anything you like really! Come and join us!
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