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  1. Thanks Paul. The fin is very good indeed. Ordered a couple for good measure Cheers mate. Agree with that sentiment!!
  2. Anything for an easy life Managed a couple of hours this morning. All this talk of the Hypersonic fin tips must have sped up the post, as they arrived early doors: You can see the difference at the trailing edge between it and the Flying Leathernecks pieces (bottom): Perfect fit: The MK.77s were finished. The images I've seen of these shows a lot of them covered in dents etc. I was content just to add a light wash! All the ordnance together: One or two of the yellow bands on the MK.82s needs a bit of tidying but will do that towards the end. More soon and stay safe Dave
  3. Thanks Ray. I forgot about the closed canopy, might use that myself - means I should be able to add the framing and rear IP beforehand. I agree with the exhausts, although I must say the Hypersonic seats are a work of art!
  4. Cracking on with this, one little bit (or several little bits at a time)! I'm waiting on the Hypersonic fin tip arriving so in the meantime I painted up the front coaming, added the HUD and the last bit of the Quinta set: The windscreen was masked off using the Furball mask set and sprayed before being fitted: That's about as far as I can go with the fuselage for now. I had toyed with the idea of fitting the cockpit frame and centre section but I think I'll leave these off until after painting as this should make it easier to mask up. In the meantime, I built up and painted the exhausts. Now, I was a bit dubious at the way these were to be assembled but shame on me for doubting Tamiya, as they just fall together and look great fitted: The ejection seats were painted and detailed. Pictures aren't great, but you get the idea My intention is to paint and finish the sub assemblies - landing gear, pylons, MK.77s and so on in stages until the fin tip arrives. Hopefully by that stage I'll be able to fit it and go straight to priming. I'm away to Malta for a few days from the middle of next week so hope to make a dent in the above over the next couple of days, though I can write off Saturday as that's my birthday More soon and stay safe Dave
  5. Has the 'Big and British' made it?
  6. Thanks mate! The resin missiles are a lot better than the kit parts, just some light clean up needed. The Skunkworks EM isn't much better than the kit missiles, but passible.
  7. 1/48 Revell Rafale B Escadron de Chasse 1/4 'Gascogne' Operation Chammal, 2018. Build thread Cheers Dave
  8. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Revell Rafale B, in the markings of Escadron de Chasse 1/4 'Gascogne', during Operation 'Chammal' over Iraq and Syria during 2018. The build thread is below. Extras used included BAM models intakes, exhausts and update set along with Wolfpack Designs ejection seats, Wolfpack updated nose and missile launchers, L'Arsenal Damocles pod, New Ware masks, Syhart decals, Renaissance models MICA IR missiles and Skunkworks MICA EM missile. Paint is overall MRP Dark Ghost Grey and the weathering is a mixture of Abteilung oils, Tamiya pigments and Flory wash. Thanks for looking and stay safe Dave
  9. A couple of hours over the past 2 evenings followed by a few hours today has seen this one completed. Everything just fell on, with minimal effort needed. The only area that needed care was the canopy. I'm quite pleased with it. The Rafale is certainly a very photogenic aircraft and Revell have done a lovely job with this kit. Pity that wasn't extended to their Eurofighter Typhoon! As always, thanks to all who commented/followed the build. More photos in RFI shortly. Cheers and stay safe Dave
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