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  1. What he said (I think)! i have just spent a contented couple of hours catching up (can’t believe I haven’t picked up this thread before). Will you be displaying at Telford this year?
  2. Apologies - I misread the earlier posts and thought it came with a diesel. I would have preferred the 4 cylinder petrol but I am still chuffed we have a new mould Land Rover to play with! My Dad has already asked if I could build a model of the Series IIa he owned with a 3.5l V8...
  3. Thanks Paul - it does indeed answer a lot of questions. I would have preferred a petrol engine but beggars can’t be choosers! I plan to get one at Telford next month and then I can figure out how to open the doors to display the interior and scratch a new mount to put the spare wheel on the back door.
  4. I am really puzzled about the problems you are seeing; I built this kit earlier this year and it almost fell together. The fit was spot on allowing for only a couple of areas that needed a smear of filler. Can you get Friday afternoon mouldings ?!?
  5. brianthemodeller

    Proud Dad

    My 15 year old daughter, Hannah, completed her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award yesterday! It has taken her six months of hard work , overcoming several fears and learning a lot about herself. She is now so much more confident and independent (if a little stiff after this weekend’s expedition!)
  6. Absolutely stunning! Will you be able to make the cover strong enough to use it as a coffee table (and no, I am not being sarcastic!)?
  7. Sorry I’m late but I’ve only just seen your thread! I am amazed at what BB has achieved so far; my daughter is 15 and has built a few models but has so far bottled it where scratch building is concerned! I can’t wait to see how you progress and I promise I won’t mention motors or lights.. but how about a small smoke generator?
  8. Brilliant, thanks for the confirmation, I read the brief write-up in AMW when it appeared on my Readly app today. I was planning to add quite a bit of detail but didn’t really fancy converting the dash and engine tunnel. Can’t wait to get my hands on the kit, now... reckon my mojo may be on its way back!
  9. When you get it could you let me know if it has an option for right hand drive - I won’t be able to get one until mid-November and it will save me pondering about it for a month!!
  10. Morning! Could anyone tell me if this kit is a new moulding or a re-pop of an earlier kit by a different manufacturer? Thanks Brian
  11. I’ll second the Ikea option. Modular, reasonably priced and easy to fit.
  12. Or possibly both?? Can’t wait to see how this turns out!
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