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  1. Love it - used to own a Series IIA in my student days! A definite purchase for me.
  2. I had a look on the Internet and cannot see a date for EDay 2023? Is it on this year? Will
  3. Thanks @71chally That is exactly what I have done. Fingers crossed! There appears to be different types that the Scimitar was fitted with - am thinking did they use the same seat as the Sea Vixen? They would have served on carriers at the same time.
  4. The problem is that there are lots of variations between Mk4s
  5. Thanks - looking at photographs it is a little bare but we are planning a visit.
  6. Interesting. The codes painted on the Solent Sky airframe are apparently the wrong colour.
  7. @Smudge Thank you for that - Oh to have been at Farnborough ‘59!
  8. The Scimitar had a MB Mk4c ejection seat and can I find good photographs - not a chance. I have found one on Thunder and Lightnings taken through the canopy of the Yeovilton example. Does anyone have photographs or the contact details for the chap who has a restored cockpit of one? We have tried Martin Baker themselves with no luck. Many Thanks in Advance! Will
  9. A good colour photograph would be very useful. Under a magnifying glass it appears grey in the colour photo @vangos posted. Am very keen to get this right and do not want to trust secondary sources if at all possible.
  10. @vangos That is great. Having a good look and I think that the codes are grey - MSG? Will
  11. Thank you. The Doust book also has them in Sky. I cannot believe that there are no colour photos - it was 1960 after all! Will
  12. Hi I was trying to work out what is the colour of the codes on the side of the nose of this 807 Sqn machine. it looks light grey but have seen some profiles where it appears to be Sky. I know hat they were subsequently painted black. Has anyone seen a colour photograph of this scheme? Will
  13. Oh to have seen the Hunter going though Tower Bridge. Can you imagine the uproar of someone did that now? Top choice of schemes - basically three very different marks in the same box - shades of Matchbox. Bring it on. Will
  14. Op Banner, BAOR, Aden, Cyprus, UN, BATUS, TA, End of Empire, Foreign use, Gulf War 1 (Mk 1 only methinks). The list is endless. Looking at the CAD the construction looks very modular so easy for aftermarket to be dropped in. Genius Will
  15. This is a fantastic choice by Airfix. It was in service for 40 years in a range of schemes, it served in many different countries. Never kitted before it is going to sell extremely well at that price. Will
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