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  1. Thanks I will go with that.
  2. And the switch to the bigger fuel tanks that the F3s normally used.
  3. Now with some Aluminium paint on. Does anyone know the colour of the nose radome? The instructions say Dk Grey, but I think it should be a type of Green.
  4. Weapon load options for Tornados in Op Granby can be found here https://dstorm.eu/pages/loadout/tornado.html.
  5. Good spot with the instruction, they can sometimes throw you off when you are not sure what they are saying and what you actually require.
  6. I wish you good luck with your endeavour on this one.
  7. Nice choice and an aircraft not from one of the ANG squadrons that operated this type. Hope all goes well with the conversion work.
  8. Excellent work, especially in the U/C bays where most people (me included) just paint the area white. The Hasegawa kit does go together well and the only area I find that I have problems with is the joint right behind the cockpit.
  9. That has gone together very well and quickly. How many people are in this target for that amount of stowage on the outside.
  10. Nice work on the modifications that you have carried out, some are not just Granby ones. This has come together well.
  11. Dave I have had a look through some of my books and decal instructions on the Jag and have come up with nothing concrete. What I do have is the instructions of the Modeldecal sheet for XX725. I am not sure if I can post it here copyright and all that, so if you PM me with your e-mail address I can send it to you.
  12. Dave although not very clear I can see the start of the false canopy in this picture:- https://dstorm.eu/pictures/nose-arts/jaguar/gb/johnny_fartpants_2.jpg It is just in front of the gun and I can see the pink bar for the canopy. I will doubly confirm tonight.
  13. The KP/RV kit is quite reasonable, but can be a little tricky to put together. Building one now in the Gulf War GB.
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