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  1. Wish I had left my Magna kit in the box. Do I need another Flamingo? What next from Valom, a Hastings would be nice?
  2. Count me in, I have a couple of major conversions from Blackbird Models (Manchester and Neptune) in the stash. Probably the latter as the Hasegawa kit has been in the stash since about 1980, with the intention of build a MR1.
  3. Thanks very much for the fantastic photos, it must have been an amazing experience.
  4. Vintage Classic SRN-1. Looking at the money Hornby have thrown at new projects on the railway front ( Enough permutations of APT stock to make a full 7 or 14 car set, some weird and wonderful Gresley one offs etc) not sure how much will be left in the cupboard for Airfix. My guess would be another Mosquito and Beaufort boxing towards the end of 2022 early 2023, some re issues and not much else and I think they will play for safety, so replacing something in the back catalogue that people have heard of. Sorry to be pessimistic, but I still don't think Hornby Hobbies have a lot of cash to throw about. I am, off course, the first person to be delighted to be proved wrong.
  5. Hi Kev, welcome to the forum. Strictly a 1/72nd modeller from the edge of Leeds, the second most populous English District according to Wikipedia (which separates London into boroughs) and with no dedicated model shop.
  6. UhGot a bit of thing recently for some chill out music from Afterlife. I first heard it in a cafe bar in Durham when I was at a conference in about 2007 and then rediscovered in the past couple of months.
  7. I used to love 'All Our Yesterdays' when I was a child/teenager. I have another memory of a series, which I managed to get very cheap on DVD called 'Victory at Sea'. It had very stirring theme music. Father Ted has figured on a few peoples list. Apparently the writers felt a bit guilty about their portrayal of priests and were speaking to some priests, when one of them clapped one of the writers on the shoulder and said 'don't worry about it, you don't know the half of it'
  8. A new central heating pump, the bathroom is warm again! (Grundfos nfos UPS3 15-50/65, for those of you who know about these things)
  9. Do I need another Spitfire kit? Probably not, will I buy one or more of these? Most likely, if only the surface detail does not look like a die-cast model
  10. I didn't get much done yesterday as still felt kna....... er, very tired. I printed the decal sheet off with a view to using it today. Well today came and I felt better. So I managed to put the backing decals on for the fin flash and roundels, I thought I would do a couple of the other decals like the serials. Put the first one and realised that in my slightly befuddled state yesterday I printed on to white, not clear paper. Printed a new batch and hopefully all will be well. Here are a couple of pics of the O2 in its basic colour scheme and a pic of the decals. The RAF serials belong to a Phantom for another Group build. Most of the other bits, like wheels etc, are painted up and just the exhaust pipes need cutting from brass tube. I feel that this kit is actually going somewhere now.
  11. Some good series there, mine in no particular order I, Claudius Babylon 5 Farscape His Dark Materials Stingray/Thunderbird (original series, not the CGI remake) Queens Gambit Futurama Star Trek Next Generation, Picard Mandalorian Tinker, Tailor and Smiley's People The Young Ones The It Crowd Father Ted Drop the Dead Donkey Inspector Borowski.
  12. Thanks, a bit of light modelling should be just the thing I reckon. Don't know if rubbing down the joints around the intake will count as strenuous exercise (and why does any Phantom I have ever built need work there, despite my best efforts?), but the two Sparrows I am going to add are at the stage where they can have the bands around them which I can do while putting decals on the Cessna O2 I am building for the High Wing GB.
  13. Thanks, but just spent 13 1/2 hours back at the LGI when my nose set off again. Been told no strenuous exercise or heavy lifting. I wonder what I can do to fill the time,
  14. Thanks everyone, after a reasonable night's sleep, woke up at six am with a bleeding nose again! It wouldn't stop and so at sevenish off to the LGI again. I got back at nine pm after waiting to be seen. Not helped apparently by a shooting. Now sat in bed after the best corned beef sandwich ever and some ice cream with a pack up one nostril that will dissolve of its own accord. Not a good day, but have been told to relax with no strenuous exercise and no heavy lifting for a few days. Now how to fill my time
  15. Well, got the paintwork on and intending today to gloss varnish the airframe and get the decals printed out. However, virtually all day was spent at the LGI whilst having a nose bleed sorted out. I never realised how rubbish daytime TV is. Glad I had a couple of books on my phone. Off to bed for an early night.
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