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  1. I think you and I might have been to the same d-I-y (destroy it yourself) classes as mine involves a lot of swearing too; none of the curtain rails I’ve put up is horizontal, even having used a spirit level. You’re right about the lack of mating surface to apply adhesive/solvent to or into which to drill and pin; the anhedral angle on the tailplane doesn’t help.
  2. You’re putting all of those stencils on because you know that if you miss one off one of us river-counters will spot it and tell you in no uncertain terms that you have! I think (!?) that the codes were 8 inches high. I hope you have more success drilling out the “traffic lights” than I did the holes in a pair of Buccaneer airbrakes last night if you decide to do that. I’ve suffered from broken tailplane tabs on Fujimi Phantoms too, I hope your repair fares better than mine.
  3. @tweeky, sorry if I’m being thick, would the MASB pin be in on a QRA jet? I assume that pitot covers would be off but the thought of a Red Top or Firestreak being inadvertently launched whilst the jet was still in the HAS doesn’t bear thinking about. Assuming that it was in one of the ground crew would have to dive in and withdraw it immediately before the jet started to move, or am I barking up the very wrong tree?
  4. There’s a chordwise strip over the structural joint between the centre section and outer panels on the Lancaster, so a 40 or 60 thou strip of plasticard laid over your cut would be entirely appropriate.
  5. She is indeed. Neither of our present pair, Attack Cat and Death Trap Keats and Lily, are particularly people-friendly and neither has demonstrated any modelling-friendly tendencies unlike my late, lovely Sweep who rescued a number of dropped bits of kit from certain death in the maw of the carpet monster.
  6. Money Penny is gorgeous, has she got a twin sister?
  7. YWith so much media attention on the 737 Max 8 issues the maiden flight of the 777X has gone almost unremarked upon. However it appears that Boeing is trying to certificate this (sub) type using the same “grandfather” rules that allowed the 737 Max 8 certification. Boeing is basing their approach on the twenty-year-old data submitted for the 777-200. That might not be too bad, but the X has an entirely different wing built from a completely different material and with folding tips (I believe that at one point these were considered for the -200 but dropped due to reasons of potential lack of public acceptance). The engines, avionics, systems are different and even the cabin windows are a different size. The FAA is in an unenviable position with this programme, if they allow the certification under “grandfather” rules and there’s an accident involving deaths, injuries and or significant damage to property whoever signs off the certification will be hung out to dry. On the other hand if they make Boeing jump through the hoops for a new type that will increase the programme costs and put a major US defence contractor and revenue-generator at risk for years to come and whoever dictates that course of action will probably be manning a radar tower in Alaska very early the next morning.
  8. Thanks Richard: I’ve an order going in to Hannants soon so this might well get added to it.
  9. I remember being shown round WE113 at Marham in 1976 I think but can’t remember if she was with 100 Squadron at the time. I didn’t have a camera then and my sketch block that I was keeping at the time has gone AWOL. Somewhere though I do have photos of XX312 in her anniversary colours from Mildenhall I think; I wish someone would do decals in 1/72th and /1/48th for her in those colours. Wyton was our home for a week around Easter 1976 when our CCF unit had our annual camp there. We were over at 39 Squadron’s area being shown round XH165 when one of my fellow cadets blurted out “Can we go over there and have a look at those Nimrods?” Our guide looked in the direction indicated and replied “I can’t see any Nimrods over there and I strongly suggest that you can’t either.” “But they’re over there!” was the response.. “Trust me, unless you’d like to visit the guardroom next, there are no Nimrods here.” I’d love to see some photos of 51 Squadron’s Nimrods as one of my Airfix Nimrods is intended for their colours, but as they wasn’t there...... A friend and I stopped briefly at the main gate on our way home from the IPMS Brampton show last year: I took a few snaps of XH170 on the gate but it was a bit of a bitter-sweet moment thinking back to those few wonderful days that I spent there.
  10. There are some very tempting schemes on the Xtradecal and Marmaduke Press decal sheets
  11. I’m glad I don’t have to pick a winner from your QRA fleet Dave, they all look excellent. I know you’ve got other projects in the pipeline but when you return to this theme is there any chance whatsoever of you adding a Hurricane to it? Also might I ask where you get your Squadron patches from? They make a great addition to the display and I suspect are collectible in their own right.
  12. I actually overslept that morning! Cycling to work at Dover Eastern Docks I noticed how little traffic there was compared to the amount of debris lying in the roads. When I reached the docks I took my usual route down to the export freight area and, as I was late for work I took the short cut that took me round under the landward end of the linkspan to Camber B berth, used by the Townsend Thoresen freight ferries. When I got there I found the end of the upper linkspan lying on the dockside with the seaward end still supported on the towers of its floating pontoon. The upper linkspan was well over 100 feet long and must have weighed a couple of hundred tons yet it had been lifted off its trunnions and dumped on the quayside. It took the Harbour Board months to organise a torch squad to come in to cut it up and cart it away.
  13. I was trying to be polite and diplomatic, which is unusual for me. I’ve often thought that the relationship between Boeing and the FAA was a bit too cosy for comfort.
  14. Try the Airfix Tribute Forum they might be on there.
  15. stever219


    I think it's also invidious to compare Typhoon with the F-104: so far, thankfully, Typhoon losses have been minimal although I believe that the crew of a Spanish example have perished. The F-104 however very quickly earned itself an unenviable reputation as a widiw-makee, partly due to its operation in an environment for which it was never designed.
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