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  1. At the moment I am looking at doing the No2 scheme.
  2. Thank you both kindly. A quick update in that all parts are glued into one fuselage half. For some strange reason I could not find the exhaust that fits at the top of the fuselage that was meant for this kit, it was missing on the sprue and not in any bags that I kept. anyhow I did find a different one that the instructions said not to fit, but as it was the only thing available I fitted it and who follows instructions anyway.
  3. Does this help at all? http://begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=35
  4. Now trading under the name Air Graphics. Unfortunately they do not stock all that they used to including the Hunter sheet.
  5. Finally got some work done on this one. I have built up both cockpits, using the kit decals for the instrument panels (my hand painting is not that good even in this scale) filling in what would be the glass with Krystal Klear. The side panels were painted with the bigger buttons with a small brush and the rest dry brushed. I have fitted the air brakes using a method that someone in this GB has already used. It is not as good as theirs but it will do for me. Finally I have got the wings together. I am also in the process of fitting the cockpits to the fuselage and all else that goes in there.
  6. My Dad was working on them in Singapore from 1965 to 1967.
  7. Jabba

    Canberra T17

    For this GB I will be hopefully making a Canberra T7. I will be using the Micro-Mir kit, but with the markings coming from Modeldecal Sht No 85 as I prefer the Green/Grey scheme to the Hemp one.
  8. It just looks different in your photos, that is why I asked.
  9. Looking very good with the decals on, always a worry when you have to mask an area where a decal has to go and it does not quite fit in the end. Hopefully that will be resolved quickly. How were the CTA decals ? I ask as I have a sheet and have not used them before.
  10. Looking very good with the decals on, even the one around the refuelling probe appears to fit well.
  11. Looking very good Steve. A question, what shape have you made the modded panels between the air filters as the should be triangular?
  12. All finished now. As mentioned earlier I am not happy with the finish of this model so will be revisiting it some time in the future to make amends.
  13. This is an entry on mine for this GB. It is the Airfix with Hahen decals of an Alpha Jet from JaboG 43 whilst based at Erhac AB in Turkey as part of NATOs defence force incase Saddam tried to invade in this direction. The build thread is here:-
  14. Sorry I was meaning Star Decals doing a Kuwaiti Chieftain in 1/35..
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