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  1. Had to visit the stash location today and found that I also have a 1/72nd Nieuport-Delage NiD-622 and a 1/48th Mirage IIIB/C. Both typically French and typically Heller. Plenty of choice in the Heller GB, want to join?
  2. Wez

    Dassault Mirage

    Remember, the Mirage is flush riveted and has a smooth finish. If the rivets show up its because of material differences. The divots made by so-called riveting tools would be far deeper than the actual skin thickness itself if scaled up.
  3. Jack, Whilst that's normally the case, I've got a feeling that this one will be in come hell or high water!
  4. Antoine good to have join our throng! Thanks for signing up.
  5. Subtle, took me a moment...
  6. Not without some trepidation, I'd say... ...they would be welcome too On a positive note I found a SAAB Tunnan and Lansen and I have RB decals for both... ..anyone else want to join in this nonsense?
  7. I have to say, I too love the French markings, it looks rakish and as though it's had everything and the kitchen sink thrown at it in terms of markings.
  8. A start date of 6th June may be appropriate?
  9. A fine selection, which reminds me, I have the Tasman boxing of the Dragon Rapide I've got one of these too, unfortunately the decals are shot, I'd really like to get my hands upon a set of standard French squadron markings for one of these.
  10. This is my understanding too.
  11. Pin, Welcome to the fold and thanks for signing up. Yes, SMER repacks count (as do Airfix, Revell and Encore to name a few), releases of Heller moulds count for this GB.
  12. Ray, Welcome and thanks for signing up, I'll add you to the list later, hopefully we'll have a few more takers by then! Heller have some lovely and esoteric subjects in their back catalogue, I'm sure you'll find something to your liking. Anyone else want to join?
  13. Ray, Welcome on board, thanks for signing up. As I want to keep this build focussed on Heller moulds I'm afraid I'd have to exclude the re-boxed AMT kit just as I want to exclude the re-boxed Airfix kits but all the rest are classic Heller and would be very welcome, especially something Connie based... ...no pressure, I'm just saying right!
  14. Wez

    Metric scale AV-8A

    It does get like that some times, I used to obsess over the tiniest of details but I've since decided that as I never finished anything that kind of behaviour needed to stop! Great work so far Cliff, you're close to the finish line, keep it up.
  15. I always treat every kit like that! There's no such thing as a shake and bake kit as far as old fumble fingers here is concerned.