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  1. You are in good company on here then !
  2. Well done Mark, everydays a school day !
  3. Works a treat Dave I was worried I'd need to be double jointed before i translated it ! No arguments from me Cheers Pat
  4. Im afraid this big kid really wanted 'POO' to have brown tails ! Sorry Pat
  5. You are a man of many talents Dave I had no idea you could read Finnish ! Was that part of your cabin crew training ?
  6. Can i ask what masking sets are available for the Airfix grand slam Lancaster ?
  7. Good luck mate I must admit, im very tempting to get my own masking set, its the part of a build i dread ! cheers Pat
  8. Hi Julian Im keen to learn about the Lincoln so look forward to following your build. Good luck cheers Pat
  9. Thanks for the Link Julian Looks amazing good luck with the build, and a chance to learn about 3d printing, whats not to like ! Cheers Pat
  10. Good luck Mark Having tried to encourage all my kids to build kits only my daughter has retained any interest ! cheers Pat
  11. Wow, what a collection, i envy you having the space to keep them all. Great to see the Grand Slam version to inspire me to build my own one in this GB. Good luck with the Lancastrian cheers Pat
  12. Hi V-P I used to be given the same series of book by a friend of my parents when i was a nipper (I still have them) He used to spend his evening with me telling me all about the British WW1 aircraft. I only found out a few years ago he was one of the aircraft fitters in the RFC ! How i wish he was still with us to hear all those stories again. Good luck with this build, and thank you for bringing back such great memories. cheers Pat
  13. Never seen a Lancastrian, good luck with the build Ray cheers Pat
  14. Come on ladies and gents, this one cant be left on the shelf. Have a look in the stash, put your thinking caps on and join us ! cheers Pat
  15. Hi V-P I have the old Revell Nightfighter version which I have had for longer than I can remember so can I join please. Also would you allow some of the other variations ? Mistel, 188, 288, 388, 488 ? cheers Pat
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