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  1. Mr T

    EE lightning all green upper colour

    Gunze 330 is given in their colour chart as a match for BS241 Dark Green which is right for the all green upper surfaces for the Lightning F2A in RAF Germany PS, for years BS381 had Dark Green as BS641, until the British Standards Institute realised that as a green it should start with a '2' whereas colours starting with a '6' are greys.
  2. Very nice model. I finished an NF12 last year of a Church Fenton based aircraft. The kit has a real appetite for filler and the fit is a bit iffy in places and I think you have done a really good job on what has always been an interesting and important aircraft represented by a mediocre kit.
  3. Mr T

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Two needles for my Iwata Neo CN, after I managed to bend the original needle by contact with a floor whilst cleaning the airbrush. Managed to straighten it, but did not want to take the risk of further damage.
  4. Mr T

    All about the Carpet Monster...

    Douglas Adams in the 'Hitchikers Guide' had a little story about lost biros making their way through wormholes in space to a planet where they could enjoy a uniquely biroid lifestyle. Makes you think. Martin (to read this you need to have Terry Riley 'A Rainbow in Curved Air' playing in the background)
  5. Saw both, C17 was around for a while but the Atlas came and went, might have a run up to Leeming later today.
  6. Mr T

    Opinions on ocean grey please

    Even the old Humbrol authentic Ocean Grey I never thought was a good match. Tamiya do an Ocean Grey that looks pretty good. XF80something.
  7. RAF C17 with tail art this morning and a Tornado pair about 15 minutes ago, all with undercarriages down turning on to approach to Leeds-Bradford.
  8. I have the RAF boxing of the RS kit in 1/72nd that I would like to build, it will be in 601 Sqn markings as they spent a very short time at Acaster Malbis which is where we had our wedding reception 28 years ago (it was second time around for me and pleased that it has lasted so well despite some ups and downs).
  9. Mr T

    Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Went to see this with my son who is a complete Star Wars fanatic and he was profoundly unimpressed. I was not enthused either. Seemed to be a bit padded. I was 23 when the original film came out and so have seen them all as an adult.
  10. Mr T

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Sorry to be a spoilsport, but my second ward as a staff nurse had a lot of patients with liver disease. A fair number of these unfortunate people ended up there as they had over imbibed over the years and it took a toll on their livers among other organs. Dealing with the ultimate results of their illnesses has always made me very careful of how much I drink and it has made me very sensitive on the topic of over indulging. Public Health warning and wet blanketary over. Martin
  11. Mr T

    Airfix Shackleton MR3...

    Given the upheaval Revell have just undergone, if they have tooling for the MR3 mapped out, it might be a quick and comparatively cheap way of producing a large 'new' kit rather than rely on re boxings. They would need some distinctive box art to distance it from the AEW2, where I think both Airfix and Revell kits could have suffered from being released so close to each other.
  12. Mr T

    Airfix provost decals nightmare

    I found the Day-Glo decals to be challenging and as others have suggested hot water and something like Daco red decal solution. I did a bit of cutting on curves to help. The main thing with them is patience. It took me a while to do them as they needed several applications of setting solution and time to bed down. Not the easiest set of decals but when finished the model is a reminder of my early teenage years when I was developing a serious interest in aircraft and models and 2FTS JP3s regularly flew over our house.
  13. Very nice photos. I modelled a fair amount of US Navy stuff back in the early 80's before I decided 8 would never build all of the stash. Very nice photos and thanks
  14. Mr T

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Sorry Martian, very late to the party with this build. I have got the kit and it keeps talking to me when I go anywhere near the stash along the lines of 'you know you want me, look at my curves in all the right places' etc until I have to go for a cold shower and cup of tea. Looks good so far, any chance of a pic of the interior pack? I have some coach seats left over from a model railway project that might be adapted.
  15. Like the look of the S.5. All these new subjects are not helping the stash reduction programme.