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  1. I’ll post this as my final hijack piece of this thread. After a great many tweaks, prints and checks against my Airfix Javelin, I have a fuselage plug that I am confident is as good a fit as it can be. All the other parts I have produced, U/C, flaps, airbrakes etc are also at their final stage. Parts have been shipped to USA, NZ, Switzerland and UK. I am now looking to produce an improved cockpit and will endeavour to create variations to suite differing marks - but that is subject to finding sufficient/any reference material, otherwise it will have to be generic. As an aside, I am looking at replacement rear plugs for the FAW7 and pen-nib exhausts, that is a slow burner though as the cold weather doesn’t lend itself to me spending time in the garage casting resin. The High Planes Conversion ‘correction set’ nozzles are suitable for Frog etc models.
  2. I produce a replacement rear fuselage for the 1/72 Javelin.  It comprises fuselage plug, jet pipes with correct re-heat nozzles, Sapphire 7R turbine. Seamless intakes with compressor faces.  In addition, I also have extended flaps, extended airbrakes, detailed undercarriage legs and a few other parts.  I am looking to produce a better cockpit.  I have, ready to re-cast rear ends for the earlier marks of Javelin, it is presently too cold for me to produce them just now.

    For details look in the 3D printing section - 3D Makerspace.  

  3. Thank you Bill, it is reassuring to know that I have produced parts that do the job of improving that old model. I look forward to seeing the end result.
  4. Dave, thanks for that, it is exactly what I anticipated, I wonder if there remained a similarity between those marks fitted with the UK radar and between tjise marks fitted with the US radar. anyhow, today I received my 1/48 scale Airfix Javalin. With that in hand I shall be looking at designing an improved cockpit for the 1/72 model and, possibly, re-designing my U/C parts to fit the larger model? I’ve touched base with The Jet Age Museum, Staverton, to see if it might be possible to get some dimensions etc from their Javelin seat.
  5. Guys, don’t get your hopes up too much, I will look at the cockpit and see what I can reproduce, but I am no ‘Eduard’ etc! As to cockpits for different marks of Javelin ….. you find me the photos and other details and I will have a go, otherwise it will be a ‘generic’ Javelin cockpit. I expect that you will still need to treat yourselves to after-market seats! (But you never know).
  6. Wow! OK, I will see what I can do. Viscount, I will really only be focussing on the 1/72 kit - but let me see. I might be able ti adapt some of my accessory parts to fit the BIG Jav!. Of course, it does all depend on how detailed the Airfix cockpit is as to what I can create.
  7. I have bought an inexpensive 1/48 scale Javelin (part painted and part started) so I might be able to create a reasonable facsimile of the cockpit for the 1/72 version if anyone is interested?
  8. Well, over the last 3-4 weeks I have sent my resin printed parts to the USA, New Zealand, Switzerland and, of course, the UK. I am hoping to see a finished Javelin sporting ‘my’ parts on here sometime.
  9. THE FOLLOWING IS THE LATEST LIST OF PARTS, UNFORTUNATELY I HAVE IDENTIFIED THAT I NEED TO INCREASE THE PRICES VERY SLIGHTLY - Sorry about that, but you are still getting a ‘Britmodeller’ deal. Parts list for 1/72 AIRFIX Javelin FAW 9 PACK 1. Comprising: Replacement rear fuselage + jet-pipes/nozzles + Sapphire 7R turbine faces + seamless intake ducts + compressor faces. £8.00 PACK 2. Comprising: Detailed Nose gear leg + separate Nose wheel + Main gear legs + Main U/C door operating mechanism. £4.00 PACK 3. Comprising: As per ‘PACK2’ except that the 3 gear legs can be reinforced with suitable metal pins. £4.00 PACK 4. Comprising: Left and right ‘lowered flaps’. £3.00 PACK 5. Comprising: Upper and lower extended Airbrakes. £3.00 PACK 6. Comprising: Upper and lower retracted Airbrakes with recessed detail. £1.00 PLEASE NOTE: The prices of PACKS 4 & 5 reduce to £2.00 when ordered with PACK A. Parts to correct the HIGH PLANES MODELS Javelin ‘correction’ set! The nozzles can be used to improve the appearance of the FROG/PLASTIX etc kits. PACK 7. Comprising: Handed nozzles (correct diameter, correct number of ‘slots’, correct rearward and forward facing vents, correct inward and downward cant) + Sapphire 7R turbine faces that press fit into the rear of their (HPM) fuselage plug. £3.00
  10. I am delighted to report that I have dispatched parts to USA, NZ and Switzerland. I have the first of my UK orders completed and ready to post so, if you have requested parts expect to hear from me in the next week. I can’t do any printing today as the IPA in the cleaning tank is now contaminated and needs to settle over the weekend, I then syphon off the clear fluid and dispose of the resin residue. I am going to rationalise the ‘parts options’ as everyone who has ordered the rear fuselage conversion has also ordered the intake duct and compressor.
  11. If anyone is interested I have a few resin printed parts to improve the running gear on the Airfix Scammell tractor unit: front axle and perch bar, front wings, rear ‘twin driving axle units’. I can supply alternative tread pattern wheels. If you have the IBG 1/72 model, you may have noticed that the manufacturer has used the same size wheels/tyres on the rear of the Scammell, I have replacement ‘twin driving axle units’ and wheels with a variety of tread patterns. PM me for details.
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