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  1. Hi,I know that South East Finecast sell spares from their kits and they do make a 1/24 Mini. Not sure if it's exactly what you are after,just an idea. Chris.
  2. Very nice! Where did you get it from? Neko themselves? I have a Senna Formula Ford car with no decals,they make quite a few Ayrton Senna cars. Chris.
  3. Have you looked on Scalemates? New rally decals seem to be added every day,but finding them actually for sale is probably more difficult.Chris.
  4. A fantastic result,and a faultless paint job! I very much like this. Chris.
  5. Thanks everyone for some nice comments! I've also made the hippie car and the Pink Pig 917L. But have still got another two 917L kits to complete one day.Chris.
  6. Nice job! Never seen this version either,the front is a bit ugly to be honest. Chris.
  7. A very nice build! I particularly liked the engine/suspension area,what did you use for the chrome? Chris.
  8. Marsh models kit,along with Jackie Oliver's autograph- very faded now! Still the fastest lap at Le Mans ever (I think) in this car. Postcard from Le Mans too. Was tempted to put this in the general discussion area,in the 917 thread,but it is a model completion after all.chris.
  9. And in the yuppie's favourite colour! Outstanding paintwork. Chris.
  10. Another welcome here from a car modeller(mostly). I have been on here a few weeks and it's nice to see more of us! Chris.
  11. Thanks,I have spotted the conversion kit,may get that myself for my birthday soon! It's good to get decent up to date models.i already have the Scale Motorsport Corvette kit - can't remember what year that is now.Chris.
  12. I think I agree! I much preferred Mark Webber,I even have his Revell 1/24 kit. Obviously I haven't made it as yet...I also think Alonso is vastly overrated too,well in the last few years anyway. Vetell's replacement won't now be Nico Hulkenberg either.wonder what happens now? Chris.
  13. This has definitely been coming! I have been watching the Netflix series of last years races,much more entertaining than just the normal Sunday afternoon watch which can get fairly dull.
  14. Thanks,that looks like the 1993 car. They don't just have Indy cars on display there then? Chris.
  15. Thanks,I still have a Wave Lotus 79,Jordan 191 and a Ferrari 641 to do.
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