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  1. You think that is bad - it thinks I’m from YORKSHIRE for goodness sake.
  2. My heart goes out to the exhibitors; it is not just the financial investment that has been lost but the time and effort that has gone into each layout that can not be replaced.
  3. Fond memories of this kit - it was the last thing I built before going to Uni close on 30 years ago. Always fancied having another go at it but haven’t got the space nowadays. Will have to content myself with watching what promises to be a cracking build!
  4. Been watching from the back for a while and am in awe of your skills!
  5. Fozzy that is superb! Apologies for the lack of support (and heckling) of late but it has been a bit hectic for the last few months!
  6. If I get chance over the weekend I will have a look to see if he is still at the address on the website - Collingwood Avenue is only a couple of mile from me. Brian
  7. 1. Woodlouse. 2. Crayfish. 3. We don't see the sun often enough to have a special word for it 4. Water fountain. 5. Gillian (Mrs BtM) 6. Aunt or Auntie. (but pronounced ant or anty) 7. Woolly hat. 8. Trainers. 9. Baguette. And settee. Brian Costa del Blackpool Lancashire
  8. Be careful you don't go too far then because once she is stuck down to that base it will be a nightmare to route the fibre optics and LEDS's.
  9. Sorry - bit of a late comer so will sneak in at the back. The sea looks excellent, reckon it will be a stunner with all the lights reflecting on it!
  10. In my line of work (quality systems assessor) we won’t hire young ‘kids’ as we need the work and life experience of an older person. I have just recruited 10 new staff and the youngest was over 40; one of my team is pushing 70 and still going strong. I would be happy to have a look at your CV and offer any thoughts. Also, if you want to PM me I’ll give you my LinkedIn details as there are a fewcompanies linked to me that are recruiting - maybe one of them would be the job for you?!?
  11. If only I could find it..
  12. I had a similar experience on my driving test. It was snowing and the road was a bit slippy when a mum and child decided to cross in front of me without looking. There wasn’t enough traction for me to accelerate around them so I hit the brakes and did a beautifully controlled pirouette around them. I will be forever grateful that my Dad and Grandad had taught me the principles of skid control. Examiner must have been happy as he passed me!
  13. I didn’t have access to fire crackers but packing the fuselage of an Me109 full of match heads and then igniting them had a very similar and spectacular effect. Just a shame we didn’t have smartphones back then...
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