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  1. Airfix's iconic B-17G Flying Fortress "A Bit of Lace" a compulsory addition to every schoolboys bedroom ceiling at the time. This kit dates from 1975, and I can still remember riding home on my bike as fast as I could so I could start on it. This has to be one of the best box tops ever so I think it will have to be kept alongside the completed model. A big thank you to Scott aka @Jinxman for making the decals without which this would never have been built, picture below, I hope you like it. Cheers Pat
  2. Just back from a 16km hill walk with the dogs today, I'm completely blooming knackered, the dogs are so tired they can barely eat their tea. More photos as promised Thank you everyone for all the encouragement along the way, I hope this brought back some happy memories with you too. Cheers Pat
  3. Well I'm calling this one done, I have to say I made really pleased with how it has turn out, certainly not show standard but a blooming lot better than my original one ! Thanks again to @Jinxman for the homemade decals, without which this kit would still be residing in the stash, more pictures later Cheers Pat
  4. I have the Contrail one of these in the stash, the variation of tones of Silver you have achieved is brilliant, congratulations Cheers Pat
  5. Really great progress, I didn't know this kit was so detailed
  6. Hi Graeme Your post about mislaid kits and or parts, dogs wanting to go out and juggling guests, will have resonated with lots of us I imagine. Actually you aren't living alone, you have just invited all the other members of this GB, to join you whenever you feel like visiting BM. You are guaranteed to get lots of support and encouragement along the way. Good luck with your build. Kindest regards Pat
  7. Great stuff Nick The box of your kit seem to have survived in remarkable condition considering its age. Good luck with your build cheers Pat
  8. Absolutely delighted to see the Rotodyne join the GB, and I had completely forgotten Revell made a version as well as Airfix. The best of luck with the build, you will hopefully inspire others to follow your lead and build this amazing aircraft rather than it languishing in the stash. cheers Pat
  9. Great choice @Erwindo you have your own hanger to keep all these big scale builds of yours in ?
  10. Are you planning on having the side doors open ? I don't I've ever seen one in a film with the doors closed !
  11. Thats great progress and its coming on a treat. I'm curious what car was painted that shade of Blue, its very distinctive but i can't place it ? Cheers Pat
  12. Wow thats really impressive progress, I really hope the canopy allows to still see that lovely interior. Cheers Pat
  13. Great choice, that rotor arrangement looks blooming complicated, out of curiosity does the kit allow them to rotate ? I'm afraid the big kid in me still likes to do that if the kit allows it ! Best of luck cheers Pat
  14. Thats a great kit for a fiver, the only disappointment is not requiring sunglasses due to the wild colour plastics that matchbox were famous for. However yours will make it much easier to paint in fact looking at the colours you wouldn't need to paint it at all when we were nippers ! Just build and pop the decals on down stairs for Tea and Dr Who
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