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  1. A bit of trivia I can share. I like this project very much. Certainly one of the most iconic war movies to come out of the 60’s, with so many great quotes. The Hurricane in the movie belonged to a good friend of my family, Bob Diemert. I first saw it in Carman Manitoba, shortly after he purchased it for $85 from a farmer, in the state as seen in the black and white photo. He flashed it up for my dad, and I can remember running away like a scared rabbit! The in flight photo is how it looked after he restored it to flying condition. The codes RE-D were his initials…Robert Edward Diemert (pronounced dee-mert) no french accent. It was not related to the famous “BiBi” RE-D p3039. He flew it in the movie, then sold it for $250,000, this allowed him to fund an expedition to New Guinea where he acquired some Japanese aircraft wrecks (that’s another story!) I look forward to seeing the project! Jeff
  2. I knew that, but what I didn’t know was that Jay’s sold separate ones for types I had purchased a whole set of Falcon for. Good things come from NZ! Jeff
  3. In the same way that this is not the old Airfix, or Revell, or Stevens, or Horizon, or Humbrol haha. It would be nice if they had all of the original stuff, but most of it has been superseded by newer and better products. He kept the name, some of the old products, and new products under the Squadron label. In this day and age I can only admire someone who takes the initiative to keep something alive for all of us much older and pickier modellers. Jeff
  4. Duly noted. I’ll just stick to B-17’s Jeff
  5. I tried to put this in current news, but I probably don’t have enough posts to do that, admins please move this to the correct forum if you wish. Just received an email this morning from Squadron MMD. They are under new ownership and now based in Georgia. Quite a lengthy email, from the new owner, saying a bit about himself and more. The website is up and running and looks good. I remember ordering from them in the 70’s through their adds in the magazines. Also dealt with the wholesale MMD for many years. Squadron products are back, including a new In Action. I wish them well. This is good news here in North America. Give them a look. Squadron.com Jeff
  6. Tripping over my heels on the runway. Seriously, having to pull yourself away from the model, to eat, sleep, and do other non modelling things. Jeff
  7. Also might check tupelov98 on ebay (not cheap) or ultracast (not cheap) Dave Koss is darkcloud.403 now Jeff
  8. Rivet placement instructions for @128fiddler I will post a scan of the now unavailable rivet decals as soon as I can get it scanned. If you can scan the decal sheet and post it here @Scooby that would be a help, otherwise I have to wait for my daughter, as my scanner is unavailable right now. I am not sure what the heavy black rectangular areas are on the fuselage, behind the paradoors and under the tail behind the cargo door. I don’t recall seeing anything like that back in my C-130 days. Jeff
  9. I haven’t seen the rivet decals offered since, don’t know if they are still available, separately or with the order of a Zvezda C-130. Mine were purchased from eBay seller ekatsmir, whom is no longer a registered user. I can’t even find Arma Models (Russia) anymore in a google search. I have one set left, which I won’t be using, as I have purchased a set of Rosie the Riveter tools. Practicing with them, I find them much easier to use than I thought, and faster. if you’re still interested in the rivet decal set, I will part with my last one for what I paid for it plus shipping. PM me if you want them. Jeff
  10. I have been practicing with my Rosie the Riveter tools, I think I will use the decals to make templates for the tools. I think they are going to be a lot easier and less hassle than the decals. I recently spotted riveting tools on Scalemates, that were pretty much identical to the Rosie the Riveter, with the exception of a plastic engraved handle instead of the original wooden handle. They are also made in Czech Republic. I believe the owner of Rosie the Riveter passed away recently, maybe this person has carried it on. Jeff
  11. I would love it if they could make it “behave” like the original, although the original “recipe” would probably have more than one ingredient that wouldn’t comply with current standards. The technology exists to make it perform better than the original, however as you say, it’s a matter of if they want to continue with enamels. Here in sunny Victoria, I have worked in a few hobby shops over the years and in every case, the Humbrol out sold the Testor’s. We have a lot of Brit modellers here and they only use Humbrol paints and glues. Loyalty to a brand is a big thing and I hope Humbrol considers that. I am a vintage paint and glue collector, and I also use the paints and glues in my collection when I do “nostalgia builds”. I have paints and glues dating back to the 50’s and they are all still useable. I have one FROG glue capsule left which I will use on the Mosquito and Spitfire XIV mit Buzz Bomb. I really hope they come up with a new formula, It will keep the hairy stick modellers happy. Jeff
  12. I got the news from Spot Model last week, and although news like this is sad, I won’t be missing the current Humbrol line. I have a drawer full of original Humbrol tinlets, and I will cherish them. I used to use the gloss line for pinstriping cars and motorbikes and what ever else someone desired striping on. I stopped using them when manufacture was outside of the UK. The formula changed and they no longer could be used with the same results as the original. Example: I striped a motorbike helmet and the customer (my brother) wanted the colours changed. What happened next is a true testament to the integrity of the original Humbrol. The helmet was factory black gel coat, so I thought I could just wipe them off with lacquer thinners, they had only been painted about 3 weeks prior. The lacquer thinner didn’t even affect the Humbrol, but started showing black gel coat on the rag! It was bullet proof! Incidentally I later used Easy-Off to remove old stripes from anything that had clear coat, just like with plastic models, it removes the enamel with no effects on the clear coat. I was forced to use One-Shot sign writing enamel, after the change, and although they have a much larger selection of colours, One-Shot will turn chalky if not waxed with pure carnuba. Humbrol stood up much better, but that chapter has now been been closed. I don’t know if these new regulations will affect other enamels, like One-Shot. I watch “The Repair Shop”, and noticed that there is a couple of shelves full of One-Shot in the background, I hope that Europe will continue to sell One-Shot, we have a full selection available here in Canada. I miss the original Humbrol, but not the current rendition. Jeff
  13. That photo is somewhat laughable yes, however a lot of modellers would never know what that kit actually looked like built up as per the OOB decals and resemblance ( I use that word loosely) to the incredible box art. I’m sure the likes of artists Leynwood, Cross, Koike and Huxley etc. are responsible for many more sales than the time when actual photos of the built model were stipulated. Thanks for posting this photo, I always wondered what it actually looked like. Jeff
  14. You should mention this to Atlantis Models; it’s their whole business model. One interesting component of Atlantis is that they also try to mold the parts in their original colours (some have multiple colour sprues). Also most of their subjects are fit the box scale and not very accurate. So the majority of their target market are baby boomers, and nostalgia is a huge part of it. I’m pretty sure other mainstream kit manufacturers are paying attention to Atlantis, because they are constantly rereleasing vintage kits. Their selection covers aircraft, automotive, armour, ships, space and sci-fi. The prices are certainly more reasonable than other big companies “vintage classics” etc. For collectors who don’t want to touch their originals, it gives them the ability to build their favourites and keep the original. The box art is mostly original with little or no text plastered across the image, everything is placed in a banner clear of the artwork. They have definitely put a lot thought into it and it seems to be working very well. They have just rereleased the 1/12 scale Wright Cyclone in all of its original colours for $40 US! The price range is from $15-$40, very reasonable…Airfix take note. Jeff
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