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    Vultee Vengeance Cutaway Drawing & Plans

    Hi Dave Having seen my Frog Build in the Pacific GB, I would say Special Hobby is a no brainier ! Cheers Pat
  2. Outstanding Jaime, congratulations mate cheers Pat

    3rd Time Lucky - Back with a Vengeance !

    I think you are being kind ! I am going to try filling the gap between the insert and the wing to see if that improves things.

    A flying boat I hope(not Academy)

    Well I never was any good at guessing ! I was going for an Emily or a Mavis, wrong side as well as wrong aircraft Good luck with this one cheers Pat

    3rd Time Lucky - Back with a Vengeance !

    Muppetry on my part has uncovered why there was no mounting points for the undercarriage legs, that's because they are attached to the covers that actually insert into the slot in the wing. Blooming obvious when you look at it, but not at the time !

    Coastal Command Early B-17s

    Hi Mike Info and research really appreciated. This immediately came to mind, enjoy ! I can picture Dennis flexing a large ruler with lots of pens (mostly Red) sticking out of his jacket breast pocket ! cheers Pat
  7. This Academy kit came with a Job Lot off EvilBay. It looks complete apart from a missing Prop, and some flak damage to one wing. Thanks to @modelling minion aka Craig for providing the decal to allow me to build the Coastal Command version. I have treated myself to some of that green zinc chromate paint, pictures to follow once I finish my Frog Vultee Vengeance in the Pacific GB. cheers Pat

    3rd Time Lucky - Back with a Vengeance !

    Pictures of progress as promised

    3rd Time Lucky - Back with a Vengeance !

    Do you remember those fateful words about everything being ok, well...... The wings at fuselage fit was a shocker. I was too annoyed to take a picture so just attacked the fuselage with a knife and scraped out plastic until they fitted. Bit of filler, job done. Next challenge, fitting the undercarriage. There are no location sockets in the wings for the suspension legs to fit into. My solution file a flat face on the suspension leg to give good adhesion to inside front edge of the wing. Finally the canopy fit a shocker, lots of filing to both canopy and the fuselage gets it to fit eventually. Pictures to follow

    Coastal Command Early B-17s

    Hi Dave You are a star I have recently been given the decals for NR*L from @modelling minion ( thanks Craig) so I can for once avoid buying even more stuff ! cheers Pat

    Coastal Command Early B-17s

    Thanks very much Dennis This just leaves the challenge of finding all those antennas, did anyone make these aftermarket ? cheers Pat
  12. Congratulations Rich pass on my best wishes to Mrs Tricky.

    Sherman Crab

    There's many on here can only dream about still having enough hair to use a roller ! Look forward to seeing this one completed cheers Pat

    Coastal Command Early B-17s

    I would like the build the Academy B-17C in Coastal Command colours but wanted to know if these aircraft were covered in antennas like the Whitley and Sunderland ? The picture below (2nd one down) does show any and there are none in the kit. Any assistance greatly appreciated cheers Pat

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    Evening all Can I pick the brains of you B-17 experts by asking if the early B-17 in Coastal Command service was covered in antennae like the Whitley and Sunderland ? photo below shows no antennae and they are not included in the kit ? cheers Pat