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  1. Hello all, I'm putting together parts for a 1/48 Chinook project, kitted up as a MERT/IRT machine in Afghanistan. I did build one years ago but cannot locate any of my references. I'll be marking it as ZA718 'BN'. I believe this machine was with 18 Sqn in Afghanistan. Would anyone have any pictures of the interior of the MERT Chinook? I'm looking for ideas of medical kit placement, colours and so on. Any cockpit pictures would also be great to allow me to see the instrument panel layout and were the aircrews weapons would be stored. I've seen a f
  2. @Troy Smith thanks for the information, exactly what I needed. Would you have any pictures of underside weathering for the Africa machines? You provided me with one for my MK.1 build and it was grimy enough! Thanks again mate!
  3. Thanks mate. Has gone together fairly quickly. The tidy up of the wing join will take some care and attention now though!
  4. More done. Stabilisers and tail wheel fitted before getting the wings fitted to the fuselage, the join of which is a bit iffy to put it nicely. Filler required here and on the join lines on the front upper fuselage. The wings themselves cleaned up nicely. More soon. Dave
  5. Finally made a start on this. Cockpit first - a simple affair which is spiced up a bit with the addition of the Eduard instrument panel and seat belts. A light wash and some weathering also added. Didn't do too much as I only realised when building that the canopy is a closed only option so most of the interior detail will be hard to see. Fuselage halves painted and the front portions fitted. Again some detailing and weathering added: Wings next. The cannon housings were a bit of and iffy fit and will need a dab of filler and some s
  6. 1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat 'Mil Killer' BuNo 162603, VF-1 'Wolfpack' USS Ranger Build thread Cheers Dave
  7. Thanks chaps! @RMP2, the dual rails are included in the kit.
  8. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat in the markings of VF-1 'Wolfpack'. BuNo 162603 scored the Tomcat's 5th, and last, air to air 'kill' in US Navy service when on the 6th February 1991, pilot Lt Stuart 'Meat' Broce and VF-1’s commanding officer, CDR Ron “Bongo” McElraft, shot down an Iraqi Mil-8 helicopter using an AIM-9 Sidewinder whilst escorting a daylight airstrike over Kuwait. Extras used included Quickboost resin seats, Quickboost TCS pod, Phase Hanger Resin ECM bumps, Steel Beach vinyl tail stiffeners, Master pitot tube and Fighter
  9. Finished: Happy with how this one turned out. It's been on my every growing list of F-14s to complete. As I've mentioned numerous times throughout, the Tamiya kit is an absolute joy to build and, as far as I'm concerned, is the best kit in terms of fit and ease of build that is currently in production. We just need that B model to complete the range and make many a Tomcat fan (like myself) very happy indeed. As always, thanks to all who commented/followed the build. More pictures in RFI: Cheers and stay safe
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