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  1. Revolver, Suzanne Vega, name of her debut album Welcome to the Cruise, Judie Tzuke Leige and Lief, Fairport Convention Please to See the King, Steeleye Span
  2. Also to note is that some of the photos show the application of serials on the top surfaces of the wings that some early Ansons had.
  3. Sounds like where my mum lived before she died. They had a bus service that ran once or twice a day three days a week, and only to the nearest town (Kelso). Even when MrsT was younger, her village had two buses on odd days. I have lived my life in or near large cities (Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds) and so relatively spoilt by urban bus services. My brother lives near Barnstaple so I will ask him about what they have on offer.
  4. What would be nice would be a reliable UK importer. I know they can be ordered from abroad, but sometimes not always straightforward.
  5. I was lucky with the timing. The bus I went to get to Leeds City Station in the morning failed to appear. This is a regular occurance on the 444/446 route especially outside peak hours. Being 70 I am not directly paying the fare, which just about makes it tolerable, but I feel sorry for anyone relying on the route to get to work etc.
  6. Currently on the bus home from Leeds after a trip this morning to Halifax. I went to buy some paints for the South of the Border GB, as not the colours I usually have in stock. Came out with the new Dora Wings 1/72nd scale Vengeance and the RS Model Airspeed Envoy. The bus I am is one of Arriva Yorkshire super-smooth luxury buses (not). Shaking so much the phone screen blurs every few seconds.
  7. The other Beryl engine ended up in Donald Campbells ill fated Bluebird that he died in on Coniston Water. Not sure what happened to it when the wreck was raised.
  8. A very nice build, I saw the remaining airframe at Solent Sky in Southampton last year. Imposing looking in real life. The kit is in my stash and tempted to get it out.
  9. I remember talking to my dad about small drill bits. He worked in light engineering all his life and must have drilled millions of holes. Small drill bits in metal didn't last long for all sorts of reason, but largely because they were so small and relatively fragile despite whatever they were made out off. He reckoned that the really small bits in plastic suffered because plastics are relatively good insulators of heat, and so the area around the bit heats up. In some cases the plastic will soften and foul the bit, thus making it more likely to break. Also plastics may not be a consistent density. A lot of industrial cutting and drilling uses/used cutting oils or other lubricants to ease the process, and also cool the work piece I have long since accepted that small 0.3mm/80 drill bits will not survive long. He also hated milling and cutting aluminium for reasons I am not sure of.
  10. Looking at my stash there are a lot of kits that must demonstrate I have a masochistic streak. Over the last couple of years there have been a few kits that are not exactly 'shake and bake'. Vacform Morane P, resin Andover, AMP AW52 and X20, and Mach2 Argosy spring to mind. Still for my next GB, the Heller Magister and Allouette III, and the Academy A37 Dragonfly are probably going to be a bit more straight forward. At 70 with an adult lifetime of building aircraft kits, I am now in the happy position of dealing with most kits if subjects I like the look of. Mind you, Unicraft kits are something I have avoided so far.
  11. I bought the kit when it came out for that reason as they don't seem to be around long. Basically in 1/72nd scale the AMP/Mikro Mir kits seem to be the only game in town at present. Airfix could do with revisiting the Canberra, their efforts a few years back were a little clumsy surface detail wise. The B6 was vandalised into the B57 with no prospect of it being a proper Canberra ever again.
  12. This is a placeholder for my next entry to this Group Build. I probably will not progress very far with this kit until the Neptune is nearer the finishing line. The Canberra must be one of the most iconic British aircraft of the Baby Boomer years. The Canberra was destined to serve much longer in front line roles than originally intended, and there was a joke in the late sixties that MRCA stood for 'Must Refurbish Canberra Again'. Well, not only has the Canberra gone from British skies, the Tornado has as well, and my knees tell me I am not as young as I used to be. The AMP kit is a revision of the original S&M kit with the correct main wheels and improved wing tip tanks. It lacks much in the way of location aids. As well as injection moulds parts, it has some etch brass, and a set of canopy masks that are not referred to in the instructions. The decals are the same as in the S&M kit right down to the logo, I suspect they may be leftovers. I plan on building mine in the mid-fifties Light Slate Grey, Medium Sea Grey and PRU Blue scheme.
  13. A quick update, to bring a couple of pictures. The airframe is together and joints filled, until such time as some primer goes on and reveals my utter inadequacy in eliminating join lines. The next stage will be adding the canopy and the searchlight cover. The engine nacelles will also go on the wings. The problem with them is that the undercarriage is supposed to be added as well. Looking at the instructions, at least some of the struts are going to have to be added before the nacelles halves are stuck together. The base of the gun turret is also shown. There are no instructions as to how to secure it to the fuselage. There was a prominent ring around it, but it didn't look to be a good fit inside the fuselage. I think it is going to be a case of making it up as I go along, which sums up my modelling.
  14. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. I have probably stashed it somewhere 'safe' as I knew I wanted it for the GB. If it turns up I can build the stashed one and sell on the one I have just bought.
  15. A box was left outside the back door while we out for a celebration lunch. It contained an Academy 1/72nd scale A37 Dragonfly. I am sure I have the kit, but couldn't find it in the stash. I already have the SBS upgrade kit and some old Microscale decals for a Salvadorean aircraft. It is for a GB.
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