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  1. Good to see. Have one with FAST packs and 57 FIS decals to build
  2. Final list - we should create a betting market around the subjects 72nd Valiant re-release 48th Hunter FGA9 Blenheim IV Vampire FB5 Whirlwind Helicopter No 1/24th scale kit. Will
  3. Don't even go there. The cattle truck/covered wagon is also a step too far for good taste as well. It makes you wonder what is coming next. Will
  4. Not sure I agree with you. The railway stuff is all WW2 for instance and in 1/35 - an armour scale? This discussion was really about British railways and I am not aware of anything new. Will
  5. Have seen this - brass kits needs some quite a bit of skill to put together well. This is really a completely separate market. Will
  6. The Mono F-105 along with their A-26 are the worst of the bunch accuracy wise unfortunately. Some once grafted a Revell MiG 25 nose onto the Thud to improve it! The F-105 defo deserves to be done properly.
  7. Far easier to sand and correct than marry the tail together. I have a first boxing of the Mono kit - it is now to admire rather than build Will
  8. Quick Q - from the parts breakdown, particularly the fairing behind the cockpit as a separate part - are we going to get a C/D as well as an E/F? The design philosophy is, I think, a very good one. Not too complicated a build, accurate and giving lots of scope for super-detailing. I can see a Coastal Command aircraft coming out of this! My Monogram kit has just become a collectors item. Will
  9. That may be the case (hence my qualification with if...) but is not an immutable law of physics. They could hire more staff, sub-contract out the work or they may have already been working on it since 2018 - remember the Hellcat was fully baked at Telford last year but we had to wait to June. Reinforcing success is also a good practice in both conflict and business - they could redeploy staff as well. Will
  10. I have to say that would surprise me as there are already workable kits of those aircraft in 1/24 and 1/32 for that matter - would suggest that this increases the risk factor. Will
  11. I think that we will have to wait less than 5 years - much less. One thing that is apparent is that Airfix is being more prudently as a business. The 1/24 kits sell well (last two bestsellers full stop were the Typhoon and Hellcat as per the Hornby annual report) and from what a rep told me have higher profit margins. Why would it make sense to hold back and wait half a decade when the banks are banging at the door? One possible reason could be that the market cannot support more than one release every 5 years. Just a quick look at the prices of a Tamiya 1/48 Tomcat, ZM F-4 or the endless Trumpy Russia armour would suggest that this is not the case. The Hellcat is around the £100 mark and a similarly priced Sea Fury, F-86, Spit Mk I/V, IX, P-40, F4F or F4U would sell as well as, if not more strongly than, the F6F. All (bar the Sea Fury) have both US and UK users as well as multiple schemes. Time will tell. If one is released next year it will be a Spit Mk1 to tie in with the BoB. Will
  12. That is brilliant news. It is good to see the type where they were based. They also stood Nuclear alert at Manston in the late ‘50s I understand.
  13. Wow - and not before time. The Invader is a bit of a cinderella aircraft (for a US design!). Used from WWII to Vietnam, cool schemes, lots of ordnance to hang off it yet very little kit (or book) wise. Please be accurate!
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