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  1. The Safari this year looked so tough , Vesa . All that fine dust was playing havoc with the cars , the conditions looked worse than the marathon Safaris of old . Great result for the Kings of African rallies though . I think young Rovenpera will be a dominant driver for a while now . Gary
  2. I often wonder who actually writes the build instructions for models , obviously in your case somebody who hasn't built the kit first ! Belkits do a great job in making a mess of build instructions as well . Gary
  3. Thanks for the comments on two really rare and unmodified Escorts . Sat around them was all manner of over done and cringe worthy modern Ford RS models. The MK1 s sat there and just looked so cool . The RS1600 is nearest camera on the steelies ! Gary
  4. Good result after all the dramas . Those wheels bring the look right up to date. Gary
  5. Seen at The Motorist this morning Ford Taunus GXL 2 door Escort mk1 RS1600 and Twin Cam , both immaculate And an appetite whetter for Hasegawas upcoming kit , Nissan Sunny GTiR Thanks for looking Gary .
  6. It does look well , even though your battling to get it finished. There's been some nice M1's on the Goodwood FoS coverage BTW . Gary.
  7. Unfortunately not . Not really my thing , but I'm impressed by your knowledge of their year by small views of each car !!! Gary
  8. I mentioned after I visited the April Bicester Sramble that I was worried it was becoming too corporate , but too be able to see such rare cars close up and unfenced is great . I live in the bomber county , North Lincolnshire to be precise and so many of the areas legendary bases have been shut and demolished without a thought of their history being celebrated, so to see Bicester being reused and not modernised along the way is fantastic to see . Gary.
  9. Thanks Keith . I've normally used electricians tape for harness making , but often find it hard to work with , too sticky particularly . The masking tape was easier to work with and once the bodyshell is on will look as good as ribbon . On a recent Salvage Hunters : Classic Cars episode Drew was at Willans harness factory having some made up . Very interesting to see how they test them for strength . Gary
  10. Black late model Audi UR Quattro on a transporter heading onto A18 out of Doncaster this morning . Looked tidy , not seen one in the flesh for a while but what a stunning , aggressive looking car . My schoolboy dream the Quattro ! Gary .
  11. After the easy bit of fitting out the interior floor , back to the complicated build of seats and spare wheels , which of course means harnesses . Firstly this is how I tackled the carbon decal for the seat backs . My advice for decaling is don’t be afraid to cut the decals into smaller sections that are easier to work with . Once halved , these decals , with a little hairdryer heat , went on a treat . There are lots of brand name decals to place on the seats first , then I decided to use the supplied harness decals as they are well detailed . I have experimented with white masking tape coloured with a red Sharpie for the harnesses that I have stuck from the shoulders to the anchor points . With an added PE buckle I think they look good , the wash effect of the Sharpie giving a fabric effect and much easier to handle than the supplied red ribbon . Incidentally the co driver must be a larger chap than the driver as his seat is wider ! This is the first rally car I have built with two spare wheels . Their securing straps are the same masking tape method as the seat harnesses and as the wheels are placed face down in the car , I have used aluminium paint to try to create a scuffed effect on the inside of the rim as I am still to see a rally car inner rim that hasn’t been attacked by gravel and therefore stripped the paint off . Next was the very delicate build of the steering column . Modern rally cars have their columns fastened to the rollcage , so lots of dry fitting of the tiny bars was needed to make sure the column was dead centre when eventually glued . The sequential gear-lever rod and the other pieces took a deep breath to cut from their sprues ! Luckily all survived removal intact . The cross bar behind the seats has a some kind of electronic control box mounted on it that I haven’t seen on photos . So I added some black wire from the box along the bar for a bit of detail . And finally for this update I added the seats . My bug bear of being no proper mounting point for kit seats continues with this model , the seats sliding around on the floor pan until the glue gripped . Why kit manufacturers can’t use hole / pin methods for seat fitting I don’t know …. Anyway they went in , with some masking tape across them and the rollcage to pull it into the correct position . Thanks for looking Gary .
  12. Like @Sabrejet I'm enjoying all the memories of Grand Prix Models . Mine come from the pages of Autosport magazine I used to subscribe to from the mid 80s to the end of the 90s . Every now and again they had a model kit review page , not of the Tamiya or Hasegawa products I got from my local model shop , but these amazingly detailed 1:43 scale kits , usually of Le Man's cars . They were nearly always mentioned as being available from GPM , which to me seemed an amazing model shop. I nearly even subscribed to the Four Small Wheels magazine ! I used to attend lots of BTCC races back then and hoped to come across some of these miniature marvels on merchandise stalls , but never did . The nearest I got were the 1:43 die cast cars , similar to what I occasionally buy now . Great memories Gary
  13. Honestly Keith it was immaculate. Proper Ford kit as well , rollcage and Scheel seats . Was hoping to see the driver for a look under the bonnet, but never saw him .... Gary.
  14. The classic car show season continues , today it was the East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Classic Car Clubs Vehicle run . Starting at East Park in Hull and following a set route to Bridlington I was luckily enough to be a passenger in a mates car ( Subaru Legacy ) .With people waving as we passed through villages it was a great event with a huge array of cars and commercial vehicles . Here’s just a few of the many and finally not a real GT40 , but a GTDevelopments replica . Looks the part though . Probably the best array of restored trucks I’ve seen , obviously that is a thriving area now . Thanks for looking Gary .
  15. Hi Teemu . I have built both Mini and Fiesta Airfix kits and on both I painted the tyres Matt black , being careful not to over paint the wheel rims , obviously ! They are weak points on what are great little kits . Gary .
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