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  1. Hi Just finishing of a build that I started in '99. Does anyone know what gunsigjht would have been fitted to an RAF SEAC Thunderbolt II? Many thanks Will
  2. Scimitar F1


    Deleted - not the wanted area
  3. About time too! Three major conflicts plus a host of smaller ones, some excellent schemes and variants. Not to mention a really cool shape. They are going to sell loads!
  4. Saw it, loved it and will buy it. Definitely left field though but with limited competition (I rescribed the 45 year old Hase kit earlier this year - it needs work!) and a lot of familiarity it will do well!
  5. Scimitar F1

    Hypersonic 1/48 Corrected Canberra Fighter Style Canopy

    Compared to fixing the shape filling a hinge line is neglible. Plus the PR9 is the more popular version by far so your approach is a sensible one. One lives in hope for the Voodoo canopy!
  6. Scimitar F1

    Hypersonic 1/48 Corrected Canberra Fighter Style Canopy

    Those pictures look even better than I was expecting. Only the PR9 had an opening canopy, The B(I)8 had the same shape but was entered by the usual door on the starboard side. I have waited a decade for this - it looks like I am not going to be disappointed! Apparently corrected single seat Voodoo canopies are the next thing to be touched by Jeffrey's genius! Will
  7. So pleased to hear this news that I think it deserves its own thread Hypersonic are releasing a resin canopy with the correct cross section for the Airfix Canberra B(I) 8 and PR9. It will be available at Telford. I can finally restart my 3 sqn build! Thank you Jeffrey!
  8. Scimitar F1

    EE Canberra B(I)8 Corrections

    Time to resurrect this thread. The main problem with the kit is the dire shape of the canopy which it shares with the PR9 kit. Jeffrey Kubiak of Hypersonic models is producing a correct fighter style canopy based on drawings that Canberra Kid kindly shared. I will post some photos later. A limited number will be available from the Hypersonic stand at Telford Rejoice!
  9. 1/24 Sea Fury Left field 1/32 A4 Pacific
  10. Some cheery news. Hypersonic are releasing a corrected Canberra fighter style canopy at Telford. It will feature the correct cross section. Buy build enjoy!
  11. Scimitar F1

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    Looking forward to this one. I cannot quite believe it is 24 years since the last one was released (and it is 22 years since I built it)!
  12. I would say by involving SMEs Raymond is showing his commitment. It is not what you do it is what you achieve. Will
  13. Scimitar F1

    KittyHawk Voodoo! 1/48?

    About time too! Very excited about the C. Can anyone elaborate the issues around the intakes? Will
  14. Scimitar F1

    Airfix 2019

    Sadly a Scimitar is unlikely though I was told by one of their designers that it was considered. I think the Hunter and Blenheim will sell well for them and are good choices. Given their need to maximise cash flow I imagine it will be more versions for 2019 and fewer totally new moulds. So given that I would expect Blenheim Mk IV Hunter FGA 9 Spit XIV Meteor NF Hurricane II They will want to keep design capability so there will be something new. Sticking with 48 and 72th scales again. My guess would be Vampire or Venom - versions and markings galore - cheap to kit as well. They have had a stab in 72 so have some idea of sales. F-35 - coming into service so could cash in on sales. Time will tell Will
  15. Wow I do not know ow where e to start What did you use for glue?