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  1. Hi, Supercuber! Thank you for your answer. I really hope the J-22 sells well and you have to produce more kits …and the two-seater conversion. Cheers! Miguel
  2. Hi, folks! Will someone ever release decals for this Montenegro Super Galeb? Source: Tango Six (https://tangosix.rs/2016/25/02/poslednja-vest-crna-gora-prodaje-sve-avione-svog-vojnog-vazduhoplovstva-dugorocno-ulaze-u-helikoptere/) Cheers! Miguel
  3. Very good news! Long time waiting this model in 1/48. Are you planning to release the NJ-22 in the future? Congratulations for producing such unusual models. Cheers! Miguel
  4. ¡Hola, Andrés! As for painting techniques, I totally agree with you. You have said everything that can be said. Nothing to add Thanks for the explanation on how you painted the detonation cord. I usually use toothpicks for other things, such as applying or removing putty. I remember that I already used a toothpick to remove paint from some other parts of my model, but never from a transparent part. I will add this to my list of modeling tips Waiting for further progress... Cheers! ¡Y un fuerte abrazo! Miguel
  5. Hi, Andrés! Nice to see your progress in this Spanish bird. As usual, you improve a lot each model with the additions you made. I don't mean just photo etched and resin but the scratch parts. I love how you use the plastic to make cables instead of tin or electric wire as other modeller do The painting of the engine air intake is superb! Dry brush is a technique that some people say is obsolete, but I think it is still very useful sometimes. Your engine air intake is a very good example. And how can I say about the canopy? The mold line in the middle of the transparent piece is really a headache. You have sanded it perfectly. The result has been fantastic. How can you paint the DET cord using a brush? It is an impossible task for me! Congratulations! Cheers Miguel
  6. Hi, Lightpainter Thank you for your kind words J The base plate I used was the reference 36046 from Miniart (Cobblestone pavement). Your Devastator is superb! Congratulations! I can see that you love unusual models. Very interesting… Cheers! Miguel
  7. Hi, Lightpainter! Let me start by saying that I don't have Mikro Mir/AMP PC.7 but I have some Mcro Mir kits. They are typical short run and not easy to build. Seeing above the AMP PC.7 sprues I think it is similar to the ones I have. So I guess it will need a lot of work, putty and funny days sanding... I can talk about Italian Kits PC.7. Do you like resin kits? Sorry, do you like hard resin kits? I love unusual models. It doesn't matter if I have to build resin or plastic kits. Well, how can I say... Italian Kit PC.7 is not a kit for beginners. If you hate resin kits, it's not for you either. But if you are looking for a challenge, this is undoubtedly your kit. With a lot of work you can get a nice model. Let me show a picture of the sprues... And the finished model... You can see the WIP thread in the following link; https://maquetas.mforos.com/1642591/12972444-piaggio-pegna-pc7-italian-kits-1-48-presencial/ It could give you an idea about how I enjoyed building this kit... And the finished model in https://maquetas.mforos.com/353330/12974534-piaggio-pegna-pc7-italian-kits-1-48-fuengirola-2018-presencial/ I hope this post could help you to take a decision... Cheers! Miguel
  8. Hi, folks! I'm sorry to say that I will not finally participate in this GB. These last two months have been very stressful in my job and family matters have not allowed me to spend time with my models kits. I'm sorry I can not participate in this group that I joined with great enthusiasm. I continue following the amazing works that you are sharing. I apologize to everyone Best regards. Miguel
  9. Hi, Tricyrich! Many thanks for you warm words. I hope to share the first pictures of my model soon. I also hope not to disappoint you. And, of course, follow your works. Miguel
  10. Dear Robert, many thanks for your kind welcome. I can wait until tomorrow to start my kit I already read the rules. Totally agree. No questions for the moment Cheers! Miguel
  11. Hi, Guys! If I'm still on time, I would appreciate if you let me join this GT. I think it is a unique opportunity to build a D-Day model. I check Britmodeller forum every day but, frankly speaking, I only wrote a few messages. I'm sorry. I found out about this GT because of my friend Andres who has already joined to this GT too (Hi, Andres!). I would like to build a 1/72 Hurricane assigned to a ADLS (Air Despatch letter service). I saw that Erwin will build another ADLS Hurricane. If he has no inconvenience, I will go ahead with my little Hurri. Same aircraft but different markings. Cheers! Miguel
  12. Hi, Moa. I just sent a PM. Thank you. Cheers! Miguel
  13. Hi, Moa! I am a fan of your work (here and in your website). Not only are they great works but they are all very original. I also try to get out of the usual kits... I have Aeropoxy Troika. So, I know how hard it is. Mine is still pending to built. I follow you with wide eyes By the way, I felt in love of your SM.79 I-ALAN. Y have the same kit, same decals and really want to start it. I would like to ask you some questions about the construction... Cheers! Miguel
  14. Hi, my friend! Nice to see you again with more progress on this little jewel. You have perfectly solved every problem you have found in this model. As usual, a superb step by step in which you show us how well you work. As always, an exquisite painting job. I keep seated on my armchair with a popcorn bowl waiting for new progresss Cheers! Miguel
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