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  1. Here she is taking her rightful place with the rest of her Vermont brethren. Only need an F-89D and an F-35A....and one more T-33 to reflect their later appearance.
  2. #11 in my Vermont ANG collection. Only a few more. After this collection, I'm determined only to build subjects for which there are existing decals!! 1/72 Tamiya. Great kit except the canopy and windscreen...what were they thinking?? Quickboost propeller/spinner. PE seatbelts from spares. Decals scrounged from whatever I could find in addition to the kit decals. Yellow/black sunburst on the cowling was a combination of hand painting and strips of yellow decal. The Vermont Mustangs did not have all the postwar modifications, retaining their retractable tailwheels and not receiving the extra radio equipment behind the cockpit. They did, however, receive the matt aluminum paint treatment.
  3. Got it now, thanks! Can now confirm the Pavla instructions are incorrect; the "D" rear panel is actually correct, and the claimed "C" panel is the "J". I guess I figured the D and J would be similar since the J was an upgraded D (kinda like the Navy F-4B/N and J/S).
  4. Is (was) the rear cockpit of the F-89D similar to the J? I thought it might have been, until yesterday. I got the Pavla F-89D/J cockpit set, and the instructions are confusing. Although it's supposed to be for the D/J, the instructions claim the two choices of rear instrument panels are for the D and the C (I repeat, the set was supposed to be for the D & J). Furthermore, the "J"-looking panel with the large scope is claimed to be the "C", and the very simple panel, no scope, is claimed to be for the D. So, I'm confused. I have the Squadron Walkaround book on the Scorpion, but the cockpit photos *seem* to show retired J 'pits (not well labeled as far as subtype). Images from the set:
  5. Thanks Ron! The finished item is over in Ready for Inspection. And, some of the photos I used as reference were captioned as being taken during a deployment to Keflavik.
  6. Thank you! I look forward to seeing yours as well; any thoughts which unit?
  7. Thank you for the kind words! I also appreciate the input/advice/wisdom from many of you which allowed this to happen!
  8. Thank you for all the kind comments! Bill, which Wisconsin aircraft have you done, and in which scale? Erwin, I haven't been back to the northeast in 35 years and need to very much....if you're ever in Arizona lemme know and we'll toast the GMB's! I'm waiting to see if my third chaff pod will be produced; if so, I'll see what I can do for you. Also yes, that's an F-51H, good eye! Some sources claim they only operated six of this type, but I've got a list of nine. I'm now trying to finish the F-51D, very difficult trying to plan the elaborate starburst design on the cowling since, once again, no decals are available.... Des, the black and the SEA birds the unit operated appear to be regular B-57C's, as they lack the EB antenna suite.
  9. And she's done! Pics over in Inspection forum: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235074077-172-eb-57b-vermont-ang/&tab=comments#comment-3701370
  10. Here again joining its Vermont ANG brethren; still need an F-35A, F-89D and another T-33 (to reflect both early and later appearances). Also, PLEASE, someone release decals in 1/72 of their GE-powered F-16's? Closest thing out there is Wolfpak's markings for a P&W-powered "C", but the markings are not quite the same. Please....
  11. #10 in my Vermont ANG History series, finally done. No conversion exists in 1/72 for the EB, so I had to scratch-build the myriad of antennae, radomes and chaff pods for this. Rebuilt and altered intakes to reflect the EB. Also no decals exist yet for this in 1/72 (until Caracal releases their new sheet in 1/72), so I had to scrounge with whatever I could find. I used Wolfpak EB-57 decals plus their Vermont F-102 decals, plus Hasegawa kit decals for the ANG badge, outstanding unit ribbon and bomb bay striping, and a ton of Superscale F-4 and F-102 data/markings. Took most of a week to accomplish. Quickboost ESCAPAC seats (tough to find) with their bottoms hollowed out to allow extra lead weight. Build thread here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235072528-172-eb-57b-vermont-ang/
  12. Erwin, thank you for your kind words! Later today I'm going to post some pics of the finished EB along with its Vermont brethren (10 so far). So far I've got: F-47, F-51H, T-33, F-94B, F-89J, F-102, EB-57, F-4D, F-16A, F-16C (blk 30). Still need to finish the F-51D, and then do F-89D, F-35A and one more T-33. I also DESPERATELY with someone would do decals for their GE-powered F-16C's. Closest thing is on Wolfpak sheet 72-41, but it's not quite close enough.
  13. FINAL DETAILS Did a wash over the airframe, then a spray of clear satin, to represent the worn gloss. Had to mask the walkways first to preserve their ultra-flat finish. STILL not enough nose weight even after drilling into it and adding more after the fact So here's an act of desperation that worked. Took the resin (Quickboost) ESPACAC seats and a Dremel drill, hollowed out the seat bottom and part of the back. Then cut and crushed pieces of lead sinker to fit. This proved to be JUST enough to work. Decided I needed to add some detail to the inner maingear doors, even though I thought I was done with them. Just criminal to leave them as featureless slabs after all the other work, so I added the hinges and retraction jack made from the actuators from Monogram F-4D speedbrakes (I think). Now just the final tidbits including scratchbuilding a windshield wiper and touching up the Alclad Stainless Steel exhaust nozzles. End is in sight!
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