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  1. It looks as though she’s got the early AI “bow and arrow” antenna on the nose.
  2. Very smart looking Meteor Graham, and a far more representative finish than some of the fire dump escapees that are often seen. There was no head restraint for the pilot although I do think that there was a frame that his shoulder harness passes over; there are plenty of images showing lots of fresh air ahead of the nav's kit. I have one of these kits lurking in the "not-quite-certain-why-I-haven't-yet-finished-it" pile that I intend to complete as one of 85 Squadron's jets from West Malling (where I did my only bit of gliding and enjoyed the Great Warbirds air displays). Thanks
  3. Stupid question; have you got the nosewheel bay front bulkhead on the right way round. From very rusty memory (someone left my brain out in the rain) the bottom section is angled forward. If it’s the wrong way round it’ll foul the locating ribs. Failing that is the rear section of the nosewheel bay below the cockpit correctly aligned? I’ve built three of the Airfix 1/48th Hunters (2 6’s and a 4) and don’t recall (see above) any problems like yours. I hope you get it sorted out soon.
  4. That would be a great scheme too, but I'll see you and raise the post-war Lufthansa scheme as used on the Super Constellatiin and early 707s.
  5. That would also look good in the late fifties-early sixties Air Chance Air France or Qantas liveries. I don’t know if it’s the lens/camera that you’ve used or the angles but the rear fuselage seems to taper in quite sharply which I suspect might have caused some unwanted drag (think of the Belfast early on and the big strakes that had to be installed to help there). Do you think that BOAC would have called it the Victoria of Victorian in service?
  6. I've just had another look at the preview video and that has got to be the worst paint & finish job I have ever seen on a manufacturer's demonstrator. It looks like it's been in open storage/out on the fire dump for a couple of years.
  7. P.1121 predates the F-16 by 15 years or so, so somehow the 1121's genes went westward (like so much British aerospace engineering talent) and impregnated Fort Worth. I have one of these lurking in my stash and it's tantalsingly easy to get at. I fancy a front line fighter unit with a 4 Red Top load for Bear hunting over the North Sea.
  8. I think it's covered a bit further back up the thread, but can I find it? On early 'Ks there were no lines, just 3/4 inch diameter Golden Yellow dots at 2 foot intervals. The walkway areas themselves were in matt/anti-slip paint.
  9. In short, no. You're going to need super glue or two-part epoxy (think Araldite). You've done a great job on the cockpit, some of which I shall blatantly plagarjse when (if) I get round to mine. I'll probably faff around with bits of plasticardbinstead of using foam though. Will the nav be buying the beers if the boss finds out he's left his documents in the aircraft?
  10. Not really; the 30-plus year old Fujimi Spey Phantoms have 4-part seats, as do the new generation Airfix Harrier GR. 1 and 3.
  11. My pleasure Andy. I've not started my researching yet today; hopefully I'll get a chance before my daughter gets back from school. It's a shame that your cousin didn't realise the value of your uncle's wartime memorabilia, that material would be an absolute goldmine. He must still have been quite young when he died, late 50s or early 60s? As I said I'll be using the Eduard 1/48th kit for this build: I have Barracuda Studios' resin radiator intake upgrade and exhausts and Master turned brass cannons that should hold the lily a bit. With regard to paint I don't know i
  12. Thanks Andy, that's brilliant! If you're depicting NV728 maybe I should go for NV970 as US:O (intriguing but not impossible that she's shown as both "O" and "X" bearing in mind the attrition rate that you refer to). I've had a punt round for 56 Squadron and Hawker Tempest on the 'net with little success but I have Chris Thomas' Typhoon and Tempest Aces in the Osprey series and Ian Allen's Typhoon and Tempest at War to have a rummage through tomorrow: I've also got an Xtradecal sheet that includes one of 56's Tempests but in post-war colours with the Squadron spearhead on the fin.
  13. Thanks Walter. One of my stalled projects at present is Spitfire Mk. IX BS435 flown by 611 Squadron's S/Ldr Hugo Armstrong who has no known grave having been shot down into the English Channel. I'm glad that your uncle survived his forced landing, and you may have given me a colour scheme for one of my Eduard 1/48th Tempests. Do you know if your uncle's aeroplane had any unusual and/or personal markings?
  14. I rather wish they had done; do you have any details please? I feel a " not Closterman's Tempest but French anyway" build coming on.
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