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  1. Hello everyone. Making my Scooter a bomb truck. A quick step back, if anyone has built their Hasegawa Scooter they’ll tell you that you’ll need to out source the weapons, this more so with the M version. For me the whole of the Hasegawa boxing is a problem, things to consider being availability, cost, the kit decal options only being 70’s style gaudy livery’s, and only a set of fuel tanks to liven up a clean airframe. My E version required a set of decals for an aggressor and an aftermarket pod for the center line pylon. With this in mind the stage was set for a competitor to step in. Step up H.B with what appears to be a all in one package, I’ve seen some H.B boxing go for as little as £21. The M boxing comes with a pleasing box art showing an 80’s style grey scheme, and some sprue’s with weapons. Pritty much the polar opposite of Hasegawa, and, it was calling out to my inner chimp. As I’ve already said, this build was a calling from the club to do a group build, coming at a point in time when I should just have said NO WAY! But, I thought I could get this and a Shackleton done for Telford SMW2019. Something had to give, the Shack wone. AMS - advanced modelling syndrome or another way to put it AMS - “Amos” must super detail has been duly noticed by both Mrs B and fellow club members. Weather I’m not aware of it or it just creeps up on me I don’t know, but, for those modellers that know me well know that I like to have an exact model at the end. Where did my model go wrong? Well, it started with buying into the idea that the Eduard cockpit would speed things up, and it jolly well did do that. But…….everything else has come at a price. As a child I loved the new look colour schemes of greyish blue and armed with Snake Eye bombs . For the weapon load out I fancied I only had to trundle into the garage and see what was in my stash, years of preparation paid off nicely. Like no end of models that pass over my model bench, most seem to get harder or come to be difficult at some point, and this model got to that point post glue stage. So I put it down as another arsey kit. Now, with my No1 hatred kit on the go, the utterly hoop Airfix TSR2, this also was getting bogged down, I needed a plan. That came in the form of re-starting this kit at Xmas 2020, basically tackling everything that was giving me a mental block. A two week nonstop session saw me finish off the kit to a point where I could just put it down as done as far as I could get and then pick up and paint at another point in time. Well, that pesky TSR2 is slowly-slowly moving along, but I still need to make something to keep my modelling juices flowing. Now with SMW2021 only weeks away it’s time to consider finishing my second kit of the year. Here’s where I came un-stuck , AMS creating metal havoc…….. Ah , take an all inclusive model and make a rod for my own back…. Firstly let’s sort out this H.B nonsense, it’s an all too common feature of my post’s…. The orange arrow shows the lower nav light base, but it’s missing the nav lens , next, the inner pylons - here shows that H.B got the rear notch in the pylons correct but then they would have you fill the space with a sway-brace. Just the fwd two sway-braces are needed. Next the center line pylon is mis-reprinted, this is depicted as having no less than the missle adapter pylon added to it. Now, H.B have seen fit to supply some Sidewinders, but the missle’s and adapter pylons are only for the outer pylons. all this nonsense from H.B is making an easy project far too difficult. So, it was a mixture of incorrect weapons and my desire to have a specific look for my model that led me into this mess. I’m not a fan of Mk82 g.p bombs but slap on some retardant tails and I’m a very happy clapper. Eduard have a set for this and they come with weeks of work…… Next I fancied some of those smaller Douglas fuel tanks as the kit ones look massive (nothing wrong with them) but I wanted a specific look, you’ve guessed it, I’m still wrestling them into submission. TER’s and a MER…. For the outer wing pylons I fancied fitting a TER ( triple ejector launcher) this launcher would only have held just two Mk82 bombs and would have looked exceedingly nice had I continued with the utter madness (I’m going to explain everything in a min) then came the MER multiple ejector launcher, if you’ve never built one of Eduards then look away now… Now I’m in a world of pain. There are a couple of companies that have made the smaller Douglas fuel tanks and I’m the very unhappy recipient of a set of Attack offerings. They look very nice at first glance but they’re rubbish. Firstly the front and rear parts don’t have a key, so, you can’t glue the fins on as you’ll struggle to align them, without the fins on you’ll struggle to align the rear part of the tanks. Then there’s the casting block it’s right at the front of the tank and it’s a sod to make it’s removal come good, I’m still wrestling mine into shape. One fuel tank the whole nose now looks wonky. I’m not done yet with these things yet, if I’ve glued those fins on once I’ve done this several times, I’ve pinned the pylons on as an aide to sorting everything out. With the pylons on, I now have a reference point for horizontal and vertical. The small fuel tank was more often seen on the center line pylon with MER’s seen on the inner pylons. MER’s - again I’m after a specific look and fancied one of these rascals on the center line pylon. At this point I’ve now realised how much of a hole I’m in. Not only was my Eduard pylon warped but it’s complicated too. Straightening it was easy, soak it in some warm water and then manipulate to straight. Next came the throttle cable’s, this requires a lot of hole drilling and making wires to suit the part of the specific MER . And then adding those sway braces, lots and lots of them, tiny fiddly and irritating. A lot of cleanup and alignment. Then wrestling the MER into fitting with the H.B center pylon. At this point it’s time to call it a day and sack off the TER’s , several more days of hassle, just not worth it. Eduard Mk82 Snake Eye bombs, these are the bits that are going to look really superb when finished. And as always a lot of work along the way, I really can’t recommend them to anyone. They come in three pieces, fuse at the front (Eduard give two types of fuses) bomb body and tail unit. The body and tail don’t come with a key, so, alignment is exceptionally rubbish, you’ll need to align everything as those Eduard clowns have cast the bomb lugs on. Cutting the bomb parts from the casting block is fraught with problems, if you don’t cut the parts accurately you’re into a world of pain. I know as I tried to square one up with a needle file and it didn’t end well. And as for those attachment lugs they had to go as you simply just can’t fit the bomb to the MER or anything else. And you’ll also need to drill and pin the bombs to their respective pylons. At this point it’s time to re-think the weapons load out. After all of the above hassle I saw sense and am just adding a bomb to the outer pylons. A lot of hassle for a lovely looking bomb. It was a simple model that I just made very difficult. The plan to get everything as close to being able to stop put the model down and roughly pick it up at another time to paint time wasn’t too far fetched. But it’s worked out being a little wider of the mark that I thought. Next time: final details being sorted out before painting. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hello everyone. All trouble in the “saddle “ Firstly I’ve given some thought to something I said in my last update. I just couldn’t get my head around my logic, so I set out to find a better answer. Whilst most of Hasegawa model is pritty much perfect, a second review of photos shows where Hasegawa went wrong, and that’s where I went wrong. The home computer has a screen saver of the aircraft I want to depict, I even printed out an A4 photo of the A/C on my screen saver. I’ve sorted out my scooter photos and not a single one of them had the Hasegawa option. So, the razor saw will have to be used to remove the L/H pitot static (where the orange arrow is) and accept that H.B got it correct and I’d just over thought it. I’d say hump but it’s correct name is Saddle fairing. Not only did the ’M’ carry one but I think that the ‘E’ also did. This is where I’d describe what H.B offers as no more than a horror show. The above picture shows all of the H.B deficiencies it’s like H.B have missed out a complete sprue. Missing is the thin blade aerial at the front, not depicted very well is another aerial and at the rear of the fairing H.B give the base of the anti-col light even the attachment lumps, just not the clear part. And we’re not done yet, on both sides also missing is two air scoops evident by their two attachment points. Again I was mistaken with an earlier attempt to fix one of these many problems. Visible is a light patch, this is my first attempt at that blade aerial. I got it wrong and have removed it. (Now I’m beginning to feel very stupid.) But this can be a fickle hobby at times and this model is very stupid. Again errors started with the Hasegawa kit, again comparing the kit contents and in this case finding Hasegawa had bits going begging. A spare blade aerial was robbed (it’s way too wide) and gleefully glued on, only for some research work to reveal my hasty error. This photo shows what I’ll be using to try and use. The large blade aerial at the front and maybe the small aerial in the middle will be replaced with stuff from the QB F-105 detail set. And whilst not totally correct two of the Kfir scoops can be cut and shaped to be close enough. Ah, now years ago, many in fact, this project was meant to be an easy model project, as you can see this kit, if you want an accurate one will will set you back in time and additional money. Next time I’ll be disappointed……er I mean discussing pylons and stuff to hang off them. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hello everyone. Update No 30 - everything two by two - just the wrong shade paint. Dark mist clearing. ( and this iPad just won’t center this header.) Oh man where to start. Firstly a shout out to Jack Ruskin , nice to see you at the Avon show. Black mist rising , for the moment the black mist that has descended is now starting to lift and is now being replaced by 30 degree heat haze, phew, it’s too hot by 10 degrees . My other WIP a Skyhawk bomb truck has caused me some anguish in that a stray finger whilst creating a new update, it was deleted, an hour or so of new post, and wasn’t recovered. As this is going to be a substantial post I don’t want a repeat. As creating it a second time around is never the same. The black modelling mist has made a simple task seem far to hard, so, this is what I’ve come up with to close a chapter. I’ve pondered how to close the basic fuselage chapter, simply because I’ve posted various pictures quite a lot. So, here’s what I have to say. The lower jet pipe area has a few extra details added in the form of scribed lines, but, not the latches, nor is it the final word in my quest to add as much missing details. The R/H intake skin, applying the screw head details and sorting out the panels even on a good modelling day was going to be a challenge. I’ve done my best and if I can’t mark that area (absolutely) perfect then so be it. This is the fuselage done for now. The missing pieces of details are things I can only do when the wings go on, or something to savour for another day. Things for another day are static ports and as I have said latch details. This I can now say is the fuselage is done and I can move onto the wings. These photos are how I’m going to sign this part off. The panel lines were easily done, but, getting the two outer square access panels took time as they are tiny and have to be accurately depicted. The rubbed back primer is where I’m on about. Difficult to get a square in the middle of a panel line. T One of the hardest parts to get right- it’s more ish than I’d care to admit….… The completed tow bar is now where I want it to be , complete less the wheels and another layer of primer added as some had been worn away. Back to basics for this tow bar. After the metal primer a base layer of yellow for the blue to follow. I’ve used Xtracolour for the last 36 years and have drifted towards Gunzi and MRP recently. Xtracolour is not the quickest to dry but Mr Colour Levelling helps out. Touch dry in just 3 hours! The tow bar ready for the blue. The ejection seats - now both are in silver for the main bodies, black ancillaries, black seat cushions, grey head box and green metallic tubes ( who’s name I forgot.) The Humbrol paint is all but useless so I’ve bought something else and it lovely ( thanks Amazon). The L/H ecs duct has now been crafted, it’s always hard to make a second item as good if not better than the first one. Not the best photography. Basic seat painting. Not the best showing of photos but here’s what I’m working towards. Part of the ejection seat launch system is this metallic green. Next the two black pads are a real pain to paint in these CMK bang seats. Coming down the line will be the harness, CMK have created their version in beige and would stand out very well against black , but, Eduard offer the correct straps as a blue purple. I’m going to use the Eduard straps even though there designed for the Airfix kit seats. I’d love to apply some of the colourful Eduard stencils but they just won’t fit the CMK seats. Photos such as these crew photos are a good provider of details for the seats/cockpit. And a bit of nostalgia. On the back of photos like this I’ve bought things like Jimmy Dell’s signature. You can’t have enough sources of information, and replacement parts for this project. Oups got the colour of the tow bar wrong. I went with RLM24 Dunkelblau, it’s what my mind thought was a close match. Turns out RLM 24 is a very good match for a black and white photo. I found some time to go through some of my back catalogue of photos only to be shocked that the real colour is very bright and vibrant. My second guess was Ukrainian Su-27 Flanker Dk blue, as per my Mk82 Snake Eye bomb. Turns out BAC must have gone to town painting their ground equipment, as the bottom picture seems to suggest. I’d love to say this is my garage, but sadly not. I was recently told that a set of these were sold for £1000. Pricey but I think would make this TSR2 nut very happy. Whilst on our favourite auction site a chance encounter pointed me in the direction of these beauties. A pair of 3D printed ladders. I would suggest sold by J.S.Coteril. I have various etched offerings but the real things are tubes, and the 3D printed are simply superb. Now, as I got my colour wrong this morning, with more stuff to spray at the same time, it’s a small error I’m happy with. Three pictures of tow bars and what appears to be three versions of tow bars. The top photo I like a lot, but it has details not seen in drawings nor the AMS kit ( just visible two rings with bolt details.) Photo two is XR222 at Duxford circa 2006/7 post restoration. Ignore this nonsense of a tow bar at it is far too modern. Maybe a Tornado tow bar?? It’s modern as it’s got yellow stripes on it, I did fancy creating this on mine, but, I could here the back lash. The third photo again shows a genuine TSR2 tow bar, this time it’s just a plane tube. As always just a talking point - is it dark green or could it just very well be dark blue more akin to the dark blue shade I went with in the first place. As always interpreting B/W pictures is an art form. This selection of photos is very eclectic: the top photo is showing the ladders attachment points (two dark dots) and etched vrs modern 3D printed. Next is the nose blade aerial and third photo the pitot and static ports mentioned earlier. Why? And I know you’re likely to say Kfir? ( Again it slips my mind as to what it means in Hebrew) WELL, firstly if you’ve ever seen the utter nonsense from Airfix for the blade aerial, it is neither a blade nor an aerial. It’s a horrible blobby mess. Secondly, missing from the kit are in kit form the pitot statics and the static ports. Now, not one to turn down something vaguely passing a resemblance this detail set could very well help me out here. No’s 2+4. thank you very much. So, a long overdue signing off of the fuselage and some movements with bits and pieces. Moving forward I’ll be working on the wing, a quick look through my saved photos is some work previously un-reported. Having now got my timings of posts down from months (10 weeks) down to just weeks I’ll be hoping to create a free post (for me)from these photos. Having not done any real work on the wing in a long time I’ll need to start collecting my past thoughts together. The SMW2021 has been announced, whilst this model won’t be ready then I might have a real go at getting my Skyhawk bomb truck at a push moving along as well. There’s eight or nine weeks to go and all could change (not wishing this to happen.) The Keighley model show has been cancelled, just announced on Tuesday. Thanks for looking.
  4. Firstly. Oups Secondly. Lordy-lordy how big was the trophy?
  5. Hello everyone. Front end - a little filler - and a lot of work. Life in general and general modelling thoughts. From here on in this is the second time I’ll have written this , whilst nearly at the end of the post a stray finger suddenly removed all of the post. I’ve managed to do this several times on this iPad but each time the post has been recovered. So, at over an hours time lost I’m now a little grumpy. I’ve been somewhat off par for the last eight months with very little desirnable modelling done. I thought the new year would relatively bring some form of normality, but it’s only recently that I think things are going the right way. Whilst I get to work as a team on F35 Lightning this means I get regular friendship conversations but I’m not getting the broad spectrum from life. Whilst possible modelling time has been lost recently at least it’s been in a good cause. Two model shows, Avon and Stoke. Life without model shows has meant that the modelling stuff has been sourced via the internet. One of the down sides of this means that the traders at shows had almost no new stock, but, that’s not to say some good stuff was sought out. FZ6 at the Stoke show had some lovely 3D printed engine stuff for the new Airfix Vulcan. It was reassuringly nice to see familiar faces/friends, but some of their battles with Covid-19 were somewhat upsetting. With the modelling bench having lay vacant for some time this on/off modelling, time has expired some some of my modelling products. A few weeks ago I was having some trouble with my super glues I thought it was just the glue on the day giving me gip. The Loctite bottle as you can see just dried up and the ZAP went yellow. A trip to Tesco has furnished me with new stuff, at £6 the Loctite is not good value but at £3.50 and sale price I thought I’d give the Gorilla a go. Also, whilst I needed a few other modelling sundries and as I like to do help out traders at shows I picked up this AK glue. My favourite glue is Humbrol liquid poly, but the bottle is Gunzi, I like the Gunzi bottle and it brush is finer. The front end of the Scooter. …… Another time consuming piece of modelling, the front end isn’t bad per-say but no where near what I’d expect from a new tooling. Most of the top seam is good with just a little filler. The main problem with the front fuselage is that the panel lines are far too shallow for me, I like nice deep lines as they make it far easier to emphasise and I really don’t like run out. Parts G9 pitot probes have caused me some concern, nothing to say H.B have got it wrong, but, searching through photos hasn’t given me the answers I was after. As you can see there is an engraved square which made me think H.B were wrong. I’ve moved the L/H pitot fwd, this I hope is correct. The circle I’ve highlighted has just a single dot missing from it, I suspect it was a screw that would release an internal latch. Any-whooo it’s little details like this that rub my rhubarb. The fwd part of the lwr nose is exceptionally hoop. Lots of the detail required a lot of effort to make good, the moulds should have over exaggerated some details just for the modeller to appreciate. The stock plastic piece is a replacement for a raised panel detail , for its clean up it was just as easy to remove the panel and make new. The side panel I’ve highlighted is some more nonsense from H.B. The panels left and right come with some very faint screw head details which need to be properly emphasised. That’s not the problem, what H.B have done is to miss off one run of fasters , it’s another lack of quality control and more time spent making good. Thanks for looking.
  6. Ah, I’ve seen that kitchen sink before reminding me of that Shack…… .
  7. Hello everyone. Tail pipe troubles. Yup more nonsense from H.B, at least it’s fixable. Firstly more model filler , some has been applied to the port side of the fin filling in a sink mark. I think that the port side of the rudder has a small blemish too, but it’s a step too far to remove. Part D14 and the instructions are very poor. The insert is to enable different versions to be made, but, it’s fit is just lousy and requires a lot of work to make it look good. The horizontal panel lines were lost in the clean up and have been re-scribed. Where the fuselage half’s join together from the arrestor hook post back to part #D14 is non too good, but, the arrestor hook does a good job of hiding it. I’ve taken a chance and added said arrestor hook, not sure about how it will be finished as it’s black/white. Also highlighted is H.B’s errors - one of the flare dispenser’s has now mystically moved from the back of the flaps to part #D14 ! Astounding work H.B!! Some primer to highlight any errors. The tail plane is also a weak area, I’m not convinced that the tail planes will be easily placed once painted. So, I’ve added a single metal rod, this is two fold, firstly to aid post paint build by hopefully not getting any form of glue exuding onto the paint. Secondly, the metal rod and pins will align everything correctly. What I really would have liked for H.B to have done is to have given modellers the opportunity to depict the stab offset, this would have been achieved by having that lumpy plate as a separate item. Also in this photo is the exhaust pipe. A look at the model shows it’s not flush with the airframe, but a look at reference photos shows it should be flush. It’s not clear in my photos but the exhaust has had a 5 thou piece of plastic stock added and shaped and filled. Another thing…. The air brakes in the closed position are a poor fit, but, I don’t want to depict them open. The answer is to depict them just cracked open, that’s for another day… Thanks for looking.
  8. Oooohhh. I like that last photo, your Vulcan is now starting to look nice.
  9. Oh dear - I’m sorry, me too…. The Me163S was a very nice build, but the CMK scheuch-schlepper wagon was a right pain to build.
  10. Hello everyone. Rivet counting - ahead by a nose. A little off piste:
  11. A blast from the past. I was out on Sunday at the Stoke model show, all of our modern tech didn’t work, so, was king. …….. And another thing, you’ll still need a bin lid for that shopping trolleywhen shopping at MnS.
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