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  1. Progressing well, nice use of the spreader.
  2. Good progress being made. It seems that everyone has their own way of building this kit, by not following the instructions.
  3. Very good progress and the Airwaves wings always add that touch of looking different.
  4. Sorry that I have commented for a while, but the work that you have carried out on this build is tremendous, especially around the Main Gearbox. As for the main U/C sponson, there are some pictures in the walk around section of this site that show them a bit clearer. I know that the helicopter involved is a Portuguese one, having the larger fuel tanks and inflatable on the side, but it will give you hopefully something to go on.
  5. Nice work, pity about the broken parts, but you have dealt with these. I too have noticed the brittleness of the Heller plastic, as the sprue with the smaller parts seems to lose a part each time I pick it up.
  6. A superb build, and as others have already mentioned I would not have noticed the difference in the rotors. Still this info will come in handy whenever I get around to doing this with mine as I have the same set as yourself.
  7. Over the past week I have mainly been sanding down the airframe so that I can add other parts that go over the sanded areas. I have also had a change of filler as the new Squadron green filler is now Grey so almost the same colour as the plastic and was hard to see when I had almost got the bare plastic. So I have now started to use Perfect filler which is white in colour and also most critically easier to use. So I have added the wing gloves, the rear part of the fuselage where the engines go (which was warped and had to be fitted a bit at a time) and the fin. I will add the nose after determ
  8. Nice work in getting the wings in the correctish position. The rest appears to be putting up a bit of a fight, which I know you will overcome.
  9. A glutton for punishment. Good luck with the second build, although looking at how the first one is progressing I don't think that you will need it.
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