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  1. Last week I managed to finish this Hasegawa TA-4F Skyhawk in adversary markings. It is one of several adversary Skyhawks I have built, and I started it more than five years ago. It was a straight forward build but it just got sidetracked by lots of other models. I sprayed it freehand with Xtracolor enamels and used Fightertown decals for the markings. This is the company she will be joining: Jens
  2. That Armycast pod looks a bit short. We (RDAF) have used them on both our AS550 Fennecs (FASE pod) and our EH101 Merlins (MASE pod). Jens
  3. Jens

    F-16 XL-2, Belly

    It was straigth just like the other F-16s. It might have been the lighter coloures areas on the Ferris scheme that have tricked to think it had i coke shape. Jens
  4. No, simply no! Luftwaffe did not upgrade their RF-4Es with slatted wings, nor did any other RF-4 operator. Jens
  5. Model Art 72-005 has markings for the Lynx. Jens
  6. Yes, the first release was a UH-1D/H. Oh, and it is a pleasure to build. I can't wait for the UH-1N to be released. Jens
  7. Yes, but only one or two early Drakens wore it. Jens
  8. As a Dane I guess I will have to join. Jens
  9. I didn't have the same fit issues on mine. Are you sure all parts are as tightly fitting as possible? Jens
  10. Yes. On this picture the parts are correctly situated: Jens
  11. It's supposed to have the gaps/outlets between the intakes and the centre fuselage. Jens
  12. The rail used was a square type. These three pictures show the correct launcher, its adapter and also the right placement under the wing. FWIW, the Draken displayed in the aviation museum in Stauning here in Denmark is not this one, AR-109, with a correct weapons load. Jens
  13. No, don't use this incorrect Sidewinder load-out as reference. Neither the launcher or the adapter was used on the Draken. As for the rocket pod it's an LAU-5003 (externally identical to the LAU-3). Jens
  14. Guess who started the conversion before the news were announced... Jens
  15. Jens

    RLM 83 Dunkelblau ?

    Having read a few of Paul Lucas' articles I do find most of them a bit 'amateurish' (in lack of other words). In his recent article on RLM83 he is jumping to conclusions again and again without substantial evidence. Also, he does not consider other options, e.g. when an intelligence report states "blue-grey on the top surfaces..." it might as well (or perhaps most likely) have been RLM75 instead of RLM24 or the blue RLM83. In other words, he is trying to hard to conclude that the use of a blue (RLM24 or similar) was widespread and thereby ruining a good genuine analysis that might actually shed some light on this subject. Jens
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