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  1. This has turned out really well . Just the right amount of weathering for me , and I agree with the Safari cars being special ; purpose built and tested for months , in Africa , just for this one event . Gary .
  2. Thanks Keith . I reckon this was one of the most complicated rollcages I've constructed . They build them proper in Cumbria ! Gary .
  3. First update in a while on the Fiesta . I left it pondering on wether to use the provided carbon decals for the seat backs . Well as they seem too grey for me I have decided to paint the backs satin black . I used blue electricians tape and cut the Sparco decals off the provided decals to make up the seat harnesses . Then it was time to make up the rollcage . I know from previous posts that this is a big job , so I took my time with it . Rear section then sides . Steering column section , look now before it's covered by the dashboard ! Seats in and steering wheel fitted . I cut the co drivers seat base down a bit so it's sits lower than the drivers . All about to be topped off . Dashboard sides needed cutting to allow front bars to fit . Wrapped in masking tape and left to dry Result - all joined up and square . This is quite a substantial rollcage , the real cars must feel so strong and solid . Bits of tidying up and securing the harnesses to do and the interior will be done . Thanks for looking Gary .
  4. Been to Sheffield today and in the space of the 40 minute journey via the M18 and tram I spotted these modern classics yellow Mini white Audi Coupe ( Quattro shape ) white Porsche 944 red Peugeot 405 saloon black Saab 900 Turbo Not all together , but more than you see on the roads in the summer ! Gary .
  5. " This here's the Rubber Duck and it looks like we got us a convoy " Gary .
  6. Excellent build Like you say , Tamiya provide everything that's needed to make a perfect replica of a top rally car . Gary .
  7. Another vote for the Metro from me , but those 6 Series BMWs are also my kind of car . Gary .
  8. Stig Blomqvist 1983 RAC rally winning car , don't recognise the number plate though Gary .
  9. The family got me a Lego London landmarks kit as a present and now on ( uncovered ) display I keep being told " that Lego is right dust magnet ! " . You can't win ..... Gary .
  10. Excellent detailing . Seats that actually fit properly - must be a kit first ! Gary.
  11. Forgive me for being untechnical about this , but if you go onto the very top of the screen and click on the 3 bars on the top left corner it brings up the notifications and on there is a message envelope . Use that to message me . There's always people asking for photo posting advice , which can be found in the FAQ section on the home page . I use Flikr if that helps a bit . Gary .
  12. You didn't fancy weathering it like the actual car got weathered then ? Just wondering Gary .
  13. Excellent result When I built mine a couple of years ago I found it a hugely satisfying model to build , despite the inevitable Belkits idiosyncrasies . Hope somebody on the forum builds the Rothmans 6R4 . Come on , be brave . It's worth it ! Gary .
  14. Thanks @ceeb555. Mostly I find that Belkits strive to get modern sophisticated suspension set ups correct , but the construction of it then gets far too complicated ! And their instructions are rubbish , especially the older kits . The easiest Belkits I have built is the Manta 400 , an old school simple car though . Gary .
  15. That goes for most of the interior detail I've added ! I painted the other seat back Humbrol satin black ( my preferred choice of carbon fibre black colour ) to compare and ponder whether to use the decal or not . Hopefully by next weekend I will have decided ! Gary .
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