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  1. They look like real wheels and tyres lined up ready to be sold ! Gary .
  2. The body on the Cortina is immaculate isn’t it . Gary .
  3. Been making steady progress painting parts on the Fiesta . I like to paint as many parts in a certain colour as I can ; all the aluminium bits , semi gloss black bits etc . Just saves time on washing brushes out and stirring paint ! The chassis , interior tub and roof cage I sprayed Tamiya TS17 gloss aluminium . I’ve used this before and it goes on so well , only 1 good coat is necessary . The body shell is sprayed in Tamiya pure white and is currently in its box curing . Progress so far then Soon be able to start assembling . Not looking forward to this though as those instructions are horrendous ! Thanks for looking Gary .
  4. It’s amazing how many grey Fergies are still around and used . My neighbour has 3 in his garage now , but has done up several in the last few years . The classic tractor scene is huge covering all eras , which for me coming from a farming family is great . Gary .
  5. Yes it ended on Sunday at 10.50 , so I put in a bid , went to bed and woke up to a fine start to the week ! Gary .
  6. I actually thought it was a some kind of smaller Mondeo from the front . Not keen though , I must admit . Gary .
  7. While at the Rally Yorkshire the other weekend , I came across this Fiesta with a boot . Didn’t know they even existed , it was LHD and being used as a recce car , I think by an Irish crew . Gary .
  8. I reckon I built the Rothmans version of this back in 1991 / 2 . After all this time this new “ limited edition “has cropped up and a bid on e bay won me it ! The Rothmans car is looking a bit dog eared now , kind of like a barn find ! Gary .
  9. Great result there , Keith . I’m a bit of a rollcage junkie - the more complex the better , and the Calibra has a fair amount of scaffolding in there ! I remember going to Donington Park to watch DTM racing back in the day . The budgets must have been huge as the hospitality buildings would put modern F1 stuff to shame . Gary .
  10. Elfyns won 1000 lakes , sorry , Rally Finland today , something C . McRae ever did . I do tend to think hanging huge wings on the back of small hatchbacks doesn’t look great . But the downforce and grip they generate is amazing . The footage from Finland this weekend and how quickly the top drivers can change direction looks like it’s speeded up . Gary .
  11. Hi Spiny . Your Fiesta S2000 build was one of the first I followed when I joined BM and I remember the wing problems you had . On this version it tells you to add , smooth with putty then polish . Too much faffing for me ! We’ll see if they cause problems in a few months time ! Did you use a brake upgrade kit ? There is a gravel spec upgrade from KMP , but it’s out of stock . Gary .
  12. Ah yes , the instructions …… Very shadowy , too small , too much information in one stage . I could go on ! Please follow along Gary .
  13. So here we go then on my third Belkits adventure , this time a bang update World Rally Car ( as they like to known ) ; a Ford Fiesta WRC 2017 . Designed for the new regulations that came in in , you guessed it , 2017 …. These allowed for more aerodynamic parts and more power form 1.6 litre engines , now about 380 hp . The Cumbrian based M Sport team designed , built and run the official Ford team , Ford as ever didn’t fully commit but took the glory when the Fiesta won both drivers and manufacturers championships that year . There’s two versions of the Fiesta ; the Red Bull Sebastian Ogier car and the Ott Tanak car . I have the Red Bull car in the Stash , so bought the other version for the build . Welsh driver Elfyn Evans drove for the team in a car sponsored by tyre manufacturer D Mack . It is this car I’m am going to build with the help of a decal kit . What I have The decal kit To hopefully make this The base kit is a tarmac car , but the D Mack car i want to build is the winner of the Rally GB , which means higher stance and narrower wheels . I bought this hoping it might help Not so sure though until I get into it as the subframes pickup points might be different , as it’s designed for Belkits other earlier Fiesta kits . Anyway , I have made a start on prepping the body for spraying and painting some of the components . Oddly the front wings aren’t complete and the back edge is separate and needs attaching . And finally a shot of the box contents Thanks for looking Gary .
  14. Thought it appropriate to put this item in the page you started , Vesa . The Volvos sounded real nice as well . Cool cars !! Gary .
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