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  1. Sorry I meant small update in what I am showing, rather than what I have carried out.
  2. Jabba

    Kuwaiti BAe Hawk

    Most of the LHSs near to me stock mainly Humbrol, that is why I asked about them first, although a few do stock the Vallejo and Tamiya paints as well. Forgot to mention that I am a hairy stick user, if that has any bearing on the type of paint required.
  3. Jabba

    Kuwaiti BAe Hawk

    Thanks that is of some help. Sorry I am not insisting on Humbrol, what I mean is paints that can be bought in a shop rather than sending away for them. If this does included acrylics then so be it.
  4. Another small update. Paint has been applied, and still have to apply a second coat to the darkest grey (Actually Lt Ghost Grey) and then a bit of touching up. I am actually finding this scheme quite attractive for an all Grey paint scheme.
  5. Jabba

    Kuwaiti BAe Hawk

    I am currently making an Airfix BAe Hawk as a Kuwaiti version from the time of the Iraqi invasion of 1990. Although I am using the Aviation Workshop decals I have no paint instructions, only the colour scheme from their Hawk profile book. I am soon going to start painting the model, but unfortunately I am unable to convert some of the paint colours given. I know that the undersides are Light Aircraft Grey, which is fine, but I am unable to match colours to the upper colours which are stated as BS381C:361 Light Stone and BS381C:388 Beige. I have looked on the IPMS Stockholm site to no avail. I am looking for simple paints such as Humbrol and would prefer enamel to acrylic and not really want to use Xtracolors (many a bad experience with these). Any help will be gratefully received.
  6. Super work in getting this conversion to this stage.
  7. Thanks Craig. Having looked properly at the actual picture it shows the aircraft with 3 large fuel tank, but as I only have 2 I will do it as stated. Almost ready for painting now, a few more touch ups and I will be there. You may notice that I am filling in the outer wing pylon fitting holes. In most of the pictures that I have found of RF-5Es it only show the aircraft with the centre line pylon fitted. So having opened up these holes beforehand I felt it better to fill them in now. Better to have opened them in the first place and not require them than the other way around.
  8. I have already built one of those, but then again you never know.
  9. I have found that in many a model (in fact many a non supermarket type shop) in most Eastern European countries that I have visited. It seems to be the way of things.
  10. For Prague look at dstorm.eu and there is a link to all the shops along with maps there. Yes there are a few. There were a few in Budapest when I went there several years ago, sorry but I could not tell you where they are or if they are still there.
  11. Thanks Craig. Another small update. After determining that no weight is required for this kit I have fitted the gun bay doors, which was a slight pain in the derriere especially the upper panel. I do not know why model companies do this as there is nothing in this kit at least that would be fitted into the bay. I would rather they let you cut out the bay panels from a solid fuselage, whilst supplying a set of open panels. I have also started to build up the fuel tanks. After seeing a picture on the Asian Arms web site showing a RF-5E with the larger tank under each wing and the smaller one on the centre line, I have gone with that. I will be fitting Sidewinders to the wing tips, but that will be later.
  12. Hopefully some better pictures.
  13. All finished now. Thanks or all the comments and for the idea of this GB.
  14. This is my entry for this GB, which is an RAF Tornado GR1 that operated in Op Granby in 1991 from Muharraq air base, but had a Sharkmouth that was different from the usual one. One side eve got painted out for some reason or other. The build thread is here:-
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