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  1. A good bit of progress today. Firstly the undersides were masked up in preparation for the top colours. Once done, I sprayed on a few light coats of Dark Sea Grey. After about 30 minutes drying time, I set to work with the Top Notch masking set. Generally, this is very good with great flexibility and adhesion, although some areas did need an extra bit of either blu-tack or masking tape to get the right shapes. Some of the masks were a bit off but easily sorted: Then it was on with the Dark Green. Again, two lights coats was all that was needed. Once set, I removed the
  2. Thanks Alex! Other than work, walking the dog and watching the occasional film with the missus, I'm not doing much else at the minute
  3. Thanks mate! From what I can gather, they all did in some shape or form, but like yourself I've no idea what exact pattern/location the one on XX725 was.
  4. Count me in for this one. Have a North African based Spitfire that I was meant to build for a previous GB so would be good to get it done.
  5. Count me in for this one. Have planned a Croatian and Romanian jet for some time now.
  6. I had looked at that; the kit parts are moulded in and don't think they'd be easy to come off. I've spare etch pedals from other kits that I'm going to butcher into place. Not sure if the resin tub is based on the kit parts as it has a separate rear bulkhead and actually has some detail Thanks mate. The decal sheet says that they varied but doesn't provide details for any of the jets or the exact placement of the decals. I'm sure I can guess, but wan't to get accurate information on XX725.
  7. That's great, cheers mate. The resin 'pit is great, lovely detail though I've noticed that mine is missing the rudder pedals! Ah well, they wouldn't have been seen anyway!
  8. Made a start on this one today. Firstly the ordnance was assembled. The fuel tank, Phimat and ECM pod are all from the kit. I had planned to replace the latter with a Hasegawa example but on closer inspection, they are slightly different: I had looked at getting the Flightpath update set, but it's hard to justify £24ish for an ECM pod and a fuel tank. Anyway, the kit part will clean up and suffice. The fuel tank needs some clean up along the seams: I don't know where the bombs came from but the AIM-9s are from a Tamiya F-16. I then moved on and
  9. Not much progress this weekend but did manage to get the Light Aircraft Grey undersides sprayed: Will mask that up and hopefully get the DSG/Green sprayed tomorrow. The MRP colours are great for this sort of scheme as they dry so quickly and are not affected by masking tape, for example you don't get marks on the paint or paint peel. There's still some detail to go into the landing gear wells. More soon and stay safe. Dave
  10. If it's the rear cockpit part you're referring to and not the clear part, the sides should sit flush with the fuselage. I'm not sure how the canopy will sit closed as I didn't test fit it in that way. The whole spine and airbrake assembly is probably the worst fitting part of the kit.
  11. Cheers Mark. Having looked at them a few times, they're not great. Luckily Aires do a nice looking resin set, complete with masks. I'll pick up a couple of sets of those for my next two builds. (FG.1 of 892NAS and FGR.2 of either 29 Sqn or 1435 flight.)
  12. Thanks mate. They could well have done, but definitely not in this boxing from what I can see! Cheers mate. The Xtradecal stencils are a necessary addition I feel.
  13. Didn't quite get as much done today as I'd hoped, sidetracked with other bits and pieces. Anyway, the pre-shade is done (rough as a badgers backside as usual ) and the nose cone fully sprayed. That just needs masked up before moving on: Moved on and painted the fuel tanks. I added some heavy oil staining in one or two places as per some pictures I have seen, including a few in the previously shown magazine: Light Aircraft Grey and Dark Sea Grey from MRP. Oils were the usual mix of Abteilung. (I have noticed the LAG overspray on the
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