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  1. Interesting point. Have you seen the price of the HobbyBoss V-22? Trumpy were cheap when they first started. Different markets possibly. An O Gauge resin diesel locomotive is over £600 - more expensive than the HpH 1/48 B-36!
  2. Wow i had heard rumours but was expecting an early -E. This is great news as the Academy kit while good does have some issues. I am salivating over all the possible markings. Will
  3. Great work Note to Airfix or Kinetic - could we have an IM one in 1/48th please? Thanks Will
  4. That is a stunning build and a very good representation of a hard scheme to execute. Can I ask how you mask Very impressive. I hope the FJ3 that I have ordered is as nice as this kit to build
  5. That is a stunning build and a very good representation of a hard scheme to execute. Can I ask how you masked it? Will
  6. I grew up modelling with Squadron from Green Stuff putty bought from Hannants and their In Action series and A4 specials to buying kits on trips to the US a decade ago. Sad news but maybe my buying patterns have been mirrored by others.
  7. Fascinating Jamie I always wondered how tin lids were painted. I have experimented with solvents for enamel - what would you recommend? I am pretty comfortable mixing my own from constituents. BTW your 1930 RAF Sky Blue is great on my Spit Mk 1 (and matches bits of crashed aircraft at the excellent Hawkinge museum. Will
  8. I too use a Cricut Air 2. I use a free graphics programme called Inkscape that does everything that I need it to and upload the vectorised (.svg) image into Cricut design space. Typically I use photographs rather than a scanner as the resolution is better. If you search on the web you can typically get vectorised roundels, stars and bars etc. You have found the online fonts. For the mask you can use Oromask 810, if you have some of the shiny paper used as the backing for stickers you can attach Tamiya tape and cut that. You can also cut decals as well and even post it not
  9. All I can say is that the first big model show after lockdown is not going to be one to miss!
  10. Ordered! This is one that I have been waiting years for. Very few Light Gull Gray and White USN aircraft left to kit in 1/48th now. Will
  11. I would expect 2022 to be a bumper year. Lockdown has been a boon for modelling companies so the cash position for Airfix should be good. This should translate to more kits. Unless they have dropped staff then the rate of design will be the same as previous years.
  12. As predicted but none the less welcome! I can almost here those Paragon and Cutting Edge sets coming onto Ebay!
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