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  1. Jens

    Danish F100 ejection seats

    They were MB Mk. DE-5 if that is of any help. Jens
  2. Jens

    McDonnell Douglas TF-15A

    Not really. The upper or lower surfaces (don't recall which) were FS15450. Same colour but different sheen. Note the airbrake is the early, shorter type with a strake in the middle. Jens
  3. Jens

    Starfighters - intake interior colours

    The Danish Starfighters had dull aluminum coloured intakes except for the leading edge and intake cone. Jens
  4. Jens

    Reverse painted SEA camouflage, I'm curious ;)

    It's Print Scale... They are not known for accuracy. I have a picture of F-4E 67-0210 with those exact markings, and it clearly shows the standard scheme, i.e. the Print Scale profile is reversed. Jens
  5. Jens

    Skunkworks (was Kinetic) F-16xl 1/48

    I already started mine (and bought another F-16XL). Might as well finish it now. Jens
  6. Jens

    Unusual Danish Navy MH-60R Stores Question

    We don't have any weapons yet except for 12.7 mm GAU-21 and a 7.62 machine gun for the cabin door. You can see some awesome pictures from the shooting range here: Jens
  7. Jens

    Unusual Danish Navy MH-60R Stores Question

    I am not sure whether the rack is removable on a standard USN Romeo. Our were delivered without it, and without the dipping sonar too. I believe there are political intentions to fit some of our Romeos with the anti-submarine gear some time in the future. We do have a deck lock harpoon system á la the NH90 fitted in order to operate to/from the Danish Navy vessels. Our Romeos were delivered without the extra window but have been retrofitted since. That video was shot in our old hangar. My office was right up there in the background. Jens
  8. Jens

    Unusual Danish Navy MH-60R Stores Question

    There are a number of differences between the standard USN and the RDAF MH-60Rs, one of them being the lack of sonar buyo equipment. Instead we have an extra seat in the cabin. The pod is an ELRP as mentioned earlier. It is for the crew (even though they have individual dinghies) and passengers. Jens
  9. Jens

    A-6E tram intruder, 1/48, desert storm

    Anytime Glynn. The intake duct is probably the one on the aft port fuselage. You can see a grey oval where I have filled the panel line on my A model. I was about to start another Intruder yesterday - this time an A-6E TRAM - but I need to found out what changes/corrections to make first. I will let you know if I dig up something useful. Jens
  10. Jens

    A-6E tram intruder, 1/48, desert storm

    Don't forget to move the inner wing fences to the correct position. The white lines are filler, and as you can see I have moved mine further inboard: Jens
  11. Except that doesn't make any sense. A TER can carry up to three Mk. 82. So, either it was a MER, or there were only two Snakeyes on the TER. Jens
  12. Yes, AFAIK only the A-4Q used Mk. 82 Snakeyes. The A-4C and P used the other bombs. Jens
  13. They carried Mk. 82 Snakeyes. Pictures show six of them fitted on a MER, but I have read that they only carried four (on a c/l MER). Jens
  14. Nice and fast progress! This is the first time I have seen the usual Eduard off-coloured PE parts make sense; I have counted seven shades of green in the cockpit of a Danish RF-35, Jens
  15. Jens

    RDAF F-16 MLU Recce Pod (MRP)

    These pictures are from 2006. What timeframe do you wish to depict? Jens