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  1. Have you considered approaching one of the bigger museums - Duxford or Cosford? With the quality of this build I am sure they would jump at the chance to display it?
  2. Just gets better... ... and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching this build so far. Just worried you might stop if we don’t keep encouraging you!!
  3. brianthemodeller

    Give us a break...

    Well said that man - bad manners really wind me up too!
  4. brianthemodeller

    No TV for a week!

    Have a look at ‘FilmOn’ - it is pretty good and streams live TV.
  5. brianthemodeller

    +++++ Phantom FG1 +++++ Finished

    Superb - both of them!
  6. By ‘eck petal - she’s looking goooooood!
  7. I was going to suggest the same thing but then wondered what effect it would have on the plywood and balsa template!
  8. That is superb - you would swear (and probably have done a fair few times) that this was a mainstream injection mounded kit! Like the others I will be interested to see how you tackle the undercarriage...
  9. Nice to have you back. I’ve missed my regular instalments of modelling genius...
  10. brianthemodeller

    F-4M/K Phantom II RFI - Matchbox 1/72

    That conjures up images I really don’t need in my head at this time in the morning... do you have a shelf over the bath or a table at the side? Love the Phantom. I think my it may kickstart my mojo to build another Airfix version when it is released later this year!
  11. brianthemodeller

    Kids and the future of modelling

    As a parent, I ran a model club at my daughter's primary school for a few years until a change of job made it all but impossible. The school provided some starter kits and basic tools for the first term and then the kids were encouraged to continue with a model of their choice for the rest of the year (parents were quite chuffed as it added an option for a Christmas present). At the end of the each year we staged a model competition with the teachers choosing their favourite model (without knowing who had built it) and clubbing together to provide a small prze for the winner. Both me and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it and we managed to get away without having a teacher present in the room although there was always one close by. If anyone has the chance to do this I would heartily recommend it as it is is great for the mojo and there is nothing better to remind us why we all started this hobby in the first place than to see a youngster proudly pointing out their orange and blue striped Spitfire to even prouder parents!
  12. brianthemodeller

    +++++ Phantom FG1 +++++ Finished

    Thats why I gave them to you and didn’t put them on mine!!
  13. brianthemodeller

    Convair B-36 Peacemaker - Revell 1/72

    Looks stunning but I think I'd start wearing a hard hat when you walk underneath her!
  14. brianthemodeller

    Airfix Mosquito FBVI 333 Sqd.

    Brilliant - another Mossie and I'm in early this time.