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  1. It wouldn't be the same as I-LIOI, would it? Jens
  2. Yes, the upper one is correct for the Danish F-104s. I know Italy and Germany used the rounded one, but I am not sure about other users. Jens
  3. Beware that this is not the type of Mk. 7 seat used in the Danish Starfighters. Ours had headrests with straight sides instead of bulged. Jens
  4. Except CAM decals are probably the worst decals research-wise. Jens
  5. Neither does mine. I was actually rather surprised it hadn't been mentioned in any of the reviews or build threads I have read. Jens
  6. Mine is exactly the same with over 1 mm gap in height. Jens
  7. You don't often see USN carrier borne F-4s with 370 gal. wing tanks. The VF-84 photo is from their first cruise. That accounts for the anomalies. Jens
  8. I believe the lack of MLG doors was due to some initial problems with the doors. Jens
  9. You're right, they don't seem to have any water based paints that match the F-16 colours. Jens
  10. This paint set will have you covered: https://ak-interactive.com/product/us-modern-aircraft-greys-1980s-present/ Jens
  11. That's because I don't put my kits up on an auction site. I have some Hasegawa F-4Gs for sale. PM me if you're interested. Jens
  12. I have a few Hasegawa F-4Gs for sale. Postage might be rather high though. Jens
  13. Their 1/48 series started having recessed panel lines from the long nosed versions, i.e. E, EJ, F and G. All short nosed ones had raised panel lines initially, but a re-tooling of the F-4J or S led to all newer F-4J/S having recessed panel lines. The B/N and C/D retained their raised panel lines though. Jens
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