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  1. Just spent a pleasant few DAYS reading through this thread; not sure how I missed it for so long, to be honest. Any how, part from congratulating @Fritag on the best Hawks I have seen in model form, I thought I had better do my bit with a post to push it a bit closer to 200 pages...
  2. Thank you both for the speedy replies. I am not too worried about maintaining scale but found that 120mm were a good size for painting and display. I had looked at 54mm which whilst offering a much broader range were just a bit small for my painting ability! I’ll have a look at the companies you suggest and also some of the old Airfix 1/12 figures which I had forgotten all about!
  3. Hi all, I have just completed my first figure (a Miniart Roman Legionary) and have got the bug! However, I am struggling to find suppliers of 120mm figures from the periods of history that interest me most - the Wars of the Roses and the Napoleonic war. I would also be interested in some non- military figures if they existed. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance Brian
  4. I am currently trying my hand at figures (a 1/16 Roman Legionary) and have been hand brushing Valejo Model Air acrylics to good effect on the figure and no adverse affects on me. Might be worth a try?
  5. Have you had a look at IKEA? They gave multiple options at reasonable prices.
  6. Thanks Pete! This was actually a short, fairly local job - I’m often overseas for a week or two at a time - but I’ll still be glad to be home!
  7. Like you, I have a decent job that pays a good salary with the convenience of working from home. There is only one role that I could be promoted to but the present incumbent, my boss, is 10 years younger than me and not going anywhere. My role is well defined with little opportunity for change and is generally mind numbingly boring but I have accepted the situation. My advice would be to accept the situation, do your job to the best of your ability and look for spiritual fulfilment outside of work, i.e. go and glue something together!
  8. We have a Renault Zoe as a second car and a 7.2kW home charger and it’s proved to be a brilliant combination for local stuff. For longer journeys, we are taking delivery of a Mazda CX-60 PHEV next week as I couldn’t find anything that is pure electric with the range I need for work. By choice, I’ll never go back to pure ICE, petrol or diesel, as the electric is so much nicer to drive.
  9. Just a bit far out for me (Costa del Blackpool) but I wish you every success.
  10. That makes sense - I hadn’t seen the second story.
  11. Is it just me that calls them ‘stickers’, then?!?
  12. I intend to no disrespect to the deceased but how could his flight leave Downham Market in March 1943 but he not be shot down until September 1944?
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