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  1. Not really, it's at the far end of a 1:1 scale 120ft garden so it's a long way to go for tea and snacks as well as the possibility of being forgotten about at mealtimes! Besides wiring it up would be a faff! On the plus side I have now liberated a section of the garage role equipment store which I can use for spraying so it's not all bad (and that's not so far to go for provisions either)!
  2. Tony, The only P-47N's that couldn't take the rockets were the very early -1/-2RE's, all those that followed were equipped to take the rockets, e.g. the rocket stubs were a permanent fit (unless modified out later by removal), likewise pylons had been a standard fitting from sometime during the D production. I can't remember what dash model this aircraft is but it's more than likely to have had the capability to be fully armed, just because you have no evidence it ever was, you likewise have no evidence that it never wasn't. I vote for fully tooled up.
  3. Yes had that at the weekend, got very little done, conversely, last night when I was pushed for time. I wish I could have kept going! As Dave says, it's always best to step away when things aren't going well, it's easy to make a mistake you'll regret and that can be very de-motivational.
  4. Well done Tony, another one on the go, good luck with this one too.
  5. Nice choice Björn even if I do say so myself. It will be interesting to see your recce bird next to my fighter. Good luck with your build.
  6. Nice one Cliff! You've done the old kit proud.
  7. Glad you're taking it so well Rob. I wouldn't know about that Rob, the Airfix Classic GB was nothing to do with me, in fact I never even took part.
  8. Andreas, Useful to know and Hu30 it is. Thanks.
  9. Great, you can vote for it twice, as long as the votes get aggregated I'm a happy bunny!
  10. There's a combined GB/STGB list for 2020 going into 2021 and is here, the list for 2021 proper will I guess, be published after the bunfight poll has closed and the dates for the successful GB's allocated. You could in the meantime scroll through the listings here and see if anything interests you (may I recommend the Texan/Harvard STGB for instance).
  11. Rob, I see Carbonel as a chronicler rather than a prophet. Found it in the Carbonel listings (once I knew it was a Wabco Dumper), I even found a picture of it in the Bobcat box here but, Carbonel lists it as ex-Lindberg, originally released in the Bobcat range in 1984, so in terms of timeline, that would make it eligible however, as it wasn't an original Heller mould (we're allowing Bobcat kits if originally moulded by Heller which the majority were), it's ineligible on those grounds, sorry.
  12. Rob, It's a cute kit but I can't find any reference to it in the Carbonel book which was published in 2005, which therefore suggests the kit post-dates the book publication and therefore well after the being moulded prior to 1st Jan 1986 which is one of the legibility criteria for this GB. Sorry, without evidence to the contrary, I'm going to have to rule this one ineligible.
  13. I too am of the view that this GB should be kept separate from the High Wing GB (I've signed up for both and both will get a vote), at least for the first round. If neither of them get through then a merger would be a good idea. I suspect both GB's contain the usual suspects but between them there should be plenty of support.
  14. Depends upon the colour scheme, green into yellow = edible, yellow with brown spots = inedible (I don't like 'em too ripe).
  15. No mate, I'm planning on doing a Spanish AF one.
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