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  1. Dear Ray Does the exhaust for the central engine really stick out that far on the 1:1 helicopters? regards Toby
  2. Not quite Greg. Off with the wings with a sharp knife and then trim back the lower wing inboard edge. No shim needed at the top surface. If liquid cement like Tamiya was used, brush some on the join first to disolve the original glue. Regards Toby
  3. Dear Greg On checking my Italeri He111 I think the fin is OK. The problem is with the wing roots. I suggest that both wings are removed, the inboard wing section leading edge should be horizontal. I think there is a moulding problem with the wing lower surface edges being too deep. This pushes up the dihedral. Good luck if you try this drastic surgery Greg. regards Toby
  4. I had to cut the fin off my Airfix Concorde to get it right so skewed fins are quite common. regards Toby
  5. Well, its all glued together and looks like a B-17 at last. Some filling has been done and a number of canopies sanded and polished to get them flush. Next step is canopy masking, primer and painting. regards Toby
  6. Hi there PC How is your Spitfire getting on? regards Toby
  7. I have been cracking on with this build. The cockpit area and seat have been painted aswell as the main wheel centres. The wheel wells have also been boxed in and will need some putty to blend them in. The light raised panel lines have been partly rubbed down. The canopy has been future coated and the spinner back plate fitted. The fuselage internal nose halves were lightly sanded to reduce the nose width to match the spinner. The next steps are to glue the fuselage together and then get the wings on. Progress so far shown below regards Toby
  8. Hi Greg I have made a start on mine as well. I took out the big guns - grade 120 sandpaper to the wing roots so they are flush with the wing undersides. Only a small amount of filler is needed in the gap. regards Toby
  9. Hi John I have removed tape and othersuch from inside a canopy by drilling 0,35 mm hole through the frame and pokeing the tape into the cockpit with a thin bit of Albion Alloy wire. The loose bit usually disappears into the cockpit. regards Toby
  10. Thanks Mr P. Norway bought some FF 49`s and FF 33 kits are easier to find. regatds Toby
  11. Many thanks Dogsbody for the pictures and drawings. I have a question for those of you familiar with the Italeri kit. Clear part 27C which is the clear upper aft section on my kit stands a little proud of the fuselage at its aft edge. An attempt to pack out the fuselage witht the thinnest plast card did not cure the problem. Have anyone seen this before and have a good fix short of bonding a thin layer of card around the fuselage top surface to sand down to match the clear part? regards Toby
  12. Hi there After missing the boat with the Spitfire GB I thought it was time to build another Spitfire. I have built about 30 Spitfires over the years mostly in 1/72. I have a soft spot for the Airfix AZ-H boxing, according the the SAMI Spitfire Modellers Datafile, this was the most accurate Mk1 Spitfire avaible in 1/72 some time back. I will be building this in the colours of he Squadron Leadersplane 19 Squadron with a yellow spinner from the Xtradecal set. Here is he first picture, regards Toby
  13. Hi Steffen You have to buy these direct from Whirleybirds in the UK, the ordering details are on their website/catalogue. regards Toby
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