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  1. Whilst waiting for some stuff to arrive I decided to paint the Dk Grey. I would normally have painted the Dk Green, but I thought that it would be better to have some progress with this one. Now the stuff that I am waiing for has turned up. May I ask the question about the ratios that have been stated as I have mentioned earlier I do not normally thin paints down. @DaveJL and @Alan Pmentioned thinning down by 30%. Does this mean that for every 7 drops of paint I should add 3 drops of thinner (or something similar in multiples of 7) or am I talking twaddle?
  2. I have no time limit on my paper version neither does SWMBO.
  3. Or a new Chinook in 1/72 and you could get an aircraft from each side. Then there could be follow ons with newer versions later.
  4. The undercarriage and wheels are now fitted. It was a bit of a struggle to get the main ones to fit especially as they are flat in one area. The nose wheels were slightly worse in that they were not moulded properly. I did try and scrape them levelish whist still one the sprue, but one is still not right, but will have to do now that it is fitted. I have closed all the bigger U/C doors as on most pictures that I found of these aircraft showed them so. I have also painted up and decalled the weapons load.
  5. A few more parts added and a few more painted up ready to fit.
  6. My hazy memory too, plus the outer edges of the ailerons and flaps were also pink.
  7. Only the latest issue Aug/Sept is a 2 month issue (but still the same size as a monthly issue) the rest are all monthly.
  8. If you are meaning SAMI, I think that all of us who have answered here would also like too.
  9. Have you tried this:- https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/ac-084-phimat-chaffflare-dispenser
  10. Now standing on all 6 wheels. I have als ofitted the inner wing pylons. A few more parts to add tonight.
  11. Well they will not be getting any cash from me.
  12. Thank you very much for your advice Patrice. I was looking at going that way myself with the super glue. I would have hoped that Modelsvit could have made a better way of getting the wheel to fit to the U/C.
  13. Thank you for your comment. I have started to build the U/C parts, the nose is alright but the main has I think a slight problem. This is that there is very little for the U/C leg spigot (what there is of it) and the Main wheel to be joined together as the photos below show. I am wondering if this was similar for the modellers that have been building the Modelsvit Mirage III. @TEMPESTMK5 (As I know that you have built the Mirage kit that I have mentioned) possibly look at these photos and comment?
  14. Thank you both, I shall get a pot of each on order.
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