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  1. Edit, it's not saying how much shipping is Double edit, it's £39 for a Tamiya F-14 to be shipped to the UK so I imagine the F-4 would be the same!
  2. I'd take another at that price but probably a lot more to ship to the UK!
  3. Well the order was paid for a few weeks ago, invoice sent and I've received updates from Royal Mail that the item will be here on Saturday. Once it arrives I'll be able to confirm fully.
  4. Mine is on the way from Scale Model Shop. Cheapest in the UK that I could find with free delivery!
  5. Nice work Paul! I might have a spare small mouth FOD cover in resin if it's of any use.
  6. That's a great tip Mark, thanks! Will definitely try that on my next kit.
  7. Cheers Rich. You’re right, just a shame that’s the way the U/C has to be assembled. No big drama really but still a bit of a faff
  8. Cheers Rich. They are a nice kit! Pretty much ready for primer now. The metallic ring around the exhaust shroud was painted and masked, tail fin added, HTS on, centre pylon, cockpit framing sprayed and so on. Only area that needed a small bit of work was the nose cone join. Need to mask up that main landing gear bay but can't recall how I did it on my previous builds as there's a lot of bits sticking out as you can see Sub assemblies ready for primer: Painted and weathered the exhaust, along with the FOD insert and IP coaming: Ejection seat also done: Will get the ordnance painted next. Cheers and stay safe Dave
  9. Thanks mate! The tropical schemes are always nice to do I think! (Sound like an expert now after 3 )
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