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  1. Jabba

    RNZAF Strikemaster

    A very good start, and can understand where Giorgio is coming from having done that several times myself.
  2. Jabba

    Tornado F3

    I have done a bit more work on this one. I have got the cockpit basically together, just the front stick and the radar hand controller to add which I will do tonight so that I can add the whole lot to one of the fwd fuselage halves. As can be seen I have also lobbed of the top of the rear instrument panel as per the update set instructions, and painted up its replacement for fitting when the fwd fuselage in wholly together. I have added the fin to the rear fuselage, plus the outer intake panels. I did have a bit of fun trying to get the fwd part of the intakes to meet and then be glues, but superglue and some heavy clamping came to the rescue. So it will be out with the filler for the rear fuselage for the parts that require it plus there are some biggish sink marks just rear on the main U/C bays.
  3. Jabba

    'Jolly Rogers' F-4J Phantom (Revell 1:72)

    Well done in getting this one finished on time. Came up rather good.
  4. Jabba

    Splinter Camo Hawker Hunter

    Could not agree more.
  5. Jabba

    E-2C Hawkeye # Finished#

    Thanks it certainly was an enjoyable build, especially the wing fold which to be honest was a lot easier than I though it would be.
  6. Jabba

    Alconbury RF-4C paint schemes

    The Euro One scheme did replace the SEA scheme, but I am not sure if all aircraft were painted in this scheme when they departed Alconbury but more than likely.
  7. Jabba

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    I was wondering what the difference between the two versions was, as I have had a look on Eduards web site the other day at the available Overtrees in which it gives the two versions but does not actually say what the difference between the two are. I may now have another look to see what I can now find.
  8. Jabba

    E-2C Hawkeye # Finished#

    I am calling this one finished. I managed eventually to get the wire fitted once I had found out where it fitted on the tailplane. Thanks for all the comments and help along the way with this one.
  9. Jabba

    Carriers Ahoy! Gallery - Poll Open

    This is my entry for this GB. It is the Hasegawa 1/72 E-2C Hawkeye, with the wing fold set from Wolfpack Design. The deals for VAW-123 "Screwtops" come from various sources, but mainly a Vagabond sheet. The build thread is here.
  10. Jabba

    1/48 RAF Phantom Stencils.

    Those are the only ones that I can think of, and I am sure that they were pure waterslide variety. I am not sure if Xtradecal will scale up their 1/72 stencil sets in the future, but there is nothing on their web site at the moment. Do count me in if you do a set or two.
  11. Jabba

    Grumman S-2 Tracker

    Missed this one going along, but the level of detail that you have put into this is absolutely superb.
  12. Jabba

    Eduard F-8 Crusader

    Looking better and better.
  13. Jabba

    'Jolly Rogers' F-4J Phantom (Revell 1:72)

    Looking very good.
  14. Jabba

    Tornado F3

    I have made a start on this with the building up of the back end. I did have a bit of a struggle getting the wings to fit properly, but with a bit of judicial shaving of the part that fills the gap I got then done. I also had fun getting the airbrakes to sit flushish with the rest of the fuselage, but when I cut away parts of the area where the airbrake is meant to sit upon it was a lot better as hopefully these pictures show. I have also built up the fin which I will add tonight, plus I have started painting the cockpit area.
  15. Jabba

    1/72 Cold War Soviet Mud-Mover

    I would also go with the fitter family and throw into the mix the Su-25 (Frogfoot).