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  1. @Pete in Lincs that's good to know about the classic meets . There isn't enough near us in Northern Lincolnshire . The nearest regular meets is the Humber Bridge car park on the Hull side on Friday nights . I have some mates with classics so I'll spread the word . Gary.
  2. I agree with that . They were a pre cleaner bowl to trap larger bits of dust / chaff before it reached the air filter . In summer they needed emptying during pre start checks . @Toftdale the bottom picture is a Ford 9700 , the top of Ford's tractor range for a range for a while . A beast of a machine !! Gary .
  3. That's a good article . It mentions Roadless tractors , who also converted Ford tractors to 4wd . Then of course there was the Doe Triple D - two Ford 5000's joined together with their front axles removed . Again , tractor collectors pay big money for them . The Ford Tax strikes again ..... Gary .
  4. Not a kit as such , but a transkit from Renaissance to convert Tamiya’s Impreza into a gravel car . Great detailing in these parts and it was ordered from Spotmodels on Sunday evening and arrived , by Royal Mail , today . Great service by all concerned ! Gary .
  5. @Spiny don't know the exact story , but in the 70s and 80s before Ford offered 4 wheel drive tractors from the factory , County added their own 4 wd conversions , and like this one their own cabs , to create something Ford didn't offer . Look up the equal sized wheeled tractors they built - you will be impressed !! Gary.
  6. Some nice old things there. The first one looks like a County - basically a Ford with County's own design powered front axle and County's own cab . Worth a fair bit of money even in this condition . Gary .
  7. Red Metro 1.0 City in February 1987 . Passed first time , but struggled with the clutch bite point and lack of power as I used to L drive my dad's diesel Ford Orion that just set off without revs ! Gary.
  8. @Toftdale I always find it easier to paint on sprue . It's just a case of touching up once removed or put in place . Personally I find it easier. Gary.
  9. @galaxyg as usual underside photos from period are non existent so i don't know how different the rally car suspension is to the road car . @Spiny without looking i think there is a fuel filler hole , something that wouldn't have been on the road versions . I must say this is a really well detailed kit and , although fiddly , the suspension has gone together well . Maybe Hasegawa has raised their game a bit 🤔 Gary .
  10. Back to early 90’s Group A rally era for my next build , the Nissan Sunny GTiR . What had all the ingredients to become a front running car , became a disappointment and the factory team withdrew after only two years in the WRC . All the ingredients being a small , compact car , powerful engine , sophisticated four wheel drive and four wheel steering systems , Stig Blomqvist , an experienced team to run it and a big budget . However , the car’s downfall was the intercooler . Sat on top of the engine , it trapped hot under bonnet air from escaping and caused the car to gradually loose power as a rally stage went on . No good on a 30 mile Acropolis test then …….. There are various versions of this kit around ; I chose this one , 1000 Lakes Rally of Finland , car purely because I like the chrome rimmed wheels ! It will be built as driven by my hero at the time , Welshman David Llewellin . A top young driver who was given a chance at the highest level , only for it to be pulled away from him , as was the case with most British rally drivers before Colin came along . He finished the rally 10 th , with the much more experienced Blomqvist 8th . Pictures then . What’s in the box . Lots of parts . To start with I painted all of the suspension parts . The instructions say to paint the underside of the engine bay Matt black , as if looking up with the bonnet shut . I’ve been doing this on my models a while now . Nice to see Hasegawa have took my advice ……. I have added silver foil to the exhaust tunnel as heat insulation . The very bulky engine / gearbox is first to be fitted then the exhaust . Despite a large cutout for this , it strangely seems to bypass it entirely . The tape was needed to pull the exhaust into position . The completed underside with the very sophisticated multi link rear being very fiddly to build . A far cry from the easy , simple designs on my last builds . I’ve given the chassis rail holes some depth with a black fine line pen . That’s all for now , thanks for looking Gary .
  11. Brilliant build of such a memorable car from an amazing period of motorsport . The interior especially is very well detailed 👌 As I mentioned in the WIP , visiting BTCC races in the 90's was for me , like being given access all areas to F1 . Being able to get close to the cars and drivers in the paddocks was amazing . Special memories. Gary .
  12. The moulded wipers are a very good idea ! I hate nervously cutting thin wipers off their sprue . Great colour ; coming along nicely. Gary .
  13. That's a very deep shine you've got on the body ! Gary
  14. That looks really good . The restoration has refreshed the car . Good tip on freezing it to release glue , but how did you remove the decals ? I'm asking because I have a project planned that needs decals removing . Gary .
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