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  1. Very kind of you Pete, thank you! And yes, a labour of love to be sure!
  2. I started planning/visualizing this in 2002. Finally started work around 2012-13ish. Finished summer 2020. Base kit is FineMolds 1/48 X-Wing, with massively rebuilt cockpit. Wing cannon mounts and nosegear were also altered/corrected. Pilot is a Frankenstein of many pieces of Monogram & Hasegawa pilots, cut apart and repositioned into one. Helmet was modified from a Monogram figure. Ground crew is mostly very modified Hasegawa ground crew. Had to change or carve heads, trade limbs, carve away jackets, add belts, etc etc. Blue-shirted Rebel Troope
  3. Thank you! Here's the finished item; same photos will be posted in Ready for Inspection:
  4. Thank you! That was an important aspect for me when I first started to "envision" this; one of the iconic parts of the original film (to me) was the pilots "helmeting up" just prior to launch, and I wanted to capture that moment. After I tried arranging the multiple severed body parts, and then needing to find others when some of the originals didn't work, I figured I'd bit off more than I could chew....but finally after several burnouts it ended up ok. Never give up!
  5. Thank you! Last step after the ground crew was installed, and the canopy installed after scratch-building the hinges: scratch-building the lighting units which appear throughout the hangar on the deck. I studied numerous images of the movie trying to get an idea of the dimensions, but this proved more difficult than I thought. In the end, I used the SWAG theorum (Scientific Wild ***** Guess). Upon study, I could see the sides of the units were sloped, not straight up-and-down. Bad enough to have to build one of these, but I would need multiple copies. I did three
  6. I discovered the larger ladder used next to the astromech droid in the actual filming was an RAF ladder used for their F4 Phantoms, the huge curve designed to go over and around the Phantom's intake to the WSO's cockpit. I discovered Flightpath makes a very nice representation of this in white metal and PE combination. The other two ladders came from the Para-Grafix PE set. The PG set does include the larger curved ladder, but the Flightpath one is far superior IMO. Refueling hoses made from metal low-"E" guitar strings. Since these strings only want to stay straight, the
  7. For the Rebel ground crew, I started with Hasegawa 1/48 USAF ground crew, then played Frankenstein with all of them. Heads and hands were replaced and re-positioned. Arms with sleeves rolled up were replaced. Headsets were carved away or the heads replaced entirely. For two of them, I had to carve away a jacket to make it into a coverall, and add a belt. Did two helmeted Rebels, including a blue-shirted Fleet Trooper. The Trooper was made from a Monogram figure (used in several releases) of a walking pilot, with helmet in one hand and helmet bag in the other (his helmet was us
  8. Painting the bird was fun. Do NOT follow the instructions calling for 36440 Light Gull Gray. In fact, don't just go with 36622 Camouflage Gray either, it's still too dark. The ILM birds were basically done in white and then beaten up. What I did was, started with a mix of mostly Flat Insignia White, tempered with just a bit of 36495 Light Gray and another touch of 36622 Camo Gray. Afterward, I went back and accented the panels with straight light gray. Masked and painted the Red Leader markings with Testors (square bottle) flat red, with a touch of MM Gu
  9. Red Leader was tough. I abandoned the kit pilot. I started with a Monogram 1/48 jet pilot, I think....filed/carved/sanded off most of the detail. Then did a total Frankenstein; separate upper arms, forearms, one hand, and head, all from different pilot/ground crew figures, to get him posed as putting on his helmet for flight. I just really wanted to capture that moment. Detail added from masking tape (vest, straps) and styrene for other details. Took a lot longer than expected but ended up far surpassing the kit pilot, I think. Helmet made from a Monogram helmet,
  10. Scratchbuilt R5 droid head, using the kit R2 head as a size guide. Elaborate stripes were mostly done with black and white decal stripes, including bits of white tailcode lettering cut to size.
  11. Primary subject: FineMolds 1/48 X-Wing. Changes: Rebuild wing cannon (mounts are much too long) Feature open canopy Massively detail cockpit Corrected nosegear Sorry, no pics on correcting the wing cannon. Cockpit was totally rebuilt. Placards added from ParaGrafix detail set. Greatest challenge was the unit behind the pilot's seat. Researching this aspect alone nearly led to burnout. Here's how it went: Brass guitar string (low E string & others) used for the thick hoses:
  12. Started planning this project 18 years ago, began work on it 8 years ago. Many stops, and burn-outs, but finally finished it this year. This thread will feature some of the journey. The plan: A diorama of an X-Wing preparing for the assault on the Death Star as seen in the original Star Wars. The catch: Make the X-Wing into Red Leader, to match the ILM in-flight model as well as pilot helmet and his unique R5 astromech droid. In other words, this scene: But making it this X-Wing: And with this pilot/helmet and R5
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