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  1. Hi JR With the Chopper GB over, have you had a chance to threaten this kit with adhesive yet ? Cheers Pat
  2. Goodness me Dennis if we could bottle and sell your enthusiasm we would all be millionaires Cheers Pat
  3. Hi JP Great choice, you rarely see one of these being built so it will be great to see you building one here. Best of luck with this one. Cheers Pat
  4. Great news, let me know if you need spare decals @Jinxman made mine and some spares so you are very welcome to them. By the way the instructions are not telling the truth when they want you to paint bits violet ! Cheers Pat PS do I need to find you a heller item for this GB ?
  5. These Bloch 152's are like buses you wait ages for one, then 3 come along at the same time ! Delighted to see this one, from memory the cockpit is a bit draughty as there's nothing between it and the empty wheel wells. Best of luck. Cheers Pat
  6. I'm just having to sedate @Enzo Matrix as he was getting warmed up to deliver his famous catchphrase ! For goodness sake tell us what you are building before the effects wear off Cheers Pat
  7. Hi @Pappy Please finish this build, lots of people myself included, have really enjoyed catching up with your progress on here, even if they weren't formally following it. The KUTA GB is the perfect opportunity, to finish it. So, as yours truly was the co-host of this GB and hasn't finished his build either if you agree to complete it in the KUTA GB I will also do one of my failed to finish builds from this GB as well, deal ? Cheers Pat
  8. Apologies Adrian I should have said how sorry I was to hear about your car being stolen. I thought that was really difficult now with all these blooming computers they have fitted to modern cars ?
  9. Great work Rob, I especially like the patina you have achieved on the seats Cheers Pat
  10. Great to see this one join the GB Adrian are you going to do the similar camo to your previous build or something different ? Cheers Pat
  11. Congratulations Johnny that has turned out really well, great to see another completed build in the gallery. Cheers Pat
  12. Ok ok stop kicking a guy when he's down, I might change my avatar to me in a kilt wearing budgie smugglers just to change the subject ! I paid good money for a blooming yellow spray can... anyone fancy a Trainers Yellow GB?
  13. Stroll on, I've even treated myself to a spray can of yellow paint, yes I know what you're thinking, he's just throwing his money around willie nillie ! I hope no one minds but I've kind of got used to the idea of a yellow aircraft so I will stick with it, however thanks's to the diligence of @BS_w I will sort out and correct the seating arrangements. Thanks @BS_w goodness only knows where you found the info, but it's really appreciated. Cheers Pat
  14. Wow Greg you look like you are almost done, congratulations Out of curiosity what was the other option you could build from this kit ? Cheers Pat
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