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  1. Looks to lump groups of bombs into rough geographical locations rather than specific ‘hits’. Missing some large raids (Yate, NE of Bristol has 4 raids listed, but misses out the raid on the Parnall factory that killed 54) The map is missing information (roads that have existed pre-WW2 etc, but includes new industrial estates) That said, it’s still very interesting and potentially useful.
  2. Thanks for the replies so far. I thought it might be a long shot! As usual with looking for reference materials from the period, there are millions of photos, just none of the thing you want
  3. My Grandfather worked for Bristol, and during the mid 1950’s onwards spent a lot of time training aircrews on the Britannia. He also spent a few years travelling to central and southern America. I understand from what he told me was that a lot of pilots would travel to Filton for training on the Britannia, and later Concorde. Unfortunately he passed away several years ago and there was so much I never asked him about his career.
  4. I have more Blenheim IV’s built than any other type, BUT, I have to say for me it’s the Mk I. The shape for a start. The fact that, if only for a very short time, could fly faster than virtually every fighter on the planet at the time.
  5. I have read in multiple places (books and this very site) that some Blenheim IV's wearing TSS but painted with night or black undersides. Now, does any photographic evidence exist of this? I have MANY photos and without getting into the whole debate of colour recognition in B&W photos, none i have show categorically the TSS and Black schemes. Does anyone know where (if they exist) any photos can be found? Thanks in advance!
  6. 92 squadron flew Blenheim until around March/April 1940 before converting to Spitfires, so if you want Battle of Britain operated Blenheim's you will have to look at other squadrons. Blenheim operating squadrons were: Fighter Command 23, 25, 29, 219, FIU, 600 & 604 Coastal Command 235, 236 & 248
  7. Count me in! Love a pair of Bristol's! The list of kits i have that would fit into this GB is extensive! Beaufighter (Multiple) Blenheim (Multiple) Buckingham Brigand Buckmaster Various paper and proposed aircraft And that's just the ones with propellers....
  8. Great work! Shocking to see a 4 year old with better brush skills than me
  9. I haven’t got a clue what my first kit was, I was building from the age of 5 and had numerous kits. The kit that sticks out for me as an early build (and miraculously still exists!) was the Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant. Built for my Grandfather who worked for Bristol and then BAC from 35-86 apart from a stint in the RAF as an instructor. Not sure why I built the defiant for him as he worked or instructed on Audax’s, Bulldogs, Blenheims, Ansons (RAF Central Flying School), Freighters, Britannia’s, Concorde and BAC One-Elevens. Definitely no Boulton Paul’s.... the workings of a child’s mind!
  10. I actually like the wing joint, surprisingly easy to join and very easy to fill and clean up afterwards. Perhaps manufacturers could look at designing more kits like this The cooling cowls look about 72mm thick if scaled up.
  11. Fear not, for i have returned! Apologies for the significant delay, several things have conspired to limit (almost completely cease) my model making time since my last post. I am now working on this again and WILL have it finished before the GB ends. Current situation with the Beaufighter is as follows: Interior built and painted Humbrol 78 (despite the flash on the phone making the interior look like a shocking lime green). Engines built with a minor modification to them which involved cutting off the shocking Frog attempts at cooling cowls and replacing them with some i cut from Airfix Blenheim cowls i have in the spares box. This model is built wheels up and in flight and is to be posed on a spare Frogspawn stand i have lying around in the spare box (from an old Academy Avenger i believe). Since this photo was taken, gaps etc have been filled and i am currently waiting for the filler to dry prior to sanding etc.
  12. Australian Beaufighters were either the home built DAP Mk21s orBritish built Ic. The Australian Ic were not all Ic, but also included other later marks. The Ic was a development of the MkI, and underwent several changes compared to the original MkI. The Ic’s that we’re delivered to Australia early in the supply were from a Weston built batch of Ic’s (T4800 block) and these were, as far as I am aware, all built with belt fed 20mm cannons.
  13. Javelins are ungainly, strangely proportioned and not the sleekest looking of jets. That said, every time I pop into Jet Age I cant help but spend ages looking at the thing and taking loads of photos! Its a kit it that is on my radar and one that I haven’t picked up. I will be watching this with great interest!
  14. I can confirm it will be a RAAF Beaufighter! Picked this one up at a show just before spotting this GB, that combined with my love for all things Bristol was the decider. Im amazed by the quality of the decals, no yellowing, look to be in great condition to.
  15. Fantastic looking model and completed before I even started mine! Must crack on!
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