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  1. I thought that I had asked to join this GB, but looking at the list my name is not there. So please rectify this and add me to the list.
  2. Yes that piece of etch was a real PITA. I was going to show a picture of it, but I have forgotten maybe later. Almost there. I still have a few aerials to fit in addition to refitting one of the twin ones on the spine. I did fit it vertical and left my modelling roon for a few hours, but when I came back later to see if all was alright I found that one had decided to lean intowards the otehr one. I did try straightening it right away, but it just kept going back to that position.
  3. Correct. I followed a panel line on the wing to give the insignia on my model the angle.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. From what I have read, I can basically follow the Airfix instruction sheet for the camoed option, but put the DkGrey and Dk Green in reverse postions.
  5. I am currently making the Airfix Meteor F8 and although I am making the 500 Sqn option, I am using a photo that appeared in the Dec 22 issue of Airfix Magazine which showed this aircraft in camo rather than Silver whilst retaining the colourful tail and markings. I am having difficulty making out which colour is which as the photo is in Black and White. I have seen that maos Metoers start with Dk Green on the nose, but I am not sure with this one. If someone can give a little help I will be very grateful.
  6. Having an Airfix kit in the stash, please add my name to the list.
  7. getting there slowly. I have had to concentrate on another model over the last week or so, only to find out that I did not have to rush that much. So I have added the U/C and associated doors, wing pylons and the tailerons. I have also made up the ejections seats and to be honest I was not too happy with the etch that went with them. Still it is provided so it is fitted. One etched part tha twas absolutly useless was the bladder thgings that are behind the wings for the wings to fold into. Eduard had them as just a simple rectangle with no cut out for the wing when in the forwrad position. I did try to do this only for the etch part to fall apart. So I made these out of plasti-card as I normally do. I will start to fit the fuel tanks and pods over the next few days and hopefully it will then be finished.
  8. The first few photos show the progress of when I wa unable to upload all the photos that I had taken. Sorry about that but it still shows what I had done. Anyhow almost there, with just a few parts to be fitted. Thanks to @Enzo the Magnificent for the extension that we have I do not have to had to rush this one over this weekend. It is mainy the canopes and the probes that now are needed to be fitted. Current Progress.
  9. Very nice work on the build. I know that the stencil dcals are a pain on the 1/72nd kit (gave up looking for many after several hours scouring the decal sheet and instructions), so I guess that there are even more in 1/48th.
  10. I have a few that fit this GB, so please add my name to the list.
  11. As far as I can see from the books that I have and there was no real clear picture, the missiles that come with the kit are fine. I as hoping that one of the books would have had plans of the missiles as it does haven plans of the aircraft. So it looks like you are good to go. Also from what I have tried to read the Iraqi MiG-25s carried the radar versions on the inboard pylons. I hope that this small amount of info is of help to you.
  12. I think that the missiles are fine, I used the kit ones when I built the 1/72nd kit. I should have some info in some books that are not at hand at the moment, so if you can wait until tomorrow when I can have a look at them and find what info I can. I do know that one missile is infra red and the other radar, but which is which I am not sure and that one of each goes under each wing.
  13. All the stencils that I wanted to apply have been. There were some other photos taken, but for some unknown reason my camera will not download them to my computer. I did not apply any stencils to the underneath as 1, they would not be seen and 2, when I removed a lot of them from the backing sheet the placement No came with them and I could not be bothered with the hassle of remving them. Matt varnish being applied as we speak.
  14. The major decals are now applied, including a cut and shunt Ser No of an aircraft that was found/captured at Qadessiya in 2003. The Triangle are not quite the right size, but are close enough for me. Now on with the stencils or maybe most of the bigger ones. I did photgraph the under sides, but somehow this did not make it to my camera.
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