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  1. Hi i have been busy on a Hasegawa F-4S and am now a little stuck. The machine that I am building is a VF-161 machine in all over Light Gull Grey. I created masks for the markings but struggled with some of the smaller letters and numerals. The bought a couple of decal sheets including the Furball set but the colour is wrong and clashes with the already painted masks I would be very grateful if someone couple print the codes in the right colour and can provide decal paper. The markings are in grey hence the need for an ALPS machine. i would be very grateful
  2. Just building one of these now and it is a lovely kit. It really captures the look of the early Spitfire, is detailed, lots of options. First class decals. All in all a very nice package. Will
  3. I am so glad that the world is totally benign and that we have no interests outside our territorial waters.
  4. I have both as well and totally agree with you. Well worth it.
  5. A Vampire is so overdue - I cannot wait for one! From the background I take it that this is a 3-d print?
  6. No idea but I share your pain Am kitbashing a Hasegawa Mk II kit with a Tamiya Mk IX rear fuselage create a Mk 1 Of interest is that it is almost like Tamiya planned a Mk1 from the outset with the front part of the wing fillets being small separate parts and an HF radio wire attachment points on the top of the rudder
  7. I am having a very frustrating time getting the decalling right on a VF-161 F-4S. I am now on my 3rd set of decals and the colour is wrong (Hasegawa, CAM and Furball). I masked the principal markings and that went reasonable well but worked out less well for the smaller markings so I need to print some decals in FS36118. What is the best way to do this? I have a bubblejet printer but not sure that it will work. Will
  8. I started this VF-161 F-4S 9 years ago and took it up again earlier this year and it has fought me all the way. it has taught me some lessons like do not use enamels for large areas etc. Anyway the latest saga is that the Furball decals are the wrong colour and I have masked and painted the majority already. Any ideas other than just using the decals and being done with it? Does anyone do custom printing?
  9. I am looking forward to this as the shape is the biggest thing for me for model companies to get right; I know that Jeffrey will nail it!
  10. Another opportunity to check the YouTube footage of the Mosquito attack on the Death Star! Would the Whirlwind have done better? if this is as good as the Tempests we are in for a treat!
  11. Unfortunately Special Hobby prices have increased so it is at the same price level. The kit is really stunning and worth the money. Just get the dihedral right!
  12. Looks like something out of Star Wars - very cool and one that I am really looking forward to!
  13. That is to get rid of magnetic deviation. You do it with boats as well. That runway headings are changed over time where necessary answers my question.
  14. Scimitar F1

    Is it me?

    LGIB Looks good in the box! Will
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