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  1. viper-30

    1/35 Jackal 2

    It’s a jackal 1 looking at the wheels and the position of the gun ring where as they have already released the jackal 2 marked as a one ..if that makes sense
  2. Very nice.. cracking little kit. Water cans on the front ..
  3. Marvellous.. what a great build .. brilliant detail.
  4. I have to say that’s a fabulous build for a first job.. not seeing massive amounts of rust my self ..but I’ll leave that to the ( experts) the mud has already been mention my only comment on that is that if you watch footage on various sites look how the mud /soil is carried up by the tracks and dropped at various points .. great build and attention to detail . Well done
  5. Not in the near future I think ..
  6. Starting to come together now . just positioning the figures to get an idea . Second layer of cam net in place ..
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