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  1. brianthemodeller

    Well it's only taken 16 yrs to get her to say yes

    Congratulations! Pam looks stunning and you don't scrub up to bad yourself - must have been a pain getting the filler and glue from under your nails...
  2. Kind of looks like a ‘What if’ of the seldom heard of Short Falkirk - the twin engined disaster that was the basis for its four engined successor (or was that Avro?) Great work so far and a pleasure to follow. Brian
  3. brianthemodeller

    1/32 TAMIYA F-4

    Great start. Always wanted to build one of these but haven’t got the space to display it! I’ll just have to enjoy watching you build yours...
  4. brianthemodeller

    Mosquito PR IV

    Just finished one of these in the PR scheme. Lovely kit only spoiled by my hamfisted glazing! I’m going to sit quietly at the back and see how it’s supposed to be done!
  5. brianthemodeller

    Vallejo modelsir and Kleer

    Morning all, I have applied a coat of 1997 vintage Kleer to my latest build (a Tamiya 1:72 Mossie) to provide a gloss coat for the decals. Will Vallejo Modelair Matt varnish be OK over the Kleer or do I need another varnish? I know the paints are OK but I really don’t want to screw up the build at this stage!! Thanks in advance Brian
  6. Hope you have a good summer in the UK. If you end up anywhere near Blackpool give me a shout and I’ll stand you a beer!
  7. brianthemodeller

    PR Mosquito

    That was a fascinating article - thank you!
  8. brianthemodeller

    PR Mosquito

    Thanks Dennis. My presumption was based on it being *^*%# cold at altitude but I couldn’t find anything to confirm if I was right or not. As it’s 1:72 and I am not the best canopy painter it doesn’t really matter that much but I would like to get it right! I will have a look on Kindle for Mr Veitch..
  9. brianthemodeller

    PR Mosquito

    Morning all Would I be correct in thinking that the crews of the high altitude wore the brown flying suits similar to bomber crews rather than simple flying jackets like the fighter crews? Thanks Brian
  10. brianthemodeller

    Diesel cars

    I also think you/we need to consider what you want from a car... My wife has a Peugeot 2008 with the 3 cylinder 1.2l turbo petrol engine that generates 130bhp. It will do 50+ to the gallon on a run but is like whatsit off a shovel if you want to play! That said, it is quite a small car - but she only needs it for running around as she does less that 5k miles per year. I currently drive a Ford Focus diesel for work but I do 20k+ miles per year. The Focus will be replaced by another diesel at the end of the year (we have a Discovery Sport on order). A lot of my colleagues run diesels on short run work as it was company policy not to issue petrol company cars. Providing it gets a run down a dual carriageway/motorway for a few miles every month or so then the DPF will not be a problem. What is your price range and how big a car do you need?
  11. brianthemodeller

    Rock group 1/48

    Thanks for the suggestions but I’m struggling - I’ve looked at Preiser, S&D, eBay and even Tower Models and they have nothing that looks modern enough! I’ve also looked at the 1/48 military stuff but they all seem to come with helmets or other head gear (funnily enough!) Its a bit disconcerting that I can find an Apollo Astronaut or Barrack Obama (honest) but not four teenagers with guitars!
  12. brianthemodeller

    Rock group 1/48

    Bit of a weird request but I am looking for a rock group in 1/48 or 1/50 scale - ideally a drummer, two guitarists and a singer - or ideas of any figures that could be reasonably easily converted? Any suggestions gratefully received! Brian
  13. brianthemodeller

    Phantom FG1

    Sorry - never thought to mention that all of the main RN decals were also still on the sheet as I did a Raspberry Ripple FG1. Let me have your address and I’ll get them in the post. As another thought, do you want the weapons from the Airfix kit as well?
  14. This looks fascinating. I have just bought Tamiya’s 1/72 offering so I will be watching with interest.
  15. brianthemodeller

    Gannet ripple, spooling down soon

    Ouch! Hope your back sorts itself out soon. I'm one of the fortunate few who doesn't suffer with serious back problems so I can only imagine your discomfort. i do, however, teach manual handling techniques so give me a call when you are feeling better...