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  1. I have built both kits, you have used the only Airfix parts worth using so I would just use the Italeri bits from now on. regards Toby
  2. Dear John Have you looked online for 1/72 scale roundels? There might be a size that scales correctly to the 1/48 size you need. Regards Toby
  3. Dear Jockney If the instructions are followed when joinibg the nose section the the 2 halves of the backbone of the plane a step will appear between the nose and the backbone parts. Its best to tape the parts together to test fit first. I seem to remember the backbone parts need packing before they are glued together. Hope that makes sense. Regards Toby
  4. Dear John Looking at the F4-C instructions, the parts look like the P-38 Pathfinder with a Bomardiers station in the nose and a clear nose. That is a very different plane than the St Expeury Photo nose in the RS kit. BTW I started the same RS kit as you and parked it half way as most of the parts did not fit very well. Nice decals though regards Toby.
  5. Dear Loren Can you get more weight into the front of the bomb bay and disguise it so the front wheel touches the ground? regards Toby
  6. Dear Pin Will you build the Concorde on a stand or its undercarriage? I have the same decal set, I just need the plastic Regards Toby
  7. When I built the 1/72 Academy B-29 I needed to put weight on the flight deck behind the pilot sets all the way to the roof to keep the nose wheel on the ground. Filling the nose under the flight deck was not enough. Its proably a good idea to do a test with the wings and tailplane taped on to see if you have enough nose weight. regards Toby
  8. Brilliant build John, I wish I could build as good as you. best regards Toby
  9. Dear Steve Would that be Transparent Smoke from Alclad? regards Toby
  10. Hi there Galaxyg What did you use for your wash around the panels please? regards Toby
  11. Dear Dermot Do you have a jig to help get the top wing on or will you make yor own? regards Toby
  12. Thanks Chris What does a fully retracted periscope look like? regards Toby
  13. Good luck Loren. I bought a 1/72 Tamiya X-1, Academy B-29, Metallic details engine set and I found a set of decals for the B-29, and then chickened out and just built the B-29 nearly out of the box. Good luck Regards Toby
  14. Hi there My Redroo conversion parts arrived in the mail today, the parts look great and I can’t wait to get stuck into my Catalina now. Thanks Ed regards Toby
  15. Dear Ventura One thing to keep in mind with most preserved B-29’s is the front upper turretmechanism and ammo storage boxes has been removed from the flight deck to allow more space for personnel. The B-29 Haynes manual has some pictures of the complete turret assembly removed from the plane on a test stand. Maybe Metallic detals make the exhausts and engine cowlings in 1/48? They make those parts in 1/72 at least. regards Toby
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