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  1. RJP

    Airfix 1/72 Dornier DO17 discontinued?

    I have the Monogram in the stash and had a look at it recently. I was again impressed at the cleanliness of the mouldings, the lack of flash and the clarity of the glassware. A simple kit with no drama - typical Monogram of the period. I ought to stir my stumps and get it started.
  2. RJP

    Upper wing roundel sizes for Martinet and Reliant

    Here is a Wikipedia link to W8825, a Master sporting upper wing roundels in twp different sizes. One can speculate as to the reason - a shift in standards or perhaps damage repair - but it would make an interesting model. Edit: I also see a non-standard A1 on the fuselage.
  3. RJP

    Revell P-70 Missing Parts HELP!

    Do you have recourse to the vendor? You are aware that Revell in the US has gone belly? One suspects there is nobody home to answer. There has been much ballyhoo on the 'net but I haven't kept up with it. I think I'd just pony up for a second kit and chalk it up to experience.
  4. RJP

    RAAF Vengeance colours, US Dupont MAP colours?

    It seems Vultee was fully engaged in producing the BT-13/SNV Valiant at their California plant so the bulk of the Vengeance orders was built in Nashville. Tennessee at the Stinson plant. Nashville is a lot closer to the east coast than the west. I wonder how they sourced their materials?
  5. RJP

    B-17F to a B-17E

    The tailplane revision was part of the general rear fuselage redesign made for the first E model. The bit everyone notices is the vertical tail but the tailplanes changed then, not later. The staggered waist guns came during later G production. Not to say an F couldn't have been retrofitted - stranger things have happened, especially with the B-17.
  6. RJP

    B-17F to a B-17E

    It's also worth knowing that the paddle-bladed prop was introduced during F production. That meant (IIRC) that the forward lip of the cowling needed to change shape, made subtly blunter to accommodate the prop when feathered. I do not know when the change was made but the usual reference to photographs of your subject . . .
  7. RJP

    Spitfire 20mm Cannon colours

    The picture is posted here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8270787@N07/4674411354 Etienne's caption says it's JG726, being cannibalised after a collision with a Hudson. I couldn't help but notice the red of the fin flash looks orange. Maybe a trick of the light, or the elapsed time, but another little detail. Also, the formerly yellow leading edge, not seen much in the desert. A repaint, I guess?
  8. Some details of the service history of W2531 are listed here: http://www.rwrwalker.ca/RCAF_6750_6799_detailed.htm I'm not sure when it assumed its 4-digit RCAF identity. I'd have thought it was when taken on charge but it seems still to have had its RAF serial a year after that.
  9. RJP

    Hampden MkII X3115 - undersurface

    Dating myself with this reference off my shelf but William Green (Famous Bombers (second series). . . 1960) recorded X3115 as having been with 415 Squadron so it also looks like testing with a squadron? 415 formed at Thorney Island in August 1941 as a torpedo bomber unit. The dates Green gives, "1940 to the end of 1943" are a bit too broad but the squadron attachment (not to mention their designated role) does open up discussion of the underside colour.
  10. I have been kind to a breeding pair of incontinent American robins (I kid you not, turdus migratorius) and did not evict them last year when they bombed my black car and nested on my bathroom window sill. I even put up with the editorials from the male who thought I was a danger. My young granddaughter is fascinated. They are back this year and are nesting on a ladder I have stored on the back wall of the house. The chicks are hatched now and I expect to have two more clutches (litters?) of grandbirds in coming weeks.
  11. I've had a look and found exactly one yellow one with the later windscreen, potted cowlings and AW turret: http://image-bank.techno-science.ca/databases/image_bank/dig_image.cfm?Lang=e&id=KM1927 There is a second picture in Avro Anson I II III IV X by Alan W Hall and Eric Taylor. And Mike Keep illustrated it in the December 1987 SAM article. I have it in the back of my mind that Airfix included it as an option on one of their many re-releases but can't put my hand on it. 6013 (née N9943) served the RCAF at Camp Borden in 1940. By winter 1941 it had gone to Rockcliffe and was rebuilt as the prototype for the plywood fuselage of the Mk V as 8649X. Me, I'd try the one with the stripes if I had the eyesight and the skill.
  12. Photograph here: http://www.airliners.net/photo/UK-Air-Force/Avro-652A-Anson-I/2552625/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwkAMRe%2BStRupWOlOL6ALLxCSTy3WzpAJ6FB6d%2BPg7vEevJUkLY6P32sGDVTAJg/aUWbjV6FhpSfqO5kG03I49X3EkswvNYSy4yyC7NC/v5rCfglF2meM7z4AdmtM3TG8TiXP3B5wnmbati/oKS3j That's N4877 G-AMDA.
  13. RJP

    Revell Lancaster Mk I/III & Heinkel 117

    I am glad to see that's the new Lancaster kit. The old one had a lot that was wrong and this one is very nice. As an aside, if you got 15 kits for 20 Euros, what were the other 13?
  14. RJP

    Hurricane MK1 Airfix 1:72 night fighter

    Two different serials are in play here. Which are we talking about and what about provenance of the information?
  15. Yes, I'm in Toronto and Monogram have always been fairly plentiful. I've had one of theirs in the stash forever. There must have been some reason I didn't build it back then. but can only recall that it had Monogram's then-standard fine raised panel lines and a very clear canopy, the latter something of an epiphany after years of polishing out Airfix Lancasters and Spitfires.