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  1. Not so sure about that. The all aspect element of the AIM-9L was broadly similar. Very different to the scanned arrays of later models.
  2. Colourcoats have some nice interpretations. Humbrol 90 apparently is a good match for Sky
  3. That does make sense. It is quite hard to find good descriptions of the performance of British Missiles. Firestreak and Red Top are much larger than Sidewinders with a much greater explosive charge. I understand that they performed better with Red Top having the same performance in the late ‘60s that the AIM-9L had in the late ‘70s
  4. This was primarily around fuel. The F2A had the less thirstier engines and the increased tankage as well as the revised wing and cannons that did not eat into the ventral tank. Agreed Red Top would have been a useful addition but if it was a game changer why did they not make the necessary upgrades?
  5. Apparently the F2A was the best of all the Lightning versions
  6. 2 Firestreak and 4 30mm cannon two above and two below the nose. I understand the 30mm was really the primary weapon
  7. Worth mentioning that those Matildas were largely Mk1s with just an MG. The Battle of France to the British public now is overshadowed by Dunkirk. There were many impressive feats of arms at that time. One reason why many of these are lost is that most written evidence at the time was lost in the evacuation
  8. Very interesting angle. I know there were concerns with 30mm APSE. We had 120mm Smoke, which unlike Artillery Smoke was Phosphorus. Very nasty.
  9. That is fantastic. Best one that I have seen - well done!
  10. They were not supported in the logistics chain so the ammunition was not available. No idea why and this persisted to the 1990’s in the British Army where the only users were AIr Defence in the airborne forces. May have changed now. The spotting guns in Chieftain were different.
  11. While I am not a golfer I do know that Golf clubs employ ground staff, office staff etc and it is rather unfair to single them out. I am not in a position really to judge what is important and what is not. I suggest that we just all get on with as much as possible.
  12. Totally agreed with you. The post offices/my Hermes drop off points are prepped for social distancing. unfortunately we are only just at the beginning of this crisis. The real impact on people will be the damaged economy. Most people will be far worse affected by that than by CV. The numbers are the worst since the Depression. We still have a collective memory of that for a reason. We need to get on with our lives as best we can and return to normal as quickly as possible for our sake and that of our children. There is no vaccine. There may never be one. We are just going to have to deal with this. Please open the forums. Every reasonable step we can take to get back to normal will help the economy and every one of us. While it is uncomfortable to say it that really has to be the priority now. Will
  13. Cannot wait for this one. if the Whirlwind had been 6 months earlier it would have been a fabulous bomber destroyer in the Battle of Britain
  14. Love the EF-111A. Remember a Dec 86 issue of Air International with an article entitled Jamming Swingers. Built the Mono kit back in the day.
  15. Thank you for posting that. You can see why people call it our ‘Finest Hour’. With hindsight victory looks assured yet at the time (and particularly after what came next at Dunkirk) it must have felt anything but. We could have bottled it, kept our wealth and gone for the ‘safe’ option (though it would have, longer term, proven nothing of the sort). But we did not. I hope in similar circumstances today that we would choose the same route. Bring on July 10th Will
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