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  1. Although I had a good haul from Telford, most of it was planned for and paid and I think I made two purchases that were to give to Mrs T to keep for Christmas. These were the MMP book on the Barracuda that was being sold cheaper and the new Warpaint on the Chipmunk with the show special decal sheet. For the rest: CMR Spitfire prototype, Brengun Spitfire IX float plane, Whirlybird EE P1a, Dora Lysander, Mach2 York (for the group build next year) Gran Models Texan 2 (RAF boxing) and SH SuperMystere. Also bought some paints for a forthcoming project.
  2. Apart from a couple of big scale kits in my teens in the late 60's early 70's, I have only ever built in 1/72nd and never felt the desire to move to another scale. I know some of my contemporaries have moved up because of not being able to focus as well on near objects, but being very shortsighted this not been issue for me.
  3. As an update, I rashly bought the Mach2 York at Telford as I have always fancied building a York and so this will be my build. I will need until February to get rid of the ejector towers from the wings, but at least Didier realised the York has the same span as the Lancaster and shortened the wings. An 1980s Airfix Lancaster will probably provide some donor parts
  4. I never been around at Cosford when the Conservation Centre has been open, so I might try for next year. Duxford has some good stuff, but not always well placed and of course has the history of being the home of the first Spitfire squadron. Was really nice meeting you all, even briefly. If any of you are over again and come up to Yorkshire I would love to see you. You can get proper fish and chips and good curry up here and there are two reasonable aircraft museums within a 45 minute drive of Leeds.
  5. A very nice build, the Banshee kit was always nice and not a bad build, did a couple on the eighties. My only gripe with the kit was a lack of proper undercarriage bays, although at the time Airfix was under a lot financial pressure. The surface finish looks fine to me. Personally, I do not think a high gloss works well in 1/72nd scale and you need something a bit more subtle
  6. On way back from Shrewsbury and Telford yesterday, the sun bought out some interesting vehicles. On the A5 was a red 'D' reg Triumph Tr4A with top down, a 'Y' reg beige Capri (a real period colour) and northbound on the M1 near Chesterfield a green vintage Bentley, shortish wheelbase and a lot of engine noise and racing wing screens. The driver was well wrapped up!
  7. Mr T

    Telford 2019

    I think the 'B' word has had an effect, I was talking in the queue to get in to a guy from Milan, who had not booked to come over until the last minute because of uncertainty of whether anything happened on 31st October. I presume anyone from outside from the EU would be unaffected apart from having a better currency rate. UK Modellers may have also been a bit wary about spending given what may or may not be happening.
  8. Mr T

    Telford 2019

    Got back an hour ago after a breakfast in Shrewsbury and then we stopped off in Telford and I went round the competition that I missed seeing yesterday. Mrs T and daughter had a look around a shop as I was not that long. Overall I had a good time, had a shopping list that I stuck with resupply and some stuff that will help with builds planned for next year. A couple of items were 'luxury' like the CMK Spitfire prototype as I am fed up with the Pegasus one and I am not going to live forever. It is also a very nice kit. Queued on Saturday from about 08.40 and in hall 3 by 9.05, which is not bad. It was busy, but I found the stands that I wanted to go to were not too bad. I have come away from our long weekend tired but happy. We have done stuff as a family as well it Scale Model World and I have come back reinvigorated after a break and seeing stuff not dissimilar to the standard I build to.
  9. Mr T

    Telford 2019

    I don't know how I managed to miss Martian and the General, but as has been said it was very busy. Nice to met so many people, both BM'rs and people from times gone by. Managed to get most of what I wanted and a couple of things I didn't anticipate getting. Some good models on show. Went back to Shrewsbury to find Mrs T had bought me some coffee beans from a tea and coffee merchant as well as sundry other stuff for Christmas. Just sitting in our flat with a cuppa after a very nice Tapas meal out.
  10. Enjoyed meeting Procopious, Crockenbaker and Navy Bird and meeting CeD again, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your trip.
  11. Looks to be a lot more rigid in the wings than the original. I am at Telford and see this on my phone as having a coffee, marvels of modern technology.
  12. Coming into to Shrewsbury this afternoon and was behind an immaculate 'M' prefix Metro in British Racing Green. Best one I have seen in long, long time as most seem to have rusted through.
  13. Mr T

    Telford 2019

    In our AirBnB in Shrewsbury with tea bought from M&S, ready for the off tomorrow.
  14. Glad you are having an educational journey, are you going anywhere in God's own county (at least that what it is to its inhabitants) otherwise known as Yorkshire?
  15. What moving comments and thanks for putting them on. It is somewhere I must visit when next in the area. Coincidentally, I have just finished reading the 'Wages of Destruction' on the Kindle app on my phone (my preferred way of reading these days of text heavy books, easier on my post stroke word processing centres). I found it a very informative book, that adds a lot to the history of the period. Lincoln is not a bad place, last stayed in a hotel opposite the cathedral.
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