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  1. Muddyf

    IWM Duxford

    Lots of Museums, not just aircraft collections, find covered space at an absolute premium. Problem is, even if you have the available space, new buildings cost serious money. Even the cheapest will cost millions, and that is money that could take years to come up with, and be spent on a multitude of other museum needs, including upkeep of exihibits, maintenance of existing buildings etc. What museums are looking out for is a filthy rich donor to stump up a massive lump sum of cash and have a hangar named in their honour, but there seems to be very few of those available.
  2. Muddyf

    I need a new car. Recommendations please!

    Jaguar XF. You can pick up a decent 12/62 or earlier plate for 5-7k, all the associated bells and whistles you get with a Jag. Just the tax, insurance and fuel you have to worry about.
  3. Muddyf

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    Concorde, swiftly followed by anything Bristol. My Grandfather started working at Filton in the mid 1930’s and worked on the development of Blenheims, before moving onto a stint at RAF’s Central Flying School before being seconded back to Bristol. Worked on the development of the sycamore amongst other aircraft before becoming an instructor on the Britannia, travelling to numerous South American countries for work (an invaluable source of knowledge for Geography, and fluent in French and Spanish) before ending his career as Chief Flight Instructor on Concorde based at Filton. He met my Grandmother at Bristol (who is still alive and 99!), who built Beauforts and Beaufighters before moving onto engines and building Hercules and Centaurus engines. I get to visit Aerospace Bristol once a month for work, and so see Concorde every visit, go ‘behind the scenes’ and see some pilot instruction aids that my Grandfather would of used. My family still refer to Concorde as ‘Pop’s Plane’. Matt
  4. Muddyf

    Airfix 2020

    My wish list, dominated by Bristol types. 1/72 - 1/48 Beaufort 1/72 Bristol Freighter (Aerospace Bristol have one in big bits!) 1/72 - 1/48 Beaufighter MkII 1/72 - 1/48 Hampden 1/72 Boston 1/72 Oxford Matt
  5. Which is 50 times more aircraft built than, for example, a Do335 Pfeil which seems to have a ridiculous number of kits issued! (I believe there are more kits issued than aircraft actually built!). I think it’s one of those overlooked aircraft that was important, but quickly overshadowed by more modern types, and soldiered on nevertheless. The Hampden is another prime example. Back to the model, the list of things to do seems to be well on the way to completion! Matt
  6. Adrian, The bubble canopy was different to the type found on the UK built TFX's etc (more angular teardrop with sliding panels to allow the gun to poke through) and, from my interpretation of the photos i have seen, was more similar to the earlier teardrop bubble, but with the end cut off to allow access for the gun (this end being discarded from the model build). I have linked a photo below showing a Mk21, with a fairly clear view of the rear canopy. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C286972
  7. Minor update! Due to work, Christmas and new year, my modelling time was non-existent to zero. Family days out restricted the time even more (although very enjoyable) and at the weekend, on the return trip form a National Trust property in Somerset, we passed a second hand bookshop where, with help from my 10 year old son, i unearthed this little gem which set me back the princely sum of £1! Despite the lack of time (and gifted additions to my stash requiring a box opening, look at the parts then will-power to prevent IMMEDIATE construction), i managed a little progress on the engines. Engine 2 now only requires some additional work with the insertion of collector ring supports required, then they can go into the ready for final assembly pile. Plan for tonight (and hopefully associated progress photos tomorrow) will be to complete the interior and button up the fuselage. Matt
  8. There may be a later, secret, announcement! (Stranger things happen at sea!). The Beaufort is looking fantastic, especially now that it has its wings on.
  9. My earlier comment didn’t see this update coming. Fantastic looking model, and an afternoon of plunge moulding, something that will take me at least a month. Great looking Beaufort, I am looking forward to seeing this with some paint on its exterior!
  10. Great progress with usual attention to detail. Bookmarked this build for when I get hold of a Beaufort. Enjoy the fry up!
  11. I have a mk21 Beaufighter staring at me from the stash and, barring discovery of a Beaufort, get that into the GB.
  12. Looking great so far. Always fancied a MkII, one for my to do list!
  13. Small update, Only a little work undertaken, but progress none the less! Progress on the cockpit, pilots chair and finishing touches to go, but nearly there. Works started on the engines. First the basic engine painted and given a wash to dirty it up a little. Followed by work on the exhaust collector ring supports (missing from the kit) and replacement of the heating air intakes with brass tube. Once the engines are completed, i shall continue with the interior (pending further research).
  14. Muddyf

    Bristol Beaufighter - To bulkhead or not bulkhead

    Thanks guys. I have seen the cutaways, just never a photo. That said, period photos of the interiors of Beaufighters seem to be VERY uncommon, and usually a forward facing view of the pilot/cockpit and the odd photo of the observer/navigator. Almost all the photos taken from the area of the bulkhead and thus not capturing it on film. I am building an Australian Mk.21, and I have seen many period photos of manufacture and wrecks on airfields open at the cockpit/fuselage join, and again none with a bulkhead hence my query. Matt
  15. I’m currently converting a Tamiya 1/48 Beaufighter TFX and detailing the interior. I have come across a problem that has me perplexed and halted work at the moment. I apologise if this has been answered before, but my google-fu (which is usually strong) has yet to give me an answer. With the kit, you are supplied a bulkhead with doors that sits just behind the pilots entry hatch and separates the pilot from the observer. I have also seen this bulkhead shown in a few cutaways. I have never seen evidence of this bulkhead in any period photographs or museum/restoration projects. I have spoken to my grandmother (who built Beaufighters) and she can’t recall this bulkhead either. Now, I am aware that in later TFX and Mk.21 that a bulkhead with doors was placed just aft of the observers position and separated the area near the tail which housed flares etc from the rest of the fuselage. Did Tamiya (and others) put in a bulkhead that simply wasn’t there, or am I wrong?