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  1. I start every Group Build saying that...... it rarely lasts !
  2. Absolutely Tony If it has the word Matchbox on the box or was a reboxing, it's in. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned Cheers Pat
  3. Thanks Dave I dropped @Joecool a PM with a few tips on posting, it's all a bit weird until you get used to it ! Welcome @Joecool, what do you fancy building ? Cheers Pat
  4. Thanks Tony I'd forgotten the Comet was 1/96 ! I suppose the only downside of your BOAC expansion is the need for additional magic powder for the polished metal finish. Given how good the results are, it's really surprising someone hasn't restarted production of it. Best of luck with this one. I have a RarePlanes vacform of this aircraft and she's a blooming biggie, so yours will look amazing when it's finished. Cheers Pat
  5. Not sure how I missed this one Potential candidate at the moment is - Huma Junkers Ju 287 V1 I always was a sucker for good looks ! Cheers Pat
  6. Great stuff V-P Please add me to the list Cheers Pat
  7. You are doing a great job @LorenSharp just gather the names as they appear. Please add mine to the list. Cheers Pat
  8. There is a current GB for all non-injection kits, which is an ideal opportunity to build a Vacuform kit now, why wait ? Cheers Pat
  9. Brilliant choice of subject Tony. It will be amazing to see this one sitting alongside the Comet. Out of interest, we're the 2 aircraft in service at the same time ? Good luck with the build Tony Cheers Pat
  10. Don't mention the "O" word, as @Rabbit Leader and @PeterB will tell you, I got into all sorts of trouble during my Renzan / Rita build in the Frog Squad GB ! My advice is someone will always disagree, but as its your model, do it your way. Best of luck cheers Pat
  11. By the way I should have added any blutack residue / marks are simply removed by rolling a bit of blutack into a point and dabbing onto the bit of plastic all the marks and blutack stick to the point leaving a nice clean finish. Cheers Pat
  12. Apologies for the thread hijack Alan Perhaps you could update us on the Mosquito Cheers Pat
  13. A real Scotsman starts off with blue skin and then goes straight to bright red sunburn, white is something we can only aspire to !
  14. I can only apologise H, Mrs Jockney has me on the cabbage soup diet, so it currently a lot windier indoors than outside ! Best of luck with this one Cheers Pat
  15. On second thoughts perhaps another log on the fire and new Tartan slippers.... And if it's really cold and Mrs Jockney is really good we might even light the fire Cheers Pat
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