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  1. I'm sure the resin manufacturers are already on it This thing looks a bit soft on detail, but should be a good canvas for aftermarket sets
  2. Concise Color Guides: Aircraft World Wars I & II. It's not a great book, no doubt. It's value is all wrapped up in nostalgia.
  3. Hi all, just wanted to say that word-smith extraordinair, cracker-jack small scale modeler, and all around decent dude, @Procopius provided me with the search terms i needed to find what I'm looking for. A ten year quest has ended just like that!
  4. No idea on release date. They just showed it at Shizuoka. Yes, an M3 half track would be grand!
  5. Hi all, I'm not sure which subforum to put this in, so I'll throw it in here for maximum exposure to the hive mind. When I was still a young dude, just getting into airplanes around 1990, my dad bought me this little pocket sized book with aircraft profiles. A color aircraft profile spanned each two open pages, and a few key facts about the plane were below it. A small drawing of alternate marks were in the bottom corner. The book had aircraft from both world wars. Later I also got a volume with modern tanks, but it didn't hit the same. The book was softcover and smaller than the Salamander volumes. Memory is fuzzy about where the book was purchased, but given that it was 1990 and Chicago, I imagine a Walden Books or B. Dalton. The book became something of a bible for me. I would trace the profiles and draw different modifications to the planes, and would check off the types as I got them in model form. I remember the goal was to get all the WW II types that were illustrated. Never even came close. I read and reread the book so many times that it literally fell apart. I forgot about it, but then about 10 years ago, saw a similar book of profiles and have searched high and low for my holy grail. I've tried all kinds of searches online but to no avail. I'm not sure how else to look for it, so I'm hoping maybe somebody in this crowd knows what I had, and can help me out. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hot diggity!!!! An M8 GMC. Maybe a few late model Stuarts to follow? So much for not building in 1/48 anymore. I'm beyond excited!!! This is my favorite AFV
  7. Here to chew up the last of my remaining display shelf space. I picked this up at a consignment store in Savannah, Georgia on a vacation in fall 2020. The time finally feels right to build it. Once this goes on the shelf, along with a few other larger types i have in progress, I'll actually be out of space. Something I've been stressing about for a few years now. What will happen afterwards? I'm not sure.
  8. still trying to figure out what I want to build. I'm really not feeling the German radiocar. Kind of in the mood for something British. I have that 1/48 Bronco Staghound, but you know, it's a Bronco kit, so it'll take 6 months to assemble one of the leaf-springs. I guess its time to buy another model. Oh no!
  9. Your work is always such a joy to behold. This one is just gorgeous!!!!
  10. Thanks for the kind words and "likes" guys. I forgot to mention above, that this was the first time I used Mig Productions Lucky Varnish. I'm not sure how I feel about it. While it imparts a nice flat coat (maybe TOO flat for aircraft), it also has a strange soapy feel to it. I've really been striking out with Mig paints.
  11. I love Arma Hobby kits. They've been doing great kits of interesting subjects for years now, and each new release is better than the previous. I can see a day when they're going to be as synonymous with modeling and quality as Tamiya. The PZL P.11C is one of their earlier releases, and doesn't have the finesse of their latest, but is still a great little kit, and very easy to build. I finished this model in a week. This doesn't happen often, but this kit is just such a joy to build, and the painting is very easy too. I built my machine from no. 141 squadron flown on September 2nd, 1939 by Captain Florian Laskowski. Captain Laskowski was leading a strafing mission against Nazi motorized columns north of the city of ToruĊ„ (where Copernicus once lived) when his plane was hit by flak, and he was badly wounded. Laskowski crash landed in a field. But the Nazi marauders reached him first and blocked civilians who attempted to pull him from the wreckage to provide first aid. Captain Laskowski bled to death. Thanks Arma for kitting these markings, so we can remember what happened. Here is the P.11 with it's real life stablemate, the P.7 (also an Arma Hobby kit, I built about 5 or 6 years ago) And my collection of Arma Hobby kits built to date (I have several more in the works. I love what these guys are doing!).
  12. It's always exciting when an AFV group build occurs here. I'll be joining this one, but I'm not entirely sure what I'll be building yet. I have some armored cars in 1/48, but I'm sort of over 1/48 for right now, so I'll have to dig through my 1/35 collection. Pretty sure there is an ancient Tamiya kfz 223 up there. I wonder if any were ever captured?
  13. That looks lovely! I started building that kit and gave up. It isn't an easy one. Your results definitely deserve the award you won! Good work!
  14. You knocked this one out of the park, as they say. Despite your dust issues, the clear bits still look very clear and you can see a bunch of the innards, which is always impressive to me in 1/72. Everything is really neat and tidy. Just awesome stuff
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