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  1. Well, the Hasegawa C.202 fuselage is actually closer to 1/75th scale (smaller in all parts of outline when laid onto plans from Ali d'Italia book) Haven't seen or checked the Italeri kit, though. However, I remember some criticism on Stormo! forum that no mainstream kit in 1/72nd portrays the 'hump' behind the canopy correctly. regards, Aleksandar
  2. I would also agree that Heller/Smer/AZ Storch is more accurate than Academy, please see below.
  3. Hello, Is there a possibility of issuing just the wheels from SBS-72061 as a separate new set? These are the best hub-caps for WWII italian aircraft wheel I have seen so far, and I tink will also be suitable for other Regia aeronautica fighters of the period: Fiat CR.42: Fiat G.55: Macchi C.200/202/205: And possibly some others... quite a chance for upgrade since all of the above exist in 72nd scale, but their wheels are not so well done Regards, Aleksandar
  4. Always a pleasure to see one of the Dako Yaks built this nicely. Good job!
  5. Hi, These are some of the Lanc updates (by approximate date) that I have managed to piece together from the excellent but now-gone forum at Bomber Command History page: F.24 Strike Camera - introduced as standard mid 1942 Paddle blade propeller - introduced on the Lancaster in early 1943 Side windows (except large navigator's window) - deleted in production after the end of the ED series, September 1943 (does not apply to cases of over-painted windows on earlier serials) Late (large) nose bubble - introduced September 1943 Late (large) Astro-dome - introduced beginning of 1944 Navigator's bench instead of swivel-seat - introduced in spring of 1944 All You need to do now is find the date Your aircraft was produced. Hope this also helps You pin down some of the other common Lanc dilemmas Regards, Aleksandar
  6. As a matter of fact, I was born in Vojvodina - a Serbian province once a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and the most ethnically diverse region in Serbia today - Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians, Croatians - You name it. There was also a sizeable German population living there right up to the end of WWII, so A LOT of Germanisms got adopted over time by Serbian and other folks. Regarding the Fury - maybe the easier approach would be to apply strips of tape (leaving only narrow slits where ribs should be), sealing it all with sprue-goo and a couple of layers of Surfacer, then just 'schmirgling-it down' to reveal and remove the tape Regards, Aleksandar
  7. Excellent job so far! I had the same gap at the front when I did my A-model. Please note that the ventral fuselage fabric detail is missing, and the prop/spinner could use some cleaning up. Mine was one of the poorer copies, so I ended removing the blades altogether and turning the spinner on a lathe before re-attaching the blades: https://www.maketarskikutak.com/index.php/topic,9511.msg91911.html#msg91911
  8. Very interesting, looking forward to seeing how You deal with the wing. Regarding putting flour in CA - doesn't that introduce a foreign material and just weaken the glue (similar to air bubbles)? I advise using two-component epoxy or maybe even "sprue-goo", since both are fully homogenous substances when mixed from their respective components. Regards, Aleksandar
  9. One thing I always found interesting with the Westland Lysander is the way wings taper towards fuselage (they narrow instead of usual widening) img source: Wikiwand Is there any reason for this design decision apart better visibility - e.g. some aerodynamic or structural advantage? Thanks
  10. Never seen this one before, thanks for sharing!
  11. A rather interesting decal sheet has been released: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/dp-casper-72033-corsair-f4u-4-at-wwii--1328990
  12. Even if mask are not included in the box - I'm sure they will follow shortly from Eduard or some smaller producer like DEAD design. This one has been on my 'need-a-decent-kit-of-it' waiting list for years, so I'm in the 'Definitely' crowd
  13. IMHO, it is easier to address a seam not running in the place of a panel line, simply because it is easier to later re-scribe the panel in plastic than in putty. Having the seam run across existing panels (instead in their direction and position) reduces the putty areas that go under the blade (Zvezda did a similar thing on their Yak-3 wing-to-fuselage joint).
  14. Some nice RAF/RCAF style fonts available for download below: http://aircraft-in-focus.com/ath_aircraft_fonts/?fbclid=IwAR3t9zZ8uOk9rQkGrRNqddQvyTukoqOwz8opdU0t-r1IyHdwnBkh8y3eGFs Regards, Aleksandar
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