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  1. Hmm, thanks Pat but I don’t have the book. Regards Toby
  2. Hi @Enzo the Magnificent Wil this be a blue or a green Deltic? Regards Toby
  3. Dear @81-er Do you have a cunning plan for replicating the small French text next to the Prototype P marking? Regards Toby
  4. Hi there I am building a 1/24 Spitfire that came without the frame 11 that supports the seat and is fitted with a headrest for the pilot. Does anyone know its dimensions, diater amd length, so I can scratch build a new one? Regards Toby
  5. Do these recommended varnishes work ok over Xtracolour and Humbrol enalmals? Regards Toby
  6. Hi @scautomoton And don’t forget how bright the sun was on the day the picture was taken 😊
  7. About the Mk X, does the Mk XI inclde the 2 different canopies and the rear pressure bulkhead? If it does all thars needed is a scratch built compressor intake on the strboard engine cove.
  8. The intakes need a little work to form the internal ducting. I used a few rounds of Milliput on mine. Do you have a set of Caracal decals for this one? regards Toby
  9. Hi Phil We had the same poster on the wall at home when I was a lot younger.
  10. The Airfix parts are pretty solid on the one I built so I would stick with the kit parts
  11. Hi there What did the armour plate attach to? Was it the seat itself or the mounting braket for the seat. I am puttering along with an Airfix 1/24 Mk1. Regards Toby
  12. Hi Jes Was there any difficulty getting the nose glazing to fit properly? Regards Toby
  13. Hi Brian Keep up the good work of fill, sand prime and repeat. Alclad Polished Aluminium really can be nice and shiny but it needs a gloss black base that has been itself polished. A few cycles more might be needed. Regards Toby
  14. Scale Black according to Brett Green over on Hyperscale uses normal black mixed with red as the base coat, then actual black as needed. Regards Toby
  15. Hi @Touvdal Mr T is builing the same kit and some tips can be found here: Regards Toby
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