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  1. DaveJL

    Current RAF Typhoon tail codes

    Thanks chaps, Thanks for the link, very handy! I've ordered a few decal sheets and a generic set of white numbers to allow me to do the tail codes. My plan is to build a jet in either 1(F) or 6 Sqn markings with full QRA load including Meteors, then the other devoid of markings for Op Shader.
  2. DaveJL

    Current RAF Typhoon tail codes

    Thanks chaps. I'll haver to try and source tail numbers now to bring my builds up to date! Dave
  3. DaveJL

    Current RAF Typhoon tail codes

    Hello all, I'm planning on building a couple of Eurofighters soon, one being a 6 Sqn QRA jet with Meteors fitted. The only available decals (Xtradecal) that I can see have letters on the tail codes -ED etc. However from some pictures, all jets now seem to have a 3 digit numeric code on the tail. Is this fleet wide? Also, does anyone know the current Squadron/tail code of the following jets? ZK306 ZK316 ZK326 From what I can see, the option available for a 6 Sqn jet from Xtradecal, ZK306, is no longer with that squadron. One final question, the recent image of a jet fitted with the Meteors - does anyone know what Squadron this jet was from? Any help appreciated. Cheers Dave
  4. Agree with what Bobski has said - The GWH kit looks outstanding, I've 2 in the stash to build. If money is an issue, Revell. If not, GWH. I've built 6 Revell F-15Es - a great kit, fit is excellent as is the detail, but as exdraken has said, needs some parts to bring it top to modern spec. The GWH kit has everything (my one gripe is that there isn't a bigger selection of bombs - but there are plenty available elsewhere.)
  5. Thanks Alex. Don't think I'll get this one done in time, I had it In my head that the deadline was the 19th! Dave
  6. Fuel tanks done; with decals from the Fightertown sheet, Flory Models wash for the panel lines and a home made wash for the fuel stains/weathering: Will hopefully have the airframe painted and ready to decal in the next week or so. Dave
  7. Managed a bit more over the last few days, with work mainly on the sub assemblies. Pylons all painted and given a panel line wash. From the few pictures I have of these jets during OEF, it looks like the front of the forward fuselage pylons are FS36270 (Medium grey - same as the rest of the airframe) with the rear portions and aft pylons in FS36375 (Light Ghost Grey): BOL rails also FS36375. Landing gear: Quickboost seats, with Tamiya ejection handles and decals: Exhausts: For the ordnance, once painted, I used a mixture of decals. I wanted to add some bomb 'graffiti' to the GBU-24, as a lot of bombs were adorned with various messages of goodwill and with the air and ground crews wanting to send their regards. I have a decal sheet from an old Fightertown set: Also needed to use some Furball decals for the LANTIRN pod and GBU-24: Ordnance with decals added, panel wash and some weathering on the GBU-24: You can see a couple of the 'graffiti' decals on the bomb and here is a shot of the other side, adorned with 'special delivery' and 'FDNY' - milder than one of the messages on the reverse! That's the majority of sub assemblies done, bar the fuel tanks which should be completed tomorrow. The airframe is just about ready for paint. Earlier in the thread I was doubting that the jet was overall 'medium grey' however I found the below image of the CAG jet online, which was taken shortly after the Squadron returned home from the cruise: VF-41 airframe colour Looks like medium grey to me! More soon. Dave
  8. DaveJL

    1/35 Stug IV, Eastern Front, Winter '43/44

    Not yet Stix, will be finishing my F-14 first, so probably be a couple of weeks before I get stuck in!
  9. DaveJL

    RIAT 2019 - Looking for advice

    Heading again this year myself, hope the weather is as good as 2018! I've booked a good hotel in Stroud for not much money and the rental car is only a few quid too.
  10. Very nice mate. I'm doing the same sort of thing at the moment.
  11. DaveJL

    Modelcollect B-52H Sprues

    Allan beat me to it! They allow for carriage of bombs under the wings; as far as I can see, the kit only comes with cruise missiles. The BUFF can carry 6x 2000lb GBU-31 JDAMs on each, to list another example. Modelcollect have stated (on a thread over on ARC) that they will release a set of the HSABs along with a targeting pod and pylon.
  12. DaveJL

    Modelcollect B-52H Sprues

    Thanks for posting, looks very good. Just have to wait until it's available in the UK then wait for the HSABs to make an appearance.
  13. DaveJL

    VF-41 Bombcat

    As Giorgio has said, 2x GBU-16s were carried by the jets (the F/A-18s that lazed the targets also had the same ordnance). A pair of AIM-9s were carried, not sure of any other A2A ordnance (AIM-7/54) on the shoulder stations but it is quite possible that they did. The CO who flew the mission was Cdr Bob Brauer - he possibly flew BuNo 160898 (Currently on display at the Palm Springs Air Museum, California) which was the first jet to actually drop its bombs in anger (according to the museum). I'm sure Giorgio will turn up more information, that's just what I could find from a couple of references I have.
  14. Thanks chaps. Easy fix and as you say doesn't require any aftermarket. The kit cockpit is as good as you'll get in plastic in any case. Have made some more progress over the last few days. One major addition is that of the single TCS pod, which is not included in either boxing of the Tamiya kit. Luckily Quickboost do a lovely example. Includes a clear red piece for the navigation light. Fitted: Windshield and RIOs coaming fitted: Intakes were fitted along with, what has been the trickiest of jobs, fitting the ECM blisters to the wing glove area. The resin is fine, it's just a bit of a fiddle getting the pieces to sit correctly. After much faffing, I was able to blend them in with some filler: Note the intakes have been painted. The jet was overall 'Medium Grey' FS35237, however out of the pot this looked too dark to me, so I added several drops of white to brighten it a bit. Still looks a tad too dark to me, but hey, that's the colour the Fightertown sheet lists! Fuselage halves paired: Note the slot for the defunct antenna on the upper fuselage just aft of the GPS dome has been filled in (in a non violent way!). Other dabs of filler are there just to clean up join areas; not an issue with the kit, just my modelling! A few small bits to clean up then it's ready for paint. More soon. Dave