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  1. DaveJL

    2018 output

    Hello all, Here are my builds from the past year. All 1/48, except the vehicles which are 1/35. Some were enjoyable, some not so much! First up was Italeri's A-10C, marked as a machine from the 354th Fighter Squadron deployed for Operation 'inherent Resolve' in 2017. More pictures here Next, was a dioramaI entitled 'Good to see you chaps, Jerry's over there' - Tamiya M4 Sherman and Italeri SAS jeep. The scene depicts an advance reconnaissance element of the SAS returning to friendly lines and directing the American tank toward some unsuspecting Germans in Normandy 1944. More pictures here Back to back vehicles are rare for me, but a second diorama for the year 'Tier 1 Special Missions Unit Sniper Team, Afganistan 2002' was next, based around Meng's pick up truck. More pictures here Back to a string of jets. Tamiya's F-16CJ marked as a CM from the 480th Fighter Squadron, deployed for Operation 'Inherent Resolve' in 2016. More pictures here The first of two F/A-18 Super Hornets was marked as a 166682 of VFA-213 'Black Lions' during 'Inherent Resolve' in 2017. Hasegawa's E/A-18G kit was used. More pictures here Revell's lovely Rafale M. More pictures here Revell's not-so-lovely Eurofighter Typhoon, marked as ZJ932 of XI (F) Squadron QRA. More pictures here The second Super Hornet, this time Hasegawa's F/A-18E, was marked as 168912 of VFA-87 'Golden Warriors.' This jet downed a Syrian Su-22 on the 18th June 2017. More pictures here The most exciting release of the year, for me, was Tamiya's F-14D. Not long after the first 4 I ordered arrived, I got stuck in. F-14D of VF-2 'Bounty Hunters' during Operation 'Iraqi Freedom' in 2003. More pictures here The biggest challenge of the year was without doubt the Hobbyboss Su-34. A lot of resin corrections and a lot of fit issues. In the end I was pleased with the result, despite setting it aside for weeks at a time. More pictures here Finally, Great Wall Hobby's Su-35s. Another lovely kit and a nice addition to my collection of twin seat Flankers. More pictures here Thanks to all the members who commented/followed my builds throughout the year. Dave
  2. DaveJL

    1/48 F-14D, VF-213 Last Cruise - Update 03/12

    A bit more done today. The pilot's coaming along with HUD were added to the 'tub, before the windshield was popped on. As that was drying the masks were removed from the intakes (these were painted Gull Grey last night) and then fitted to the lower fuselage. Exhaust shrouds, arrestor hook housing and chin pod were also added. Then both fuselage pieces were fitted together: The fit, as I and so many others have said, is just outstanding (the small bit of filler on the nose is just to clean up the join line - a preferred method of mine). Wings, stabs and tail fins dry fitted: A fine looking beast! More soon. Dave
  3. DaveJL

    1/48 F-14D, VF-213 Last Cruise - Update 03/12

    A bit more done over the weekend. Front landing gear bay finished: Cockpit finished with light wash added: Probably the best injection moulded cockpit you can get - for me, no need for a resin one in it's place. Inserted into front fuselage and closed up: Upper and lower fuselage halves attached and beaver tail added: Intakes: The hardest part of this kit by far is getting those intake masks attached! One of the Quickboost NACES seats - the canopy breakers are from the Tamiya seat - as these are the correct size for the front seat; Quickboost have cast the same size of canopy break on both seats which is incorrect - the front ones should be taller: More soon. Dave
  4. DaveJL

    1/48 F-14D, VF-213 Last Cruise - Update 03/12

    Thanks mate. I agree on the model, it's the best kit I've built. Tamiya have set the bar incredibly high. Just need them to do a late A and B model now.
  5. DaveJL

    1/48 F-14D, VF-213 Last Cruise - Update 03/12

    Made a start on this one today. Intake ramps added to lower fuselage and gear bays sprayed (pardon the overspray!): Wing sweep mechanism: Upper fuselage with GPS dome added. The filler is for an antennae not found when the GPS was fitted. Tamiya instruct you to add the plastic part then trim off the antenna 'blade' but I think a dab of filler gives a neater result: Ordnance and fuel tanks - going for the standard last cruise weapons fit of 1x GBU-12, 1x GBU-38 and 1x AIM-9. The GBU-38 was in the spares and will be repainted: Intake assembly sprayed: Various sub assemblies: Front landing gear bay and cockpit parts all sprayed and ready for detailing: Front fuselage halves. Tamiya provide the reinforcement plate around the RIO's boarding step as a vinyl piece, a very nice idea as it saves sanding off any moulded part for those jets that don't have the plate fitted: As I've said in my previous 3 build threads of Tamiya's 'Cat, the thing is an absolute joy to build. More soon. Dave
  6. Great work, really ought to get mine started!
  7. DaveJL

    For Sale in Ontario Canada

    Good grief! A few kits in there I'd like to get my mitts on!
  8. Thanks chaps. Thanks mate. The exhausts are one area where the finish could have been better. It's a model kit, let's keep politics out of it. If it's not to your liking, please don't comment. Thanks Malcolm. Overall it was excellent, great detail and good fit. One or two small areas that required work but really very minor.
  9. Finished today. Lost a bit of interest in it so just wanted it done. One of the canopy mirrors decided to ping off the sprue into oblivion so there's only 2 fitted. Other than that I'm happy enough; the finish could have been a bit better but just wanted it cleared off the bench. More pictures in RFI here The kit itself is very good, just one or two minor issues that I think I've addressed in the thread and I'm hoping GWH decide to release some more of the Flanker range; Su-30MKI/MKA/MKM/SM would be lovely! Thanks to all who commented/followed. Dave
  10. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Great Wall Hobby Su-35S in the markings of 'Red 06' operating out of Hmeymim Air Base in Syria during 2016. The build thread is here The only extras I used were a set of Master brass static wicks, Galaxy models mask set and FOD covers (Quickboost F-14 examples, trimmed to fit). Paint is Akan and the camouflage pattern was applied freehand. I lost a bit of interest toward the end and so the finish is not as good as it could have been but I just wanted it off the bench. Beside my Hobbyboss Su-34: More pictures of the Su-34 here for anyone interested! Comments welcome, thanks for looking. Dave
  11. Flat coat sprayed on, missiles, HUD, stabilisers, ejection seat, exhausts and Master static wicks added. Once dry, some light weathering was applied. Canopy parts have been masked up and just need painted. Once that's done, that'll be this one completed. More soon. Dave
  12. I hope it’s the light Werner! The Akan paints for this scheme were used so I’m hoping they’re the correct shade.
  13. Panel wash on: Excess removed after about 35 minutes. The pylon missile adaptors and FOD inserts were added: Then the landing gear and doors: Will leave overnight for everything to cure. A few small paint areas need cleaned up on the landing gear before adding a flat coat then the missiles etc. Dave
  14. Decals on and sealed in with a top coat of gloss: Hoping to get a panel line wash done in the next few days. More soon. Dave