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  1. You’re quite right Werner, wouldn’t be correct for the VF-31 markings shown on the box. There is an image of that jet carrying a pair (possibly 4) of MK.84s around 1997/8. Can’t find it now! Stephen is correct in saying JDAM only became operational in March 2002 when VF-143 dropped a single weapon over Afghanistan. VF-11 was next. VF-2 was the first D equipped squadron to get JDAM in early 2003. All B/D squadrons were equipped but A equipped squadrons weren’t.
  2. Magic, thanks Dennis. I remember something from my F-8 build but couldn't remember exactly what it was
  3. Just testing you... I knew that of course 🫣
  4. Shall I include you for this one Alex?
  5. Thanks Dennis, did a bit of further research and looks like she possibly did have the plates. I found a good image of 154186 and you can just about make it out at the rear and above the red intake stencil, partially obscured by the yellow markings. Also looks to me like the edging of the U/C doors doesn't have the red paint applied. The leading edges of the wings look metallic possibly? Progress then, the wings were assembled without too much fuss. I retracted the flaps as per some of the images in the Osprey book, but the image above shows both them and the slats deployed! Once set, I added the cannon fairings (note that Eduard have you fit the blanked over fairings, parts D6 & 7, which is incorrect). These aren't a great fit, not lining up with the contours of the wing, so some sanding and sprue goo needed to level them up. Will need to sand that back and re-scribe some lost panel detail. There's also a small hole close to the arrestor hook housing that needs cleaned up. The centre and inner wing pylons, the latter complete with their TERs were also fitted. I'm leaving the outer pylons off as a one will sit over a 'star 'n bar' decal. I noticed as well that the left main U/C pin is a bit taller than the right. So I sanded this back to make them even. The Quickboost FOD inserts required a piece of styrene rod to be attached: Bits and bobs ready for paint. Handily, most of these parts will be sprayed white That's most of the assembly done. Just need to re-scribe some panel lines and add a couple more bits alongside the tidy up I mentioned earlier. More soon. Dave
  6. Cheers! 5 more, we can do this
  7. Long overdue update on this one, but now that the Sea Harrier is off the bench, I have a free run at this one! Fuselage was closed up without too many difficulties and the distinctive hump added. The fit of this was a bit iffy and needed some tidying up, as did a seam line that pretty much ran the entire length of the visible parts of the fuselage. Once I'd sorted that, I added a few bits and bobs followed by the intakes. The fit of the intakes is a bit hit and miss - I had to sand a little off the sides to get a flush fit with the fuselage. I've also noticed that there is some sort of strengthening plate moulded to them: From what I can see (or can't see in this case ) these are not present on F models at all so I need to sand them away. Perhaps someone with a bit more knowledge of the Scooter could appraise me on that one? Finally for now, the 400 gallon tank and election seats arrived from Phase Hanger Resin. Amazing detail and very crisp printing. I just needed to add a beed of PPP around the join on the tank. Hoping to get the wings done tomorrow. Dave
  8. Both on the list! @Enzo the Magnificent, how many do we need to head to the bunfight?
  9. Thanks everyone! I see what you mean but im not too bothered. I fitted the parts in a parked position as per some of the reference images I seen. If the angle is wrong, surgery may have been needed on the kit parts. The fit wasn’t great as it was.
  10. Thanks all! One was wonky, fixed now! Base is from Coastal Kits!
  11. 1/48 Kinetic Sea Harrier FA.2 800 Naval Air Squadron Operation Allied Force, 1999. Build thread Cheers Dave
  12. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Kinetic Sea Harrier FA.2, marked as ZE693 of 800 Naval Air Squadron during Operation Allied Force in 1999. The build thread is below. Extras used included: Aires - exhaust nozzles Black Dog - IFR probe Eduard - Masks and etch Flying Leathernecks - FOD guards Jet Passion - BOL rails Neomega - Ejection seat Quinta - Cockpit set Wells Prop Models - Intakes. The AIM-9s are from a Tamiya F-16 as these are better in detail and profile in comparison to the kit missiles. Paint is from MRP with the weathering coming from a mixture of Abteilung oils, Flory wash and Tamiya sets. The kit was a bit of a pig to build and a lot of work was needed, but I'm glad to have an FA.2 in my collection. With my FRS.1 from a couple of years ago: Thanks for looking. Dave
  13. Well things have moved on swiftly since the last update! Firstly, from looking at my main reference image of ZE693 (shown on page 1), I noticed that there was a '800-7' stencil on the body of the IFR probe. So I dug out some generic Xtradecal numbers and popped them on. Canopy det cord was added with some thinned Tamiya XF-19, with the excess on the clear parts removed with a toothpick. Etch mirror also added: BOL rails and undercarriage was next. The former went on with no issues, as did the front wheel and outriggers. I did have to adjust the main undercarriage and sand the wheels to get the outriggers grounded. Sometime, before all that I got the weathering on. I just went for it this morning and added the last of the bits and bobs. So she's done! More pictures in RFI: Really enjoyed this one, despite it being a fairly poor kit all things considered. Glad to have an FA.2 on my shelf, but a relief to get it finished . As always, thanks to all who commented on/followed the build and a huge thanks to @NG899 for all the information, photos, decals and probe. Cheers Nick! Dave
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