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    Airfix 2020

    Dick, you should be ashamed of yourself ! Cheers Pat
  2. Superb job, brings back lots of memories Must go now as me mum is calling through for me Tea ! cheers Pat

    Airfix 2020

    Wish list from me would be a 1/72 Warwick 1/72 Beaufort 1/72 Beverley 1/48 Beaufort 1/48 Hampden I am reading a book about the Beaufort at the moment, including the VC won by Kenneth Campbell when he torpedoed the Gneisenau in Brest Harbour, the channel dash etc. Just let me sell my Frog one for silly money on Evilbay first ok ? cheers Pat
  4. Hi Alexey Very sad news, I'm sure you will do him proud when you complete this very fine looking kit. I love the idea behind the box, just ticking the box to tell you which one is inside ! cheers Pat
  5. Great to see this one started, excited what gave you that idea Its a lot of glazing to do with flat sheets, I would be tempted to try the vacforming again when you have got all the suitable materials, for example more pink lego ! I also checked out the reference book which is superb but also blooming expensive, so I will have to put it on next years Christmas list. cheers Pat
  6. Of course the Sea Balloil would be very welcome in the Trainers GB starting next month. Assuming of course that someone actually has one ! cheers Pat

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    Good point V-P, we will just keep that to ourselves ! cheers Pat

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    Well done V-P Do you know I've been thinking that Enzo's not such a bad bloke after all ! So now we have gone from this to this Great news ! cheers Pat

    Coastal Command Boeing Fortress 1

    Painting has started, White is on I did the first coats of Camouflage last night, all I can say is I hope it looks better with a second coat ! Also the observant among you will have noticed that one of the radio masts behind the cockpit is a different colour. Well that's because first I broke it removing it from the sprue, then proceeded to gift it to the carpet monster. The language was not very professional and I had to go and apologise to both dogs as they were hiding thinking it must have been their fault ! More picture this evening, good luck to everyone cheers Pat

    Airfix for 2019

    If I'm honest, I'm amazed that given the doom and gloom surrounding the future of the parent company that they have produced any new releases at all. I think the management team should be congratulated on both keeping the business afloat, retaining key staff and managing to get these releases over the finish line. If you are disappointed that your particular choice isn't amongst these, drop them an email, but PLEASE, also remember to thank them for continuing to be still supporting our Hobby after all these years ! Sorry to have got on my soap box, but when you feel strongly about something, it's best not to bottle it up ! cheers Pat
  11. Despite being in too many GBs already, I'm very tempted to join with a Contrail General Aircraft Hamilcar glider, vacform + stripes, what's not to like ? cheers Pat
  12. Lovely choice @greggles.w it will certainly brighten up the GB, with that striking colour scheme. Note to self I must dust off my Contrail Perth, and my Daughters Arado 196 from the previous Flying Boats / Floatplanes GB We are still looking for more volunteers, so if you are reading this and haven't tried a Group Build before, you are very welcome to join us. Cheers Pat
  13. Fantastic job Jes, I'll be delighted if mine turns out half as well ! cheers Pat

    Coastal Command Boeing Fortress 1

    Right, gaps filled with putty and CA. Next some masking, this line between white and camouflage seems to differ slightly depending on which picture you look at, therefore I have gone with what looks right ! cheers Pat

    B-17E 'Suzie Q', 19th Bombardment Group, PTO

    Well done Ray Looks like you are back on track for a finish, I will need to get my digit out with my own build. The end of this GB is fast approaching ! cheers Pat