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  1. You have to admire the rate Kinetic are pushing out the boxings. This is third or fourth since Sep? Apparently sales are correlated most closely to the number of markings options available. I can see quite a few more boxings on the way.
  2. Always have wondered how the nose actually opened against the dynamic air pressure
  3. What a fantastic picture. I will buy it just for that!
  4. Just had another look and agreed it is an A-20 Will
  5. Does anyone know if the differences between a I and a IV are just the forward fuselage? I have always thought that to be the case but am curious. The IV has more marking options and a longer war record. Will
  6. Not sure that those 2 photos are of an A-20. Looks more like the radio op’s position on a B-17
  7. Scimitar F1


    Thanks - Let me have a look. If the basic shape is there then that ticks most of my boxes. I have spent most of the year bashing the Mono F-100 into shape which is more accurate. Even after that, with the exception of the intake and UC length, it is hard to tell from the Trumpy one.
  8. Scimitar F1


    Apart from the Canopy - for which there is the Squadron Vac-Form - I struggle to see the problems with the HobbyBoss kit. Have a look at this build http://hyperscale.com/2010/features/f111c48me_1.htm I just got the Res Kit Exhausts and they really are stunning. Will
  9. Both as I am looking at the options. I have the MDC prop and radiator set, Barracuda seat and door and will get their wheels. What have others used? Will
  10. This question is vexing me. i am building a Hasegawa Mk1 for the BoB group build (a modified version of their still nice MkV) Does the Eduard and Yahu cockpit for the Revell MkIIa fit the earlier kit? Has anyone tried it? How about the Aires Cockpit? Any advice would be much appreciated. Will
  11. I have always wondered why there appear to be so few photos of the scrapping and storage post WW2. It must have been a huge effort given the number of airframes etc and yet virtually nothing apart from rumours of burial sites and mine shafts full of Merlins. Will
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