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  1. Thanks chaps, that's exactly what I needed to know!
  2. I'm confused too mate! Not really an aircraft I know a lot about. This is the jet which the markings represent. I can't see the 'dog tooth' on the LEX?
  3. Many thanks. I'm guessing then that my ML boxing of the kit wouldn't work for an MLD? I've found this picture and it looks pretty much the same as the plastic that comes in the ML kit.
  4. Hello all, I'm planning on building a Bulgarian Air Force Mig-23 in the near future. I have a ML 'Flogger G' boxing by Trumpeter but the decals that I have on the way (Linden Hill) show the Bulgarian Option I wish to do as a MLD. Were there many visible differences between the ML and MLD in Bulgarian service? Thanks Dave
  5. Thanks Chris. Made a start today. Ordnance first: Cockpit parts ready for paint, along with the nice Quickboost K-36 seat: Airbrake added to the upper fuselage. A bit of sanding needed to get it to sit flush: One of the areas that needs a bit of attention is the extensions that come from the base of the tail fins and attach to the horizontal stabilisers. These are fixed in position on the kit, which would only allow the stabilisers to be displayed in the straight and level position. The majority of images that I have seen online (and having seen the real thing), show the stabilisers dipped slightly. So a bit of surgery is needed. Here are the fins from the box. Circled in red is the bit in question: And with the parts removed: I popped in a small sliver of styrene into the gap and tidied up with filler. The one on the right still needs the filler sanded smooth! Finally, the necessary paints were ordered: Hoping to get the cockpit painted before I head stateside at the weekend. Dave
  6. Just ordered a 1/48 Eduard Mig-21 BIS 'Around the World' along with £75 worth of paints and what have you!
  7. Nice! The HAS is very good. I agree on that one, saw an FG1 Navy boxing for over £80 a few weeks ago!
  8. Sorry mate, missed your post. It must have been the lighting in the room, it's lighter in the flesh! Cheers Alex. I know it's not a 'standard' load, but I think it looks good!
  9. Had looked at them mate but as I'm going with FOD covers I thought it would be a bit of a wasted outlay.
  10. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Hasegawa F-4F Phantom in the markings of Jagdgeschwader 71 (JG 71) 'Richthofen,' German Air Force during the mid 2000's. The build thread is here. Extras used included Quickboost resin seats Eduard etch, Phase Hangar Resin FOD inserts, Royal Resin unslotted stabilisers, Master Pitot and AoA probes, Aeromaster stencils, New Ware masks, AIM-9 Sidewinders from a Tamiya F-14 and AIM-120s AMRAAMs from an Academy F-15. The actual markings were with the kit when I bought it but I've no idea of the company. Paints are all Mr Paint and I went for the heavily weathered look so often seen on Luftwaffe F-4s toward the end of their service lives. Beside the last F-4 I built (about 2 years ago) - Turkish 2020 'Terminator': Thanks for looking Dave
  11. Have a bit of a Phantom bug after finishing the F-4F, so thought I'd return to this and unbox the next build - Revell's FGR2. You may remember back at the start of the thread, I'd planned to build this as a 56 Sqn jet. I've since decided that I want to do a Squadron that, I think anyway, was synonymous with the Phantom in RAF service and so this will now be XV498 of 92 Squadron in the early 1990s. (The Hunter will now be a 56 Sqn machine). Since the start of the thread, I've picked up a New Ware mask and a Flightpath ladder set. Have also bagged up 4x AIM-9 and 4 AIM-7 from a Tamiya F-14 kit to make up the ordnance. Obligatory squadron patch also added! Decals and paint scheme: Will try and build this alongside the Su-27 about to cross the start line on the bench. Dave
  12. 1/48 Hasegawa F-4F Jagdgeschwader 71 (JG 71) 'Richthofen' Build thread Dave
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