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  1. Hi, Serge, Just to give you a little more information about where the Hunter is. The A17 is a road that runs through the south of Lincolnshire, which is very flat land and towards a town called King's Lynn. In summer it is very busy with holiday traffic going to the coast in Norfolk. Norfolk is one of the counties in the bit that sticks out of Britain on the Eastern side of the country and that bit of the country is known as East Anglia and was one of the parts of Britain controlled by the Angles and the Saxons, a group of tribes from northern Germany and Holland, who came to Britain towards the end of the Roman occupation of Britain (as mercenaries in the Roman Army) and stayed and then more arrived after the the collapse of Roman rule in the early fifth century CE. I have roots in the area as my mother's family lived near there. I have seen the Hunter several times when we have travelled down there and here is the co-ordinates to put into Google Earth - 52°48'24"N 0°03'35"E. It is an area full of aviation links as before and during World War Two a lot of airfields were built and a few survive.
  2. Mr T

    Victor hemp

    Xtracyrlix do it as XA1016 and Gunze Sanyo Mr Aqueous Hobby Color as H336 Hemp. Hataka also do it, but it is not always easy to get.
  3. I am not an armour modeller, but I am interested in military vehicles but this would be a definite buy for me as the Comet is my favourite tank, ever since the Matchbox one came out in 1973? I built one after exams to fill the time before results.
  4. I feel I am good company here as I have quite varied musical tastes from Hildegard of Bingen right through to Goldfrapp (last live act I saw two years ago) via Pentangle, Arnold Bax, Philip Glass, John Michel Jarre, The The, The Beatles and St German etc, etc etc. Not keen on Country (although 'Ode to Billy Joe' and 'Copperhead Road' are notable exceptions) Rap, Hip - Hop or much from the Stock Aitken and Waterman stable. My view on music is that I like a lot of things, but it is unreasonable for anyone to like everything.
  5. Mr T

    My Wife and DIY

    Interestingly enough, both Mrs T and her sister have married men who are; a) a few years older thpan they are (10 years in my case) b) are able to look after themselves, in terms of cooking etc c) can decorate, build things and generally have a go, although I think my brother in law is better, because of his job. Mind you when it comes to decorating, I like to be left alone to get on with it as Mrs T does things her way, which is not the same as mine, the right way.
  6. Trundled past us at high level on its way up. Not had a lot apart from Shetland Isles council (presumably on contract) Islander around after servicing. It looked very smart in its blue and white finish with a stylised Saltaire on its fin.
  7. I am pretty sure they didn't, mores the pity.
  8. Because I built the Mach2 York for another GB, I have decided that I am some sort of masochist and so as well as the Dragonfly, I have unearthed the Extratech Alouette II with its mix of PE, resin and vacform to build as a British Army machine. Might get the new decal sheet from Air Graphic, although it seems a bit pricey, has anyone any experience of Air Graphic decals?
  9. Hi Keith in the UK. A York from the Airfix Lancaster is not just a case of a new fueslage, as well as the points Graham makes, the wing would need shortening as the York and Lancaster have the same wing span, but obviously the fuselage widths are different. The wheels on most Yorks are also more like Lincoln than Lancs.
  10. Just had a Coast Guard S92 heading west. I assume it was a medivac flight into or out of the Leeds General Infirmary which is underneath the flightpath to LBA so anything coming in usually uses the airport approach path (Sea Kings and Lynxes used to be regulars before the YAA).
  11. Didier seems determined to get maximum value out of his moulds! I cannot remember and I am not near my books, but some of the early York's had Lancaster rather than Lincoln shaped rudders. Having built the kit, I was quite surprised by it. Not easy, but by no means impossible and a lot of the differences were picked up on for example the wing changes to maintain the same span. If you want to see what one looks like finished, here is mine.
  12. Mrs T doesn't do shopping, apart from the garden centre/nursery and so most of stuff about clothes an shoes won't wash, which is my most of my purchases come via Halifax Modellers World. She seemed to have no problem with me buying a couple of kits from Dave 'to help keep him in business', but they were were quite small ones. I hope I can go back to visiting the shop by the time my next lot of pre orders are in. At least most 1/72nd scale stuff comes in manageable boxes.
  13. Hi Steve we are all well, Alison is kept busy, but it does seem the care homes around here are weathering the storm. Although sadly Covid19 has claimed some victims. Our cat has now decided that he wants to have breakfast and go out when it is getting light and that Alison is the only person who can do this, even when I have got out of bed.
  14. A very handsome cat Steve. If it comes to live, might be worth having him 'done'. He won't thank for it (would you?) but it does suppress some of the less attractive habits of male cats. It certainly has not stopped Wilf from killing pigeons and squaring off against cats much bigger than himself to defend his territory.
  15. Coming on very sell Tony, that dihedral is really odd and your fix really makes a difference. I received the second edition of the Fortress book for my birthday and it was an interesting read as well as a useful reference guide. The Coastal Fortresses always looked good to me.
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