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  1. The dark patch on the Vokes filter is dark green H302/C302, not black. Jens
  2. It's grey. Also, it's an F-104G, not a TF-104G. Jens
  3. No, it's not! The A-6E in the picture is from a museum and is not in storage like the ones you call 'cocooned'. Aircraft in open storage are sprayed with Spraylat - a rubber cover that is sprayed on (but it becomes hard, at least after some time). I would either look for a new windscreen or go the 'canopy polishing crew' route. Jens
  4. I think you will have to completey remove those Shapie letters. They tend to bleed though anyway. I usually mark the surface that gets in contact with the wing (scribing a small L or R). That way my mark will disappear once I have assembled the model. Jens
  5. Clearly the fins have been fitted the wrong way around. That is most likely the reason for the fit problems. They look like they would have fitted without any issues if they had been placed correctly. Jens
  6. Not without major surgery to the fuselage around the nose and intakes. Jens
  7. You're welcome. I guess it's the ever present issue of not being able to foresee how people are going to approach their models. I hope you enjoy the reast of your build as much as I enjoyed mine. Jens
  8. I know it is too late for this build, but such large areas of filler can usually be avoided if other measures are used. What worked for me on my HB Intruder was to add the nose halves to their respective fuselage sides before joining the fuselage halves. This way the seam work is moved to the centre line, thus making it much easier to work with. In fact, I usually use this method instead of following the instructions. HTH, Jens
  9. Are you sure you put the starboard nacelle onto the starboard wing? Jens
  10. Since it's an early F-4B you are going to build you will have to remove or leave off the four lumps on the lower surfaces of the wings/intakes. Also, the small bulges above the main landing gear will need to be removed/left off too. That was a later modification. I am not sure a carrier-based F-4B would carry MER with anything on them on the outer pylons - for the same reasons they usually did not carry wing tanks there. HTH, Jens
  11. That helps a lot! Thank you very much. Jens
  12. Oh, you mean a soft white metal copy of the kit landing gear. Jens
  13. Cutting Edge released a C-1 seat many years ago. Good luck finding it though. Jens
  14. Tamiya AS-12 decanted and sprayed through an airbrush. Jens
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