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  1. I'm sorry if you're one of the types who screams at middle eastern people to go home, and that my comment offended you. wait.... no im not
  2. I didnt say white dudes' lives are easy. Far from it. But imagine how much more your predicaments would suck, if you were, lets say Middle Eastern, and had some bell end hayseed yelling in your face to go back to your country, while you try to find treatment for your ailing wife. And that's just the surface of it.
  3. I suppose being a white-guy in this world is the equivalent of playing the game of life on the easiest setting, so yeah...do we NEED a special day?
  4. I just screen capped this and sent it to my wife at her job. We'll see what happens. I expect nothing more than some sassy and funny reply.
  5. Revell crapped the bed with that colorless lozenge decal. Those of you saying that it can be painted are missing the OP's point - why produce a useless decal that's just going to require painting anyhow? Hell, why not print some colorless roundels? The modeler CAN paint them... Dumb! Revell deserves public shaming for this stupid stupid move. When I had this kit, I threw the lozenge in the garbage, where it belongs, painted the whole plane an olive green, and then masked off and sprayed some orange circles to model a 1919-1920 era Dutch Fokker.
  6. Thank you, all. Your comments are very encouraging. I think I might stick to these simpler kits and simpler methods for a while. Heck, I might even try painting with a brush
  7. Simply lovely. I'm getting ready to start mine. Any advice on the rigging?
  8. Probably your best work, to date. Very nice work on a very nice aircraft. Congratulations!
  9. That's beautiful. Such sharp, crisp lines. I really like it.
  10. Hiya, I built this model, as I was in the mood for a quick and simple build. Airfix's kit is pretty fun. Parts fit well, surface details aren't TOO chunky, and cockpit and wheel details are sufficient for the scale. The only modification I made was to sand off the middle frame element of the canopy, as this is only on the interior surface of the real plane. Painting consisted of Tamiya gloss black undercoat, and Gunze light gull gray, with a single drop of pink added. A few random panels were brush painted Vallejo Silver Gray, which is almost identical. The decals were a bit tricky, as they were quite thick and hard. I softened them with hot water and Mr. Mark Softer, to get them to conform to the curves on the model. The thick orange decals didn't give me much problem, but I biffed it on the "24" tail codes. I ended up replacing them with another set of RAF 24s, which are too large, but at least the same font. Sod's law, right? The project took two weeks, and was really a lot of fun. It isn't the best model I built, but it reminded me of how fun modeling used to be, before I got all stupidly serious about it.
  11. Nice work, Fuad. I understand that the clear parts of this model are difficult to fit. Did you have this problem too? They look perfect on your example.
  12. Yeah, looks to be a right pain in the butt, and I don't like the look of it. Time to hunt down alternative decals
  13. I see it on Aircraft HP-B in the photos of that thread, but I'm not convinced im seeing it on aircraft KW-T (which is what Airfix's decals represent). There's certainly some overpainted mess on the fuselage sides, though.
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