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  1. I built this kit about a year ago . It went together well , only problem area , I remember being the front grille / pop up lights . Following with interest Gary .
  2. Building and researching these old rally cars brings the memories back for me too , Roger . Gary .
  3. Tarmac rally Mantas were very low , especially at the rear . Thanks for your interest . Gary .
  4. Thanks for your kind comments ! I have a choice of two next , both with simpler colour schemes . Watch this space ! Gary .
  5. Thanks for your kind comments everyone . Great video Vince . Gary .
  6. My second build of the year and , I think , my most ambitious to date . When I bought the Andrews decals and decided to build the Manta I knew I was in for lots of masking and colour changes . However , I persevered and the the end result left me well pleased . The full build can be found here ……. The kit went together really well , the decals less so and if I could change anything I would definitely buy the Renaissance lowering kit , as this is a tarmac car but it sits too high using the Belkits provided suspension setup . Anyway , pictures of the finished car .
  7. This is the last update on the Manta . The last small additions I have added are a PE front tow point and I made some front brake cooling hoses from left over pieces of dashboard flexi hose . As always for me , the roof aerial is the final piece of the kit , which is supplied . Thanks for looking and commenting , I will be posting final shots on the RFI section . Gary .
  8. At least I know this has gone to a good home ! I was watching it , missed the auction end , saw it was a buy it now , thought about it then went to buy it ..... A great price for a rare kit . Gary.
  9. A lottery win wouldn't be enough to fill the wish list from the Bicester display ! Gary .
  10. Was a Sport quattro , Audi press fleet plates on . It just looks all out of proportion , but my goodness so aggressive ! Gary .
  11. Welcome to the forum btw . Posting images takes a bit of practice ( from a non computer literate point of view .... ) but is worth the hassle ! Gary .
  12. I think being unable to attend classic car shows for a year has made attending again more enjoyable ! Gary .
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