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  1. More done. Assembled the exhaust parts first. Take care when removing part F1 from the sprue - I found the gates to be very thick and the part fairly brittle. Also note that the instructions advise you to attach the flame holder, part D2 to the exhaust face, D4 - do not do this - insert part D2 into part D5 then add D4, otherwise it won't fit. Exhaust parts: Dry fitted with the 'closed' petals also dry fitted (I'm going for the 'open' petals) to see how it all fits: I've noticed that part F2 does not sit flush with the nacelles, so I may have to add the exhausts before paint to allow for a light sanding to get everything lined up. The petals however fit perfectly. Once I'd fiddled about with those, I moved on and added the tail fins, tail cone, intakes and a few other bits: The intakes went on very well and only required light pressure to get them to sit correctly. The fins also went on ok, but there is a slight gap between them and the fuselage part they attach to so a light application of fuller will be needed. I also had to put a small drop of filler just aft of the radar to tidy up the join line. Stabilisers dry fitted: Enjoying this so far, a very good kit! Dave
  2. DaveJL

    Naval Station Norfolk, VA

    Excellent shots mate, this tour is on my list for the next year or so, thanks for posting!
  3. A bit more done today. Fuselage closed up, slats added, landing gear parts added, ECM pods attached and I threw on some of the etch parts for the fuselage. With regard to the latter, GWH give you a template which allows for the correct positioning of the etch on the upper side of the wings. A very nice touch! Nose cone dry fitted: Fins built up: Stabilisers: Note that some of the static wicks have been lost. This happened in the box, so I plan to replace the lot with Master brass examples. Intakes: I'm adding FOD inserts here so I didn't bother painting the internal trunking. The fit of everything so far has been excellent as is the detail on the parts - certainly the most detailed landing gear bays that I have seen in plastic! The only minor issue I've had is that the louver doors, part D4, don't seem to sit fully flush with the intakes. I'm not sure if this is meant to be like this or not. Intakes will be added to the fuselage next which will allow for the remainder of the main landing gear bays to be painted. Dave
  4. Thanks mate. Not in the short term - I've a Mig-25, Mig-31, Tu-22 and a few other Russian jets to build before I'd consider another one. If I do, it will be the Kittyhawk kit for sure. I think I'll try and get an Su-24 in the lineup before that too!
  5. DaveJL

    F/A-18 Pylon question (i think)

    BRU-33/55. Attack Squadron made them in 1/48 but are very hard to get now.
  6. That's a great looking seat Gabor! I'll study both of them and see if they look all that different to me I managed to get the cockpit painted this morning. I added the decals for the large MFDs. The screens being 'up and running' is probably not correct for a jet parked up, but the decals looked very good so I decided to add them. I'm usually not a fan of decals in cockpits, but these look good: The cockpit is very well detailed. It should be pointed out that the floor beneath the ejection seat should be green, however I only noticed this after I'd all the painting done so i'll leave it as is. More soon Dave
  7. Thanks mate. The intakes are very nice. Is there much visual difference?
  8. Thanks Duncan. It is fairly big! Seems a lot bigger than the other Flankers I've built!
  9. Thanks mate, got there in the end!
  10. Made a bit of a start on this one earlier today. Started with the landing gear bays built and painted with their assortment of multi coloured piping: The very nice radar, though this will all be hidden behind the nose cone: Landing gear bays installed: Upper fuselage with cannon muzzle, refuelling probe and cockpit framing added: The very nice one piece intakes: Finally, the ordnance: These single piece missiles (well the 4x R-77s in the middle required the rear fins to be added), are absolutely superb! The detail on these, and the model in general thus far, is excellent. I've been following @ya-gabor's build for tips and I've found some a good walk-around portfolio here Next up is the cockpit. Dave
  11. Hello all, Hot on the heels of my Su-34 build, here is GWH's great looking Su-35S 'Flanker E.' Will be marked as 'Red 06' which flew out of Hmeymim Air Base in Syria during 2016. Kit: The lovely single piece missiles: Extras: I'll be using a Neomega K-36 ejection seat and Kokopelli Scale Designs FOD inserts. Scheme and paints: I'll be fully loading it with 2x wingtip ECM pods, 2x R-73, 4x R-27 and 4x R-77. Dave
  12. Finished over the weekend. The pitot tube was surprisingly tricky to get to sit right! More photos here Glad it's done and I'm relatively happy with the result. Would I build another one? No. I love the look of the Su-34 so if the notion takes me to make another, I'll plump for the Kittyhawk kit. There's a few things that I'd like to list to help anyone else building one. These are the issues that I came across and the fixes I used: 1. Parts E15, E16 and E17 serve no purpose other than to create an awful fit of the nose section. Leave these off. 2. Sand down part of the step on the rear of the cockpit - lower part of the bulkhead where the locating pins for the front landing gear are. Dry fit before adding. 3. I'd use superglue to fix the front landing gear bay as I found it had a tendency to dislodge when fitting the upper half of the fuselage due to the flex in the plastic. 4. When fitting the CWS nose, add a couple of spars from styrene sheet from the plastic into the resin nose - gives it a better and stronger attaching point. 5. If adding the KAB-1500L/T bombs, do not fix them upright as per the instructions, fold them over at 90 degrees. This is how they sit when fitted to the aircraft. Thanks to all who commented/followed. Dave
  13. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Hobbyboss Su-34 Fullback. The build thread is here The build was not easy with numerous few fit issues and there were times when I lost interest in it, but in the end I'm relatively happy with the result. Extras used included a host of Cold War Studio upgrade sets - nose cone, tail boom with APU (both of which are essential aftermarket items) and etch for the gun vents. Along with these CWS items, I used Pavla resin seats, Kokopelli Scale Designs 3D printed FOD inserts and TwoBobs decals. Paints were Akan. I also added the curved 'fillets' that join the ECM pods on the wingtips to the wings with some filler and used rolled up cigarette papers to replicate the anti flash blinds seen on the canopy. Thanks for looking. Dave