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  1. Hi there PAS sell some very nice decals for Zvezda 787’s. The problem is the Zvezda kits are called 787-3 and 787-9. The decals are called 787-300 and 787-900. How do you know which kit to buy to match the decals? Regards Toby
  2. There is a nice 301 brass set on evilbay at the moment regards Toby
  3. You can get them on evilbay.com. 1/72 e- 3 awacs antenna regards Toby
  4. Hi Serkan No, thats not my build. I have built an M21 though. Regards Toby
  5. Great build Tom Godd you got your Mojo back Regards Toby Good in fact
  6. Danimalmagic did the same series here on Britmodeller back in 2015. A simple way the get the short tail for the A-12 is to use the back end of an Italeri YF-12 if you can find one. That will work well if you go for the NMF finish. Regards Toby
  7. Hi BB Best to take the time and get the dihedral right. There are 2 diagonal struts between the hull and wing underside that need to be tweeked to get the angles right. If you don’t know it yet, this kit will teach you patience young Padawan. Regards Toby
  8. I hope it is a Monosoupap to suit a Vicker FB-5 Regards Toby
  9. Good plan Neil. That will keep everything square later on. Regards Toby
  10. Looking forward to this CC, I am hoping of building one of these in 1/72 scale one day. Regards Toby
  11. To avoid a step between the nose and tail, its best to glue the top parts to each other. After that do the same with the bottom front and rear. Last of all, glue the top to the bottom. Regards Toby
  12. Dear CedB Please be aware that to make an M21/A12 out of the SR-71 then some surgery needs to be applied to the nose and tail. The M21 had a slender nose in plan view and less bulbous when looking for the side. The fuel dump at the tail was level with the elevon back edge and not stuck out like the SR 71. If you take a close look at the Seattle plane you will see the differences. The 2 probes on the front of the D21 drone were not present when it was used with the M21, they came later when it was launched from the B-52 Hope that helps regards Toby
  13. Hi Adrian Historex Agents in Dover have the complete line of kits and spares for sale. Regards Toby
  14. Dear BB Take care when mounting the engines to the bottom wing. It is easy to put them on so the top wing is skew to the bottom wing. Aims make nice squirly decals as well for this kit. I found Roden to be very helpful with spare parts and decals if you need them. Regards Toby
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