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  1. Again thanks. The reason I asked is because the glazing on the kit is so indistinct. I will always ask questions due to being told during my RAF career that there is no such thing as a stupid question only a stupid answer (not from you by the way).
  2. Jabba

    A-6E tram intruder, 1/48, desert storm

    Like the work that you have done, and I do think that the wings folded on an aircraft add a bit je ne sais pas.
  3. Jabba

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    I got one of these at SMW last weekend, and will hopefully be using it if I can follow the instructions.
  4. Jabba

    UK wants more Chinooks...

    Some of them are like that already. Think of ZA704 with the rear end from the Argentine one.
  5. Jabba

    UK wants more Chinooks...

    Of course they could always refurbish the older ZA series like they did when the Mk1s were updated to Mk2s. Chinooks do not have a finite fatigue life.
  6. Jabba

    AMP& MikroMir News, questions, wishes, and more ...

    I was hoping that it would have been in 1/72, but I can wait.
  7. Jabba

    H builds “A Carrier Egg Wing” FINISHED.

    A nice finish on both aircraft and I like the carrier base.
  8. A good start.
  9. Jabba

    Flying Fortress Mk111

    The decals are just replacement ones for the scheme that I am doing. As for another B-17 I doubt it as the aircraft is not in my normal modelling era.
  10. Sorry another question about that clear piece. Roughly what is the length of it, is it about the same size as the square piece that is below it or slightly smaller?
  11. Jabba

    Recce (vinten) pod in 1/72 for BAC Jaguar

    Air-graphics do a 1/72nd EMI linescan reccie pod. air-graphics.co.uk/shop?olsPage=products%2Fac-069-sepecat-jaguar-gr1-emi-linescan-recce-pod&page=5
  12. Jabba

    AMP& MikroMir News, questions, wishes, and more ...

    I do hope that you do because as far as I know no other kit comes with it.
  13. Jabba

    AMP& MikroMir News, questions, wishes, and more ...

    I like this. Will you include the engine sand filter?
  14. Thanks for your answer and picture, I now have an idea of what I may do for this.
  15. Nice work with the tail turret. Sorry but I can not tell from your pictures, but are the front and rear of the top piece rounded, or is it just the rear part ( the area furthest away from the tail)?