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  1. This is Academy's 1/72 scale SB2C Helldiver, from their `Operation Iceberg' special edition boxing (which included photoetch dive brakes and Cartograph decals). The livery is that of a Helldiver from the USS Randolph, and was painted with AK Real Colors and Tamiya acrylics. There's some more photos here. Overall, the plastic matched previous experiences with Academy kits - well detailed and very good fit. The photoetched dive brakes weren't as painful to assemble as anticipated, and the Cartograph decals of course were top notch - for instance, white stripes on the vertical stabili
  2. Recently finished up Special Hobby's 1/72 scale CAC-12 Boomerang in the markings of A46-62, "Sleepytime Girl." A larger album of photos is here. A very short WIP thread is here. Overall, it was a relatively easy build.
  3. Thanks for all the information! The framing behind the seat was made with a couple cut pieces of styrene sheet and some cardstock. Turned out alright... Fuselage closed, wings on, some putty and filler sanded down... It turns out that someone placed the instrument panel too far down and forward to properly mount the gunsight, so that'll just be left off... Canopy masked and on. One of the landing lights was missing but a bit of clear sprue, cut and sanded into place was sufficient for a replacement (as seen vaguely on the port wing
  4. Zvezda also makes a 1/72 La-5FN. It's a pretty decent kit in terms of fit, though I don't know how it specifically stacks up against other kits.
  5. Yeah, some of these Special Hobby cockpits are bit extreme, and the MC Esher-like instructions certainly don't ameliorate the situation. That's a good call on the lack of framing just behind the seat. Time to practice some scratch-building...
  6. Started putting it together with, you guessed it, the cockpit. And the engine, too. A bit more glue and paint, and removing bits that are slightly off position, and the cockpit insert's ready to go. Just ignore that the seatbelts aren't actually placed properly... After a wash, with a bit of paint touch-ups the cockpit and fuselage should be essentially ready-to-go.
  7. I've had the 1:72 Special Hobby CAC-12 Boomerang kit in my stash for a few years now (if I recall correctly, one of the first ones I purchased when getting into this hobby!) and figured now was as good a time as any to try and build it. Presenting: The box! As well as some Montex masks and Yahu instrument panel that no one will be able to see when the kit's finished. My plan is to model A46-62, `Sleepytime Girl,' maybe even with some of the weathering visible in this photo... To open the can of worms that is RAAF camouflage colors, does anyone have some
  8. Recently finished up Airfix's new tool F4F-4. Essentially OOB except for the stand, and painted with Tamiya acrylics and AK Real Colors. The livery is purportedly from a Wildcat from VF-6, on the USS Enterprise, perhaps during the Doolittle Raid. Some more photos are here.
  9. Hello! I've been lurking here for about a year now and finally decided to create an account. I'm a graduate student from the southwest USA and have been building models for ~4 years (though I only got 'serious' about it around 2 years ago). Most of what I build are WW2 aircraft, and within that primarily (but not exclusively) Pacific theater, China/Burma/India theater, prototype, or relatively unknown machines. I've also got a few kits of nuclear devices and delivery platforms on the workbench. A couple of my builds are here and here. Looking forward to being active in
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