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  1. Thanks mate. The -33 certainly seems a lot beefier than other Flankers too, probably due to the enlarged wing area.
  2. Windshield fitted today and masked up. Need a bead of Mr Surfacer around the IRST. Also popped on the canopy, ready to spray the frame: To show how big the Flanker really is, here is a comparison with a 1/48 Spitfire: Amazing how far aviation had progressed from the 1940s up until the introduction of the Flanker! Hoping to get a lick of primer on tomorrow. Expecting it to show a few blemishes around the intakes but hopefully nothing too drastic. More soon. Dave
  3. Finally made a start on this today. As per the norm, started with the cockpit, namely the IP. The kit etch is really nice: Then on with the cockpit itself. Again, lovely detail and builds up easily. Painted and given a wash to grime it up a bit: Popped in and fuselage closed up: As this is being built alongside my Su-33, I thought it would be good to do a size comparison... Either the Spit was really small or the Flanker is really big More soon. Dave
  4. A bit more done today. All the framing was sprayed silver and details added. Seat and armour plating also fitted in: Once dry, I fitted the framing to the lower wings then popped on the uppers. Good fit, just the usual tape needed to secure: Fuselage halves sprayed interior green, with a light wash added: More soon. Dave
  5. My mistake, I've misread that! Thanks for pointing it out.
  6. Made a return to this project after a few months hiatus. Going to build the Hurricane alongside a Spitfire IX for an ongoing Group Build. So, to recap, here's the kit; Extras: CMK resin seat, AML paint masks, Eduard canopy mask and Sky Models decals. Will be marked as N2359 of 17 Squadron based at Debden in June 1940. A bit of progress today. Built up the wing spars and cockpit area. Very nicely engineered and goes together well: Resin seat and respective panel: Landing gear bulkheads fitted: Not much but good to be back at this one. Like I say, hope to build in tandem with a Spitfire. Mustn't forget to get that Su-33 finished first More soon. Dave
  7. More done and we're nearly ready to start the painting process. I popped on the wings today, which are an excellent fit, along with the control surfaces. Pylons on the fuselage also added and a few areas tidied up: Exhausts built up: Interiors were sprayed a mixture of Tamiya Gun Metal and Metallic grey, then detailed with some weathering pigments. Hoping to give the model the once over tomorrow and then spray the coming area then add and mask off the canopy. More soon. Dave
  8. Thanks James! A detail I can live with! Compared to the Airfix kit, the Hasegawa kit I build was a breeze.
  9. Hello all, After building a Lancaster with 'Upkeep' and a Lancaster with 'Tallboy', there's one missing (I'm sure you can guess where this is going), so here is my entry for this GB - Lancaster B.1 Special of 617 Squadron fitted with the monster 22,000lb 'Grand Slam' bomb. On the 19th March 1945, PB996, YZ-C, was piloted by Flying Officer Phil Martin, DFC and bar, on an operation to destroy the Arnsberg Viaduct in Germany. Dropped from 12,000 feet, the bomb impacted the Western end of the viaduct, along with four Tallboys, causing it to collapse. Kit: Extras: Will be using an AML paint mask (it's designed for Airfix kits but fits the Hasegawa kits too), Eduard canopy mask and interior etch. Marking options: The real thing in action, 19th March, 1945: From what I can gather, the only part of the kit that needs altered is the removal of 2 of the 4 rear .303 machine guns, as one of my references has stated that, amongst several other modifications for the carrying of the Grand Slam, the number of guns was reduced to 2 as a weight saving measure. Any other advice from those in the know would be most helpful! Should get a start once I clear the Su-33 from the bench and make some progress on a Spitfire. Cheers Dave
  10. Been slowly working away at this alongside the Lancaster, but now that's completed I should get a decent run at this before the GB deadline, work permitting. Most of the fuselage is now assembled. Generally, the fit was good, though I did have a bit of trouble with the intakes, requiring some filling and sanding. The tail cone also needed work, but this was down to part of the plastic being warped more so than anything else. There was a small gap around the nose too but a bit of Mr Surfacer sorted that. Added the ECM pods and pylon adapters to the wings, as well as building up the tail fins and horizontal stabilisers: Landing gear: The instructions made this step 10 times harder than it should have been! All the control surfaces ready to be fitted: Pylons and arrestor hook: The two missing centreline fuselage pylons will be created from two examples from an older kit (the painted ones above) that has been cannibalised. This kit also lacks the intake pylons, but these can be created by using the innermost wing pylons (which do not seem to be fitted to operational Su-33s) and some adapters that are also not mentioned in the instructions. Speaking of which, the instructions are so poor Kinetic decided to re-do them and make them available online, which is very helpful as you can now see where the parts are actually meant to go! There's also painting and decalling instructions, something which is pretty much absent on the original instructions: Revised Su-33 instructions Will hopefully get the wings fitted and any tidying up that needs done soon. Dave
  11. Thanks chaps. Pete, I hope the build thread is of some use to you!
  12. Thanks Dave, turned out better than I thought it would given all the issues I had with it.
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