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  1. Great choice Ettore Have you got to drill out all the individual holes in those air breaks ? Thats a lovely tidy workbench, best I don't post a picture of my own shambles of a work area ! Good luck. Cheers Pat
  2. Great stuff Steve Two for the price of one what's not to like ? Cheers Pat
  3. Delighted to see this one in the GB, great choice Adrian, Vacform as well so extra brownie points for you ! Best of luck Cheers Pat
  4. Delighted to see another 2CV joining the GB, apart from the Eiffel Tower I can't think of anything more French, unless it comes with a string of onions a stripy shirt and a beret ! Good luck with this one. Cheers Pat
  5. Hi Steve Can we have a picture of the new Bengal kitten, in the meantime here's our 6 ragdoll kittens when they were a few days old, now 2 weeks old,a real handful ! Cheers Pat
  6. Great stuff John, I suppose you could go the whole hog, check out the VW colour charts of the era for that model and make it original ? I know what you mean about the side repeaters / reflectors, MGBs were similarly afflicted Cheers Pat
  7. Thanks Cliff Yes lots, I'm afraid, hence all these golden oldies that I build in the GBs. Are you looking for something at the moment, I might be able to help you with ?
  8. Great to have you with us John, are you planning on painting it, or just Klear coating over the top, seeing as Matchbox have been kind enough to mold it in the right colour ?
  9. I had a looked, mine is definitely the Mania kit, I might try to build it in the potential "Turning Japanese GB" if @trickyrich manages to get it into 2022. If anyone can make a canopy from the one I have let me know. Good call on the Peggy Pete, I've got that one as well, blooming nora, this is just making me realise the stash is completely out of control ! Cheers Pat
  10. Hi Steve Any chance of a bit of history on the type, it's not one I'm familiar with. Looking great and surprisingly quick, are you practicing for the next Blitzbuild ? Cheers Pat
  11. Yes you sod, I can't remember the number of times I mentioned you along with expletives during the build but I'm glad you challenged me ! Come on there only just over 100 parts in the tractor, trolleys and bombs, what's stopping you ? In fact my turn for a challenge, do them in the forthcoming Blitzbuild in August , are you game ?
  12. Great stuff Stuart Look forward to seeing the Hunter, good luck with the search. Cheers Pat
  13. Hi Fred not yet, Enzo will let us know in plenty of time Cheers Pat
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