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  1. Those pics were really helpful. Pretty much how I planned to do it but feel a tad more confident now I’ve seen it done. Thank you
  2. That looks superb. I was planning a similar conversion once my OOB Land Rover is finished. I don’t suppose you have any WIP pictures you would like to share?
  3. Perhaps if I’d concentrated more on the modelling and less in the drinking of the beer (Black Sheep for me) I wouldn’t be stuck on page 3 (!) with the model half built...
  4. Watching with interest. My first attempt (OOB) has just come out of the paint shop but I have plans for a second with lots more detail added (possibly even converted to a SWB).
  5. Forgive me, but where did the salad cream come from? Surely you should be using pork dripping??
  6. That’s Britmodeller for you!
  7. Oh, sorry! In that case some plastic card and Evergreen for a scratch build I’m planning...
  8. Probably a couple of pints of milk at Sainsbury’s in the morning otherwise we are on black coffee and dry cornflakes for breakfast.
  9. Just spent a happy hour reading through this thread (should have been working but...) The level of workmanship is outstanding and I am amazed at the level of detail you have incorporated. Hope you are recuperating and feeling a bit better?
  10. I’m in - live to see something different without wings or guns being made, especially when there is so much scope for artistic licence.
  11. JLC mitre box ordered and duly delivered from Paul at Modelling Tools (formerly Little Cars?) It looks to be a cracking but of kit but I’m not allowed to know about it until Christmas! Thanks everyone for the help.
  12. Ah, I think I get it. I’ll have a play tomorrow in between watching the e-learning videos I have been assigned!
  13. I’ll try that tomorrow - what would you recommend?
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