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  1. Very nicely done... DaveH
  2. I was on 231 OCU at Marham 75-79, but also did loads of time away with 100 Sqdn... felt that I spent more time there than on OCU at times.. BUT at that time I'm sure TT18's were operated from St Mawgan, I think by 7 Sqdn ?? Only time we saw them was the odd visitor... OCU used to handle all Canberra visitors. Most Canberra's flown by both OCU & 100 had underwing serials, but I'm sorry this wont answer your question, sorry. DaveH
  3. Very nicely done... I do like that...... DaveH
  4. Great scooter... perfect build 'n finish..... don't see many 'K' variants, then like buses, 2 at same time... DaveH
  5. Looks good... certainly fits description... 10,000 rivets flying in close formation... DaveH
  6. Very, very nice.... DaveH
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