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  1. Joy of joys - after six months of waiting I now have eight renderers working on the outside of the house (bit like a well known phrase about buses); by Monday we should have the K-Rend finally completed.
  2. Builders/plasters/scaffolders (+any other trades you want to add) who do not turn up when they say they are going to. This is slowly driving me nuts as I like to know what is happening and who to expect when. I get that they are busy and that there are material shortages but they could at least have the decency to pick up the phone and let you know they are not coming...
  3. Hi Fozzy, I wanted to give this some thought before I shoved in my tuppence worth... I like the idea you describe above but I would suggest making the stands a little taller (similar to the yellow ones in the photos) so you could have one bomb bay door fitted open and the ball turret on a perspex base placed under its actual position. This would allow all of the detail to remain in the fuselage (to show how cramped that area was) but also show the detail in the turret. Clever positioning of mirrors would also help along with a comprehensive display of some of the build photos (before you put them together in your soon to be released book...) Brian
  4. I love the idea of a split fuselage - they did something similar with a U-Boat at the maritime museum at Ellesmere Port that looked spectacular. Downside was it was above the level of the perimeter fence so if you came out of the docks on a foggy night you quite suddenly came face to face with the torpedo tubes of a U-Boat - particularly if driving a truck! Quite unnerving if you didn’t know it was there. Left me with slightly loose bowels the first time in happened to me… Whatever you decided to do will look stunning. I will be sad to see this build finish after 10 years of encouragement and occasional heckling but I can see why you have had enough!
  5. I reckon I would have left it two inches shallower…
  6. If I may join too? I built this aircraft using the Airfix FG1 kit when it was first released. Can’t wait to see it fine properly!
  7. Could be worse, could be using ‘like’…
  8. When I was travelling and model building in hotels, I used a large plastic storage box lined with kitchen roll as a spray box. When not in service for spraying it served to store and carry all my stuff. Never had a problem using a small compressor, either. if I recall correctly from my Uni days, the sound of a compressor will be the least of your noise worries…
  9. I am so chuffed that this will be in display in a museum. It’s just a shame we won’t get to see it at SMW before it goes. Reckon it gives me an excuse to travel to the States, though…
  10. That is just stunning. It has been an honour and a privilege to watch this build take shape.
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