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  1. That is some good news. Pity that the conversion and the decal sheet could not come out at the same time.
  2. Decalling started. I used the Carpena sheet for most the only ones coming from the Micro Scale sheet being the Royal Saudi writing on the nose as this looked a lot better than the Carpena version, although the green colour looks a little on the pale side compared to the rest. The roundels on the Carpena sheet also looked in better proportion than the Microscale ones, which looked a little on the big side especially when compared to their surroundings. I also got the Eagle on the tail looking in the right direction (Fwd) more by luck than reading the instructions. I shalll hopefully start on the stencils tonight and they should not be as bad as the Phantom ones that I have applied recently.
  3. Also XV433 (D) of 19 Sqn and XV467 (Q) of 92 Sqn on page 78 of the 1979-1992 volume of British Phantoms by Patrick Martin published by Double Ugly. There are also a few more photos of different from above Grey schemed aircraft with Black/Brown radomes in this volume.
  4. Have a look through this thread, I think that it may show up some info:-
  5. I have also seen this the other way around in that a Green/Grey schemed aircraft was fitted with a Grey radome. It is more dependant on what is available when a U/S radome requires replacing.
  6. Metal areas painted, so it now time for some Klear.
  7. Darker Grey now painted, on with the metal areas around the back end next.
  8. Nice work. Strange that the newer GWH kit that I am building has also the same problem with the engine compressor blade.
  9. This is my entry for this GB. It is a Canadair CL-144 Challenger that was operated from Bahrain by 414 Sqn for Liaison and communication flights throughout the gulf region during Op Friction in 1990-91. The build thread is here:-
  10. With the U/C,associated doors and the window masks removed, I am calling this one done. Thanks for all the help throughout this build.
  11. This is my entry for this GB. It is a Phantom FGR2 operated by 19 Sqn that flew in the Air Review Flypast of 1977 at RAF Finningley. The build thread is here:-
  12. All finished now, with the ejection seats, canopies and refuelling probe fitted.
  13. After doing some painting last night, things are fine. I did forget to mention that I am not using the same paints (Manufacturer) as last time.
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