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  1. It is nice to have friends but less so to have to rely on them. Just look at what happened in Afghanistan. I couldn’t agree more with the rest of your post.
  2. The public are blissfully unaware of the risks being run. Even worse than the lack of capability is the projection of force beyond what exists. It invites challenge that cannot be responded to adequately. So we send a single carrier with limited air wing and other vessels across the Globe with no real ability to support it if something goes wrong. This is not wise. The same can be said with the RAF, Army etc. and yet the cuts continue. We are only fooling ourselves.
  3. I have a KH T2 and an Airfix GR1. The Airfix panel lines are variable - it may have been the first kit that they did with recessed panel lines. Fill and rescribe the widest. Use the Neomega cockpit, get an ALQ-101 from somewhere else. Reskit do wheels and burners (not sure that they will fit the AX as they are for the KH one)
  4. Great photos @71chally I hadn’t seen one of those. The rocket pod on the Scimitar I saw had a pointed nose but was smaller in diameter than the 2in one.
  5. I have seen a photo with a small rocket pod - not a 2in one however. An unusual selection for a late ‘50s British jet all in.
  6. More thread creep. I want to find out about the long awaited Telford not read about COVID when I click on this thread. This is a modelling site after all. Sorry to be blunt but enough is enough. Will
  7. Ok I misunderstood. When you said the below I thought that you were concerned as to whether the large gatherings were vaccinated.
  8. It is worth mentioning that the vaccine does not stop you catching COVID or passing it on - just getting seriously ill. Ask Robert Peston! If you are concerned about catching it then best to avoid altogether.
  9. At Telford I had a long chat with Raymond Chung from Kinetic/Lucky Model who, IMHO, blends business with a desire for accuracy well. He has studied what sells and his answer was the number of paint schemes and therefor boxings . One data point was his Su-33, one scheme, 3 year’s worth of sales of that was beaten in months by the multi-scheme F/A-18. This is the problem with the Javelin (that was heavily discounted by Airfix - I got two for £20) and Sea Vixen and the Scimitar would be in the same bracket. The number of people who buy one is limited and if you do you only, typically, buy one. Many of those are effectively collectors. That said the same rules do not apply for more limited run manufacturers like Armory, Dora, Wingsy etc. Plus you can also do some ‘what if’ schemes - a Rhodesian Scimitar anyone in green and brown. That said I predict that we will see a 1/48 Scimitar within 2 years at Telford 2023. Will
  10. That is very nice indeed! I am pleased that I just got one for the stash!
  11. 1/24 Sea Fury 1/48 Blenheim IV 1/48 Sea Venom 1/35 Ferret would be a good shout or a 1/35 Comet.
  12. Well I have to say that looks great. I no longer regret selling my Modelcraft kit! It has to be a contender for the strangest thing ever to fly. Will
  13. I was told that Airfix were thinking about it back in 2013 but nothing since the Javelin was not a great seller. Recently I have heard that someone is going to scan the FAA Museum example but I do not know anything further.
  14. I always understood that neutral grey was half white and half black. The colour perceived will be impacted by the ambient light - it the aircraft is sitting on grass then it will look different to sitting on concrete.
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