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  1. Very nice build of the the old ex Mania kit. I remember building a long time ago and it was a nice kit with lively surface detail.
  2. Never a truer word said. I like to think that my modelling skills have been sharpened by building kits like the Airfix Yak9 and Whirlwind helicopter when younger. Now I am fearless and tackle Magna resins with relish (either I am kidding myself or possibly have strong masochist tendencies).
  3. What he said, it was a long time ago. My other memory of the kit was that it was not a stunning fit, even for the period
  4. It is the airbrake assembly. I last built a Skyraider in about 1984 and from what I recall one part forms the roof and the other two parts form the airbrake itself. The instructions are not brilliant, but they and the kit are of the time (about 51 years ago). Best of luck with the build and I think you have put this thread in the interwar section rather than post war.
  5. About 16.05 an Atlas came over heading towards Leeds-Bradford. Last few days a Piaggo Avanti has been trundling around, don't see them that often.
  6. Yesterday I went to a toy and train fair at Doncaster Racecourse to check whether if the Days Gone by diecasts my my mums house are worth anything as well as a good excuse to re visit my childhood looking at the stuff I had as a child and the stuff I always wanted. Tiger Hobbies were there and so picked up the latest boxing of the Arma Hurricane in 1/72nd scale. Also a couple of old Hornby Dublo wagons to be upgraded.
  7. Mr T

    Mosquito markings

    I am sorry that you did not like my attempt to help you. Although I have been acquiring books, magazines etc. since the age of 14 in 1968, I had not, looking through my stuff, come across this particular bit of nose art. That is why I asked about the serial or any other information about the Mosquito bomber with the two stage Merlins shown. Steve and Graham are right, mission markings and nose art tend not to be preserved in official archives, along with much else. The only markings apart from serial and squadron codes that seem to have been 'officially' sanctioned were some markings of aircraft flown squadrons made up of exiled pilots (e.g. small flags of the occupied country), rank pennants for senior officers and markings on presentation aircraft and a complete list of those is unlikely to exist. As with all the belligerent nations in the Second World War, British censorship and strict rules on photography were in place and it is amazing that so many personal photos have survived. Unfortunately, but understandably, they often do not have detailed information as to colours and markings on them and so people end up making informed guesses. this is not ideal, but it is what happens.
  8. I am curious to know what went wrong with the cake. I do most of the cooking in the house, although my daughter is brilliant with cakes and I wonder if the cherries were drained enough when you added them. Still if it tastes OK, the I reckon it's a win.
  9. Mr T

    Mosquito markings

    Given the difficulty of interpretating colours from black and white photos it is difficult to tell and not knowing anything about the individual aircraft (serial or squadron) does not help. Having said that, it is obviously a light colour and my guess would be yellow as it would compromise camouflage less.
  10. I would second the use of five minute epoxy. Magna resin is thick and heavy and on the seven or so Magna kits I have built, I have used epoxy as the weight of the wings can weaken the fuselage joint
  11. Coming down A1 yesterday around Durham a Bedford CA Dormobile in two tone green with a fair bit of chrome heading north. We also overtook an 80's Audi 80 in yellow, one the two door versions with a 'short' roof that never seemed to be that common.
  12. Taken some stuff from my mums house to the British Heart Foundation shop in Kelso and came away with the Osprey Aircraft of Aces book on Mosquito Aces for £2.
  13. Mr T

    Mixing Paints

    Should not be a problem provided you use the same brand as not all acrylic paints are compatible. You may need to experiment to get the right sheen.
  14. Thank you all for the kind comments. The kit needed a bit of work on it, but is something a bit out of the ordinary. I do not usually do 'what ifs' unless they were being built, thus I have built the F111K, P1154, P1121 and have the Supermarine 545 to do and the P1154RN. Too many kits to build without building ones that never got off the drawing board!
  15. On Monday, parked near the Canal Basin in Skipton a 'R' Triumph Dolomite in a mustard orange colour scheme. Cannot be many left I would have thought given the propensity to rot and did they not have engine issues. At one time Dolomites were the favoured transport of a Mr Neil Robinson
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