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  1. Is this a model of the car Ari Vatanen was driving , until it was actually stolen during the rally !!! ??? Gary .
  2. There's plenty of old photos of Pickfords , and other abnormal load hauliers moving huge loads through town centres before the days of bypasses and motorways . About 5 years ago I stood and watched Abnormal Load Engineering move a generator to Ferrybridge off the M62 . The thing I remember most was the creaking and groaning of the multi axle trailer as it was coaxed round a roundabout. Unfortunately I never downloaded the photos I took . Gary.
  3. Got a couple more shots of the big Scammell . It was a beast of a truck ! In the cab was an intercom headset , and on the white panel next to the winch was a plug labelled “ mic “ . This must have been for the man who stood at the back end to couple up trailers as the driver wouldn’t have much of a rear view . A photo from Bicester last Sunday. Two modern Alpines and a Renault Sport Spider . There really is something for every taste at Bicester Scramble ! Thanks for looking, Gary .
  4. I did look in the workshops , Spiny . In one was a Jaguar D type . Whether it was genuine or a replica I don't know , but it looked right . I go to a few truck shows and have never seen an old Pickfords Scammell before . Such a diverse selection at Bicester .
  5. Visited Bicester Scramble for first time on Sunday . Amazing event , ticket only which was great because visitor numbers were just right . Cars on display was , well just WOW ! Highlight for me was being stood next to an ex Le Mans Jaguar XJR 9 ( ? ) as it was casually , and unannounced , fired up ! Here are a few snaps . Gary .
  6. Hi . I’m following your build project and thought you might like to see these pictures I took today at Mintex Rally Yorkshire. It was a non competitive classic car run around classic Yorkshire venues . These were taken at Harewood Hillclimb . The Escort is , I believe , a genuine car and seeing it close up , I really noticed all the detail changes you are incorporating into your build . Gary .
  7. A bit of progress on the Celica this weekend . I ve fitted the wheels , tyres and the spotlights . The rear tyres are slightly taller and wider than the front . I wonder if they ever got mixed up in a rushed service stop ? The spotlights look very realistic . The instructions show only the top spots on the nudge bar , but as a spare set are in the box I decided to make them up and put them under the top set . You can display the lights with or without the covers . I just need to touch up the paint on the light backs . The windscreen running lights have stays . These were very delicate to cut off the spruce . The car looks good now on it’s wheels and stands right . Often Safari Rally model kits have the wrong ride heights , looking more like tarmac cars ! Thanks for looking , Gary .
  8. Who snook the Maestro van in there ?! Love it though , those are the best kind of classic car gatherings with something for all tastes .
  9. I bought this off E bay on Saturday. Arrived today . I secured it for only £23 , a bargain I reckon . Box looks it’s age , decals are a bit dry but everything else is in good condition . I built a clear bodied ESCI BMW M1 Procar years ago . It had Warsteiner decals and has retired to the loft ! Gary .
  10. Ford's Heritage Centre always amuses me . All those pieces of motoring history parked up in a shabby old shed !!
  11. A bright yellow Triumph Dolimite , N reg in Halfords car park , Scunthorpe yesterday morning. It was immaculate, and looked small as it sat there next to a Fiesta.
  12. Working on a landfill site , your truck is definitely landfill spec !
  13. Looking good so far . What variety of paint have you used for the sump guard ? I always struggle to get a Kevlar coloured paint . The body decals should go on easily enough , because they aren't one solid piece so should smooth down well . I built this kit when it was first released , so it's a nice trip back down memory lane when old kits are featured on here . Gary .
  14. That 7 up Impreza looks good . Youve got better colour schemes than the current WRC teams ! I reckon 5 year olds have designed most of the schemes ! Gary.
  15. That looks great . I like the wheels ! Does your brother still own his real Escort ?
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