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  1. Hi Pete I could pop a wanted post on the board for you, I'm not sure if that's allowed, but I'm sure someone will soon let me know if it isn't ! cheers Pat
  2. Hi Atom.uk Great that you will be joining us, I shall add you to the list. Please feel free to post a picture of the kits either here or in the Frog GB, do you know which destroyers they are ? Cheers Pat
  3. Hi Chewbacca Sorry to hear you won't be joining us, but delighted to hear you are going to finish the BULOLO, when it comes to not finishing a Group Build I can compete with anyone ! cheers Pat
  4. This was the first 1/35 scale AFV I ever bought, I can still remember seeing it in the shop window and really wanting it, but it was completely out of pocket money range. Then I was treated to it by my mum, I must have been good for once ! When I got home I found out it was the version with the electric motor in it ! On reflection I didn't do the kit justice, but I did learn a great deal about kit building and electric motors gears etc. I hope you don't mind if I follow this build cheers Pat
  5. Hi Ash Great choices, pop a wanted request for your missing part on the wanted section here on BM. I have been really lucky in the past, so you have a good chance of getting one. cheers Pat
  6. Hi Cliff I think it would be plain rude to not allow such a special kit into this GB. As for the 25% rule, I don't suppose the kit had many parts to start with and as you are going to have to part dismantle repair, scratch build or search out and find the missing parts, that's a lot of work. Great to have a piece of Frog Royalty in the GB and the kits not bad either ! cheers Pat
  7. This is the winch prop which as you can see is going to take some time this is the canopy being removed from the rest of the vacform backing. There must have been dirt / grit in the blutac as I have ended up with some scratches on the inside, can you use Klear on vacform plastic ? Finally after 2 steps forward we have 1 step back... This is what happened when your Henley falls off the coffee table and hits a tiled floor ! I shall try to recover my sense of humour tonight and continue the build A very Grumpy Pat !
  8. Trust you to go for the posh version PM me your address so I can post the long overdue spare canopy, (then the Jockney clan can have a place to stay when we next come down to Cornwall ! ) Kidding about the invasion ! cheers Pat
  9. Work continues, currently excavating what appears to be the main wheels from a block of resin, this is more like an archeological dig that building a kit. The blob to the right of the recovered wheel is actually a part not part of the scrap resin ! After much filing scraping and cursing I have attached the wings and tailplane. Its starting to look like the pictures at last. I'm glad I took the time with the parts to keep the filling down to a minimum. I need to find my blu-tak and a new blade to extract the canopy later, I have to be careful as I have promised the "spare" one to someone with a stalled build. more later cheers Pat
  10. I have been reckless enough to organise a group build for Frog kits and their derivatives i.e. Novo, Eastern Express etc here on BM. If anyone has one of their Maritime kits (Shell Welder, Trinity Light Vessel, warships etc) and fancies building it, they would be very welcome to join us, see link below cheers Pat
  11. Thanks Mike I had a look for the build which unfortunately has photobucket images so you can no longer see them. A bit of searching on the interweb shows the kit looks the business when finished but is a shocker to build apparently with 130 plus parts ! It was remade by Novo, and others so you never know we might still get to see one cheers Pat
  12. Excellent Dave @Rabbit Leader please put Mike @Ventora3300 down for the "Shell Welder F137" Just teasing Having said that if anyone would like to build one it would be amazing, as I can't honestly remember ever having seen a built one ! cheers Pat
  13. I completely agree the more the merrier, thanks Dave @Rabbit Leader @SAU if those pictures can't inspire people for this GB, we are in trouble ! A Shackleton would be amazing, with all the work that would be required to complete it @PeterB please try to find a set of the RAF decals you need. I will have a look in my stuff but please put a request on the wanted section here on BM as well. Hi Chris @bigbadbadge a Vimy will be a very welcome addition, now to find someone with the Trinity House Lightship ! cheers Pat
  14. Had to stop for breath every so often.
  15. Nice one Chris Your Miles Master is well below the 25% completed so that one will count as well. Ask @PeterB Pete if he has any decals for the Vimy, or put a request on the wanted section, you never know your luck ! Guilty as charged regarding not finishing GB's cheers Pat
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