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  1. With respect, I'd think that it's up to the individual builder to determine how much detail they wish to attempt. What's "pointless" for one person may be someone else's total enjoyment. If you think my level of detail is pointless, then I'm sorry.
  2. Ok, I should point out they're not just tubular-looking, they have a lot more to them. See:
  3. Are there any aftermarket gun barrels that would work for a 1/72 Mirage F.1? Found the Quickboost ones for the Mirage III but they're 1/48. Have also found the Staghound metal ones but not sure they're correct for my build. Maybe I could cheat with A-4 guns?
  4. Amazing to reach 101 and still be relatively mobile and lucid, especially considering he was almost killed at age 20 (7 December 1941). His powerful voice and very firm handshake have weakened very considerably, but he is still at it. What an amazing life he's had! Now both remaining USS Arizona survivors are aged 101.
  5. Great place, thanks! Found stuff I wish I'd had for an earlier build. But no LRF1's.... So I think I'm reduced to needing the dimensions for scratchbuilding them. Could eyeball it, but always nicer to have a definite guideline....
  6. I don't suppose anyone makes the LRF1 68mm rocket launchers in 1/72 as seen under the wings of the Libyan Mirages that defected to Malta a few years back? I've found them listed in 48th but not 72nd. ...and if not, anyone have the dimensions so I could try to make them? https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/125561/508-libya-air-force-dassault-mirage-f1/ https://www.airplane-pictures.net/image123063.html
  7. VF-74 in full TPS, with the lightning bolt in red. Somehow just struck me in my mind's way. Plus a few details which *might* have made its way to the bird, such as an F-14D-style chin double-pod, Tomcat (shorter) pitot etc. Maybe a few other things. Not sure whether to keep the fairing on the top of the tail or not....
  8. Holy mackerel Bill, that's a stunning and absolutely beautiful build!! I'm actually going a different direction with mine, a what-if circa mid/late 80's....
  9. Great to know; what differences are depicted in the Pete's tires vs the kit ones? Is it size, details or both that differ?
  10. Thanks Bill! I guess what I'm hoping for is the direction they would have gone, as this would be for a "what-if", doing an aircraft in fleet service (had there never been an F-14).
  11. I've gathered that the mainwheels on the Navy "B" were different from the F-111A, but haven't yet ascertained the specifics. Thought I'd ask y'all, and what the best approach in 1/72 would be?
  12. Outstanding!! And one of my all-time favourite Adversary schemes!
  13. Thank you! Definitely not easy or especially fun, but ABSOLUTELY worth it every time. Here's the seventh I've done like this, compared with an untouched original:
  14. Thank you! Yes, *IF ONLY* they would have done it with a hollow fuselage (2 halves would make it easy) and a non-existent cockpit from what they did.... Counting the MiG-1, I've hollowed out 5 of these things so far, and I think in the process I removed enough plastic to build two more....
  15. On this plane the white camo was worn, sometimes showing traces of the underlying camouflage.
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