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  1. I have Christmas playlist on my Ipod, as Mrs T likes to have some jolly Christmas music (!). Tom Lehrer was slipped in as a bit of an antidote. How about this one from 1975
  2. Hi Edward, glad you are on the mend after your encounter with the scissors. My encounter was in 1996, and although the surgery was relatively pain free, the aftermath was less so as I had a, wound infection. Antibiotics and a few days rest and all was well. When I was an ENT charge nurse (male sister back in the day), when our surgeons were away some of the vacant theatre sessions were used to do some vasectomy lists. There was always at least one man who would take fright. Once we had someone jump off the trolley on the way to theatre. Got an earful from his wife!
  3. Thanks, seems to be a bit of a slow mover at the moment. Cut out the vacform windscreen, which is an indifferent fit. A fair number of niggly bits being sorted at the moment, and hopefully it will all come together.
  4. Thanks, I have overthinned the varnish, and so another coat will be required. Annoying, but that is the way things sometimes happen. Going to leave the current coat to harden before I do anymore.
  5. A trip to Halifax Modellers World to pick up a pre ordered Arma Sea Hurricane Ib. Having a browse around and alo came away with a KP Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1. Looks quite tidy
  6. Sprayed the varnish on, and it going to need a bit more of a touch up, that will probably be done tomorrow, domestic agenda permitting.
  7. I knew Mrs T was worried as being in the job she has, not much fazes her. Our two adult children still hold it against us that as we were both nurses of some seniority, it was difficult to pretend to be ill to get off school like all their friends did. Children are, by and large, remarkably robust beings.
  8. Thanks Col, much appreciated. Some more work tonight, re primed and a couple of areas still need a bit more work. Cleaned up the float struts and drilled holes and put some brass rod pins in as Pavla would have you just glue them to the vague location markings. Also the resin mass balances had all lost their arms and so they have also received new brass rod ones.
  9. I have had a 504 Meteor FIII in mind for a while, but I have been inhibited by the lack of photographs. So this is bit speculative based on a photo of a 245 Sqn aircraft taken shortly after renumbering from 504.
  10. Well, two steps forward, and one step back, so they say. I did some work on the S6B yesterday, when I noticed that the fuselage had a crack in it down from the forward edge of the cockpit. What had happened, I am not sure, the Pavla plastic is not the best I have come across. Anyway, some superglue and a bit of pressure seems to have done the trick. A coat of primer has naturally revealed some defects that require further filling. The beaching trolley and trestles are also being painted. In the end, the woodwork is being painted to look something like the Supermarine Southampton hull in the RAF Museum. I'll get there in the end.
  11. Decals on and undercarriage attached. Fortunately, the Meteor does not tail sit unless you prod the tailplane. For some reason, the nose wheel door has disappeared and so a new one had to be fabricated and painted. Nearly ready now for a final varnish coat, so this will probably be the last entry in this section. It is a nice kit, apart from the lack of anything behind the air intakes and a couple of other little niggles.
  12. Coming on very well, it looks a nice kit. I have built the Airfix kit twice, once in about 1980 and again in the late 1990s. Neither has survived. It is fairly dreadful kit, that did not seem to be well moulded.
  13. I am sorry that Grant was injured, amazingly enough our two survived childhood with only one major scrape when Ellie dislocated her shoulder when she was about two, apparently her shoulder joint was quiet loose, but not a fun experience. I was at work when it happened and went straight to A&E where Mrs T had taken her. I could find where Ellie was by following her screams and crying. As Bill pointed out, the head has a copious blood supply, which means that although it bleeds a lot, it also heals quickly. Good save on the Lightning.
  14. Just seen this on BBC news, very sad, she was a good singer and songwriter, another of the artists that has been around virtually all my adult life has gone.
  15. Now that the main airframe is together, thinking whether I can get another model into this GB. Thinking of the Mikro Mir AW52. It is out of the stash and is one colour. However I have never seen one made up, specifically looked around SMW to see if one was a branch or SIG stand. Looking at it, could be a challenge, but I am from a time when men were men, women were women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri (apologies to the late Douglas Adams).
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