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  1. The IWM collections have several colour photos of Beau’s in the MTO, for example this one from Libya 1943, and is azure blue. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205188546 And these based on Malta in ‘43 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205188638
  2. Worth looking on this site, has aerial photos taken 20th June 1944 - https://library.wur.nl/WebQuery/geoportal/raf The photo in question is Flight 343, run 05, photo 3031, i wont link due to copyright. Hopefully may be useful to people in th know.
  3. Can only echo the thoughts of previous posters. Great show, though obviously fewer attendees than memory serves from previous years, but the quantity and quality of traders/clubs/etc in attendance was great. Picked up some things to cross off my wishlist as well.
  4. Couple of things over the weekend. Saturday I picked up James Holland’s Sicily ‘43. Loved his Burma ‘44 book about the battle of the Admin Box and the podcast he does with Al Murray. Sunday I went to the Avon IPMS show and amongst other things picked up the Tasman Beaufort I/IV kit - https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tasman-model-products-ug2004-bristol-beaufort-mk-i-vi--1101906 and the MPM Blenheim mk V kit https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mpm-production-72501-bristol-blenheim-mk-v--112189 to add to my collection of Bristol’s (no sniggering at the back!).
  5. I’ve had my eyes on this kit, always wanted to build a mk31, have the Airfix mk32 ready to build. Will watch with interest.
  6. I have opened the bag and looked at the contents. So the plastic is actually looking good. A bit of flash around a few parts, easily cleaned up, most of the flash though is around the sprues themselves. One small sink hole in the lower wing, but easy to address with a splash of filler. So i have slapped some glue on the main components and blasted some primer. Some minor cleaning up of filler on the upper wing joints. Just need some free time to break out the airbrush before i proceed. Thanks for looking.
  7. Damn, modern energy saving tech May have to stick in the car
  8. Ohh! I have one as a long-term build in the stash. A CedB build will definitely be an inspiration! For the decals, mine have been a in the window for an entire summer, no unyellowing (is that a word?!!) and no luck with finding Silver City decals either.
  9. A great little helicopter. I managed to get up close during a flying visit of the Redbull Sycamore to Bristol a few years ago. One word can describe the sound of the engine - “agricultural”. Had my eyes on this kit, watching with interest.
  10. I built one of these (and have the similar Valom Buckingham in the stash). Things i noticed and had to address include the shape of the cowlings (oval as opposed to circular) and various other fit issues. Nothing significant that someone of your skills cannot easily address.
  11. That’s a great decal sheet (purchased one to build a Beaufighter, ended up buying a Gladiator and Beaufort based on the decals). Looking on with interest as I have two Beaufort’s to build myself.
  12. This should be good! An aircraft on my ‘to do’ list, and as such I will be watching (and ‘being inspired by’) your progress. Does this mean Airfix have a kit pencilled in for release in 2023?
  13. I’ve still not taken the kit out of the bag yet, waiting to see what ‘interesting’ things will pop up in the build. I was tempted to build like I did 35-40 years ago, that said gluey fingerprints, wonky decals, upside-down wings and so much ordnance it would sink up to its wings, let alone take off, would probably make for an interesting build, but look awful.
  14. If it it wasn’t for the ICM announcement (and obviously dependant on shape etc) then I’d grab the Sanger (plus Tamiya Beaufighter). Following with interest when you start, Interested follower, Bristol...
  15. Crikey! How did i miss this one!?! Id love to sign up, have LOADS of sub £10 kits in the stash and this would be a good KUTA to get them completed! Think il start with this little beauty:
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