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  1. Sorry - as ever I am a bit slow with my comments. BB has made a fantastic model and I love the backstory. You should both be really proud and I hope the comments on here go a long way to addressing the disappointment of not entering the competition.
  2. That is amazing. The only way I can tell it apart from the screenshots of the film is the lack of paint on the falcon!
  3. I agree with the posters above - the decision stinks. However both you and BB should be proud of the model you have produced. Rather than worrying about a local model show, I think you should both bask in the worldwide recognition you get via this website.
  4. Woohoo - he's off again! And this time I promise to try not to mention lights and sound modules...
  5. If I may point out to BBS, there is no reference in the films to the loco travelling on its own, either! I think the tunnel idea is superb; would the plume of smoke as the loco exits the tunnel actually fill the gap so a carriage would be unnecessary? Bit of cotton wool and some creative airbrushing?
  6. That looks superb but do you not need at least one carriage to add to the realism... and I am sure no train would travel across such a spooky and desolate mood without lights?
  7. After masking, have you tried giving a coat of the base colour before you apply the second colour (i.e. white then the blue/red/yellow)? I find this really helpful to prevent the underrun.
  8. Beautiful! It is a long standard ambition of mind to build a Seafire from the Indefatigable as my Grandfather served in her in the Pacific. Maybe one day...
  9. I shall have a shufty at the weekend and dig it out.
  10. I have the CD build instruction on CD for the rather excellent KFS 1/24 King trailer up in the loft. I have no need for them so if you want to PM your address I will stick the CD on the post (presuming I can find them). Can't remember if there are actual drawings but the build photos are good enough to scale for smaller scale build.
  11. Thank you all for your support and suggestions. It definitely isn't COVID - it was happening well before we had ever heard of COVID and I get bi-monthly COVID test through the clinical trial I am part of. I think it is some form of sensitisation but it is too uncomfortable to go through the trail and errors to find the exact chemical. I have tried using a spray booth and even built my own fume cabinet but neither was successful. I like the idea of the paper models and will look into that as PVA doesn't have any effect; otherwise I will continue with my Lego!
  12. PVA is OK but I haven’t found anything that is chemical-based that I don’t react to.
  13. Thanks, I think I will be popping in for a while - there are some superb builds I would like to see finished!
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