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  1. Beautiful and unusual subject! Bravo!
  2. Progress is particularly slow this month; my laziness seems directly proportional to the external temperature. I concentrated my (scarce) attention on the lower wing element. I choose to modify a "late style" c-wing which includes the fairing of the carburettor air filter and actually has different panel lines in that area, too. Retrospectively, I would now choose the early style part that Eduard provides in the F.Mk IX boxing but I have just two of them (perhaps overtrees are available? I will check). Anyway... I started with a very simple silicon mould (done with inexpensive white
  3. I like it! It is an excellent result and your paintjob is excellent!
  4. It's different! Tamiya's windscreen side panel is almost ok to my eye (the photograph above is taken from much higher an angle than FM's one that I posted) But, again, this is a very subtle thing that can be easily adjusted, I would never say that FM effort is hopelessly flawed because of that! James above commented about Airfix and 3D-scan... Airfix Phantom is beautifully shaped (to my opinion is the best around together with the new Tamiya) but is depressively soft-detailed... or no detailed at all in some aspects... it's a real pity. I sincerely hope that Tamiya will release its P
  5. Thank you so much Ruudster and Longbow! It is my very first Spitfire model so I'm glad that the result is pleasing. I'm working on a Mk.XII now, but the summer climate doesn't help a lot! Here in Pianura Padana the temperature is still 32-35°C by day, and humidity veeery high... Thanks again! Stefano
  6. To be sure I cross-checked with Airfix FgrMk1, which is different and -obviously being 3D scanned- correct.
  7. Hello Gene, obviously we're discussing about the Quest for the Perfect Phantom Model!.... Yes it's just a minor issue but I'm convicted it's there, compare the windscreen curve here with Finemolds It seems to me that the "straight" lower line (see orange line added by me) remains straight too far forward, while real windshield tapers earlier as seen in the photograph above. Ciao Stefano
  8. Looking at the pictures on finemolds.co.jp, I noticed that the windscreen is not perfectly represented. I know that it seems a minor shortcoming, but diminishes the "Phantom look" of the finished (Phinished?) product. It should be easily corrected with a thorough sandpaper work
  9. A small update regarding the work on the cowling parts. The basic Airfix Spitfire Mk.22 cowling has been shortened to the correct size, verifying that its profile and section matches well the drawings. The quarter-turn fasteners in excess have been removed and the panel lines have been filled. In the photograph above, I have rescribed the main panel lines: -the line between the upper cowling panel and side panel has been slightly moved upwards (about 0,1-0,2mm) according to the drawings; the exhausts opening has been reduced in height adding two 0,1mm styrene
  10. An interesting note: a visit to belgian-wings.be reveals that all of the belgian Mk.XIV were e-winged but many of them are high-back in the serial range RB- and NH- We know that early F.XIV in that range had -c wings (notably RB150, RB156, RB159, RB167, RB188, NH700...). Now RB161 being just two s/n after DW+D and six before RB167 was most probably built with c-wing Here RB161 shows an e-wing configuration of the cannons and no gunports visible; moreover it has the reinforcement blister over the wheel well. So it is most probable that the belgian Spitfire Mk XIVs were all uni
  11. I would say e-wing, due to the shape and height of the blister but it's difficult to say for certain. Interestingly, RM-619 AP-D seems to have nose art in front of the windscreen.... what art is difficult to say, perhaps someone has an high-res copy of this photograph?
  12. Actually, what nails the matter is the gun cover blister typical of the E-wing. Stefano
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