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  1. Wow! This is real modelling,I'm just an assembelator. I notice it's in French blue too,nice colour.Chris.
  2. Good luck Nick! Shame about the kit parts,this quite often happens.........Have you seen Silver City models? They have made a 1/24 Shadow F1 resin kit,they also do the F5000 car. Oh and they also do Penske PC4 transkits. I would love to buy the Shadow for myself at Xmas. Chris.
  3. Looking good so far,it all looks suitably busy in a 70's F1 way. The instructions and the parts given don't seem to match up to reality though! There's nothing like a 70's F1 car,I seem to be drawn to them myself. Chris
  4. Me too! The red with black interior,a classic colour combination. Chris.
  5. That was quick! Looks like a good Xmas present idea too,they should make every car on the grid unless they already do! Missing a trick if they don't. Look good. Chris.
  6. Hi Poul and Nick,l won't make the picture mistake again! I have a mountain of kits and it never occurred to me to make some models as a group build that can be sprayed in all the same colour...I spray in the garden so am hoping to get a few done before the really bad weather.ive started another one,a resin Arrows A2 from 1979 and the same car in 1/24 resin- hoping to spray both of those kits very soon if possible another 2 gold Warsteiner sponsored cars.The photo etch suspension is ok,I think it makes for a better more solid setup. Thanks for looking,Chris.
  7. The Marsh models 1/43 Arrows A3 kit. Chris.
  8. l have definitely made a cock up with this thread! The previous photos have disappeared as I deleted them from village photos,i didn't realise that would happen,so Ive now learnt my lesson there! I have made a bit of progress,and now I'm adding a 3rd.Arrows kit made by Marsh Models normally known for making sportscars. It's a 1980 Arrows A3,Another car sprayed with a Tamiya gold spray can.So that's 2 Warsteiner sponsored cars and a white Varig airlines car.i might add another one next week...Anyway more pictures below,that's enough chat from me. Chris.
  9. That’s a fabulous display there Rab! You’ve nailed the colour, I think the original paint was by Ault Wyborg? Definitely flag blue metallic.Didn’t know Lotus had a flag blue. I think the XK120 is my favourite there,love that one. Chris
  10. That's a beautifully built model,the colour is really outstanding,it just looks so right. Chris. -who started watching Motorsport in 1967......
  11. Very nice subject,you've made a massively good start.Chris.
  12. The Goodwood Speedweek is also on ITV1 at 2pm today,which is nice for us in the U.K. Chris.
  13. Ah,I didn't realise that would happen! I took some pictures off of village photos not realising this....thanks for the quick reply. Chris.
  14. I think it's very good,one of the best looking Ferrari race cars driven by a real hero.Chris.
  15. Help! I wanted to add a bit more to my thread about Arrows F1 cars and it seems that half my original pictures are there and the other half not showing! Can this be fixed ? Thanks in advance from Chris.
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