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  1. More speed modeling. I didn't go into too much detail painting of the hull interior. Again the gun and turret will obscure most of this, so I just blocked in the main colors. See? Not much to see. Even without the turret on. And yes, I angle cut the front fenders, as is seen on many historic photos of these things.
  2. Indeed it is. Academy/Airfix make one of these, but I think they just reuse Academy's old M4A3 (or was it an A2?) hull, which has some chunky details.
  3. And a few hours later... I'm not putting too much effort into the forward compartment, as most of it won't be visible. The radio operator's seat back went through my dog's gut, so I'm doing without. Again; shouldn't be too visible. Ha. Speed modeling like this took me back to my preteen years.
  4. Earlier today i mentioned that I would be selecting either my M10 or M36 for this build. My stash chose for me, because I can't find the M10 anywhere. Note to self: stop buying models. The M36 is the 20-ish year old Academy kit rereleased by Airfix. It's an okay kit but mine suffered a setback when my dog ate one of the sprues. Note to self: do not leave open model boxes on the workroom floor. Only a few key elements were consumed, and I think I can raid an old Sherman kit for the missing pieces. Here is where I left off with the kit last year. Certainly less than 25% completed, I'd argue. Ignore the jagdpanther in the background.
  5. Hey guys, I'm a bit late to the game, but I'd like to participate with My Academy/Airfix M36B or possibly Tamiya M10. I stated some basic construction on the M36 last may, but my then newly adopted dog chewed up some of the sprues and I set it aside. I need to check the kit to see if its salvagable. I'll do that after work today, and I'll make the final decision on which kit I enter into the build. I've been off BM for a while since I lost my password and couldnt get it reset, as I had it tied to a defunct email account. I'm glad to be back, and coming into this is a GB will be a fantastic return to form. Now, can I finish a tank in the month left? We shall see.
  6. Woo! I'm now able to log in from all my devices and rejoin on all the forum fun and antics. Thank's Edward and Greg!
  7. Procopius, thank you for your help. It looks like i was still logged in on an older device. Nevertheless, I still don't remember the password so I'm unable to change it so o might log in from a fully functional computer. The email i have linked to the account is inactive and so i cannot get a password reset link. I also need the password to change the linked email. I'm a but SOL here, guys.
  8. I love the mottled patchy whitewash. Very nice! The weathering is beautiful. How did you make the snow?
  9. Howdie! It's been so long since I posted anything on BM, that I'd better wipe off the cobwebs. I love the STGBs and Iove that the 25% rule is being waived for this one. Although read on, and I'll explain how I'm probably well below the 25% mark. I'm using the Academy F-18C to build a CF-18 in commemorative markings for the NORAD 60th anniversary. I started the kit in fall of 2019, but got distracted by whatever. Y'all know this kit by now, so I won't post too much about construction, but I do want to point out that the big problem area of the rear fuselage has been done! Why do ALL hornet kits fall flat here? Lots of interior bracing kept this area from being a complete nightmare. The rest of the fit is moderately good, and very little filler was needed. I still need to clean up the nose ahead of the windscreen, and then we'll see how the nose cone and spine go. Cockpit is "from the box". May try to find an appropriate pilot figure.
  10. NM to Seattle. Sorry man. Hope you handle it better then when I went from Tucson to the PNW.
  11. It's supposed to be Bell's approximation of RAF sky. I used Tamiya sky and i think i added a touch of white
  12. I feel your pain. I took great inspiration from the builds of others as I struggled with this one. @Navy Bird 's many tricky build logs were a candle in the darkness many times over.
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