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  1. I agree, the Roden kit is far superior to the hobbycrap kit. The decals in the hobbycrap kit weren’t that great either, I had both. The wings were the obstacle that prevented me from building mine years ago. I think most model manufacturers have a better understanding of the fabric and how it’s attached now. I would really like to see decals for Fernand Chavannes SPAD XIII, the spider and web are quite striking, just want them from a decal manufacturer, not Roden. Jeff
  2. This is very tempting, It would be my first Meng kit. Normally not much of an F-18 fan, however we get a lot of noise here from NAS Whidbey. When the EA-18G Growler’s take off on 07, we hear the rumbling of the afterburners big time, some people think it’s an earth tremor! NAS Whidbey is about 45km from here. They also fly over, albeit at altitude. I do miss the Prowler, not as noisy but looked nice flying in pairs. The crew figures look nice, the JHMCS is a nice option for the helmet. For me, seated crew negate the addition of the remove before flight tags and pins. From experience, USN didn’t shut down until you put all the pins in and I don’t fancy hanging all the tags. Lots of colourful CAG birds to do. Jeff
  3. He’s already done a few sets over 1,000 pieces and he is only 7! He now wants to start modelling, so he built his first snap kit, the Meng cartoon B-17. I am thrilled
  4. Aircraft Maintenance personnel wore white coveralls in the Canadian Forces at least during the 70’s,80’s. When I was in servicing, snag crew, we wore white usually dirty. We had a brand new clean set in our lockers, only to be worn during VIP visits. The VIP’s must have thought that we hardly did anything, with perfectly clean white coveralls! Jeff
  5. The B-23 in 1/72 hadn’t crossed my mind, some one else mentioned it in this thread, and then I saw your post. I would love to have a B-23 also. I think it was the best looking bomber to sport those beautiful wings. Hughes HK-1 in 1/48=80”ws. Very doable. A couple of local chaps built their own electric Martin Mars, they fly very realistically. Jeff
  6. 90€….phewww My grandsons LEGO sets cost more than that, phewww
  7. Tan Model has a 1/48 Cessna T-37 Tweet listed on SM as a 2020 release, but I can’t find it anywhere and I am not sure of the medium Monogram’s A-37’s are all on there, with a time line including Hasegawa’s boxing etc. I had the kit years ago and although it had raised details, it looked pretty good in SEA Camouflage. You would have to remove a lot of stuff to make a clean Tweet. I also spotted a Trumpeter 1/48 A-37, I don’t know anything about it, other than it probably has recessed details. Jeff
  8. These are the C-130 stressed skin control surfaces in resin by Bring It! They arrived yesterday and I just had to do something to show off the details in photos. All I have done, is to put a very little amount of SNJ aluminium powder on a cotton swab and buff a little. This isn’t the final finish, just enough to show off the stressed skin effect and super fine details. The Ailerons and Elevators are handed left and right, this is because there are actually drain holes on the under surfaces! This is top level resin! Not a single bubble or pit, the trailing edges are sharp and straight. Notice the rivets on the tabs and trailing edges, as well as the piano hinges. The inside edges of the elevator ends and rudder feature full details as well. Also the static dissipaters are provided as photo etch, and the details on those little guys are amazing. These are the rubber covered rope type with the frayed ends, so you can bend them to represent the natural sag. The ailerons are moulded as fullspan for the earlier Herk’s, you just need to remove the tip at the panel joint. I also have the prop decals, props and exhausts from “Bring It!” All to the same high standards. These are spectacular! Jeff
  9. A: I have faith in Kotare to keep the price reasonable (Which can also be dangerous haha). B: No one has crummy model skills, only different. They are quoting “ease of assembly”, and even if you didn’t paint it, (I can hear the groans, just making a point. It should still look remarkable just for the beautiful form, and fidelity of surface details. As an aside, I remember the fellow that had a review magazine back in the early 90’s MM? Three Geese Publishing. I am sure someone will remember the name. However what I noticed about the kits that he assembled (only to check for fit and accuracy) was a very thin coat of flat aluminium paint on all the surfaces while still on the sprues. It worked extremely well, showing off every minute detail or blemish very clearly. I kind of wish this treatment would still be used on review sprues, especially when the plastic is shiny light grey. It makes a huge difference. BTW I’m not a sales representative for Kotare. Haha Jeff
  10. I have read your article J-W, and you are a miracle worker! It’s a magnificent job considering what you had to work with! I have seen that Roden has released one in 1/144 injection moulded, looks good, except panel trenches are a bit deep for that scale. A few good coats of paint would help. I think only the TWA version is available. The Bat Project kit is my Christmas present, otherwise I continue with B-17’s. Jeff
  11. I was lucky enough to have sold mine, I don’t know about yours, but my fuselage was moulded in about 6 different colours! I have the Bat Project Pan Am version on the way. I may have to acquire the other three ASAP, they are limited to 150 copies of each boxing! Not only have Bat Project produced a vastly superior kit than Maquette, you can do all of the different variations. I hope no one is going to make a “Cosmic Muffin” from the Bat kit! Jeff
  12. This is looking incredibly incredible! Again, the parts breakdown is brilliant, and the alignment of the parts is catering to little or no filler. These fine people know what they are doing. If they had included the engine with details and the guns in gun bays, the price would be reflected in that. The three key things that most modellers desire, Accuracy, detail and ease of assembly are very apparent. I look forward to seeing the surface details and their approach to it. A serious Spitfire modeller will probably outfit the model with all manner of aftermarket details, and they will no doubt cost as much as the base kit or more. Kotare’s approach should give most modellers an affordable and incredible looking Spitfire model without the added costs. I am more than excited for Kotare! Jeff
  13. I get what you are saying, and I respect your perspective. The kits I listed have all been kitted, (DHC-2, DHC-3, DHC-6, Norseman) however, they’re not very accurate or up to today’s standards. There’s a saying that we used in aviation refinishing, when referring to terrible paint work, “Good from far, but far from good”. That saying pretty much applies to just about everything, including some of my older models haha The Mashbox 1/72 Norseman is an example, it is very inaccurate. I purchased the Chorozy resin kit, which is far superior, however it is a resin kit, not an injection moulded plastic kit. I chose to include them because I would like to have an accurate kit of them in injection moulded plastic, with realistic surface details, which has not been done so far. In my personal opinion, nobody has kitted what I have wished for. I am sure there are hundreds of esoteric subjects that have never been kitted in any mediums, and we can all wish for them. If no one makes their wishes known, said kit may never see the light of day. This forum is an excellent venue to make your wishes known, and I think Alan has a good idea going here. “We’re all in this together”, and it’s wonderful here on BM Jeff
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