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  2. The pilots notes A.P.2208E are readily available in commercial facsimile. It's very likely that the maintenance manuals are available via https://www.fleetairarm.com/naval-aviation-research.aspx to anyone who is prepared to go through the process.
  3. Yes Erwin that's correct. If it was designed and used to shoot down aircraft then it is eligible.
  4. Well they need more than Decal Film put over them. Gotten a few to cooperate, but many still crack apart. They do have to be soaked/sit a lot longer than I remember decals needing in years past. The glue takes for ever to soften enough to release. I've gotten a few off the backing paper onto the plane, start tweaking them and bam.....I got a mess. 2 sets down the pisser. Stars n Bars I can pull from somewhere else, but like the 73 I only got one to work. Gonna drop bobmig a message and get some input on the issue. Don't know if it's a bad batch or what. Concerns me because I have a Spitfire set too. Grrrr
  5. In that the Iranian F-14s don't have one over the probe? I guess that could be done by boxing it in and using some rod, a bit fiddly but doable. Didn't realise the Finemolds F-14 is roughly the same price, and available in that link.
  6. The most elegant solution to avoid the survivability issue would be to make it completely unmanned/optionally piloted, and not worry about crew survivability at all. The number of unmanned/autonomous recon vehicles i saw at defense expos this year makes me wonder why we haven't begun incorporating them into our land forces yet - the tech is certainly out there and other nations are adopting it.
  7. No any motor because need to take care about absence of environmental pollution! In addition, paddle rowing is a healthy lifestyle! For big scale need big muscle for carrying big box's therefore only paddle, only hardcore! B.R. Serge P.S. What I want from Trumpeter & Hobby Boss in 72nd scale? Need good Chinese jet fighter: J-7G: J-7FS: J-8: J-9 (project): J-12: J-13 (project): because if the Chinese do not, then who will do it? ....but it's only my dream....
  8. Emu

    Fore here, forever

  9. Still nothing - just greyed out 'No Entry' signs. Gary
  10. Very nice. Have both the Hasegawa single seat and 2 seat kits in the stash. They are destined for a raspberry ripple livery though with the single seat going to be the ACT test aircraft now at Cosford.
  11. One thing to note is the Forums search option isn't the best. What I do is use Google and i type my subject matter followed by the forum name. Say something like “Tamiya Spitfire 1/32/Britmodeller” or “Spitfire Mk.IX/Britmodeller” and you should get a better response on your searches.
  12. That's a great collection of plans! Thanks a lot!
  13. Absolutely marvellous and the weathering and wear is very realistic and not 'artistic'...love it! Gary
  14. I have not looked at those two brands, but I haven't really been modeling much for quite a few years. I'll have to look into them. I just know H&S doesn't look like it will be the brand for me. Thanks for the info.
  15. I am in the same predicament myself, but after seeing some quite impressive work out of the <£50 chinesium compressor/airbrush combos, i am hoping one of those lands under the Christmas tree later this month. I can wholeheartedly see where people are coming from in terms of 'buy the best you can afford', but i think it comes down to how much you will use it/plan to use it. Its cheap enough not to be drawn to despair if you buy it and airbrushing isn't for you, and not too expensive to be a good 'demo unit' before you do transition to a more expensive model. I wouldnt expect it to last as long as the branded equipment either. Sorry for the huge video thumbnail, i thought it was worth showing a comparison between cheap and branded equipment.
  16. Thanks Jockney.....and yes, though it would make sends to have those above all clean..
  17. stever219

    610 sqn meteor

    Very minor nit-pick: the profile shows the fairing for the aerial target towline attachment under the rear fuselage just aft of the end of the tailpipe which wouldn’t have been on 610’s jets.
  18. Great collection! I tried to count them 49 or 50 planes? i wish you another showcase soon
  19. Hot off the back of the balsa plans query earlier today, this may help you out: https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/construction-equipment/ Looks to be around 450 blueprints for construction machines, and if you register an account (free to do) then you can download most in really high resolutions. https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/construction-equipment/various-construction-equipment/76347/view/t-150k/ - This was just a quick look, but this is a soviet era T-150 all wheel tractor with quite detailed drawings Hope thats of some help!
  20. Mick4350

    Fore here, forever

    Turn left, then down
  21. Everybody says Iwata. But honestly Iwata don't make their own brushes. They're made by BB Rich, who also make Tamiya and I believe the Mr Hobby ones too. I've got a couple of Iwata's myself, nice enough but not the cheapest if cost is an issue. The quality of the Mr Hobby is as good as Iwata in my honest opinion, but at a lower price point...
  22. Classic Jaguar colour scheme, that’s how I prefer to remember them. Two small pointers for you. Firstly the camouflage pattern is a bit too soft-edged: RAF painters (and contractors) are/were expected to get within 1 inch of the specified pattern freehand. In 1/72th scale the soft edges are around 0.015 inches wide. Secondly the Jaguar didn’t get the overwing Sidewinders ‘til around 1990, some time after the period your model depicts. That said you’ve still done a good job on a somewhat basic kit, now where’s my Italeri 2 Squadron kit that needs finishing.........?
  23. Another nice baby model! Good paintjob and weathering as usual
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