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  1. For my 2 penny's worth, One of the things I really enjoy about all the GBs is the opportunity to build something that otherwise you wouldn't find a reason to build. Take for example a recent GB, "Anything but Injection " we had resin, vacform, wood and even paper ! With everything from boats to buildings in every era and scale. I think a GB that sought to narrow down the participants choices too far would in any case never reach the required number to get passed the bunfight Cheers Pat
  2. That's likely to come in very handy ! It would make an interesting category for a future GB
  3. Thanks Steve I'll need to post pictures of mine, now it's finished. I don't have a posh background like yours so it will be the kitchen worktop when mine finally appears ! Cheers Pat
  4. Where's @Enzo Matrix when you need him ?
  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, check this "stunner".... The Breguet 410. It has a number of interesting features, The spoiler behind the pilot, now adopted by Formula 1 to increase downforce. There is a prop to stop the guns in the front turret drooping, now replaced by Viagra Surely after building a greenhouse at the front there would be enough glass to give the pilot a bit of shelter ! Is there a model of this one available ?
  6. Thanks @Pyradus Yes I'm afraid to say a lot of my stash is old enough to count as Fossils, this being one of the original heller offerings. I would really recommend one, they are not expensive, and really cheap if you buy a Smer boxed one ! Cheers Pat
  7. This one https://www.scalemates.com/kits/classic-plane-cpm-70-junkers-ju-390-v-1--137153 You get an entire replacement resin fuselage as well as the wing extensions extra engines, undercarriage etc. Has anyone ever built one ? Cheers Pat
  8. Cheers mate It's really annoying as I was really looking forward to finishing this one. You are definitely a bad influence, my collection of French aircraft continues to grow ! I might have to share a few , with my mate in Africa Cheers Pat
  9. My track record with vacs in GBs isn't great so a chance to make amends here. Here's one I started and didn't finish earlier ! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235065298-modelland-ambrosini-sai-403-dardo/&tab=comments#comment-3533347 Cheers Pat
  10. Hi @jean Despite extensive search the cockpit remains elusive, it must be in a really safe place ! I might have to scratch build one which of course will allow the original to reappear as soon as its replacement is completed ! Cheers Pat
  11. Added another potential candidate to the list for this GB Resin conversion kit to change the Revell Junkers Ju-290 into a Ju-390 Go large or go home ! And I might be looking for a new one when Mrs Jockney sees the blooming great thing !
  12. You are correct it is at Hendon, but I believe its a Supermarine Southampton, from memory someone was living in it as a houseboat ! Great work Mark, sorry for the build thread drift. Cheers Pat
  13. Thanks mate I do love building something a bit different, and this fits the bill nicely. Cheers Pat
  14. Hi everyone Apologies for not progressing this one, as I've posted elsewhere, I lost my mum last month, so much to do which isn't modelling unfortunately. However I did promise to tell you the story of Jules Verne so, here's the rest of the story... (from Historynet.com) Jules Verne cruised low over the countryside of Mecklenburg as the crew prepared for the navigation challenge of finding their target at night. But as they headed south, they sighted a glow on the horizon: Berlin. Daillière and his crew had expected the capital to have a wartime blackout in force, but much to their surprise it was as brightly lit as in peacetime. The Germans were obviously not expecting an air raid, and certainly not one coming from the direction of the Baltic. Arriving over the eastern suburbs around midnight, Jules Verne simulated a landing approach at Tempelhof Airport in the southern suburbs, then headed north to Tegel. They reached the Siemens-Werke within minutes, and while Yonnet dropped the bombload on the factory, Corneillet and Des champs heaved a dozen incendiary bombs out the passenger door. Yonnet banked sharply, dodging uncoordinated flak bursts and searchlight beams. Instead of heading back to the north, they turned south west, flying an irregular course to confuse the air defences. Jules Verne crossed the French border and passed through the battle zone, landing at Paris Orly at 13:30 on June 8. Daillière and his gallant crew, exhausted but happy, were congratulated by their superiors. Someone needs to make a film of this. Cheers Pat
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