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  1. Jabba, as much as I'd love to say it's because you're a Rigger but unfortunately, this time that's not the case and the truth is, you're not looking in the right place. The non-aircraft poll can be found in the gallery, this is because in true Fairy fashion, I decided to complicate matters by having three polls.
  2. Just a reminder on the poll, it closes at midnight on the 5th December and I'm sure all of those that completed their builds would appreciate your votes so please make the effort and show your appreciation, Thank you.
  3. Thanks Giorgio, very useful!
  4. Many thanks, that will be a great help
  5. I'm in, I still have a few biplanes that won't get built in any hurry otherwise!
  6. Yes me too. I'd be seriously surprised if Airfix would do the Supermarine Fatter Knacker in any scale let alone 1/48th, after all, it has been widely reported that the Supermarine Fat Knacker (a Swift is a lithe and graceful bird, the Supermarine product is nothing like that and looks like a Hunter that's eaten all the pies), was a poor seller, Airfix financial position whilst better than a few years ago, is still I would suggest, not on a footing where some Britmodellers and their pet dog Simon would buy the kit but it would be widely ignored by the rest of the public. Let's face it, the Scimitar's best work was as a flying bowser for the early Buccaneers I'd suggest that if the scanning is for a kit, it will be from one of the smaller manufacturers. That said, I'd also suggest it would be in 1/72nd rather than 1.48th, I'd buy one in 1/72nd, not the slightest bit interested in 1/48th.
  7. Thanks Pat, that's an interesting subject too. Anybody else want to join us, room for more.
  8. Nice! An important and attractive subject often overlooked Agree with the Vampire an FB.5/9 would be a very attractive subject too alongside the S.M.1
  9. Always interested in Vampiric countenance, this could be the kit that entices me to make an Aussie version with those bloody ugly extra intakes (the French solution was far more elegant)!
  10. F.1 - 3 piece canopy later replaced by the standard 2 piece canopy, round wingtips, squared off fins without the acorns, tailplane set higher up the tailplane, short stroke undercarriage. F.3 - Standard 2 piece canopy, round wingtips, rounded tail with acorns and lower set tailplane, short stroke undercarriage. FB.5 - as F.3 but clipped, squared tipped wingtips, ability to carry rockets and rockets, long stroke undercarriage. FB.9 - this was a tropicalised FB.5 and featured a cold air unit. This version had an extended starboard intake fairing but this was also fitted to many, many Mk5's (check photos). FB.6 - Swiss export version of the FB.5, originally fitted with the standard nose, later got the extended nose and ejection seats fitted. Some Swedish F.1 were fitted with the clipped, squared wingtips later in service. All versions could carry drop tanks.
  11. Good choice, agreed, the Hellenic AF definitely had some interesting types. Certainly sir, with luck you'll get that Italian subject built! Room for more, come and join us, if you can find a subject from a country that has a coastline from Spain to Greece, as well as Portugal, Malta or Cyprus - it's in!
  12. There's been some comments on the background colour for their IP's, all the pictures I've seen of Vampires are in the words of the Rolling Stones "Black as night, black as coal!" Good luck with the op old mate. Thanks for that Dave, Mr Observant here hadn't noticed that. Of course the longer stroke undercarriage was AFAIK to take into account of the increased weight of the FB Mks when carrying bombs.
  13. The Swiss Vampires certainly had ejector seats as did the French Mistrals
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