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  1. It'll be interesting to see if it comes with Honduran markings, I hope so as I don't think there would be enough interest in a Honduran only boxing. Personally, my only interest in this version is a Honduran jet (or two).
  2. And what a good choice to join with! Welcome! Room for more though and plenty of time for you to choose your subject.
  3. Others may know better but I believe they were retired when the Phantom handed the Ground Attack/Reconnaissance over to the Jaguar in the mid to late 1970's. The Phantom took over the air defence role at that point. I've never seen it used on an air defence jet and certainly not one in the all greys scheme but never say never. As for how many, I doubt there was ever enough for each aircraft on 2 and 41 Sqn's and I would imagine much of the equipment such as the cameras would have been used elsewhere.
  4. Charlie, You're in! I never got around to buying this kit so I'm curious to see how the subjects build up - welcome! Any more takers? You've got until October 2020 to decide what to do.
  5. Time to give this one a bump, it's in the calendar so you might as well sign up anyway! Rules are here:
  6. Fujimi, hands down! Haven't seen the new Hobby Boss kit but it's expensive and doesn't even come with separate slats (surely a prerequisite for any Skyhawk kit)? The Fujimi kit isn't perfect but then neither are any of the options.
  7. Well until we started this I don't think many of us were any the wiser... ...well, that's all that matters surely? That's the spirit! You're welcome, I've actually quite enjoyed the exercise, my only wish is that each thread I contribute to doesn't cost me €35 plus postage!
  8. That looks hideous, I wonder how effective it was, probably as about effective as a hairdrier!
  9. What Col said... ...but in service F.1's got the airbrake and link collectors fairly quickly so depending on which aircraft you want to model you may only have to leave the the underwing tanks and pylons off, F.1&2 were clean winged aircraft, no underwing stores. As ever, check photos of the aircraft you're wanting to model.
  10. Getting home from a weekend away to find that the garden hadn't been devastated by the gales and the bean and tomato canes hadn't been flattened. Picking lots of fresh French Beans and tomatoes from the said canes, some nice yellow courgettes, as well as some more tomatoes, chillies and fresh basil from the greenhouse. Later on the smell of the beans being blanched and some of the tomatoes being roasted with the basil. Then, whilst sat out on the garden bench with the Wonderful Mrs Wez enjoying the peace and the sunshine, watching Long Tailed Tits eating Greenfly off of the Sweet Peas, the birds are very welcome to take as many Greenfly as they want, in fact, they should tell their friends! The more the merrier! We were watching about six of the wonderful creatures having a feast!
  11. Special Ops Liberators, a book about 223 Sqn, 100 Group RAF for a tenner from Kim’s Bookshop in Chichester and yesterday Lee Scratch Perry's A Serious Dub compilation from Harbour Records in Emsworth. Also yesterday, the DK Decals 1/72nd sheet for 3 Sqn RAAF arrived. Not a bad haul really.
  12. Wez

    The Weather,

    Sounds like what we'll be getting here over the next 36 hours, but with added rain - the joys of a northern hemisphere summer!
  13. Can't help you much with this Comm's stuff as I've never seen most of it before, I think the Pye Olympic and Beaver are either marine or civil emergency radio stuff. The intercom is the UA60, the buttons on the station box were illuminated, selected the desired radio/navaid and controlled the volume - they were very prone to being booted by clumsy pilots or ham-fisted crewmen... ...ask me how I know?
  14. Great Scottish band here's one of my favourites from them...
  15. Mike, I couldn't agree more, what started out as a simple enquiry has turned into hopefully, a valuable resource.
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