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  1. You can build it as an F-4E if you replace the stabs with the slotted type (Hypersonic Models might be of help here). With that you will get a mid/late F-4E with slatted wings, but no TISEO or ARN-101, so basically any FY68-69 airframes (plus earlier ones once they had received slatted wings). Jens
  2. Looking at the sidewalls it appears as if it all sits too low. Anyway, if it's fixed to the fuselage there is probably nothing to do but to fill the gap. Jens
  3. It looks like your cockpit has broken loose. Look at the rear wall behind the pilot's head. I don't know if there is any way you can save it by raising it. Jens
  4. They are travel pods, known as TIC tanks. I believe they were made from AN/ALE-38 chaff dispenser pods. They have been used on our F-16s too. Jens
  5. Yes, the larger tanks were unique to the Danish Drakens. Jens
  6. Danish Drakens did not use wing tanks, only the larger belly tanks. Jens
  7. I fully respect the brave decision of kitbashing two kits, but I can't help to think that it would have been easier and less noticeable to either correct og ignore the inner main wheel bay sides than to cut up two kits and get a rather visible and uneven seam across the fuselage. Jens
  8. If I may ask, how was the cabin configured during the Gulf War? TIA, Jens
  9. Yes, Steve. The LP thinner is my go-to thinner for all my Tamiya paints (X, XF, LP and AS decanted). I have even had success mixing X-2 with AS-12 and thinned the lot with LP thinner. Try the LP thinner and spray on the white in nice thin coats. X-2 is my preferred white - even on top of a black base. Jens
  10. Well, I have encounted no problems with the gloss Tamiya paints whatsoever. I usually thin them with the LP thinner, but now and then I use their acrylic thinner. With the LP thinner it dries pretty quickly (as in I can touch the painted areas at least a few minutes after spraying). Jens
  11. Take a look at the two pictures again and tell me you can see what's wrong. It has nothing to do with the kit or the 3D decals, that much I can reveal. Jens
  12. While the subjects are often interesting I find that Mr. Lucas tends to jump to conclusions and, in general, provides poor analytical work. Added to that are the use of Vallejo paints as references. Vallejo is probably the manufacturer with least well-matched paints in their line. I do read some of the articles though, usually right up to the point where they become a bit too imaginative. Jens
  13. That step or shape change on the rear fuselage is also present on the real Draken, so no need to fill that. Jens
  14. Some have think black outlines, some don't. Another aircraft with these markings does not have a think black outline to the yellow fin tip. Jens
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