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  1. I have a nice Hasegawa Ki-44 Tojo. I know these aircraft were used in the home defense roll. The boxing I have is from Sentai based in China. I can't find any info on whether these were used for interception or in a more open fighter role.
  2. I was about his age when I built one of these, too. Kind of takes me back. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I'll probaty play along. Looking through my pile of models i found StuG Fs in both 1/35 and 1/48. I also have a B, but it's well over the 25% built cutoff. Maybe i'll pick up something more interesting before February.
  4. Well dang.... One of the problems with the long wait time between group build announcement and start times, is that the fickle amongst us (me) have very rapidly shifting interests. I'll see if I can drum up any enthusiasm within myself, over the next few weeks.
  5. Wow! Me???!? Thanks every one
  6. I had to sit down for this. What beautiful work. I've made a few passes at card models and never ever have i ever come anywhere near the quality i see here. You, sir, have a gift!
  7. Incredibly beautiful! Are the ratlines and rigging from the kit or your own additions? Ps. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself in the little corner of the world i call home. If anybody reading this ever considers visiting the Constellation, I thoroughly recommend it. It is a fantastic museum ship.
  8. I still can believe I finished a second. Tamiya P-38G in 1/48 scale built as James Hagenback's Bat Out Of Hell, as it appeared while based on the island of Sardinia, in late 1943 WiP thread is here
  9. Merry Christmas everyone. This lightning is DONE! I don't think I've ever finished two projects for a single GB before. Often i don't even finish one but here it is. There are more pictures in the gallery. Thanks for watching. Here's to more great GBs in the future.
  10. Hello Sergei, This is really nice. I like your "light touch" with weathering. It is nice to see a ground vehicle not slathered in mud. Do skorogo!
  11. I spent some time working on the exhausts and exhaust impurities staining, tonight. I feel like they're still missing something. Ideas? Redo something? Leave it alone?
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