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  1. Jabba

    Farnborough Modelfest:- September 15th

    As others have said and in the words of Wallace and Grommit another grand day out.
  2. Jabba

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    What I was hoping to do was one of the Brown/sand schemes that were in the Gulf. Having put up a suggestion on a Flying Leatherneck topic on ARC Dave Roof did say and showed that he has drawings of these CH-46s, but I doubt if it will be ready by the time this GB comes around. I do have a couple of Academy 1/48th kits with OIF markings so I will probably do one of these.
  3. Jabba

    RAF Jaguars

    Whenever I paint something for Op Granby in Desert Pink, and I have done fair few, I normally use Humbrol 250 (Their desert Pink) and then add white to it to tone it down a touch. It does not matter too much how much white you add as the aircraft colour faded the longer the operation went on due to the affects of the sun.
  4. Jabba

    Tornado Wing Seal Colour

    Thanks very much for all the input that has been given.
  5. Jabba

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    Unfortunately the decal sheet that I am looking for probably will not be out by the time this GB starts, but I will find something.
  6. Having build one that you are, it is exactly what I was thinking
  7. Jabba

    JASDF Hyakuri Sept. 2018

    Wonderful, especially that blue schemed one.
  8. Jabba

    Lightning F:3 (Sword 1:72)

    That is right naughty.
  9. Jabba

    Airfix lightning f2a

    Oops, but at least it looks like it is a clean break that maybe easy to repair.
  10. Jabba

    Tornado Wing Seal Colour

    Can anyone give me the rough colour of the Tornado Wing Seals, the things that the wings fold into.
  11. Jabba

    Chinook ZA712 100th Anniversary Scheme

    You could try Andy Donovan who is a member here, but I cannot remember his user name as he had something to do with the design.
  12. This is my build for this GB, being the Revell MiG-21F-13 of the East German Air Force. The build is OOB and can be found here:-
  13. Jabba


    All finished now. Thanks for all the help and advise with this build.