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  1. I'll look in my library in the morning,it's in my loft. Do you want pics of the inside or just any pictures? I must have one or two to help out,Chris.
  2. It's very nice,and well made. Is this the car that nearly won Le Mans in 1990? Chris.
  3. Stunning again! FPPM models are great,I've only made one myself and it was nothing like your one though! As far as I know Dick Seaman only drove for German teams,some of those cars had the swastlika in a red band on the back of the car.Chris.
  4. Looking good so far but MA kits are a bit rough round the edges! I've only just recently come across group builds but I have displayed this very same car in the vehicle section. Mines an old 1/43 metal Meri kit in the ready for inspection a little while ago. Good luck with this one.Chris.
  5. Looking very good so far,I hope the blue and the white bodywork is in two separate pieces!
  6. Absolutely stunning all round Jorgen! I love it. Chris.
  7. That's a very neat model,I do remember these cars,and it's better than a Renault 20! Chris.
  8. A great model,it's a fairly new release kit which is unusual for a 1/43 these days! The paint is excellent but I still think it's Midnight blue,but to be honest not a lot of difference.And of course Gilles,everyone's favourite driver. Chris.
  9. That's really nice! And I see you chose the correct colour too.... Chris.
  10. A beautiful model in the 'right' colour. We did see these cars in England,but as other people have said it was in the 80's? It does look a bit familiar. Chris.
  11. Sorry Noel,but I didn't make this one! I would show if off if I had made it though! Chris.
  12. I love it! I've never seen the p/e bonnet arrangement before,that's clever. Very nice,Chris.
  13. I like it very much Heather,I followed the build and I was very impressed with the kit itself- and your excellent building of it course! Now wondering if I could ever find one of these kits for myself? Chris.
  14. Mine's an old Optivosr,think they are still available and 2 different strength lenses can be slotted in. They're comfortable but no light,I use an anglepoise light with an old fashioned 100watt 'daylight ' bulb. Chris.
  15. A fabulous result all round,and it’s a Le Mans car! Chris.
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