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  1. warhawk

    1/72 Finemolds A6M Zero

    IMHO, Airfix new-tool has panel lines that are too deep, and canopy that is too thick (with frames too pronounced). FM and Tamiya produce much finer replicas with the same amount of effort.
  2. Marvelous build and photos. Can You please tell me what error does the SBS set correct on ICM's Chaika?
  3. warhawk

    Pavla Fieseler Fi 167A-0 questions

    I wrote to Pavla recently about some Defiant missing vacu parts, and received both the quick answer and the parts. I have to commend them for having as great a spares service as the "big-boys", such as Revell, Airfix, etc. If they do not reply, there are some vac canopies for Your machine on sale at German e-bay (link below) https://www.ebay.de/itm/Modellbauzubehor-PE-S-Vakukanzel-Fi-167-1-72-Pavla/283414373631?epid=639272512&hash=item41fcd024ff:g:PvQAAOSw5GZbQL0R Regards, Aleksandar
  4. warhawk

    Best P-38 in 1/72?

    I remember building the Italeri/Dragon(DML) P-38J kit, and using "literally" tons of putty mating the twin booms to the wing. IIRC, the central (cockpit) nacelle/gondola looked too narrow to me when finished, but at the time I haven't had discovered the joys of frustrating over scale plans yet. If someone has this model in finished state, please confirm or disprove this (I no longer do). Reghards, Aleksandar
  5. warhawk

    Arma Hurricane fuselage shape question

    Hello, @Troy Smith, could You please elaborate what You mean by 'wasp waist'? I cannot seem to find anything odd with my Airfix kit fuselage just by looking at the assembled halves...
  6. Wow, that aircraft looks sleek, yet absolutely ridiculous with those cartoon-size main wheels. I love it!
  7. warhawk

    Lack of gun barrels in wings of early Aleutian P-40Es?

    Looking back at this photo, I cannot determine the shape and color of these tape patches over the gun openings (they look circular, but I have doubts someone would bother to cut them that way every time they need replacing). What would You suggest?
  8. Nema na čemu! You are in luck, since last year they started adding descriptions in English to the menus of restaurants at Magyar ut. (street) - they were in Hungarian (and maybe also German) exclusively up to that point. But no matter which restaurant You pick there and no matter what You order, You are in for some fine and affordable dining (as we have discovered previously, by picking our different orders randomly from Hungarian menus) regards, Aleksandar
  9. I can give You a resounding YES! I am almost a yearly visitor. It attracts visitors from all over continental Europe, and last year I even saw people from Japan, US and Australia! The flea-market is great, and the accommodation prices are affordable (but be quick to book - the race is already on!) Regards, Aleksandar (Serbia)
  10. Now that we are discussing Hurricane windscreens, I have always found this flat plate at the bottom of the front windscreen glass (completely perpendicular to the airflow) of later Hurris rather ungainly, an affront to aerodynamics moreover. Does anyone know why it was done in that way?
  11. IMHO, the front armoured plate on the early windscreen is also shorter, at least that's how it looks to me from the photos You have posted.
  12. Anyone else noticed that on 5:07 a Spitfire landing suddenly turns into a P-39 crashing? Editing FTW
  13. The last two camouflage options look really interesting. Could they be verified?
  14. warhawk

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Wow, that looks interesting and unique for a Mk.XII. But why would anyone repaint the Ocean Grey cammo fields with Dark Earth in 1945?
  15. warhawk

    Lack of gun barrels in wings of early Aleutian P-40Es?

    I think I see what You mean, but by looking at these photos... They cover the entire back surface of each blade... and are attached by some rivets (just after the leading edge of each blade, parallel to it)? source: worldwarphotos.info source: asizbiz.com The color of this rubber surface looks like a light grey to me (maybe un-vulcanized rubber, just like used in WWI for tire production, which is indeed a very light neutral grey).