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  1. I have a portion of a Billy cabinet I can use for display of about 6-8 models at a time. Thus new models go in there on completion and are then transferred to storage boxes. Still working on a better solution, but better than no display.
  2. Visiting Cookham with Mrs T and daughter and saw a Mk1 Standard Vanguard in a yellow-brown shade, drove past us and then saw it with the bonnet up in a garage with a 2CV for company. Also in the same village what looked like a Triumph Mayflower in black (like most of them seemed to have been).
  3. Just in case anyone thinks I have forgotten about this kit, I haven't. It is a bit slow at the moment as I have just finished a Bristol M1C and finishing off a Harrier. So far I have drilled a lot of the holes for rigging in the wings and tailplanes, that are not going to make a good photo and the next job that will be done soon is shortening the undercarriage leg to loaded from the static position as provided. Away for a long weekend to visit our daughter in Windsor. She lives not far from a pub called the 'Duke of York' which is currently boarded up. Must be some kind of metaphor.
  4. Are they producing a DH9 or 9A? Despite the designation, they are quite different. Different wings and a different engine and cowling. My guess is that they will do a 9A, given that the R1 is a copy of the DH9A.
  5. Some good choices there, although I reckon the O2 mould might not be in good condition. I built one from an early seventies moulding and it was a bit of trial. If I could add to your list, The Lynx brushes up well, although it needs production intakes. The SRN-1 hasn't had an outing since the seventies.
  6. Mr T


    Lived in Yorkshire (Sheffield and Leeds) for fifty years this years and married to a North Yorkshire lass for 32 years and so no, not a real Tyke.
  7. Mr T


    You are quite right, I have worked with loads of folk from Barnsley. As an accent/dialect it is quite individual, a bit different from Sheffield and West Yorkshire. It is interesting that you don't notice an accent when you grow with it. When I go back to Nottingham, I notice the accent much more.
  8. Mr T


    In a similar vein, why do TV channels (Channel 4, I am looking at you) feel it necessary to subtitle local dialects? It seems to affect northern English accents most. I know the media exist in some sort of bubble bounded by the North and South Circular roads, but they are not that difficult to understand (OK Barnsley English can be a little more taxing). As a non northerner living in the midst Yorkshire folk, I have been OK.
  9. check Yes, it has the separate sprue. I have the overseas boxing and the contents are identical, just different decals and instructions. There were no warnings with the Leading Edge decals and do keeping fingers crossed and I will check on them. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. My entry for this GB is the rather nice looking Academy F18. I am using the F18A+ boxing that has all the bits for a CF1, and plan on using PE meant for the Hasegawa kit for the wing tip missile rails, as the model will be unarmed. It is going to be finished in a Leading Edge Decal sheet for the RCAF 75th Anniversary colour scheme, which was bought at a Duxford Airshow some years ago. Just finishing off an Airfix Harrier GR1 and so full steam head with this and a Siskin for the Matchbox GB nest week.
  11. Interesting, that after years of saying they are not going to scale down 1/48th kits, that is exactly what they do. Might lead the way to a decent Javelin.
  12. Out for a walk yesterday at RSPB Fairburn Ings, which is a few minutes drive away when a Jet Provost Mk5 flew over. Surprised to say the least.
  13. The one I built about four years ago had a similar problem with the fuselage insert. I built one years back when it first appeared and the fit was a bit naff even then. It gave me the impression of being a kit that was rushed into production before the bugs were ironed out. Having said that, it doesn't look bad once finished.
  14. Given the overall state of Hornby Hobbies finances, this seems like a fairly safe bet. I built the 1/24th Spitfire 1 in about 1972, even added some detail like boxing in the wheel wells and although a well detailed kit at the time, it is probably a bit past it. I am sure that there are lots of other nice aeroplanes around Airfix could have done, but they are there to make money and a Spitfire is going to be the easiest way of doing that in very difficult market conditions. I am unlikely to buy one, but best of luck to those that do.
  15. What Heather said is accurate. It was made up for an article written when said person was working for a newspaper. Given the uses of IPA in the electronics and medical industries, I cannot see a blanket ban. The articles' only reference to IPA comes in a quote and implies that the directive is in relation to substances used in tattooing. Not going to make any further comment as I would like to avoid the ire of the mods.
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