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  1. A bit more done and boy oh boy is this going to be a tricky little build! Maybe doesn't help that I'm coming off the back of a Tamiya F-14 but we'll just gloss over that for now . Anyway, cockpit was finished off. I ended up adding the etch on the side panels. Kinetic state the cockpit is FS36375 which is just wrong so I plumped for FS35237 (US Navy Grey-Blue) as I think this looks quite similar to Dark Admiralty Grey. Not quite a match for the Eduard panels but sure we're all used to that by now! A light wash also added. I didn't do too much chipping or paint wear as I know these jets were all fairly new at the time of the Falklands conflict. Now this is where I ran into a few issues. Firstly, I tested the fit of the cockpit and intake. Interesting to say the least! I found removing the raised lugs at the back of part C5 gave me a much better fit. I installed the tub and intake separately and then I ran into my second problem. A rather warped front fuselage! Oh dear says I. Some superglue was used to join the front fuselage as far back as the intakes, which in turn needed a fiddle with to get sitting somewhat normally. Once dry, I then worked my way back, closing up the rest of the fuselage. Another problem arose with the airbrake/rear U/C well. One side just wouldn't sit flush so I had to improvise with 2 clothes pegs to give me a sort of ballast that pressed the wonky side nicely into the fuselage. There'll be a good bit of clean up needed on this one! More soon. Dave
  2. Thanks James! Thanks Alex. Well yes, no F-14s but I'll let them away with it The final details painted on the airframe today - upper Aux vents, cannon muzzle, lights, ECM bumps and fuel dump pipe. I then popped on the exhaust shrouds and wing seal 'bags'. Aiming to get the decals on once I finish work for a few days next week. I'll call it now and say it won't be done for the deadline but won't be far off! More soon. Dave
  3. Some good progress. The airframe has been painted and some panels post shaded to show wear and tear, quite a common site with the TPS. I blended in the 3 shades using a mixture of each colour. As usual, the MRP colours sprayed on beautifully. Wings, tails and stabilisers also sprayed. Note the aluminium leading edge on the wings has also been sprayed. Hoping to get the last airframe details painted tomorrow that will allow me to add a coat of gloss over the next few nights in preparation for decals. I've a busy few days in work from Saturday so will be touch and go if I get this over the line. There's also a great looking new film out on the 25th, can't remember the name though More soon. Dave
  4. A little more done. Wings were built up. I had to sand a little of the leading edges to get a good fit: Cockpit was assembled next, with some Eduard etch added. I decided not to go with the pre-painted side consoles as I prefer the kit detail here. I also had to remove the protrusion from the floor to allow the Neomega seat to fit. Rear wheel well and airbrake housing also built up: The aforementioned Neomega resin seat: I had to shave off some of the detail on the lower portions to allow it to fit. AIM-9 launchers also built up: Fuselage halves prepped with some etch: Hoping to prime and paint the cockpit tomorrow. Haven't quite decided on colour yet, but I'll play about to see what looks good. More soon. Dave
  5. Finally made a start on this; need to get a move on to get it finished within the GB timeframe! Compressor fan and front landing gear section was assembled. I'm not bothered about painting it as I'll be fitting the etch FOD covers. The pylons were also built up. The fit was iffy and I found that chopping off the locating tabs helped with getting each side to sit more evenly. Still not great though: Cannon pods were then built, again the fit wasn't great. Some tidy up needed. I assembled what I assume is meant to be a BL755 cluster bomb along with the drop tanks. Seams will need cleaned up on both. I also replaced the kit AIM-9s with a pair from a Tamiya F-16 as they're more crisp in detail. I also noticed the exhausts had a terrible seam on them: So I replaced these with a lovely set from Aires: A few more bits to read: I've a question regarding colours if anyone is able to help; what colour is the cockpit? Kinetic's instructions are clear as mud, as usual! More soon. Dave
  6. Back at this one after a lovely week in Madrid and Barcelona. At least it's been sunny (for the most part) in Northern Ireland since I've been back. Anyway, all undercarriage parts have been painted, detailed and given a flat coat. I added some further weathering, aside from a light wash, from a graphite pencil to certain areas. Airframe and remaining parts have been pre-shaded and smoothed, ready for the greys: Hoping to get the greys done this week. Will be a race to get it done before the new deadline but I'll try my best! More soon Dave
  7. Excellent, I should be able to get my F-14 finished within the new timeframe!
  8. Thanks Bo, just finished Cdr Ward's book again and seems they carried them on most sorties to bomb Stanley airport. Looks like there's only a BL755 cluster bomb in the kit so that will have to suffice. There is mention of these weapons being carried too. Think it was a mixture of both Werner, to strike the airfield to continually deny it and to also keep the Argentinians on their toes. That's my interpretation of course!
  9. Thanks Alex! We'll do our best to enjoy ourselves, Tapas and wine, with some Tapas and beer can't be bad!
  10. Slow-ish progress on this one but managed to complete the first lot of sub assemblies over the last couple of days. Firstly, the exhausts were done; base coat of Tamiya Nato Black, petals then masked with the excellent New Ware sheet, then MRP titanium over the top. Inners are white with a good seeing to with the Tamiya weathering sets: Seats were finished next. I added the ejection pulls from the Quinta set and a couple of decals from the kit, which silvered slightly. Next up was the ordnance. From my references, some TARPS pods seemed a bit worn, but not grimy, so I went light with the grey to show some of the base layer of Nato black through. The MK.82s looked pretty grubby, so I added some dirt from a selection of oils. Fuel tanks also nice and grubby looking. Again, a mixture of Flory panel wash and oils used Sorry for the flash, but was hard to make out in plain light. Canopy on, intakes and landing gear areas masked up so the main airframe is now ready for primer: Same for the rest of the bits and pieces: Still plenty to do but getting there! Won't be finished in time for the deadline as I'm away to Madrid and Barcelona next week . More soon and stay safe Dave
  11. Thanks all! @Deano353, the splinter jet was done with decals from Syhart.
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