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    Seafire from the Med

    Hi V-P I hope the hip operation went well, I was going to make a joke about still being able to get your leg over, But thought better of it ! Just a guess but you might need a bit of filler going forward, notwithstanding your saw, file and hammering skills ! cheers Pat

    Seafire from the Med

    Brilliant improvisation, this must now be the first Supermarine Frankenstein ! As you have hand selected all the parts, it should be miles better than any off the shelf kit. Look forward to seeing the next instalment cheers Pat
  3. Thanks Tony I looked into the history of this aircraft and it went from very fast very promising to being left on deliberately on airfields as decoys to avoid other aircraft being damaged in raids ! cheers Pat
  4. Sorry to hear that Cliff, it might be the selector rather than anything more serious. Is it the Capri gearbox in that one ? If so might be easier quicker to swap it out and repair the original whilst still using the car. One of the other club members might give you a loan of one. I can't get to the bottom of a wiring problem on my MG TC, switch the sidelights on they all work put the headlights on and the sidelights go off ! It's 1948 wiring so shouldn't be that difficult but it's had me running round in ever decreasing circles for months ! cheers Pat
  5. Hi Cliff Thanks very much for the advice. Yes I do have the clear parts but as they are vacformed I was too scared to take them out of the box for the photo ! Can you recommend a way of releasing the parts from their lagoon of Resin they are encased in ? I'm terrified of breaking bits. cheers Pat

    Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits GB

    This GB seems to have gone a little cold, Frog did an amazing variety of different kits, what do people fancy building as their entries ? This is mine, I've even treated myself to the paints in advance ! cheers Pat

    Flying Boats & Float Planes 2 GB

    As Enzo would say..........BUILD THEM ALL Hi Andrew You are very welcome, Jaime set the bar really high when he looked after the last GB, if I can do half as good a job it will still be really superb. Now just the small matter of attracting enough vote ! cheers Pat
  8. Mrs Jockney out today in a posh frock watching the Royal Wedding, chance taken to move the build along. Thats 2 coats of yellow over a primer of white, still looks patchy but might look better when dry. Looks like rest will need a second coat as well. I haven't painted the grey yet, hoping that will be one coat. Now to get back to installing the new Koi pond and decking, whilst the suns out ! cheers Pat
  9. Great you can show everyone how to do Italian camouflage, so no pressure then eh ! cheers Pat
  10. Goodness me Tony that looks like an awlful lot of extra parts, I hope they all fit in. What I love about your builds apart from the finished article of course, is the depth of research and the chance for lots of us to learn something completely new about an era we naively thought we had some existing knowledge of ! Really looking forward to seeing this one take shape. kindest regards Pat
  11. Having managed to mislay the cockpit for my Loire 130. I have decided to bring this one out from deep hibernation in the stash. This of course will no doubt trigger the instant discovery of the currently AWOL cockpit ! However, as I've only ever built one Resin kit before this should be a challenge. Already the undercarriage looks like a big challenge to remove from its current Sea of Resin and looks very weak considering the weight of the resin body, even before everything else is added ! Any / All tips on either this aircraft or Resin building in general greatly appreciated Let me know what you think Cheers Pat

    Anigrand C-141B

    Outstanding Sir Take a bow, despite this kits best efforts you have not only finished but done a mighty fine job too may I add. Cheers Pat

    10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Well done to everyone who took part especially those who managed to finish, something I have a shocking reputation for NOT doing ! Thanks to our hosts for praise, KUTA as deemed appropriate to get us all where we needed to be cheers Pat

    Revell 1/72 Corsair Mk II (F4U-1B)

    Great choice Mike Look forward to following your progress on this one cheers Pat