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  1. Which is why it still bears the LH crane logo on the fuselage, as a tribute!
  2. I do have some C-46 Buffalo decals left which I designed for a friend a few years back. They are ALPS and laser printed, so not the sharpest decals you'll ever see, but they worked well for said friend. If anyone's interested mail me at attachbeforeflight@gmail.com , I only have a few sets as I do not have any commercial intentions with this!
  3. If possible I use the clear Revell decals for cabin windows. In their modern kits they always fit nicely and my oldest models (5+ years) still have them on nicely. I do give my models a quite thick enamel clear coat though, maybe even two around the window decals.
  4. Thank you! You're right about the Ebbro 2CV but it's a 'stripped' kit without any engine, so the price is far too high for me. It'd be nice to get just the ripple bonnet parts somewhere to upgrade another 2CV kit like Revell's or Tamiya's.
  5. Ohh don't get me started about all the car kits of which I really don't understand there's no kit of it. What to think about a Peugeot 205 (street version)? Citroen Ami and Dyane and an early model 2CV? Volvo Amazone/PV444/544? Or, or...
  6. Hey all, thank you very much for your comments!! To be honest, I'm not a very good painter. I never manage to get a good glossy but realistic finish on a car model. I normally build airliners and I know the trick for white paint, but other colours never turn out nice. For this one, I used Revell enamels, but I forgot the exact colour number, sorry. It was a matt light grey. I used a paper towel (no toilet paper, we call it 'kitchen paper' but I'm not sure if you know what I mean) which I found to be a very good polisher! Without much effort you can give a matt finish a satin appe
  7. Hi all, This is my 1:24 Revell Trabant 601S. The box is from 2009 and was the first version of their new line of Trabant kits (they reissued it with some special paints, and also made a station wagon 'limousine' version) and looks nothing like their previous Trabant kit from decades ago. It actually is the nicest car kit I have ever built and yes, I did build quite a lot of Tamiya kits. None of them beat the way this kit falls together. I don't like parts like bonnets laying loosely onto the model, also, rotating wheels always end up being a bit flimsy. None of that in this kit; t
  8. Hi everyone, Sorry for kicking this topic but I didn't think opening up a new topic for a short question would be necessary. I just decided to repaint and rebuild this old cute Tamiya Seven that I built when I was.. 15, I think. Does anyone know if there's any aftermarket grill available with the '7' shape in it? To be honest I was a bit surprised I couldn't find anything yet, it would be a popular add-on IMO.
  9. Hello everyone, Thank you for your kind words about the Air New Zealand decal sheet! I am the designer of the sheet and together with fellow modeler Arjan we run Attach Before Flight. About the fern leaf stretch issue: I admit I made an error here. Yes, the fern leaf should have been stretched out on several spots, especially where the fuselage curves towards the roof/vertical stab root. The fern leaf on our sheet has the appropriate size so it can be applied on the right position without any troubles: the tip and bottom of the leaf end up in the right places. The only mistake is that I ver
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