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  1. Dear NG Another thing to look out for on this kit is the spinner back plate has a smaller diameter than the nose cowling. This gives a bit of a step so test fitting is a good idea follwed by sanding down the edge of the nose to match the spinner. regards Toby
  2. Dear Sam Nice internal nozzle painting but you may want to do a Google search on the SR-71 engine nozzles as they look very much like the rest of the Titanium colour of the rest of the plane. Ceramic white petals seem to be something found on planes newer than the F-4 Phantom. regards Toby
  3. Hi there 3783 is the Black Bunny in most kits and decal schemes and that has loads of white stencils on it. I guess the other 2 F-4S Phantoms did not get stencilled like the pictures above show. Regards Toby
  4. Dear Mattie Have you checked your Spam folder in your e-mail? Are you asking them for something approprate and politely? I have used their contact e-mail recently with no issues. Regards Toby
  5. Just so you know, the bubble canopy and windscreen do not fit each other very well, or the fuselage. Better to test fit and sort it before painting. regards Toby
  6. One set for me please, PM sent and Newsletter signed up for. Regards Toby
  7. Dear John When I opened my box of Black Dog folded rotors I found out all the blades were the same. In reality the rotors are handed, left and right handed and they rotate in opposite directions. I got no joy with a corrected ste from Black Dog. Hope yours are correct. regards Toby
  8. Hi Pete Take a look at Air Graphics, they make a resin, engine and geabox, bulged doors and the wheels to fit the skids. Very nice, I used lots of their parts on my Wasp conversion last year. Falcon or Tasman, I think, also do a vac form canopy if you are feeling brave. regards Toby
  9. Dear Jobbie What you really need are the Eurodecal set for the Victor from Fantasy Printshop. All the Dayglo stripes are included and they go down really well. Regards Toby
  10. Dear Bill Yes to both of your questions for the Fantasy Printshop ones. Regards Toby
  11. Dear RC Boater Bill These are in stock at Fantasy Printshop in the UK, search under Pegasus 1/72 decals. Regards Toby
  12. Hi there I have an RS models Do 217 P coversion set. The vac form canopy has gone yellow but as the windows are so small I thought I could remove them and use Kristal Klear in its place. Any idea’s if it should be painted RLM 02. What do you think? regards Toby
  13. Dear Bill Fantasy Printshop in the UK print Pegasus 1/72 RFC serials. On the sheet they have solid black, solid white and white edging. They were revied on Hyperscale and there is a chap in the USA who sells a lot of Fantasy Printshop stuff on ebay. Hope that helps. regards Toby
  14. Dear Al Wet paper masks work really well on decals. Just use your regular A4 printer paper or the non sticky bit of a Post it. This worked for me on my NF-104 about a year ago over very fragile Alclad. regards Toby
  15. Hi Jon Have you thought about rubbing back the paint job around the white stripe´s and roundels only and then painting the white sections followed bay masking and then the blue? That would solve the `ghost` stripe behind the roundel and will allow standard roundels to be used. Painting white is a pain but several layers and a big dose of patience does the trick. Regards Toby
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