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  1. Nearly there! Masking off canopy and cabin windows. Just a few bits to touch up and then will be in the gallery. Has been a bit fraught in places due to the canopy issues, but faily pleased now it is nearly done.
  2. I have managed to move on a bit with this kit now the Hotspur is virtually finished. The fuselage is together and seems to need a bit of filler. On the photo, you cannot really see it as the filler an plastic are virtually the same colour. Dave, I am sorry to hear about the tinted canopy, I think QC at Novo was never brilliant. I can remember checking kits for sort shots etc as there seemed to be issues.
  3. Listening to the 'Best of Jethro Tull' 1993 double CD I bought very cheap from a charity shop. Some good tracks from albums I have not really listened to. Early tracks took me back to uni days
  4. That looks a very nice build. Keep meaning to build an RAF one, but never got round to it
  5. Thanks for the kind words. Am home now and going to have an early night I think despite the lure of the modelling space. My cutting is usually a bit rubbish which is why I used a Tamiya/Ofla engraver to go along the panel lines indicated and to make a good cutting path for a razor saw. The Airfix plastic is not as brittle as some so was OK. The resin is nice and could be cut the same way which reduces the potential dust. All credit to Alleycat (who did the moulds) and Freightdog to try and make what are extensive changes a bit more manageable.
  6. Thanks for your good wishes. They have taken the Zeppelin out of my left nostril and are going to let me go home as they have identified and treated the bleeding point (queue jokes about being a right little bleeder).Weird as the consultant I am under remembered me when he was a junior doctor and reg/senior reg when I was a staff and then charge nurse on an ENT ward.
  7. You are right, I got as far as getting the wings and fuselage together and matching, but was very hard work as nothing fitted. As much flash as kit and bits of mould. Would love to know where the master came from. I remember doing major work on the tail surfaces to reduce them to anything near prototypical thickness.
  8. Thanks for your good wishes. Not keen on knockout drops these days. Hopefully it will be sorted soon.
  9. Thanks Pat, doctors will be round this am and will decide what to do next. Had forgotten about the R100 kit. Came with a mooring mast as I recall. Have not seen one for years.
  10. Progress on every thing stalled. This is being written from my hospital bed as bled again and admitted this evening. Currently have an inflatable device the of a Zeppelin up my left nostril. Trying to distract myself on the hope I can sleep as a bit painful.
  11. Fat chance at present, writing this from hospital bed as been admitted as bled seriously again. Got a big inflatable thing at least the size of a Zeppelin up my left nostril (this may be an exaggeration, but feels like it). Hopefully it will be sorted out tomorrow, but not a happy bunny.
  12. Thanks for your kind comments. The model is nearly finished. Decals and final varnish coat are on and just waiting to demask the canopies. A bit behind hand as we have been up in Scotland as my mums house has sold and we went up partly and I have a hospital visit with a nosebleed that would not settle.
  13. Really nice build of both helicopter and lorry. I built the AMP kit when it came out. An interesting build, but not without its challenges
  14. Progress has all of a sudden slowed owing to me being in A&E at the Leeds General Infirmary at half four this morning with a severe nose bleed. It stopped, only to start again, although not as bad at lunchtime. We are supposed to be going away for the weekend and so holding my breath. Completely p****d off with it as have to rest while it all settles. My Frog Group Build is also affected and annoyed as Hotspur is on the point of being finished
  15. Skinny is a bit of understatement. The cylinders are very thin with no detail apart from machine screw like cooling fins and the crankcase looks like piece of shaped dowel. I have a memory that although Frog often provided separate engines, they all tended to be at a similar level of crudeness. Even some of the contemporary Airfix all in one efforts seemed to be a bit better.
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