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  1. Blinkin’ ‘eck, Fozzy, she look superb. Little bit of a shame that so much if the detail is hidden but she will be a real stunner with the rest of the fuselage completed. Obviously no pressure to carry on with this build... providing you entertain us with another one in the meantime!
  2. Like others I feel your pain. Look on the bright side, though - the last (and only) time I chucked a model across the room in a fit of temper it bounced off the wall and hit my daughter in the face! I was not popular to say the least. I have been tidying my desk for two years now waiting for the modelling bug to come back...
  3. Morning! Been a while since I posted but have been following the build with interest and no little excitement to see the finished model. Could you use the outer covering of electrical cable to represent the padding around the cockpits? If you remove the inner cores and then cut a slit along the length it should just slip over the edge of the plastic and give a nicely rounded profile. Hopefully this makes up for the ideas involving lights and motors?!?
  4. You must be a bit close to Whaley Bridge - I trust you and your family are safe??
  5. To my surprise I am pretty sure I watched a Mig15 fly past our house at around 3pm... we only live about 500m from the seafront in Blackpool so am guessing it was flying down the coast towards the south. Sadly went past to quickly to manage a photo.
  6. I reckon Pete has a point. If it wasn’t for the background you could post some of those picture in the Walk Around section and I doubt anybody would notice it wasn’t the real thing.
  7. brianthemodeller

    New home

    Glad you got sorted! How’s the job hunting!
  8. It’s hard to believe that has come from the same ‘kit’ I binned all those years ago!
  9. We have every faith in you. Look at the positive, at least you are not getting hassle about putting lights in it like you did with the Carpathia... mind you, a motor inside the engine to make the prop spin would look good
  10. I really wanted to post a witty response but, to be honest, words fail me; it’s just too good!
  11. Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me! For interest, how did they get the ammunition from the two emergency boxes into the ball?
  12. By ‘eck, I’m right at the front for this one! Just going to dig out my copy of Strategic Air Command...
  13. Keep in touch and remember to shout if we can help in any way.
  14. I started one of these a while ago and, I am sorry to say, it ended up in the bin. It will be good to see one built so I will be watching with great interest.
  15. Sorry I’m late... I’ll sit myself down at the back quietly. I’ve been waiting to see one if these built ever since James May’s programme!
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