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  1. Jabba

    Type 69-II

    Now with the camera battery charged up some pictures. The Hull. The Turret. The Tracks.
  2. Jabba

    Type 69-II

    A slight update, but with no pictures as my camera ran out of battery just as I started to take them. I have applied the decals, a wash (hopefully not too much as I never done this before) and have made up the tracks. I may have made the tracks a bit too long at the moment, but I think that I can adjust them. I am now putting the camera battery on charge and hopefully there will be some pictures in the next day or so.
  3. A very good job of weathering this, and that stripe along the gun barrel is superb.
  4. Whirlybirds also do a 1/72nd resin kit of various versions of this helicopter.
  5. I have used masking tape, painted and cut to size.
  6. Jabba

    Type 69-II

    That is what I was thinking using the equipment that they were provided with (if it was by the Chinese), something akin to RAF Chinooks using the guns given by Boeing rather than using GPMGs.
  7. Jabba

    Type 69-II

    Thanks Craig, yes it is a lot busier than I am normally used to. A small update in that I have got some paint on the model, and added the wheels. On good point about the kit is that the tyres are separate from the wheel making painting a whole lot easier. I have also started on the tracks, and I am a little worried about fitting them around the sprocket at one end as it is close to the wheel cover. I think a little persuasion will do the trick. The kit comes with two styles of machine guns, one being a Chinese Type-54 MG, but I am not sure which one I should actually use. Anyone have any idea? A little weathering is to be done, I am thinking about the grills on the top, and is the square slot on one side an exhaust? More later.
  8. A good start Craig. At least you have not had to battle too hard with the fuel tanks and all that on the wheel covers.
  9. Jabba


    Very nice indeed, really do like the camo scheme.
  10. Jabba

    Type 69-II

    Thank you very much. Now the turret with the bar armour fitted. Some parts do not fit correctly fully even with a little adjustment here and there, but that is the way the cookie crumbles as they are staying that way.
  11. Very good progress. Like you I do no know what I am doing when building targets.
  12. Jabba

    Type 69-II

    A small update of my progress. The turret is mainly build and what a pain. Too many small parts that are attached to the sprue with too large a gate. I have also made up the bar amour that goes around the turret, but I have not photo'd these at the moment as they are sitting on a piece of paper with their code letter next to them. These will be added soon. I also do not like the brown dust cover at the front around the gun barrel as it does not go where it is meant to go, although I think I have got in the right place now and will be glued there.
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