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  1. I'm opening a new W.I.P. topic while my work on the 1/72 Spitfire Mk.XIVe is slowly progressing toward (hopefully) a happy ending and BEFORE the Spitfire devil possesses me again in the form of a Mk.XII build. I bought the Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk I some months ago in the hope of building it with minimal modification. As it happens I started to build up info, pics, books and really I could no more consider an out-of-the box build. Worst of all I put my hands on a copy of Arthur Bentley's scale plans (considered to be the most accurate out there) and here I start this WIP. Please consider
  2. Thanks for the answer Tony I should have read more carefully! Excellent job!
  3. Hello Bob-Tokyo Raider, I fear Graham is right and there is scarce possibility that Airfix ever produces an high-back Mk.XIV. Some chopping is required (even with a PR Mk.XIX fuselage-the windscreen being quite different) so why not try? The way proposed by TC seems to me the easiest one, requiring another high-back fuselage+ canopy as a donor. With other minor mods you have a most accurate Mk.XIVe. I'm currently working on something similar in 1/72 and had much more chopping to do! Good luck! Stefano
  4. Hello Tony excellent Mk.Vc! You really addressed the weak points of the Airfix kit and turned it in to a beautiful accurate shape! Question about the livery: you choose USN Blue Grey as top color while Paul Lucas suggested Dark Mediterranean Blue for the same aircraft. I understand that the matter is quite complicated but I would like to ask your point of view on this argument for future reference (should I try a Malta Spit once in my life!). Thank you, great job! Hello Tony excellent Mk.Vc! You really addressed the weak points of the Airfix kit and turned it in to a beautiful ac
  5. IIRC the panel line is a trademark of Castle Bromwich-built Mk.Vs. Could it be a legacy of that particular design on Mk.V to Mk.XI converted airframes?
  6. Hello Tokyo Raider, to my eye Academy is not the best in terms of shape. Buying many £ of aftermarket to try and correct a flawed shape is not a good idea if another way exists. Take a look at https://modelingmadness.com/review/allies/cleaver/gb/spit/tc14e.htm for a rather simple way to get a correct Mk XIV highback using Airfix bubbletop as a basis. Hope it helps,
  7. Wow! Beautiful and shiny, the chrome look is unbelievable!
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