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  1. I have exactly the same problem on a resin D type Jag,it must be cars that are sprayed in BRG......... Chris.
  2. Its not a car but it's very useful for putting things in! Found this in my my local model shop,and it cost £17. It's ideal as I intend to stack a few as long as I can get the same case or cases again. I have some odd expensive display cases but they vary vastly in size. I was unaware that Belkits made these too. Chris. Below,an action shot.
  3. A very nice build,not in the groupbuild? Beautiful colour scheme,like a metallic Alan Mann racing scheme! Chris.
  4. Ooh,I have one of these for my 1/24 F1 collection. There was an article in Airfix Model world mag. which I still have,if I remember the kit it got a very good write up. Chris.
  5. The nose was definitely far out on this one! I agree with your sentiments above,it's all about the chase,what you'll do with it,the research and completion. Then it sits on the shelf,with the others.Chris.
  6. Looking very good John,looking forward to seeing it with the decals on now! I'm another one who hasn't seen seen the UV glue as well.Chris.
  7. They both look very fab! And so do the pictures with the adverts from American Pickers! Chris.
  8. Hi Steve,and everyone else- it's a brand new engine commissioned by Gordon Murray.i just looked back in Motor Sport magazine from September which has a Gordon Murray article,it doesn't really mention this car but he reckons that a Tesla battery is still only 15% efficient still. Chris.
  9. I saw this yesterday too and took some pictures,hope you don't mind me adding them? This really is an impressive new car,out of all the cars at Goodwood I think this grabbed a lot of the attention there. The blurb says that this will be the last analog supercar. Chris.
  10. Wow! I'm glad you like it everyone,I only normally make cars with numbers on the side! Good luck. Chris.
  11. I must say your interior looks both very neat and smart, Chris.
  12. Oh dear we appear to have got you into trouble! Some people have no sense of humour do they?! Chris.
  13. Yes Fawlty Towers, If you have any problems with a model car you can attack it with a tree branch ! You've got a nice room there,we all need more space...Chris.
  14. The black and the chrome go really well together,it's doesn't look too blingy. That's a very smart looking car there. And they give you decals for the wheel centres? Chris.
  15. Underfloor heating,that's luxury! As they used to say in Monty Python.........Chris.
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