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  1. having found markings for both the 19 and 92 Sqn Phantoms that attended the 1977 review at Finningley count me in.
  2. When I first looked into this project of 3 arcraft, having got the DXM Decals I went and bought all the Mr Color paints for all 3 schemes. I had never used these paints before so was a bit worried about using them especially being a hair stick user, but I thought in for a penny, in for a pound. When I used the paints for the RF-4EJ scheme in the Phantom GB last year (I think) I ran into a lot of problems with the first colour and abandoned the model. Whilst looking through HLJ at their paint ranges I found that Vic Hobby did all the colours that I required in handy sets, so I bought the lot and a bit more incase I ran out and restarted that build. The 2 paints that I am using are below from the set below that. Unfortunately this set is not now available, but they do a set for the Mitsubishi F-2, which are slightly different from the F-4, as listed on the side of this set box. The story of the Mr Color paints is here:- The paints I am using for this build. Thet set that the ycome from.
  3. The Light Blue has now been painted. I changed my usual backing card as so not to clash a bit. The Darker Blue next.
  4. Add my name to the list please.
  5. If you can find them Carpena did 2 decal sheets with the colour schemes that you are looking for. These are CA48030 and CA 48039, see pictures below. I got these pctures via dstorm.eu on their decals page. https://www.dstorm.eu/pictures/decals/car4830_3.jpg https://www.dstorm.eu/pictures/decals/car4839_3.jpg
  6. I think that I have misunderstood the principles of this GB, so I will have to look at something else, especially as I have already built many Pink RAF aircraft and the quirky desert schemes applied to aircraft during the Gulf War. Still I shall find something.
  7. All together now and sanded down. I have got a little bit of preperation to do before I spray the U/C bays and I think that I will add the inner wing pylons, although from the paintng instructions these are a different colout than the main airframe. I will see, plus I am a little undecided as to whether to have the canopies in the open position and if closed I will add them before painting.
  8. But what if one the RNs Queenie HC4s that were painted in Arctic colours and served in a desert region? I am sure that most of them were painted just green, but you never know.
  9. At the club night last night it was decided that there will be no Modelfest this year as a suitable venue cannot be found.
  10. At the moment I am looking at using the Hasegawa kit (already in the stash) when I build my one in the not too distant future.
  11. A good start on this one. I have just built the Platz F-1 for a different Gb and really enjoyed the build, apart from the decalling. Trying to find the decal on the instruction sheet and then on the decal sheet almost drove me to despair.
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