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  1. Hi, Sorry having bit of trouble photos but I have made a start . Lower hull assembled, now all those wheels to paint!!!!! Andy
  2. Hi guys, About to make to a start on my Tamiya Tiger I Early. For the first time I'm going to adding a little aftermarket in the form of some Eduard engine grills and some ARV Club single link tracks. The kit will be brush painted using Revell and Humbrol acrylics ( not chosen the exact paint scheme just yet). I will be shamelessly copying some of Plastix excellent techniques to get the best finish possible. Will put some photo's up in the next few days. Cheers Andy
  3. Hi, Room for one more? I would like to join in with a tamiya 1/35 Tiger l early. Looking to try workable tracks for the first time.
  4. Hi Some really great builds that can only be described as a brush painting masterclass. The Tiger and the M4 being my personal favourites. Looking forward to next year's selection. Regards Andy
  5. coolhand

    UM kits any good?

    Hi guys, Thanks for all the info. Lots for me to think on. Planning to get hold of one of the smaller train kits to see how it is Andy
  6. coolhand

    UM kits any good?

    Hi guys, I seem to be developing an interest in WWll armoured trains/railway guns but have realised that building them in my normal armour scale of 1/35 is not practical. A quick web search has shown there are a number of options in 1/72. UM seem to do a wide range of Russian armoured trains in this scale but as I have never come across this company before I was wondering if anyone has any experience of these kits? How do they build and what's the quality like? Was also wondering if the armoured train kits came with track lengths to mount them on? Many thanks Andy
  7. Hi thanks for the info guys. Looks like I'm not going to struggle to find one of these kits. Going to give the monogram kit a look too. Not too concerned if the shape is slightly off. Many thanks Andy
  8. Hi all. Just wondering if the Airfix Dornier DO17 has been discontinued as I cannot find it on the website? If it has can anyone recommend an alternative in 1/72. I'm looking to build a Battle of Britain aircraft. While I think about it can anyone recommend a decent Heinkel 111 from same period and scale? Many thanks Andy
  9. coolhand

    Tiger 1 tracks

    Thanks I'll give them a look
  10. coolhand

    Tiger 1 tracks

    Hi Got a rather nice 1/35 Tamiya Early Production Tiger 1 for Christmas. Planning to build it more or less out of the box but would like to replace the rudder band tracks with some single link ones. I was therefore wondering if anyone recommend a good set? Want to keep the price reasonable so probably plastic rather metal. Many thanks Andy
  11. Hi, Quick update, will put some photos up later. So far I have attached some of the plastic parts to the metal hull. The fit has been up to Tamiya's excellent standard, I particularly like the fact that they provide several jigs to help position the bolt on armour. The plan now is to assemble the upper hull and turret and then give all parts a coat of Halfords primer from a rattlecan. Thanks for looking Andy
  12. Hi, This will be my first time with Lifecolor products, I will let you know how I get on. Andy
  13. Right, lets see if the photos appear this time!! Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have made a start, nothing worth showing yet, just removed a few parts from the spure. Looks like its going to be a fairly straight forward build. The only area that may be a little bit tricky is the tracks, I've had mixed success with Tamiya link and length tracks. More soon Andy
  14. Hi again Sorry the photos are not working properly. Photobucket and I have had a falling out !!! Will try and sort them asap. By the way can anyone recommend a decent free photo sharing site? Cheers Andy
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