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  1. Thanks Alex. I have MRPs 'Light Grey Blue' which states it is specifically for Russian wheel wells, seats etc from the '60s to the present. I'll give that a go. I'm also debating whether to use Eduard's etch FOD guards, might give a bit of colour to the brown and greens. Sofia, very nice place!
  2. A bit more done. Intakes made up. No issues with the Aires ones. I'm not overly sure on the differences, perhaps the resin have more accurate angles etc. Judge for yourself: The etch you can see is from the kit. I popped the intakes on along with the nose cone. Some filler needed for both these areas. Main landing gear bay also fitted: The wings and upper fuselage assembled next. No issues and quite a simple set up: Hoping to get the upper fuselage/wings attached to the lower fuselage and clean up some of the filler over the weekend. More soon. Dave
  3. Thanks mate, to be honest I can't see too much difference in the intakes Thanks! I had a good look at the few jets in Sofia, I thought at the time the 'metallic' was just weathering from them sitting outside!
  4. Made a brief start today. Spayed the cockpit with MRPs Russian Cockpit green. Definitely the best match the pre painted Eduard etch! A quick wash and we have this: Dry brushed some silver onto the floor and control column to replicate paint chipping. Exhaust and intakes made up, then added to fuselage: Fuselage closed up: No issues at all with the fit. I'm glad the intake trunking is well hidden as there are sink marks and seam lines galore that would be an absolute pain to remove on a more visible part. Ordnance also made up: Hoping to get the intakes sorted next. Dave
  5. I was hoping to use Mr Paint myself but had no luck matching the colours. AKAN paints are good to use so shouldn't be too much of a heartache.
  6. Thanks Bob Thanks for the links mate, some great pictures there. A question for you if I may; what colour would the landing gear legs be? They look metallic in some pictures and dark grey in others. Alex, according to the Linden Hill instructions, the AKAN colour call outs have been matched to their research from pictures of the individual jets on the decal sheet. 73098 - brown 73055 - light green 73007 - green 73008 - light blue
  7. Thanks Werner. I’ve already built an Indonesian, Vietnamese (years ago) and Venezuelan -30MKK. Might re-do the Indonesian one as I do like the paint scheme.
  8. Sparrows would be AIM-7Ms; again grey bodies and white noses with dark grey fins (look black in some photos, look slightly metallic in others.)
  9. That's her done! Plenty more pictures in RFI thread here As always, thanks to those who commented/followed the build. I'll be doing a 'digital' Su-24 and Mig-29 very soon. I also plan to build more Flankers, possibly using the Hobbyboss Kit or I might wait to see what GWH or Kittyhawk do; Su-27P (Russian) Su-27 (Uzbek) Su-27UB (Eritrean) Su-30 (Chinese) Su-30MKI (Indian) Su-30MKM (Malaysian) Su-30MKA (Algerian) Su-30SM (Russian) Su-33 (Russian) Su-35 (Russian) Cheers Dave
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