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  1. Cheers Trevor and Bjorn,I made an error,this car is 1979, not 80. I also assumed my kit was the more used Essex decoration so I was surprised to see this one,it’s from the Argentinian GP,Carlos Reutemann was the Argentine team mate to Mario Andretti .I’ll carry on regardless anyway. Chris.
  2. I’m trying! Just a small update here. I’ve sprayed the body in the correct Rover Brooklands green,but totally forgot the separate rollover bar which was quite twisted and rough about the edges,now spraying that separately.Also forgot to drill the wing mirror and suspension holes too! I’m a bit disappointed by the decal choice as I assumed it was an ESSEX sponsored car,but it’s actually a bit bland I think.The last picture is my 1/24 resin black beauty nearing completion after about 15 years in my possession! I’m hurrying it along now though,honest. Chris.
  3. Very nice! I agree with the Haynes manual too,essential reading. Chris.
  4. Agree with you there Keith,the nearest I get to this is when I drive past Nick Swifts place! I’m sure it’s his place anyway……. Chris.
  5. Great progress! I like the dash decals,are they in the kit? Chris.
  6. I’m currently making,attempting to finish off a 1/24 Wave resin kit of the JPS black Lotus 79,then realised I have this Tameo 1/43 kit buried in the pile. It’s the Martini car,in a nice green used in 1980. I can’t even remember how long I’ve had these 2 kits! Anyway here’s a couple of pictures to kick off with. There’s a pile of bits,and the body sprayed with Mr.Hobby primer,my favourite. Chris.
  7. Further to my large American car that lives round the corner from me,it’s had its cover taken off today and I got two more pictures.See below- It says Mercury Lincoln. Chris.
  8. Another 917 fan here,I think it rained a bit in both years so the weathering is very apt. Nice models there! Chris.
  9. Yes I didn’t quite realise how so complex they are! Shame that I can’t see many kits of theses cars ever being made. I have some similar pictures,but not as good from a visit to Mercedes at Brooklands museum. Nice pictures! Chris.
  10. This looks very good from here! I love Indycars and models of them too,I still watch Indycar now on Sky sports F1. Beautiful looking car/model. Chris.
  11. What he said! A very fine result,most impressed with the seatbelt,is it an Eduard set? Chris.
  12. That’s very nice! Should fit right in at SMW. Chris.
  13. Me too Trevor,I am trying to make inroads on my stash. It’s not working as I keep looking and buying more kits! I’m not going to Telford this year,I went in 2019, I bought probably 6 resin kits and haven’t yet touched any of them! Chris.
  14. Thanks,yes the MKVll is quite a big saloon and the Lotus is quite small. Uncommon but both were made by the French company Provence Moulage,we need a new Provence Moulage type company now. I miss them,Chris.
  15. Thanks for looking,and nice comments everyone,you need to start your ones now Roger?! Chris.
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