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  1. All long-nosed Hasegawa Phantoms have recessed panel lines. Jens
  2. The road wheels on some of the tanks look very much like BMP-2 road wheels, so I doubt they are CGI. Jens
  3. I don't remember any pictures showing a Danish F-100 with Sidewinders. That said, I have not look thoroughly through all my F-100 photos. There seems to be very few photos with our F-100s carrying weapons. Jens
  4. To be fair, I never mentioned RLM74 as an option, only RLM75 and RLM24. FWIW it could have been a mix of colours (like some RAF lower surface colours), so claiming it to be evidence is a bit far fetched. I am open to the fact that the real aircraft might easily have been blue-grey in some areas, I just don't accept the claim that it was RLM83 that easily. Jens
  5. I think you should read my entire reply, not just this part taken out of context. That said, I do believe that RAF intelligence officers could mistake one colour for another. If they were so thoroughly into LW colours they could have used the RLM codes, but they most likely a) didn't know them, and b) did not consider an accurate description to be a priority (and who can blame them?!). Just to recap, Paul Lucas is stating RLM codes based on written descriptions as if there are no other options. That is poor analysis work. Jens
  6. AFAIK no solid evidence has been presented. If it has, please lead me to it. Jens
  7. There are plenty of references for green cockpits of P-38s. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen any references for untinted (i.e. yellow) zinc chromate being used for cockpits. Various greens, yes, but not yellow. I remember from when I built my P-38F that I read somewhere that the green used on early variants were different from the standard interior green (FS34151) and the bronze green. Apparently it was more in the neighbourhood of medium green (FS34102-ish). If only I could find that piece of information now. Jens
  8. The rear part of the fin tip looks more like the C/D version, doesn't it? I mean, it's not rounded enough. Jens
  9. The exact colours are not known, so RAF or RAF look-alike colours are most likely. As for the RF-84Fs I am rather certain they were painted in RAL colours at some point. Jens
  10. Several Danish F-84Gs wore camoflage. For some reason I cannot find any pictures of them online, but I do have some on my hard drive. Jens
  11. I am pretty sure the cockpit was green, not YZC. Jens
  12. Well, judging from a dozen photos of VF-2 F-14Ds I would say it's likely they were only FS36320 and FS35237. Jens
  13. The standard TPS included all three colours (FS36375, FS36320 and FS35237), however, some units used F-14s in non-standard schemes, e.g. overall FS36320 or overall FS35237. Some only used two colours, and then - obviously - paint fading and touch-ups reduced (and in some cases enhanced) the colour differences. What BuNo and unit are you building? Jens
  14. Yes, the fin tip plate is in the kit. It might not be mentioned in the instructions, but it's in the box. I have used the part on several of my F-5Es. Jens
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