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  1. Sorry, grey squares are blinking but no pictures yet. Good luck regards Toby
  2. Well done Moa to finish this kit. Beautiful work on a beautiful plane. regards Toby
  3. How about putting weight in the nose cone? Plenty of space there. Regards Toby
  4. Xtracolour True Blue is a perfect match for this plane and chrome yellow. Regards Toby
  5. Dear Serkan The air data probes on the D-21 drone were only fitted when the drone was air launched from B-52’s. The few pictures of the M21 and D21 combination show no probes. The D21 intake lip needs building up with super glue after the top and bottom go together and should be filed to a sharp edge. Regards Toby
  6. Excellent choice of kit and decals JP. I have used Lima November decals a few times and they are very good. A couple of tips for the Italeri DC-3: 1. Get an Eduard masking set for the windows to save alot of bother. 2. The windows are a bit recessed into the fuselage when fitted. To make them flush, sand down the clear plastic that joins tE window panes together. I recently built the same kit in NMF and doped silver. Alclad Aluminium works well for the NMF and their High Speed Silver looks good for the doped sections, especially after a layer of matt varnish. I found it best to spray the aluminium first and mask round it for the HS silver. The HS silver did not bond well to the primer and lifted off at every masked section. Hope that helps regards Toby
  7. Hi there Some Lynx’s were fitted with Crash Position Indicators on the aft port fuselage. Does anyone have close up pictures/dimensions/other info on these so I can scratchbuild one for my Norwegian 1/72 Lynx? Regards Toby
  8. Dear Craig Please take a look in the Buy and Sell section below. regards Toby
  9. Great to see this build moving on Moa. What a clean work bench you have
  10. There are 2 Xtradecal sheets at least with UK F-35B decals on them. Regards Toby
  11. Dear Moa This build is a fantastic demonstration of making something good out of not much. Lets hope you keep the motivation to finish it. Regards Toby
  12. Check out DF Helo stuff. They make rotor fold parts in 1/72. They are good, I have used them on 2 Seakings and a CH-53. regards Toby
  13. Dear Chris Give it a little time, your parts might just show up in the post by themselves. Plan B is to call a distributor to get their phone number and talk to them. Have you thought of pinning the broken leg to repair it? regards Toby
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