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  1. Ta for the info.... I guess I'm hoping for some weathering at least... need to add interest to the dark grey scheme !! Dave
  2. That's a crackin finish, lovely job !!! cheers Dave
  3. Afternoon Gents, just a few questions for any ex-navy groundies, the carrier kind, about navy Buccs... First, did the dark grey scheme weather well ? Were the 'planes kept clean 'n shiny ?? If parked on deck, with wings folded, would airbrakes be open ?? That should do for now, ready to start me new buc, looks like a damm fine kit, maybe done for Telford.... Cheers Dave
  4. I think Airfix have messed up here.... another missed chance... B2 based T4 nose was completely different profile. Twin front seats are very visable through canopy with 2x clear vision panels..... Crewing up was a pain, went something like this....remove elevator lock, push instructors stick forward and fit coloum lock to hold it in place. Swing seat to rear position, then help trainee into left hand seat. Swing seat to front position and push Nav into rear compartment. Swing seat to rear position again. Help instructor to strap in, with seat at angle. Get trainee to hold control coloum forward and then remove lock. Finally swing seat to centre position, which was the normal flying position.....most lineys developed strong left arms.... very awkward to do right handed... I joined 231 OCT when they arrived at Marham, late 75 or early 76... we had 4x T4s, 1x B2(T), and 1x bog standard B2... fun times !!! Cheers Dave...
  5. Very nice..... bit clean for an LTD bird though.... glad to see 11 Squadron in your collection.... Cheers Dave
  6. Thanks for that Unc, clears that one up..... Cheers DaveH
  7. I'm a bit confused about the number of wing stations on A4-C, P & Q. I allways thought the 4P was based on the 4B (1 station each side), the 4Q, based on the 4C, still only 1 station per wing. I recently bought freighdogs 4C conversion for the Airfix kit, instructions tell you to open extra hole in wing for extra stations, so 2 per side. All my reference states extra stations only came in with A4-E, but I've got pics showing Argentinean ground crew loading bombs on th outer stations of the Skyhawks, which at this time were 4P's or 4Q. So hence my confusion.... Can anyone out there help ..?? Cheers DaveH
  8. Hi David... The B2's I worked on had a single panel, not sure which side. This was a dielectric cover over the Green Satin Doppler radar aerial. Later versions of Canberra had Blue Silk radar instead. This equipment gave true speed and angle over the ground... made navigation easier and more accurate. Maybe versions with 2 panels had a twin fit, would make sense in PR where navigation was more critical. Size wise rectangular panel approximately 2x4ft ( I think....but it was in the late 70's, so my memory might be off a bit) Hope this helps Dave
  9. Hi Devilfish, I spent some time on 231 OCU &100 Sqn, wheel hubs where a dull aluminium, wheel wells were white, most legs as well, but I did see the occasional black or silver one.... Not too sure about nose wheel mudguards, they were light in colour, either dull aluminium again or light grey.... Hope this helps DaveH
  10. Looks great....nice scheme well done... Cheers DaveH
  11. Hi Feifeitim, glad you like..... The guy who gave me the old kit said the first 3's had the old style wing, so this might explain the difference.... Does mean I'm stuck with a painted aluminium finish though..... bit boring..... Cheers DaveH
  12. Hi Steve, will be doing just that.... got three from Hattons for a really good price, so two more to do... also was given kit of original Airfix JP... was first kit I saved for, and made.... 1964ish...will be making this as a comparison... Cheers DaveH
  13. Hi Mike, glad you liked it.... goes together reasonably well, as long as you add the fuselage plug, and when you do, add the correct one... got a bit confused at one stage.... did help to actually look at the instructions !! Cheers DaveH
  14. Hi Andre, I used MRP paints, they have the Swedish colours in the range.... and they are nice to use.... Cheers DaveH
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