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  1. Thanks @canberra kid I never realised that the B-56s were naked ally. Did they have the wooden fin structure though, or was that replaced by ally?
  2. @Lord Riot that is a good looking Tornado. I attended the 1984 Mildenhall air show and, for me, one of the stars of the static park was 27 Squadron's nearly new ZA494, wearing the fin code 15 IIRC. Less than 3 weeks later she was written off in a non-fatal crash. I'm given to understand that the pilot was sampling the pitch attitude on the approach and the FBW computers got stuck in a loop and getting out of phase with the pilot's inputs. At low-level he didn't have much leeway so thankfully Martin Baker were there to provide the get-out clause.
  3. "Silver Canberras weren't bare metal, they were painted High Speed Silver, an aluminium-pigmented finish that gave a slight sheen rather than a shiny finish and was applied as an anti-corrosion measure. On many silver, and some camouflaged, Canberras the forward section of the fin was painted grey, somewhere near Medium Sea Grey, being constructed of plywoodrather than aluminium.
  4. @Brigbeale that's looking good. Don't go too overboard on the scribing though, many of the panel lines on the Canberra fuselage are almost invisible on the real jets. One thing that you could do though, if you're feeling brave or bonkers enough, is to replicate the skin doubler plates on the sides of the rear fuselage. These extend from above the mid-point of the bomb bay (just in front of the gun pack) to just ahead of the tailplanes. If you can find a copy of the (now very) old Aviation News drawings they're quire well illustrated; failing that I'm sure @canberra kid has got plenty of images of them on his site.
  5. Typos are sneaky little blighters aren't they? Sneak up when you least expect 'em.
  6. The F. 3 was the first Lightning not fitted for guns; the small ventral tank of that mark would certainly preclude a retrospective gun installation there. The F. 3As were always intended to be brought up to full F. 6 standard but still lacked the upper nose guns. The ventral tank gun pack came some years after the F. 6s introduction into service.
  7. The lower cannon in the Lightning 2 and 2A displaced the Firestreak missile pack so even their breeches were forward of the ventral tank. XN734/G-BNCA had a gun pack in the fore part of the ventral tank but may have been fitted for this for trials purposes connected with the Mk. 53 programme and/or the 27mm weapon for the Tornado. Sadly this jet met a gruesome end at Cranfield some time in the mid/late nineties.
  8. Standard upper surface colours of Mediunn Sea Grey and Dark Green with Extra Dark Sea Grey undersides, all matt finish. National markings were in Red and Blue only. Unit emblems were painted out with the appropriate camouflage colours. XM597 (I think) carried a small zap in black on the port main undercarriage door.
  9. I was at Midland Air Museum last week with @avro683 and hot food was off the menu, but that might well change in the next 5 weeks. We did enjoy our ham sandwiches and coffees though. The Argosy has also been known to be open for internal inspection, again volunteer availability permitting, and there is a bit more room in there than in XL360.
  10. Yes, it was introduced on all Mosquitos after W4050’s back was broken when the tail wheel became stuck in a rut whilst taxing at A&AEE. The fuselage was swapped with that of W4051 whilst repairs that are still visible today were carried out. The hatch below the strip gives access to air and oxygen bottles and to some items of electrical and radio/navigation equipment.
  11. Please read @woody37‘s comments, he only refers to the turrets, not the fuselage proper.
  12. Look at @Jason C'Castle post above; ventral i/d lights on British service aeroplanes had coloured lenses.
  13. Looking very nice @Swamp Donkey. It may be a bit late for you but real Mosquito fuselages are joined along the centre line "Just like an Airfix kit" (to paraphrase their 60s advrtising tag line). If you have some very thin plasticard, 5 thou for preference, you could replicate the capping strip over the splice top n bottom. 10 thou or even thin paper could also do the job.
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