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  1. Jens

    Danish Lynx Tail

    Our Mk. 80s, 80As and 90As did have a folding tail, but the upgraded Mk. 90Bs didn't. Jens
  2. I am sure it wasn't Afghan. Jens
  3. Jens

    Saab S-35E Draken

    Don't people ever look at reference pictures anymore? A quick look at the seat/bulkhead area would reveal that the kit part has to be cut in order to fit the cockpit correctly. Jens
  4. Our F-16s usually had a PIDS pylon on one side and an EWMS pylon on the opposite side. Jens
  5. Jens

    Danish Lynx

    No, unfortunately no dedicated photo etch sets for the Danish Lynx. You will have to mix and match existing sets, I'm afraid. Jens
  6. Jens

    Danish Lynx

    That depends on how correct you want your Lynx to be. The Danish cockpit was quite different. Jens
  7. Perhaps these pictures of the avionics rack could be useful to you. Jens
  8. Yes, the FE seat was mounted on a frame with runners. You can see the shape of the frame in this shot of my Airfix Lynx Mk. 90B: Jens
  9. Looking good, Martian! If you want an accurate setup, you will have to ditch the two rows of seats and add a flight engineer/gunner seat instead. I have only once seen our Lynx fitted with the six man passenger seat setup and that was without the FLIR and M3M fitted. Usually only the aft two seats were installed (the third being removed after fitting of an avionics rack in the starboard side of the cabin). Anyone in the cabin besides the FE would be seated on those two seats or on the floor. Jens
  10. I found a picture of it, courtesy of one of my old technicians. Jens
  11. This is a still from a video clip I made when I went shooting with the M3M from a Lynx. You can see that the ammo belt is to the right of the M3M. The ammo box was placed perpendicular to the direction of flight, right behind the left seat crew member's seat. Jens
  12. Before you go any further - especially with the M3M - I figured these pictures could be useful: The ammo box was mounted inside the cabin. This is the hand controller for the FLIR: HTH, Jens
  13. That heavy amount of filler you have used on the aft fuselage shouldn't really be there. The real aircraft has a step and shape transition there. The Hasegawa kit is correct in this respect. Jens
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