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  1. DaveJL

    Some Tornado questions

    Thanks for the info chaps, looks like I'll load my F3 with ASRAAM and Skyflash and leave off the ASRAAM for the GR4. Just need to confirm the greys now! I think I can answer that one; outer fuselage pylons and I believe the centre line pylon was removed.
  2. DaveJL

    Some Tornado questions

    Hello all, I've a few questions for Tornado aficionados; 1. When did the ASRAAM become operational on the F3? 2. When was Skyflash replaced by the AIM-120 on the F3? 3. What are the correct colours for the F3? 4. For Op Shader missions, does the GR4 carry ASRAAMs for self defence? 5. Would Tamiya's XF-83 'Medium Sea Grey 2 RAF' be the correct colour for current GR4s? I had a quick search but couldn't find all the answers. Cheers Dave
  3. More done after finishing the Typhoon. The Steel Beach ECS pipes: Not as detailed as the Quickboost examples but easier to fit. Wings were added to the fuselage and the filler needed around the LEX was cleaned up: Tail fins and pylons assembled: Next up will be to add the flaps/slats etc. Dave
  4. Great artwork for the box! And Furball decals? Even better!
  5. Cheers folks, glad you like it.
  6. 1/48 Revell Typhoon FGR4 ZJ932, XI (F) Squadron QRA. Build thread here Dave
  7. A few hours today has seen this cross the finishing line. Along with the Quickboost mirrors, I added some scraps etch handrails and a few other bits to the canopy just to add some detail. Happy with how this turned out, even though the kit is very poor in some areas; I won't be building another anytime soon. More pictures in RFI here Thanks to all who commented/followed. Dave
  8. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Revell EuroFighter Typhoon, marked as an FGR4 of XI (F) Sqn, and operating in the Quick Reaction Alert role. ZJ932 has 4 intercept marks on display; two Tu-95 Bears and two Tu-160 Blackjacks. The build thread is here Extras used included Eduard etch for the cockpit, Eduard masks, Airwaves ejection seat, TwoMikes FOD inserts, TwoBobs decals and some Quickboost mirrors for the canopy. The 4x AIM 120s are from an Academy F-15. Thanks for looking. Dave
  9. Thanks mate. Landing gear was done last night and left to cure until this evening, when the wash went on: Excess off after about 30 minutes: FOD inserts added: How it looks with the canards added: Will hopefully get the wheels and landing gear doors on tomorrow along with a flat coat and the ordnance. More soon. Dave
  10. DaveJL

    VF-1 Tomcats - Various

    Excellent pictures, thanks for sharing!
  11. Thanks mate. Decals on after work today. A mixture of TwoBobs and Revell stencils. Sealed in with a top coat of gloss. Will hopefully get a panel wash on tomorrow. Dave
  12. DaveJL

    Rafale B query

    You sir, are a gentleman! Pm on the way.
  13. DaveJL

    Rafale B query

    Used all 3 on my M build - the B has 2 of the big tanks and 2 of the smaller ones.