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  1. They definitely are, I was in contact with them just last week.
  2. Very nice selection, Col, well done!
  3. Hi -d-, Seeing as you asked, here's my current Privateer build-log, it's ready for decaling... https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/pb4y-2-privateer-t519359.html
  4. The USAAC used one or some designated as the UC-101 (I belive they were impressed for military service) and I think designations of Y1C-12 & Y1C-17 were also used for others, presumably for evalation purposes.
  5. Thanks, J-W, It's becuase my PB subcription ahs lapsed. Stevehnz providesa link above that enables the PB images to be viewd in Chrome. The fresh photos are linked to a post in HyoerScale that uses Tapatalk as a platform which hosts its own images rather than rely on 3rd party image hosts the way Britmmodeller's platforom does.
  6. I ahve reloaded some fresh picks as a reply to Steve above.
  7. Thank you both for the additional advice, it makes good sense.
  8. Thanks Tony, That's a big help, the photos too. Upon doing a bit more reading, I think that aluminium undersides were changed to light aircraft grey from 1966 onwards, but I shall use aluminium.
  9. I plan to finish my Valom Twin Pin in the box art scheme: Valom's painting guide only uses generic colour names, but I assume the camo is RAF dark green/dark sea grey over light sea grey, or light aircraft grey? or should the undersides be aluminum as they could possibly be in this image? Unlike their box-art, Valom's painting guide has the undersides the same colour as the upper camo grey, which is clealy wrong. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Here's the link to his review: http://www.deaddesignmodels.com/model-reviews/nakajima-ki-43-i-hayabusa-1-72/
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