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  1. The 3D rivet sets for the Zvezda C-130H, have come up on EBay, seller is ekatsmir. Previously these were only available if you ordered a Zvezda C-130 from Arma Models (not Arma Hobby). They go fast, although last time they sold out, they were again relisted. Thanks to @Scooby for spotting these.
  2. The previous posts about the Canuck 1/72 CC-130 decals are for those who might have that sheet in their possession. Unfortunately, Canuck was folded up a few years ago, so they are not available any longer. For any of you who want to do an RCAF CC-130E/H in the late full colour scheme, @26Decals has their 1/72 screen printed decals at the printer. Although it states CC-130E, you may also do the first 5 H models as well. So from 130305-130333. http://www.26decals.com/epages/62035508.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62035508/Products/STS7215 For any of you who want to do
  3. Hi @Karl737. Did you mean Argus decals? I have the Canuck decals for the 1/72 CC-130, I have not used them because I was originally going to have to do a lot of work, getting the Airfix kit spruced up. The Zvezda kit has changed that, although I will be going to town on my Canadian one, so it will be some time before I get to the decal stage. I will pull the Canuck decals out and test on a scrap wing with sections I won’t be using. I will report the results here, when I finish. Take care and stay safe. Jeff Update. I have cut out and applied to the wing. No issues with cracking
  4. To break the monotony, I have a funny Herk related story. If you are at all queezy about wounds and blood, stop here. This took place at CFB Namao just north of Edmonton Alberta, during the winter of 78/79. Aside from working on the Herk’s, there were other duties that you could volunteer for. Such as, search and rescue etc. On one occasion I had volunteered to be a casualty in a crash simulation. This was done to enable the practices involved to be carried out with no harm being done. Medical personnel, made us up using morticians wax and chicken bones. There were 6 of us “casualt
  5. I don’t think Zvezda expected the C-130 to sell out. I have 2 en route from Moscow, I ordered these even before Hannant’s had them. I ordered the 3rd from the local HS, but I doubt I will see it until next year. @Scooby already received his 2 from Hannant’s, we are both in the great white north. I have ordered the “Bring It” resin props and prop decals, they are spectacular, in a word. After looking at the reference photos by @LN-KEH, “Bring It”, really nailed the props and markings, especially the cuffs. I will be ordering the stressed skin control surfaces when they become available, they ar
  6. If you are not picky and don’t know or care a lot about C-130’s then they may “walk alongside”. However, having been “ intimate” with real C-130’s, I can only say that the flaws on the Zvezda kit are very easily correctable. If you want to correct the more serious flaws in the Italeri kit, you might as well get the Zvezda kit. The amount of time and money you would spend on aftermarket resin to correct the Italeri kit, notwithstanding the serious correction to the fuselage cross section, for which there is no aftermarket, makes the Zvezda kit clearly the leader. Personally, before the ann
  7. Thanks for the incredible photos @LN-KEH. These are extremely useful, and again the pattern of the anti slip patches on the cargo floor are the same as the E’ and H’s I worked on, like the Microdisign etched cargo floor. I only wish it was full length. If only I had the foresight to take these kind of photos back in the 70’s. Thanks to you, we now have excellent interior references to work with. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the link @RichG. These are extremely useful for anyone detailing the interior. Being able to see the rear of the flight deck, with the bunks and escape hatch, the trash bin, etc. brought back many happy memories.
  9. Eduard C-130 sets are up for preorder at the big H. I like that Eduard have done an ADS (Air Delivery System), I imagine you will have to supply the rod or tube stock for the rollers. The floor is nice, only the black anti slip patches need to be painted. Unfortunately, the pattern of the anti slip patches seems to differ quite a bit on the real thing, so if you are picky, you might want to check reference images, for the Herk you are doing. This set limits you on your Herk to model, having to match the anti slip patches pattern. With the “Microdisign” cargo floor section, the pattern of
  10. The ADS (Air Delivery System), is nice to see, although you probably have to supply the tubes to make the rollers.
  11. Thanks @Scooby, I will have to check out what Eduard is doing, as I will have my CC-130 opened up as much as possible. I am looking into getting a plotter, and one of the first things I would cut masks for, is the anti slip patches on the cargo floor. The patterns for the anti slip patches is different, depending on the time line and user, so if someone else does this, they may or may not be applicable to the Herk you choose to model. I can pose the ramp down, door up, para doors up, crew door down, cut out and open the flight deck escape hatch, the two windows that opened inwards. I dou
  12. Hi Karl, CC-130E 130313 would have been in the scheme you described, as would any of the others up to and including CC-130E 130328. Belcher Bits belcherbits.com will be doing the most comprehensive CC-130 decals in 1/72 eventually. If you go to the site, there are PDF files for the instructions on the 1/48 CC-130 sheet, with some very good information on all of the schemes up to current. The 1/72 sheet would be much the same as the 1/48. The photo in Jan’s link is in Royal Canadian Air Force markings. It is the same as the scheme you describe, except for the lettering, and the R was removed f
  13. Thanks for the update, beautiful workmanship on the control surfaces, they look just as I remember them, and will really show up on glossy or bare metal C-130’s. I will purchase these, when they become available. Hopefully the 3D rivet sets will be available soon.
  14. Hi Владимир Мишонин, I have a question about your resin stressed skin control surfaces. They really look like the real thing! Will you be doing a set for the Zvezda C-130? Or are the current ones for Italeri C-130 adaptable? I don’t have an Italeri kit to compare. Also I don’t have Facebook, and many others are not using Facebook anymore. If the information was on Instagram, then I could see it. Thanks for your input. Here are a couple of photos of the stressed skin control surfaces, for the benefit of those who haven’t seen them.
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