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  1. Then I'd recommend this boxing if you don't already have one.
  2. Those of you that follow the What new stuff have you bought/been gifted? Part II will know I succumbed to some cider induced purchases last weekend... I bought myself the newly re-released Heller 1/72nd T-28 Fennec/Trojan, I also bought some goodies to go with the kit, well the package arrived today and I thought I'd share the contents with you fellow Helleristes... The new style box features the original box artwork but in the new shiny box style, the sturdy box by the way features a flip top lid (sorry about the flash glare btw): The contents themselves are the familiar kit with very, teeny tiny raised rivets on the surface, far more realistic than the divots some modern kits portray as rivets (to my eye they portray holes to put rivets in or pulled skin ). I haven't shown these sprues but the kit came with a pleasant surprise! Those of you who've made or seen the kit before will recall it never came with those very distinctive, often carried under-wing gun pods, will this kit comes with two new (to me at least) sprues featuring the pods and guns. This is a blessing as the pods themselves are quite a distinctive shape and I was wondering how to scratchbuild them: There's a new modern style instruction sheet and also a new decal sheet featuring three NMF French Fennecs, a camouflaged Moroccan Fennec and an overall yellow USN T-28B Trojan. The decals themselves look cracking and are a vast improvement on the Heller originals, they appear thin, well printed, glossy and with minimal carrier film. There's a bucket load of stencils for the various options too! Those of you who've seen the kit before will recognise the scheme from the original boxing (scheme B), French magazine Ailes Francaise had a hand in these so I expect them to be well researched: Finally the extra goodies, what we have here are Rob Taurus vac-form canopies (2 off), Pavla resin for the cockpit and a third vac-form canopy, Armoury resin wheels and a Quickboost engine. Three replacement canopies may seem an extravagance but I want to make the kit with open canopies and I have fingers like sausages. It turns out it was just as well there were three replacement canopies as the kit example was loose in the box and had been scratched - the only blemish on what is overall a very good package from Heller and one I'm very pleased to see returning to the shops. Needless to say, this will be a candidate for next year's group build. In the meantime I must make a mental note not to go shopping after a couple of ciders!
  3. I doubted it was, it's unlike you to do something so... ...mainstream!
  4. Thanks to you both, the assignments were the final submissions for this year and the exams are 3 weeks away. As I said it's the penultimate year, I can't wait until I've finished next year, I shall celebrate by hosting the Classic Heller GB! Back to the Mustang, I may have a couple of spare T-33 tanks should you need them Martin, otherwise it looks like a simple masking and painting scheme with stock decals to produce an attractive model! I fancy doing this one myself.
  5. Bit of both, I've been doing final assignments and revision for my exams, I'm in the penultimate year of my degree course (6 years part time), I will be glad when it is finished!
  6. I think that's because people like me who have been following the GB but didn't participate have also voted. As I didn't have a dog in the fight I'm able to be impartial and vote for the build I like best. I thought this was permissible under BM rules?
  7. Makes perfect sense to me Martin, my first thought was that they looked like the Fletcher type tanks like those used on T-33's albeit without the fins.
  8. The Manics - Everything Must Go, looking forward to seeing them on Friday night!
  9. Well I certainly remember being sat in the back of an RAF Puma with the cabin doors slid open and reading the road signs - on more than one occasion!
  10. They have been showing off some weapons options so fingers crossed! One thing I need to dig out is a Delmar pod and dart, I fancy doing one of the camouflage or even NMF aircraft with the highly colourful dart. Next time I'm rummaging through the stash I need to find the Hasegawa weapons sets, I think they did a dart in one of their sets, not sure if they did the winch pod so some scratch building may be needed Like others, I'm really looking forward to this kit!
  11. Probably lost and looking for a road sign!
  12. Wez

    Airfix 2020

    I would expect Italeri's kit was based on publicly released data, not the subtle nuances of detail that LIDAR would give. My point is for those expecting Marham's Station Commander to open the gates to let Airfix come waltzing in with their LIDAR equipment to forget it, the poor chap will be cacking himself at the thought of an ITAR infringement. There's a cat in hell's chance of it happening.
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