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  1. Just to throw some more info, my venerable ‘British Military Aircraft serials 1912-1963’ (publish 1964) has Serial T5258 as a Beaufighter I/VI in the series block that several aircraft sent to Australia (as A19) serials. Preceding aircraft T5255 became A19-88 and subsequent T5264 became A19-87 and photos show flat tail planes on both aircraft.
  2. This has been a build I have followed since I can’t remember! Fantastic attention to detail and to echo @AdrianMF, the photos are easy to mistake for a walkthrough of a 1:1 airframe! I am looking forward to the rest of this build!
  3. That’s great thanks! look forward to watching that in depth!
  4. Ohh! Is that available on YouTube (or similar)? i would loved to see a colour film (seen a few B&W but no colour) of Filton.
  5. Great work on the BE2C and MiG! the ribbing on the BE2C looks great! (After your work on the Frogfixstein Beaufort, I’m assuming Airfix have a BE2 and MiG-3 on the drawing board!)
  6. Can’t believe I have only just stumbled on this thread! As a massive fan of Bristol aircraft (and the obscure between war types such as the Braemar and Berkeley!) I will be following this with interest. A rule of thumb I follow is ‘measure twice, cut once, yet still, somehow, get it wrong’.... She's a strangely beautiful aircraft (Brisfit on a massive dose of steroids?).
  7. Now he’s just showing off! At least we know who to pester for cockpit photos when Airfix release their Beaufort!
  8. All I have in my shed is a clapped out lawnmower.... Jealous of UK
  9. I believe the Mk21 Australian built aircraft used a heat resistant paint, hence why the cowling rings are painted black. The ‘bronze’ cowling is actually heat affected metal and so would appear in various shades of blue, red, orange etc.
  10. Time got in my way, and a dash to complete before the end was thankfully achieved. Thanks for everyone who built in this GB, many inspiring posts (and thanks for the increased stash...) and great to see old kits given a breathe of life! Thanks all Muddyf
  11. Count me interested. Something Malta based, or a Vichy aircraft. Maybe even a carrier...
  12. TBH, life got in the way, and so this was a rush to complete on time. As such, most of the WIP was not photographed. Finished model:
  13. My submission: Frog Beaufighter mk21 OOB build.
  14. I have access to a Bolingbroke restoration, the original cockpit framing that I have seen is all in the Canadian version of grey-green.
  15. Put me down as interested. I have no helis in the stash, but it would not take much persuasion (I.e. none) to add one of the Bristol’s to the stash (Sycamore or Belvedere).
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