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  1. Hello everyone. Time to crack on - starting with the flaps. This model in all probability started about 12 months ago, but how it’s got the go ahead is more of a recent resurgence. For sometime my modelling modus operandi has been all at sea, a mixture of Covid conditions and my own choices of model’s mixing into some negative vibes. I really wanted to be in the Scale Model World competition this year but it simply was not to be ( I came to terms with my choice and have been very much at ease with this.) What I did get to do was judge several of the aircraft classes, and two of the models I had to scrutinise have given me “some perspective “ . For this modeller my modelling year run’s November t’ November, so, last year was an averagely-average time………. Caught Covid, broke my index finger, moved back to Warton and live A/C and made just one model ( it is a cracker though.) Perspective # 1, I judged a F-117 Nighthawk again this year, and getting to see someone else’s take on the subject was nice. Why? Picking the winning models through deliberations and some judgements can show easily why a model wins. But looking at models that loose and the reasons can be far more difficult. For me though my own take on the F-117 subject has made me feel good, I can now see clearly what I’m about………. And getting my other build over the line feels good. Perspective #2, I judged a RAF C-130H Hercules this year, and maybe I shouldn’t say anything but I and my other judge friend thought it was sooooo good it got Gold. Having poured all over it ……. It was just overall green……. But the modulation of the green finish was superb, and a fellow modeller after my own heart, the tail unit was adorned with squadron art. When my other judge used a certain selection of words, my comment was that he see could my style of modelling in this model. And that’s how the sewn seed germinated……… Whilst I think I’d been procrastinating over adding lower’d flaps to this model they were never in question, the fact they were bought was enough to secure them in this build. Perspective # 2 ……. travel my own path……. and to add my own artistic intentions……… BRENGUN Flaps. Their designed to fit the Italeri kit, and I’ve read that they also fit this kit. Usually when detail sets come my way and they say it’s designed for……… usually that means it’s not going to fit as it should. ………and it’s not the first time I’ve used something that simply doesn’t work. A good few hours of faffing around to get the feeling came first. Then some chopping, some sections of the inner ribs have been removed, still trying to get an idea for the general arrangements, if I didn’t feel good then nothing was lost. I marked out the to section of the top wing to be removed and also the bottom wing as well this being the flap area. For me the flap wing box sections simply don’t fit this Zveda kit, both sections are 3mm wrong, something I think I can work with……. This photo shows some work done and some to do. This photo shows the inner flap area has been cut short to allow my to move the inner flap box structure to move around and for me to cut to the correct size later on. The upper wing shows a lot of work to be done. Aligning the flap sections at the kink will involve some re-working of the parts. I’ve now cut to the proper flap cut out, but, just visible is the inner flap box being over size and the out board section being 2mm under size. What I really need is to cut the lower flap area further I/B……. The removal of the upper wing sections aren’t clear cut, I marked out the panel lines, but the lower thickness doesn’t match. So I’ve cut to all the lower sections, thinking that too little was best practice. With material removed the wing trailing section removed, this shows I’ve got work to do in thinning the edges for scale thickness and I’ve got to reduce the wing material for the resin to go in. This photo shows the ‘inner mold line’ IML in aerospace terminology, and the dog leg that needs to be removed. This whole area has been thinned right down with a curved blade Kraft knife, the whole inner section of resin flap box is very thick and every thou of removal is needed. That’s all for now. ( must try harder to explain and photograph next time.) Thanks for looking.
  2. Hello everyone. Pre-script thoughts. Back sometime around 1986 I made a model of a Herc in RAF wrap around colours and did it ‘stretch’ too, which must have been pushing my 16 yr old modelling skills somewhat. And well, I’ve wanted to do something fresh since, but old kits tend not to cross my modelling bench. Usually for good reason. THE B.M RUMOURMONGER. How we as modellers ‘come by’ our chosen subject is as varied as there are variations of cheeses. This model started with an article in Airforces magazine ( see photo of saved page. ) I must have been out to lunch when in ‘ The Rumourmonger’ news of Zveda’ s new Herc broke, because in the blink of an eye there were 12 page’s of B.M conversion. And by the time my modelling thoughts had caught up with the subject it was 17 pages. My problem was simple, I was thinking RAF ‘stretched Herc’ and was far too focused on -30’s , more to the point my Air Cadet Sqn was 70Sqn, happy days. I mention the 17 pages simply because I didn’t know what was in the Zveda box…….. THE ZVEDA KIT. A brief description - this short version is all new with engraved panel lines and an interior topped off with decals for 5 A/C. “The Curates Egg” best describes this kit, the exterior is a little too bland and the interior won’t be seen. Well, this is no Great Wall Hobbies awesomeness, the exterior lacks almost all panels fasteners and such things as piano hinges, fluid drains and aerial’s. Then there’s the interior, seen through the windscreen I don’t think a vast lot will be seen, the crew entrance forms the cockpit and is really welcome. But aft of the rear cockpit bulkhead little will be seen. The cargo bay is detailed but I think you’d have to be a very determined modeller to see much through the rear cargo ramp. A rather good selection of colour schemes have been supplied and all are right up my street for various reasons. . This kit is squarely aimed everything for everyone at a reasonable price. It’s a chance I took, Wolfpack, bought on the premise that being JASDF it should be just as viable for the Zveda kit as it is designed for the Italeri kit. Expensive is an understatement and hard to come by now. This is a multi media kit - resin - etched metal - decals. Madness in the logic and logic in the madness……. Adding to my work load is always a given, I’ve read about people saying that these Brengun flaps fit but I’ve never seen anyone finish them. The kit wheels are very basic and really need replacing. ResKit exhaust’s, something that had I thought about them carefully I wouldn’t have bought them. Why? Bottom of the plane syndrome, in all probability won’t be seen when fitted. Also of note is the new world order of things being imported into the U.K in limited numbers. I’ve really got ahead of myself with this lot. Eduard do lots of detail sets but I’m just not sure they hit the mark. The interior set is very nicely done ( cockpit )but I don’t think it’s going to lift the cockpit to another level, and the exterior set is far to small to lift that blank canvas up several notches. Metallic Detail’s are again going to be a limited U.K import, and have taken a completely different approach to Eduard. The big set is a complete U/C replacement, but, this set has fallen at the first hurdle. I just don’t think any of it will be seen and the work load to benefit is far too low. On the other hand the little detail set for the exterior really is good , leaving me to wonder why Eduard didn’t do these details? As I didn’t know that the Zveda kit came with the scheme I needed……. DRAW Decals were ordered. These are definitely for the Italeri kit, whilst they look complete they don’t come with walkways, I don’t think I’ve ever used silk screen printed decals before, and so having them to cut out every decal accurately and reducing the clear decal to a minimum will be interesting. Of note DRAW’s paint mixing suggestions. The Zveda decals are a little bit more of a hindrance than a help , whilst a choice of five colour schemes is good, it’s attention to details that matter for me, the kits stencils are really just for the U.S aircraft, the Wolfpack decals really shows where I should be heading. The Saudi Herc is thrown in just for giggles, this grey paint scheme is seldom seen I’d love to see it at Warton……. This photo shows what I working towards. As always the model starts at the end , photos like this are inspirational, this particular photo shows a plethora of stencils and details I’ve got to create. Some time ago I reached out for some help and my helping email gave me the advice that these Hercules were the same colours as the Kawasaki C2’s and these paints were correct. Whilst the Gunzi lids look ‘ish’ my initial impression was that Russian Sukhoi Su-27 colours were a better route to take. This will be my third model in a row to have the paint colours mixed and matched, not complaining , just know how costly it could get. Now then, here’s where I’m heading, this colour scheme should be fantastic when done and that’s what this model is going to be all about. Thus it’s all about the exterior, I’ll be lifting it up a couple of notches, the resin flaps are about as far as I want to go. Being dropped is the cargo bay, I don’t want to do that level of research nor super detailing. Whilst I have bought a lot of work load I’ll be only adding what I think is necessary. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hello everyone. 401th Tactical Airlift Squadron - Komaki Airbase 2020. With my other project progressing to the finishing line it’s time to start thinking about the next subject. Having come back from S.M.W. 2022 I now feel I’m in a better place, my head feeling more planted for the future modelling days. For a little while I’m going to juggling two models in a bid to maximise productivity. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hello everyone. It’s going ‘ all-white ‘. Now the dust has settled on S.M.W 2022 it’s time to carry on where I left off. Here’s some thoughts……. I had a fairly good good time out, well it was a very different beast from last year, Covid having shrunk the show, now it was back bigger. This time around I had planned to do the three days but Mrs B threw a spanner into the works, whilst she was happy to forgo the show for days out visits what she never thought about was having the four of us in a room . Everyone kept me awake, and by the end of Saturday I was fit for nothing, and as for Mrs B her Fibromyalgia got the better of her with the bed proving to be incompatible for her. As always I did the Friday set up, and then I did some judging in the competition on the Saturday, giving back to the society. So, the show now had more British traders, and ultimately some 30% more traders overall. All very nice. I spent quite a bit of cash and bought some happiness. As for judging in the competition, well, I had a blast. As always it’s nice to see what other people are doing and how they’re going about it as well. I mention this as I wasn’t in the competition this year but I’ll be looking to return in 2023 and so the recent upturn in my positively I need to carry forward. This photo shows the start of the masking process, taken through my lights magnifying glass, showing the few hours of masking done, to the rear of the undercarriage leg is some of the facets that I’ve been talking about. One of the peculiarities of the F-117 is the white painted cockpit sill’s and part of the rear decking, then the inner edges of the sill’s and cockpit are light grey. Some small errors are now showing through the white, so, a little fettling to do. As I said a little whiles back I’d had to recycle the old Gunzi 500, + 1000 grey primer’s, whilst I was shopping at MJR Hobbies I found some white Gunzi 1000 so I’ve given it a go. With so much white to be applied on the underside there’s only one way to protect it, lots of masking, the Gunzi 1000 is proving to be a suitable base layer to the next layer gloss white. One thing I’ve forgotten about, and no great shakes is the air deflectors. In a strange quirk CMK haven’t given them in their detail set. Ggrrrrrr. Then in a stranger quirk I thought they were on the largely un-use Airwaves detail set, as it turns out what is on the etch set is the fuselage vents. Still, in this case they look like the real air deflectors and will do nicely. Whilst I’d love a 3D printed ladder the 2D etched ladder just doesn’t appeal and seems too complicated…….. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hello. RLM 66. Maybe some wooden components.
  6. Hello. To add to the discussion of green. The above photos really are showing a 4-6 yr old paint finish - patina. I’ve just got back from S.M.W 2022 ……I did some judging in the competition……. And was very pleased to give a gold medal to the owner of a British Herc done in a very attractive green Herc…….. Mean while I used to work at Marshals Aerospace who have the contract to maintain RAF Hercules, this photo has all kinds of different going on……. C.1P……….and ECM pods…. and green….. very fresh…....but, I don’t know when the photo was taken. Taken at RAF Laarbruch in 1993, the lighter underside green ‘Lichen’ green isn’t visible. I’ve not marked up the photos in a short sighted blunder, but I own the negatives. Photos are for discussion purposes only. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hello. I would say that the original photo - the prototype Tonka is carrying what I would say is U.S Mk 83 gp bombs. But, to digress here’s some photos to add to the discussion : This is a different shot of the same A/C above. XX947 with a different load-out 12x 1000lb ers to the norm. Again, adding to the above posted photos, this time more 9 Sqn photo in a different configuration of just 4x 1000 lb ers, lessons learned from the Gulf war, in what ever way we were delivering 8 bombs they were colliding mid-air, exploding and damaging our A/C. Also in a different configuration is the 2x ECM pods……. Thanks for looking. . ( Photos are part of my collection, but , I don’t own the copyright. )
  8. Looking very nice in matt varnish, and also looking nicely-nicely are the engine collector rings.
  9. Hello everyone. Panel line washing - done for now. So , that Nationals (in old parlance) is nearly here, I’m sure a great many of us are looking forward to S.M.W. 22 and all that it entails. Depending on how you want to proceed, it could be three days of joyous bliss. For this modeller this year I’m going back to doing the three days, the Friday will start by being the set up day, yes hard grafting to be done humping tables and chairs around, but once the traders start to come in you get a sense of what on offer. This year is the IPMS’s 59th and it may become a building year like last year, though I think the EC members may be hoping it’s a full on pre-Covid experience. I say building year, last year was a building year, building back confidence post Covid lock downs. The effects of which were strongly felt. This year may too be a building year, building back normality would have been expected, but the ‘cost of living crisis’ or to put it another way money or lack of it may very well do even more harm. If you are an IPMS member and have devoured every word that the EC have scribed in their magazines you will have noticed that someone at the AGM raised a cost of living question. With out going into the roughly five minutes of chat I gave I can see that this year may well be as different as last year, just purely on money alone. This year the IPMS EC are stating that 120 traders have booked tables, which is up on the 83 last year, to some degree this is good for me, we’ll be losing European traders due to having to import and export goods, and we’ll be losing some overseas traders like the Japanese due to their own Covid travel restrictions. The bit I like is that space will now be available for U.K traders who were in previous years not able to get in. But a look at the list of the traders going as few as 5-6 will be on my must see list. Even if it was more then money will become a problem. Over the past 3-4 years I’ve done more business on line and have bought very little at the shows I’ve attended. This year’s Milton Keynes show was superb for me but the Stoke show was less than stellar, so, I do have some reservations about going. That said I do hope that everyone going comes away satisfied. This is likely to be my last post for some weeks. Fear not nothing serious. I’ve done some more weathering yesterday with the last of the highlights being applied to the left hand side of the model. I felt that maybe giving the few panel lines that are there a wash would be the best place to draw the line (literally) in the weathering process and give the model some space and to see how I feel about the work done. This is something I feel is necessary , I’d rather do less weathering and revisit it later and do a little more until I’m happy. For the panel lines I’ve used Tamiya Panel Line Access Colour - Dk Gray. Now the model is starting to look alive for me. I say that I maybe a few weeks off line, this is for several reasons. Come Saturday I’ll be in work earning some pennies on O/T then I’ll be on my shift of Sun, Mon, Tue, so that will be the end of my two weeks hol’s off work. Then there’s S.M.W . The big picture is simple, I’ve built this model back to front. What is now needed is masking - lots of it. The cockpit, three wheel wells and the bomb bay. Most of it will be easy straight lines, but the bomb bay has many facets for this I think I need to mask using tape for sharp edges. Along with lots of masking as I’ve said before Gunzi gloss white needs to be done in several sittings. Thanks for looking, hope you all enjoy the model show.
  10. Lovely new scheme, superb weathering, fantastic choice of weapons.
  11. Hello everyone. Question: what exactly is it supposed to be used for? But what can it also be used for? With no instructions on it please could someone who has used it pls enlighten me. I have seen another B.M make reference to using it as an alternative for gloss varnish on normal paint finishes. Thanks for looking.
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