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  1. Not to worry. I often find with a more demanding kit that I need to take a break from it and come back with a clear head. Sometimes mes getting on with sub assemblies for a while helps, ‘til you have to start putting everything together.
  2. @airfixpeter I hope you’ve not got much further yet. The vehicle decks on the SR.N4s were a dull brick red anti-slip finish rather than the rather bright crimson that your images show. Airfix missed a trick here as the floors of the inboard, car deck, cabins were carpeted in the same colour as the outer and forward cabins. They were deleted during the conversion to Mk. 2 standard as the lack of windows contributed to motion sickness amongst passengers seated therein. @dnl42 Airfix didn’t depict the lift fans as they’re buried below the cabin floors and the bases of the prop pylo
  3. Not if you’ve already got four Sidewinders on ‘em you can’t and no QRA interceptor is going to carry bombs in any event.
  4. Not to worry: “we all make mistakes” as the short-sighted Daley said whilst dismounting from the dustbin.
  5. Normally a quick web trawl for Hawker Tempest will turn up at least one image of JN751, but not tonight. I have, however, found images of JN735, JN766 and JN818, also NV696, and all show quite sharp definition between the camouflage colours. This trend also applies to EJ-, MW-and PR-serialled Tempests. Any “overspray” at the edges should be a maximum of 1 inch wide, assuming that the AID inspector was doing his job, which equates to 0.02 inch or 0.5 mm in 1/48th scale so the heavily feathered edges favoured by some modellers are entirely inappropriate.
  6. stever219

    Mis-heard words

    Radio 2, Sunday evenings from five ‘til seven “the Porno Gravy show.”.
  7. According to Paul Brickhill in The Dambusters the rear turret came off in order to install the long cylindrical (ex Wellingtin) tanks and was then reinstated. Getting those tanks in through the dorsal turret aperture would have been every fitter's very worst nightmare. The dorsal turret came off and stayed off.
  8. Of the currently available kits I’d opt for the Airfix B. I/III or B. I(FE). It’s not as horrendously expensive as the Hasegawa kit, assuming that you can find one. It also doesn’t have the annoying errors of the Hasegawa kit but does require some alteration. In no particular order you will need to: delete nose guns, use later style bomb aimer’s blister, install Rebecca antennae, delete provision for camera install unshrouded exhausts, use paddle-bladed props, use wheels with block tread tyres, use enlarged carburettor intakes, install cab
  9. A very quick and dirty web trawl gives an image of XV466 in 1453 Flight colours and fitted with the periscope. Other images from from the same period show ‘466 and other aircraft of the Flight with either the gun pod or an empty centre-line station.
  10. There’s something about the tones and contrasts in those images that make them appear as though they’re significantly older than they are. Absolutely beautiful.
  11. When my father-in-law died he asked that his ashes be scattered in the sea at Whitby. All well and good on the appointed day the immediate family congregated there for the deed but the weather wasn’t going to play ball: it was bitterly cold, rain was coming down in torrents, even the gulls were wearing life jackets and the beach was travelling sideways at 40 knots under the influence of a gale of near-Biblical proportions. In May. We huddled together on the pier and my wife opened the urn and began to pour; unfortunately she’d decided to do so on the windward side if the pier and pretty muc
  12. The kit parts are not beyond redemption but they do require some care and skill to bring up to scratch. Aerocraft Models produce very neat and acceptable replacements that require the bare minimum of surgery to install. Buy with confidence.
  13. It may have escaped your attention in that cloistered shire but for the last eighteen months or so much of the world has been in the grip of a medical emergency without parallel in modern times. Airfix have very long night supply chains for their kits which, unfortunately, include two of the most seriously affected countries, India (moulding) and Italy (transfers). It’s also entirely possible that, in view of some of the comments concerning the prototype build featured in AMW and on this forum, that the moulds have been reworked to further improve what appears to be a very impressive product
  14. What makes it even more inappropriate (I was going to say "worse") is that the "weathering" doesn't go across the markings as it would on a real aeroplane.
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