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  1. Thanks Jerzy This one isn't vacform but with the amount of flash involved it's difficult to tell the difference. I'll post some pictures later on, for 2 good reasons 1st, I don't want to frighten people of a nervous disposition, and 2nd, I will need something to steady my own nerves Cheers Pat
  2. Blooming 'eck that OOB thing didn't last long did it
  3. Sorry mate, feel free to return the compliment, I have unfinished builds all over the place ! Cheers Pat
  4. Hi @AdrianMF Have you still got this one in the diary ? Cheers Pat
  5. My apologies for not starting this one yet I'm hosting the Big in Japan GB and being male can't multitask ! Cheers Pat
  6. Oy Steve Slow down mate you're making it look too easy and embarrassing the rest of us ! Cheers Pat
  7. Don't worry @JeroenSwill soon capture this one on the build list I'm sure. Good luck
  8. I can only apologise for the lack of imagination in choosing this kit. I've wanted to build this for a while and dedicate it to my mate @jeanwho has caused me to expand the stash to include lots of French subjects ! The kit didn't come with decals so I'll be replicating a nice bright French naval version Good luck everyone Cheers Pat
  9. Brilliant, good luck Dave. A perfect tribute to Charlie, I've done a couple of similar builds left from a fellow modeller who passed away locally. Good luck Cheers Pat
  10. Happy days, brilliant choice. Built one as a nipper, long lost over time, now thinking I need another one. Good luck Cheers Pat
  11. @Enzo the Magnificent your catchphrase is needed urgently here... Altogether now !
  12. As many have already said, quite possibly a candidate "for kit I most wanted to build but never got round to it !" Looks terrific Cheers Pat
  13. Both the vehicle and the kit are completely new to me which makes it even better. Best of luck Cheers Pat
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