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  1. Muddyf

    Airfix 2020

    Which is an argument that could be applied to a plethora of other aircraft, AFV’a etc that have made it into kit form over the years.
  2. Airfix Blohm & Voss Bv 141
  3. Update: Disaster struck (although thankfully not the model) when i managed to wipe ALL the photographs of this build from the masking up until completion (along with some early prep i had started on the 1/48 Blenheim). That said, i did photo the completed model! So, a rather short build thread, but the completed model. Thanks for looking!
  4. I had to check this photo several times before deciding it is (probably?) the model and not a photo of the real thing. Outstanding level of detail and workmanship!
  5. Muddyf


    I got flashed by one claiming i was doing 38mph whilst in a 30 zone. I was the only vehicle in view and was pulling off the in-laws driveway onto the road and couldn't of been doing anything over 10mph in the first place! My favourite are the smily face signs. I feel the need to make it happy and so therefore constantly drive well below the limit knowing how inaccurate they are when i see one.
  6. Minimal work has progressed on the model, im hoping to get it over the finish line this weekend....... Additional work on the cockpit area using some wine bottle foil for seatbelts for the pilot and observer. This followed a quick splash of RLM22 (Vallejo Model Colours version). I then painted the belts, a little dry brush etc to highlight edges etc and then buttoned up the cockpit area. As you can see, the joints and some areas around the glazing required a bit of plastic putty and i have allowed at least 24 hours for this to set prior to sanding back and tidying up. Once im happy with this element of the kit i will attach the wings, filler where required, then start to apply some paint. Thanks for looking.
  7. From what I can gather, awful cockpit layout, had a tendency to shoot itself down due to gases collecting in the cannon shrouds, the ‘glue’ used in various places didn’t like heat or moisture and degraded, which is a pain when operating in Malaya which is famously warm and moist, and the leather bellow operated dive breaks also liked to rot in the same conditions. As lovely (imo) a looking aircraft as it was, i believe they replaced some with Beaufighters, the aircraft it was designed to replace, until canberras took over the role. Count me in building one of these!
  8. Count me interested, I have a Swordfish floatplane, Sunderland and a few other floaty flying things in the stash. This may be the poke I need to do the Sunderland!
  9. Looking through my completed builds I have noticed a distinct lack of invasion stripes. Count me as a starter for this GB!
  10. There will be a slight intermission on detailing, painting and buttoning up the cockpit area as I need to source some thin foil for use in the production of seat belts etc. This obviously means opening and drinking a bottle of good red wine. The sacrifices we make and the hardships we endure in the pursuit of this hobby!
  11. Muddyf


    Count me interested! The list of potential aircraft alone is enourmous, then chuck in tanks, AFV’s, anti-tank guns, subs etc etc!
  12. I’m trying to research this, I believe it was RLM66, but open to correction!
  13. Great start, nice detail within the cockpit area to!
  14. Thanks for the comments guys, A little progress before bed last night. I started work on the rather bare cockpit area. The five items that make up the original cockpit area are shown below. Rather sparse for what is basically a greenhouse with wings! So, i started on the pilot/observer area and using some card and bits from a scrapped 109, i ended up with this. The cockpit area is a very similar layout to the FW189. Some more work to progress on the rear area before i start painting! Thanks for looking, Matt
  15. I have put one of these together and then went out and bought another. Il be watching this build.
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