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  1. Would the SR-71 Blackburn be eligible for this one ? Also I have a Fujimi PR Spitfire somewhere, cant remember the Mk number, eligible ? Cheers Pat
  2. Just to echo @TonyOD above, let's start planning MTO IV now, so I can finish my Breda ! Thanks to @TEMPESTMK5 Patrice and @Ozzy for doing such an outstanding job. Cheers Pat
  3. Hi Pete Absolutely spot on it was a racer, so very fast to begin with. Then when all the military kit including weapons started to be added, the engine proved really underpowered and performance suffered significantly. Yes I have a lot of kits which I have had for many years. So long in fact there is a danger of them being seen as collectors items rather than ones to build ! Finally getting round to building them, glad you liked this one. Cheers Pat
  4. Thanks very much Dave I completely agree, the colour scheme is really striking and a nice change from all that camouflage. Cheers Pat
  5. I would pop it in now, before it closes then edit it Stu
  6. Let's just agree Steves Corsair is very well prepped Cheers Pat
  7. Great stuff Peter, nice to have all those options to build. Best of luck Cheers Pat
  8. Congratulations Steve Your Arado looks the business, also reminding me I have an unfinished one ! Cheers Pat
  9. Tribute to a Departed Modeller This kit used to belong to a fellow kit Modeller called Donald John MacKay, who lived locally in Oban and was a good mate of @Scimitar Donald passed away recently leaving his family with an extensive stash of both books and models from a lifetime of collecting and @Scimitar real name Richard was a great help to the family in enabling them to get proper value for the items. This kit and others Donald never finished were rescued from the rubbish bin as the family were clearing the house. I asked Patrice @TEMPESTMK5 for special permission to
  10. Well I'm calling this one done, I hope Donald would like what I've done to it ! Let me know what you think. Cheers Pat I'll do the washing up after it's in the gallery !
  11. Thanks Davey I also fancy doing the same Potez 540, just need to find a GB it fits into now ! Cheers Pat
  12. Cheers Stu I've been looking for a home for my H30 mountain for years ! What can I give him for the interior cockpit and wheel wells? If he doesn't join this GB after all this..... !
  13. Can I ask everyone a favour please, I'm trying to encourage a new person to not only join BM but also this GB. As he originally from Australia I was going to post him the Frog Havoc / Boston which thoughtfully has RAAF markings. The question is what paint colours (humbrol or revell) do I also need to put in the box with it, as the Frog painting guide gives no clues ? Cheers Pat
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