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  1. Thanks for your interest , Scottey . I must say this kit is probably not a good starting point for beginners . Certain parts of the build took a bit of thinking about , but , please don't let me put you off . If asked about a good starting point , I always suggest Tamiyas Subaru Imprezza WRC rally cars . Easy to build , only a few colours needed and minimal decals to apply . Gary.
  2. Nice to see this finished , Alan . When we are all driving around in electric cars , the days of V12 engines in saloons will seem like it was all a dream ! Gary .
  3. Your doing a good job there . Nice to see a different take on this controversial kit . Just a thought , are you going to use the kit engine ? That would be be a proper Q car . Gary .
  4. I remember years ago seeing a Tamiya RC Lancia Integrale in my local model shop , long before Hasegawa made their kit versions . I got all hopeful of a 1:24 kit , but it’s never happened ! Ever get the feeling when nearing the end of a build that all the small bits to do go on and on and on ..... Well I’m at that stage with the Metro . I’ve been preparing underbody protection . I’m not a fan of this because it covers up detail , so I don’t usually glue the pieces into place . The Metro has a full length piece , with a rear diffuser and there is Kevlar decals to cover it all . I cut th
  5. I’m not into radio controlled cars , but I’ve seen on Twitter a new Tamiya Escort MK2 RC car . It’s a proper forest arch shell . I don’t know exactly how accurate it is , but wouldn’t it be good if they produced a 1:24 kit as well . Gary .
  6. Despite a few problems early in the build , this has turned out to be an enjoyable build . It was me who mentioned the new Sap Cosworth kit , also I got a recent newsletter from Spotmodels featuring Audi Sport Quattro and Rothmans Porsche 911 rally car kits from Beemax / Aoshima / Nunu . A good time for rally car modelling . Gary .
  7. The standards of these rebuilds are incredible. Great for model research too . Gary .
  8. Great photo. I met Harri at a Rally Show a couple of years ago. Really nice chap , so brave to continue rallying in Group B cars so soon after the death of his brother. Thanks everyone for the comments. Gary .
  9. Thanks for your comments, John . I’m going to leave the wheels as they are . Don’t want to mess up at the final hurdle ! Researching this kit has led to viewing loads of photos of “Computervision “ 6R4s , and an amazing array of detail differences. I seem to think the museum car you mention is a Clubman spec car , with Computervision livery . Clubman cars had a standard dashboard . International spec , like the kit , a bespoke dashboard . That’s how I tell the cars apart . As I have mentioned before finding photos of actual works cars on foreign events in 1986 is few and far between . 1000
  10. Thanks for all the comments . Regarding the tyres , @keefr22and @mbdesignart there are some mudflaps to fit so the tyres will be hidden a bit from the rear . Not ideal though . @Noel Smith , you are the man to cut the rear hatch off to display that engine in all its glory ! Gary .
  11. Was hoping to have the Metro finished this weekend , however , building time ran out ! Been wheel fitting . There are two types of wheels included in the kit , the Monte car set , which I will be using , and a set to be used on the Belkits Jimmy McRae Rothmans 6R4 . People may recognise these as Revolution RFX wheels , popular on rally and road cars in the 80s and 90s . The tyres fit well , but the backside doesn’t have a sidewall to match the front side . So when viewed from underneath they look like ultra low profile road tyres ! Revolution RFX spare wheel set . The diff
  12. Good clean job that , Mr Spiny . Turned out well , what a big car though ! Gary .
  13. To the average man in the street the inaccuracies are not noticeable . Most people just like to see a Mk 2 on display ! Gary .
  14. Thanks for your kind comments . Gary .
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