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  1. Very sorry to hear , sad times, hoping for your swift recovery.
  2. Hello everyone. Small model - small updates. The flaps, I was looking forward to having them in the dropped position, but, they come with a square fwd edge. And they’re not the best fit. A little work is required, some filing and fettling of the lower wing fingers. The long range fuel tank..... the kit comes with a display stand ( a throwback to my childhood,) if you’re not bothered with it then that’s ok as it’s position is covered, the standard model continues. Come the large fuel tank and G.W.H have seen fit to open it’s position, so, with a litt
  3. Hello everyone. Starting the build, I’m not going into a detailed blow by blow, it has to move along with a bit of pace. The kit instructions....stage 1 .... wot they wanted, glue the upper and lwr wings and the upper and lwr fuselage sections together. Just didn’t look right. Stage 6 is where the engine/fuselage side skins go on......... The upper wing...... ignore the 4 holes (unless you’ve got some plans for over wing weapons.) The knockout pin marks are troublesome and a swift bit of work with the craft knife sorted them out. The lower wing..... in
  4. Good lord ... The picture of the real thing.....doesn’t get any better than that .
  5. Hello gents. Update No 25 - air starter access panel. Some more miss representation from Airfix, how so? For most people the fact the panel is on the bottom of the model will not trouble them. But for this modeller it’s been a challenge to move it from it’s incorrect L/H side to the R/H side. Like all things, if I’ve got this wrong once, this area has been reworked 4-5 times. It’s small and has to be shaped via silver tape / speed tape, getting the shape and size right is tricky. Getting the screw head detailing correct is particularly challen
  6. Hello everyone. This project started some six months ago. With the Covid19 lockdown in full effect, how I buy stuff was changing, books are an emotive problem for me, lovely cover - lousy content, then something not on my radar can be an amazing god send. So, seeing stuff and giving it a thumb has saved me from some very expensive mistakes. I’ve bought books from Justin at Bookworld Wholesale for a long time, buying being exclusively at model shows, that’s all now changed. I try to support companies where I can, so, Justin- Bookworld now sends me various emails, new arrivals and
  7. Hello everyone. I’ve not built a model in the last 12 months and I need a little light relief from my other ongoing build. I’ve looked at this for some time, it’s diminutive size and looks like an easy build. I decided earlier in the year to have a look at this kit, when it comes to building a kit or A/C type in numbers I like to make each one different. I’ve stopped building what if models some years ago, but a look at the kit supplied decals just don’t please me, I’ve picked up some replacements. This point has formed and forced the route I’m going to take. So far this
  8. Hello gents. Update No 24 - intake side skins. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve found time to make a post. Time being elusive and life being complex. Last month our club managed to have a club night, it was nice to see friends and some models in the flesh. But a proposition put forward, a club Xmas competition of lockdown models troubles me : I still haven’t made anything yet. A night out - modelling time zero. Two model shops have gone, firstly Transport Models Preston, the owners of the building wanting everyone out, I miss the variety o
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