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  1. I’ve just spent two days trying to put a timber deck (McD’s bestest coffee stirrers) onto a 1:50 scale artic trailer... my efforts at woodwork have: a. given me an even better appreciation of the quality of your work and b. reminded me why I build plastic models! Oh, and the moulding is pretty good too - I will be trying that on my next build.
  2. Wow - you are braver than me! I can't wait to read all of the details of your 'experiment' when you finally publish the book to accompany the build... Out of interest, will the model be on show anywhere in the UK before it jets off to LA?
  3. But just think what a nice surprise it will be when they arrive... Just picture all those happy, smiling curators... Warms the very cockles of your heart just thinking about it! And just think to the future... will YOU ever be content knowing that you this model was never really finished??
  4. Considering he liked my post about scratch building engines I reckon this is all bluff - the wings and engines will be following later in the decade... just watch this space!
  5. Who? me?? Would I do a thing like that??? That said, I did read a really interesting article about how to scratch build radial engines... I’ll try and dig it out for you because it might be useful later... Really good to see this epic build back on the bench and I looking forward to following its progress.
  6. Mrs BtM used to get quite upset when I parked my DAF 95XF tractor unit on the drive - I dread to think what her comment would be if I tried to park a tank, plane or SAM on there...
  7. Potato peelings? How upper class - we were told to stand by the door and suck the cress seeds...
  8. Would you be able to use the app to control the firing mechanism and smoke discharger as well? I know you said it wasn't going to happen but I reckon you want to really...
  9. That’s looking great but where are you going to put the battery pack and the smoke dispenser if the hull is solid? Also will it not be very heavy? Will mean the trailer is going to have to be very strong...
  10. What are you doing up here? I thought you’d decided to go to sea after the Avro?? I can’t keep up with you - planes, trains, ships and now a tank?!? As a thought, are you going to be building the tank transporter to go with this beast? And, before anyone else asks, will it have lights and a smoke machine to simulate the gun firing?
  11. Watching with interest...
  12. Welcome to my life! Over the years I have become a master of listening whilst continuing to do something interesting... makes meetings far more productive!!
  13. I’ve been working from home for about 8 years now. There are a few things I found that make it easier... 1. Have a dedicated space if possible. I have converted the spare room into an office/home work room. That way, if I am working, I am away from the rest of the house. In effect, I have a morning commute along the landing! 2. I tend to wear ‘normal’ clothes - jeans and t-shirts. I never found wearing collar and tie actually made a difference. 3. Use Skype (or your companies equivalent) to chat to your colleagues as you would have done had you been in the office. 4. Explain to your family (if appropriate) that you are working - you are not available to change the washing, mow the lawn, play onthe X-box, spray models..! 5. Set out your working hours. It is really easy to flip into working from 7am until bed time if you are not careful. At the end of your working day switch off your laptop and put it away. 6. Take breaks as you would have done in the office. 10 mins away from your computer every hour and at least 30 mins for your lunch. 7. Set out the ground rules with your line manager. Mine works from home as well so knows the score but if your manager has no experience of working from home then you need to agree what is expected. Not saying that this is perfect but it works for me!
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