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  1. More songs from Wez's yoof coming up on the Spotify! This song summed up how I felt aged 14-18, I loved Ali McMordie's bass line in the introduction... Followed by the only band that matters! And finally, that scary woman and this masterpiece... Funny old thing, here am I sat here supposedly studying for my degree but obsessing over the great music I'm listening to, just as I did back then aged 13, 14, 15 etc... ...forty years older and none the wiser, just wizzened!
  2. There appears to be a glitch in the matrix...
  3. This thread's going in circles, if it carries on like this it'll disappear up it's own bum! Already discussed here... ...do pay attention at the back, there's a good chap!
  4. Likewise guilty, in my defence, I will vote for those GB's I wish to participate in only to find that they're being held when I'm studying and I don't have time to participate. Annoyingly I have a longer study period this year but the good news it's the last year so I shall be able to participate properly
  5. And some people think that this stuff doesn't matter... ...such charitable work shouldn't go unrewarded, no longer shall poor old Fightersweep feel unregarded and his self esteem continue to climb to lofty heights! Thank you Sir!
  6. Hopefully, after the A-1 we'll get an A-5 and C-2/4 versions
  7. Thanks all for the replies on the MB seat, I should've known that based on Martin's @RidgeRunner thread What can I say, I've slept since then.
  8. Many thanks Patrice, I should get along to Master 194 myself I suppose, it might improve my French! We were over for what is termed a Winter Cruise to support a local charity so we only had Saturday to do a whistle stop tour, this was our fourth trip but our friends first so we sheparded them around - Dinard for the market, Dinan for lunch and St Malo for shopping and drinks (coffee for me, I was driving). The four course evening meal on the ferry on the way back was fantastic, Brittany Ferries certainly know how to put on a good spread, the Burgundy we washed it down with was nice too!
  9. Me too! Me too but she scared the bejeezus out of me! Here's a favourite of mine from a live performance with the sublime John McGeoch on guitar! If you get a chance I heartily recommend Nocturne, a brilliant live album with Robert Smith on guitar. I've been revisiting the music of my youth, here's a couple from the Damned, the very gentle Melody Lee... ...and the very gothic Plan 9 Channel 7 both from Machine Gun Ettiquette.
  10. The MiG-19S looks sleek and arrow like until you see that gaping maw of an intake and then notice things like those massive wing fences, I personally think it looks quite brutal! I'll wait and see before I commit to this kit.
  11. That would do nicely Patrice. For anyone contemplating a Honduran Sa'ar, I picked up the Air&Cosmos Monograph No.4 le Super Mystère B2 - L'ambition whilst in St Malo this weekend, I noticed that the Honduran jets had their original ejection seats replaced with what, going by the B-shaped headbox firing handles, look like Martin Baker seats, does anyone have any information on which type these would be?
  12. Just been on a weekend trip to St Malo where I got Wing Masters magazine and Air & Cosmos Histoire Monograph No.4 which is on the Super Mystère... ...oh and some wine
  13. Absolutely! I expect them to be in the GB! The rules are: 1. The dates the GB itself will run will be 8th May to 15th of August 2020 (VE to VJ Day). 2. Open to anything that was used on land, sea and air from any participant in either theatre is acceptable. 3. Equipment and units in use in the month prior to VE Day is acceptable but they must be in the order of battle for VE Day. 4. Equipment and units in use for a month after VJ Day are acceptable but again they must be on the order of battle for VJ Day. 5. Equipment and units present in the occupying forces are acceptable (providing they were on the OrBat), European ones will have a backstop of VJ-Day. 6. Captured equipment taken over by the victors are allowed providing they fall within the timelines permitted. 7. Equipment used to repatriate PoW's are acceptable, again, providing they fall within the timelines. 8. The onus will be on the modeller to provide evidence that their subject is in keeping with the rules.
  14. Aah, housekeeping and stuff, looks like I've got plenty of company on the naughty step then. Fair enough. Not in the slightest, I'd just noticed something had happened and wondered what was going on, simple idle curiosity that's all.
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