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  1. Hi klr, the Airfix DH4 was originally issued in that cream colour on First release in 1968/9. I remember it as it was the first kit I rigged with stretched sprue as described in an Airfix Magazine of the period. The mystery kit at the bottom could be a Revell Nieuport 28, it is difficult to tell ftpm the photo, but I fancy I see the distinctive tailplane of the 28 and the wing looks right. It was one of the last of their WW1 series of aircraft and one of the few I never built. It was often cannibalised to help build a Nieuport 27.
  2. I came across another example of a word or similar in one language meaning something different in another when away for a few days about a month ago. Norwich Airport is currently a store for aircraft not in service due to the pandemic. Amongst the aircraft there I saw a couple from a Swedish operator called BRA.
  3. Superb work Laurie, it looks really good given that the base kit is not of the best quality. I was looking at a real one at the air museum next to Norwich Airport a couple of weeks back.
  4. Nottingham was originally known as Snotingham in Saxon times, 'the home of Snot', although the spelling in Early English was different. On the A17 in South Lincolnshire is a small village called Saracens Head.
  5. There are quite a few of the 'Look at Life' videos on YouTube and some of them are quite interesting. I came across one about the USAF 3rd AF in Britain. It was mainly about the airmen and how well their families fitted in to the local communities, but there were some very nice shots of RB66 Destroyers. I also found them of interest as they date from when I was a young lad up to the edge of teenage years. There was a lot of grey and browns in those years.
  6. The MkVI, as well as having a different mark of Sabre engine and the extra intakes also had a tropical filter on the the centre section behind the radiator fairing and I think the radiator matrix itself was changed as the oil cooler intake was now in the wing leading edge. Desert survival gear was also fitted
  7. Very quick work Patrice. Looks a good quick, I have one on order from my LHS, but I think more might be wanted.
  8. Mr T

    The Weather,

    Got back from walk, I counted them all out and I counted them all back. But it was hot, the oldest guy on the walk (86) said how much he had enjoyed it.
  9. Mr T

    The Weather,

    Forecast 28°C today and full sun. It is also the day I am a walk leader for the group I am a member of for the first time. Even with a 10.30 start it is going to be hot. My main concern is that most of the group are older than I am, some by quite a few years. I think the walk will be shortened.
  10. I remember going past it on various trips in the eighties and nineties First time I saw it it was still in its RAFG Dark Green upper surfaces and then over the years it disintegrated. Not wishing to hijack the thread can any remember a Lightning in an amusement/theme park on the A614 near the turn off for Halam and Southwell?
  11. I had a call from someone about my broadband speed being slower than it should. Now at first sight it might seem reasonable as I have not long changed supplier. But two things might have made me a little suspicious. 1) my broadband speed was faster than what I was expecting (I was monitoring it as change of supplier) 2) 'Mary' didn't seem to know who she was working for, as she clearly didn't know BT has spun Openreach off as there were competition issues. I didn't enlighten her as the phone went dead after I asked her what my speed should have been. My brother just asks them if their grandparents know they make a living by scamming people. Calls end remarkably quickly.
  12. Very nice build, it was a limited retool in 1983. Basically some changes to the fuselage to give a Mk9 rear end and delete the gun pack. A new undercarriage was also tooled. According to Trevor Snowden it was intended to do a completely new kit, but it was a time when the owners of Airfix gave only a small amount of money for new products. It was about the time the Canberra B(I)6 was irrevocably changed to a B57.
  13. I had the whole series of the Blandford books, but they went in a move a long while back, regretting it now from a nostalgia perspective. I also remember the Flying Doctor series on the TV. You have done a great job on the conversion, I never realised the Drover was only Dove sized.
  14. Looks a bit like a cross between the F35 and the YF32. I wonder if they are looking for something a bit cheaper than the Su57
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