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  1. Hi V-P @vppelt68 Has there been any progress with your marauder since we last heard from you ? You were off to a flying start. Cheers Pat
  2. I really like the Arado 234, and delighted you are building one in this GB. Any more progress since we last heard from you ? Cheers Pat
  3. Looks the business and as has been said here before, the first time I've seen this kit at all, let alone a built one !
  4. Imagine it's 1964, and the new Frog catalogue is out, so let's take a look inside Next instalment will be 1965, a much better year as a subtle hint to an alternative GB currently running with @Rabbit Leader cheers Pat
  5. @stevej60 Looks identical to me, I say BUILD IT !
  6. These are the Frog catalogues I have below. From top left 1964, 1965, 1966 1968, 1970, 1973 1974, 1975, 1976 Let me know what pages you would like to see and from which one ! cheers Pat
  7. I have a number of the catalogues I will post copies of the pages of aircraft etc later. I'm not sure of the years so will check when I get home, as Mrs Jockney has taken me out for tea ! Cheers Pat
  8. Good show TPS Got to love a lightning, but not half as much as @Retired Bob who I think needs help going by the number he has been squirrelling away ! Good luck with the build cheers Pat
  9. Wake up Serge @Aardvark we have an important question for you, we might have our first boat ! So no pressure then eh ! Cheers Pat
  10. Great to see this one return to the workbench. I'm sure the work you are doing now will make all the difference when it's completed Cheers Pat

    Blackburn Shark

    I can't believe how many of these have graced the pages of this GB, but I am soooo glad they did ! Keep up the good work @825 it's looking the business cheers Pat
  12. Thanks Rich, but very much a team effort with @Rabbit Leader & @vppelt68 I just have this image of @Enzo Matrix having to ask @Mike for yet another new server due to the size of the current GB's ! cheers Pat
  13. Blimey and I thought the paint pickle I got into with my Japanese trainer orange vs yellow was complicated ! I guess life would be boring if we went for the easy option, although that Coastal Command version did look very nice..... cheers Pat
  14. Great to see this one progressing so well, looking forward to the next instalment cheers Pat
  15. Looks great Pete. This is another one of those classic Italian fighters that look really fast even when stationary Good luck with the build cheers Pat
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