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  1. Hi Jan, I know you have a very packed release schedule, but are you going to do a Mohawk IV/Hawk 75A4 please?
  2. Mr T

    My Amigo flypast over Sheffield 22/2/19

    I was thinking of going, but stuff cropped up. I used to live opposite the park 1980-1. Surprising good coverage from BBC.
  3. Mr T

    Shackleton MR2 - Airfix 1/72

    When the squadron disbanded and the aircraft were being ferried home, this aircraft was painted up, I think partly in memory of all the trooping flights they undertook. It is very nice model, I have the kit and plan on building an MR1when the Alleycat bits arrive.
  4. Mr T

    RAF Tornado Farewell Tour

    Saw them at Linton on Ouse, bonus Puma and Wildcat on ground. Must find my slide of XZ630 (or 631) at Finningley in 1977, the first Tornado I saw close up with XX948 in the flying display. Thought they would go on for ever.
  5. Mr T

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Vaughan Williams music for the 1942 film 'Coastal Command', a CD of Medieval music (earliest from about1250 up to about 1420), a couple of tracks off the St Germain album 'Tourist' and Nancy Sinatra 'These Boots Were Made for Walking'. I have varied musical tastes.
  6. Mr T

    Tornados Over Duxford

    I saw the flypast at Linton on Ouse, so busy the road was completely blocked. The Station Commander was near the viewing area and told us when they were five minutes away. Unfortunately it was quite dull weather, but a Chinook departed, a Tucano landed and a Puma and a Wildcat were on the pan. A sad occasion as I first remember seeing XX948 flying and XZ630 in the static at the Finningley Silver Jubilee review in 1977.
  7. Mr T

    Meteor F8 paint help

    I use the Vallejo acrylic White Aluminum, once varnished it looks pretty reasonable to me.
  8. Mr T

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    A tin of primer/undercoat and some sandpaper from Screwfix, the stairs and landing are going to be decorated. We cannot decide on a colour for the wallsand do so I am prepping the woodwork. There are seven doors to paint, all plain surfaced and I hate painting doors
  9. Mr T

    What are you reading?

    Started a new book to fall asleep over, 'The Moonstone' by Wilkie Collins. I have heard a fairly good radio adaption, but have never got to grips with the book, that has been regarded as the first 'modern' detective fiction novel. Like a fair few Victorian writers etc. Collins had an 'interesting' private life, with at least two concurrent mistresses.
  10. Nice build and not so many early B17 models around, it is quite surprising how long the Fortress I lasted in British service in various guises
  11. A nice piece of work. Those Matchbox kits do have a period charm especially the plastic colours used. Liked the comments on the 70's bar colour scheme, truly the decade taste forgot.
  12. And suddenly it's 1985 again. Some of the early Magna kits like the DH 95 Flamingo were full of pinholes and the first run of the CMK Vampire Ihad terrible pinholes on the wings that did not show up until it was primed. If anyone can beat this kit into shape, I am sure you can.
  13. Might not be up to Airfix and was this an added sticker as I cannot remember seeing anything on a UK boxed example? Different countries have hugely different standards as to what is acceptable. I understand that a Iran would not show a football match as the referee was female and presumably in shorts. In a lot of US states you cannot buy or be served alcohol until you are 21.
  14. Mr T

    Xtracrylix colour separation

    I brush paint Xtracyrlix for patterns and found that thinning with flow improver does wonders. Each colour seems to need a different ratio of paint to improver and it really does help to prevent brush strokes.
  15. Mr T

    What are you reading?

    Reading on phone (as good size for me to read easily) for fall asleep over book at night, 'Public Enemies' by Bryan Burroughs, it is an interesting book and much better than the film.