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  1. Thanks Wez I'm planning on building Tomba's aircraft, fortunately he was OK after being shot down. Cheers Pat
  2. Great choice and often overshadowed by Shermans, so delighted to see it here. Good luck. Cheers Pat
  3. Great stuff, the "Stripe-fest" continues Cheers Pat
  4. They look terrific, but that bridge laying one is going to be tricky balancing act Good luck Cheers Pat
  5. Never seen one of these built before, so delighted it's joining this GB. Good luck Cheers Pat
  6. Great stuff mate That looks like a golden oldie, going by the box Cheers Pat
  7. Another figure build, and another superb choice Best of luck Cheers Pat
  8. This is superb, we rarely get figures in a GB so I couldn't be more delighted to see this one. Best of luck Cheers Pat
  9. Great choice Steve This GB is going to be a Stripe-fest ! Cheers Pat
  10. You'd be disappointed if it wasn't Cheers Pat
  11. Hi Matt Delighted to see your P-51 joining this GB, best of luck with the build Cheers Pat
  12. I was inspired by this photograph on the Imperial War Museum website, so I'll be building Montgomery's Miles Messenger aircraft Image: IWM (B 7065) Here's the reverse of the photo And here's the kit Good luck everyone Cheers Pat
  13. We are up and running Ladies and Gents, time to get those build threads posted so we can see what we have to look forward to in this GB. Good luck everyone Cheers Pat
  14. Hi Everyone Welcome to the D-Day 80th Anniversary GB. This group build is open to anything you can think of that would have been involved with D-Day. So it's planes, trucks, tanks, ships, boats, people, buildings you name it ! The date range for these activities is 5th June to the 30th August 1944, the GB will be from 6th June to the 29th September 2024. Allied or Axis or both, the more the merrier ! Basic GB Groundrules 1. A 'WiP' thread for each model with regular updates showing your progress within the GB timescale is required. As in all group builds any kit are allowed. Of course all scales, mediums, aftermarket, and other goodies will also be allowed. 2. The 25% rule is only a guideline for the build. If you have a model on the shelf of shame or in that drawer of doom. Even if it is more than the 25% you may build it/finish it in the build. I only ask that you only enter those builds in the inspiration gallery. 3. Please keep comments within these threads respectful. Please be positive and encourage other people's builds even if you can do better. This will encourage them and by building more they will get better too ! 4. If you have any issues with anything or anyone please bring it to my attention on a PM. I will attempt to resolve them. If this fails Enzo Matrix or another Moderator will get involved. 5. A gallery is available for the display of under 25% started models completed within the GB timescale. Please limit the number of photos to five for each subject. 6. There is also an inspiration gallery for previous builds relevant to this subject. You may also place builds that were more than 25% started here. 7. No Buying, Selling, or trading in the threads. There are dedicated locations for this on the site. Positively no exceptions ! 8. Do not hesitate to ask questions about anything, I will try to get you an answer as soon as I can. 9. Last but definitely not least, Please have fun, finishing is always nice but not as important as enjoying yourself. Lastly if anyone would like to co-host with me I'd be delighted to hear from you ! Cheers Pat
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