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  1. Hi. Think you have made a 1at class job with this build. In my humble opinion the subtle weathering is spot on. I have the same kit in my stash and I can only hope it comes out half as well Andy
  2. Hi all Was having a browse in my LMS and came across a shelf marked 2nd hand kits. They were all 1/35 military kits, mostly Dragon. I was very surprised when enquired about the prices and the long as the short is I am now the owner of a complete and unstarted RFM 1/35 Panzer III kit with interior, all for £25!!!!!
  3. To complete my Battle of Britain collection just got my hands on the rather nice ICM 1/48 HE -111 H3. Andy
  4. Hi Fantastic model, love the paint scheme. Is the tail number SX606? If it is I believe I flew on this aircraft in the early 90'a when visiting RAF Boscombe Down with air cadets. Highlight of the flight being flying over Stonehenge with the rear doors open. Andy
  5. Hi Thanks for the info, given me plenty to consider. A Rad 8 is an 8 wheeled armoured car from wwll, it's full name is Sd.kfz 232 Schwerer Panzerspahwagon Rad 8 . Many thanks Andy
  6. Hi Hope you are all having a great Christmas. Hoping I could get a bit of weathering advice. Have recently finished the basic paint job on my latest build (Tamiya Rad8 and was hoping to try some washes made from oil paint. I'm guessing this technique would work best over a gloss coat. I was wondering if anyone can good gloss varnish that can be applied with a brush (I don't own an airbrush)? I normally use Klear but I'm not sure how this would react to low odour thinners? Many thanks Andy
  7. Couple of delayed Christmas presents!!!! 1/35 Tamiya R35 French light tank 1/35 Tamiya Souma A35
  8. Hi, Could you stick me on list for this one? I have a few WW2 AC in the stash. Cheers Andy
  9. Thanks for all the info guys, lots of good ideas. Looks like the combination of several sets is the way to go, plenty of bits for a few projects.
  10. Hi Currently working on Tamiya's excellent little 1/48 Panzer II. I have found a picture of the vehicle I am making and it has a fair bit of stowage (ammo boxes, tarp, bucket etc) on it. Just wondering if anyone makes any sets including these types of items? Cheers Andy
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll think I will paint it body colour on this occasion. Cheers Andy
  12. Hi guys, hope you are all well. Just entering the final stages of finishing the above kit and have a question about a piece of equipment mounted on the rear engine deck. It's part A20 and it looks like a fire extinguisher. I was wondering if anyone could confirm this and what colour it should be? The instructions don't give a specific colour and if it is an extinguisher I believe they were not painted red during this period. Many thanks Andy
  13. Hi, great looking build. I normally stick to wwll stuff but I was brought this one as a gift, so have it in the stash. Do you mind if I ask what colours you used? Cheers Andy
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