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  1. RJP

    F104 Noseweight?

    It's probably best to dry assemble it first and set it on its wheels. If you still aren't sure then a bit of weight won't hurt; with that long nose it won't take much. I'm thinking a bit of Plasticscene would do the trick.
  2. RJP

    Airfix Lancaster help

    I believe the turret fairing came in a couple of different forms so perhaps that's where the problem is. Which kit number are we dealing with? Airfix have offered several Lancasters over the years and there are kit differences although as Chris noted D3 and D4 are for the current one. FWIW both Hasegawa and Revell Germany had alternative parts for the exact same area in their kits. In general it's useful to know that, as noted above, the essential difference between a Mk I and a Mk III was the engine fit. This extends to the Canadian production Mk X and all three were visually identical. A modeller able to tell one from another without a serial check qualifies for a job as a chicken sexer. That said, the Lancaster had any number of incremental changes that were, or could be, applied across the marks. Turrets and blisters, props and bomb bay doors to name just the most obvious. The common dictum of building to a photo applies.
  3. RJP

    247 Sqn Hawker Typhoon

    I'd be interested in the McNair footage - is there a link you can share? What date was the incident? Same squadron, that might provide a good clue or two for the OP's inquiry.
  4. RJP

    Italeri F 104 1:72 Nose weight?

    A couple of suggestions - dry build the major pieces and set it on its wheels. If it settles convincingly nose down you're good to go. Even if you don't think you must weight the nose, what's to stop you stuffing the nose cap with a half ounce of steel nuts in a lump of clay?
  5. Re: the Canadian postal situation. These are rotating postal strikes, a day at a time, here and there. Enough to annoy the public but not enough to do any real harm. The situation is putting a crimp in the Christmas season though I see it didn't stop the Sheriff here in Toronto from issuing me a summons to jury duty. Canada Post have asked foreign postal services to hold shipments to Canada. Back to work legislation is now before the House but has not yet been passed. It's a majority government so passage could come very quickly.
  6. RJP

    How to fix overthinned paint?

    The worst possible case seems to be the total loss - of a single bottle of paint. You have already seen the error inherent in guessing the amount of thinner to use. How can you know how much new paint to add to get where you want to be? You would be better off getting a new bottle and using the over-thinned mixture to thin it, rather than the other way 'round. You will lessen the possibility of a repeat that way. Slow and easy works every time.
  7. RJP

    US NAVY CH-46 Question

    You can always select the text and paste it into the address bar. Or, in Windows 10 at least, you can select the link, right click. The dialog box lets you "Go to" the link. Lovely shot when you get there. Edit: Ha! Now there's an error message. It's an auction site, I wonder . . .
  8. The white shadow on the roundel makes it look a bit like Type C, but that doesn't account for the fin flash. I believe you are looking at a B roundel, overpainted from the original Type A1. If that is the case, we might be seeing a less than opaque bit of red there. Has anyone checked the dates of 85 using Hurricanes in the night role? I believe they were taking on their first Havocs by early 1941, so still within the period of Type A/A1 roundels and flashes. But when did the last Hurricanes go?
  9. RJP

    Blenheim camouflage

    I have done some monkeying in Photoshop and the serial comes up as L4823. L4823 is listed by MJF Bowyer as a Mk I.
  10. RJP

    Lancaster tropical radiators.

    Hyperlink doesn't seem automatic in Chrome either but one can still copy and paste. That works as advertised.
  11. RJP

    Lancaster tropical radiators.

    A link to another exposure, a bit sharper, that seems to be the same occasion: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8270787@N07/8437676170 There is lots of good detail there. Four machines with at least 3 nose paint designs in three different shades of blue. One prop has black blades, one is NMF. Are those Lincoln wheels? And aerials galore.
  12. RJP

    Boston III gunners position

    No, it slid forward inside the fuselage, below the fixed section. A link to a 418 Sqn machine., you'll need to scroll down a ways: http://warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=54248&mobile=on
  13. RJP

    Airfix 1/72 Dornier DO17 discontinued?

    I have the Monogram in the stash and had a look at it recently. I was again impressed at the cleanliness of the mouldings, the lack of flash and the clarity of the glassware. A simple kit with no drama - typical Monogram of the period. I ought to stir my stumps and get it started.
  14. RJP

    Upper wing roundel sizes for Martinet and Reliant

    Here is a Wikipedia link to W8825, a Master sporting upper wing roundels in two different sizes. One can speculate as to the reason - a shift in standards or perhaps damage repair - but it would make an interesting model. Edit: I also see a non-standard A1 on the fuselage.
  15. RJP

    Revell P-70 Missing Parts HELP!

    Do you have recourse to the vendor? You are aware that Revell in the US has gone belly? One suspects there is nobody home to answer. There has been much ballyhoo on the 'net but I haven't kept up with it. I think I'd just pony up for a second kit and chalk it up to experience.