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  1. Hi Patrik, I built the kit for the Interceptor GB and I found it relatively straight forward apart from the issue with the upper fuselage you have highlighted. Some care is needed with the struts as they are very thin and drilling out the location holes is a good idea to make them a little more secure. Will watch this with interest.
  2. The last Lincolns went in 1961-2 from the Bomber Command Bombing School at Lindholme and the AnsonC19 went in 1968 from one of the communication squadrons, not near my books so cannot check.
  3. Thanks everyone, some more pics tomorrow, or even later today as had a bit of a spurt as found more time (helped by Mrs T doing a vaccination clinic). The interior fuselage structure is together and needs some paint touch up, much to my surprise it fitted with a bit of work. One of the seats is a bit wonky, so going to look at that.
  4. Crikey, I forgot the VC10, Comet, Britannia, Canberra and Dominie, how could I! I remember some of the pictures, including the one for the HS801. I don't know what happened to my copy, lost or culled in the various moves I have made in the last 50 years. Thanks Rod for the test and a bit of fun and also for the nostalgia, (Frog kits, Airfix rivets and thinking Humbrol 30 was a match for Dark Green as well the Beatles, my brother listening to Cream and first love).
  5. I remember having that book, I cannot remember where I got it from, I think I sent off for it. Here is what I can recall: Andover Argosy Basset Beverley Twin Pioneer Jet Provost Gnat Hunter Lightning Victor Vulcan Shackleton Varsity Phantom Harrier HS801 Hercules F111K Belvedere Whirlwind Wessex Sycamore Pembroke Chipmunk Vampire T. 11 That's all I can remember at the moment.
  6. We Well given that our oldest walker is 84 and our youngest is 65, I can keep up and we are a surprisingly sprightly lot
  7. Still got quite a few vacforms in the stash, so add me in please. The AW Atlas, Hendon, or Sopwith Cuckoo are tempting amongst others.
  8. A little late to the party, but I am starting on my Special Hobby Wirraway. The Wirraway was one of the many variants of the Harvard/Texan theme in this case the NA33 that was licence built by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation who modified the type in terms of its armament. When the type was ordered, there was some argument over ordering an American type, but given the need to rapidly expand Australian defence capability, there was little choice. It was to be used as a trainer and General Purpose type and survived in the former role until 1959. As a general purpose aircraft it was caught
  9. Just caught up with this one. You are doing a good job on the Venom. Rareplanes kits were nice, I did quite a few in the eighties and nineties, before family life and job seriously interfered with modelling. I built the Venom in about 1986-7 for the IPMS mag when the late Tim McLelland (Laming) was editor, I don't remember what happened to it afterwards though. My only problem with it was that it was that the plastic around the tailbooms met the fuselage was a bit thin. Amazing that there is still no injection moulded single seat Venom currently around. Come on Airfix, SH, AZ/KP, pull your fin
  10. Well, that's a surprise, 2021 not going to be as cheap as I hoped. What next Valom springing a 1/72nd Hastings on us or a Fairey Hendon?
  11. Mr T

    Covid Jab

    Anaphylaxis is always asked about when starting a new treatment, or at least should be, even if it something that has been around for years. Asking about clotting is not surprising when thinking about Covid and it provoking PE, it really seems to screw around with the immune system. What is interesting is that the media etc getting its collective knickers in a twist over the risk of clotting with the AZ vaccine (no mention of Pfizer which also carries a risk), whilst the contraceptive pill carries much, much higher risks as does long haul air travel.
  12. The use of Kit Kat and cigarette wrapping used to come up in the late sixties in the old Airfix magazine. Cannot remember what was used to stick it down with.
  13. Just caught up with this thread. I built the Airfix Mk2, but with the Alley Cat conversion to the Mk 1 in 2019. Halfords provided the white and I air brushed the Medium Sea Grey. The major fit problem I had was with the rear bulkhead in the bomb bay that stopped the fuselage closing. Like most modern Airfix kits the fit is unforgiving of any flash or paint on joining surfaces. I don't build big planes very often and they are a challenge to handle in the small space I have to model. Yours is looking really good.
  14. I see your point and I largely agree, they could have carried coverage on one channel and shuffled everything else around. I get the feeling that the Duke was probably found dead or moribund on Friday am, if he had actively dying on Thursday then the BBC would have been given the wink. My source at the BBC, who is a producer for health news said that the first they knew was when it was announced that the Duke had died
  15. Mr T

    Covid Jab

    Any medical intervention carries a degree of risk and the trick is to see if the often very small risk of something going wrong with the intervention is outweighed by the much larger risk of the disease or condition that is being treated. Although not a fuss has been made, it appears all the vaccines carry a risk of clots, it seems to be something tied up to Covid itself. As we learn more about medical interventions, how we deal with stuff changes. An example. When I started my nurse training 40 years ago, the standard treatment for a fractured neck of femur was traction and keeping people in
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