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  1. Is it really the Revell Tornado and not the Hasegawa 1/72 kit? Now I saw the small print, Yepp, its the Revell plastic regards Toby
  2. You know the feeling of waiting ages for a bus and then 2 come along at once, well here is the second Airfix Scout related build within 24 hours. I got the idea to attempt this conversion the first time after seeing the Wasp prototype on the Feightdog stand at Telford a few years ago. A long wait followed and the Air Graphics released a Wasp conversion set along with a new engine, torpedo´s and decals. On top of that Perdu´s inspirational build gave me, well inspiration. Last but not least was a visit in 2019 to the Weston Super Mare Helicopter museum to see a Wasp close up. Here a
  3. Dear Carlos Air Graphics have released a new decal sheet for the Scout and the Wasp, its very well researched and printed. regards Toby
  4. Thanks guys for the positive respones. Dear SAT 69 there is a short build description in the WIP section. I was pleased with the quality of the resin. Regards Toby
  5. Apologies to any Star Trek fans out there, here is my Mig 21 out of the box using the new Eduard kit. The model went together vey well apart from a little help getting the wing leading edges to line up properly with the fuselage. This was built 100% OOB which is something new to me. Onto the pictures, the last one shows how small the Mig 21 is compared to an F-4 Phantom. And yes, it is 1/72 scale as well. Regards Toby
  6. Thanks Perdu Your Wasp build a few years back motivated me to try a Wasp conversion as well, this time using the Air Graphics conversion parts. I will post some WIP pictures shortly. Regards Toby
  7. Hi there Here is my recently completed Thunderscreech. The shiny finish was done using Alcad Airframe Aluminium misted over a coat of Polished Aluminium. The stars and bars came from Fantasy Printshop and the rest of the decals from the kit. The wingtip pitot tubes came fra Albion Alloys slide fit tubing. Regards Toby
  8. Here is the support made for the vacform canopy And here is the fin being aligned using my new EBRA jig, and a bit of Lego I did manage to finish this kits as well, please take a look in the RFI folder regards Toby
  9. Hi there Maskol being a liquid will not give straight line or corners unless you are very lucky. SaminCam built a very nice Hasegawa F-35 a year or so ago. I have a couple to build and I plan on using lots of small tape bits. At the end of the day it will be quickerbthan all the other solutions that have been proposed. The other fun part when building an F-35 is to get the correct shades of grey, but that is another story. regards Toby
  10. Hi there I have the Airfix Magazine September 1966 issue with the Westland Wasp conversion article. In the plans, it shows the main rotor blades with a white leading edge. Would this have been painted or was it weathering? I also have the Warpaint publication for the Wasp and there seem to be no white leading adges on the rotor blades. Any idea’s? regards Toby
  11. Absolutly fantastic build Mr P. What did you use for the sheaves and fairleads on the rigging? regards Toby
  12. The picture does not open, sorry. regards Toby
  13. Hi there I took motivation from MarkSH’s build when I built my NF-104, the build thread is over on the Work In Progress section from last year. regards Toby
  14. Hi there I was brought up on the Airfix Magazine with all sorts of conversions by Alan Hall using balsa wood and dope. Am I right in saying that all you have to do to make a P version of ICM´s PD is to make 2 parallel saw cuts to the nose to shorten it and find a new pitot tube? regards Toby
  15. Dear Sam I followed the instructions when building the nose of mine a few years ago and subsequently had to remove it 3 times. With 20 20 hindsight it is best to glue one transperent nose half to its matching fuselage half. Even that needs to be done in stages as the curvatures do not match. Also the guy who designed the cockit parts you have started on did not check if those bits fit into the nose. A bit surprise for a Hasegawa kit. regards Toby
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