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  1. Decals on. I had an issue with the Xtradecal tail markings, so had to use the Tamiya ones; they're not 100% for this airframe but will have to suffice. Micro set was used on a few to get them to settle properly. Will seal them all in with a clear coat and leave for a few days. In the meantime, I found a nice shot of X4474: Net photo. More soon. Dave
  2. Up early this morning for a run with the dog so thought I may as well crack on with the spit. I sprayed on the green - I went for Tamiya XF-81 in the end as the Mig colour looked a touch too bright. The AML vinyl masks were very good to work with. Once that had cured, I sprayed the sky on the undersides. Left for a few hours then added some paint chipping on the wings and around the cockpit before popping on the exhausts and landing gear doors. Finally, a top coat of MRP gloss went on: A question on the decals if I may; Xtradecal show this machine with small roundels on the undersides, right at the edge: I can't seem to find many pictures, certainly no clear ones. Would this Spitfire have carried these in late summer 1940? The two wartime options in the Kit do not have any roundels on the undersides. Cheers Dave
  3. I might have to look at some of their other colours for the jets. Very impressed with them. Nice build too mate! EDIT: I've just done a test spray and the green looks a little too light to my eyes? Might have to try some Tamiya XF-81.
  4. Made a brief start on this one today by building up all the ordnance etc: Tanks and AMRAAMs from the kit, GBU-38s from an Academy F-15, APKWS (LAU-68) from a Tamiya Skyraider and the Sniper pod from Hasegawa weapons set E. More soon. Dave
  5. More done on the Spitfire. Windshield went on a few days ago along with the kit provided masks. Cockpit and landing gear masked up then the kit was given a coat of Tamiya primer: Paint mask and paints: Decided to go with the brown to start. This is my first time using Mig paints and the brown went on very nicely indeed: Spinner and exhaust stacks painted: For those in the know, would the spinner have much weathering about it? Don't want to go overboard. Will get the green on tomorrow. Dave
  6. 1/48 Hasegawa EA-18G Growler VAQ-132 'Scorpions' Operation 'Odyssey Dawn', Libya 2011. Build thread Cheers Dave
  7. Calling this one done. More pictures in the gallery and RFI here Thanks to all who commented/followed. Dave
  8. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Hasegawa EA-18G 'Growler' in the markings of VAQ-132 'Scorpions' during operation 'Odyssey Dawn' over Libya in 2011. The build thread as part of 'The Specialists' Group Build is here Extras used included a Wolfpack Designs cockpit set, Steel Beach FOD covers, Eduard canopy mirrors, AGM-88s HARMs from a Tamiya F-16 and AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles from an Academy F-15. The model was painted using Mr Paint Lacquers and sealed with Mr Paint's varnish. Fantastic stuff. Weathering added using home made washes in random areas as per images of Super Hornets/Growlers when deployed. Thanks for looking. Dave
  9. Thanks Rich! I have to agree about the Mr Paint stuff. It is just excellent. I've never used a gloss and matt that go on so well and dry so quickly. Fantastic stuff.
  10. More done this morning. Gave the model a coat of MRP's matt varnish. It is also fantastic. I left it to cure for about an hour then added the exhausts, ejection seats and FOD covers. A bit more light weathering was also added. Just the ordnance and canopy to add. Dave
  11. Thanks Werner. They are indeed the kit decals - very thick and a bugger to get off the backing paper. I think Furball also offer this scheme on one of their sheets.
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