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  1. Thanks Graham, I've just checked the book and there's a photo of Gremlin Heaven, it definitely has the oval window, the kit has a rectangular one. None of the 100 Group aircraft appear to have the astrodome on the top of the nose above the oval window. Interestingly, many of the aircraft have the oval window plated or painted over. I've got the old Paragon conversion set for the 100 Group for the B-17s and B-24s.
  2. Agree with @brewerjerry and @noelh they're VOR/LOC antenna VHF Omni Ranging/LOCaliser the first part of the system will give you a range to the beacon, the second part will give you the bearing which is resolved on the instrumentation as a bearing pointer and a fly left/right indication on the Horizontal Situation Indicator (the compass indicator with adder pointers and steer bars). Often but not always used with the Instrument Landing System (ILS).
  3. My kit arrived today, the box is very... ...full! Special Ops Liberators - 223 (Bomber Support) Squadron, 100 Group and the Electronic War by Steve Bond and Richard Forder gives the following serial number and Sqn code/aircraft nick-names for their aircraft, they operated a mix of H and J's, all of the Hs were taken over from the USAAF and had previous operational lives: 223 Sqn TS519/S ex 41-29568 H-15-CF TS520/J ex 41-28868 H-15-DT TS521/F ex 42-52483 H-15-FO TS522/P ex 42-52712 H-15-FO TS523/D ex 42-52620 H-15-FO TS524/O ex 42-52573 H-15-FO TS525/H ex 42-52771 H-15-FO TS526//T ex 42-52572 H-15-FO TS527/Q ex 42-52591 H-15-FO TS528/R ex 42-52731 H-15-FO TS529/C "Circe" ex 42-94856 H-20-FO TS530/G "Gremlin Heaven" ex 42-94981 H-20-FO - this aircraft features on DK Decals sheet 72016 No.100 Group RAF TT340/U? ex 42-94797 H-20-FO VB904/J ex 42-52766 H-15-FO VD245/R ex 42-52681 H-15-FO 1699 Flt TS535/A then B ex 42-94813 H-20-FO TS536/W ex 42-94771 H-15-FO TS537/X then D ex 4294847 H-20-FO So I could possibly build some of these aircraft but that doesn't include TS530/G "Gremlin Heaven"?
  4. No Pete, the next line is in here... ..honestly, you have to lead some people by the nose... ...anyway, welcome Bill @Pete in Lincs I expected better
  5. Are you a man of wealth and taste??
  6. Gone nowhere fast mate, I must admit to being in a bit of a modelling fug atm.
  7. Duly added, SAAB J-21s would be very welcome The Italeri C-119 is an impressive kit. The Whistling Tit would make an interesting subject but I take your point about the kit's affordability and buildability - incidentally, as a neophyte Flight Systems technician I did fault finding on the MFS on an Argosy at Cosford 39 years ago, they had that strong smell of mineral oil and leather which was typical of British aircraft of the period, I also remember climbing up the ladder to the cockpit. I'd like to see the Heller Cessna though.
  8. Um, it depends (helpful I know). You'd really have to check some photos.
  9. Andrés, @Enzo the Magnificent you would be very welcome with a Mirage IIIEE, I've always liked that scheme (especially the higher vis scheme you describe). I'm sure Patrice @TEMPESTMK5 will be along to welcome you and add you to the list. Remember, the GB doesn't start until the 28th September so don't go starting just yet...
  10. The Heller T-28 definitely represents a Fennec as it has the appliqué armour around the cockpit which was not fitted to the T-28C. It's not the case that the cockpit canopies were taller on the Fennec, some were, some weren't, you have to check photos, if the triangular roll-over support is there between the two cockpits it's the taller, T-28A canopy, if not, it's the lower canopy. Unfortunately there's no link to the French serial number, it's quite random. Rob Taurus did canopies for the T-28/Fennec
  11. This is a very true thing, thank you for reminding me, however, our correspondent is originally from Ireland where they make some very fine cheeses and should therefore, know better!
  12. You sir are not to be trusted! Your disagreeing son however is a stout yeoman and can be accepted into polite society!
  13. Weirdo, odball!
  14. That was standard mess fare along with dessicated coconut and pineapple it was the only way of putting any flavour into it!
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