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  1. 18 .... Woah that’s dedication. Lovely to see your neiche subject. As neiche subjects go a B2MRR with the camouflage colours sprayed with a soft edge demarcation and the photo I have seen is (I think) gloss. Just a thought.
  2. So, what you’re saying is that my latest creation, in Ready For Inspection, is well, just not good enough I thought I’d dressed it up quite nicely. ( ). A great source of ideas. Coming along nicely Adam.
  3. Hello everyone. Small model - ready for inspection. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a finished model here in ready for inspection, well, it’s close to just ten years, and my last one was a........ To date I’ve successfully built two TSR2’s as customer builds, but when I’ve come to my own both of them went into the bin. It’s felt like I’ve had a monkey on my back for some time. I’ve got another TSR2 build on the go it’s stalled out for various reasons I’m generally making it as hard as I can for myself, but now I’m hoping to make
  4. Can’t help you with your next choice of kit, but I’m thinking it won’t be all black and white.
  5. Green with a hint of hhmmmmm () and some lovely texture.
  6. Would you look at that, looking nice, very nice indeed.
  7. Hello everyone. Small model - final update. ok. So, at close to six months it’s nearly that time to close this chapter of my modelling. With the aid of some photos I’m going to show you what I’ve got to do before the model progresses to that hopefully satisfying Ready For Inspection. If I’m really honest I was loving the models satin finish, but, a top coat has to be applied, and for many years now my go to product has been Alclad Klear Coat Light Sheen. The two photos show roughly what I’m after, with the L/H Hawk being a little too
  8. Hello everyone. Small model - BIG UPDATE. The last couple of days have seen me pressing home getting on with need to move this model along. A little bit more white paint added, some gloss varnish, and then the fun bit. Decaling in three parts: the kit decals, only the stencils were used, and there not the best. Not a single one are correct, but, as the kit is more of a what-if then they’ll do, there a little over size and the wrong colour. The Xtradecal Belverly 105 Sqn have given the kit some much added colour, had TSR2 gone into service the model is depicting w
  9. Hello everyone. I’m hoping to help out ........ Starting where you’re at in this build, this is WR960 at Manchester . A phase 3 detail. Lights in the bomb bay. A scabby looking bit of metal, but the black bit is a weapons crutching unit. Don’t know what the white rods are. Ditto. But, I do know that the AEW Shackleton did carry weapons. The black structure on both sides appears to be air condition ducts. Ditto, don’t know what this is. As you’re said, period
  10. Hello everyone. Small model, long overdue update. It’s been a little while, I’ve been carried away with some bits and pieces...... As always a little update on life, it’s slowly picking up nicely, so, gradually getting into a better place. Now, a slight blight on the horizon, my shift pattern is moving from Wed - Thur- Fri to Sun - Mon - Tue often referred to as my ‘sad seven’ . Including Saturday as O.T it’s a tough ask at the best of times, but next week things will be a little bit more difficult with the clocks going’s back an hour....... So, all the
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