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  1. I would be amazed as the IV was more widely used and has a wider range of schemes. Is there a list of the non-nose related changes? Will
  2. Hopefully a Blenheim IV in 48 scale - I think little more than the nose needs changing (as per the real one flying around that became a Mk1 on being rebuilt). A Vampire would be a good bet as there is no competition out there in 48th scale, quite a few versions possible from the same kit. We will get a new kit in 24th scale in 3 years or so - i would still put money on a Sea Fury in that scale (along with a Mk1). Would love a Scimitar but i cannot see them spending the cash to tool it - would expect a limited run operation to tackle that. Will
  3. I hope that they can fix the canopy issue in time for release. Raymond is normally very good about things like this. Why is it that the canopy/windscreen is wrong on so many kits out there (RA-5C, Canberra, F-105, F-101, A-3D, A-7 (32) Revell Spitfire (32), A-10 (32) etc. etc) - is it just that we notice it more so the errors are more obvious? Is it just because the cross section is easy to see once the canopy is opened. It is far harder a fix than almost anything else. Will
  4. Thank you for posting those. Mine is on order and this has increased the anticipation! Bit surprised at the sprue gates - hopefully it is just the photographs - as they look rather clunky? I take it that the different height rudder means that an FR18 can be made out of the box? Will
  5. Lovely job. I have one I scribed ages ago to make in the stash There is something about those '70s and '80's Monogram kits in the way that they capture the look and feel of the real thing in a way that some modern kits do not. Once you crack scribing, which is not particularly hard, and have discovered the brilliant RB tools sets and carefully applied superglue/talcum powder mix, you can easily come up with something that looks better than the latest HobbyBoss wonder. Will
  6. The 1/48 F-100 is also very good - more accurate than Trumpeter and also has what I can only describe as a texture that feels like the real thing. The B-26 is also very nice.
  7. Wow - that is that is an involved build. I may try the canopy technique for the one piece canopy. I am also going to get the Aires exhaust - got to be worth it!
  8. I am getting close to a rather long build of the Monogram F-100. It is a lovely kit but has fought me a few times. I have a couple of questions as i am getting to the end of the fuselage 1. Can the Aires Exhaust set (4455) fit the Monogram kit as it is a much better representation than the kit or the Eduard etched version that looks like it is for the F-102 nozzle version? 2. I would prefer to finish the kit with the canopy closed. I note the kit canopy is too narrow and the Squadron replacement is in two parts has anyone managed to crack this area. Am thinking of trying to joint the squadron canopy to the Mono windscreen. Any help would be much appreciated Will
  9. Have a look at the Radu Brinzan scribers - best thing I have found (and I have tried plenty - P-cutter, needle, scriber, bare metal scriber). Olfa P Cutter is good for rough stuff but Radu's is perfect for narrow, u shaped lines that are as deep as you want them to be. Also makes tools for lines up to wing/fuselage joints and around curves. Also not that expensive and easy to ship. Will
  10. Hi Finishing an interminable build on a Tamiya F-84G and i was wondering what colour the JATO bottles would be? Any photographic evidence would be much appreciated. As they yellow as they would be jettioned? Any help would be much appreciated Will
  11. Hi Just finishing of a build that I started in '99. Does anyone know what gunsigjht would have been fitted to an RAF SEAC Thunderbolt II? Many thanks Will
  12. Scimitar F1


    Deleted - not the wanted area
  13. About time too! Three major conflicts plus a host of smaller ones, some excellent schemes and variants. Not to mention a really cool shape. They are going to sell loads!
  14. Saw it, loved it and will buy it. Definitely left field though but with limited competition (I rescribed the 45 year old Hase kit earlier this year - it needs work!) and a lot of familiarity it will do well!
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