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  1. Great choice of model, I have AMP’s 1/72 version of this plane. I take a seat regards Toby
  2. Hi there Dayglo colours need a lot of layers because the colour is very thin, believe it or not. Best to take your time and not to rush, oh, and make sure all the white is masked off. Dayglo overspray on white is difficult to remove and putting masking on top of dayglo paint often pulls off the dayglo when you remove it. regards Toby
  3. Yepp, its confimed about Italeri reboxing the Academy kit, see todays Rumourmonger. regards Toby
  4. Hi there A pal of mine in our IPMS club is looking to build a Greek Texan T-6 and is interested in finding out about the alternative weapons and guns used. Can anyone help? regards Toby
  5. Dear Tony Have you thought of giving Colourcoats a try? They have all the right French colours and easily available in the UK via post. regards Toby
  6. Good progress Arnie. How are you getting on? regards Toby
  7. Fantastic building, what imagination they had making TV series like that when I was growing up. regards Toby
  8. Great build Mr Ed. What shade of Alclad did you use before the clear kote went on? regards Toby
  9. Hi there Work is progressing on this build. Its not the best fitting Starfighter I have seen, here are the results of the first round with filler. Looking at references, these camouflaged F-104’s had RWR receivers under the nose and tail, here are my scratch built efforts. After looking more at references I found the ones under the tail were too small and too far fowards. Round 2 of the filler awaits and the new tail RWR’s. Here are some pictures.
  10. Hi there I am following this one with interest as I have a 1976 version ofthis kit. regards Toby
  11. Well done Andy. That is a build to be proud of. I am very pleased it turned out so well and I really enjoyed helping out with advice. Thankyou for the recognition of the help. Once again, well done. Regards Toby
  12. Hi there DB also do a new resin engine set that might suit this plane. Fantasy Printshop decals are ace. regards Toby
  13. Hi Jean A bit o lace came out of the factory with the side gun windows opposite each other. This is not how Hasegawa made their plastic so I changed this as part if the build. Charles Brown took some well known pictures of this plane either late in the ear or just after the enregards Toby
  14. Hi there I am calling this one done. The model portray’s Miss Lace sometime between the time when the port wing was replaced and the accident when the rudder and elevators were replaced. The yellow tail and blue wing chevron was painted by the end of January 1945. It had a major service after mission 41 when the Cheyanne tail was fitted. At this time the rudder and elevators were silver painted at this time. The weathering from the engines was lightly done with Tamiya Smoke. There is a build thread over on the WIP section. Here are the pictures. Regards Toby
  15. Hi Ray Drawdecal make a nice Nato Anniversary decal set for this kit. regards Toby
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