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  1. warhawk


    Nice work. What is the scale and manufacturer of the Spit Mk.XVI? I need a reference point to determine the size of that chick
  2. This looks marvelous. Well done to both of Yuu and Airfix team for tooling it. Out of curiosity, was the data for this model obtained via 3D scan of the real thing?
  3. warhawk

    1/72 Zeros - Tamiya vs FineMolds' shape

    Thanks for the information. The drawings used in the picture above do indeed look old and/or photocopied (which might have skewed the dimensions a tiny bit). But how could FineMolds produce a kit with the under-sized cowling, when they set to make "the ultimate Zero" from the start (as it was advertised)?
  4. Hello, While researching the most accurate A6M to buy a ton of in 72nd, I came across two conflicting articles: 1. Article at Aviation of Japan blog, which states: Oleg wanted to know if the Fine Molds kit is still the best 1/72 Zero and discovered that the Tamiya kit appears to have some problems with geometry around the cockpit compared to the drawings in the FAOW book. In Oleg's opinion, although the Tamiya kit has some finer details, the Fine Molds kit is still better 2. Article at Flat Spins and Milk Runs, which states: Both models capture the contours of the Zero effectively, and it comes down to nit-picking to determine a winner here It seems we fave a bit of conflicting info on our hand, so i would like to ask if anyone has both Tamiya and Finemolds A6M2s (and/or A6M5s) in 72nd, to compare the shape of the fuselages. Thanks in advance, Aleksandar
  5. warhawk

    Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    Thanks for sharing! Good resolution, too
  6. Very interesting model, the resin looks nice on the pictures.
  7. Given that it is a short-run mold - my hat goes off to You Nice background story, I always appreciate a bit of history to go with an interesting model. Regards, Aleksandar
  8. warhawk

    Spitfire PR Mk.IV Trop (BS491) questions

    Sorry to raise an old topic, but the question is related: Should this photo-recce Mk.IV aircraft be equipped with this armor plate behind the seat? I know they were fine-tuned for speed, but then again, if a 109 jumps you, you have no armament to defend yourself...
  9. @Max Headroom: Thank You for the link. However, I do have doubts about this drawing of a bubble-top Mk.XVI, which features Sky fuselage band and spinner (which were highly unlikely for Mk.XVIs serving towards the end of the war) To me, it looks that the artist drew a standard spitfire first (RK892), then quickly adapted these drawings to a Mk.XVI by changing only the canopy and the codes. Regards, Aleksandar
  10. One more (and hopefully last) question: What type of roundels would be appropriate for this machine for both sides of the wing (upper and lower)?
  11. warhawk

    Private enterprise in Soviet Russia - Yak-6

    Thanks for a very interesting bit of short-run history. Not sure if this is actually connected to Alpha company (or "venture", or "illegal short-run cottage " in those days ), or some other manufacturer name. A couple Years ago, a local (Serbian) hobby shop salesman, also an early short-run kit enthusiast, mentioned this to me: when he imported first kits from (then) Soviet Union, the kits came in wooden boxes (just like quality cigars). Apparently, in Soviet Russia (some pun intended), wooden boxes were cheaper or easier to manufacture than cardboard ones.
  12. Hello, sorry for raising an old topic. I found this picture of aircraft coded "3W-M", but lacking the dutch insignia and the parrot emblem on the fuselage. Could this have been taken prior addition of those, or maybe it is a completely different aircraft (even after VE day)? img source: Spitfire Mk XVI of No.322 Squadron
  13. warhawk

    Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    Thank You for the clarification. Does this mean this pale turquoise was an overall color, with green streaks added to top and side surfaces?
  14. warhawk

    Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    One more question about the camouflage, because I keep coming up across conflicting data. What was the base color for upper camouflage (under the green streaks) - sand (i.e. unpainted fabric?) or light blue?
  15. warhawk

    Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    Thanks for the info, Paul. I am not building the Eduard model, but refurbishing my father's already-built Dr.I from Revell in 1/28th. 102/17 were the spare decals donated from a fellow modeller (who will do the other one from his box - Richthofen's all-red mount)