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  1. Steve, glad you changed your mind as to which subject to do, there is something so very French about the Somua. Welcome to the GB and good luck.
  2. Stu, what markings are you going to use, I'm a bit concerned that just because its a Spitfire Clostermann flew, it's not French enough, does it have any markings which give some indication of its Frenchness (e.g. a Cross of Lorraine insignia).
  3. Glad to see one of these in the GB, quite dainty aircraft the Nieuports. Good luck.
  4. It is a large beastie isn't it, looks quite a comprehensive kit too.
  5. I've always wondered what colour the Toucan interior was painted in, if I was that bothered I suppose I could get this book... Good start Martin.
  6. Nice choice, such a cute aircraft. Shame you couldn't do the pre-dreadnought too... Good luck with the tiny Morane.
  7. Sorry Paul, I use Flikr but, if you look in the FAQ's there's a section about using hosting sites, Imgur gets a mention, it could be that you're not setting your pictures for public viewing?
  8. The Lafayette squadron markings are arguably the most famous of AdlA squadron markings and are always welcome. Another good start and subject choice, good luck with it.
  9. Nice start Wellzy, I do love the Mirage 2000 series. Colleagues of mine who deployed to Afghanistan said you could always tell when these things were taking off, they were so bloody LOUD! Good luck and welcome the GB.
  10. Don't forget to post pictures of your progress as you go along. Good luck!
  11. Morning all, I'm venturing into largely uncharted waters for me (excuse the pun), being mainly an aircraft modeller but one who does have a strong interest in maritime subjects. The French Fancy 2 is open to anything of French origin or used by the French, it really is an inclusive GB, we have aircraft a plenty, lots of tanks and some cars but notable by their absence are maritime subjects. So if you've got a Richelieu, Strasbourg, Dunkerque, Danton or Sourcouf etc in the stash, now's the time to make them. As long as it's readily identifiable as a French subject (e.g. wearing French markings), it's eligible. Come along to the French Fancy 2 GB, you'll be very welcome.
  12. Just over a week into this GB and we have 49 build threads, thanks to those of you who've made a start and we're looking forward to those yet to make a start. Naturally most of the threads are aircraft orientated and I'm pleased to see subjects ranging from WW.I to the present, it's great to see such variety. Also pleasing to see are the build threads for tanks and cars, looking forward to a few more of those. I'm off to the mither the ship modellers to join us, it would be great to see a Richelieu or Strasbourg (or even a Danton)
  13. Hi science fiction fans, I wanted to draw your attention to the What If IV Group Build proposal. It's open to anything that never really happened, counter factual or indeed fictitious. It strikes me that Science Fiction subjects fall rather neatly into this category and would be a great chance for science fiction modellers to join in with a GB. If this interests you please sign up here.
  14. Here's some interesting subjects for What Ifs? Pogo Rocketeer Either would be welcome in this GB!
  15. Adrian's in the GB and so we'll have an interesting subject and so it seems to be the case. Good luck sir!
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