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  1. Have to say I’m enjoying this mate as an ex member of the RAF Regiment I’ve more than a passing interest in these and have acquired a few to build .. keep up the excellent work terry
  2. Have to say mate enjoying this .. spent time flying around in these in the 80s so have been quietly watching.. well done
  3. Nice build mate .. I’ve five of these bad boys waiting in the stash .. already built one as a presentation piece..
  4. It’s in a holding pattern at the moment as I’m playing about with a bridge layer and a husky with a little extra..I’ll stick some pictures up later mate
  5. It’s a company with a shop mate. https://www.ams-paints-and-accessories.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR0q3cKSw9jLEr8Yqc8DxC4n8xNEsnbMsgoYvWXsBjFp28y5zuaWzjkpo1w. its all cast in resin and rather well done . I already have one .
  6. Well count me in on this .. love an aircrew figure..inspiration indeed ..
  7. They are laser reflectors... they are part of the training package..which will indicate if a veh gets hit .
  8. Great start.. building one of these .. have amassed a large number of photos of the real thing if you need any ,,been adding detail that well may not be seen .
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