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  1. But I'm not the one that's that bothered by it, you're the one who is, you can contact them here. Remember, a picture paints a thousand words so some pictorial evidence is likely to yield results.
  2. Follow this link, it may provide the answers you need to share your collection with us.
  3. So have you alerted them to all of the variabilities in DH spinner shape?
  4. Troy, You make a fair point as always. Looking at the evidence you've presented (I was thinking of asking about just this subject on the All the Spitfire Questions... thread) , I'm still not convinced that the Airfix render is entirely wrong as there appear to be a multitude of DH spinner shapes. So when somebody makes a statement the the kit's DH spinner is off, I'm now inclined to ask "compared to which version of the DH spinner"? Presumably Airfix has based this representation on some data, they've obviously managed to capture it correctly for the Rotol unit so how can they be so off for the DH unit? Have they fallen into the trap of trying to resolve all three shapes into one?
  5. I know, the whole thing is ruined! As far as the spinner goes, I can't see the problem with it, rather than castigate the kit based on design renders, I'll wait and see what it's like when it comes out, if it's really that off I'm sure we'll pretty swiftly get a resin replacement.
  6. Great subject choice, welcome to the GB. Great choice of subject, it will make a change from Hellcats and Corsairs. To anyone else wondering what this GB is about, here are the rules: 1. The dates the GB itself will run will be 8th May to 15th of August 2020 (VE to VJ Day). 2. Open to anything that was used on land, sea and air from any participant in either theatre is acceptable. 3. Equipment and units in use in the month prior to VE Day is acceptable but they must be in the order of battle for VE Day. 4. Equipment and units in use for a month after VJ Day are acceptable but again they must be on the order of battle for VJ Day. 5. Equipment and units present in the occupying forces are acceptable (providing they were on the OrBat), European ones will have a backstop of VJ-Day. 6. Captured equipment taken over by the victors are allowed providing they fall within the timelines permitted. 7. Equipment used to repatriate PoW's are acceptable, again, providing they fall within the timelines. 8. The onus will be on the modeller to provide evidence that their subject is in keeping with the rules. 9. Timelines for entries are ETO: 8/4/45 to 15/8/45 and PTO: 8/5/45 to 15/9/45, so European based subjects must be verified to be in that theatre for the former dates, Burma/Far East/Indian Ocean subjects the latter two dates. We hope to see plenty more of you joining in.
  7. I see a Rotol propeller and spinner and a DeHavilland propeller and spinner, two separate parts for different fits of different standards of Vc.
  8. A fine choice and seeing what you have done with your RAF QRA series, I have high hopes for this. Welcome and thanks for signing up.
  9. Could that be the jet exhaust fuel drain? ISTR seeing pictures of Vampires being upended to drain unburnt fuel from their exhausts, perhaps DeHavilland may have actually thought about remedying that on the Venom?
  10. Hendie, Great work as ever, really looking forward to the next instalment. As for the colour scheme on the gate guardian, it would have really bothered me if I'd seen it in the flesh, so much so I would have volunteered to repaint it (and being ex-mob, I never volunteer for anything)! I think the colours you're seeing there are just what the dopers had enough of kicking around the paint store, not even aircraft colours. Go with all of the other evidence you've seen DSG/DG upper surfaces, I'd expect the undersides would be aluminium paint or PRU Blue - personally, the DSG/DG/PRU Blue scheme is my favourite post-war scheme.
  11. Ambitious and art deco in one fell swoop, I like it! Thanks for signing up.
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