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  1. Love the jig idea a lot! It must have taken quite a bit of working out,but a it's very good idea.all I have used is putting the bits on graph paper,but it's no help with the actual gluing! P.S. Lego may be your friend here also?! Chris.
  2. Thanks very much Ron,everyday is a school day here! There are quite a few different metallic options,nice to see something that actually works. Chris.
  3. The engine parts look very real,impressive stuff here. I have brush painted the AK but only on a 1/24 car at the most. The airbrushing I will write down for future reference . Chris.
  4. I like this a lot,the blue paint,and the detail,and the base. Very nice! Chris.
  5. Cheers Rab,Ralph,Trevor and Paul! The Group 44 racing XJS is a very attractive racecar, I've got one in the stash. They also raced an MGB,Triumph TR 4,6 and 7 as well as the Le Mans XJR5 and 7. All best,Chris.
  6. A very nice model Trevor,MA ones are a bit rough,but they have a good choice of stuff no one else makes. I'm going to look in my library now for pictures of this car! Chris.
  7. Museum Collection decals are of excellent quality,Grand Prix Models sell them or used to. How did you find that shop? The Spark and Matrix ready made models are about half their normal price! Chris.
  8. Very smart,it's a very good job overall,is it Tamiya 1/20? The bodywork is a very good fit. Chris.
  9. There has been some E Type discussion but in the 1/43 area there's no shortage of choices of new and older kits. Here are two cars that raced in the U.S. The white one with green is quite well known - Group 44 racing team,driver is,was Bob Tullius,I saw this car in real life at the National Motor Museum the other year which was a nice surprise. It's a Provence Moulage resin kit. The white one is famous for being the last E Type to win any race in 1980. Won races in the SCCA series,despite a few dirty tricks by the other teams! Must have been one the fastest E types ever. Oh,the team was
  10. I think that's just brilliant in every way! Chris.
  11. Looking very good! The body paint job is really good. Have had the same trouble with those yellow decals too. Chris.
  12. I always now use this stuff-the Weldbond,that is . Since I found it a couple of years ago I barely use anything else now. This is perfect for well anything really,but I make mostly resin and metal kits and this stuff is just perfect.it's like a PVA but a lot stronger,dries clear and you can can spread it as a gap filler. This one's a bit big so I use the stick from a hamburger restaurant,can't remember which one now! The red spout doesn't work so I take the lid off. I 'borrowed ' the first one I got from my son in law,and got this one from eBay it's the only size I could get.Hope
  13. Wow! Now that is what you call a multi material 1/43 car kit. Chris.
  14. I'm In awe of all this stuff Nick. All I do is make cars! Quite interested in your local area too,we have been out walking,which I love,but in your area it just makes me think American Pickers- one of the few tv programmes that I actually watch...Interesting about HP, my surname being Hewlett ! Impressed of Kent, Chris.
  15. This car looks really fabulous! I'm definitely getting one of these now. Chris.
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