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  1. Challenger 1. The original kit came out in 1986.
  2. Thank you for the responses. 1/2 inch sounds about right
  3. Hi This is a question that has been on my mind for a while. With two 1/32 R-2800 powered fighters on the go it has become more pressing! I have tried looking at various photographs and calculating the width of the wires by ratioing against other parts of the engine and I get a figure of just under 1/2 in. Does anyone have an exact figure as when I use scale thickness wire it looks very skinny compared to other models I see. I am not planning on visiting a museum with a recovered radial engine soon so does anyone have the answer or has access and could measure? I also assume that the width was common across large if not all radial engines. Will
  4. Well this has cheered me up no end on an otherwise flat day!
  5. Love the SIOP scheme - thank you for this
  6. I would just like to say what a great show this is. It was my first time yesterday and I was very impressed. A good selection of club stands with some cracking models including a stunning Border Lancaster and a good selection of traders. The venue, the Royal Engineers museum in Chatham, is a real gem. Lots of armoured vehicles and really interesting other exhibits. All in all well worth a visit. Will
  7. Hi Thinking is making a European One camo scheme F-16A. I understand that I would either need a Block -5 or -15. Any ideas if I will be able to build one from the F-16AM kit? Will
  8. Let me save you the trouble. The aim is to get the Hornet released for SMW 2023. We should have 3D renders to show this year. Will
  9. DBMK have posted the colour schemes for the initial Hornet release on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084846155184
  10. If you spray a slightly wetter coat (one with slightly more thinner) you generally get a smoother finish. The problem with sanding between coats is getting rid of the dust and going thru on raised detail
  11. And it took time and effort to put them on in the first place. I haven’t seen anything around accuracy yet. Has anyone compared it to the Airfix kit or the real thing.
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