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  1. Hi, Andrés! Long time no talk to you… As always, it is a pleasure to see a new project from you. Very nice subject. Well, let me tell you that I fell in love with this plane the first time I saw it. For a long time I was waiting for a model kit of this plane. Now I have three 1/72 Eduard and a 1/48 Maco kits...not done yet …as usual. Excellent job with the cockpit and the improvements you have been making to the kit. I will take this thread as a reference for my Cmelák The underwing fuel tank paint...wonderful! By the way, as far as I know, this is an auxiliary fuel tank. In fact, the Maco kit includes some decals with the following inscriptions for the tank: “FOK 78 Feuergefährlich; Fok 78AI; Betriebsstoff” (according to Google Translator, “FOK 78 Flammable; Fok 78AI; fuel”). Regarding the color, I found some pictures with the fuel tank in yellow, grey,… Please, see below links. https://www.steffenkahl.de/luftfahrt/let-z-37/ https://igor113.livejournal.com/993208.html https://www.planephotos.net/photo/14351/Zlin-Z-37A-Cmelak_OM-HJX/ In none of the photos do you see how the tank is connected to the wing. I believe that it connects through the conduit that you have painted in red. This link is for the MH-Model resin fuel tank. https://www.super-hobby.es/products/Z-37-Emelak-additional-fuel-tanks.html By the way, what paint scheme are you doing? I have the items Eduard 2131 and 7097. Check them and if you want to build any of the options included in those kits instead of the option of your kit, let me know. I take the popcorn… ¡Un abrazo! Miguel
  2. Hi, Andrés! Wow, I have no words... The cockpit is fantastic. But the propeller is... I think it is one of the best wooden propellers I have ever seen. Congratullations! Un fuere abrazo. Miguel
  3. ¡Hola, amigo! Superb, as usual. It's a pleasure for our eyes to see how you build and paint a model. Excellent scratch build and very nice weathering. I take a seat in the front row. Looking forward to seeing progress... Un abrazo. Miguel
  4. Hi, Martin! Many many thanks for the references. I will gather all aftermarkets you used. I can not wait until Eduard or other manufacturer decide to produce a Mongol... He hoover... one of the worst enemies of modelers ... along with the black hole that every modeler has in their modeling room... I hope to do my Mongol half as well as yours Once again, thank you Cheers! Miguel
  5. Hi, Martin! Congratulations on this superb Mongol. And thank you for the detailed explanation about the conversion process. I tried to build a Mali Air Force MiG-21 MF-75 in 2 x grey/2 x green but I gave up because I couldn't get the exact colors. I wasn't convinced by the shades I got. Finally, I’m building a Bulgarian subject. I also have in mind to build an UM. Definively, yours will be a very good reference for me. I have KP UM and Eduard MF / PFM kits. Could you tell us the Aires and Pavla references you have used? Pavla references is C72029 (MiG-21 UM + vacu canopy)? What about the Aires and air intake references? As I said, many thanks for sharing this great work! Miguel
  6. ¡Hola, Andrés! Nice to see you here! Yes, the right side of the plane is full of stencils Time to time I spend a few hours on this kit... You know as well as I the headache this it's causing me... This is not the proper place to show progress but... here you are some examples (the pictures has been taken with the mobile and with poor light). It is ready for the stencils (...) and start weathering. I'm not happy with the result. Especially with the colors. They should be lighter Anyway, that's the modeller's life... You are never satisfied with the latest kit built. Tomorrow I will send you a PM ...I hope... Un abrazo. Miguel
  7. I think the same as you, Andre. Thank you for your answer. Best regards. Miguel Spain - España
  8. Hi, all! I hope everyone is healthy and can enjoy our wonderful hobby. I am building a Bulgarian MiG-21MF-75, specifically white 177 included in the Eduard 1/72 box and Linden Hill Imports ‘Brothers in Arms 3’ decal sheet. My question is very simple: does that plane (white 177) have visible stencils? I checked many photos of Bulgarian MiG-21 MF and Bis. Some of them have black stencils, much less stencils than Soviet and Warsaw Pact aircraft. On other planes I don't see any stencil. I only have a picture of white 177 (attached). It seems that it has no stencils. Could you give me your opinion on the stencils on this plane? Thank you very much for your help and keep safe. Best regards. Miguel Angel Sanchez Spain - España
  9. ¡Hola, amigo! What can I say? Awesome work! ¡Impresionante! You have faithfully represented the real plane, (72-11) with its differences in shades of gray. The riveting is superb as well as all the improvements you have done. The painting and weathering is also fantastic. It is the best 1/72 aviocar I have ever seen! I will have your WIP as a reference for when I build mine. Congratulations! Un abrazo. Miguel
  10. Hi, Jure! Thanks you very much for the links. The drawings in the pages 19 and 22 gave me an idea of the cockpit and passengers area. Thanks a lot! Cheers! Miguel
  11. Hi, folks! I’m going to build a Siebel 204A that was used by the German Embassy in Spain and later by a Spanish company. I guess that this plane was more or less similar to the Si-204A passenger planes used by Lufthansa. Does anyone pictures of the Si-204A cockpit and passengers area? Many thanks! Cheers. Miguel
  12. Simply superb, Andy! Congratulations! Like Andres, I also followed your WIP in themodellingnews website. You are one of the modeller I have as reference. Planes, AFV, Sci-Fi,... All kits you build are little jewels. By the way, I am a fan of your work not only as a modeler but also as a photographer Cheers! Miguel
  13. Hi, Andrés! What a tiny thing! The details are really fantastic! As usual, the painting job is superb. You have an amazing ability to paint! I hope to see it finished soon! Cheers! Miguel
  14. I already have my Super Galeb!!! I hope to start building soon... Many thanks, Nenad!
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