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  1. The cockpit looks very good, especially the way you went about getting the correct console for the RIO. A very easy conversion for the panel rather than forking out for a aftermarket part.
  2. Jabba

    Airfix Victor

    Thanks for that info. I sprayed all the intake parts white last night, so I shall start to build them as a separate part before gluing to the upper wing.
  3. Jabba

    1/144 TU-22KD Blinder

    Modelsvit do make a Tu-22 in 1/72nd.
  4. Jabba

    Airfix Victor

    I am currently building an Airfix Victor K2, and I am getting close to fitting the intakes. This is probably better meant for someone who has built the kit but I am wondering whether it is better to build up the intakes and then fit them to the upper wing or to build them as per the instructions. I ask due to the fact that there maybe the possibility of filling them after they have been built which maybe better done in my way if thinking before they are fitted to the upper wing due to handling difficulties. Any help will be gratefully received.
  5. Jabba

    F-14A Tomcat

    After a couple of weeks break from this kit, getting another in a different GB almost finished, I have started to apply the major decals to the model. I am also going to do a bit of a compromise with this kit in that I am going to arm t as if it is at the start of OIF, but I will apply the crew names and mission total tally markings which were applied after the aircraft left the theatre of operations. Another slight problem is that neither that kit or the aftermarket decal sheet have any of the no walk and other smaller decals of this ilk, I will have to look through my other Tomcat decals to see what I can find.
  6. Jabba

    B-17G-70-BO 43-37791 VP*V "no name"

    Coming along fine.
  7. I have been looking through all my books on the Gulf conflict of 1990-91, and I cannot find any reference to Desert Storm being a NATO coverall name. The only things that I can find is the UN resolution about the removal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait. I can also find reference to President George Bush sending American troops to Saudi Arabia under the code name of Op Desert Shield, which then morphed into Op Desert Storm of Jan 17 when hostilities commenced. When I look through my books these being published in the USA, UK and other parts of the world, they refer to forces from USA partaking in Op Desert Shield/Strom, British forces in Op Granby, French Forces from Op Daguet, Italian forces from Op Locusto, Canadian forces from Op Friction and the such like. The only time I can find references to NATO is when the Allied Mobile Force with countries including Belgium, Germany and Italy (Separate from the aforementioned Op) sending aircraft to based in Turkey to protect NATO incase Iraq decided to attack in that area. Now I will admit that I maybe wrong (And often am) and I am happy to be corrected (also do not want to get into an argument about it), but I think that most people think of the whole thing being Desert Storm is due to the fact that the majority of the force provided were from the USA. I for one am very happy to see this kit coming out, but would have liked to have seen the RAF (being biased) version coming out first. Sorry for all the quotes as I only wanted the top part, but for some unknown reason I was unable to cut this down.
  8. Jabba

    Chinook composite blades question (1/48)

    Colin a couple of pictures of the Chinook blades in the current kit.
  9. Jabba

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    Please do not scare us with words like.
  10. Jabba

    Bovington Tank museum show

    I got confirmation of table space today.
  11. Like the weathering effect very much.
  12. Jabba

    Bovington Tank museum show

    Not yet.
  13. Very nice indeed, I really do like that camo scheme. Superb.