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  1. I assume one of the reasons that companies put out CAD renders is to effectively crowd source their quality control? If I ran a model firm I would do the same. Will
  2. Thank you for clearing that up. Very good to hear. What do you think of the intakes?
  3. I think they had the same wheels as the KC-135. Reskit to the rescue I hope. One thing that caught my eye were the repositioned intakes - they seem a little large?
  4. Good question. Looking at the picture alone could it be done for pilot visibility reasons? It is not done to minimise drag.
  5. Hi James Am about to restart my build. There is a nice Aires cockpit that you can use - it may be OOP but you can still find it. There is an Eduard set as well. Have a look at the Barracuda prop and rocker covers. The Brassin 3 spoke wheels are also pretty good. Avoid the KMC/Squadron cockpit. Have a look for a cheap canopy as well - the kit one is under size. Will
  6. I can see some etch really adding to the already stunning details. What would a Sqn of these have done in the BoB? 112 built and lasted in Sqn service for over 3 years (and the hardest three years at that)!
  7. Use them on the Vent and the kit Ventura props for the Hudson
  8. Sounds like a plan - I have one of these to build as well! I think someone does Ventura props as well
  9. They may need to be made smaller as the Ventura had a lot more power than the Hudson. Will
  10. I have done the same and have 12 shelves including the bottom. Great for 1/48 Phantoms!
  11. Thank you for that - I couldn’t find any clear pictures. Hopefully they will be a good fit!
  12. Even more surprised at how modular the kit is. Any ideas on the purpose behind the missing sections on the underside of the wing tanks? Very mysterious. I hope that the legendary Tamiya fit is on this kit as well
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