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  1. Hello everyone. Detailing my Nighthawk. With myself convalescing from Covid the week at home has seen this model progressing nicely nicely. Work wise my shift pattern is back to back on, this weeks We’d, Thur, Fri now leading to a month of Sun, Mon, Tue. So this will be my last post for a few days. Starting things off, some scribing, my favourite tools used being ‘speed tape’ and a set of dividers. For this model I’ve kept the level of re-working to a moderate level, having been bogged down with my last model I’m not willing to make myself look foolish by adding or removing errors. These replacement Q.B rudder-ons have been less than stellar, having glued them on six years ago their bases have needed to be blended into the fuselage. In this photo the leading edge of the starboard base has been repaired. As for the moving part of the rudders Q.B give just small nodules for mounting them, small nodules and big receiving holes are not good. So I’ve re-worked them , nodules cut off, and male and female areas drilled deeper and tighter. Now brass rods have been cut, a much much better fit. Also the angles have been adjusted as their alignment was poor. This photo is showing quite a bit of work that’s been undertaken. 1) Some filling and sanding, nothing too serious. 2) The protection for the nose probe’s has gone and that area has been re-worked, the kit mostly fits well, but the nose section around the probes is out of kilter, some very careful filling and filler is needed. 3) The intakes have a recessed divider and photos shows they should be a little more pronounced, so, stock plastic has been added. 4) Visible, the top of the cockpit has a visible hole, I think this has been caused by the replacement resin cockpit. ……… The resin glare shield has been modified with a plastic extension. But, it’s fitment has left big gaps and has had to be sorted, I’m opting for plastic stock to cover the lot, it’s got to be the fastest route. Now, I’ve got several conundrum’s to sort out, this being the first to be knocked down. This has left me to detailing the instrument panel at a later date…….. This photo shows shows my scribing efforts -restrained, the rudder-ons are now very tight in their placement - no slack whatsoever. Also the tip of the starboard rudder had snapped off, a real pain. In a strange move I made the rudder missing piece bigger, simply because it made its replacement bigger to make. The background photo shows more work I’ve got to do , the prominent canopy jack’s……. Now looking scruffy, but at the same time satisfying as the work done. 1) The hole atop the cockpit is now filled. 2) The cockpit sill’s have had plastic stock added, because it’s need. 3) The surround’s of the FLIR are supposed to have raised sections, the very week kit depiction was sanded off and replaced with stock plastic. Not accurate but better than what was there. 4) Having extended the I.P the resin details were removed, now with the I.P boxed in the removed details were reinstated. Having made my recovery from Covid , this has made a fast and fantastic start to the project as it stands. Now, several other conundrums have to be decided. The remaining lower parts count is now at the significant point, how’s best to get paint and parts in place and best practices. How to get the parts in place, and a layer of white. Then how to mask and get the exterior grey onboard. Or is it the other way around? The bomb bay has the faceted surfaces, lots of little triangles….. Thanks for looking.
  2. Ah, the now obligatory tearing apart something before it hits the shelf, I was 100% buying. Now I’m 85%. Though am glad to see the the opinions, debate is good. .
  3. Hello everyone. Scribing panel lines. No my favourite job. STEALTH STUFF. Whilst I was in the garage today giving it a tidy up I found something of interest to this project. Towards the end of the F-117A life I’d heard of proposed / testing of the small diameter bombs , so, twenty years on from cheap and cheerful we’ve no got Collaborative Small Diameter Bombs CSDB’s , collaborative now means A.I . What this means is the bombs now have a brain and when launched in numbers, over a 40 mile distance they have to decide which is the best target to prosecute. With the bombs jockeying for the prime spot to achieve a kill. Now with two of the carryover things to do sorted, it’s time to get a grip of the third item - panel lines on a stealth A/C . So, it doesn’t come with many lines witch makes this a Curates Egg. Having only two weeks ago found a book to pic my interest it’s just 23 years old, it may well have many glorious photos to enjoy, but not a right lot of use for scribing. Which is the problem for modellers 1) wet film is of it’s age, and back in the 80’s wet film photos just aren’t going to give amazing results. 2) By the time we had digital cameras the F-117 Nighthawk had gone into the annals of time. As so things like books are now very old. 3) when it comes to press released photos these have to be viewed with some scepticism, after all ‘they’ don’t want you to see stuff. For example early black colour Nighthawks are a blank canvas, where as from the 2000’s onwards photos are now showing much much more detail. And that’s what I’ve got to sort out, simplicity? Versus Simply stunning / simply stupid. The final thoughts is simple as well, I have this set of decals for the Tamiya kit, and another colour scheme. Thankfully re scribing is just straight lines……. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hello everyone. Six years ago here’s what I did. The shooting down of an F-117A by Serbia brought about in some ways the end of this A/C . As the Americans re-assessed how to operate this weapon system this brought about trials of grey paints and new weapons. Enter the Gray Ghost. Some six years ago this is what I did to this kit, it’s an unashamedly Smörgåsbord of resin replacement parts. The Academy kit is a relatively simple kit that’s been around for some time, like all model kits of stealth A/C the one piece upper and lower reduced the parts count. As seems now to be obligatory it comes with decals for a black colour scheme and laser guided bombs. The replacement of the kit parts fall to CMK for most things, kicking things off the cockpit this is going to be one of two areas of interest, most cockpits are a focal point for a model. The second area if interest will be the low hanging weapons. CMK supply a relatively well appointed cockpit, lovely looking cockpit tub and nicely detailed cockpit sides. The canopy gets some much needed jazzing up with resin details and the instrument coaming if a brass and resin treat. But, as always, following on from my TSR2 build I have to use the words CMK nonsense….. Now, I don’t know what has gone wrong here, weather this cockpit set is sized for another kit it has shrunk but the photo shows it goes no where near the front of the cockpit. That ok as the cockpit coaming should fill in all gaps. Wrong. In a another quirk the same gauge plastic used to make up the short fall on my TSR2 bomb bay is being used here. Not the end of the world. Also missing from this detail set are the two very prominent canopy jacks. Whilst I’m thinking about it, of all the things not replaced by CMK is the FLIR , it’s missing the often seen red box in the fwd section of the FLIR bay. CMK nonsense. Repair in progress. The second of three task to do before the can be considered for paint are these tail feathers, these are from Q.B , I can’t recall why they’re better than the kit parts, better they may be but they’re fragile and here’s the start of the repair process. The Academy kit is nearly devoid of features, but with a little bit of research I’ve opted to open up a plethora of vents and ports, here I’ve drilled a hole then needle filled to the right shape and size then scraped back the thick plastic edges and finally covered it with a thin mesh. Just like the real thing. Everything here had to go and thankfully CMK bomb bay and wheel well sets have gone in lovely. Even the DLIR (downward looking FLIR) is from CMK. The removal of the various bays was achieved using a razor saw, diamond impregnated needle files and some wet n dry. I don’t think I’ve achieved a stellar fit of the bomb bay hence the stock plastic covering edges. Five years of neglect of my bought products has need to be sorted. I need to find my weapons for this project. There’s a saying: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But which of my goodies with lift my models and which of these with the ubiquitous tag lines ‘designed to fit….’ are villains? Found the final pieces for this build, small diameter bombs, showing both Eduard 1/72 and Armory 1/48. I want a different look for this project. I’m hoping for a swift-er build and this small parts count’s goes some ways. Thanks for looking.
  5. Both are lovely - the Egyptian Nile scheme is a favourite of mine.
  6. Hello Mark V. Black. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and can be hard to pull off. Thankfully there some very nice decals available to tempt modellers - nose art (bomb missions) , bomb bay art (strange place to put it, but very welcome) and of course some colourful squadron insignia. 2019 saw me and my usual side kick doing some competition judging and in one our S.M.W 2019 category’s was a very nice Nighthawk. The model was on a base but not sat squarely on it, so I thought I’d do the honest thing and pritty it up. I gently pushed the model only to find out why the model was sat skewed as it was. The boarding ladder was some 3mm bigger than should have been, and this over size wasn’t apparent whilst it was over hanging the base. totally bonkers, me thought. It was once said to me that to win on the comp table you have to aim to have a model that is 100% perfect. Scored points dropped……. I can’t remember exactly when the Tamiya kit cam out me thinks circa 1996/7 , but a good few years later a set of decals came out which picked my interest. By 1998 I’m now out of the RAF and am at Marshal Aerospace, which now places this older model build circa 2002/3 whilst I was a member of RAF Mildenhall model club. Back at this time books and references were scarce or slim pickings at best, but the Tamiya kit was superb. One debate of the time was the plethora of panel lines on this kit, the debate being it should have less, something I’ll touch on with my own build. This iconic image is simply superb, what better way to frustrate modellers, until a set of decals came out. Could have done with this reference book back then, I’ve just bought it the other weekend at the RAF Cosford air show. The green lights atop the page explains ‘ Lordy-lordy I just saw an alien spaceship’ . That’s Area 51. This model is built as FSD 3 with its scorpion emblem. Now looking very tiered and a sign of the times, that Eduard etch looks poor and the varnish now has hints of yellow. Also belying the kits age it the Verlinden cockpit. As for the Tamiya panel lines , so correct for this A/C. Alan Brown Senior Trend’s program manager and low observability guru stated he could scientifically prove gray way the best colour for stealth, but General screetch TAC Air decreed black. Old and new together. Thanks for looking.
  7. True - very true for the rest of this year I’ m aiming for a more relaxed hobby. thank you.
  8. Hello everyone. F-117A Det.1/53rd TEG AUG 2006. My modelling year run’s November to November ie: Scale Model World 2021 to S.M.W 2022 , as such having just made a completion, next up should be another kit with pressing needs ( TSR2 ) but as always what I should do and what actually happens is never an easy task. Madness in the logic and logic in the madness plays a part. The logic is to re-start the very much despised because it logically won’t be finished by SM.W 2022. I’ve promised myself never to put myself through the wringer to get a model finished for this event. So, in modelling terms I have to have a model completed will in advance of, or just afterwards , this is to make life easier for me. The madness is to date I’ll only have two new models for S.M.W2022 and I don’t think this is good enough for two years of work. A little more work ethic is needed, so, a quick look through my back catalogue of part builds reveals our P.M Boris Johnson lurking to whit he pointed out several kits in his opinion that are ‘oven ready’. Just to make matters worse my model club secretary made comment that I needed to crack on……. This comment both ground my gears and made me think…… For any model club they need a fresh supply of kits, not that I’m that way inclined at this moment in time. In my last build I made a comment about continuity, by that I’m referring to this next kit having something in common with the last kit and that’s got me thinking…… Now having built two Airfix Shackleton’s back to back both took me 18 months to achieve my desired look, here’s proof that I made no gains. But two Shack’s in 36 months don’t reveal underlying problems, that problem was a Revell Shackleton was started and tossed into the bin along with one or two other bad kits. This period of low productivity has given me some bad modelling zen, and to mark matters worse each attempt to each next model just never came good. Enter the ‘oven ready’ kit. I’ve found no less than three kits to pic my interest, and the apparent easiest one is this rascal. It of course has in common with my just finished A-4M Skyhawk what I perceive to be continuities - same size - same time frame - similar modelling genres. Build and a lick of primer with just a bock’s of small parts make this kit look tempting, but like all this done in the past there’s never a note to self as what I was last thinking…… As always I do things differently and here I start at the end, and the end result will be this ‘gunship grey’ ‘wobblin goblin’. Thanks for looking.
  9. Hello everyone. Sneaking this model in by stealth.
  10. Hello everyone. VMA-311 ‘Tomcats’ April 1985. After just a 40 year wait I’ve finally got myself a Scooter that was knocking around as I was growing up. With the Hasegawa kit not being really available for some time, the box art of the Hobby Boss kit was a good selling point for me. Sadly everything went down hill from here on in, with my build strewn with errors and too many accessories it’s made me feel a little stupid. . The M ‘Mike’ boxing is frankly a disaster zone, it’s missing the best part of two sprue’s, the clear parts missing are the anti-col lights, and a good chunk of aerials and air scoops. The wings don’t come with the prominent ‘slats’ which is a deal breaker for a lot of modellers. It comes with a vast selection of weapons, sadly not applicable for this A/C. Accessories used: ResKit wheels. (Didn’t enjoy these rascals.) Eduard Multiple Ejector Launcher. (Lovely - but time consuming to build.) Eduard Mk 82 Snake Eye with retardant tails. (Lovely but horrible to assemble.) Eduard cockpit etch set. (Really lovely.) Attack Squadron/Arma Hobby Douglas 150 Gal fuel tanks. (Ggggrrrrr - never again.) Quick Boost 48-574 F-105 Thunerchief aerials. (For missing kit parts.) Quick Boost intake covers. (Lovely.) Quick Boost 48-574 Kfir C2-C7 air scoops. (For missing parts.) Quick Boost refuelling probe. (I managed to snap the kit part off and couldn’t get it to stay back on.) Anti-col lights. Spares box. (Just not funny H.B ) Two Bobs 48092 Lo-Vis Mikes Pt I. (Out of production, really would like to see as set of 1/32 Tomcats decals low-vis.) Plus Models F-4 Phantom pilot set. (Pilot has his side arm weapon removed.) This dark and moody photo is where some of the model features became a prerequisite - intake blanks and white fuel tanks. Inspiration for paint colours and weathering. The air brakes have been depicted as just cracked as per reference photos. Many missing and much needed aerials and scoops are shown here. I’ve gone for a sun bleached weathered look. It might be just a grey colour scheme but, red intake blanks, yellow steps, blue bombs and black cat art lift things. This IPad is really struggling to create a decent photo. One of the problems with the underside, is well, it might not be seen. But I’ve given the bomb bodies a sun bleached look and a greasy grubby looking lower surfaces. The fuel tanks this time around being mostly clean. Now if I could make an OA-4M to go with this kit I’d be very happy, but Hasegawa TA-4J is rarer than hens teeth. Thanks for looking.
  11. Hello everyone. Job done. With just a few things needed to finish this rascal I’ve now got there. One final piece of the missing kit parts are the anti-col lights, the replacement set I had is for 1/72, so I ordered a 1/48 set from Hannants. I was expecting the new set to be somewhat bigger, no such luck. I was trying to tidy up my garage the other day and found an old clear sprue which just so happens to have a very good set of lenses, so good they knocked the CMK stuff out of the ball park. (The 1/72 and 1/48 offers appear to identical in size.) One last piece that just niggled me was the canopy would stick and hold but not by much. Having got my anti-col lenses on, the loose canopy came off. So, new for me with super glue not working it was out with some araldite . Canopy now is never moving again. Conclusion : having bought this kit for just £22 with the premis that it looked like it would be very easy, and that line came around to bite me sometime later with my model club having decided to do it as a group build. And out of 14 willing soles just two guys have completed (now 3) , the rest mostly struggled with a good many binning this kit. As always AMS took over and I couldn’t help myself and opted to add some extras and that’s been one of the biggest problems these have eaten lots of time, added layers of complexity and in some cases not added to the build. That said I’ve built the kit I’ve wanted for 40 years, which is the important bit. The best of the goodies is the Eduard etched set for the Hasegawa kit, simply fantastic, everything else was specifically for the look I was after. After that, the kit if really rubbish, so much so it’s ranking as one of the worst kits I’ve had the displeasure to finish. I’ve seen two of these kits built and displayed at model shows, both were out of the box, and that’s where this model is, built it out of the box and all is well. This kit is now becoming harder to find (thankfully)and equally as hard as the Hasegawa kit, having now built both kit companies both kits are equally dissatisfying to build and finish. A big thank you for everyone who’s supported me all this journey.
  12. Hello everyone. The last ride of my Scooter. This post will more than likely be my last before it’s completed. For the last couple of weeks have been taken up with getting my head around going back to playing around with live A/C. And also I’ve had a weeks holiday just to really distract my modelling zen. On my route starting holiday week in York, I started by calling in at South Yorkshire Air Museum for the IPMS AGM , I enjoyed both, got to express questions about the future of SMW2022 and got to get some photos to top up my collection. And then on the way home I called in at Elvington Air Museum, again capturing some good details. Any hoo, the list of things to be done has been vast and I don’t want to bore anyone. A problem with the model has popped up since my last post, just the starboard side of the fuselage has become very sticky my first attempt was to micro mesh the area, but, that did nothing. Having handled the model for three weeks or so the stickyness has started to look very furry, so today I took the plunge and with some interpretation went for the full removal of the Alclad Matt varnish. Using just the cotton bud tip soaked in white spirits I’ve managed to remove a section of varnish and nothing else. Strangely the white spirits turned the varnish into a gloop which eventually came off. One of the nagging problems with this kit has been missing parts not supplied by H.B , so, just visible a lever supplied by Eduard and the bigger yellow piece is the new throttle lever, as I said earlier the cockpit had a cut out for it , it’s even drawn in the instructions. I’ve decided I like the kit ejection set better than the resin one, one final addition to it has been the oxy hose (in blue). One new product I’ve given a go is this Molotow Liquid Chrome pen, with such large chrome portions of the undercarriage, this pen has really helped out here, I’ve never really made past models shiny enough. Even though the model looks to be done, there’s still enough late editions to be added. Things like the HUD and windscreen wiper and rear view mirror. I’ve still got stuff to do, matt varnish being time consuming, and a step in the unknown, I’ve got to hope the stickyness goes. Another missing feature is the red anti col lights, a quick search of my stash of stuff shows that I don’t have any 1/48 scale lenses which is a challenge to over come. Until next time.
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