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  1. Made a bit more progress As you can see wrong colour green for the canopy, so it will act as a primer until I find the right one ! Cheers Pat
  2. Great stuff Gerard, The comparison between the 2 kits is a great idea Cheers Pat
  3. Great stuff Dennis, I can't recall seeing a Buffalo in Dutch colours before so I'm really enjoying following this one. Cheers Pat
  4. Delighted to see this one progressing so well, even if I do feel really inadequate as I've never cast anything in resin, so this is a treat to watch. Cheers Pat
  5. Delighted to see this one finished congratulations Really appreciate all your other builds as well. cheers Pat
  6. Thanks very much Cliff I would definitely recommend a Supermodel kit, gives you a chance to build some unusual Italian aircraft. Cheers Pat
  7. Looks terrific James I have to admit, the stealthy black look is growing on me !
  8. Absolutely @Rabbit Leader, please reserve a space in the Gallery for V-P, B-17 incoming ! cheers Pat
  9. Absolutely so what other kit can you fit in as well before that GB ends
  10. I can't believe you put it in writing, @Enzo Matrixif you are reading this, or getting your GB PA to read it for you, he's joking. At least I hope he blooming well is
  11. I've got the ancient Revell 1/32 Me262 Nightfighter, but not sure I can do it justice
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