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  1. Not this set up on Granby. Very early in the conflict they were fitted with launch rail directly onto the wing pylon. Later they were fitted with launch rail onto the fuselage pylons. I think that they used the wing shoulder pylons for Alarm on Op Telic, but would have to check my refs before saying for certain.
  2. Yes or if you can find a Revell 1/48 kit (which is the same as the Hasegawa kit bur usually cheaper) A-7E.
  3. I am not so sure, after having a look at the parts of the Iarfix NA39 that @PlasticSurgeon used for his build. Although it is split the same there is no cutout for the nose fold. It may have been based on the NA39 nose but I do think that Airfix did a slight update on it but not quite a correct one. Yes the new nose looks a lot better and fits near enough perfectly.
  4. Is there also one on the nose just below the IFR and ahead of the grey aerial thing(sorry do not know correct name of this )?
  5. I can see the nose of the STBD one poking out from behind the respective Storm Shadow. I think that if there are 2 mounted on the STBD wing shoulder pylons, this is probably repeated on the Pt side.
  6. Well done Al, almost on Nic pace there. Having seen some of the builds in progress and the amount of detail that you put into your builds, it is even more impressive.
  7. I do not know about the latest Airfix kit, but remember that the one that I am building is the late 1980s kit, that Airfix put into one of their shiny new red boxes adding a few parts and new decal sheet.. Here is a comparison picture with the kit parts and the resin nose that I fitted.
  8. A good recovery. It always happens, in that you will get parts to fit easily with no glue, but the moment glue comes anywhere near the part it either decides to fall out of your hand, not go where it is meant to go or does not fit how it should do.
  9. Ceratinly looks very good in that blue.
  10. A little more added in the shape of the new nose and the air brakes. Lots of filler applied and the first round of sanding down done. Somore filler added and the next lot of sanding to be done. There are lots of rivets on the air brakes, which will go when I have finished the sanding.
  11. This is my entry to this GB. It is the AIrfix 1/72 Phantom FG1 operated by 892 Sqn Royal Navy whilst at NAS Key West (or Oceana depending on which photo I look at) where it was slightly zapped by VF-171. The decals are from Xtradecal and the kit. The build thread can be found here:- https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235069181-phantom-fg1/
  12. Jabba

    Phantom FG1

    So did I, but I thought that once I had started I had to carry on. It is a pity that Airfix did not clump some of the decals that are close to each other as one decal rather than seperate ones. All finished now, I glued the outer wing panels back one, yet again it is a pity that Airfix missed a trick here by placing just a small location plate rather than a third of the lower wing. Then the ejection seats were , finished painting and the handles fitted before fitting into their respective cockpits. One thing that Airfix did do well is the way that the two canopies fit, in that the locatng lug is set at the correct angle when they are open. All that is missing is the operating actuator, but that with this kit is normal. Yes I could make on myself, but I think that the manufacturer should have supplied them as much older kits of this aircraft do provide them. All in all a goos kit, but could have been better with a little more ease of construction.
  13. Jabba

    Phantom FG1

    Thanks you both, there are over 250 seperate decal on this one. A small update in that in the photos that I have seen of this aircraft there must be some NDT being carried out on the outer wing, indicated by a couple of strips of bare metal. So I painted these strips with aluminium paint unmasked so that it was not in a perfectly straight line (having striped aircraft for NDT although the area is masked of some paint stripper will get under this and also using your non-metallic scrapper you will also remove a bit more paint than intended) and then applied some Tamiya smoke to look like the protector that would be applied between inspections.
  14. And us techies piling out of our tents (all dressed up in goon suits) after the initial bang had gone to look up into the sky to see (and someone filming) what was going on, only to be told over the tannoy to get back into our tents.
  15. Especially when the Patriot missile went off one afternoon, claiming a scud ight above the site.
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