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  1. Sorry to hear that, real world does have a tendency to get in the way of good intentioned GBs. Hope the Super Bug goes well. Cheers Pat
  2. Great job Steve I would have a look at the participants of the last few Classic GB's and let them know that this one is in the pipeline, if the Frog / Matchbox & Airfix GBs are anything to go by this ones going to be amazing ! Cheers Pat
  3. As @Enzo Matrixwould say "build them all ! "
  4. What Ikea (other retail outlets are available) cupboard do you use at the moment ?
  5. Would a Betty bomber with Ohka manned missile fit the bill ? Cheers Pat
  6. Oh Martin, That really is a thing of beauty.... Great choice, Smer made a Chocolate Brown one of these !
  7. Having built a FW200 Condor, Coastal Command B17 and the Renzan Rita recently im going to need a bigger cupboard !
  8. I would like to join with a PM Ta 183, would that be ok ? Cheers Pat
  9. Great choice, now remember the ugliest design wins ! Potez 540 for example
  10. Would a 1/48 Monogram Typhoon be welcome ? Found one in the stash whilst looking for something else ! Cheers Pat
  11. I believe @PeterBmay be tempted to bring a Henschel 126 along to the party, if he was to be invited !
  12. I'm building the P-7 in the KUTA GB currently, i think it kosher, but Cliff's the guv'nor of this GB !
  13. This is a first for me, never even seen this kit let alone a built one. Good luck with this one. Cheers Pat
  14. I can't ever remember when i saw so many Sharks being built, delighted to see another one being built this year. Cheers Pat
  15. Great work everyone, we are doing well in the 2020 GB Poll, but no room for complacency, here a bit of a Mojo restorer Picture from Autoevalution Picture from Reddit Picture from Wikipedia That should get the creative juices flowing, Please cast your vote for this GB, it's going to be a bit special cheers Pat
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