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  1. Thanks , Steve . As I found we my previous Beemax kits , the decals go down with fine accuracy and are easy to work with . Gary.
  2. Been busy decalling the BMW . The decals are going on well . I painted the bonnet and boot lid area as I didn’t fancy decalling all those areas . I traced the bonnet decal , then matched it to the position on the bonnet to get the line right , so the gold edging in the Renaissance decal kit lined up correctly , which to my amazement , it did ! Thanks for looking , Gary.
  3. Thanks , Steve . I have shine red , that's what I'm going to try . Gary .
  4. That’s excellent. Personally, I like the wheel fans . I like the basic engineering of Group B and early Group A cars . Designed to do a job , not look nice . Gary .
  5. After finishing the interior, I’ve made a start on bodywork jobs . And that means decalling ...... These are the decals , big pieces , the entire bonnet and rear end are all decals. I might paint the rear if I can get a good match with the paints I have . The Bastos decals are Renaissance, from Spot Models . To make it easier to apply , I cut the long side decal across the door handle . I was dreading smoothing it down over the famous M3 bulging wheel arches , but it all went down really well . There is a slight gap where the cut is , but this will blend in easily. And the front half .... The interior, just needs doorcards fitting . If you’ve looked , thanks , Gary.
  6. Keep plodding on , looks good so far . Gary.
  7. Thanks for all your comments . I took the tape off the roll cage tonight and all is straight and true . Gary.
  8. Thanks , Andy . So much new stuff being posted you sometimes don’t know where to look first ! Gary.
  9. After a week off , more progress this weekend on the BMW . Basically I’ve got all the interior parts painted and built up into position. For the seatbelts, I used my tried and trusted method of red electricians tape , cut to 4 mm width and 50 mm long . I’ve used the decals for the belts on the seat fronts . Then came building the roll cage . The instructions suggest building this up as one piece , then putting into place , but , experience has taught me to build rollcages straight into the car . I dry fitted it first and managed to break the drivers side in two . . It was a clean break , so hopefully it would glue back together easily. I put the co drivers seat in place , and then built the roll cage from that side , letting each section set , before adding the next piece . The broken piece glued back into place well and I then wrapped the cage in masking tape to pull it all together and allowed to set . The seat belt harnesses fasten on the rear bulkhead , the kit having no means of doing this , so I drilled 4 holes and cut the sharp end off 4 cocktail sticks , and pushed these these through the holes to act as fasteners . When painted silver they should look ok . The dashboard sits at the front of the roll cage and is pushed into slots on the transmission tunnel . That’s all for now , thanks for looking , Gary. The touring car origins of this kit means there’s no handbrake , so I made my own out of plastic strip . Rear wheel drive rally car with no handbrake..... ! The broken roll cage section and the seats with belts ready to go in . I made the foot boards out of plastic, painted Matt black . Seatbelts fastened back on the bulkhead , using cut down cocktail sticks . Rollcage in and masked to pull it all together, broken piece fitted back really well .
  10. It's an awful feeling seeing that happen before your eyes and not being able to do anything to stop it . Gary .
  11. Great result . Looks like the real thing . Gary .
  12. I think they are a Trojan , Steve . The load was a turbine weighing over 400 tonnes . It’s uphill coming off the docks onto M62 and both trucks were working hard and sounding well ! Gary .
  13. I agree with the magority here , in that Tamiya kits just go together so easily. I’m on my third Aoshima Beemax kit , however , and I’m finding these fit just as well as Tamiya . I build rally car kits , so the decals can be difficult . Again , both kit manufacturers decals fit just so . Gary.
  14. Having seen your abnormal load spot , Richellis , here is one from the other week , leaving Goole docks bound for Ferrybridge . Gary .
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