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  1. A couple of pictures showing the Italeri F-15E kit pod (lower and L/H of pictures), with the other being from the Hasegawa weapons set.
  2. Finally got the sanding done. I am having a bit of a problem with rubbing down filler at the moment and I don't know why. For many a year I have used Sqn Green Stuff filler, but of course that is no longer available, so I have been using MIG Classic or Perfect Putty but they do not seem to rub down well when I use my usual method of sanding which is water and wet 'N dry paper. Can anyone please give me some hints as to what to use? Anyhow got a few more parts added, plus some weight in the nose before fitting that. I have also obtained a gun pod from an Italeri F-15E kit which is in the lower and L/H side of the photos also showing the Hasegawa one.
  3. Thank you kindly. A bit of weathering and the matt finish now applied. Hopefully I will be fitting the U/C soon. i do have a question in that what colour is the inside of all the light fitment areas. I personally was thinking Interior Green, but if someone could point me in the right direction I will be very grateful.
  4. Jabba

    Canberra PR7

    I am sure that Aeroclub did produce a conversion many years ago, so is probably very difficult to find.
  5. Thanks @Troffait looks to have some better detail than the Hasegawa one, so I will get the Italeri kit.
  6. @Troffahave you been able to compare the Hasegawa one with the Italeri one? I ask because the one that you have got with the F-15E kit looks a lot better than the Hasegawa one in the photo and there is chance that I might be able to get a F-15E kit for this gun pod.
  7. Thank you all for your answers about the tail fitting for the Torpedo. I will fit it with a slight nose down attitude as shown in the drawings and pictures. All larger decals applied last night, strange how there are none fitted to the underneath of the aircraft.
  8. Intake now sorted and fitted to the airframe along with some other parts so that it is now a bit more F-16 shaped. Filler applied where required and is not as bad as it looks in the photos.
  9. Masking all removed and just a few touch ups where Black paint had got under the masking where the panel lines are. A few coats of Klear applied and now already for decals. I have also started to make up the torpedo. A question or 2 about the big fin thing at the back of this. Is it fitted one way up as the instructions do not say and what is it for? I have figured that it is for the separation from the carrier aircraft and then detaches once it has hit the water.
  10. Yes i have seen a few photos of that aircraft here:- https://dstorm.eu/pages/en/usa/f-16.html . That is the fit that I am going for, plus a AGM-65D on the other. The mounting of the pod itself is only problem I am trying to solve too.
  11. Good to read that. I too am doing a NY ANG F-16A from Desert Storm in the F-16 STGB.
  12. This is my entry for the GB. It is the Mikro-Mir model of the Canberra T17 of 360 Sqn based at RAF Wyton in Sep 1985. The markings came from Modeldecal. The build thread is here:-
  13. Jabba

    Canberra T17

    All finished now and quite an enjoyable build it was. Unfortunately somehow a whopping big finger print has appeared by the rear crewmembers window I don't know how, but I do not think that I can remove it (see last picture).
  14. The drilling of these incorrect holes was done by Airworks at RAF St Athan who won the contract to carry out the work rather than the slightly more expensive BAe. However the engineers that Airworks brought in were not always Aircraft Engineers with a few being refrigeration engineers and some others like that.
  15. If you do not find one in the weapons set, I am sure that I have a spare one.
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